FPS Russia: The Game

4.2 (517)
43.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zaah Technologies, Inc.
Last update
11 years ago
Version OS
3.1.3 or later
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User Reviews for FPS Russia: The Game

4.18 out of 5
517 Ratings
10 years ago, dromero11
Great Game, but...
When you run music in background you only get one shot. I am playing on an iPhone 5 so I imagine the problem is with all the other iDevices too. Also the in-app purchase page says everything is $0.99 so it is a little misleading when you click on it and it isn't $0.99. Recommendations: Instead of "heat" make it ammo left in magazine and when you run out, instead of cool down you have reload time. I get to some impossible jumps on some runs where there are spikes at the edge and spikes at the edge of the beginning of the building I am jumping to. Trying to clear both results in me just falling. OVERALL, GREAT GAME!
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9 years ago, Jeffffffffffffffffff342432
This game needs more
This game is enjoyable, I like it a lot. But there is so much missing from it. I mean... You don't even have to kill the enemies, they usually got their shot off if you try to get the jump on them. The obstacles are sometimes impossible to avoid without falling off. The power ups are very random. They never come when they should. It seems like no matter what you try, the game always ends at about the same distance. This is because once you get to 1000m the speed makes it even more impossible then it already is. Your only hope is finding enough health to keep you going. This game would be so much better if there were more permanent upgrades, much larger field of view, ways to change power up chances, and more variety in enemies and guns.
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10 years ago, Blacksuns388
Simple but fun
This game is a pretty good time waster IMO. I really do wish it had a bit more than jump and shoot. Sometimes jumping to evade the bullet forces you to go right into the gap and lose anyways which just feels like a cheap shot. If something like a roll or slide could be used as an alternate dodge that won't send fps russia spiraling to his death then I'd be happier
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10 years ago, Oliveman747
Death crash bug loophole
You guys know about the bug that crashes the app after you die? Go into a game, play a little, and pause-and-quit before you die. I did that and I kept everything I got in the run, and it fixed my app crashing when I died. For now. If this doesn't work for you, God help you.
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10 years ago, Vladopolis
Fun game, but issues with the app itself.
Every time I respring my iPhone or completely close out of the app, it erases all of the in-game data, and I have to start all over. If you try to listen to your own music while playing this game, it will let you fire one shot and then disable the firing button. It does that for every round after that too. If we are just talking about the game, then this actually a really fun game.
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10 years ago, lombax54
Good game, still needs some updates
The jumping system needs some work. Maybe add in a combat roll option, or improve the jump range. Sometimes, simply tapping the jump button causes an extra far jump, and holding it down makes the character jump a very short distance missing the target. Overall a good game though. "And as always, have nice day."
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10 years ago, Jwuzheer
not bad, needs work
The health bottle drops need to be fixed. Sometimes you get like two before even fighting or jumping anything. Why are the spikes sometimes at the very edge of the next platform. It's impossible to avoid! These are causing me to die so much that it's almost unenjoyable to play. Please adjust and this game will be awesome.
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10 years ago, Daniel Pisarski
Very addicting
This game is very addicting. I can't put it down. However I feel it could be better if the guns could be upgraded without spending actual money. Hopefully this will be considered in the next update. I can't write too much because I have to get back to playing.
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10 years ago, sentaikicker2
Save feature
I love the game but I gotta say there needs to be a save feature because I keep getting the magnum (or at least I think it's a mag) and when I boot it up it rests the whole thing. If the is a save feature I am sorry for wasting ur time.
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10 years ago, bdubb316
Great Game!
I love it but I think they should add difficulty levels like "Beech"(easy) "Russian"(Normal) and "Professional Russian"(hard) because right now it's just random sometimes the levels are really hard sometimes they are really easy. I think that should be fixed then ill give 5 stars
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9 years ago, Shadowzombie11
Great game with few isues
The game is great but I do not like how the inescapable traps appear often or how the guns overheat but the game has many quotes from fps himself and many guns and power-ups but they appear too often or not at all one time I had two health before the fighting started! But a great game overall
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10 years ago, -4-
I like the game but...
I (and a few others it seems) have a hard time when jumping from island (or rooftop) to another island. Some times in the animation he makes the jump but he just falls right through.
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10 years ago, modern warfare2 fan
Important bug
As some people have been saying, the game content isn't bad. It's great. But, there is a bug/exploit that resets the game content. Such things as in game purchases, items that were fairfully unlocked and the fact that it resets the entire game that it goes through the tutorial every time you enter the app.
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10 years ago, Teh_Onyx_Kitteh
My thoughts on the game
This is so cool I just got all types of stuff wow I wish there was updates. When you die it's kind of annoying cause my loading screen takes a sec but other than that it is a AWESOMEST GAME EVER.
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10 years ago, Kyle Comeback
This game is a lot of fun and a good time killer. Also for the people saying its hard to jump to the higher building, the longer you keep the jump button pushed, the higher he jumps.
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10 years ago, Mike The Judger
Its Not Perfect, But Its Great!
This game could be better, but i'm sure you guys did the best you could do on it! there should be a roll button in a future update maybe, but other than that its perfect!
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9 years ago, KalebGaming
Too lagging!
I see the fps Russia thing at the start up, then it gets all blurry then after five minutes it finally loads up. But it will lag like crazy after that. It makes the game unplayable and unenjoyable. Other than that it is pretty fun if you put aside my problems that I've had on two different phones, it fun. 2 stars
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10 years ago, Danycs
Great game!
