Foxit PDF Editor

4.4 (3.9K)
165.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Foxit Corporation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Foxit PDF Editor

4.42 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Drober1
Working again but had to fix it myself
Updated review: FoxIt PDF Editor is the best and most affordable PDF viewing and editing software I’ve found for the iPad and I’ve been using it for 3-4 years. The free version is great for viewing, allowing you to have up to five PDFs open in tabs at the same time. For $11/yr you get editing features, too. With the update to version 12.0, the software reverted to the locked version and I was unable to reactivate it. The software contacted the Apple servers, recognized that I have an active subscription but then gave an “unknown error” message and the software stayed locked. This prevents me from editing or using complex PDF forms. I reached out to customer support, including screenshots of the problem on the iPad. After 9 days, I received a message about the Mac version of the software that made it seem like my messages wasn’t even read. After I posted a negative review here, I got a response within 12h. This tells me the company is focusing on sales over support. I fixed the problem myself by deleting the app, restarting my iPad and reinstalling it. This worked, but made me lose all my imported PDFs, which now have to be reimported. Bugs happen, but FoxIt needs to put more resources into customer support.
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4 months ago, metalheavy
Good but wish a few things would be changed.
On the new update I would prefer the top menu go back to being split between the top and bottom. I see you can move the editing menu to the sides, but I’d prefer it at the bottom. The top menu takes up a lot of space. I also wish you could see a portrait page in it’s entirety in landscape mode. I’m not a fan of the pages being blown up to fill the space and having to scroll to see the entire page. If there’s a setting to enable that, I haven’t found it. Also it really needs to be more clear which features are paid and which are free. It took me a few tries adding and removing options from my menus because things aren’t available to me as a free user. I really appreciate this app though.
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3 years ago, Torah Taught
Give me the BLUE FOXIT back
So I turned on my iPhone, looked for the blue Foxit icon. Saw a purple icon in its place. Clicked on it & now cannot read my Bible reading file. Guess I will have to go back to Adobe reader. Oh I get it that Foxit can mow the yard, clean up oil spills & dispose of nuclear waste, but all I want to do is read my personal Bible reading file I created in PDF format. If anybody can help me do that I would deeply appreciate it. I used to tell people who got a free download from my website, to load Foxit or Adobe Reader on their device first. Now, I am only recommending Adobe. Why? Because the file was to difficult to find, then open. It was sluggish. I always had to turn on the “continuous” scroll when I opened it. Then when I did the two finger enlarging on my iPhone, where I was disappeared, and I would end up in a totally different place. I would pay money to be able to get the Blue Icon version back. It was the best, better than Adobe for ease of operation. Now that has been taken away and Adobe is my favorite PDF reader, and the only PDF reader I will recommend. Please bring back the older version.
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4 years ago, Rimartic
Could it be any more better?👍👏
I am sort of a pro pdf user. mostly fir books , editing or adding comments, highlighting, and many other functions and unfortunately even I’ve paid for almost a famous pdf app before (which isn’t half of this app even in free mode!) The most interesting thing about this app and its pro developer functionality is paying attention to exact needs of users and making it better and better with every upgrade Seems designers and programmers of foxit pdf exactas have the professional eye to see users “exact “general needs. I juust want to say CONGRATULATION and im so glad fir using your app For example; the last upgrade , beside better look and more interesting faces , was wonderful and there are more useful tools for editing pages , pdf documents and giving a vast of capabilities to do whatever we want to do And you know what’s the best part?! That all these things are available for free and way more better in premium. Honestly, this is what should be called ( HONORING THE USER) Thx guys for paying respect to your users And although unfortunately because of my country’s stupid government its so hard to buy account , so could be able to pay for premium version but still you made it possible for people like me in troubled countries Thank you from deep of my heart And god bless you all
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5 years ago, DapperHaber
Makes Text to Speech on PDFs a Dream
I recently spent days and days trying to figure out how to unlock PDFs so that I could have text to speech work. I’m dyslexic. It seems with Mac updates its made it harder and harder to get text to speech to work in all the other apps I was accustomed to. Nothing I was using was working or working well. Just when I thought I’d found something there would be a major glitch. So far I’m on pg 100 of a very densely intellectual book! That’s a big deal! I’ve found that I’d you highlight a whole line, then click speak, then speak from here it will go through and read and highlight as you go so if you look away it keeps you on track in the book. There are pauses at the page breaks that took a while for me to understand but this is by far the best text to speech pdf reader I've found... and that’s after several years and several app purchases.
