FR Legends

4.4 (11.1K)
396.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
丰 李
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for FR Legends

4.4 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
3 years ago, mylOneedes
Love this game but there’s a few downs to this wich I’m about to tell u
The downs to me about this game is that’s have to pay a lot of money to buy maps but u slso have to buy a lot of money bc it’s hard and it takes long to earn alot of money wat I’m sayin is y can the maps just be free or at least under 10k that would be great and the cars I don’t mind how much they are but it would be great if u also lower the money to it and add more customizations and I would luv to see more cars in this such as the Mitsubishi evo x rq wich is my dream car and I think it would look extremely beautiful in this game and it would be fun to customize bc it’s my dream car but the good thing bout this game is that u finally put the multiplayer free and that u can play multiplayer but I just don’t like how people crash into u on it but oh and can u make it were people can add each other and talk to each other online and the customizations are great the handling to drift is great but can u add this thing like every week or 2 we get 30k that would help a lot and u wouldn’t have to take off the thing to pay for maps and cars and it makes it easier for us but yea that’s all I gatta say others than dat luv the game and graphics great job guys
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3 years ago, J e k k a
Great Game, Issues fixed. Almost a perfect game, would play if was on consle
Ill just start by saying this game is great for all things jdm and drift. Aside from the occasional rammer, people are very friendly and are usually not too bad. The main thing people mention in these reviews is that the money system is trash. What they dont know is that there is a thing called gymkhana which gives you 3000 dollars in 1:45. I do admit it can get a bit grindey but every game is a like that some way or another. The tracks can get expensive which is one issue, but it isnt too bad. The main problem with this game is the lag. People can be joining in with as much as 2000 ping and the game gets unplayable if you want to tandem. There are midly consistent connection issues between me and the other players but you can fix that just by choosing a server with low ping. I would recommend this game for anyone who wants some good grassroots drifting and tandeming. A few side notes: (1)there are options for touge grip racing but you will have to buy the track. (2)many people are higher hp so if you want to tandem i will say you should make a lobby called “low hp” (3) the AI are PERFECT, they are great leaders and chasers for tandeming and are very good for practice (there are no options to race the ai with grip atm )
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3 years ago, EthanHess11
Best game on the App Store
I have 53 hours on this game and it’s by far my favorite game I’ve ever played. The customization is infinite with the window and panel customization. And you can customize your lights like tint or adding stickers to them. There’s nothing you can’t customize. It’s got really good body kit options, and every car is maxed out in terms of options. Now for the (constructive) criticism. The money system in my opinion is perfect because you get enough per run, but not too much to where the game is too easy, but it’s also not too hard. But the issue is there’s not enough tracks and variety of WAYS to make money. If there were different ways to make money I would play even more than I already do. More tracks, different environments, and PLEASE make the tracks cheaper. I’m not gonna make 60k for a track. Also, I would appreciate some more cars. I’ve got every car I want and I want to keep playing, but I don’t want any more of the cars they have to offer. The engine sounds could use A LOT of work, I really don’t like them. But that’s minor. I’d like some more engine swaps, and maybe some more horsepower capability. Overall the game is in my opinion, better than Forza Horizon 4, and it’s my favorite game. Keep up the awesome updates.
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3 years ago, gamedude55
The best customization of any car game
Fr legends is great, it’s an arcade style drifting game that features an easy to use multiplayer, that lets you have fun or battle with friends or random people. It’s easy to play, the cartoonish style graphics are very pleasing, and the in depth car customization is amazing. You can make custom liveries and modify almost every part of your car’s body. This really is an amazing game. Another part that I love, is that there are no forced ads (the only ads you will get is if you chose to watch them to earn gold). All the people complaining about the price of maps and cars are a little bit ignorant, i personally think the high prices of cars and maps is a good thing. It slows the player down and helps you fully experience one car or one map before moving on to the next (a tip for new players trying to earn money quicker would be to try gymkhanas and battles). As well as this, the high price of maps and cars gives you such a sense of accomplishment when you finally achieve it. In this game a stock car really is a blank slate that’s just ready to be made your own. All in all fr legends is an amazing game to try out. If you love cars, this is so worth every second of your time.
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5 years ago, Vindog W.
Amazing Game, Slight Room for Improvement!
This game is AMAZING. Best drifting game ever to come to iOS and ESPECIALLY if you consider yourself a JDM car guy!!! Good selection of cars, could be better with the addition of some legends (like the r34, 91’ HONDA NSX, supra mk4, etc.), and CONTROLLER SUPPORT (PLEASE!!!). Overall, love the game with it’s ability to do engine swaps and upgrades (would love to see a rotary swap, just for some laughs), its livery options, and more. I wish there were more maps, more cars, and controller support, although I COMPLETELY understand that Feng & iiley have their own personal lives, and also, this game is already very good!!! Would love to see this already good game, turn into a GREAT one. The only reason why I SOMEWHAT agree with the money system not being up to par is because of the lack of maps. Very few options which give you very little options to how much money you can earn. For example, I believe out of the base 4 maps, getting 100pts in the easiest one versus the hardest one, will only score you an extra $100? Would make more sense to just play the easiest map repeatedly rather try the harder one. Again, amazing game and WHOEVER’s IDEA IT WAS TO HAVE A ROTARY ENGINE AS THE LOAD SIMPLE SHOULD BE APPLAUDED!!! Absolutely genius and I love it!!! 🤩
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5 years ago, Not just Xbox
Money system and car ideas.
