FotoRus -Camera & Photo Editor

Photo & Video
4.3 (4.4K)
151 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fotoable, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for FotoRus -Camera & Photo Editor

4.33 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
6 years ago, nwaoldschool
Great app.
It’s definitely worth four stars. I Love the choice of fonts and I love the color options but it does need to be cleaned up a little bit. It needs an upgrade when you try to apply your text. It’s very difficult to get your text message to line up straight. You cannot apply a text in sentence form which makes things very difficult for me. I would like to see an upgrade in being able to apply things such as a circle and arrow and other shapes because that is quite difficult as well. If it had the ability to perform layers with your own picture over own picture I would rate the app 5 stars everyday and even tell my friends about it being as I’m in the software industry? Don’t get me wrong I love this app. It’s the only one I use!
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5 years ago, xxmilkteakittyxx
Deserves 5 stars
The app may be old and the reviews were from 2 years ago or 1 year ago but is still pretty decent. I REALLY love the collage option, especially the nice creative frame patterns like the checkered one. Personally many apps would use a color wheel. I absoloutely LOVE the magazine and postcard type. It's very creative. In pro edit, it had just rose up to so many levels. I LOVE all the super cute filters like Pink & Coffee. I also like the text, even though it may be hard to type straight sentences. It has many font types and color types. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stickers! The rose gold and harajuku style ones are my favorites. There's even Snapchat filter stickers which I find cool. I love how it has columns of different types like Words and Decoration. Really creative. I LOVE mosiac too! It has the blur effect and I love how it has the design of the collage frames. I LOVE light pen! You can just choose a pen and just move your finger around your photo and it makes magic. I like the firework line and the the pink and white little orb thingies. I don't use PaintLab & Beauty though. But I reccomend this app to all editors. I suggest using Pro Edit and Collage the most. I love this app and I think you will too!
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7 years ago, Naia1
Great creative App
I have tons of photo & video editing apps as I love playing with pictures and consider myself an amateur photographer/artist. I am actually a lawyer so with an undergrad degree in art ) so you can imagine which one is more fun. Given how little time I have I appreciate how much you can do with this app in such short a time and how beautiful the pictures turn out. The person or people who put this together must put a tremendous amount of time into creating each unique frame or frames or the various Color and shape changes which are available is user-friendly is an understatement. If you enjoy playing with photos and having more at your fingertips and you'll probably ever use then you should definitely get this app. I have been using this app for over a month before writing your review until I was sure that it was as good as I initially thought. It is even better. It continues to improve, adding new images to use to fit every occasion. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, JrredmdbyChrist
Awesome app!!
I’m just an every day picture taker, I LOVE taking photos, but dont have a good camera so my IPhone X is what I use and I always have an additional editing app. I love how simple FotoRus is to use, yet you’re given a really good selection of edits, detailed edits like lighting, sharpness, balance, and so much more than that! And the BEST thing about this app is ITS FREE! No hidden charges and no in app purchases that you HAVE to buy in order to get the best parts of the app!! It’s FREE! It’s perfect for the editing I do!! Others that are more experienced may disagree, but for an “every day” photographer (mostly pics of my family and get togethers, tons of my kiddos!!) it’s totally perfect! Actually I haven’t even explored much into several other options that can be used in the app because I don’t know enough about photography. I really feel this app would be awesome for a photographer at any stage of experience! Thanks FotoRus!! Keep up the great work!!
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5 years ago, Slot12345
Access to a selected albums
Love the portrait enhancement function and the outcome of the edited picture, but wished that it allows you to go to certain albums (ex: favorites) instead of giving you access to the all photos in your camera roll and you have to scroll down to select the pic you want to edit and scroll down to select another pic again. It’s hard to see with a small icon which picture to edit.
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6 years ago, Welcome Back Joss!
This is a really great all-around photo app! It does just about everything, so it’s a good go-to for a quick edit, or even a not-so-quick one. The beauty editor is easy and quick, the collage is super easy, and I like the filters as well. I mostly use the proedit, just for adding text and stickers, frames, lighting, etc. There’s a few things it could do better, and a few things I wish it had that it doesn’t. But, I’d say that it is about an 8.5/10 as is. ***An added bonus is that it has rarely [maybe 2-3 times ever, but it’s been a long time] crashed on me, which is nice because I hate having something almost done and losing it because the app locks up!
