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4.4 (50)
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Current version
Nevercenter Ltd. Co.
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fotograf

4.36 out of 5
50 Ratings
6 years ago, Zombiecattt
I love this app but.
It has been messing up. I’ve been useing this app for a couple years now, and it’s been good but I pick a picture to edit and it glitches I guess. Black and weird colors pop up. Please fix this problem.
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7 years ago, 27_R
Simply the BEST
This has been my go to photo editor for several years now. Tried many others, but this is the one. Love it. I have a couple of custom preset filters (the standard in app filters adjusted to my personal taste) that I use on photos that don't have the best lighting conditions to start with. Quick and easy to use for the most common corrections I need to make. Great quality full resolution photos...thanks Nevercenter!
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7 years ago, Cephe
My go-to photo app
Love the Universal app update. Fotograf is my go-to photo app; the filters are clean and make my images look better without looking over-processed. Crop/rotate is well-designed (including aspect ratio lock), fine-tuning adjustments to exposure, contrast, temp, etc is quick and easy, and the results are good. Note: exif data is fixed with v1.2.5.
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9 years ago, Eneakhan
A simple app, with a simple purpose...
A simple app, with a simple purpose. It is a matte app, nothing more, nothing less. If you are looking for the Holy Grail of photography apps; this is not it nor does it exist. This app is quick to use and takes photos to a different level. The app comes with three sets of mattes and yes the others are a bit expensive (I have the whole set). This fact, however, is clearly stated in the promotion. People who complain about "in-app" purchase are just foolish. If you don't like this marketing method, don't buy them. I've used this app way more than I thought I would because of the degrees of a particular matte one can apply. This is the tool's greatest feature.
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7 years ago, Betty Beware
Major glitch-won’t upload photos now
Used this app for years and for the last month whenever I upload a photo it just shows rainbow pixels. Deleted and reloaded the app but still no improvement.
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6 years ago, Asraful525
Update plz
saving Problem when open Fotograp by apple photos option for ios 11.4.1 SE device
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6 years ago, shardrix
Good effects/filters but wish it included frames/borders to finish the look, like Infinicam did. That was my all time fave app....
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5 years ago, bridgeteaton
The app is great when it works. Turns photos into strange digitized garbled lines. Please fix!
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8 years ago, LilKittyKat
Love Taza?????? Still no pack😩
where is the LOVE TAZA filter???? I can't find it that's my favorite set😞 5 stars until I have it back 😭
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7 years ago, Lili 💟 Boo36
making me mad
this app doesn’t always work my pics turn out blue and red it’s so annoying i hate it it’s only good when it works
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7 years ago, Barrambila
CameraBag is one of my favorite desktop photo editing app for long time and now this mobile companion is a great addition to the desktop version. But now that I've used this for a few days on my iPhone 7, no matter how much I want to love it, I can't because the issues, bugs and shortcomings keep coming at me faster that I can count.. here are just 6 that asap need be addressed: 1) When importing high-res photos from my camera for editing, after I apply the corrections and filters and hit the DONE button to save the edits, it all ends there! The screen goes black with an endless "waiting" hourglass in the center even though the app is doing absolutely nothing more from that point. I will need to force close it and all edits are lost. And is pointless to try again because will crash later once more. Basically any photo higher than 8 or 12MP will crash this app. Right there alone, this app is dead on the water for me. But let's keep going.. 2) The Circular Blur Function is only on the frame's dead center. Very bad! Users need to be able to choose the point on the picture where the blur starts. Only forcefully being on the center of the frame makes this function completely useless for 99% of the edits. 3) The editing sliders go from LEFT (0 strength) to the right (maximum). But actually they don't start at the left.. they start already about 1/2 inch on the GUI from to the right making it visually very confusing if a small change has been applied already or not. Sliders need be complete left (0) to complete right (maximum). 4) During editing, the preview frame cannot be zoomed in. This makes it impossible to look at details while applying an effect or correct and functions like Sharpening or adding Grain and completely useless unless they can be viewed zoomed it (or at least at 100%) to actually see what it looks like. 5) The effects level of the preview image while editing inside the app is higher than the actual final result of the edited saved photo. I don't know how quite to explain this........... let's say, when I open a picture in the photo gallery and share it to Fotograf for editing and, for example I apply Vignetting and Circular Blur, once the photo is saved and modified from the original, later when I view it in the photo gallery again, the level of Vignetting and Blur is much weaker than what was showing before when I was editing the photo inside Fotograf. This is extremely frustrating and I have to go back and forcefully do an over-edit again with extra vignette and blur to compensate for the less I will get after the photo gets saved. 6) The crop button function only shows up if a photo is imported from the app itself directly. If a picture is sent from another app or shared from the photo gallery, the crop button is gone and no where to be found. I mean, really? Anyway, I can count over 20 other bugs I have found just trying things around but, let's leave it here. If these 6 issues can be addressed by the developers asap, later happily to update my review😊
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7 years ago, Tor1964
good app!