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5 years ago, Professional in the Field
Great app but I wish they integrated feedback better
If the team is taking feedback: it'd be great if there were a quick way to delete all saved signatures. Also when you run a search, the app does not allow you to make selections from the search results- just sends you back to default page. Once again reaching out to the tech team to prompt them to address signatures. I have over a hundred signatures saved to the app that take painstakingly long to load and to delete. Trying to get the signature pad open for a new signature takes several minutes because of the in-app delays with signatures. This app is overdue for an option 1.) not to have signatures saved at all and 2.) to delete all signatures at once. If this doesn’t get fixed soon you’re going to lose a user. I can’t be standing in front of clients asking them to sign my phone while they wait 5 mins for unnecessary signatures to load.
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5 years ago, abcjme
Much Potential, But Too Buggy
This app is amazing in most ways, but it has 2 major bugs. 1) If TTS is running, then you turn the phone off, it'll skip pages. It'll read 2 pages in sequential order, then it'll skip to the last multiple of 10s 1st page. Ex. If there are 653 pages and you start at page 1, then: it'll read page 1, next it'll read page 2, next it'll read page 651, next it'll read page 652, lastly it'll read page 653. Yes, it skips all pages inbetween. Thus, you have to keep your phone on & waste it's battery to avoid this bug. EDIT: This bug has not been occurring anymore. Perhaps it only happens when the CPU or RAM is taxed? Idk, but this never happened with Goodreader. Btw, I used Goodreader for years. 2) Sometimes, for a page that's clearly written in english, it'll change the TTS speech to a different language. I don't know what triggers this. EDIT: 3) This TTS sometimes cuts off lines of text at the top and/ or bottom. This TTS also sometimes cuts off words at the sides. This can occur even if there's a lot of blank space before the text. This never happened with Goodreader. 4) If a PDF has narrow line spacing, this TTS sometimes reads the same line twice and skips the following line. This never happened with Goodreader. If FoxIt fixed these bugs, then I'd edit this review & change the rating to 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Lawl1ss
Great mobile PDF app
I use PhantomPDF on desktop, and this is a great extension of that software. It does a lot, but really nails the core functionality of mobile PDF software. My only gripe is the lack of ability to directly with Dropbox and Box. Although you can open your files in those services through Foxit’s cloud functionality, I really prefer to access my documents through my cloud providers’ native apps. Adobe does a great job of integrating with these two services, allowing me to open files from the cloud apps directly into Adobe and then automatically save changes back. Unfortunately, Foxit beats Adobe in every other aspect, so I have no app that does both well.
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3 years ago, Hdudushhs
One of a kind
Clean. Fast. Versatile. Fantastic. That only begins to cover how well polished and incredible this app it. It seamlessly integrates with google drive and the files app with a clear UI that makes it easy to navigate to the file you want to open. It recognizes files well, and gives you a vast array of tools to modify them. It has a reasonably priced pro version that isn’t shoved in your face, trying to get you to buy it. On top of that, it doesn’t limit the functionality of the free version in order to incentivize you to upgrade, it simply adds more features for those who need it, or want to support the app. And if that wasn’t good enough, it has no ads! Thanks for what you guys do, the app is great.
