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User Reviews for Fotor - Photo Editor, Designer

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5 years ago, Ashes2015
Good App on Budget
As a person who typically uses Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, Fotor still gets the job done. If you are on a budget and need to edit your photos, I would recommend this app. I pay the subscription which is inexpensive and allows me to do extra work on my photos that I appreciate. I can edit Canon Raw files and Nikon Raw files, which is a great bonus. I appreciate that I do not have to convert the files to TIFF before editing them, or only editing JPEGs. The noise reduction feature (subscription only) could be better. However, the exposure, highlights, and shadows features really help me to fine tune my photos. Sometimes I have weird corruptions when I export the photos (looks like large glitch marks), but I just re-export and they typically go away. Still, I’d recommend this app for developing photographers. 4/5
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6 years ago, Hedje1
pretty slick, especially as a free app
What few “problems" one has to solve to make this editor work (like how to save edited images) is far overcome by what it can do. The problems just take going online and asking; answers are available and solutions easy with instructions. But features like changing f stop settings on blurry pictures are very sophisticated and save a lot of otherwise trashable fast action shots (I saved almost 2 dozen rodeo shots on my first try that were otherwise too blurry to be any good). I haven’t even started to learn features like touch up. But once one gets into “adjust” and realizes that there are several ways to adjust lighting, sharpness, and other more subtle shadings to enhance or better yet to take what looks like a black picture and make it a beautiful shot makes this at least as useable as Photoshop Elements without the increasingly expensive monthly or annual fees for expensive film editors. I AM IMPRESSED!
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5 years ago, Jdalexander570
Dope app for someone who knows it and someone like me!
I don’t know jack about photo/video editing and I have friends who do this for a living and enjoy the hell out of it. I had a couple over and they were looking at what I was tinkering with and they thought I’d been using a pro version of Photoshop or something else with how I’ve done and I’m happy to say it was this! Its pretty easy to use and I’m still getting better. There’s a big difference from when I’ve started and now. Its not like you’ll see my content in a magazine, but its a lot of fun to play with. I don’t use my computer for much since I have a phone, but its nice to have an app to tinker with and learn and enjoy. I love to mess around and f stuff up. If you know how to edit and don’t want to pay, this is the app. If you want to learn and have dope pictures, this will do it too. Just tinker and learn and get better. If I can do it and get better you can too.
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4 years ago, Tcwalker03
Saved pictures of my boys.
I would definitely recommend this app for beginners and advanced Photo Editors. Are there more robust apps out there? I'm sure there are. However, if you are looking for a photo editor that just works, install this one. My Wife has pictures made of our boys at Easter and Christmas, every year. We have a seperate photographer for each session and she adores each of the photographers. Well for whatever reason, this year, the Easter pictures were just too bright. Fotor Photo Editor has saved these pictures of my boys. I'm very thankful for this app, because it's allowing us to cherish these memories more than looking at photos we wish could have been better. Everyone makes mistakes and we'll definitely go back to that photographer, however, it's nice to know I can always edit the photos if they don't turn out as well as we would like them to. Thank you!!!
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6 years ago, Elaine Benoit
I love this app!
I’m a food blogger and use this app for creating collages of my photos. My opinion may therefore be less useful because I’m not using Fodor's Edit or Design functions and I’m using just a handful of commands in the Collage function. I also don’t change the photos, unless it might be to zoom in on the food. But after the complexity and clutter of Lightroom, I find Fotor refreshingly simple and direct. I have my collages created and posted in minutes. It’s an enormous convenience to my workflow and I highly recommend it. I downloaded the app, so I don’t have much experience with the online interface, but I’ve seen it and it looks similar to the app, which is pretty easy to figure out and to use. Keep in mind, that this app is FREE! It’s an outstanding value for the price. Update: I’ve gone to the Pro version because it’s still so inexpensive and the program is of great value to me.
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6 years ago, alg9189
A Wonderful Creative Tool!
I’m a professional artist and use this app all the time in my work. I can take a photo of a painting I’ve done and within minutes create multiple versions of it for future reference. It gives me a chance to play with color, contrast, cropping, etc., generating new “paintings” from one I’ve already done. The variety of effects and adjustments are amazing, but the best part is that it’s so easy to use. When you open the app, there’s a nice big screen with all the tools on the side; no pull-down menus - it’s all “right there.” The only thing I wish it had would be a simple “invert” feature that would instantly change dark/light and color to it’s opposite. I can’t speak to the full version, but I haven’t had any trouble with the free tools. I plan to upgrade for the simple reason that it’s such a great app and deserves support!
