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User Reviews for Founders FCU – Mobile Banking

4.71 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Kelsey Craig
Change for the better of members
I absolutely LOVE the new online banking issue that has been presented to us as members. The app is SO easy and convenient to use and even has the convenience of Touch ID and passcode options that make it even easier to access all of my accounts in less than a minute. I check my accounts often and I have had ZERO issues with my new Founders app. I’m excited to see a change and revamp to all of the new features that this app offers and also that we can do anything within this app that we can do in the web browser as well; something that couldn’t be said about the old system/app. Also, the self-service that this app provides!! I can block my own card, place travel notifications, mobile check deposits, rename my accounts to make accessing the correct ones easier, etc. The transition was smooth and the change is amazing. Thank you, Founders!! You are the best!!!
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6 years ago, ashleyecauthen
Great App with new features
This app is new and improved from the old Founders app. There are many new features that are very helpful and make online banking a breeze. The new app allows you to view all accounts you are associated with under one login, so you no longer have to have multiple logins for each account. You are now able to easily open new accounts and apply for loans, notate your card for traveling, and transfer funds to other Founders members. They also offer different backgrounds, such as USC and Clemson, to customize your account. The new app makes it very easy to view and keep track of your accounts, since it allows you to rename and also hide accounts you do not wish to view every time you login. I am very happy that Founders has such a great app to make being a member even better!
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5 years ago, !Tigger!
Terrible mobile check depositing
I think the app is a great for those that don’t live near a branch or are unable to make it to the bank during normal bank hours. As far as being to see my accounts, move money between accounts and pay bills, the app works great. The ability to deposit checks though needs some work. I am typically able to deposit a check 99% of the time and of those 99% checks only about 40% go through on the first attempt without having to retake front or back photos. They say use a solid color background and bring lighting. I don’t think I can get any brighter than a set or surgery lights or x-ray table light on a white table. With all that it still takes 3-4 tries before the app accepts the photos. I believe this area of the app could use improving since I never had this problem with my business banking app or heard of this problem from other people that use banking apps except I have heard this from several Founders members who use the app for depositing checks
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6 years ago, Karlenlopezzzzz
best update!!!
I love the new update!!! 😍 I love the features like founders pay where I can immediately transfer funds to another member! It’s also great being able to see all my accounts in one login 😁 and being able to pay my credit card on the same page is also more convenient! Everything is all in one login and just a click away! 🤩 it’s great too that you can add accounts almost instantly too! Definitely speeds up the process on waiting for an approval! And knowing that I can block my card online and set up alerts helps me feel secure about my banking! Thanks founders for thinking about your members and making us feel more secure and having a more user friendly online banking! 😊
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1 year ago, DebMom2013
App is terrible - web based isn’t better
I am so bitterly disappointed in this app and in the web-based services of Founders Federal Credit Union. I have had to physically go to a Founders location multiple times because no one could figure out how to help me with app or online issues. I get mixed answers depending on who I ask questions over the phone or at a branch. I recently tried to make a large lump payment on a loan at FFCU. I was told that I would have to deposit the amount in my savings account first and then I would be able to make a single payment on my loan. I tried to do exactly what I was told and I got an error message saying it wouldn’t process. I tried to make a much smaller payment and it worked. So, now I have to make 15 separate payments on 15 different days to get the whole amount credited on my loan. I could go on and on about app and online issues, to the point that I am considering moving to another bank.
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2 years ago, Musicman of the South
Founders Mobile App ROCKS!
It is always a good experience using the Founders App. It is extremely user friendly. As soon as the app opens, your accounts are there for you to see. There is an option to “hide” your accounts from view as well. The menu tab is located in the right-hand bottom corner of the opening page. When the menu tab is pressed, the entire task list appears in a neat column with drop down options on most tabs. Literally everything you need to do at the bank is there. I transfer funds between my accounts often and the app makes its quick and simple. I recommend this app to anyone with Founders account(s).
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6 years ago, meantang
Good App. Easy Access.