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1 year ago, Panton41
Glacial rendering
All I want is a PDF reader, like what probably an overwhelming vast majority of people actually want. I couldn’t care less about editing PDFs and even if I did, a tablet is the last platform I’d want to do it on. I have a real computer with a keyboard, mouse and multiple large monitors I would use for that kind of work. My single biggest problem is that the rendering engine takes absolutely forever to render a complex PDF like a table top role playing game book. We’re talking 15-20 seconds to turn a page on a 2020 iPad Pro which has no problems with the same document in Xodo or Adobe Reader. Feedback from developer was to log into a FoxIt account I refuse to create because I zero need nor desire to create and send them the file for a tabletop roleplaying game book I don't, you know, have the rights to send them. (Vampire: The Requiem 2Ed, to be specific. FoxIt, if you want it, go to DriveThruRPG and buy it.)
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3 years ago, EmilyApricot
Not Just an Editor
Foxit is a very well designed experience for reading, with thumbnails, view options, and third party cloud access like Drop Box. In the basic version, the annotations are very useful for filling out PDF forms. The premium version is an impressive document editor for mobile and at a very reasonable price at $11/yr. I really only have praise for this company, who has kept high standards and updates at the forefront for the years I have been a user. The only thing that might change that is if they started charging a subscription for the great reading and annotation features in the basic version.
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2 years ago, inthesand
Pretty good deal for Adobe acrobat like capability
I tested Fox It with several PDFs and was able to make changes to the text. However, when there was images involved, I could not figure out how to adjust those. That could be user error. But overall, this is a really good deal for the ability to edit the vast majority of PDF documents. I'm not talking about annotation which just about every PDF program does, but the ability to actually edit the content. Worth checking out if you don't need all The features in something like adobe acrobat and don't want to pay the corresponding yearly price.
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10 months ago, Dap in bu
Good app
I’m having trouble with the reflow, when I click on re-flow it goes into dark mode in a black page, and when I change the color, to white, it goes back to black. is it possible to reset the app without losing all my books in there? Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you. Hello, I’m still having trouble with the reflow when I open a book the background is in black and the lettering is in blue when I change the color of the background to white it still comes back as black. Please any suggestions …it’s a wonderful app thank you.
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2 years ago, Sirsphere
Deletes notes and markings randomly
I downloaded this app due to its great reviews but when using it, I found it deletes notes, comments, markings randomly. I really want to cry. I just studied for several hours in my pdf book, took notes, marked, underlined and accidently tapped the swiper for the page selection and now ALL of my progress of today’s work is GONE! I don’t know what to do. If there was a save button, I would click on it now and then but in times like these you would assume it’s autosave. Also, I found that if you’re working in the app and you want to look something up real quick in your browser, it also deletes all your progress or does not save it. I’m not talking about the work of the last 15min but the work of hours. VERY DISAPPOINTING!
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7 years ago, Sommusic
Favorite PDF app of mine
This app is amazing for students, I have all of my books on here. This saves time and my back (Having Engineering courses most of the books are extremely heavy). The highlighter function works flawlessly as well as the mark up and search functions built in. My only area of improvement would be to have the mark up function a little more “smooth” as it lags a little bit and is a little on the “blocky” side. This is my reason for the 4 stars. I do have the free version though. All said and done this is highly recommended.
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2 years ago, Arkytos
Great app but text color should be changable
I really like the app and hope the dev can see this review. I'd like to be able to pick the background color and text color for all pages, just like how activating Night Mode in View switches text to grey and pages to black. I don't know if it was foxit, but a pdf reader I used years ago allowed me to use a color picker to pick and page bg color and text color (independently). My biggest issue now is the text in Night Mode is too dim; I would like to make the text brighter and perhaps make the backgroumd greyer. Please correct me if the feature already exists and I'm mistaken.