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4 months ago, lonestarlabmom
Works Great For Me
I've just started using Fotor and it has met my needs so far. I know there are features available I'm not using, but hope to in the future. This is the only photo editing app I've used so I have nothing to compare. For the price vs. functionality, it is a great app. For a beginner like me, Foto has improved my graphics and allows me to edit things like photos, clip art etc. that I use in my documents.I do wish I could edit pictures in Word documents and wish there was an option to buy for the full year at a discounted price.
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6 years ago, Breeum
Great free editor app!
Now I don’t know too much about photo editing or what app is better for what reasons. All I was really looking for was something that could help me test the water in terms of photo editing and this app really lets me do that! There are certain features that do need to be unlocked with the paid version but the free version does give you access to a lot cool beginner stuff. My favorite part is it even tells you what certain effects do to the image! I certainly would not have known as much as I do now if it wasn’t for this app! If you’re looking for something free and good then I highly recommend this app! It works fantastic for me and my needed use.
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5 months ago, oceandoc1
Subscription required-too much if you just need a few touchups
I am sick of subscriptions. Would be nice to just be able to buy the software one time, get the updates as needed. This is a fun intuitive app but getting tired of being obligated. I would purchase it if it wasn't so blatantly after your wallet. Downloaded this, it's fine, does a good job, but the free version doesn't let you try the "privileges" withouth having to pay. So, all apps that have this money-grubbing format get two stars. No more. A pro wouldn't use it, and a novice doesn't need to spend this much. Sorry guys, but do better. I tend to purchases apps that aren't after your money right from the start. Also doesn't divulge what's free and what's paid until you download. Also a pet peeve and seems scammy too.
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5 years ago, Poppatm
Features I needed to were straight forward and easy to use.
When I downloaded this app I needed to do only one thing with it. Fix a crease on a black and white photo of my father taken in 1932. It originally looked as if he had a very nasty scar across his nose and cheek. Took me no more than a couple of minutes to completely remove the blemish like a skillful plastic surgeon. I noticed that several others who gave reviews said they could not save after an edit. Most times under File you have the option to Save or Save As, with this app you Export which provides the option to Save to Computer or Share with Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr.
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7 years ago, Russ2333
Fotor Pro Subscription doesn’t work
I absolutely love this App. I have been using it on my MAC for over 6 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I decided to upgrade to be abe to use all the pro tools to further enhance all my photos. But to my dissappointment they took my money and did not give me the rest of the locked tools I just paid for. This is the only reason I had to give it 3 stars. I really wish they would fix this issue as I see I am not the only one that this has happened to. Looks like this issue has been around for more than 6 months and their lack of effort to resolve this issue is very disappointing. I am not really sure where I go from here in terms of being out the money, but I will move forward to find out how to get it back!
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6 years ago, FailZero
Reduces Size of Image to 10% Before Allowing Editing
Fotor used to be great! Then all sorts of issues arose as they updated. First you couldn’t save the image after editing - error message kept coming up. I was told to just write a numeral to save with no added stuff; and that worked. Now, whenever I try to move an image, or change the text size by enlarging the box, or anything that involves image/text changes, the image continually reduces size, over and over again, until it reaches 10%. After that it allows me to work on it, but by this time it is unworkable because everything is soooo tiny! I can’t work with Fotor with this frustrating still-not-solved problem. Something that used to just take seconds and minutes now takes hours. Who’s got the time?! Fotor was great, and I believe it still can be - but it’s become unstable and inconsistent - the twin horrors of apps. BTW, I have reported the problem and now they want me to shoot a movie of it and send, so obviously they are clueless, and I have neither the time nor inclination to do this. Can we have an App world where the foundations are always STABILITY and CONSISTENCY, before you start finagling the bells and whistles? It’s not that much to ask and shouldn’t be that bloody hard to do.