I really enjoy the app. I have easy access to all of my accounts. The app allows me to check my balances, make transfers, update contact information, and apply for loans/new accounts. I have not had any issues so far with the app. I saw in other reviews that a lot of people hate the secure access codes. I don't understand why because it adds a very important layer of security. Yes it's one extra step to logging in but I don't mind at all because it gives me piece of mind knowing that I'm the only one who can access my money. Plus, the device can be registered so that you don't have to use the codes every time if you don't want to. Love the app. 5/5
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6 years ago, lbcatoe
Founders Update
I like being able to see all of my accounts together and the Founders pay option but through the app when performing Founders pay I cannot see the full account or balance to ensure I’m transferring from the correct account. This also occurs in the loan payment feature. Today I was paying someone through Founders pay and chose the wrong account because I couldn’t even see the last digits or suffix of the number and it caused me to overdraft. Thankfully I had overdraft protection. I would have hoped with all the new improvements made by switching to this new platform that a small but big part of the functionality would perform better. I hope this changes in the future since it didn’t change in the update. Founders please fix this issue. I can’t be the only one.
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2 years ago, debrah27
Founders is the best!
Founders is one of the best banks I have ever banked with. My 2 daughters and I bank with them plus my husband! Every time I go inside the banks I am treated very well. When you talk to them it's like you've known them your whole life on just your first visits. They get you taken care of right then and there. They meet all your needs and answers. I've been with them for almost 10 years! They are awesome. They have so many options to do to help build better with credit and banking. If your not with them and you are looking for someone that will do right pick them!
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6 years ago, hinesben57
Great App!!!
The new Founders app is great I’m so many ways. It’s simple to use and convenient. You can do anything on the app that you can do on the website. You can see your transaction history. You can easily add accounts and apply for loans and put in travel notifications. It’s easy to transfer funds and make loan payments. The app also has a great security feature, text alerts. You can receive a text notification letting you know, for example, if your card has been used, or if your balance has dropped below a certain point. The app is like having a Founders branch in your pocket!
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6 years ago, tnhawkins
Should’ve Left Well Enough Alone
I understand the convenience of having all of your accounts located in one app, I really do...but if the app was going to have THIS many issues, why not just wait to release it when it ACTUALLY works. I could login to the app no problem the first week it updated, then after that, forget it! I try to login and all it’s been saying is “Network Error cannot reach server at this time.” But I can go into Safari on my phone and login no problem. I deleted the app this morning and downloaded it again to see if that would fix the problem...nope. I was able to login the very first time and haven’t been able to login since. I don’t get it. It’s extremely frustrating. Not happy at all with this new update. I’d rather use two different apps again 🤦🏼‍♀️
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1 year ago, landcruisers
Still needs some improvement with BillPay
The mobile app offers great features such as mobile deposit and FaceID for fast login, plus Apple Watch integration. It is a universal app, so the functionality has parity across devices (except the Apple Watch, which is expected) Some of the BillPay functionality requires you to go to the external BP website, so you do not get the full BP experience without launching to the site. This can leave one confused about what is happening, and why. Especially when trying to find external transfers to other institutions. Developers: Please integrate this into the IOS app (without an external launch).
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5 years ago, Founders user
Good app, but too hard to change bill pay items
Most of this website can be figured out how to use, or the directions are clear enough to do what you want. The bill pay bills list can’t be changed as far as I can tell. I emailed for help twice, but the directions never worked. So I still have an old bill on my list that I simply cannot get rid of. I do love the optics of the website however. Recently I discovered that certain features on the online site don’t work on the mobile app. I thought they were the same. So, if something doesn’t work on a phone or tablet, try a desktop computer. There are more things you can do there.
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1 year ago, Bahnjee
Almost perfect
Editing my original review because others were reporting trouble. As an IT geek myself, I’d have to guess these troubles were user-specific. Not suggesting the other users were doing something wrong, but my experience (and that of so many others, apparently) has been nothing short of awesome, so I suspect it’s not the app itself at fault but the occasional vagaries of managing so much data and so many users. You’re bound to have occasional way round it. For a smallish local bank, Founders always rocks it. Me loves me some Founders.