I absolutely adore this game. The cars are fun to drive and drift, the drifting takes a while to get used to, but once you learn how to drift, the game is fun. The tandems are extremely fun also, the AI is really well done, and can hold their line. They’ll make mistakes, but that’s good, because it is like a real driver. The one thing, however, that is missing is the money system. It will take about 6 races to equal half a bodykit ($3000), and you’ll end up smashing your car a lot, which can end you up paying many dollars, just to repair your car again and repeat the cycle. Another thing is that I have plenty of car ideas. The G35 is a car I expected to be in the game, but it wasn’t. A Supra would be amazing, because it would come stock with a 2jz, and you could just upgrade it a lot. Another car idea is the R30 Skyline. It’d come with a Speedhunters wide body and a roof spoiler/Ducktail spoiler. Also, can you just bring the entire s-chassis cars in, all you need is an S15 and the game will be complete. It’s kinda annoying how you have to download mods just to get the cars you want. Thanks for reading.
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1 year ago, aenon_
Best drift game on IOS easily
I’ve been playing FRL since the update that added the FD RX-7 and it has been the funnest racing game that I’ve played in a while. The customization is wild for a mobile game. The cartoon graphics and arcade physics just make it that much more fun. There are a few bugs here and there however, there’s a glitch where the car models don’t disappear when you switch slots which makes all the models mix together. There are a few things that I’d like to see in the future, like more Touge maps. Gunsai is perfect but it gets repetitive as you play more. We could use some more mountain passes similar to Noreplay pass, but still keeping the size of Gunsai for grip racing. More cars would be great as well. The cars already in the game are great, but we could use some more legends like the MR2, S2000, and 300zx. And maybe dip into the US territory with cars like the 2nd gen mustang so we could make legendary cars like the hoonicorn. Other than that, this is one of the greatest racing games on IOS, and I can’t wait to see what it’ll become with more time.
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6 years ago, sshhaannnonn
Great game not get money system
Absolutely love the game there’s a few things that could be improved first I’d like to able to chose my own gear plus maybe a slider for throat control so I’m not just clicking on and off well trying to lead up to drift with out running into them. To go on the money part it’s absolutely ridiculous I tried for hours to even get close to being able to buy the BN kit when I finally give and BUY it cause to get that you’d have to win over a thousand races, but then you finally get it and two three races later and your car is trashed and you have to pay almost as much as you did for the kit to repair it every time gets very annoying so there’s definitely a few things that could really improve gamer fun on this but for the most part it’s so much fun. I played CarX drifting on mobile for years and they have the psychics down but then tandem are terrible these are so much fun minus that you even tap there door and loss massive points. Hope to see updates in the future👍🏼
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5 years ago, Raymond Senior
Amazing Racing Game!!!
The best racing game yet so simple, every racing game out there it’s missing what this game has actually receiving damage to the vehicle replacing tires and none of that annoying playing for gas points and can’t play anymore when you’re out. They need to update put more cars more customizable parts hell maybe even throw some Dino options to Dino a car. It’s very addicting if you are a car guy even though you only have very few tracks to pick from but very addicting challenging in the sense that you have to learn to control the car while drifting. I love the graphics even though they’re a little bit low they’re still awesome amazing makes you appreciate the game. Are usually do not write any reviews to any apps but this one I couldn’t help it hopefully they can read this the creators of this application and come up with a big update include cars more mods and open up their multiplayer game feature. Parts are really expensive, but so are the real ones. This app has a lot of potential hope to come up what an amazing update.
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2 years ago, PopularYak
AI loses all traction and slows to near stop.
Not sure whats wrong with this but every now and then the AI during a chase run loses all grip and speed causing me to lose the drift and fail unless i grind the back of them until the finish. Makes no sense when all that happens is the slide becomes harder to control when my tires hit 0%. Amazing game the drifting is phenomenal along with car selection and customization. Lastly why are the extra maps so expensive? I understand the method of making it agonizing to just play for money in hopes more people decide to purchase in app money. Yet theres not even a race (to what ive seen so far) where you win anything more than 1750 on a near perfect run. With single maps at 40,000 thats just unfair. Gymkhana section is fun but (unless I'm not far enough in the game) theres only one map. Max prize 3000 yet barely enough time to get the points that high. (Might be a skill issue though idk.) Main fix is the AI stopping abruptly other than that I would have given 5 stars just needs these game breaking parts to get fixed. And maybe a few more car designs, but thats more of a luxury.