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3 years ago, Aalexqqq
New update needs more work
Thank u for bringing back all the important features that went missing after new update (ex highlighting areas and going to next page without any extra taps or steps) … but the new update is still a bit glitching specially with Google drive uploads, and highlighting area location start is way off, and you are not able to view top of Document when commenting tool bar is visible at the top … it covers top portion of the PDF file … running on latest iOS iPad Pro 2020 model. I will update my review after next version hopefully these features will be fixed.
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6 years ago, Castlemaiden
Previous free features now cost $16?! Save $12 and get ezpdf.
I’ve been a long time user of foxit. I use it for my cross stitch patterns and WAS able to highlight on the app I’ve had for years while other stitchers complain about the crashing of ezpdf. A few days ago, foxit wouldn’t open. I had my files backed up, so I took a wait and see approach. I’ve finally gotten back in to discover that now the text/highlighting feature requires payment. What a bunch of BS. Other apps are far less expensive and have a search feature. I’ll be using one of them from now on since long time users now have to pay for the features we’ve used for ages. Thank you for no longer locking me out of my files. I do appreciate that I can view them now if nothing else.
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8 months ago, Faolyn1
A problem: blank pages
I have no idea how to respond to your reply, but here was my original post: “When I’m reading a pdf, if I go to another app and then back to Foxit, all of the pages of the file, except for the one I had been reading, are blank. I have to switch to another pdf and then back again to fix the problem. This has been going on for months now.” You wanted to know if it was on all PDFs or a specific one. It’s on all of them. Professionally-made pdfs, pdfs I myself made, every one of them.
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4 years ago, Chico037
Good App one add on I would like to see
Over all a great APP I have dyslexia and I am working on my Masters right now it enables me to comprehend and retain what I am reading. The only thing I think would make it better is with the reading if a text was added to the top of the page showing what is being read. It can be difficult tracking it when it is just highlighted. If this was an option with the paid version I would definitely see that as worth while investment. I would highly recommend this App to others.
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6 years ago, Kmthunder
Lost Basic features unless I subscribe
Well, I loved this app until today. Now many free features require a subscription. Its $11 a year. I did not get advanced notice and now can’t use this app. I can understand some features being moved to a paid feature, but now I can’t even open a pdf from my email without subscribing to the annual fee. If they offered a one time price for the app I’d consider it. Now I do not know what value the free app has. Also, to add insult to injury, I deleted the program to reinstall thinking there may have been a problem, and I lost all my documents in memory. Foxit let me down. Very disappointed since I now have to recreate my files. I just purchased GoodReader for $4.99. So far it does everything that my old Foxit PDF Reader FREE did and more. With GoodReader I can delete pages in a pdf that are not necessary. It has all the editing functions. It is a slight challenge to navigate but with so many features it still is intuitive. I’ve only had it a few hours but it seems better than paying an $11 annual fee.
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2 years ago, jaggner
wishful thinking
I’m trying to find a replacement for PDF Expert (ridiculous subscription cost), and even though I hate subscription models I was willing to give Foxit a try (trial subscription). Nothing about the interface is better than PDF Expert but I had hoped that it could handle basic edits of text and objects in a PDF newsletter. Sadly, it was so glitchy I couldn’t edit one paragraph or move a photo without giving up in frustration. I wouldn’t even use such an App even if it were free. Better to enjoy the excellent annotations of PDF Viewer and encourage their developers to make it an editing app worth paying for!
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7 years ago, Dairi19
Best PDF reader out there
Great app, it truly has many of the functions one could want without the need for an expensive upgrade. My only complain is the "reflow mode" and the inability to highlight/open notes while on it. As an english learner, I'm usually highlighting and translating words on the books I read and it is very difficult to do that while on standard mode because of how small letters are. Reflow "reader mode" is amazing but it lacks the taking notes function. Very frustrating
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2 years ago, Brifinish
Love it
This pdf reader has been so amazing for my needs! Books and manuals keep their published format, I can take notes, highlight, copy, paste, send copies, and I haven’t even done deeper into all the other amazing features offered (like the audio reader and signatures, etc!) I can upload the same files to my kindle iPhone app and it never comes out the same as the published version! Love and highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Trubori45
It’s ok.
