Four In A Row - Classic Games

4.6 (100.7K)
19.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
OutOfTheBit Ltd
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Four In A Row - Classic Games

4.59 out of 5
100.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Rowdo piper
Well designed
I've played thousands of games across a had full of apps on each new phone for the last 8 years. You can only judge a connect 4 app justly by playing it on hard mode to see if it has the single pattern strategy built in so that the AI will make a mistake resulting in a win rather then continuous ties. This is built Indo the game is beatable because a top tier player and the AI are capable of knowing every moment where it's crucial to place a chip in a spot that seems unimportant and a waste. At that moment the AI messes up to throw the game. There is always several variations on how you will reach this point and over 75% are unique enough that you really have to think it through till you master them all. This game has that and more. A PvP system which many games get wrong and an achievement system that measures your ability to advance skills past the hard mode with speed tests the 4+ in a row chip win. Well played development team, well played.
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6 years ago, Semimetal
Great version of this classic game
I enjoy having this game with me to pass time with my children or when I am bored. The online version is difficult to use (I have not succeeded in making it work) and the “hard” mode could be a little harder than it is without detracting from it. Or perhaps there could be an even higher level called “master” is something like that. I feel the “hard” level player is making mistakes deliberately about 4 moves ahead. Interestingly, the computer player seems to be tuned to play against real humans, because I see when it is doomed to lose it will tend to make moves that maximize the chances of the human player making a dumb mistake, rather than avoiding defeat as long as possible. So, perhaps the algorithm was built a a machine learning algorithm based on gameplay with humans rather than a recursive positional merit algorithm. Lots of fun things to pay attention to while playing against the computer. Don’t make it too hard, of course because this game is like tic-tac-toe in the sense that the player who goes first can always win or tie if no mistakes are made! Aside from these two small defects, it is great, so I give it 4 stars.
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3 years ago, Socal1001
800 games later…
Honestly, I’ve played this for 800+ games and I must say that it’s definitely the connect 4 app to download. The AI is not dumb and knows where critical chips need to be placed. It will not blunder- the hard AI that is. Singleplayer is top tier for a connect 4 app, however the multiplayer takes a while to get someone sometimes but it seems that the devs have actually been improving the multiplayer experience via updates so good on them. Devs are active and I love the achievements as they show your progress and how much you’ve learned/improved. Ads every fed games but it isn’t overwhelming, I guess this is what I get for using a stupid Apple product. There are statistics and a leaderboard- my only complaint lies here. Statistics don’t always load and glitch sometimes as well as the leaderboard sometimes places me completely incorrectly and changes when I reboot the game. There’s also the problem that I can’t see the people around my rank on the leaderboard and it’s frustrating as I’d like to see how many points I need to advance from where I am. The top of the leaderboard seems sketchy almost as if they’ve been cheating but I suppose it’s possible and points from all the players and ranks increases in a mathematical via rough increments that could be evidence against cheating in the top 100 but who knows.
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6 years ago, jojo the hero!!!!!!
So awesome game OK
I love this game so much I play it when I get bored I love it so much I play when I get bored I play when I’m in the car and I play it when I what I wish is that I can play I could play it in school but I can’t because phones are not allowed no it’s kind of connect four will basically that’s what it is so it’s really fun but it can be sometimes it could be a little challenging and I like that👍😻😻😻😹😹😹😸😸😸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😺😺😽😽😽🙀🙀🙀😺😺😺 and it makes me competitive and I know how to Play connect ForceI’m kind of good this is my competitor face😼😼😼😼😽😽😽😽 yeah so awesome I wish you I wish I wish I could be playing so much I play so much that I stop in the middle of the sentence it like ................. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕😂😂😂😂☺️☺️😘😘😘😍😍😍😹😻😹😻😹😻😹😻😻😹😇😇😍😍😘😘😘🤪🤪🤩🤩😎😎😎😜😜😝😝 I hope I did good bye
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10 months ago, P. Kwiva
Excellent game except for one major flaw
This is the best Four in a Row style game I've played. It's awesome that there are multiple AI difficulty levels to choose from when playing single player mode. The Hard difficulty is especially challenging. The addition of achievements, points earned, overall statistics and leaderboards increases the replayability. The animations and sound effects are also a nice touch. The only major flaw of this game is the ads. I would gladly pay to remove the ads. However, whenever I select the "Remove Ads" option, the game crashes, and I haven't found a way around this. I emailed the developer and asked if there's a fix for this, but I haven't received a response at the time of writing this review. If the developer fixes this issue, I will update my review to five stars.