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6 years ago, NABOA
Super fun game
It’s funny. A few days ago I found a racing game that was simple and really fun. I knew that I found the best driving game EVER! Two days later I come across FR and could not have been more wrong about that other game. FR Legends is super fun and very easy to understand just not very easy for me to chase and win lol. The customization seems nearly infinite and self explanatory. Great job on creating this game👍🏼. I do have some suggestions for some changes that you guys can make (all positive) but the game is still awesome as is. 1More cars, obviously. Mustang would be cool, or even something odd like a cop car lol. Ooo a pickup. A Tacoma or a ranger! 2A little more customization like individual head and tail lights, and painting individual body panels (hood, trunk, skirts), and removable trunks too. 3Most importantly the volume. The music is cool but there’s no way to adjust the volume of it. It would be better if we could lower the volume instead of just turning it on or off. 4Finally, what’s your twitter or Instagram account? I wanna send vids and pics of my creations and my sweet runs!
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3 years ago, gerardo duarte
Is great but
If you could please make the gloves on the character smaller and more realistic that would be nice if you could make the map where theirs a straight away so you don’t fall that would be great also theirs a really cool idea I have where if you make the map where theirs a straight away you could make a circle around the whole map where you can go super fast and Test out your engine also if you could put a option to where u have to pull the brake so it drifts that would be awesome Because some times I just want to turn and it drifts so if u could jus turn normally like in real life it would make it cooler and the brakes you should make a option where you can get better brakes because the brakes are kinda weak but that’s all I can think of right now but I really love your game is the only thing I do all day🤣🤣I made a very sick blacked out car with sharingan eyes 🥳is very cool people in multiplayer just park next to me to see my car !!!! Thanks for making this game much love for the creators
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2 years ago, C4L69
Great game
This is an amazing game when it comes to graphics and customization to cars. Although this game is amazing I do wish they changed some things… first of all everything is extremely expensive and takes forever to get simple things like rims, bumpers, side skirts, and especially other MAPS. Anyway, the “easiest races for beginners” at max only gives you around 450$ (and that’s only if you have a perfect run). 450 not much and if you were to play this game you would understand. My last complaint is that there isn’t many cars to chose from, don’t get me wrong it still has a lot of iconic cars such as, s chassis, Toyota chaser, AE86, skyline, and so on. Overall it is still an astonishing game and I don’t want my 1 stupid review to be a decision maker but if you want a great drifting game that gets more fun as it goes on then I would tell you to try it out! Btw if you are worried about the controls being hard than don’t be! They are surprisingly easy!
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4 years ago, Vhajsj
Amazing game but needs more
I have been a huge fan of this game since the first days and have many hours under my belt. Waiting months and months for some big update and i cant lie im still enjoying the game and the new little features but im not sure i want to pay for a monthly membership just to be able to play online after being such a long term free player. Not saying youre asking a crazy price or anything but i would just love to see more to justify having to pay for any new features unless its something huge. New maps, new cars etc. The game is amazing as it sits but i was so excited for multiplayer and was disappointed to see i have to have reoccurring charges to experience it. I would be willing to do it and still may but id rather see some more cars atleast(rx-7, supra, 350z, mustang gt, camaro/corvette, older gtrs and such). YOU GUYS HAVE CREATED AN AWESOME GAME!!! But from a long time fan, it just needs some more... Constructive criticism 🙂 is all. Hope to see some more awesome content in the future!
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5 years ago, Zinksie
Nice game
I really appreciate many aspects of the game from the drifting to the customizations. I have some suggestions I would like to hopefully see in the game. 1) if there were crates you can get to unlock items without having to spend actual currency but possibly in game money. Also to have crates that allow someone to unlock good items/parts would be really nice to have in the game. 2) more customization, it would be nice to have the capability to change more parts of the car like the colors of the entire engine bay and have more capability to make different parts/panels of the car a different color or have a custom livery feature that can be linked to a community we’re everyone can share there custom livery. 3) more body kits or body modifications 4) more cars and easier way to earn or have car slots. Over all the game is great but I wish to see more changes to make this game better. I really want to see my suggestion pushed into this game to make a bigger community.
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5 years ago, HerobrineUXE
Best so far
I haven’t put much time into this game, but I’m already addicted. The art style is unique and cool looking, (is a little weird to get used to if you drift IRL though. I’m used to a Mustang and it took a little to get acclimated to the chubby cars in this game. Maybe if I drove a fox body...) I appreciate the vehicle damage as well. It’s nice to have a game where there is a penalty to crashing. Maybe in future updates, there will be a very real threat of damaging your cars mechanical parts. Like smashing in to a wall sideways at 30mph will annihilate the cars drivetrain, not just make the bumper plop down (*ahem* RR3). And also engine damage. Revving high for long periods of time would cause damage, resulting in needing to purchase new parts or even a new engine. And this would give way to more swaps. My last request for a later update though, and I know what any readers will think, but I would like some American vehicles. It’s a cool game though, would highly recommend.