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7 months ago, TCSilverWolf
I have had some difficulties since the update to the Founders app, for example, I’ve not been able to apply my points from my Boost process from my Founders Credit Card since the update. The reason being that I can’t find where this is done in the new Menu format. I would also like to have the format for inputting dollar amounts changed where the user could input the dollar amount without first having to zero out the input field. The current process has caused me many lost hours having to make corrections over the years I’ve been a member.
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1 year ago, SC in
Great banking app
I love my FFCU app. It makes banking so easy. I have full access to all my accounts at the tip of my finger. I realized the value of the app and it’s quick access just last week when my debit card was compromised. I saw strange charges listed in my acct through the app. Founders was already on it and contacted me immediately. I went to my local branch and received a new debit card the same day. I would not have realized so quickly about the fraudulent activity had it not been for the app.
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4 years ago, ateague1220
Yassssss FOUNDERS BANKING !! The way to go!!
I really haven’t ever banked anywhere other than with founders and I don’t plan on changing that either! These are some of the nicest people go in and they are pleasant with whatever transactions you need to get processed. Willing to go out of their way and their app is super efficient in making my online banking experience easy to maneuver through. Just want to thank FOUNDERS for caring about their customers. Will definitely recommend to others with they are in need of a reliable bank. THANK YOU ALL.
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6 years ago, TQR12
Convenient App with lots of new useful features!
I use this app all the time to check my balances and pay my loans. I really enjoy the new feature that lets you transfer to any other member’s account instead of having to use another service! I also like the fact that credit cards have been included on this app, so you no longer have to have 2 apps. I like having everything in one place! Thanks Founders for making managing my finances even easier!
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7 months ago, Donnies Ipad
new rating
In the very beginning there was problems but since this has been an awesome app, unmatched anywhere. If I have a transaction that is an unusual amount of money, they immediately call me to make sure I approved/made the transaction. I have been with Founders since the day I got out of the Army in 1975 when it was Springmaid credit union. This is the way banking was meant to be, I would not remotely think of using BOFA or Wells for anything.
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3 years ago, Bill H . Indian Land
Really do like the new format. Very easy to navigate. Gives me 99.9% of everything I need to know about my accounts. I left a .01 % percent of margin because I’m sure I’ll come up with something I can’t find and have to call. Switched to Founders 8 or 9 years ago. I love this credit union. Much nicer, professional and customer friendly, than any other Financial institution I have ever dealt with. It is a pleasure to be with Founders. Bill Halsey Indian Land, SC
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5 years ago, Dprogressive
This app was better before they “did improvements” to it. If you have more than one bill with the same name (i.e. 2 Capital One accounts), it’s difficult to tell which one to pay. If you open one to see if it’s the right account (the only way to do that is to act like you’re going to edit the account), it won’t let you open a second account the same way. It will show as an error and says try again later. Sometimes; I just get angry and go to the bill website and pay it, rather than pay it through the Founders App.
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3 years ago, Renard M
Very good app
I wish I could give it another half star. Founders is all around great as a credit union, and this app is just an extension of their great service. The app is full-featured with all of the options you would expect in this day and age. The only gripe I previously had was that too often I log in only to be told that there is a server error. I haven’t encountered this issue in months. Bravo!
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4 years ago, Rodriquez A
Easy and convenient!
I really like this app for it’s flexibility and fast pace. I enjoy being able to see my current balance after each transaction and review how each transaction may have affected my previous balance. It’s great to be able to see my payments from checking to loans affect immediately while other banks have a wait time, it’s good to know my bank doesn’t. I am very pleased!
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7 months ago, MrsWetmore
My feelings towards FFUC app
I am very pleased with this particular app. It offers many different options for all concerns I may have and it is fast along with it’s efficiency. I have not had any issues so far and I cannot foresee any issues going forward. I would definitely refer this bank alone just for the use of the awesome online banking services.