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6 years ago, HeatherLandry
1. Hundreds of lovely stickers with no search option. (Where did the clown wig go?) 2. Collage has some weird options like adding a frame around each individual picture. Not a plain frame, a very big frame that changes the shape of your segment. Frames should go around the entire collage and be simple so they don’t cover the collage. 3. Collage background colors are whack. No black, just dark grey. No pink, just salmon or peach. All colors are pastels. Just add a color picker. 4. I left the app for five minutes to reply to a chat and when I returned, the app had reloaded back to start. So I started a new collage. Then I left to write this review. When I returned, guess what? My work was erased and I was at start. 😡 I’ve had this app for years, but I rarely used it. I only used it when I wanted that clown wig, which I can’t find anymore. This app is too old to have this many obvious problems. LINE Camera app is far superior for photo editing & collages, although it doesn’t have as many free stickers. They offer cute stickers and frames for sale though. They also have cute camera filters. It really has almost everything you could need. It’s been my go-to app for years.
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6 years ago, 045freddy
Used to be Good.
This app used to be better. When it was updated, there where some new things that added to the experience, but one really useful feature that I use often is the stickers option. Before the update, the stickers would load up fast. Now, after updating, the stickers section refuses to load. I’ll be waiting for it to load for about 20-30 seconds when it finally stops and says “reload”, and when you press reload, it just keeps loading, then saying reload again, and so forth. Yes, my WiFi is working, and I have not changed the WiFi or done anything to it to make it slow down. This was really disappointing for me because I use to use the stickers a lot. :T
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7 years ago, heatherhasfreckles
Where is the pitch black color for the background while making collage?
I don’t mind the update once a while but I’m disappointed when I learned that in this app took down the color of pitch black for the background when making collage. I’ve been using this app since my boys were born last April. I use pitch black for the background when making collage so I can put down the white words monthly when they get older and they aren’t even one year old yet. I feel so lost without the pitch black. They have dark gray but that’s not what I want. I don’t understand why would they take away the color of pitch black after the upgrade. They should leave all of the colors even after upgrade. 😕 I’m feeling sad.
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3 years ago, DKLAGA
WAS a great app
FotoRus WAS a great app, but now… not so much. I normally use the the magazine option for collages & was able to touch the blue “more” arrow ⬇️. Doing that would provide MANY additional collage options & I could scroll right or left between those additional classic, object, etc., collage templates. All of the sudden, touching the blue arrow takes me to a blank blue area, with no additional templates. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling Fotorus twice, but those additional templates no longer appear. So instead of having maybe upwards of 50 collage template options, I now have maybe have about 10. What’s up with that? PLEASE fix this issue.
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7 years ago, Clueless77jj
Has potential
Its easy to use and had several nice options in the free version and that's saying something because many free apps I've tried don't even have one decent free option. However when I declined to review the app after few minutes of use because I was in the middle of creating a collage, it seemed to freeze, so here I am completing her of you and hoping that when I get back to the app it is restored to its original usability. If I get back to the app and find that it continues to seem "buggy" I'll return to update this review and my rating of the app accordingly.
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6 years ago, itplytdy
Dumping, atrocious update. Poor execution
5 stars if you allow communication in English and an opportunity to purchase an ad free version. I can’t give feedback to developers because it’s in a foreign language. One star for the option to change the resolution of my final collages and change the resolution of my final collages. Dislike the latest horrible additions I am dumping it. It’s so hard to quickly just create a collage. I was a longtime user of this app but they lost me after their last upgrade by asking for my location EVERY time I made a collage even though I turned it off in settings. Highly annoying and Invasive. The ads take up the whole screen and are constantly popping up before, in the middle of making the collage and when I finish. Some ads were video ads and they would hijack my volume and start playing automatically and at full volume!!! I would have purchased the app to stop them from asking for my location and the ads but they didn’t offer it.