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7 years ago, ndd21
Why HATE it? The new version is indeed FABULOUS.
The new version makes it so much fun to play!!! 😮 did 1.0 have? Nothing interesting. Here Is what the old version lacked: 1. Achievements I couldn’t see em 2. New and improved animation and graphics (2.0) the old version looked like a 20 yr old game. 3. Kid friendly faces the old one had dull live action faces. 4. Stats what could a game be without stats?! THAT IS 1.0 . The NEW version is iOS 11 and the old one is like iOS 1. To me old version is way outdated and should not be relaunched. Great 👍🏻 developers.
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11 months ago, BrandonB539
Solid and simple way to play connect 4
If you’re just looking for a fast way to play connect 4 online or with a friend locally or online this is a good way to do so. I would like to recommend a game that has connect four but many other games that you can play with your friends as well, Plato. Im not trying to shill but Plato has streamlined a lot of the games I play with my wife into one app instead of needing to download like seven apps which could be plagued by bad design or ads. Plato lets you play these classic games on a fast and convenient single app. Nonetheless if you just want Connect4 then download this app alone you wont be disappointed
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5 years ago, wallace316
*Mr6💯* plays connect 4, loves it
I downloaded connect 4 throw friends an I promise I’m not a game kinda guy I hate playing games I even fuss at my kids for playing there game system everyday till 10 at night but anyway ppl once I downloaded the game app an added my friends even my wife we got to playing each other online it was not slow it did not buff we all played for 3 1/2 hrs the other night lol I love this little game some games go quick some go forever but all jokes aside it’s a great game if u get board a lot at home an can’t sleep in this case u must down load an play I left my user name in the title box but if u can’t find my nick name is *Mr6💯*
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11 months ago, ThatOneGirl304
Connect 4 what’s not to love
The app is perfectly fin except for the fact that it has ads, and yes I know ads and pay for no ads but it’s not just ads I mean I can tolerate ads for games but the ads that really make me want to jump off the Empire State Building and end my life are the ads that open my browser as if it’s 1996 again and I’m surfing the big wide web… it’s so annoying as it happens after each game and considering I am a master at connect 4 it’s like every 3 seconds but I know buy no ads but I do not like to reward people with money for a plying me I reward people with money who enhance my existence
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5 years ago, Amateur|98|
Minimum Victory Time
When facing hard difficulty on my device the algorithm takes a long time to make obvious blocks to a 3 in a row delaying the game by up to 10 seconds at a time in some cases, making the minimum time to win stat irrelevant when I am not taking long between my move decisions but I can’t beat the minimum victory time record without actually winning in fewer moves, which is somewhat frustrating. Great game otherwise but other apps I have seen have difficulty ranges 1-10 and hard makes about as many mistakes as lvl 9 from that game. Solid stats menu and online pvp works well
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3 years ago, The phantom comenter
Great game, One improvement.
If you are looking for a good classic connect four game, this is your best option. Over all the hundreds of connect four games I’ve downloaded, this is the BEST by FAR. There is not to many adds, no in app purchases, and has a ton of fun challenges for you to complete. Here’s one improvement for the developers, please update your AI. Once you learn the right strategies, you can beat the AI every time, of corse this took me a very long time to find out but for us veterans who have played the game for this long a AI update would be great 👍
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6 years ago, Rhgshjdnrhejdnbffvndnsnsns
It's a really fun game to play on long road trips or even to occupy freinds that come over many people can play it at once but I recommend only two people because it is more fun that way I was actually on a 15 hour road trip when I downloaded this I don't know how long it takes to download with wifi but I know without it it takes a while to download so I would download before the road trip I played with my sister and you know games that get boring after a while this one dosnt get boring definetly worth 5stars
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6 years ago, nelsonibus
Great...until they pull the plug
This game was really fun, until Is started to beat it four or five times in a row regularly in easy mode. Then I switched up to medium, of course, but it was so much harder that it took all the fun out. So I tried easy again, and that’s where everything changed. “They” started showing video ads after every game, and they dumbed down easy mode so much that I couldn’t lose. (I stopped trying to win after seven games in row, and won four more without any opposition.) It’s clear that this is another illustration of the adage, “If you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the product.” But I don’t understand why I have to “level up “ in order to be a worthwhile ad-consumer. If anyone cares to explain that, that’d be great.
