Found: Business Banking

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Indie Technologies Inc
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Found: Business Banking

4.79 out of 5
16.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Lo_Marie0417
Great Banking & Other Features
I have been using Found for a little over 4 months. We recently expanded our business and I needed to keep our marketplace orders/expenses/earnings separate from our B&M/Ecomm business, without the hassle of opening a new bank account, having a minimum cash flow, and all that extra hassle. Found has been great for us and our needs. I rarely ever leave reviews for anything, but this one is well deserved. We strictly only use this account for our marketplace sales but I am actually considering switching over our ecommerce business to Found. We receive deposits in real time and don’t have to wait 2-3 days with traditional banks. We can also send professional invoices to customers with our brand, logo, and other information. It makes it easy for us to pay our quarterly taxes with categorization of every purchase or expense in Found. It cost us absolutely nothing to open our Found account, yet Found has given us so much financial freedom and free time with the utilization of their services right at our fingertips. Just this morning I saw we received cash back for a few purchases— Found, I would love to know a list of businesses that we can earn cash back incentives, please! All in all, we are very happy with Found and I see us being a long term account with Found. There’s no reason for us to leave. Thank you for being affordable (free) and most importantly, user friendly. Y’all are amazing!
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2 years ago, ChanceKorte
Best Business Bank with Degraded Responsiveness
I signed up for Found last year and immediately love it. The concept saves me a ton of money and it does it in a way that is really easy on the mind. Unfortunately, over the last few months I noticed that regardless if I was on WiFi, 5G or LTE, the app is now very slow to perform most functions like updating your balance. I typically get this to work at some point by force rebooting the phone, then opening the app and waiting a bit. Then it finally updates and to me this is concerning and scary. I have a habit of always locking my bank card and one day the app would not unlock the card at all so I had to walk home, delete the app, remove the data left behind and then reinstall. I would have rated more than 3 stars but what made them lose that 4th star os that the only medium of contacting Found is by email. Even worse, they are not as responsive as they should be given that is their only contact channel. To be fair, I didn't ever have the need to reach out to customer service so I didn't even know until I tried to reach out to report the serious lag.
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5 days ago, NFD, Nate!
I finally FOUND it!
I haven't always been a fan of online banking. Especially with smaller banks where apps and computer usage isn't necessarily prioritized. As a small business owner, I really enjoy the ease of use of technology and when it's accessible, I'm in it. Found has made online banking so much easier and convenient. Not only can I have my deposits hitting 2 days faster than my local bank but I can create "pockets" which are specific small accounts that automatically send deposits into them based on a percentage of what you dictate. Furthermore, they take the guesswork out of stressful tax money setting aside. I've never been great about setting it aside and it always make me anxious come tax time. Now, Found makes it easy. They use my details and information to pull a specific amount aside from each deposit and it goes into the tax account. Quarterly, if you're a Found Plus member, they'll even pay your taxes for you making life even less stressful come tax time. I really am enjoying this and have recommended it to multiple friends already.
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2 months ago, DarfNader
THE solution for small business banking
I use it for my LLC and it can handle every aspect of managing my money, bookkeeping, invoicing, taking payments, determining tax liability and even my letters of incorporation. I had a long list of its features written, but the review editor trashed it and I am not rewriting all of that out again! Here's a short list of its great features: - Syncs with other bank and credit card accounts so you can cherry pick transactions for your bookkeeping - Automatically estimates tax liability based on income and deductions - "Pockets" serve as different accounts that I use to set aside funds for tax liability, escrow account for deposits, and proceeds - I've set up rules to automatically cherry pick transactions from other institutions I have synced, categorize them and put them in the appropriate pocket - links with Stripe - Competitive interest rates on deposits - Operating reports, such as profit and loss - Invoicing and purchase orders - There's probably more that I've missed, but for my business of managing rental properties it's all I need! No more expensive and unwieldy QuickBooks.