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3 years ago, Clinkity
Background themes
Why don’t the background theme stay on the one you selected? I chose Clemson and while I log in it will stay on that. But when you log out & go back in it goes back to the default screen. It should be fixed to stay on the one that is set to at all times. I like the app a lot!! Just wish the theme would stay the same.
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7 months ago, Kaptain Knee Kaps
Great little app
It’s a great app if you bank with founders. mobile check deposit are amazing, being able to make sure I have the money for the thing I don’t need on the fly with Face ID and or a finger print is so convenient it also has Apple Watch support so you don’t even need to log in to see your balance if you don’t want to
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5 years ago, LiAnnDMS
Makes life easier !
I love the founders app because it makes my life so much easier. I can see what I have in the bank pay all my bills and know how much money I’m going to put into my savings and how much I’m going t take out of checking or leave in checking. It is a life saver. I haven’t had any flaws yet. I also can see when my loan money came out and how much I have to pay off my loan.
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2 years ago, Freddy D.
Nice app
This app has been easy to use from day one. Always up, always quick and never complicated. Been with FFCU since the Springmaid days, always satisfied 👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻 love that we can do most of our simple banking through the app. Update 2021: We are still very happy with the way this app has developed over the last few years.
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6 years ago, khydrick
Awesome updates!
The new and improved app is amazing! The new additional features (card blocking, opening new accounts and being able to transfer funds via Founders Pay)that are available at my fingertips have saved me a lot of time. I like that I can manage my kids and my account in the same screen. I also love that I can customize my page with the USC theme!
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1 year ago, Minister Nikki
Love being able to check my accounts anytime. I only hate when its says holding funds and it didn’t. It causes me to miss calculate my funds. It snatched the money out later. It is a default in the system. The system does it ,around , every Christmas time. I feel that the customers should get reimbursed for that.
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6 years ago, KaySmith06
Hands down the best!
Not only is this app more user-friendly than the old app, it allows me to be much more self-sufficient! I can block my own card, notate travel, send money to my friends for pizza on game night, and open different accounts to squirrel money away from the spender in me. Thank you, Founders, for organizing my financial life so well and making me feel like I have things more balanced!
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5 years ago, KatMonroy
Love this bank
I only hope they get zelle or something similar. But I love founders! I have both founders and bank of America who've I been with for over 15 years. I will switch completely to founders with my husband soon. I have been with them and they are all so kind customer service is great! The app sometimes lag but I look at my online checking frequently.
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2 years ago, Carolina Retiree
Great banking app!
It started with a few bugs but has been tweaked into a great banking app. It pulls all of my accounts into one sign-on. Easy to transfer money, make mobile deposits, check balances. I review accounts frequently to be sure there is no fraudulent activity. With facial recognition it is very quick and easy to sign on.
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5 years ago, Abmployee
Mobile app up and going
I love the new app the features. I like being able to see any account I’m on and transfer between accounts with out having to log out and log back in. It’s so efficient to have everything under one app. I also love the color schemes I get to choose from and the finger print id option. Thanks for the upgrades!
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1 year ago, 3gunshooter
Puts you in control of all your money.
This app is great for my banking needs. Accounts and loans all in one place. Thanks for making things so simple. If you’re looking for a great bank with great employees that are always willing to go the extra mile make sure you open an account at Founders this app is just icing on the cake.
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5 years ago, bridgett g
Love it
The app is easy to use and navigate. Debit, savings, credit card and loans are all available on the app and easy to view each account individual one. As well easy to make payments on the account for all of your loans and mobile deposit so you don’t have to run your check to the bank they make it convenient for you.
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5 years ago, American Argonaut
Huge Improvement
I’ve been using the Founders app since it first came out. For the first few years it was unusable trash. Yes, those are fighting words, but it’s God’s honest truth. However, the current version is great. They must have fired the first company and gotten a competent developer. The current version is one of the most functional apps I’ve ever used. Your work is greatly appreciated.