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7 years ago, tega kess
mr tega
good app
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9 years ago, Robinraven1
Great, get-'er-done app!!!
This is a purely splendid workhorse for photo editing! Most of my shots now take a spin through Fotograf, 'cause this baby flat-out PERFORMS! Particularly valuable to me is the thumbnail display of the shot as I'm editing, showing above the adjusting toggles just what direction applying more or less contrast, exposure, saturation, etc is going to take me. This allows precise calibration of how much of a effect I want by keeping the extreme ends of the scale in plain view. There's also a really nice selection of filters included with the app. Very useable, and well designed to either make a photo pop, or lend a more ethereal mood. Great B&W too! I've gone ahead and purchased the rest of the app's filter package, as I've been so pleased with the quality here. This is an intuitive, flexible, and empowering photo app with a maximum of useable features - no fluff and nonsense here. Fotograf really brings the quality, encourages me to experiment and take chances I might not have considered otherwise, and is just plain fun to use. This is a keeper, guys!
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9 years ago, Videoperson528
iPad support!!!!
So happy to have my favorite photo editing app formatted for iPad. This app is seriously amazing. I do a ton of mobile photo editing and of all the apps I have used over the years. This is now my #1!! Love that you can save your own presets and the different packages are also great! Wish there was a way to sync my presets from my iPhone to iPad. ----- I love this app so much that I decided to come back and say it again in my review! Seriously love love love the design and layout and brilliant user interface. Also love the lack of gimmicky features a lot of photo apps have. I like to make my own filters, but still like the ones you can purchase! Worth the money. I very highly recommend! ---- Updating my review again because... This app is so great! Hands down my fav app purchase of all time 😊
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9 years ago, Joshua D.
A Rip-Off of An App.
You only get three sets of different filters in this app, the rest are ransomed off through expensive in-app purchases. What a complete rip-off. I noticed this app had the greed-driven in-app purchases attached to it when I bought the application. But I figured that you received a bunch of default filters and the ones sold through IAP were just extras. But, since you get such a bare bones amount of default filters, well as I said, it's just a rip-off that you have to spend another $6 on top of the initial purchase to have all of the filters that the app offers. This is what greed looks like. This is what being immoral and unethical looks like. I would not recommend this application at all, unless you like not paying once but twice for an app. In-app purchases and micro-transactions are like a plague and virus on the mobile gaming landscape. Every day this immoral business practice infects a new developer with its unethical greed.
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9 years ago, a.b. chase
Love this app so much!
I have a few other photo editing apps (VSCO, Snapseed, etc), and I was skeptical about even needing this one at first, but after using it, I love it. It offers a few edits that go into the negative (highlights, shadows, etc), which VSCO doesn't offer, and some really nice looking presets. The editing tools are also sliders, instead of 8 or 10 notches, so you can get just the right effect. I don't like that it doesn't reset sliders AND presets between uses though. Otherwise, A+
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8 years ago, sffoodie11
Most beautiful photo app and filters
I love this app for working with the built in photos app. It had better filters than any of the other 40+ photo apps I have. The only app that has comparable filters is vsco and it doesn't work with the built in photo app. This is my fav photo app. UPDATE: this no longer works when used as an extension. It crashes the photos app or is unable to save and instragram will not see its edits. There are also filter sets that I have purchased that I no longer have access to. When I complained about this, the company sent me very convoluted instructions that included plugging my phone into a computer and manually installing files. I have paid for these filters and have lost them. This app unfortunately hasn't been updated in 10 months 😕
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10 years ago, Chicago Love
In-App purchase doesn't work!