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4 years ago, Pls respond developers
Unexpectedly good! :)
I was looking for a free photo editor to follow along with an online tutorial I was watching, and found this app as an option. I downloaded it because it seemed good enough, but now I realize it's more than that. It's actually good. I don't want to pay for photoshop or other premium photo editing sights, so I know I can't expect much, but this app was better than my low expectations. I expected to see pop up advertisements every second, but I haven't seen a single one. All in all I'll say this app is good to have if you need a non complex photo editing software. Maybe even a slightly complex one to?
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3 years ago, Dsinclair1962
Pro Version Does NOT Work When Upgrading
I signed up for a one year subscription to Fotor Pro Photo Editor but the pro version never kicked in. I was not allowed to access the features in Pro, in either the app or via the online website. I attempted to seek assistance but Fotor's email was no longer active, and the online comunication tool did not work. I seached the web for forums or help for this issue but the forums were "permanently closed" and I could find nothing to help. Frustrated, I went into my online account and cancelled by subscription. Just to be sure it was cancelled, I also went to my subscription settings in the app store on my Mac and cancelled it there. Unfortunately, I have already been charged for the year and I am not happy about having paid for something I can not even use. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Bumper1369
Fotor Photo Editor
I was looking for a way to create a collage mainly of bird photos. Often times one photo or sequence of photos just doesn’t work. A collage is perfect. A friend told me about Fotor. He said it was really, really easy (I like that) and compatible with my Mac. So I downloaded it. The download like a charm. No issues. I’ve stuck primarily to the collage feature but have done some editing with the application. All I can say is that it’s easy to install, easy to import photos and easy to use. The collages are great and meet my needs. I really like this application.
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5 years ago, theprairieprankster
Flexible and feature rich for Free Product
I have used all sorts of photo processing tools from professional grade to the freebies since 1993. This is one of the better of the Free ones. So good in fact,I plan to purchase the pay version to unlock more features. I wanted something for MacBook Air (2018) that did not require massive memory resources. I currently have 16gb RAM and this rolls through everything quickly. On my old old 2gb MacBook AIr (2011) Fotor ran but it was a bit slow. I think at least 4gb or more RAM to really get the product working well. Your mileage may vary.
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4 years ago, stephanie339
Good, but could be improved
This app is great, but there are a few issues. 1, it would be much better if the sections were combined. It is rare that I have a photo which only needs one category, so it's a huge hassle to switch between. 2, layer capability would be great. Very important in the editing process and this app is sorely lacking when it is not available. However, the pros do outweigh the cons. This program works very smoothly and though the limitation on effects due to the need for a subscription is annoying, it's not inhibiting. Overall clean and easy to use.
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6 years ago, Kanakasun
I’m an old dog who doesn’t learn new tricks
I am the anti-power user and when I am looking for a new program to do things I am looking for intuitive to the point where I can open it up and figure out how to use it without having to read the manual…. I’m an older guy and if I have to read the manual to figure out how to use it, I am not interested….. what can I say? This program is PERFECT for a guy like me. In literally a couple of minutes I figured out on my own how to make it work, flawlessly. I am very happy with this program...
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3 months ago, Papa pine
Bugs everywhere
It really feels like every single feature has a 50/50 chance of working, One of my first designs I tried to use the AI background trim feature, crashed my file and lost all of the work. Everytime you edit a pciture annoyingly the edit bar dissapears after every small adjustment, increase the saturation by two decimals and the menu dissapears, reopen, increase by 2, menu dissapears. Zoom in too far on the photo? whole photo dissapears and you have to relaunch the app. Want to look at all your uploaded images? too bad can't scroll down. Want to download a pdf of your finished work? too bad the download only shows up as a blank white screen. Embarssingly bad and a waste of money.
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4 years ago, SDracis
Easy and Intuitive but with Limits
Really more like 3.5 stars. I like it, it is very easy to use, right from the start. Controls are intuitive, produce some really stunning and beautiful images, but they're all just overlays and filters. No ability to spot erase or layer that I've seen. And it likes to quit when first opened. A lot. LIke really a lot. Takes some playing around with to get it to stay open and edit an image. For all that I do like it, because it is simple for a non-computer-ish person.