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2 years ago, HeatherLorraine89
Free money that’s a YES for me
So I stumbled upon this app out of the blue one day and thought what the heck I’m starting my own business I need a business account so I signed up logged in and seen they give you a virtual card (✔️) so I could start using the account before my physical card came in the mail. Then checking the app out it does all the taxing info part of my spending for my business for me (✔️) that’s reason number 2 for me then I come across the part where it tells me if I spend $100 by this date they will give me $20 free (✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️) free money for doing stuff I already do anyway no brainer for I was sold if you are not sure if you should try Found I’m telling you you need to you won’t be disappointed oh and my physical card was sent hella fast too so I really don’t have anything negative to say about Found and no they didn’t pay me to say any of this either lol
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2 years ago, yodelingpuppet
Bare minimum for support
I know I’m about to sound old fashioned… but not having phone support for banking services is a deal breaker. The ONLY way to get help for anything, is through a list of help topics in the app. A lack of phone support may not sound like a big deal but when it comes to taking your business seriously, but your bank is obviously a huge part of that. Contacting Found for help relies on sending them a message which they may not even receive for a whole day. I’m sorry, but when I need help from my bank, I can’t accept it taking days to resolve an issue. 30 minutes on the phone sounds annoying, however, it’s definitely the superior option to back and forth messaging over the course of a couple days. I guess this is my fault for assuming that a reputable banking technology and or service would have a phone number. When I’m trying to run two businesses, I don’t have time to “chat” over the course of a day two. I’d rather sit on hold listening to elevator music while waiting to speak with someone… at least that way I can wear AirPods while waiting and multitask and still be productive. PS. eBay doesn’t accept Found as a legitimate bank and therefore cannot be used for payouts.
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9 months ago, Derek Jenen
The best all-in-one online bank for biz
Many online first business banking apps say they are the best, but as a freelance designer I’ve found.. Found to be THE BEST. The good and bad with these business apps is that they aren’t an actual bank so they have constraints but also can move faster than an actual bank would with certain features. The features that are actually hard are ones that a traditional bank gets right. Things like mobile check deposit. Many apps say they do this but find out the feature is through a third party that they happen to work with so not built into the app, more so another connection or they’ve removed the feature but say it’s coming soon and it’s been many months. That’s where Found is different. They are very transparent and the team is building more than taking away for business owners. Their accounting and tax features are what makes them THE choice. I don’t have to deal with QuickBooks or some bookkeeper. They help me manage things and even pay my taxes to the government. It’s great! Rather than multiple apps to manage the money for my business, I use one and that’s Found. This is an all-in-one business banking app that actually works very well.
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4 weeks ago, arshdog81
Business Banking
I have been using found for a month now and so far so good. My deposits we quick and accessible immediately. I did not have to wait 2-3 days like my traditional business account makes me wait. I signed for Found Business strictly for my online e-commerce financial needs. I can track and pay my taxes quarterly or as needed with their subscription service and they will even track my business miles so I get the best possible tax write offs possible meaning more money into my business instead of out. I think Found is great and it may. It be for every type of business or a persons needs but for my business structure and needs. It is a perfect fit and a slam dunk for me. Thank you Found and I cannot wait to learn earn with the cash back incentives.
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3 years ago, big1rog
Good business
I feel this app approaches more business in the right direction it gives me the confidence and to teach my kids how to organize a business and not be afraid I feel extra confident with this app I wish my business card had my company name on it but it’s OK I feel like I am moving forward with my life with independence and not afraid to take chances this app was a great idea my fiancé is an accountant and even she says she loves it it makes it easier for you to start a business I would like for it to be easier when you take a picture of the receipt it automatically files it with the date and time so you’re not spending so much time putting receipts in and putting it in yourself if you can do that would be awesome guys
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7 months ago, rach.j.11
10/10 Found is INCREDIBLE
I’m a new small business owner and work as an independent contractor—the idea of taxes is utterly terrifying, which was the biggest thing that drew me to Found. I cannot speak highly enough of Found and its features. It makes bookkeeping and preparing for taxes so seamless and stress-free. Found has a feature where I can share information with my accountant, which is brilliant! It allows me to follow a profit-first model, and just takes the stress and worry out of managing my independent practice finances. I love Found. I recommend it to my colleagues, friends, and anyone who will listen. As an anxious person with a difficult relationship with money, Found has been a true life saver. Trust me it’s so great!