Still giving the app itself 4 stars (I'd give it 5 if the in-app store worked) because I love the app itself. I bought one of the filters and upgraded my phone and it wouldn't show up on the new phone, but I still decided to buy more filters and just buy that filter again but it is buggy and says I'm not connected to iTunes or the Internet (I am connected to both!) I can buy other apps just fine but this one isn't working--please fix it so I can buy filters! Thanks!
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8 years ago, Wolfe with an e
Still my favorite photo editor.
Seems like people are having serious problems with this version, but I have had none. Still the most no-nonsense, best all-around photo editor out there. Easy photo editing with no annoying eyepatches, cartoon bubbles or frames. Simple sliders control all the necessary tools: exposure, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights, temperature, clarity, fade, vignette, grain, sharpness and edge blur. If you prefer filters, there are a ton available through in-app purchase. + Has Photo Extension so you can use full features without leaving the Photos App + Save your own preset processing combos for quicker editing later + Basic social sharing + Shoot with camera or call up images from your library + Universal, works on iPhone and iPad
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10 years ago, NeedApple
Great app but can't buy filters
This is a very cool app in that you can see what your adjustments are before even moving the slider. And your can edit right in the photos app too. But I can't buy any filter packs. It literally has never worked. No issues in other apps.
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10 years ago, Scuzzybit
Good standalone, but won't work with Photos
I bought this app because it's listed as an extension app to edit pics directly in the (Apple) Photos app in iOS 8. I have tried everything to get it to show up and it just won't. I have other extension apps that work fine in the Photos app but this one just won't go over. Other than that, it works great as a standalone app. But I bought it specifically because it is supposed to work as an extension.
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8 years ago, lorenafrith
Instagram won't recognize the edit bug
For some reason Instagram will not recognize the Fotograf edit! When I edit a photo with Fotograf from the Photos app, the edit will NOT show on Instagram. Only when I crop the image with the Photos app after the Fotograf edit does the edit save on the image. This is a terrible bug and it's been going on long enough... now I find myself using this app less and less and now not at all. I will change my review when this is fixed.
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9 years ago, KardFenty
Best filter app I have. Better than any other ones, I've gotten, paid and free. Use this app to filter every picture. Clear and High Def when you save it. Love the simple, fast, easy look and speed of the app. I ask too, are you guys looking into making new filters? Just wondering! Love the app!
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10 years ago, LarryKen
Better than VSCO
All the elegance of minimalist design that you could hope for. Save your favorite settings; VSCO can't do that. The filters are some of the best around. Buy the app and the in app purchase for all future filters! No I am not paid by the developer. They simply make great apps!
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8 years ago, EDHBlvd
Unstable - Beta product
So far I'm not impressed. The app icon got stuck darkened on my phone with "Waiting". I tried resetting phone and it don't fix it. Was forced to delete app and redownload to get it working again. Not a good start as I've only had the app for a day. App endless freezes and had even locked up my phone. I've never had so many problems with an app on my iPhone 5S. As much as I like Nevercenter and Camerabag2, Fotograf is basically s beta product. Expect tons of issues using this app.
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9 years ago, Mr. DmYa
Smooth update!
The new autofilter feature within the camera is awesome and not to mention the filter options it includes. Been using this app since day it was released and everything is great. Keep it up.
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10 years ago, Denrael
A Disappointment on Save
I want to like this app, I really do. One of the first to offer photo extensions, the interface is clean, and the filters well designed. The problem, as others have said is in the saving. The resultant image is low-res, and that to me makes this a non-starter. I thought under the new IOS extension concept that that might not be the case, but it is. A photo which started as 3264 x 2448 finished as 1000 x 1334 after applying a Fotograf filter
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8 years ago, V.R.9999
Love this app
I use this app all the time to clean up color in my photos... So many great filters! I love that your photos don't necessarily look filtered depending on what you apply. Added bonus is that the app saves as a new photo, preserving the original. Great photo app!!
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10 years ago, acdna
Great app with great controls but
The photos app editing feature was magical. Now it's just filters and favorites. I loved that I was able to edit the photos even after I chose a filter or favorite. Now I have to actually use the app. Making me use Camera+ more often now. Please bring back the editing control in the photos extension. Please.