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6 years ago, NanBread.`*
Amazing. No problems at all 👍
I’ve been using Fotor for about a year or so and it is amazing! It’s easy to use and unlike other apps isn’t super confusing. I take a lot of photos and when I just want it to look just a little bit better, I turn to Fotor. The best part is it’s free, easy, and with a modern design. After you edit it looks extremely professional and if anyone wants to get this app and needs something that isnt confusing but gives you a rewarding result, then Fotor is definitely an amazing choice. ☺️
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3 years ago, marsbarrow
Use Fotor for all your photos.
I've been using Fotor for over five years now and it's honestly the easiest and best way to quickly edit just about any photo. Add frames, change scene types, add text, export to other file types and much more. I love that it reads RAW image files from my DSLR and quickly applies effects for perfect exports as JPEG, TIFF, PNG and more. Great for entrly level photographers, web-designers and those that want to do more with Pro level features. Check it out.
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4 years ago, kpoulor
The Photos app on my Mac kept crashing so I was in search of another editor. The editing features in Fotor are extensive and very easy to use. The Pro version is also very reasonably priced for what you get. Only one or two things would be neat to see. Would love a way to decrease a vignette already present in an image and an easier way to reset individual sliders instead of having to manually enter the values. Otherwise the tools are phenemenal! Thank you for a great app!!
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6 years ago, CRN__1
Favorite Free Photo Editing App
I use Fotor nearly every day so I thought it was worth leaving a review. I have the app for my computer and for my phone and they both work great; especially for bring free. They have just enough functionality to do some serious photo editing, but not too much that it’s overwhelming or difficult to use. I’d reccommend this to anyone who is getting into photo editing, but doesn’t want to dish out the big bucks for some of the fancier products.
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7 years ago, Ansh051989
Not able to use pro features even after paying for annual subscription
I paid for annual subscription in order to be able to use the pro features of the app. My card is chagred and App store says the purchase was successful and states the expiry is next year but when I still use the Fotor app the pro features are locked. When I try to use them, it re-directs me to the subscription payment page all over again. I am not sure how to resolve this. Can I ask for my refund if there is some issue with this annual subscription? Please help out. The app features looked great but this was the only issue which made my experience bad.
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4 years ago, Superharmonix
FANTASTIC photo editing software, easy to use!
I use Fotor to edit photos for my business website. It works perfectly for this. I've been using it a few years now, and can not remember one time having any problems. Like many, I have used a ton of photo editing software, and Fotor is just easier to use. The user interface is nearly self explanatory, and where it isn't, there are built in helps. The end result is always BEAUTY! Really remarkable job, y'all! EXCELLENT WORK!
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5 years ago, MercenaryInk
Fast and Flexible Photo Editing
I've been using Fotor for several years - adjusting family photos and nature snapshots from my Nikon, editing photos for use in slide decks and presentations, etc. It has just enough flexibility to make powerful edits on a landscape photo that I'm planning on blowing up or printing, for example, but isn't too complex for quick edits to a family pic (basic cropping, color enhancement, etc). It's the only photo editing app I keep on my Macbooks.
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1 year ago, GriffinH91
This app is great and i've used it for years... but for some reason they changed it a little over a year ago to AUTOMATICALLY place check marks on every photo you import for collages. Which forces the user to go and click "delete" on each photo from the frames to get rid of that blue checkmark on the import sidebar (aka the only way we can determine which photos have been used or not)... PLEASE GET RID OF THIS CHECK MARK UNTIL THE USER PLACES A PHOTO IN A COLLAGE THEMSELVES! This app would be perfect with that one small change.. until then, 3 stars.
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4 years ago, D'radia
I've been looking for a free to use photo editor for a while and today I came across this lovely app. I have to say, so far I love it. There are tons of options to use, especially if you're just looking for something simple. And the subscription price is actually reasonable, which means I'll probably be signing up for it eventualy. I like to actually get the hang of using a program before subscribing though... I hope this helps someone.
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6 years ago, Janefam
I am so dissapointed with this app. I enjoyed the app with the options given with no charge, and decided to upgrade, PAYING for the yearly subscription. I am a new photographer and looked forward to more options in editing my photos. My money was taken, however I was not given the access to additional tools. After paying for this feature, it leaves the tools that were to be unlocked, unusable. I did the recomendation from support in reviews below, and re installed the app, and selected to restore the subscription, with the same dissapointing outcome. Dont waste your money for the upgrade, you will not end up with any more options for promised features.