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10 months ago, Oliva Gold
I wanted it to be you
This app has so many good features, sleek design and very modern. I have 2 issues as a business owner: can’t write checks!?! I understand we’re moving more digital but as a business owner I still need to be able to write a check every now and then and some of my contractors prefer to be paid this way too. Speaking of paying contractors, my other issue is that when I send a pay link to someone it’s set up in a way that makes it confusing for my contractors to get paid how they prefer—it basically prompts you to open a Found account or “choose other option.” This process should be smoother, the question of “ do you work for yourself?” Should not be asked when I am just trying to pay someone. I get that it’s an easy way to market Found as a business, but there are other ways that can be done.
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3 years ago, oldschoolgyrl
Over 48 hrs to review account
First of all, this is clearly a very small bank. They do not even pay attention to new accounts being created and you will have to reach out to them to make them aware. They then denied me after I reached out to them about the status of my application because it had been over 48 hrs since I applied. I NEVER received an email or any response from them. I only learned that I had been denied when I opened the app and a BIG notice said that I was denied and to log out of the app LOL. How unprofessional is that?? This is the first time I have ever been denied a bank account??? But I am actually glad they did because this is not what I need for my business. Please be aware this is not a real business bank account it is a personal bank account and is better for freelancers who want to separate their biz from their personal expenses using the same account. If you have a registered business and EIN, I would suggest you get yourself a REAL BUSINESS bank account!
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2 years ago, Braddex
Decent but they now charge for once free features
UPDATE: I’ve just discovered that Found is now charging to file your taxes for you when it used to be free. There was no notice for this change. I really enjoy using Found. I’ve tried other small business banks, but Found’s integration of expense tracking and tax tools are very helpful (and free, unlike the other options out there). It would be nice if the invoicing and payment service was done direct rather than through Stripe, but we’ll see how that works out. If they added an accurate mileage tracker, I believe this would be the ultimate app for the self-employed and independent contractors.
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2 years ago, Ooooooooossushshahaba
Lost money due to negligence.
At first I really liked found. My deposits would arrive early, I was able to see my tax estimate and automatically declare things as business vs personal expenses. But there was an issue regarding the bank freezing (?) and I didn’t hear anything about this from the company until I contacted them myself, which in itself is unprofessional. I now have a missing deposit of MY money with no estimated date on when I should receive it, and no direct confirmation if I will receive it at all. The benefits of this app unfortunately do not outweigh this experience. Now switching my deposits to be sent to capital one. This is a mistake involving my money that I would not ever like to have repeated, since I’m the only one losing in this scenario. My hard earned paycheck down the drain. Such a shame. If you can, please stay away from Found and look into other book keeping methods for your business.
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11 months ago, El_Daddy
Found banking is a must have app
I highly recommend Found Banking to friends for several reasons. Firstly, Found Banking offers a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app, making it convenient and easy to manage finances on the go. Secondly, they provide competitive interest rates on savings accounts, allowing users to grow their money effectively. Additionally, Found Banking prioritizes security, implementing robust encryption and authentication measures to protect user data. Furthermore, their customer service is top-notch, with responsive support and efficient problem resolution. Lastly, Found Banking offers innovative features such as round-up savings and goal tracking, helping users develop better financial habits. Overall, Found Banking is a reliable and beneficial banking option that I wholeheartedly endorse.
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4 months ago, Booties Loco Reynoso
The Found Bank account is the BEST bank account in the entire history of the Universe and World!
The Found Bank account is the BEST bank account in the entire history of the Universe and World! I am still having trouble trying to perfectly understand how to write off donations since there’s really no clear answer but Found has definitely been here to clarify things for me and tons of other people! Like the entire internet can’t even explain to me exactly how writing off donations work But atleast Found Business banking has tons of potential of doing so! Making Business Taxes much clearer than they have ever been for AnyONE! THANK YOU FOUND!