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9 years ago, eugenile
Simple but powerful
Not overly complexed but still had powerful features. Easy to adjust settings and it saves the pic in full res high quality. So don't be afraid of the saved pic to be compressed. I hope it keeps getting better
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8 years ago, jdlugosz7
Love it but how to buy sets??
I love this app and would totally write an awesome review on it... but the only that I'm stumped with is how to buy the other filter sets? I'm trying to buy the Love Taza set and it won't let me. I don't know if I'm doing it the wrong way or something... but I'm just stuck!
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9 years ago, Corliss Blakely
I'm an artist an when I photograph my art I see a blue cast on my iPhone 6 photos The white balance is fantastic and I like the way the app is set up so you can quickly fine tune any photo Highly recommend this app!
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10 years ago, Bdall45
Camera View
The only thing you forgot was the option to switch the camera view so you can take selfies!!!
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9 years ago, JaneBerlinH
Has potential
You only get three small sets of filters. The rest (and the best) are locked in expensive "in-app-purchase" I do see some potential in this app...I hope for the makers that it progresses .. As of right now though ... in its current state? It's Just Meh. 😶😐😑🔕🆗 Maybe there is more of a wow factor in the extra purchases. I used this app without them so maybe that's why.
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8 years ago, AshFallenBrightly
Crash Fixed & Very fast now
This is my favourite photo editor for finishing touches ... It needs more filters, cropping & other very basic functions ... As it is, it serves its purpose very well
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10 years ago, Pattybilline
Still can't buy filters!
Love this app.....but it has NEVER allowed me to purchase the filters. Seems like in two updates you'd have figured that out? Would love to give you the five stars you deserve, but figure out what's up with it not letting us purchase the extra filters!
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9 years ago, davemclaughlin
Photos Extensions
I found Fotograf due to being able to use it as an extension within the Photos app. I love this workflow and like the processing tools to make subtle corrections on my photos.
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9 years ago, Coffeeandmilk
Well, I did write a previous review with the highest rating available. I don't know what happened but the pictures flip when you import them from the camera roll. HUGE ISSUE! Hopefully, it will get fixed ASAP I deleted the app, including my favorite presets, and it still has the same issue.
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9 years ago, ListUser
Not for iPad!
Not for iPad. Low res, portrait mode only, brought in a photo from my photos but showed it at extreme pixel level zoom without any way to get it displayed properly. Tried the crop function, but some of the controls were not visible because the screen was not all displayed properly. Do not bother with this if you have an iPad. ( mine is iPad2) with latest op system)
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10 years ago, Milkpop
Maybe I'm blind but I can't seem to find the rotate option on this app.. I assume the closest thing it would be under is crop but I can't figure it out. A suggestion to the developers: maybe make it a little clearer? Or add it if it's not a feature already. Thank you!
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8 years ago, Stina_XOXO
The app has some kind of bug, where it doesn't save my photos after clicking save. It freezes, then closes the app, losing all the photo edits I just made. After happening 3 times, I deleted and re-downloaded the app - same problem. I have yet to get one of my photos out of the app, and have wasted a lot of time!
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8 years ago, RSpriggsy
Best photo editing option out there
Great interface. Easy to use. I export my photos from camera+ and then edit in fotograf.
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8 years ago, Muzika4life
Awesome app
Love the app, I have to second all the positive reviews. I don't have the time to use photoshop or light room although I wish I could, this is my solution.
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10 years ago, Camille Andersen
Fix filter purchase option!
I only purchased this app for a specific set of filters that were available for in app purchase; much to my dismay, this feature doesn't even work. Please fix!
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10 years ago, Blikbrein
Best workflow and filter combination
Can't find anything better in the app store. This app makes editing with filters easy.
Show more
9 years ago, Allrooj
Fast & Easy Pleasant Resuklts
Very happy with its capabilities ;-) Unless I missed it, this needs the ability to assign a jpg filename when you save a pic. Keep up the good work, everyone!
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8 years ago, JCMaldonado
There's some potential
The design is there, however this app does not deliver the effects are mediocre they even make your photos look worse. Tuning images is very slow and pixelated, all in all is just a cheap shot.
Show more
10 years ago, bachya1208
Great app, but quirky
Love it, but constantly says that my Apple account is invalid when I attempt to buy filters. Trying to give you more money, folks!
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9 years ago, Longlegs333
Being a photographer it makes editing much better and gives me great ideals
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