Fotor AI Photo Editor

Photo & Video
4.7 (30.8K)
457 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fotor AI Photo Editor

4.69 out of 5
30.8K Ratings
2 months ago, Rosie Odometer
It’s, good, alright?! FINE, okay: it’s GREAT.
Alright, FINE! I admit it, OKAY! It's great. Are you happy? This app, I gotta hand it to them, it's like a masterpiece of digital wizardry. The way it seamlessly combines artistry with raw power is downright impressive. I mean, I never thought I'd be so invested in an app, but here I am, eating my words. Let's talk about its A.I. capabilities. They're not just good, they're sexy. Yeah, I said it. This app's A.I. is like the James Bond of the digital world—smooth, sophisticated, and always one step ahead. It's like having a personal artistic/autistic assistant who can read your mind. It’s suggesting the perfect filter for my photos. This app's A.I. is on point every time. And let's not forget about its artistic side. The designs, the interface, everything about it screams elegance. It's like using a work of art, but one that's also insanely functional. So yeah, I may have resisted at first, but now I'm a believer. This app? It's the real deal. From its artistic flair to its powerhouse A.I., it's changed the game for me. So to whoever's behind this masterpiece, kudos to you. You've won over this skeptic, and I'm not ashamed to admit it anymore. This app deserves all the praise it gets and then some.
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4 years ago, Anom652147
Good, functional app
Have been using the Fotor mobile app for over a year now. I like what’s available for use for the free users. I mostly make photo collages and it’s simple enough for that. Very nice mobile interface. Can zoom, increase/decrease borders, choose different grid layouts, change aspect ratio (square, wide, narrow) for different projects. I’ve used the web app as well, and it’s a lot more in-depth and allows more fine tuning, such as enlarging and positioning exactly. Great for adding text and so forth. There’s layouts that are pay to use, but I’ve gotten by with the essential free ones, and no complaints here. There isn’t much in the way of ads or in-app purchases, although they are available, like stickers. But I mostly don’t use the app for graphic creation, just collages, so it doesn’t affect me one way or another. If you’d like a free, usable app that doesn’t limit too many of your creative choices, this is a good one, especially for simple collage creation. I do find however that there is a bit of compression for finer, smaller text, and so for graphic creation I give the edge to Canva, another free app.
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5 years ago, Calanmoore33you
Poor Support Communication
I went to cancel my trial but there was no obvious way to do it on the app. So I contacted support and they told me I can only cancel on a desktop - and then said that I’d be charged for ending the trial. First off there was no payment, they do nothing to prompt you of this “payment” for a FREE TRIAL, and every time I messaged support, the person I talked to wouldn’t help me cancel my account, and kept making excuses. They freaked me out about having to pay something, and then when I told them I didn’t sign up to pay and didn’t receive any notifications, they avoided answering my direct question. They then contradicted themselves and all of a sudden didn’t know what I was talking about. Extremely wishy-washy and all I can say is, at least the support, that this app is poorly managed, regardless of if it has good features. I just never had such an annoying support person who obviously didn’t know what they were taking about and then confused me, claimed I owed money, then when I lashed back acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about. They couldn’t even tell me how to cancel it.
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5 months ago, TenleyErin
I got this app because I needed headshots for work asap. Never would have guessed that the smallest pack of ai avatar pictures would be $10 in addition to the $40 I already spent for pro features. I tried a different ai avatar creator once and the pictures looked just like me. The headshots this app generated for $10 extra looked NOTHING LIKE ME. It was like it tried to put my face on other peoples bodies with terrible fashion sense and hair that looks nothing like mine. But it did not even get my face right at all. Nobody could possibly guess the photos were supposed to be me. So disappointed. I was also excited to have an easily accessible basic ai image generator but you only get so many AI generated images for free before you have to PAY FOR MORE CREDITS ON TOP OF THE PRO PRICE. I DON’T LIKE THAT. I have been using the ai image extender though and that is very handy. Overall I just have a terrible taste in my mouth. I never pay for pro versions of apps and the one time I do it’s STILL pay for play. I’m crying.
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4 years ago, TimBidders
Amazing free app, shame about so many ads
Should be a 5 star app, and I used to use it religiously, but recently the free version has spiked the number of ads - it’s now every single photo edit you get an ad. There are also some ads that get stuck and don’t let you back to the app after 5 secs. I understand “free” means some ads, but every photo seems overkill and it didn’t used to be that frequent. The fact that there’s a pro version should be the money maker, entice people in with a great free version and they’ll likely upgrade. Can guarantee that nobody enjoys sitting through ads and is willing to pay just to avoid them, not how it works. For now, I just turn off WiFi and data if I’m editing 20ish pics to disable ads because I don’t want to sit through 20 ads. But it’s a shame I have to. Other than that, even the free features are brilliant hence still 4 stars.