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3 years ago, irisicecream
Nice job but a few suggestions
Instead of using one pattern we could use different kinds like yellow with green and other colors also how do you put a picture on it or letters? cause I do not know how to do that. Maybe you could put fun characters and we could click one of them to use and you could do some designs on the board. I was was thinking to write this review to maybe help a little so it can be more creative you don’t have to do this but I was just suggesting some ideas. Thank you! I am having fun is this game when I am taking a little break!
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6 years ago, tough cookie🍪🙃
I’m so loving it!
This is why I love games. So you know that you are the only one that is on your side and you are willing to do whatever it takes to win, and you are thinking that you will win right and you don’t. I’m hoping that they’ll make your enemy a little less difficult and more easy otherwise this app is great. I’m so into sports and when I found this app I ran to my Mom and asked for it and at first she said no but then she said yes and once it was downloaded I started using it and I LOVED it so it is so fun.
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5 years ago, LuvF1
Annoying Ads!
I know developers need to make $ But I play the game and win in around 30-45 seconds and then have to watch a 30 second ad, play another game, and another 30 sec ad comes up!! It’s NOT fun. I think the programming is to easy, so ya win a lot therefore the majority of the “play” time is watching ads! I certainly don’t mind watching ads so they can develop revenue but at least let me play 3-4 games and then play your ad!! Or fix your programming so I dont keep beating the game in 30-45 seconds!
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5 years ago, jalenslady
The best four in the row
Are you kidding me I love this game Because it is so easy I beat every single person playing the game Thanks for making the game This game is not boring or bad at all I play the game every day and I am not kidding And it’s funny that red looks like sauce And yellow look like sauce and then it makes me hungry And I liked the game Like why love the game but don’t like the game This game make me happy even when I am bored I play this And I wish some day I could see the author like who made the game I wish I could meet the author of the game That will be the happiest this ever That would make me so happy And when I grow up I will make a 4 in a row game so good just like this one I want to celebrate this game And my life has changed so good I am super happy and proud I am about to scream to death I-I-I love this game I have to say again I just can’t believe it I got this game on my iPad
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2 years ago, DiamondDiva30
If It’s
Not to have lost you have wonderful dreams good nighthawks morning I gotta is your morning time for your time I am thinking bout a few hours later this afternoon and twe next time you go go to see me tomorrow and then go go back and eat and I type something to you for the money and you get to work tomorrow morning so you wanna is your day so I wanna was a day I wanna was a time
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4 years ago, jgw4f
Excellent Connect Four game
I love lots of things about this app. Three modes, broad array of achievements, ability to play online, and lots of positive feedback. What I mind is that once my tablet froze during an online game. I literally couldn’t finish the game because the device wouldn’t recognize my touch. When I came back, I had fallen dramatically in the rankings. From 2000s to 11,000s. I understand the need to penalize people who quit on Internet matches, but I wish the app could detect when it’s a hardware problem, rather than a user problem.
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5 years ago, Tebow Denver
Awesome Game
This game is really good because it doesn't need WiFi and you could play with multiple people and as well as have a 2 player competition. I totally recommend this game to anyone and I hope they win as many games as they can. One thing that many people don't like in games are having ads, in this game if you turn your WiFi off, you will not get any ads throughout how much time you want to play this game. Thanks for this awesome game that I can play over and over again.
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5 years ago, GrandMALANDPA7390
Oh, No! Buzzing close! Bumblebees!
Oh my god, It’s a problem solving of thing of a bad memory of you. None of the games of working hard with a child practice with you or a app source. I may cause of it sorry to the games & toys with apps to somebody in download something different close. I have trouble from the app being open the hard game look, see, I may not have correct. Wrong, I can tell with Mom, Dad & Grandma with grandpa with grandparent’s house. I cannot play when it’s hard. Oh my god! 1 star left! Sorry to games! Very sorry to game, don’t sign in & find my all cards mysterious mystery moments & mystery as you anonymous. Oh no my boy (all times a day) alive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, ISPogee
Awful mechanics
Quick Review (read desc. below for more) PROS: -Traditional game -Easy to control -Decent graphics for what it is CONS: -(subjective) Bots all levels are OP -Ads after every match (pop-up+banner) -No restore purchase option Either you get spammed with ads every game or the bots being harder then their counterparts this games a mess. Easy = (mid) Medium = (have to play the bot until either you both tie or force it to play for your win), etc. If the bots wouldn’t stalemate the game every time this would be a more decent review but I feel it sadly had a heavy impact on gameplay. Over the other connect 4 spin offs I’d say this has some potential it just needs some serious work.