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3 years ago, pooperdad
For the developers.
This game is great. I have had it for almost a year. I have spent money on this game it is fun and worth it. There isn’t any ads unless you want to watch one for money. I love that. It does cost a bunch of money to modify or customize cars though. I always get the Max money out of my battles but I still play battle after battle because I don’t get enough. I have multiple cars over 600 horsepower and one 700 horsepower one but it’s annoying how the ai only have 500 and I can’t put them higher so I can get more money. I am not really a wuss when it comes to the money. I understand that you need to grind for it. Also after you get 200 points you just keep getting the same amount of money. It would be cool at like 220 you can get more money. Other than that this game is amazing I would recommend to anyone. I hope you make the changes. Keep up the good work
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3 years ago, Hdhdbbdhsbeb
I love cars and I love drifting, this cartoon aspect in the game brings out the kid in me yet the cars makes me want to rush into adulthood from 15, I love the amount of customizations you have for each and every car and how many maps/modes there are, I would love to have a day/night and maybe even lighting storm modes to make the drifting more aesthetic, it would also cool if a map of the wangan highway was added into the game to give it more of a 80’s 90’s Tokyo vibe, I’m not too happy about the way money works in this game, it’s mostly about doing lots of races until you have enough money or buy some if you have a card, I’m not complaining About that though because it seems every time I come back to play on this app there is another awesome update and I spend around $10 to get what’s new and have fun, either way I give this app a solid 15/10 and if you love cartoons/drifting I recommend this app 110%
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5 years ago, SaltyTheTurtle
Just GREAT!!!!
This is the most immersive in depth and detailed drift game out there. To being able to see the whole engine and what’s being installed. To being able to remove bumpers and corner panels and hood so you don’t damage them and have to pay to get it fixed. To all of the mods you can do to the interior from steering wheels to hydro E-brakes to gauges. This game is all around awesome! It’s not very easy to earn money though, it’s very slow! If that could be addressed that would be great. But I did notice on the AI side of this game that they get away with murder. If they hit you during a drift they don’t get a penalty. And their lines are always flawless so it’s hard to win against them. It’s still a cool challenge and it feels awesome to do a chase run and be able to stay right on the leaders through translations! Best cartoony drift game ever. Hoping to see more cars and tracks in the future!!!! Keep it coming guys!
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5 years ago, MooseBiscuits
Insanely fun game!
Been playing this and following it for a few months now and learning along the way that a it’s ran by ONLY two guys. That is a pro beyond pros imo. They’re is 0 “pay2win” and content is high quality. There really isn’t another drift/motor sports game out there that has the feel that this one does. There’s no BS fuel system which means you can play this on a long trip or flight. The rate at which you unlock things is slow at first but it gives you a very satisfied feeling when you get things. On to the customization... it’s... AMAZING! There’s a pretty great selection of options of fenders, bumpers, roof spoiler, wings, skirts etc. There is nothing to lose giving this game a try. Might take a little while to get the hang of the controls but one you get it down and are taping doors on the 4 AI tandem train you won’t be able to put the game down. Keep up the great work Feng and Illey you guys are awesome!
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6 years ago, blackcinema
Fulfilling JDM dreams one download at a time
This is by far the funnest car game I’ve played and hands down the best drift. Mind you, this is just their first launch. Meaning there will be a lot more cars, modifications, tracks and game modes in the near future! I know I’m gonna be stoked for every update on this game. If there’s one option I think should be added it would be to switch which side the Ebrake/brake is with the throttle side. I’m no lefty and all I do is hold the throttle down with my right, so constantly tapping the Ebrake and brake with my left is super awkward and I feel like it holds me back from my true potential with the game. Also, if they can add a little more sensitivity to the turning so I don’t have to turn my phone so sideways when sliding. I find myself turning my head pretty hard with the screen sometimes, lol. Please become compatible the Steelseries Nimbus controllers! Besides that, thanks Feng and iiley!!!
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This game needs more updates
Good game and all but here a couple things that would satisfy me. (Pause) I like the physics of the game, it looks presentable and I’ve been playing this for the longest now. But if it’s not to much too ask may we please receive more updates in the future. Of course there might be updates but what I mean is, may you please update the game more often. It doesn’t always have to be maps or cars maybe add some new engines or add different engine sounds. Another thing that would be nice is character and garage customization and I’ve talked it over with friends and they agree that it would be a good idea. For my last requests it would have to be make it easier to get money but not to easy. You want the players to grind for the money but also not lose value of the game. I appreciate the game you have provided me with and I hope my request some day happen if it doesn’t it’s fine I’ll keep playing it the games fun.