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6 years ago, FlippingEasyCO
How to Purchase to stop ads? Fix Stickers
With the last update it is no longer “ads free” and there is no way to purchase the “Unlock Everything” again... Any advice ?? Also Please fix the Stickers to actually load.... if you are working on it, I have no problem waiting a little bit because overall it is one of my favorite apps, but I get no response when I ask about this even on your Facebook, I will give it a few more weeks and if things aren’t fixed or no response I will just have to move on to another app :(
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6 years ago, Seanscythe
I loved the app before the last major update
The font tool has been stripped down and you removed so many features that made it great. You can no longer pick the shadow color you want, you took away a lot of the fill colors for fonts. You still haven’t fixed the font box to auto align so it makes if very difficult to straighten text once it’s altered. Would also be nice to do more then one font box at a time so you can play with placement easier. Still like the app but the font tool need fixing.
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7 years ago, Evk098765
Is the only photo app I use
This used to be my review... before this update. The new version is terrible! Where is the “sticker” button with the hundreds of stickers and the video version of it as well. It is not user friendly, where do the boarders and PIP go once you have downloaded them? There used to be a PIP button also. If this app doesn’t go back to how it was, or at least somewhere close to what it used to be, I’m going to delete it and find a better one! Terrible, terrible update! There's just no need to use any other app. It literally has everything you would need to enhance and be creative with your pictures
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7 years ago, AlabamaLivin'
Great app except for requiring review
I love the app and use it regularly. Only disappointing thing was when it required a review in order for me to continue using it. That being said, from a business perspective, you want people to review your product and most people don't feel like wasting their time doing it. I understand them wanting to make a requirement to get people to review the app.
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5 years ago, Bryan Bryan HM
My selfie-saver!
Im giving 5 starts because I LOVE it’s Beauty’s tools! The eye bag removal, whiten teeth and foundation application are the best tools of its kind! I’ve searched for photo apps that could remove my eye bags and it’s been hard, this one totally saves my selfies. I just wish they’d launch an update to optimize the UI on iPhone X and beyond because some buttons get hidden because of the bigger screen. Oh and please keep this app going or I’ll be doomed.🤣🤣
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4 years ago, Taylor Mai Grayson
Awesome, but one question to the creators...
Hi! I have had FotoRus for a few years and I LOVE this app, but can you maybe do an update to where you can add things to videos like text, filters, and stickers? And what happened to where I would go to the pic icon and it would be kinda like snap filters? I wish you guys would take my questions into consideration and doing a quick update!! Thx!😊😊
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6 years ago, Numara-12
got a question for someone authorized
I'm so happy that I got this app. I've been loving it since I upload it. But I have a question for the admin. 👉🏻 "How can I create an account for this app. Because I'm planning to upgrade my phone, and I don't want to loose any of my images which are placed in secret album." That's the only question I have. I highly recommend this app to others who haven't upload it yet.
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6 years ago, Tony Encino
Text feature went blank
The app is pretty simple to use and intuitive, with some real solid features....but when it updated versions a few months back they lost the ability to backspace text written onto a photo and then the letters stopped appearing at all as it was just one block of white. While it’s only one failed feature verses many that work well, it’s one that I used often enough that losing functionality made me invest in another photo app.
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6 years ago, 2katz4me
Great changes but:
Upgrade seems great. Looks like there are editions but the text portion will not work properly and I have been using this for several years. Not sure about it now. For some reason when I try to save my changed work the app literally stops , goes blank and I am out. This is since the last update. That is what I find frustrating.
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1 year ago, Lookingforlove51
I’ve liked this app but…
I have used this app for a long time and like it’s simplicity. If i want to put together a meme quickly, it is easy to do with this app. But some time ago they changed the app so you can not cut and paste text. Why??? It was so simple to compose what you want to see elsewhere than paste it in a picture. Now, you have to retype it completely. This is so annoying that i probably use this app a good 75% less than I used to.
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3 years ago, Garett2245
Only Photo App you’ll ever need!!!
I have used this application over the years as it has advanced, changed names and perfected its style. It is a 💯% number one go to for anything you need done regarding pictures, beauty filters, collages, etc... you’ll never need another app again, and I haven’t even made a purchase yet!!
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4 years ago, yeetingcat
Great! But.....