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6 months ago, GorrillaZee
Not for me
I signed up for the free trial to be followed by the annual subscription if all looked good. After trying out a few of the featured ai enhancements, I was surprised to see I needed to buy “credits” to continue. What is the yearly subscription for if you are paying as you go anyway? What software presumes to give you a free trial but then charges you for it? The worst part is, you are “charged” against your “credits” for just trying a feature - not just the images you download. For me, most of the ai renderings I tried I didn’t have a use for. So, I tried others, apparently wasting my precious “credits” doing what I would expect most users to do in a trial before buying: Trying all the features! This “may” be a useful tool but I won’t be ringing up credit purchases to find out. Not good
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4 months ago, SueSue XO
Easy App for the inexperienced photo editor
I tried some of the free apps and just ended up frustrated. Fotor’s AI tools (and undo button), other tools, filters, backgrounds, and frames make this app very easy for an inexperienced photo editor to produce high quality results. I’m still learning about all of the tools but have already impressed my family and friends! I just isolated myself from a group photo and edited / polished to create a new profile picture in about five minutes. Not free but reasonably priced in line with the functionality from my perspective. I started with a monthly subscription and switched to annual after the first month.
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5 years ago, thetotalXD
I wanted to test out their premium membership and they told me that it was $3 per month and $27 yearly so I choose the $3 per month. They then charged me $27 and when I reached out to them they tried to tell me it was $8.99 a month and then $3 monthly with a down payment of $27. So when I asked them to change my plan over to the $8.99 one they completely shut me down and refused to give me my money back! Money which I didn’t have! The customer service person i talked to was extremely rude and would not listen to my complaints. And they didn’t even ask me if I wanted to confirm my purchase. They just took my debit card information and charged me. At one point the customer service representative stopped answering me which was extremely unprofessional. I would never support this app or this company! They’re a giant rip off and extremely rude to customers who were just trying to fix a situation with their subscription.
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3 weeks ago, Dark Diva
Fotor Fan
I’m new to the world of Ai, I’ve tried several platforms that have either confuse me, lured you in with the promise of free image generation only to find after downloading the app you must pay to play for a couple of days then auto renewal at an inflated price, limited number of generations, bare bones tools, token based usage etc.. Some are not user friendly if you are tech illiterate like me. Fotor is a dream, for a learner recovering from a stroke who at times loose my words, Fotor provides me with a no stress open playground.
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2 years ago, Raven Star ZSO
SCAM: They Take Your Money Whether You Like It Or Not
This app is a complete scam, and utter disappointment. Not only am I not satisfied with the app, I was charged before the trial was technically concluded. I’ve requested a refund, with no response. I’ve never seen a graphic design/photo editing company so fraudulent and abhorrent. EVERY brand that offers this kind of product, offers refunds for customers who are no longer interested in their product. If you know what’s good for you, AVOID the free trial and avoid paying for this scam. I doubt they’ll change their policy, and according to many other customers, they keep charging after cancellation. I will never download or endorse any product from the parent company; Chengdu Hengtu Technology, Co. as it’s clear they are making money of the backs of unsuspecting customers via a well calculated subscription fraud.
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1 year ago, Truvein
What once was free, now is locked
This app has potential, and there are some fun features like stickers and collage templates, but the number of things that are now locked behind their premium paywall is a bit absurd. Want to save a photo to your phone? Hope you didn’t add a frame or adjust the width! Premium required! It’s extremely frustrating how subtle some of these adjustments are that suddenly switch you into pay-to-save mode. Also, the image size/quality when you *can* save is a bit hit and miss; about half of the saves I made were pixelated/artifacted by their save process. I’ve finally uninstalled the app. It’s not useful to me at all anymore, I’ll just be using free web based apps instead.