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4 years ago, Full Time Musician
This is an edited review. The "photo editor" function of this app was crashing when opened but the developer quickly got back to me with a fix. Turns out you just have to uncheck the "automatic graphics switching" box in System Preferences under "Energy Saver" . Kudos to the developer for their timely response getting back to me with the solution. Fotor is my "go to" app for quick fixes for pics...
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5 years ago, Andrew Osler
Good App, Dissapointed In The Model.
I've always liked Fotor, it's been my go to app for quick photo editing, filters etc for a long time. However, I hadn't used the desktop version for a while (new MacBook) so I had to redownload it from the Mac App Store. When I hit restore to get the pro features back I was told that my subscription has expired. He's the thing, I never bought a subscription. I bought it as a one time thing before the subscripton model was in place. I have no problem with subcription models (I have the MS Office Suite on a subscription and have for years) but I do have a problem being forced into the model when I've already bought the features outright. - Congratulations on making your final car payment. Now give us the car back. - But I financed it! I own it now! - Well actually, we converted your purchase agreement to a lease a while back. Did we not tell you? - Oh...
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4 months ago, eeech
Years of Greatness!
I have been using this app for years... Not just for touch-ups & effects, but I have used this for quick marketing images, presentation inserts, flyer inserts, and many other projects needing a quick fun turn-around. With the need to provide tons of content across media feeds, and throughout communications, this app has been a perfect solution for all of lifes "filler" images.
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1 year ago, KnightJeran
What happened to this app?
I used to use an older version on my old laptop, and all the features I used on it are gone. Where can I find just the various layouts for just a 9 image square? With different arrangements? This new version also freezes up and goes blank-white when I try to move around photos and I have to quit it and lose any and all progress because it never recovers. I just want the simple layouts back, but it seems flooded with hyper-specific layouts that the app itself has become unusable--figuratively and literally.
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4 years ago, pcman3550
Tool issue
I'm scanning old slides with my scanner and one of the tools I use is the beauty (blemish) tool. these old slides image fixing. I like the app except for when I try to use the blemish tool, the undo and redo buttons hide behind ths ad at the lower right side of the app. This makes it not fully usable. I've purchased a monthly subscription for the Pro support. How do I remove the red ad at the lower right side of the screen? Sometimes you need to undo a fix and try another. This is more of a help for support which would be greatly appreciated.
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3 years ago, Booker_T
Fotor Photo Editor
For the price, this software is a viable contender to Photoshop. Though not a full-featured graphic design tool as is Photoshop, as a photo editing tool this is an excellent product. I have yet to plumb any serious retouching tools, there does not seem to be a good area selector tool, or clone stamp tool, or other preceision functions. As a general purpose photo editor there are some easily implemented enhancement functions that surpass Photoshop. The image sharpening exceeds the capabilities of Photoshop, and I have been able salvaeged some photographs that had marginal focus issues. Also to be noted, Fotor has no problem with RAW images. Acceptng the limitations of this software, if one is a photographer on a budget I would heartily endorse this application.
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1 month ago, jbhuntr106
Fotor - Photo Editor, Designer
Fotor is an incredible photo editor, designer and program for all levels of users and is extememely easy to utilize its amazing features even as a new user! With recent updates, the AI image generator feature allows you to generate excellent quality graphics from either Text to Image or Image to Image and is highly superior to many other AI apps and programs available today. You can try the free version of Fotor, although I recommend purchasing the Pro version which has all the full features necessary to produce professional quality results without difficult learning curves and at a very affordable price.\ \ Fotor is my #1 go to program for all my graphic
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1 month ago, Frustrated with Eargo
Moving Target
I don't have time to use this app regularly, so when I have to reaquaint with it, I am always frustrated by the many changes and "upgrades" that are not accessible. Often it appears that recent added features, requiring more money, replicate prior basic functions that I previously acquired but are not now accessible. Frustrating, allthough the app itself is quite useful. However, locating and retrieving photos to edit could be improved.
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3 years ago, Specialist 101
Pricing $40 per yr or $9 per month
Readers - it's $9 p.m. or $40 p.y. If you subscribe to either one, they give you a 7 day trial to opt out. If you are looking someting less expensive then save yourself 15-20 minutes of download time, feeling baited and then removing it from your mac. You are welcome. I am super confident that these reviews are paid for by product testers who anyone can pay $2 to $10 if they leave a 5 star review. The App is probably is as shady and not worth-it as it's developers. It just my experienced and humble opinion based on dealing with shady people like these. Developer - Please be upfront about pricing and free trial period.