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6 years ago, 2werp
Perfect Mobile Arcade Car Game
It’s funny, at first I liked it a lot, and then I started to hate it, but then I understood. The graphics, gameplay mechanics and JDM “feel” is at the forefront of this quick cartoon flash. Being incredibly optimize for my iPhone 8, it spends minimal battery in comparison to even Instagram and I can load up a tandem drift in no more than 30 seconds from pocket to hand break (given a minute or two). One thing though: it is grind heavy. Yes, you will be spending, collectively, hours doing battles and building your dream car even in these alpha stages of the game. And yes there are loot boxes and premium items, but I still wouldn’t call it a pay2win. I think that all depends on how committed and thrilled you are to drifting, less as a sport, and more as a culture. It has definitely brought me closer. 9/10 Essential P.S No advertisements. Don’t worry though, these loot boxes are extremely attractive 👀
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1 year ago, jacob naber
Absolutely love the game
I absolutely love the game. I’ve currently got 133 hours on the game and I’ve been playing it since my sophomore year in high school. But the 2 biggest things I have against the games is most definitely the money system and updating the game physically. Thr money system is horrible it takes so much time to work up to buying upgrades, customizations, maps, cars. I feel like that could definitely be fixed for each map. With the updating I feel like that could happen a hole lot more often then a year. The most recent update was 7 months ago and (not complaining about the update) but all we got was a new car and stickers. Why not add 2 or 3 new cars and new power upgrades or something else. Definitely love the game beside those 2 things and I recommend this game to anyone
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9 months ago, Like A Boss Bacon
Needs more cars!!
Love this game so much! When I’m not at the track drifting I’m playing this game lol. I would say it’s perfect but the only thing I would like to add in this game is more FR cars! Obviously there’s so many out there but simple additions such as the 350z or e36 I think would be great additions as they’re very well known and popular drift cars! Especially nowadays, I find it off that they have additions such as r32s and rx7s when in reality these are cars you don’t see at the track as often anymore compared to cars now(at least in America). Could use more maps sure but that I don’t care about as much, I just think a few new cars would be great additions to this game! Considering how old it is I’m not surprised the support has sort of died out but still would be great additions in my opinion👍🏻thanks to the devs for making such a fun and cool game!!
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4 years ago, supergsmesraeteterrater
Just with payment
This game is really fun. And it’s a really fun game in general out of most drifting games I have played. All though there are realistic graphics with lighting the smoke when drifting and the car models. The only down side is when paying for cash in game, I have tried to get a starter pack but did not receive the cash or items. Restarted the game and tried everything. But I know not to buy stuff in game until it’s fixed. But if you can just grind a lot of cash you can get pretty far in the game and I love you can put stickers and decals on your car, and with all the customizations And ect. But when I am applying decals and images the screen flashes a lot and makes the game a little laggy. But that’s all the problems I had with the game but shouldn’t concern you to much. The game is really fun a good game and hope there are more updates coming soon.
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5 years ago, Almighty_Aux_King
Amazing Game, can’t wait for more - Empire of Nerds Approves
Great game. More than just charming graphics, there is great customization options and upgrades. Once the other game modes drop I’m confident this will continue to be my time sync. I really hope this ends up on the Nintendo Switch. There is a learning curve but the motion control/touch control combo works very well once you figure it all out. Took 2 days to master witch many aaha moments and you can feel your skill increase. I thought the camera was fussy sometimes but I learned to check my speed for certain corners. A few tips: Your standard brakes are needed after your car has been upgraded and gets up to speed quickly, in the beginning you kinda can just use gas and eBrake but later you’ll need to use the regular brake as well. Control you speed and pitch and go for those near wall style points!
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5 years ago, PappyStanceX2
[update help] Good platform, needs more!
UPDATE I had recently switched devices and forgot my login password but cannot send a password reset link because when I enter my email I run out of characters to enter meaning my email is a little too long PLZ fix I’ve spent hella time building up an rx7 :(< Show more
2 years ago, bombpwr
Best Game Out there
This game is absolutely amazing and has came so far in updates and content, as a long time player I can say fr legends is the best drift mobile game out there for its unique take on drifting. customization is absolutely insane with plenty of options like coils, rims, bodykits, spoilers, even interiors. not to mention these things called “layers” which can be super useful for creating a car like custom shading and stickers. The Community is HUGE and you can find many helpful layers on pastebins and Vks from users on instagram, biggest complaint about this game would be how long an update usually takes, we usually get 1 per year if not any. But if your a true fan of the game then you know to just be patient. That’s about it, this is my favorite mobile game ever and I lowkey kinda grew up with it.
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6 years ago, Tristank12345
Some hiccups
I really like this game, it has major potential if it keeps being worked on. I’ve noticed a few things about this game and I want to start with the positives first This game has its own unique style and has exceptional game controls when you can adjust and get used to steering. It is neat how much the amount of customization you can add to this game. Downsides: I wanted to hop into multiplayer right away, but I have no idea how to unlock it, there’s nothing pointing me in the right direction. I assume by buying and keep doing battles I’ll eventually get it. UI is good except the customization bit, it is hard to click on specific parts, and the text is sometimes not noticeable or sometimes too crowded in one area. I didn’t know that there were body kits up until half way through my experience. It was off to the side so I didn’t see it. Gameplay: Solo drifting is fun, it is fun but I do want to do battles. Battles do not give you enough money when you win. It is a very hard grind. I’ve also noticed that when you battle against certain cars you may have the advantage. But some just beat you right off the bat in the first difficulty class of battles. Tires are very expensive and a pain to maintain in this game. I wish I didn’t have to buy tires every 5 or so matches. Even if you restart a match or solo and drifting once, it does take a considerable amount of tire wear.