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3 years ago, Leoni531
Best Business Banking App Ever !
When I first opened this business account I wasn’t sure if it would be everything I needed for my business. However, after using Found for several months, I can say it has more than exceeded my expectations. From the expense tracking, tax accounting, and customized weekly reports, I more than recommend this bank to all business owners. More so, the stellar customer service I received truly blew my mind. It is hard today to work with companies that care about customer experience and with Found you cannot go wrong. Do yourself and your business a favor and use Found! I truly LOVE it!
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2 years ago, tsmluvsmusic
Subpar Customer service
I had a difficult time figuring out how to transfer funds but once I spoke to a gentleman he explained everything very well and was very gracious. Then I made a mistake with my deposits. Which led to an overdraft. I quickly tried to fix it however I think I made it worse for myself. I wanted understanding of what the repercussions might be so I called the customers service again and the service was definitely not the same. The lady was very lack luster in her delivery, no concern or empathy regarding the situation definitely not the same as my first conversation with CS. I felt rushed it was just not a good experience. Hopefully once I figure out how to move smoothly through the app I will feel better but customer service definitely is lacking.
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6 months ago, Mavericks Millwork Drafting
BEST banking app for self employed people
I am blown away at how amazing Found is, it is perfect for everything I need in an app made for self employment. From invoicing to taxes, tracking business expenses to saving client information, it can even help you setup an LLC! Probably my favorite feature is that it automatically puts aside money for taxes when I am paid. There are a lot more features that I don’t currently need with my business size and type, but the fact that those features are waiting for me when my business grows is amazing! I don’t have to worry about outgrowing Found’s capabilities
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1 month ago, Poopidoox2
I’ve been with FOUND FOR OVER 3years ,and when I was doing a Google search for a fully online bank that was pleasantly surprised by what I read in the description of the services and features provided for self employed people like myself who want some extras but no complications I was real happy with all that I was getting but this last year you folks have turned the app into the best online bank I have ever works with and I was not utilizing all the resources but I closed all my other accounts except Found as it’s now exceptional Thanks for all your support
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2 years ago, Mz Tamara
Automate as much as possible. Best app so far
I love this app. I recently decided to turn a hobby into a small business and all I knew was that I wanted to keep my business finances and personal finances as separate as possible. With this app, it’s been such an easy process. Love that I had access to my card number before I had the physical card. And that taxes can be calculated for me so I don't end up in a situation come tax time. The ability to categorize purchases as I go and see where my money is going is the best feature. This app truly takes the guesswork out of the situation
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1 year ago, Ada’s MacBook Pro
Found is very Functional for Freelancers
Wow! Found is the actual best so far. The interface is very user friendly, it is visually pleasing and it’s actually functional. It’s categorization is top notch. I don’t have to worry about taxes because it already helps me set that aside automatically. Found also make receiving payment easy as it incorporates well with many payment platforms. They even offer an upgrade for the already awesome features they have with Found+ but I’m very satisfied with the standard version for now It’s really great! And I 100% recommend.
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4 months ago, Birthnomics
Limited Accounting
Has great potential and is fantastic to send a quick invoice via text to clients. My problem is that due to design limitations, I can’t depend on it for accurate accounting. For example, no matter what date you enter that your client pays you, it will still log it as the current date. There is also no way to type in partial payments for an invoice so sometimes I have to enter it as a discount which then ruins the income amount. On top of that, if you have a typo, there is no way to correct it so that can lead to inaccurate accounting as well. Fortunately for me, I use another invoicing system to accurately keep record of my accounting but it’s a shame this one is so limited.