Okay I love this app sooo much! But the reason I loved it 2 years ago was because of the filters. So when I RE-downloaded it today, every time I try to use a filter it just-doesn’t-work! I really loved those filters too! I’m really upset about it but overall it’s a 4/5 . Great app. Sad this about filters. My older 12 year old brother did too. OVERALL GRAET APP!💖💖😸😸😸
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7 years ago, DogRescuer76
Won't let me restore my purchases
The sticker portion of the app is awful since there's no real search option so you have to keep scrolling through hundreds of stickers. My main issue, though, is that I got a new phone and it won't let me restore my purchases (I had previously paid to get the ****load of ads removed.) It either does nothing or keeps telling me it can't connect to the store. Without this, the app is so full of ads that it's just too annoying for me to use. Think twice before you pay and ever plan on getting a new phone.
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6 years ago, Roriqt
Loved it but...
I have used this app for almost 2 years. It was my favorite photo editing app and I would recommend it to all my friends. But with the new update on March 22nd, every time I go to put a filter on my photos the whole app quits and I loose anything I’ve done thus far on the photo. It’s really frustrating, to the point that I might have to start looking for a new app if it’s not fixed soon. Everything else makes it fantastic though!
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2 years ago, Eboralistik
Sticker Problems
This is a fantastic app but lately it seems to have a glitch - none of the stickers will now appear (decorations, emotions, etcetera); you can only get a few if you click on “Local”! I have deleted and reinstalled it , same problem. Developers need to provide an update.
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4 years ago, KMT136
Problem with collage grid colors on iPhone 11 Pro Nac
I love this app. Been using it for a long time for collages. But selecting a grid color on my new iPhone 11 Pro Max now has problems. I cannot scroll over to the right to change colors. That bar or whatever it is on the bottom of the screen interferes. Any solutions anyone?
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6 years ago, Sychaotik
Won’t restore purchases
I used to love this app and I even paid to remove ads but when I moved from an iPhone 6 Plus to an iPhone 8 Plus, it refused to restore my purchases so now I have to sit through annoying pop up ads everytime I try to use it. There’s no option for me to buy other unlock features either, the app refuses to show me any button other than the RESTORE PURCHASES option and pressing that button only gives me a RESTORE UNSUCCESSFUL message. so I’m stuck being treated like a free user when I paid to unlock features.
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2 years ago, plnbrdsccbn,.
Not working like it used to
I’ve used your app for about 10 years. Now something has changed drastically. I can’t pull up photos in pro edit. It just keeps going to a stored photo. If I luck out and get a photo from my gallery to come up, I can’t get decorations, or any of the stickers. It keeps saying reload, but nothing happening. I even closed out the app and reinstalled it and it doesn’t make a difference. Help, I sure miss your app. I’m lost without it. Thank you
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6 years ago, Psiicon
Great app but new update reduced quality
I’ve been using this app for some of my selfies for about two years, and it’s pretty cute! I love the stickers for it and it’s all around a good app. However, with the recent updates, the design is kind of an inconvenience and the quality of the pictures taken aren’t as good as it used to be.
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6 years ago, Steilin78
No Contact
I paid to have ads removed. They’re still there. No way to contact the app to have this fixed. The “restore purchases” doesn’t work and neither does their feedback form. Other than that the app is useful but I paid for a service I’m not getting and the ads are annoying and actually keep me from using this app more often or recommending it.
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7 months ago, LB7775412
Used to be great
Originally I gave this five stars because it was a great app. It had tons of stickers and frames, and was amazing. However, over the course of the last few years when you try to access the frames and other effects, it just pulls up a blank screen saying refresh which does nothing. So you can no longer add stickers or frames, finally gave up and deleted it.
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7 years ago, Kaymomo15
It's Fun and Easy
The fee version is really simple in my opinion, it's fun to play around with the filters, pens, stickers and frames. I especially like this better than instagram's layout cause there are much more options to crop and frame pictures than layout has.
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6 years ago, Pinkybrooxie
Cuts off the bottom of your collage when you save
Had this app over a year to make collages and it worked perfect. Now for the past few months or so it cuts off the bottom of the collage when you save. The collage looks fine when making it then when you save it cuts the bottom off. I wanted to contact them to fix it instead of leaving a review but no where to contact.