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2 years ago, josselleGamerPro
love the game but this might make it better 👍(from an actual player)
so you guys did a awesome game and i love how yall made the interior of the car so realistic but can you guys try to add an animation to the hand brake to make it even more realistic like the hand holds the handbrake and does an animation as if he was actually using it when the player touches the handbrake button? also if this isnt too much can you guys try to make licenses like a drift license you have to complete different tasks or a manual license to add manual cars? I think that for the manual cars you guys can make the player waste 2,000 game money to change it to manual? please even if its just the handbrake animation that would reallt be so cool to see. i hope you guys read this and try to add at least just one thing. btw loved the miata
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3 years ago, Pure JDM
Best time waster for mobile game
I didn’t play mobile games that much until I got this one. Every since they implied the multiplayer online mode I’ve spent hours each day just playing with my friends. I love the different camera mode especially the cockpit. It’s easy to learn the master of drifting in this game. A couple of things I really want implemented into the game is a night mode, more cars, And maps with more mountain roads for touge maps and maybe a small free roam map. Also maybe some kind of story mode as a different way to earn game currency. It’s takes a lot of game time to buy other maps and it can be boring to drive the same maps over and over. But all in all. Also wish there could be a little more variety of car. One of my favorite games and great time waster. Great customizations on the car
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4 years ago, TheGarlander
Physics in update
Love this app guys and am super happy to support the continued work. Until the last update I loved the physics and was able to push really hard through the courses now however the physics have changed dramatically and it seems like I can’t carry the same speed through sections and I even notice the AI has to straighten out to take the appropriate lines. Would be cool if you guys took a closer look at that or if possible if you could return the physics to previous settings. Love the new initiation zones! Awesome game just can’t enjoy with the new physics or maybe you could explain further the changes and what I can do to adjust to them. Is it a suspension setup mod? Is it tires? I use the top tire compound on 400hp pro level car. But overall across the board I have little grip and can’t find a way to get grip back even with new tires. Thanks guys
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6 years ago, Amesomeness667
Needs a lot of work...
The game is fun in all but some physics are really bad, and some parts are very aggravating. First, drift tapping usually leads to a disqualification and a 100 dollar charge for repair. It makes no sense, drift tapping should usually be a good thing, and my other main problem is the music. When I first played it, I noticed the music seemed awfully familiar. A hour or two later I realized it is one of Garageband’s default music that is made for you. If you are going to make an app this popular, get real music not default GarageBand music. My other issues is how there is only about 5 cars. It doesn’t give much of a selection and you run out of things to do quickly. My last issue is the other race tracks. The first 3 free tracks are just 3 ways of drifting on a skid pad, and the actual tracks are a lot of money and take a long time go get to. I understand this app is new and they will fix many of these things, but they are my personal preference to fix before others.
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6 years ago, T_Hizzle324
Great game, some room for improvement
I love playing this game, I can barely put it down! I know it’s a very early version, and there are things you’d like to add in the future, but I’ll share what I’d like to see added. More tracks, but available at a lower cost. It took me forever to grind up to $35,000 to unlock a new track. On that topic, maybe increase the rewards for winning battles. More cars (obviously). Ive also noticed that the slightest tap of your opponents car will dock you 20 points after the run, but if an opponent makes contact with you then they’re docked 0 points. That is especially frustrating on the Indy track. And I’m not sure how, but it seems like the scoring from lead to chase runs is unbalanced. I’m not sure how to recommend that be improved. Again, overall great game, just needs a few tweaks! Looking forward to tournament and multiplayer!
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10 months ago, Cobo_PittStop
Great Game, Just Needs a Few things to be on CarX Level
-Every car should have working headlights and tail lights, the S13 looks sooo good with the working tail lights and headlights and I wish every car could have the same effect -Needs more cars, the cars looking amazing in this game, it just needs more relatable cars to the drifting scene, including: 350Z, E36\E46, C6 Corvette, JZX 90, GS300 etc. -More Engines, there a only a few engines to pick between and honestly the only logical swap is the JZ because it makes the most power, but maybe some new ideas could be: LS3, 1UZ, K Series, etc. -A day and night time cycle, online lobbies are very fun but they could be better with a night time scene, and maybe rain and snow would be cool too, also a city map would look AMAZING in this game, to bring the Street drifting side into FR legends!