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10 months ago, AvaraLaven
I’ll Be Honest
I clicked 3 day trial right for their premium? so why is it that when it went to the confirmation/payment section it was then an 8.99/month or some charge per year. I figured that was after the three days if you kept using it and didn’t end the subscription right? WRONG. I just got a charge pending from apple for 8.99 on my card and that is the only subscription that has that specific charge price. as far as I’m concerned that’s pretty shady. what’s even more shady? if you look at their plans closer that’s not the cheapest plan, the cheapest is 4.99 which is half the price. Not only did I get charged when I didn’t want to but I was only given the option to pay twice the possible minimum. That’s kind of shady fotor
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9 months ago, pargiels
“Professional Pic AI”
First, the app will not allow you to use this feature without subscribing for a year, ($40), which is not forced on you until after you’ve gone through the uploading process. Then it says your first AI generation on Pro is free. It never says that the Professional AI is not included in that ($10). Pricing aside, I have never seen such terrible AI creations. I used the exact same pics with Lensa and got significantly better results with them for less money. This app made me patchy, distorted the eyes and nose, added hair, none matching what I gave. I’m giving 2 stars instead of 1 because the regular AI generation where you give prompts was actually good. But otherwise I feel scammed.
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4 years ago, 1934829
I was a subscriber since Fotor came into existence on both my desktop and iPad. It was always one of my favorites. Now, at the present moment in time, it is failing me. I presently have a yearly subscription that is good until September 20, 2020. Trouble of some kind since start of Subscription. The thing is I have not been able to use it. It does not even open now. I’ve written their Support but have not received a response. This was sent several weeks ago. I had thought that with the Pandemic that has crippled the entire World, they would likely have very few people working. Couldn’t they, at least, write us on their App if they are experiencing difficulties? It would make for good customer relations. I hope I get to use Fotor. It is very good (when working). I also hope I get a response from their Support Team. Sincerely, M. A. B. UPDATE: Still no response. I deleted and then downloaded and installed Fotor again moments ago. A Trial Offer was suggested. Still can’t use App. I’ve paid for Premium from September 2019 to September 20, 2020. Please Fotor Support help fix this. Thank you. Sincerely,M. A. B.
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1 year ago, sophcatw
The worst experience I have ever had with a company! Scammers!!!!! I never write reviews but looking at everyone else’s reviews, wow, this is happening a lot do not give them any money they will continue to run your card!!!!!! This company has been awful to work with. This subscription from 2 years ago randomly charged me and I promptly contacted them letting them know I don’t use this service and had cancelled my subscription. They are not helping me with the issue and charged me 40$ for a 1 month period which is suppose to be 8.99 according to the subscriptions … this seems so sketchy to me, yet the help center keeps referring to this as a reasonable charge and won’t offer me a phone number to call! This is awful
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2 years ago, Mr.E-84
Horrible customer Service & Charged for a free trial
Fotor is a horrible app and customer service that’s just getting rich on people looking around. I was looking for an app that would enhance photos and this came up. Before I could even try to edit a photo there was a free trial offer for free. Just like any free offers you have to put in a card info. But I found out that I was charge the full amount and there policy is strictly no REFUNDS no matter what. Thank goodness I didn’t accidentally free trial with the full year or I would’ve been out that money. Their app doesn’t even do what I wanted and I went with another service. Be aware of this app and company just stealing money from you before you ever even get to look at how it works.
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6 years ago, eat2na
Unlike all other photo editing apps, when I go to open a photo to edit in Fotor, it forces you to find it by date and not by latest added in the iPhone camera roll. So if you have 1000 images and you add a new photo from your computer to the camera roll, good luck finding it! You will have to scroll over and over your images until you get to the date the original photo was taken. All other photo apps default is whatever photo you added last to the camera roll. So if a customer send me a photo to edit and I added to the camera roll, it’s incredibly annoying to find it with Fotor.
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3 weeks ago, NNJewelry
Best Photo Editing App Out There
This is the best app purchase I’ve ever made in my 15+ years of being an iPhone user. This photo app is all encompassing so you don’t have to bounce from app to app doing editing over here and then creating over there and back and forth. Plus the online version makes it easy to switch between phone and desktop with real time access. I’m a 40 something stay at home mom with an autistic son in kindergarten and this app has been a game changer for me.
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4 months ago, Lyrique64
Ahead the rest in diversity in AIimaging
As a professional photographer for just over 40trs, Fotor has made staying relevant, implementing todays tools seamlessly,and still allowing the fusion between old and new techniques producing images far beyond expectations.i find Fotor AI generator produces (forme) a more exact image from text,than that from mid journey or Leonardo,they are both great,but the have difficulty recognizing ethnicity Fotor has proven to be ahead of the curve when it comes creating images,that are comparable to any.
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11 months ago, Ekene24
Racial bias per avatar type !