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6 months ago, Plaid verifiable
Please exhaust all other options
This app is truly the worst baking app I’ve ever used. I prefer to use cash app as you can tell. I always have to transfer my money from cash app in here to pay bills or use it but you’re verifiable on plaid which is a plus so I keep it I don’t recommend it at all, your connection is horrible. I can’t connect it unauthorized transaction happened after you already confirmed. It was unauthorized 17 times before so you lose a lot of money. You don’t communicate with other banks properly and two years later I’m still trying to figure out what happened to a lot of transactions when clearly in your app, it says something and you says it doesn’t, I would never recommend this to anybody. It’s a lot of stress and it feels like highway robbery
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1 year ago, KennTyDeg
I chose very likely to refer a friend or person of interest because the Found app is very easy to manage and use for business purposes and the debit card 💳 is used anywhere like a credit card. Download your card to Apple wallet was available and the payment from the iPhone Apple wallet if your physical card is not available for use was easy to access and worry free. The plus side of it all is the cash back rewards for your use of the card and making it even more easy and convenient for use. Thank you Found
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3 years ago, JDM-607
Most clutch banking app for a freelancer
A friend recently recommended I check out found, at first I was very hesitant because their are so many online banks over promising and under delivering… for a extremely busy freelancer and numbers guy like myself I hate having to deal with doing my monthly expense reporting as well as having to worry about taxes… with found I have been able to systemize and automate my whole banking process!! 5+++ starts and highly suggest anyone looking for an all in one banking solution to download Found immediately 🙌🏽
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11 months ago, FutureXavier
I once was lost, But now I’m “Found”
I very rarely write reviews for apps. However, this app and company are among the best I have experienced to date. I have had multiple banking accounts with many different financial institutions. Not one, and I mean not one bank, has ever offered the business benefits and products that this company has. I tell all of you, Register now, link your banks and cards, use the invoice and billing sections as well as the receipts and income and expenses sections. It is all top notch and has me heavily addicted. I am so grateful I “Found” you.
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1 year ago, Dj Mays ( mobile Dj )
Great for the self employed
Let me start by saying I don’t leave reviews unless I really like something and this app is great. If you’re running a business, self employed you definitely need this. The whole setup along with all the functions from your taxes to payout is 10 stars. I love how when you make your purchases using your Found debit card it automatically puts set aside your taxes which makes it easier when paying your taxes. This app is a must have, try it out you won’t be disappointed. 💯💯
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2 years ago, Mrs. Towner 17
This App is Seriously Amazing
If you own a business get this app! Not only can you invoice out from it, there is an option to have it basically do your taxes-For free-It automatically knows what’s a business tax deduction when you use your card and sets it aside for you- Plus when you get a deposit you can have it take the taxes out then and it’s put in its own separate tax account in the app, and you can use the money if you need it. When it’s time to do your taxes you just print the report and boom- you’re done. Mic drop-
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1 year ago, Gamer-for-life
Overall Good, but when it comes to cash
I’ve been doing my best to reach out and get support on how I can add cash that I have gotten from some business transactions at triad shows. However there is little to no support for people who do not pay the fee for Found Plus. That used to be free. I understand the need for meaning money and I do not have an issues with that, however I have a question and no way to get an answer as of yet. Please send me an email on how I can add cash. Thank you for your time and help.
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1 year ago, ILuvAAPL
Found is a time saving bank account for solopreneur, gig worker, and self-employed
Found is basically a small business banking, taxes, bookkeeping, invoicing, and payment services. One of the challenges with my small IT business is I had trouble keeping tab of my expenses and taxes. I ended up getting penalize with interests and fees from the IRS in the last few years (found out recently) because I was not prepaying my self-employed taxes quarterly. Found is a bank account, but it has a bookkeeping function. It allows me to keep track of my incomes, expenses, and taxes in real time. It also move money into a tax account automatically to ensure I allocate the proper amount for quarterly tax reporting Found also allows me to use a debit card and process credit cards/ACH payments. While it doesn’t take checks or have Billpay service, it is a must-have for solopreneur, gig worker, and the self-employed.
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2 years ago, Mad Bob.
Where is support?
If you’re only gonna offer email support why is it not 24 seven. This is after all a business account and why is it that the card software does not work well. During the process of setting up the account it did not allow me the opportunity to correct my address. These minor annoyances make me feel unsafe with trusting this to handle my business. I think these things could be a challenge to security somebody should look into it.