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3 years ago, s12 dreamer
The sickest Jim game out their
Hands down the best car game on the App Store. I will spend way too much time scrolling through the list of driving games trying to find something good to play that isn’t 4 dollars but this game is the one to get. It’s better than anything you’ll pay for and the mechanics for handling couldn’t be better I really don’t have any complaints about the game aside from the price for some of the maps and the fact that there isn’t a way for us to creat our own. Super stoked on the mod maps that were created for the mountain passes but I feel like I need more places to drive that feel like real roads. The tracks are cool but nothings like flying past a guard rail doing 90 over a ravine. Aside from needing more maps I wouldn’t get any other car game from the App Store.
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6 years ago, Harold Gerold
Best drift game around
The best drift game out there. Customization options are insane between suspension upgrades, Offset of wheels, camber, being able to remove fenders, bumpers, add cages, paint cages, Intercooler piping performance upgrades. Money is easy enough to get with practice, but still challenging so you won’t get bored of the game quickly, only thing I wish we knew and everyone asks on social media is when are we getting the new game modes and multiplayer???? Multiplayer with friends will add much more value to this game and playability. Hope it comes soon, unfortunately the last racing game I played I got tired of and was just waiting for multiplayer to be released which was promised and never did so I uninstalled, hope it doesn’t take to long here! Keep up the good work it’s blowing up. A++++
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6 years ago, LogiARPlayz
Thanks for scratching my itch.
I’ve gotten board of the same old CarX drift racing, and if you have too; get this game. I love the customization and how the physics are quite casual. There are some flaws though. You name a game FR legends and only have 5 FR Cars, I’m not gonna make any suggested cars cause I trust the devs know what we want. Another flaw is the money system. I get the runs are short, but the game is a bit grindy, not asphalt 8 grindy but I want this upgrade already and I’m still 2 grand grindy. The game would be much better if things were cheaper, or if you want add a permanent double credits feature for 2.99 like assoluto Racing. How could you advertise and supply such great customization, AND MAKE A BUCKET SEAT 12 GRAND? Also with the money we get it will take an eternity to get another car. For now I’m giving this a solid 3 stars because the gameplay is great but the pricing needs attention, that or give us more money per run.
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6 years ago, itommytang
This is a great game
I'm a gaming drift pro, and competed in forza, lfs, gran turismo, competitive drifting. I was playing carxdrifting before it was popular and have ranked 1st competitively on there tournaments. This game is a lot of fun in a more "arcade" way. This game also has what I think all those other games were missing which is the vast array of exterior car mods which I love. I hope you never take the ability of "stancing" a car away because I think it truly seperates it from any other game. I almost feel like it's two games in one. Improvements I would like to see in the future: -most inportantly is the handbrake. It needs to function more realistically. When pulling the handbrake, the car should NOT continue sliding towards the "front" of the car and MORE sideways in the path it was traveling. On top of the physics of it, make sure handbrake also does "clutch" in so you can hold the gas while pulling handbrake to keep the revs up, or do a clutch kick. -more tracks: tsukuba, maple valley, Suzuka east, Indianapolis Speedway, touge hills, to name a few. -Cars: you would make me super happy with an fd rx7, but also should have a 180sx, s14 kouki, s15, r32, fc rx7. -wheels: even lower offset/deeper dish, work meisters, work kiwami, volk ce28, oz futura.
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10 months ago, migoski_
Great game, but needs more features
i love fr legends and ive been playing for 3 years now, but it needs more features into the game. right now im struggling on making a car because ive reached the 650 layers limit and i need more layers. please expand the layers limit because 650 isn’t enough. fr legends also needs more cars, the last car we got was the rx7 and that was a while ago. there are so many mod packs that have billions of cars but i can’t use it because my iphone is incompatible. the game also needs more maps, i would love to see more touge’s and drift courses in the game but there just aren’t. like i said from earlier too, there’s several mod packs with a variety of maps to choose from but i can’t use those either.
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1 year ago, Xon SB
This game is so much fun!
Nello my name is assple from the frl Community I really love this game I’ve super enjoyed it I think there are lotta nice people but I think the developers and ETC should add more JDM cars or different engine swaps like a two Jay Z swap, be really cool Also different exhaust pipesthere lots of cool ones but maybe some long aggressive exhaust pipes would be really cool for all the cars that The developersgive us but PLEASE add school course and more tracks please it would be really nice to see that and maybe some custom scenery to have around the track and maybe add A Tokyo drift map where we can go up and down the spiral like a car garage or something Oher than that ive really enjoyed this game and i hope to see more thank you for reading and have a good day or night!
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6 years ago, Denny Dal
Spend the couple bucks
To anyone who complains about spending money on phones game, please grow up. You spend more money on a cup of coffee or an energy drink, and while you can only drink them once you can drive your car, or upgrade your car and use it as often as you’d like. And on top of that you’re supporting the developer so that they can continue to add things. (If you add body kits to your car but still crash a lot and don’t want to spend money to fix it, drive without the kits installed so if you crash you don’t have to spend thousands) That being said I can’t wait for more features and cars to be added, all though it’s all wheel drive I would love to see a Gtr r35, or at least a 240 with an rb swap option The camber function for the ae86 does not work
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5 years ago, Nanner54
Best game I’ve played in a while!