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2 years ago, jsufjdidijf
Great banking app
I’m enjoying using the app to make deposits, transfer money or setup bills to be paid. I can do everything once or twice a month and have the bills paid on time. I also like that I can setup text notifications to tell me when a credit card has been used. Super cool.
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7 years ago, PackinMan
FFCU mobile app
This app keeps telling me to enter a valid password. Well after many attempts to login I went to the bank and they totally removed me from their system both on the PC and mobile. Told me to register as a new user which I did on my PC. Reinstalled the FFCU mobile app and entered my user name and password. The app told me to enter a valid password. Using an iPhone 6s. App is useless.
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6 months ago, dupeay4US
Founders Federal Credit Union Works for me!
I am so impressed at how FFCU continues to upgrade and transform its technologies and offerings to make my financial life easier every single day! That’s why I am so glad to be a Founders member for nearly 3 decades!! And that’s why I will continue to stay with great people like Kelvin Boyd going above and beyond to resolve any and all of my financial concerns!
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2 years ago, This Is Mark
Love this place
This has been the best choice my wife and I have made in going with a financial institution. They are always helpful, accurate, and extremely fast. It was so easy to set up our accounts that our son went and opened an account himself so that we could transfer money to him in a pinch.
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2 years ago, Catd127
Great credit union
I have been banking with Founders Federal Credit Union over 30 years and I would highly recommend them to anyone young or old. They have a wide variety of services, loans, savings accounts, money market, debit and credit cards that are all some of the best plans available, and with no annual fees.
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2 years ago, Onevoice43
Loving this app
This app is so user friendly and has been a blessing since I moved & am not able to visit a physical bank. I’m easily able To transfer monies from another account I have with a bank I’ve had locally for years. It’s easy. Saves me fees and gives me more freedom to decide where my funds stay. Bravo!
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2 years ago, 29720mac
App is decent, bank is a joke.
Money pit. They hit you with charges out your hip. I had a $60 charge and had $52 in my account I forgot the charge was coming out so I didn’t have it deposited in. Ok that should take me to $8 negative plus the $32 fee for nsf. That’s $40 tell me why I owe $72. They hit me with nsf fees twice. I called them they gave me some crap excuse. I’ve been with this bank since 1993. I think I may start finding a less popular bank that is still in contact with their clients whether they owe for a bill or is about to be hit with $64 in nsf charges
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1 year ago, kaymadisonm
The best banking app ever!
Founders not only has the best app, but is also the best bank. I recommend you them to anyone I know! The app is extremely easy to use, so I can always keep a close eye on my accounts. If I ever have any questions or concerns, the reps are always right there to help and are very friendly!
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5 years ago, Jtrik
Works well!
It works! The looks could be cleaned up a little more. Also a limited in information like trying to get your specific checking account number when you want to make a transfer to another bank. I’m sure their is a security reason for it but Navy Federal Credit Union allows you to see it. But for simple banking needs like depositing checks and paying off loans. It works!
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2 years ago, SBGammer
Not always available
The app is not always a available when I need it. When I can use it I have no problem with it. But it’s always a 50/50 chance that I can get onto the app. It doesn’t make me happy. This is the way I pay my bills and I need to have access to check to make sure the amount going out and the date is correct. I do not have a laptop to the app is my only access.
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4 years ago, BabyUC
Best Credit Union
I have dealt with a lot of different banks but when I came to Founders is was the best choice I ever made, I Love Founders cause y’all are a credit union who cares and helps when you need it most. I have my whole family at Founders and I tell everyone I know they should go get an account with you all cause y’all are the best. Thanks for such great service
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5 years ago, Shavor098
FFCU is a great bank. The app is really good. You are able to see all of the accounts that you have open, even the joint accounts. Can transfer money, pay bills, make online payments. You can also around the account into drop down menu’s to make it easier to locate and understand all of your accounts!
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6 years ago, Go Founders
Great App
I love the app!! It makes things simple, just like the website. Convenient, user friendly. I love the Founders pay option, the mobile deposit detail, the ability to see if you have the skip a payment option available, as well as many other options that are offered. Great job!!!!! Smoody
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