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3 years ago, brenlil
Pending charges, unavailable money, declined charges
I really want to like this app because I see great reviews and I love how the app is set up. However I funded my acct and my funds were not available for days. I then went to get gas and wa charged 85$ when I only spent 40$ it’s been a few days and nothin has corrected. Went to use my card to purchase materials for work and my card got declined because there was not enough funds due to pending charges. Again I want to like this bank but I can’t even find a place to contact customer service and when I do it says the email will not send. Not sure what’s up w this but would love to hear from found themselves. Still waiting for my money to clear and can’t buy materials
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1 year ago, kris_duh
Saves taxes for you as you go
It reminds me of chime and I like online banking, except I wish it had a cash deposit option. I like that it separates taxes for you and direct deposits come two days early. I already had my friend sign up because she is an independent contractor and failed to save taxes last year. Now we have another way to send money to each other. I also enjoy the tax information available on the app. Overall, my experience with Found is excellent so far.
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4 months ago, ak1ng4lyfe
A Very Helpful Tool!
This banking service has been an extremely important investment as a new business owner. The way it allows both myself and my accountant visual access to the funds through its premium service is awesome! Having a digital card allowed me to order some supplies I needed before the physical card ever arrived (within a week). Taxes are automatically calculated and set aside when deposits are made. I’m still very happy I chose this service amongst the others.
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3 months ago, Specialperson333
Scared Straight
READ REVIEWS!! Read the critical reviews before signing up! I’m glad I stopped the sign up process when it asked for my SSN. I wanted to make sure the app wasn’t reporting to the IRS as I have an accountant & don’t need that. It didn’t explicitly say that it didn’t , so I paused @ entering my social. But all the reviews about frozen accounts & money being withheld & payments being made on taxes w out authorization scared me out of it. They say if it sounds too good to be true…. So many people irate & not being able to access their money & getting nowhere w a non existent customer service. I just wanted to have an account & card strictly for business earnings & expense transactions, But I’ll stick to by DoorDash direct debit & gridside for expenses.
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2 years ago, SassyShopperShani
The Only Card for Gig-Workers or Self-Employed
This card is great for self-employed and gig-workers. I am a gig-worker and in the process of transferring all of funds to this account. Found sets aside a percentage of your wages for taxes and social security. If you need to transfer it back into your spending account, it’s done easily within the app. I like to have it set aside so I am not shocked by the amount I owe when I file quarterly taxes. It’s definitely the best card for me and it will be for you if you are self-employed.
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2 years ago, pastelwhorehaus
Not perfect but pretty great
When I started my business I went looking for a separate bank account for it and Found is what I found so I checked it out and I love it. It’s extremely user friendly, (which is great for the not tech savvy like my self), and has ALMOST everything I need. The only thing that would make it perfect is if it had the option to add cash and checks because, let’s be real, there’s a lot of clients who still pay that way. So that complicates me getting the money I’m paid into my great found account.
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8 months ago, nbtz
Face ID and password needed for instant transfers?
I thought that was the point of having Face ID enabled, so that I don’t have to enter my password every time I want to send myself money. Found also “accidentally” duplicated an ACH payment I made over six months ago and it wasn’t until I submitted more than enough proof that I didn’t make that ACH payment from my account, that they looked into it and saw it was a “glitch.” Luckily I don’t keep a balance on that account otherwise I would have been without my money until the payee bounced the payment back in thirty days.
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1 year ago, simply1brien
I Absolutely Love This Business Banking App
This banking app for a small business or any sort of business is definitely a go to choice. Simple app, yet insightful for your business’s needs. From them helping you with your tax filing, to categorizing each transaction you make with your business’s debit card. I’m pleased that they even added more helpful features, and upgraded their business debit card to a more modern, and stylish design. No complaints here.