It's a great game, but like everything it can get better! A good idea is also adding upgrades for (demitri) like making him more bullet resistant with bullet proof vests, maybe run faster and jump higher.
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10 years ago, Load screens
Load screens
Increase the loading screens. They are very very slow when restarting a new run. And fix the lag. Other then those it would be a 5 star
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10 years ago, RandomBrony225
Having trouble making jumps?
Hold the jump button and release for a long jump. Tap for a short jump
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10 years ago, RJFer24
Great but one issue...
I love the game and all of the concepts but when I play offline it gets stuck on "Contacting Server" so I am unable to play. That is bad for iPod and iPad users who don't have data or wifi.
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10 years ago, Darth vaders apprentice
A really good game, but every time I die, it crashes. Please fix. A good thing to add is a temporary power-ups while running. Like faster fire rate, cooldown, or damage-up. Please fix the crashes though.
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10 years ago, Rj the gamer
I like this game a lot but when ever I die it crashes its not my iPod because it never happens to any other apps and I lose all the money I make during the run.
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10 years ago, EpicNinja214
The game itself is really fun but there is always traps on the edges of the platforms so its almost impossible to jump without getting hurt; it gets kind of irritating at times.
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10 years ago, wow0130
Needs Work
The game is a fun run n' gun. But it needs work. The opening time is slow, my in-app purchases have reset multiple times. And now that they stay unlocked, one of the missions is to kill 8400 enemies in one run. Please update.
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10 years ago, way2fast4u78
Good App
Maybe you could put weapon stats to compare weapons to see which is better to use.
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10 years ago, LucentDiamond31
Fun but needs work
I love it but every time I die it crashes and also when I restart the game I lose my upgrades but none the less very fun.
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10 years ago, Jason the awesome 99
Love it
I have seen people saying that this game has lag problems and it restarts but I don't have those problem so it's great
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10 years ago, Mine homie
It's good but the difficulty is too high for a beginning and some obstacles are undoge able and I have problems with the jumping...otherwise it's really really fun
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10 years ago, Ernesto Patricio
Very good game but it lags to much loading time takes too much and when tap to shoot takes time to shoot but for the rest very good game
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10 years ago, RedneckSniper76
Needs work
At first I gave it a five star but after playing it it is way to glitchy it needs to be fixed cause it makes it almost impossible to get the goals like travel 2,990 in one game when it's glitch inch everytime you jumps
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10 years ago, Skullmaster767
Ok, first off I do like the game, but it lags so bad and it crashes all the time. Just fix these problems and it will be great.
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10 years ago, XxRpCFranky96xX
Laggy, impossible, and crashes
Very laggy, really hard to not get hurt and get hit with bullets, landing on obstacles after jumps, crashes every time i die. If all of this is fixed it would be a 5 star app
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5 years ago, Dantheman20020808
What happened to you
FPS Russia where are you and where has your channel gone
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10 years ago, Rijuskiller
eh an ok game
it fun over all but their not keeping up with bug fix and lag must be really from a Russian company so that a fail. plus no add on content no new gun or clothing or vechials. so please make more updates and keep up with it.
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10 years ago, Ksay42
Great game
But sometimes when I finish what I'm supposed to do for the missions. After I close the app and come back they are not there. Please fix
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10 years ago, 1000flipperz
Lets see what we can do
Can you please update this game to include more clothes, weapons, and vehicles?
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10 years ago, 99ez
Important problem
It is honestly a good game I have just fallen into the glitch where you can't shoot after the first shot
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10 years ago, Kdubwhatup
A lot of crashing
Way too much crashing it looks like a good game but I'm having problems with it on my iPod 4th gen
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10 years ago, Don't buy anything in game
Don't steal my money
If you're going to make a game that requires players to purchase in game currency in order to advance at all... At least make that game save the data when the app gets closed. I expect this to be resolved or a refund given. If this does not happen I will take legal action. That is stealing.
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10 years ago, Fernop
Fix Crash
The game would be much better if you can fix the lag and the game crashes after my second run and my scores don't advance.
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10 years ago, the69piez
Love it but
This game reset on me once when I was about a week into it, and I was ok with that and didn't make a big deal because I love FPS Russia :) but then again two days later it reset again. I'm not going to play it anymore until I see an update were this is fixed..
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10 years ago, Gamerrzx
Wow WHITEBOY7thst would love this
I predict that most ppl will enjoy this because of all the hard work u put in this app and the$$$$$
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10 years ago, Zack456
Pretty good
Like everything about it, Except it resets all my scores and goes to the tutorial every time I close it
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10 years ago, Coconuthead1
I love the game a 5 star but... As i keep getting far in the game ill stop for a little and come back to find that all my progress has restarted... Please help if you know what keeps happening
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11 years ago, Mex96
Must read
The game is not bad but I think it would be better if you included a roll button because dodging the bullets is hard other wise it's not bad
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10 years ago, TheNNNAAAVVV
So addicting
It is an amazing game but I would like to have a roll button and more guns
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10 years ago, Lammas with hatsssss
Love it
I think it's great and I can't wait to see the updates bring
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10 years ago, nuclearbulldog
I like the web show so I got the game. Once the novelty of playing as fpsrussia wears off and you've bitten the bullet (pun intended) and purchased enough in game currency to enjoy it. The games gets really old really fast. Not worth the money that YOU WILL SPEND.
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10 years ago, Ekard13
This game is very fun and I think everyone who made it did a very good job. thumbs up Minor bug. The game crashes when I fall of a building.
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