I have this on my PC and the recent updates have been good. As for this app, I was excited for the purple icon like my pc expecting the functions to be equivalent and flawless. Some abilities are missing and there are several crashes. Scale doesn’t allow decimals for fractions (converted to decimals for inches to feet), flattening documents crashes, saving files or opening causes massive delay and you have to close the app and start over, etc. it’s still useful, but for paid subscriptions I want this to be a tool not a burden. Please fix the BUGS!
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7 years ago, MfchrisB6
Great app for academics. Needs better Pencil support.
The free version of this app works great for organizing PDFs, the annotation options are simple/easy to find, and it doesn’t take much time to set up your scrolling/visualization preferences. My only complaint is that the sensitivity for the Apple Pencil is quite poor. In order to hand-annotate a note, I have to write very slowly...and even then, the app sometimes fails to recognize my Pencil strokes. If you fix this, I’d say the app is perfect (and I’d be happy to buy the full subscription service).
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3 years ago, DforDNA
Worst update- not able to use in split screem
You guys made a backward evolution disabling split screen feature. Now can’t read two books using different apps. I know foxit can open upto 5 books on tabs but transition requires at least 2 seconds of loading which sounds short yet so annoying. I am a medical student and i don't have 2 seconds to waste every single sentence i read and cross check it on the next. So please for the love of God, either fix the loading thing on transitions between tabs or revert the split screen. If the developers respond to this quickly i would love to give it 5 stars. Please consider it.
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5 years ago, ÁstaK
Pdf opened in safari cannot copy to app
update: I’m using iPad Pro 10.5 MPDY2LL/A, ios13.1.3 and the pdf files are usually opened by clicking direct download links from journal website. Foxit pdf reader has always been a solid app and its integrated text-to-speech function is totally a blessing. Although the TTS feature cannot use siri voices ( I do hope it can), it allows you to choose from other older voices (in system setting). However, the reason for 4 stars is after the ios13 system update, I’m no longer able to open a pdf file in my browser (ie. safari) and then click one of the upper-right-corner buttons to “copy to Foxit pdf”. I have to route through other program and finally export the pdf file to Foxit. Hopefully it will be fixed in next update.
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1 year ago, Ahmed ✌️👀
Please add lock screen orientation option
I use foxit for about 4 years but I liked the previous version more than this one and I avoid updating it for more than 5 month I think. But now I think it has almost all the features as the old one. But please can you add lock screen orientation option as when i want to read in landscape mode and remove lock screen from my iPhone settings to read a pdf in landscape mode, any small movement return it to the portrait mode.
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6 years ago, leoscherrer
Needs cloud improvement
I love the PC Foxit reader. The iOS version, however, needs improvement on the cloud system. I added dropbox and synchronized it, but it didn’t work well and Foxit kept some files I had already deleted. And it took a long time uploading and downloading the files. Then, I tried to edit my files stored on dropbox through the icloud option (as my files on dropbox was synchronized with the Apple Files app). However, after editing the pdf, it was saved on the Files app, but not on Dropbox itself. So, to be useful with cloud storage, it needs improvement. Thanks!
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7 months ago, Wearer of Many Hats
User Friendly, Many Practical Applications
I love how easy it is to use this app and especially how easy it is to use it in conjunction with many other apps. Good stuff here. For my simple day-to-day tasks, the free version of Foxit provides more than I need- and they continue to improve and create new ways for its users to stay in line with the ever-evolving technology. I would (and do) HIGHLY recommend!