The AI avatar generator made me white in the professional headshots but had no problem reflecting my true African features as action heroes, water colors etc. Went into this knowing that these AI models are often not trained well on African and east-Asian faces but I am still very disappointed that you would push out a new headshot capability that is miles behind your other features. Seems like a lot of people enjoy this app so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for its editing capabilities. Next time, allow users to see a preview or something before paying because now this leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Won’t be using again.
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5 years ago, AhhBermuda
Now I just need to find the auto color pop tool!
So far this is the best of the apps that I have tried, but I am still looking for the tool in this app that would allow me to re-color/Color Pop pictures simply by tapping on the object, example, on a beach scene I would like to be able to tap on a swimsuit and the water and have everything else remain gray. The only tools I have found so far require me to do this with my finger and I just can't be that precise no matter what size brush I use.
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2 years ago, Claudisabel1
Great easy to use App
I’ve had and used the free version of Fotor for years now and have used it many times for the simplicity and easy to use availability. I like it so much I am considering subscribing now. I like that for years it hasn’t changed the app name or has forced you to buy it in order to make beautiful and easy collages, text adding, themes, background, etc. I’ve used many photo editing apps and so far this is my favorite!
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8 months ago, Arcturian22
Ai takes over; doesn’t allow you to bring up a photo to
Cannot edit but ONE photo thy at I wanted it editor. After I edited only one, it slapped their logo across the photo in the way of tying to edit them when I went to choose a subsequent photo to edit all it did was Ai enhance! No other options would allow me to edit it manually or use any of the other tools whatsoever! Not without upgrading! I JUST downloaded it & didn’t even get a chance to explore or edit pics before deciding whether or not I wanted to purchase premium feature but since it’s so glitchy in the free version & Ai just showed up in my photos & took over I don’t want this app whatsoever ! NOT cool...
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1 month ago, missanyasea
Pro subscription
I love using Fotor and it’s my go to app for photo editing. I wish I could regulate a degree of AI retouch because often it’s too much and sometimes not enough. I’d love to see more natural filters which would enhance colours rather than altering them. I found it difficult to edit blond hair as most of the time it comes out warm/yellow. I’d love to see more silverish/cold tones. All in all I love exploring different features and resulting pictures.
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1 month ago, Zumbfamu
Do NOT get for photo restoration.
I downloaded specifically to restore a photo of my grandmother which is in good condition outside of the wrinkles on the canvas. It shows the app can create a clear and exact match as seen on the ad, but when I submitted my photo, it completely changed my grandma’s features (which were clearly shown and not at all damaged in the original photo) and she looked very strange-scary even. My assumption is that the photos in the add were restored using something like photoshop. I don’t know. AI is amazing but not your best option here at all if you’re trying to restore an old photo. Hope this helps!
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2 months ago, Annoyed Astronaut
Great Editing Tools AI Faceswap is garbage though
The editing tools are really awesome on this app, but I was really disappointed after spending nine dollars to get corporate head shots of my selfies only to find that it completely changed my face my hair color and even threw in some robotic pictures of me, even though I didn’t request it. I can’t use any of the head shots so that’s just thrown away money. Keep that in mind if you think you’re gonna get true corporate headshots that look like you, they absolutely are not going to look like you when they’re done and you’re just going to throw your money away.
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1 year ago, WheezyCat
Features not there
VERY disappointed in this app, especially after paying an unrefundable fee for features that aren’t even there. No matter how many videos/sites I look at, my screen doesn’t match what’s shown. I can’t find the colorize feature and the help desk never replied to my question about this. The profile picture just adds funky backgrounds that don’t look like avatars at all. While there are some fun features like the frames and the shapes, about 90% of the editing tools can be found for free in Snapseed and other photo apps. Don’t waste your money on this app. If the creators don’t care, take your business elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Harry Denny
So user friendly, and so many options
I usually don’t write reviews but I had to make an exception for this app. The free version is amazing and I bet the paid version is even better. There are so many cool options and it’s so user-friendly and easy to use when you download what you created it comes in amazing format without a watermark. Thank you so much to whoever created this app you are the best.
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2 years ago, lorimara
A Lifesaver
I needed to present photo clips of videos for evidence in court because the videos were too long. There were too many photos for anyone to go through so I tried combining them by making them line up on my iPhone photo app and taking a screenshot. Then I got smart and looked for a collage maker online. Fotor is easy to use and I’m so grateful they have free access to basic tools. Thank you Team Fotor.