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5 months ago, phone kid
Perfect for me
Honestly, I love this game. I never really get to play connect 4 with others in real life cause they don’t like it, but now I could simply just play with a bot! This app is great if u LOVEEE connect 4. I would give this a 5 but I tried to play this game with my friend by text messages but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Maybe it’ll work for you though! Suggest this app if you’re a fan of these types of games 😊
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2 years ago, pltoni76
Very Addictive!!!
It’s been a while since i played but you can never get tired of playing connect 4! I really enjoy this game and I found myself playing for hours at a time because I'm so competitive. It's also a stress reliever and I like the sound affects they match that childhood memory I had of playing connect 4.
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3 years ago, marriage gam
Marriage game
My wife and I have played this game from the beginning of our relationship. It is the foundation of our marriage and without it our union surely would have found an early demise. This game is the reason for our happiness and why I continually get up in the morning. Thank you for your wonderful life saving contribution. We both love you.
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4 years ago, Jai Ace
This game is very good!
For anyone who is a big fan of connect 4 and likes a challenge, then go against the AI on hard mode (or any other your comfortable with) Me personally I love going against the AI on hard mode. It provides a challenge for anyone who is good at connect 4 and beats people at ease. Though I believe the AI isn’t hard enough, there is still times I would lose to it.
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5 years ago, Steve Rogers 1944
How I love to play this game
The first time I played this game like two months ago I was so excited to play this game because this is one of my first game I have on my iPad this funnest game can play for everybody but you have to take turns only two people are allowed in the game first after one round then other people switch that’s why this game is so fun for everybody who loves to play FourInARow
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5 years ago, kailyny325
I ,love this game so much! I like how it makes you think and you always get a second chance. It’s so entertaining! I just love this game so much! Thank you connect 4! It is really motivating and I do not see why someone should not download it of course. I just find it really fun. It makes your brain work really hard and Sometimes it makes me more confident after a rough day.
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5 years ago, Emily13526
Love this game
Connect 4 has always been one of my favorite games, but sometimes it’s difficult finding someone to play against. Now I can play against the computer with this app! I love that it has easy, medium, and hard mode so I can switch between difficulty depending on how much I feel like concentrating. If I could give this game 6 stars, I would!
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4 years ago, EECHOOCHOO
Kinda boring, But great! ✌️
Hi! So.. this is very fun, And entertaining, but after a little it gets boring.. but it’s a great game! I like it, pretty much- I’m gonna put a notice at the end on the text btw, (by the way) also I wonder how it is like to play with real players- also sometimes I get mad- lol, the “rewards for how quick” I was to finish the game I liked! so.. yeah! That’s the end of the text.. ignore the fact it is short- so.. bye! Notice: all games on this tablet mostly played by me, and I’m a six year old. Not my mom
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3 years ago, Loving Nana of Three
Good game!!!
I enjoy playing this game and doing it with my brother is super fun! Going against the computer is hard but you can outsmart it to! I’ve been playing it every day for awhile and is enjoying to do. I played so much that I have to tell myself to stop and do another thing!!!! Okay, maybe not that much but you know what I mean! So play this game and u will like it!!!!
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1 year ago, ig £loquentlyrical
I enjoyed myself and won a couple of times. However, when I play the game with someone in person via the phone it makes it even that more enjoyable because you can play it anywhere and it allows for a little competitive small talk.
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5 years ago, Game Nick name
Way Too Many Ads for amount of play time
The ads are way too numerous, frequent and long for a game that gives you an average play time of 20- 30 secs per game. Additionally, the ads are all for other games vs more variety in the apps advertised. In fact, the number and length of ads are so annoying that this is the first time ever that I have provided an app review. I have never in the past, entertained the idea of paying to remove ads. I dearly wish that option was available for this game b/c I love the game, but hate the # of adverts and no option to get rid of them.
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6 years ago, hardy30000
Asome The only thing I love
I’m going back and I have a good day at work I have a good night love love and miss my dad I hope you’re doing better today I hope that your dad has been good with him today I hope he is going well and he has to work hard to make sure I get the stuff to go through the week I will get back with him!
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4 years ago, Papa Taz
Why do you have a setting where you can turn on or off the volume. But when an ad comes the volume remain on even though you turned it off. I sometimes like to play late at night and have to turn my phones volume off so I don’t wake anyone and have at times forgot to turn the phones volume back on and either missed a call or an alarm I had previously set. Please correct this.