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6 years ago, mcallisterpamela6
AWESOME ❤️👏🏼❗️
I absolutely love this app. I have always wanted to learn to change color on messenger. But I just couldn’t get any of the other apps to work. That yours is outstanding and I love it it’s very easy to do and simple. I would say to anybody who buys this app You are getting a great and fun wonderful app 👍🏼. And you will love ❤️ it.
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7 years ago, Povertyfixer
Lots of options
This is a great app for giving many different options and looks. Most pictures look the same where ever you go, but here there is the chance to stand out and offer something unique
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3 years ago, Lavender X
Still one of my favorites other than stickers not functioning anymore
Stickers don’t display anymore other than the few I downloaded long ago But otherwise a good, quick and diversely featured photo editing app for iPhone
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7 years ago, Powertothefreepeeps
I have had this app for a very long time I absolutely love it! I have tried other ones through the Years to see if they could compare and none of them could,this is the only one that doesn't have a Ton of ads and is totally reliable!
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6 years ago, skpadi
Not happy with update
This app was great before the update. I used it all the time! Now ads pop up with no option to purchase. If you want us to purchase to get great features it has back.. make it so one can buy it. On the new update, the texting feature is horrible. You cannot enlarge to make sure you are spelling words correctly. You stripped many of the great things about the app. Please add old features back. Looking for a new app now as this one since update is just BAD!
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7 years ago, juliedegree33
Now one of the best! MUST HAVE!
Thank you! I have at least 18 camera/photo apps installed on my phone at all times. This is now in the top 5 for me. Even as a stand alone without all of the extra extensions, it holds its own! Please keep up the great work! Consistency & Flash! I love it more & more!
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3 years ago, Amigo717
This has been a great app
But why have the stickers stopped working? It keeps saying reload but nothing happens, I even reinstalled the app… the stickers were the best part! I hope this problem is fixed.
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7 years ago, Ashanti89
Horrible update!
I’m horrified that I may have to find another app to use. In photogrid it doesn’t even have the basic color of black to use as a background when making collages. It also doesn’t allow you to edit the collage once u out it together I have to save it. Exit then go back into pro edit to crop, add effects or anything 😢😢😢... This was my collage app. It was my everything. 😩😩😩
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1 year ago, Mrs Sumacumlaude
This has always been my favorite editor and then it suddenly stopped working
This has always been my favorite editor but then it stopped working. I’m guessing it is no longer updated or kept up on. I’m truly sad. It was very freeing to be able to design your photos from overlays to decorations stickers fonts and colorful options as well with shadows etc. I’d love to see this be brought back and updated.
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7 years ago, MoeenMosslly
App bugs
After update the application camera not worked on it only white page appear to me i deleted it and re install app no way same problem again.. Please support me to close this problem Regards IOS 11.1 IPHONE 6+
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7 years ago, 1s@d6url
Must Have App
This is a must have app. If you love photo collaging your photos, must download. I like how they always have a new collage to use and download. The best part if you tell them a problem with the app they will fix it. Keep up the jod job😊👍👌
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7 years ago, ~Standing-proud-and-strong~
I really do like this app and its wonderful!!!! There's a lot to love about this app and if ur not allowed to have Snapchat this is the app 4 u bc it has tons more filters but u actually have to text it to them!!!! No posting things on the internet!!!!
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6 years ago, Pixieechick
Can u bring bright color backgrounds back
I love this app, and you would easily have your 5 stars if you still had bright colored Backgrounds available I make a lot of things on your app for my art business but my business colors are red yellow and blue. Now I can’t use your app very much at all because it doesn’t have the colors I need :(
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1 year ago, zionpatrick
Love this app….BUT
I have used this app for years and I love it. But suddenly I’m missing all kinds of features and cannot redownload them. Frames are gone, effects do not work, I always make beautiful Christmas cards and I can’t this year. Why? What’s happened to this app!! I loved the magazine and collage features! I redownloaded the app but nothing came back as it was!
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7 years ago, Cansasa75
Favorite App
I love this app. You can filter so many different ways. Face and makeup are my favorite. But I also love the Pro feature, that has to be the best editor for pic apps that I use. I highly recommend this app. And it never crashes on me!!
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