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2 years ago, Darlahope
Still new at this but it’s promising!
I just loaded this App the other day and decided to purchase the “pro” version. It did not disappoint! Even with my VERY limited experience (skill), I was able to put together a nice Christmas collage photo to give family members as gifts. I think there’s some kind of tutorial and if so, will take it but first time using “trial and error” my mini project came out very well…
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3 years ago, 95blackbetty
Scam company. Give me my money back
I see I’m not the only one. I decided to subscribe on desktop, and Fotor decided to charge me for a years worth of service when I only signed up for a month. They immediately took out $40 instead of $9. E-mail is the only way to contact them, which already shows red flags. This is a horrid company and they are refusing to correct the issue, saying it’s my problem and essentially gaslighting me. This company is a scam. I’ll review the features as well, which I would also rate 1/5 stars. For the amount of money you pay, the features are elementary and hardly work at all. Please, save your time and bank account and don’t get this product.
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7 years ago, BigDanno15
Can I make a recommendation?
I absolutely love this app, and I use it very, very often. I would love to see a way to put the same set of edits on a group of photos. For example, I had picked 7 shots of my daughter to edit, but instead of trying to do the exact same edits 7 different times, I'd love to just be able to apply the same edits to all of the photos together. Awesome app, but please roll out this option, and it'll be the best app on the planet!
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4 years ago, Tina Smithers
Tina Smithers
This app is so amazing! I have edited many of my pictures on here and they look so professional and amazing. The only reason I gave this app 4 stars instead of 5 is because when I first downloaded this app is because they advertised a beauty button which can get rid of yellow teeth and wrinkles in your pictures but I have not been able to find this feature which I was very upset about. But overall this is a very exceptional app for editing photos and very highly recommended.
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4 years ago, Triketeacher
I’ve used Fotor for years
This has been my go-to collage app for years, & I use it for personal pics as well as photos for my Etsy shop. It’s easy to use, & creates items with a professional appearance. I’ve given it a 4-star rating because there have been instances where I wish it had MORE - colors, background options, fonts, & a way to fully enlarge text boxes. All in all, it’s a really solid app, & I definitely recommend it for someone that is a beginner or intermediate designer. (& I’m using it right now)
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4 months ago, Rebaenrose
It’s just been such a fun experience using this application on my images. There are a multitude of possibilities, and if you are artistic in any way, shape or form, you’re going to have a ball! If you’re not the overly creative type but you like options and specific information on how to make something look like something different, you’re also going to like this app.
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4 years ago, BLLLEEEHHHH
great basic photoshop
i havent been using this long but its had all the features a basic photoshop app would. the interface is clean and i love how simple it is, it's perfect for editing photos in a simple way but could be used for drastic effect changes if you wanted it to. the only thing i would suggest is, along with the focus tool, a blur brush to blur certain things in the photo rather than picking a single focal point. also, that the vintage tool have an option to choose where the vintage forms around-basically how the current focus tool is but for vintage. other than that, ive been experimenting with different staple photo editing apps and this one has been my favorite so far :)
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11 months ago, DrMother
The Avatars Are Not Capturing Black Featured
I’ve spent a lot of money and time over the past few days on this app and have gotten close to 400 avatars. I’m disappointed because first of all I am a black woman and over half the avatars I receive back have all-white features and white skin. I’m not sure why this is happening but I’ve done avatars for multiple black people and they are all coming back with white features. If the features aren’t white women they are white males. The very first avatar I created was with one photo of myself. The avatars that returned were white males with beards. I DON’T HAVE A BEARD. Can someone explain why this is happening?
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3 months ago, Justkat209
Fun app so far?
I should state that I have only a tiny bit of experience editing my photos and haven’t a clue what 95% of the things on this app are (do?) but…., as they threw this review thing at me after having just “barely” began using it (I HaTe when these apps do this!) all I can say is that it seems like a fun app and has alot to offer. As to how I’ll like it once I figure out things a bit more., who knows🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s too early to recommend it to anyone so.., there you go. There’s my review, to date.✌🏼👋🏼
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10 months ago, BambiRaptorrr
The Ai cartoonize feature is…
Pretty much every single image I generated using the photo to cartoon AI feature came out extremely light skinned, blue eyed, and looking like they were about to sign up for the aryan youth. I’m of a medium skin tone, so I would hate to see what the feature does to people who have an even darker tone than I do. I get that Ai art is generated using existing art, but come on. The bias for light skin is strong in the data pulled for these ai generations, to say the least.
