FPCU Mobile Banking

4.9 (12.3K)
81 MB
Age rating
Current version
Financial Partners Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for FPCU Mobile Banking

4.88 out of 5
12.3K Ratings
3 years ago, LNTunes
Banking at FPCU
I’ve banked at Financial Partners CU since I got my first job upon finishing my Bachelors Degree. Today, I like the name more than anything- -Financial Partners. In terms of actually transacting funds, I enjoy my visits to any FPCU office. The nearest one to my home is located in Irvine. It’s a well kept space, and personnel are polite. Mobile banking is good. Sometimes, not all the time, when I try to mobile deposit a check the app closes before I’m able to complete. Not sure why that it. I’ll try again and, after two or three attempts, and complete the mobile deposit. There are many times when I’m able to complete a mobile check deposit straight away. So, that all I have a far as criticism goes.
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3 years ago, Michrene'e
This app has become worthless. You can’t even log in. You have to constantly delete the app and then it refreshes back to new with all the information you tried to get before. This needs to be updated especially now since the pandemic is a must to have this app for balance and paying your bill reasons. You can’t always call the bank when you really need to know if checks have cleared, and you have to make a fast payment. Who ever the developer or developers are, needs to update this.
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5 years ago, timboflyash
Love this place
Financial Partners has been an asset to me as a person. Not only did they qualify me for a credit card, but a personal loan, and was able to refinance my vehicle with them. With top notch rates as well. Not to mention all perks of having a checking account with direct deposit. I love it, I’m happy and more than satisfied with it all. Customer service was great, a big help in giving financial advice and guidance. I honestly thank them, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in if it wasn’t for Financial Partners....
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6 months ago, Deeozzzzz
FPCU- A great credit union
FPCU is a great credit union. The online app is awesome, easy to use, easy to navigate, really convenient. Also, if you have to call on the phone, the employees are helpful and professional and I’ve always completed my business in one call. Physical locations are limited but I only have to go in maybe once a year to do unusual business. FPCU has competitive interest rates…
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6 months ago, CyndyKated
Got my Car Loan in 2018
This credit union was and is..very easy to work with. I’m buying my Kia Soul with them. They refinanced my loan a couple of years ago…opened a credit card with them. Their app is very user friendly. I have really enjoyed doing business with them! Happy Holidays.
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2 months ago, SRMRFP
My husband went into the Brea facility and no one acknowledge him for over 15minutes, so he left. Financial partners missed out on a large investment. We have been a customer for over 40+ years, and couldn’t believe how bad the customer service has declined. Unfortunately, a simple “I will be right with you” would have saved us from leaving this bank. We are researching a new bank as we write this.
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5 years ago, Summerrloovee
The app automatically locked me out and once the update happen it won’t let me log in called the customer service was on hold for 30 mins had to go my lunch was over it’s so inconvenient. Why would they not test this before launching? I’m sure the app will be better ONCE I’M ABLE TO LOGIN !!!!
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2 years ago, daniela_m66
Would give it 5 stars…
The experience has been great so far. I would’ve gave it 5 stars if the app ACTUALLY had the option of using Zelle to send or receive money. My friends use Zelle and they wanted to send me money and Zelle claims that this bank supports Zelle and that it can be used already in the mobile app. The option does not exist though websites claim it does…
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5 years ago, Shine....
Very convenient ...
Easy, fast, safe, and very convenient. I don’t have to drive to the bank to deposit a check or transfer money for monthly bills or transfer money to my family. I can do all this in just 1 push from my mobile phone .
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5 years ago, Tomatoepizza42
One of the greatest world’s best bank
Excellent digital service and onsite service. One of the best worlds largest high class credit union. I was previously banking with another credit union for 27 years I left them to one back with Financial partners have lost regrets making the switched, I love them.
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3 years ago, BB-Chill
Could use better analytics....
The app works well and is laid out thoughtfully. Better analytical tools/views with more than six months history would be helpful. Doing tax returns with only six months history in plots is pointless. Spending trends are seasonal so having multi year plots would be a great upgrade.
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5 years ago, serbiesparki
Thank you for all that you have done with the improvements at the FPCU love it You just needs to give better credit line give credit increase more often thank you peoples who make all this possible and positive Jesus .
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2 years ago, Long tall Terri
Easy banking
I haven’t been in a bank in at least 5 years. And I love it that way. When I do need assistance, I get it over the phone from polite, informed staff. Thank you for such wonderful service Theresa Furlow
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4 years ago, Varloug
Crashing app
I like the bank & services, but the recent updated app crashes certain times of the day and doesn’t load at all.
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4 years ago, Nofarmville
Forget to log out
I forgot to log out and this is the second time hanging up on me I could not open the application at all keeps saying something wrong the last message keep saying try again.
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2 years ago, RxRd1105
No zelle?
I’ve been using the app for several years. No issues with it until now. Zelle is no longer an option on the app. Can we fix this?
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3 years ago, UniquePartyCat
FPCU mobile app is very EASY!
So easy to deposit checks ( some mobile banking have errors or very slow snapping of checks- discouraged me from depositing) check balances and do transfers.
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3 years ago, Cistina13
This app is so frustrating! It keeps getting stuck so I end up deleting it and putting it back again and do the process all over again! Can somebody please fix this problem! So frustrating!!