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2 years ago, racsmith277
Go elsewhere for small business banking
I took a few weeks away from work to move across the country and plan my wedding. When my vacation ended, I found out Found had closed down my account, emptied my funds, and mailed a check to a address I didn’t even have access to. My merchants didn’t receive payments during this time, causing severe business disruption. Now I have lost thousands of dollars, and have received no response from Found customer support in over two weeks. If you are looking for a small business banking partner RUN AWAY from found. The last thing you need as a busy business owner is to have to babysit your bank…. Trust me you can do better!
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5 months ago, Gary_\2010
It just makes sense
Super user friendly. I searched far and wide to find a brick and mortar bank that didn't have ridiculous fees, hidden fees, card fees blah blah. Then I found, Found. It's simple, it makes sense. Found offers more insight on transactions, taxes, what's deductible, what isn't and so on than another mobile banking I looked into. With all the worries of running a small business, I'm happy to say my banking isn't one of them. Thank you for being awesome!
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10 months ago, pjlaughter
Great app - and it keeps improving
I started using Found, because I’m absolutely crap at accounting, and doing quarterly taxes scares the bejesus out of me. I got to say in the beginning, their customer service is kind of sucky. But they’ve improved immensely and I’m glad I stuck with them. Found has been adding features that are really helpful and thoughtful for solo entrepreneurs. and I love the fact that they automatically calculate my tax burden. It is such a relief.
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4 months ago, audiophile25
Best business bank
I was using azlo but when they shut down I needed a new bank and tried a couple others but found was the best hands down. They constantly add new features pretty much every month. Have excellent tools for taxes, write offs, budgeting, easy contracting tools, and partner with tax companies for annual filing perks. My only two pieces of feedback would be to have contracting tools for non found users and a dark mode for the app.
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2 years ago, Taytertot25
User friendly
I really love this app, it's very easy to use and I already invited my husband to sign up and we each got $20 for using the app! I love the features for getting ready for taxes. It's awesome…. we can upload the receipts that we need to save for taxes and it tells us right there about how much we can expect to pay or deduct come tax time. Super professional invoice template. So many great features previous apps I had used were lacking!
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2 years ago, Jody Da Fool
This app is interesting because it helps save taxes as you spend to invest on your business. It’s a great feature for those who are not certain how much should be saved. Not many have a teacher or afford someone who can just do it for them. You can also categorize what you spend so you can see how much goes to what. Thank you for the found team for making it all come together for young entrepreneurs.
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4 weeks ago, Amecito
Business Banking with so many features
Found has made it so much easier for sole business owners like myself to manage their banking and tax reporting all in one place. Their bucket strategy is a game-changer for setting aside money for taxes—it’s super seamless and easy to navigate. I've already recommended Found to other individual business owners because its features are helpful, practical, and easy to use.
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2 years ago, ejrsoft
app went perma blank after i gave it my SSN
I feel robbed. I’ve exited the app fully and reopened a number of times. It was working smoothly and impressing me with its considerate UX, I was all in for this method of business banking, and then voila; I gave them my most sensitive info and the app went blank. I close, reopen, close reopen, and i see a blank white screen, after all those minutes of functioning, attractive app. I suppose i will restart my phone and see what that does, but even if this is just a glitch, it’s one of those first impression game changers i’ll readily breakup with a business over. Goodbye Found! Will research Lili and Novo. Your IG ad was my gateway to this category of card.
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2 months ago, Shannon 113
Best bank app ever highly recommend
If your self employed you couldn’t ask for a better banking or financial institution they are great and do so much for free it’s unreal. The things you used to have to get extra are now included invoices taxes accounts it’s all in there Heck it’s smarter than me no need for other banks mabe personal but they probably have them also. N. E. Way it’s great give it a try you won’t be disappointed.
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8 months ago, Wartenn
Check deposit rules
I have a newish business that I have to fund from a client who is being very uncooperative. I have a check that would allow me to continue business that is made out to my business. And found won’t let me deposit it because I haven’t made enough transactions or put enough money in the account. The check is my initial funding but they are not allowing me to and they won’t even consider an exception. Honestly, the service is not great and I’m very disappointed in the requirements Warren
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