I downloaded this game a week or two ago and played it off and on upgrading my car as I went. Now I’m able to play on the super level and have unlocked new courses. Since I’ve done that I’m hooked, playing on the harder level and different courses present a lot more of a challenge. I’m hooked now. This is the only game I’ve actually spent money on because I wanted to support the game creators. Hopefully more cars and courses will become available to keep the game fresh and fun. I’m a huge fan of the 90’s Japanese and German cars in the game along with the styling of the graphics. The cartoonish drivers and smoke add to the overall fun of this game. I’d love to see more games like this. Maybe fflegends, rxlegends, or talegends, all would be a great complement to this game.
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4 years ago, Armani.B
Good game, needs some work in my opinion
Don’t get me wrong, this game is great but, I just don’t get the money system and the AI for the tandems. I’ll start with the money system. You could do lots of races for let’s say, an engine swap but then you collide with walls and then you have to pay for the damages. Also I think the money you earn is just to low, I could throw down a drift that is next to the wall but then only get $350. Now for the AI for tandems. They always get the advantage and they get mimicking points and stuff like that when I lead. But when they lead I’m right on their door, same angle, same speed but I don’t get mimicking points? Also I get really good drifts with AI but then they are only worth 60pts and the AI gets almost 100pts. Oh and please ad for cars. Other than that I love the game because you guys went gameplay over graphics.
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6 years ago, Jrebbb
Great game, but some things here and there that need to be touched up.
Don’t get me wrong. This game is the best drift game on the market. Easy Controls, decent customization, and cool maps. Somethings I would change would be the money system, the upgrades, and the battle races. The game is very grindy with how you acquire money. It takes you a while to get enough money to buy a car. And then it’s takes forever after that to upgrade it fully. By the time you fully upgrade, your car still isn’t a whole lot faster than the CPU’s you go against on the Super difficulty. For the battle races, the CPU’s follow the same line every time. There’s no randomness so it’s pretty easy to beat them as long as you’re able to keep up. But, the game is very early in its life. I’m sure things will change and I’m excited for the future of this app.
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3 years ago, kidjfdifggig
Love it but I want more stuff idk
I love the game the control are awsome and I love it but I want more stuff to be added like being able to change you game in a multiplayer lobby without leaving also being able to have more than like 4 engine option we want to be able to add v8 rb’s, etc but also add more cars like the fd rx7, rx8, trucks, wangle Mazda truck (which is super sickkkkkk), e36, More hatchbacks, r34, also being able to surpass 717hp would be awsome we need a map like final bout that would be rad also we need more than one kind of racer person we need to be able to customize the person also we need more than one color of hydro I’m talking about the style that only comes in white and being able to adjust ride hight mid game(bag suspention) but that’s about all I wanna say
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2 years ago, 5 stars have been earned
Best Drift Game!
This game is one the best drifter games I've ever played. Its physics are good and the graphics are unique and very cartoony. The only problem I have with the game is that there are hardly any cars. Basically any car I think if can become a drift car. Also worth mentioning, it is so hard to get gold in this game. I would love it if there were minigames specifically based on get gold. One more thing I think should be added to the game is some more engine sounds. It would be awesome if you could make your car sound like anything you want and actually have the turbo stick out if the hood or have side skirt exhausts. Besides that, its an outstanding game! I hope you guys make a sequel to this. Keep on doing what you do best!
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3 years ago, plane plane plane/2
Simply Amazing
I’ve played a lot of dirt games and just racing games for the matter, And they’ve always lacked something. But FR Legends have everything I need, tons of visual upgrades, tons of power upgrades, and most importantly, I don’t feel like I’m getting scammed when I purchase money or a bundle because they’re always a good deal. Today I bought a bundle for 3.99 or 2.99 and I got almost 70k in game cash, I believe 130 coins, and a free slot, all this for like 4 bucks, and why is this a good deal? Because the smallest amount of in game cash u can buy is 30k for 1.99, for only 1-2 dollars I got a lot more. And the cartoony style just seems nice as well. If you want a fun drift game, with lots of customization, and good deals, this is the game for you.
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3 years ago, drift boiiiiiiii
Funnest Mobile drifting game
I absolutely love this game. I love how the cars look and I love how you put the dog in the game. Drifting is A little weird once you start but when you get used to it is pretty fun and easy. But I just wish the cars were a little bit cheaper. But anyway awesome game I play all the time.I have the 180x but I am trying to save up to get the GT86. I love how you can make your own wraps but it’s a little bit confusing for me. And in your next update can you please put a Subaru WRX that would be nice. The cars in this game look like no other cars in other racing games or drift games. I like it. I don’t have enough money to buy the track with the jumpBut it looks really fun. well that’s it I hope you enjoyed keep up the good work. My name is jdmboy in the game
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