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5 years ago, abailard
Love hate relationship
I love this apps editing tools, especially the focus, and curves. This is my go to app for editing my cell photos. I LOVE the focus tool, and is pretty much the reason I use this app over others. The things that seem to need some work are the filters, temperature and the vignette. The filters need to much manipulating to make it look good and worth my while. The vignette goes from 0-100 with it literally being on 1. The temp runs a little orange. Ultimately I do a bulk of my editing on here, and then use filters, temp and Vignette in instagram.
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1 year ago, Daledo7373
Find another app, not worth it
Fotor directs customers to pay with auto subscription. I thought I had cancelled the recurring charge when I completed my photo project. I was charged for another annual fee and immediately contacted Fotor customer service. I explained I had not used the service in over a calendar year and would not be using it this year and to please cancel and issue a refund. They refused. Technically my mistake but ethically this is wrong. There are plenty of other apps out there that operate in an ethical, customer-friendly manner. I’m going out of my way to tell everybody about my experience.
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9 months ago, wastemytimemore
Used to be really good..
It was always a go to app when I needed something quick and fun but now it's so buggy! You can't edit text when doing thumbnails. Didn't work with my iPhone 14, almost paid the subscription but figured maybe my phone was action up. Got a 15 pro max and it's still crappy.. Now I'm certain I won't be paying for it !
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10 months ago, TheElegantTomboy
Fun and easy to use
For a complete novice as myself Fotor has been so fun! Still learning how to layer effects which is helping to ignite my creativity. Definitely been a game changer in helping me turn my photos into artwork. Looking forward to learning all this App offers. I did upgrade to Pro to take advantage of more options and it has been so worth it.
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4 months ago, Dr. Color Fix
How Does the Free Version of Fotor Compare to Photoshop?
Strictly speaking about color correction and enhancement: I made a living for 40 years color correcting photos for press. The go to program was Photoshop. The Fotor app contains some of the same features we relied on every day. Specifically the Curve Gradation Grid, (3 channel RGB manipulating feature) Sharpening, Shadow lightener, Saturation/desaturate Levels, Distort and Mirror Image and Text Features that Fotor has that Photoshop doesn’t. The only Photoshop feature I miss that Fotor doesn’t have (I think) is image scaling/sizing, changing resolution and the ability to isolate areas with masking for localized to correct through. Great program even fora a pro…like me….blush. Sincerely, Philip Edwards
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4 years ago, Anna Regina
No longer recognizing subscription
After many attempts to restore my purchase after my pro account suddenly disappeared, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It still will not restore my purchase. I have tried this twice and checked to make sure my subscription is current, and it is. I see from reviews that I’m not the only person with this problem. To the developer, I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro with all software up to date. This is clearly a widespread problem, so I suggest you fix it asap. As it is, I’m going to see if Apple will issue a refund because I’m not getting what I paid for.
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Please read
It great don’t get me wrong but I wish some of the things are a little over board Example: you can only save a few pictures then you can’t anymore and you only get a few “leaves” which allow access to the Ai stuff. I am just trying to find an app that can do stuff with out me paying $30
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10 months ago, Lostinterest4567
Don’t bother
It was fun for the first few projects. I wanted to try it before I paid for Pro. After a couple of projects there are major glitches. Won’t let you edit text. (Cursor disappeared and when you add new text it pasted the old text and put new text somewhere in the middle then won’t let you back up) frustrating to say the least. Problem adding photos. I won’t pay for pro and will keep looking for other apps.
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1 month ago, Nc Granny&me
Been looking for a photo app that would do just what this one does. Easy Peasy. I really didn’t expect much as I have tried several others but was left disappointed. I like the one click and you get amazing results. Beginner friendly. Now I will go delete all the other ones that didn’t live up to my expectations.
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1 year ago, Tho nickname is taken
Great app, user friendly
I use this app for professional edits, I just wish you could use the edit and touch up at the same time so you don’t need to save the photo exit to touch up then open it again. It would be much more efficient. That and the ability to mask would really elevate the app. I Love the recipe feature and everything else. To me it’s more user friendly than LR.
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1 week ago, Tritip44
Satisfied using it for work photos
The AI generated photos weren’t perfect, but good enough to use in a pinch for a job search. The editing tools are probably the coolest thing. Its very easy to remove the background, edit items out, and basically all the AI stuff they have in other AI software. I’m break very pleased and would recommend, just wish the AI generated photo pack had more career photos and fewer fun ones.
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