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5 years ago, danielsanmiguel93
Not bad
I like that this app reflows PDFs for free for easy mobile viewing but I don’t like that the zoom is restricted to such small text. I wear bifocals and it’s still too small to read properly. If they could allow even more zoom with reflow that’d be great. I know iPhone has a zoom window but this defeats the purpose of the reflow if I’m still having to move the zoom window back and forth to read so it’d be a superior update if they put more zoom. Also if PDFs were able to be highlighted and annotated in reflow mode that’d make me give this app 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Helena878
Single best free app I’ve ever used, and definitely best PDF reader there is!
I love this app: I stumbled across it by accident and it’s fulfilled all my expectations and then went above and beyond. I’m discovering new features all the time; the app is incredibly intuitive and convenient, beautiful and fast. It would be nice if we could use fingers to swipe pages when the comment mode is selected (and Apple Pencil is connected), but even like this, I’ve got no complaints!
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7 years ago, Can Diek
Like iBooks with more
One extra feature iBooks doesn't have (at least in my non-updated iOS) is tabs, for multiple open documents. Also, you can choose how you want the document to scroll, like either as the usual "swipe for next page" turn, or continuous scroll. There are more that I haven't even checked out yet, as I was up and going once I downloaded this. Glad I did.
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4 years ago, Slausbang
Amazing tool!
I use this tool to organize lead sheets for playing with my church. It’s great to be paperless and to have all of our lead sheets available should the pastor request a song spontaneously. My only suggestion for improvement would be to allow more than 5 PDF documents to be open at once. During larger/longer services, like Christmas, we do far more than 5 songs.
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3 years ago, HybridSalvy
View Mode Lacking
The previous app version changed only the page color and left the text intact. This time for reading mode it adds a color effect to the whole document. It makes it horrible to read. For example, when in Nightmode it changes the text color to purple and adds a purple hue to the whole document. Please fix it to the way it was before. The night mode would only make the page black but the text was left white. That is the only issue and why I haven’t resubscribe.
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7 years ago, SSJtimotay
Great PDF suite with support to Google Drive
This was exactly what I was looking for. I have a lot of text book pdfs sitting on google drive. Google drives ui for skipping pages is very manual, scroll through 100 pages each time you want to get to chapter 4. This allows not only to grab the text book off of google drive but for you to type in what page you're looking for.
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5 years ago, Walkpast
No “open in ...” option when using Apple Files app
Dear Developers, There is no “open in Foxit” option but only “copy to Foxit” option when trying to open a PDF file from Apple Files app. So if we want to edit a file (stored “on my iPad”, and probably been edited by other apps by using “open in ... app”), we need to copy this file to Foxit app via “copy to”. And when we want to edit this file again using other app, we can’t; because iPad doesn’t have the file system that lets the other app access this file. Another case is that OneDrive files won’t be synced. When we made some OneDrive file available “offline”, we can view the file in Apple Files app. If we want to edit this file and let OneDrive sync, we can’t; we only have “copy to” option but not “open in” option. Why not use OneDrive integration within Foxit app? It doesn’t work offline in the first place. PS. I give 1 star because I want my feedback gets read.
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9 months ago, Koimanche
Preferred over iBooks
The native books app lacks some basic features on PDFs (can't go back to the last page after clicking on a link, can't review all of my previous highlights and so on). The Foxit reader has all that and more. I like it a lot and especially enjoy reading technical books on it.
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2 years ago, Miggy77u
Really good
Easy to navigate, keeps the last page I was on, keeps a list of the documents I have opened, can change page colors so it's not so bright, can change text size so you have the whole page right in front of you which I like, and much more. This is a really good PDF reader.
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5 years ago, tirchza
Latest update kills it for me.
I love this app, and have used if for ages on an iPad Air 2 ... I never used all the add-ons, using the app to proofread and comment on, long documents. Maybe this made me a poor customer prospect, unlikely to generate revenue for the authors, but sadly the latest update kills it on this device. It now crashes out on any search. It’s like losing an old friend but your mileage may vary...
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5 years ago, Metrorail Fan
Does Not Show Preview of PDF Files Automatically!