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3 years ago, Jackie 👍
Excellent !
I love how everything is so easy to access through our online banking. And it’s so easy to navigate through the website.
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5 years ago, Shelly in Seattle
Definitely the way to go!
Financial Partners has been my credit union, bank, loan company and more for many years. I wouldn’t change for anything! Their personalized customer service is awesome! Thank you!
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1 year ago, itssmrjd
I love my bank
I’ve been going to this place so long that it just feels like home people are nice and answer my questions. Never any problems
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1 month ago, Winds are GO
Top notch
The Financial Partners credit union app has been wonderful. I’ve had three other financial institution apps and all of them have shortcomings that Financial Partners does not. I am so happy with it.
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5 months ago, Sauser76
Long Time Member
I have been a member for over 30 years and I love FPCU. The mobile app makes it so easy to transfer funds, check balances and do all my banking.
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3 years ago, mokekageben
It’s great and I love it
If I could improve it I would allow the user to create color codes for their purchases to help keep on track of spending habits
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5 years ago, Jess Rose15
Customer services through online
Better quality, no more glitches, and easy to transfer great upgrade! Happy customer!!
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1 year ago, VRodSan
Replacement card
Dana was very helpful during this time of my own distress of losing both biz and personal cards. Thank you again Dana for pulling me off the roof ..
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1 year ago, SouthbayMoJo
Loss of functionality
There is still a snap shot but you can no longer click on an account to see the most recent posted or pending transactions. It requires you to log in. After you log out, it doesn’t go back to snap shot screen. You need to close and reopen app.
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5 years ago, b00tie-chin
Poor since the latest upgrade
Having trouble signing in since the latest upgrade.
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3 years ago, Lance DM
Best CU ever!
This app is easy to read and to manage your accounts. And overall as a CU i cant thank them enough for all the help and great costumer service they provide
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4 years ago, Bgbysleepy
Latest version log in issue
The latest version has problems with log in. Once a while the app would logged me out and display the log in screen without face id option to log back in even though I set it up already (the face id icon on upper top right corner is not visible). Please fix this. I keep getting logged out and keep typing my password. I prefer face id. Thank you.
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3 years ago, springmaker59
Compliments to Brea office
This CU is the best the people are so kind and willing to help. I wouldn’t bank elsewhere. Also when talking to customer service in Downey it’s a great experience
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5 years ago, owls-27💜
Great service
Every time I have needed assistance the customer service representatives have been so helpful and patient...very glad to have financial partners as my bank
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3 years ago, High desert rat 2013
Love the app!
This app is so easy to use. Makes my bill paying easy. I can manage my finances so much smoother now.
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5 years ago, Chemo treatments
On line banking
I really enjoy the banking because it keeps me up with my account and information with my great friends at my branch in Mission Valley ‼️‼️‼️ They are doing a great job ‼️‼️‼️
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5 years ago, guapo chulo
Pleased with service
Better than every bank outer not comparable with union credit bank thank you so y Much
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2 years ago, mattrosa85
Best App
Having this mobile banking app offers me so much freedom to to me banking whenever I need and wherever I am.
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1 month ago, cababayan
Very courteous customer service.
Customer service is always excellent.
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2 years ago, Emilylynn85
Can’t use Zelle
Called because I can’t access Zelle deposit despite having a Zelle account. Rep stated Just access it from the app under the Zelle tab. There is no Zelle tan. Info they have online and on their descriptions is wrong. Zelle won’t let me deposit money at all due to it “being on my credit unions app” but it isn’t.
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5 years ago, YorbaSprings
FPCU is the BEST
FPCU takes the time to understand your needs and recommend the right solution. The employees are always engaging and courteous. Thank you FPCU for all you do.
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3 years ago, BudLido
Love that I can open the app and preview my accounts without logging in.
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10 months ago, 7thankyou
Great customer service!
Excellent help on a financial issue. Was reimbursed by their customer service. Very impressed!
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5 years ago, jaime serna
Great staff, very helpful, excellent customer service.
I can’t thank enough to all personal to provided such an amazing Service.
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3 years ago, KC Ramos
5 star service
Whether I’m person or on line the experience I get is pure par excellence!!! Great job! Keep it up!!! Bravo 👏👏👏
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3 years ago, Rincon77
Very easy to navigate and all at your fingertips. So convenient 👍🏻
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2 years ago, sfcgd;$$?'ssht
This app is strange
When you chose an option it takes you to a weird web page and the options bar is small and hard to see!
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5 years ago, OftenRider
Ergonomic issue
Don’t like landscape only display mode. It’s hard on my fingers
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3 years ago, cinhess020/
So far it’s fine, but does anyone’s app actually have zelle? Literally I would love to use that feature but it’s nowhere to be found
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7 months ago, jthink its good
Great service
Very neat features i am very happy with its customer services.
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5 years ago, Mr noodles
Love it!
It helps alot with our family budget.
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9 months ago, RudeBugoy
Improve teller customer service
I deposited today in the Brea branch. The online teller that helped me who’s name is Roxanne is very rude! She even have the nerve to laugh at me knowing I’m already very upset. They need to be re-trained on how to ask questions more respectfully to the customer!
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