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1 year ago, Loves playing connect four
The best game every
This game is awesome. I play it everyday and this is the best way to relax or to have some quiet time and to take a break you can change your levels you can choose where you wan to go(it wouldn’t be a good game if you couldn’t get to choose where you went
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4 years ago, WontLetYouCommentDue2Pathetic
This game is fun to play. However I keep beating it on hard. I remember when I couldn’t. I want the Harder version where it feels impossible to beat. For so many downloads I have to wait ridiculously long for a online player to match and sometimes it just doesn’t. That should be fixed.
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11 months ago, melsalbar
Games fun, but rigged
Sorry but true. It intermittently gets stuck and sticks numbers together that u didn’t put together. It attaches neighboring numbers together that u didn’t press to input. It’s like it sticks or something. Sometimes you’re nowhere near the number. Weird. But whatever it’s just a game.
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5 years ago, SiftCipher
An clever old school revival done right.
Faster than old school 4square you can really pick up pace with this game and it's a fun exercise in a sort of competitive patterning challenge game. The makers of this app are considerate to the user and make it a gem on the App Store - staying power and complimentary menu and user interface. Excellent honed in spin on the game. Thx makers!
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2 years ago, girl CT
Fantastic game!
I really enjoy playing Four in a row. It’s a good way to past the time and it’s fun. It also help me to relax when I’m having a stressful day. It helps me to get my mind off of what ever is going on around me. It’s challenging. I like the fact that I’m competing with someone.
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2 years ago, ImNoOrange
An impossible achievement
You can’t actually get the last achievement lol. It’s not physically possible. The computer takes too long to drop the chips. To beat the game in 5 seconds, you and the computer would have to take less than half a second to play each chip.
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6 years ago, Sprinkle🌈
My favorite game!
I absolutely am in LOVE with this game. I play it every night before I go to bed, and every Morning when I wake up. I get bored with a lot of other games fast but this one I don’t, I also think it’s great that you can play with with someone, or play with the computer! 5 Stars for me!
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3 years ago, blue runner 🐟
Pretty good!
I have only been playing for a little bit but all of the game mechanics and graphics are good! Ads are little to none so I can play more! I would recommend downloading this app if you like puzzles and connect 4!! 👌❤️
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2 years ago, ZavierT
Winning by Connecting All 10 pieces ???
The game is awesome. But I’ve played this game for the past 3 years and still haven’t found a way to unlock the achievement of winning connect 10 pieces. If you’re reading this, have you unlock that that achievement. SMH :(
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8 months ago, EyeGotQuads
Ads ads and more ads
The ad at first is delayed a couple seconds so you click on it trying to play your piece. Then after the first ad there is an ad after every match. You literally have an ad every 15-30 seconds with this app. Way too many ads and it’s sketch to have ads pop up that way.
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3 years ago, Gold_64
Simple and entertaining
The game is simple to understand, the settings aren’t complicated and it’s easy to switch between playing with friends or playing against the computer
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4 years ago, ♾ forever westside 🖖🏼
Good game
This is a fun game because if u don’t have the actual game then this game is perfect for u. I am a 4 year old and I am very smart. I have already beaten the hard level. Here are som thing u could do to upgrade it. Make and add some new colors like blue and pink or green and purple. I would like that pls!! Thank you so much!!!
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6 years ago, epallekonda
You bad on ads!!!!!!!!!
Sooooo..... I see there is ads like all the time and I try to tap the X to skip the ad, but it does not work. And I am very afraid to pay $1.99 to remove the ads, because I think ads will still pop up. So I do not want you to make money without people getting anything. And on the X not being able to be tapped, I have to reset the whole app and my game will have to be started ALL over again. So I DONT LIKE THE ADS. Please make ads skippable.
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2 years ago, Chrisz1212
Too many ads
I just want to play the game. Years ago the app let me do just that. Recently I installed the latest vesrion. Between each game I had to sit through ads, click to close them, before I could play another game. I was spending about 50% of my time playing and 50% waiting for ads. So I deleted the app. Will not play again. I value my time, and will not sit through ads. I’m fine paying for an app, but not fine wasting my time.
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5 years ago, romrom1234567890
such a great game
This game is one of my favorite games In the world. And I cannot wait to play after I write this review. You should really get this game and see how fun it is you will really love it and it will become your new favorite game. I cannot imagine my dads phone without it , it’s so fun my favorite game for sure
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