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4 years ago, Dinky calculator
I am not a snazzy photo editor person. But sometimes I need to crop or resize. Little brighter, littler darker or other minor adjustments. This is easy to use, and easy to fix what you did if you wanted to try something new. Other programs can be overwheling with layers, snapping, small tools, etc. So if you know what you are doing, use those. If you need something that works just perfectly fine for minor edits, use Fotor.
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5 years ago, Dibabee
Great and Affordable!
I downloaded the free version to do basic editing but eventually purchased the annual subscription so that I could have access to the other editing options. I’m fairly new to photo editing and I couldnt justify buying the Lightroom subscription (ballin on a budget). However, $20/year is doable and I like my results so far. None of my clients have sent any negative responses to my editing which is a plus!
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7 years ago, Seanerry
Good, simple to use editor
This is my go-to editor for simple quick fixes to my pictures. It can easily crop, add text, adjust horizontal or vertical parallax, improve focus. It has some other features that I haven’t needed or used yet. Much more intuitive than some other products, even though it may have fewer features, it gets the job done easily and quickly. Thank you for your product, keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, FlorinaP
updated review
The app is easy to use and very friendly. It is pretty simple but I get done a lot with it. I had some issues with it along the way (the biggest one was that it did not recognize my subscription and when i clicked restore, it failed - I tried numerous times...) but they managed to solve them.. as some point. Hope my subscription will not have any issies anymore as I will go back in here and give it one star. LOL
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3 years ago, TessaKF
I have been through countless photo editing apps. They have either been too difficult for me to understand or haven't had enough choices for editing. I had been using three apps to do my work. FINALLY along comes an editing app that does it ALL and it is definately user friendly!! A HUGE thank you to the designers. YAY!
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6 years ago, Kayaker2323
Perfect Editer for Novices
This is a great app for making edits to your photos and other images, especially for those (like me!) who don’t know how to use Photoshop or don’t want to invest in the expensive Photoshop software for making simple and creative changes to photos. The standard package has enough tools to make an array of fun changes using the easy-to-use tools and templates. Highly recommend this app!
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7 months ago, DavidRenfroe
It works!
I have a very old grainy photo of my great grandmother. Just applied the Old Photo Fix and wow! Now I know where I get my good looks. She is beautiful. And I got to see just how beautiful thanks to Fotor. I don't think I could have done it with PhotoShop. Not that it couldn't be done, but I couldn't have done it. Even I can use this. And it won't break the bank.
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2 years ago, JCKZ Salem's Mom
Screen goes black every once in a while for no apparent reason. Now won't save images. Don't get error message, it just goes into an infinite loop and won't do anything. Clumsy interface to use clone stamp repeatedly. Very difficult to target where to use the clone stamp if you're trying to continue a line of any sort. Clone target needs cross hairs in order to use the clone exactly. Clone size changes too rapidly in the slider and it seems like it is always too big or too small, needs more range on the small side.
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2 years ago, Duncan Dogg
Simply Love It
Since downloading this app maybe 8 years ago or so it's been my favorite photo editing app. I have photoshop, lightroom, picassa and others but for me the "user friendly" features and results are unmatched. The design of the app is terrific. It's intuitive and downright fun. Highly recommended to all photo hobbyists from beginners to professionals. Enjoy and create!
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2 years ago, mountain.greenery
Can't find an app
I cannot find an app that will simply open my Photos on my M1. Always having to drag things to the desktop is frustrating. This app - I can't figure out if it is charged per month or per year. Does it "average out to 3.99 per month" or is it charged 3.99 per month? Is it $40 right now? Would love if it was just clearer, I could buy it, and just use it. I love the filters. It does not seem to have simple sketch transformation.
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3 years ago, Jan-Photos4U
This app is WONDERFUL
I love, Love, LOVE this program!! My husband downloaded it for me so I could work with my photos without getting so frustrated with the other programs that were too in depth for me. I find it very simple to use and am able to crop and enhance my photos very easily. Thank you for this Fotor program. I am having a lot of fun working with it.
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