Only PDF icons are shown in the directory. Does not show preview/thumbnail of the first page of the PDF file. Appears to work fine otherwise. The preview/thumbnail shows only after opening the file. That is too time consuming when you add 2,000+ files to the app’s directory and have to open each one to see the preview/thumbnail. Adobe Acrobat Reader and Apple Books (formerly iBooks) does not have this problem.
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5 years ago, RoyThomas_Jamaica
This is a fantastic app. Import your pdf into it and it can search the imported text. I downloaded pdf element and could not even find a search button on it. Maybe it has one but I did not see one and hence could not search through text. Foxit did it and also allowed me to annotate and all of this for free. Big thanks to you, Foxit! God bless you all!
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2 years ago, Apathy Incarnate
Loved the app, but now issues with flipping device
If I flip my device to the side, (or back from the side), it returns me to the first page of the pdf document, which becomes a huge mess for documents that are hundreds of pages long. The sides of my screen also have greyed out non page areas being taken up for no reason, making the pages smaller than they have to be. If I pull down control center while using the app, half the screen gets greyed out as well, though that goes away with some scrolling None of these used to be an issue, but it seems the transition to FoxitPDFEditor from Foxit Reader led to a lot of issues. Used to be an excellent reader, still arguably one of the best, but needs some improvement.
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5 years ago, Than Tin mm
Best and easiest pdf reader for students
I used a lot pdf reader but I only satisfy with this foxit reader for it can give many premium features with free of charge and annotating is very easy and handy . I want to request to get access pdf saved infoxit app folder from ios file app as like other pdf readers .For this file access feature (pdf max pro)is more advance than this foxit app as it can access pdf file from other app and save it in it’s original place and no need to copy to pdf max pro app. This app is only lack this feature. Apart from this ,foxit app is worth to download and use especially for students who read and annotate alot .
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3 years ago, Nicolette L. W.
Bad Update
New update is uglier and less intuitive, and things that used to be free are now locked behind a subscription. Very disappointed, and furthermore I don’t like that their subscription is locked behind a “Foxit” account, when most apps allow you to use your Apple ID for subscriptions. If I wanted to subscribe, that would be yet another account to sign up for. Edited to add that not only is the new version inferior overall in usability, it is also *significantly* laggier. And it’s not my device’s fault, I am using the newest gen IPad Pro.
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4 years ago, Blaze Ceder
Nice app except always quit itself.
I have a lots of pdf ebooks bought and read on my ipad pro 11. I were searching for a ebook app with double page view coz these books are almost graphical. And then I found your app and enjoyed reading. However it suddenly black out and quit itself and that error happens everytimes. So this foxit app have been uninstalled. Hope u find that error. This developer should inspire Document by readdle app, which is so fast and can handle big data (not quit or black out) .
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6 years ago, wutdufuq
Best PDF reader
Tried 6 different PDF reader apps before Foxit, include the Adobe app... Foxit is a winner. All the features that I was looking for in a PDF reader app: open files from cloud storages, save to local device, bookmark pages, highlighting, underlining, add notes, draw,... the read-out-loud speech is a great feature, excellent accuracy, and can even adjust reading speed. 5/5.
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2 years ago, Extra Mile Realtor
Out of town? On the go?
I can count of this program to get me through contracts, set up signings and generally help whenever I’m out of town. I can upload and save, and really do many tasks while RVing. The program has much to offer and can be helpful for many other assignments.
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2 years ago, MarkN54
Lost all bookmarks and comments
This seemed great at first, but then when I went back to the book I was reading all the bookmarks and comments I had added were gone. There seems to be no way to recover them. I can’t afford this so I’m looking for another app. Now I’m finding my files get corrupted when I use it. Edit: after I posted this, Foxit reached out to me, which I appreciate. So I’ve upped my rating one star and will edit this review again, if appropriate.
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