Fraction Calculator Plus #1

4.9 (17.1K)
94.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
DigitAlchemy LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fraction Calculator Plus #1

4.87 out of 5
17.1K Ratings
3 years ago, NSDMILL
Yes Finally
So I can say I finally found a fraction calculator that helps me through out my day at my high end mill work shop. I do work for clients via GC’s and major player architects that do the design and building of those who are in the Stratosphere, we are talking above high end the top of the food chain. The riches people on the world. So as you can imagine that we have to build perfection. ZERO DEFECT. That starts by knowing the many measurements that are in the 64ths. So when I need to add fractions at that level this is the calculator for the job. I love this thing. It makes my day so much more easy. Download it if you need to add fractions together. I love the layout too. It makes it really easy to input fractions and correct them when missed type. Trust me a must have out of all the many I have downloaded then deleted because it did not do what it said it would do for free. This idea the one.
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3 months ago, OpticSugar
the best of it’s kind
I’ve tried several fractional calculator apps since I started getting into woodworking, and this one is so much better than anything I’ve seen so far. The fact that it has multiple numeric keypads (one for whole numbers, and ones for the numerator/denominator) is such a huge timesaver to be honest. I can type in a fractional number in a fraction of a second! I also really love the way you can easily round the fraction up or down based on what level of precision you need (1/32… 1/64) and it can tell you how far off it is. Very simple and straightforward to use, but incredibly useful (unless of course, you live in a country that is blessed with working in the metric system!) If you have to work with fractions, like for woodworking or carpentry, do not hesitate to upgrade to the pro version of this app.
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6 years ago, BOSS!!847228
Great app
I personally learn a lot of new concepts in math and forget the simplest math problems and how they are supposed to be solved, although I do believe kids should be doing work themselves these days I also think this is a great app for students who can’t remember their fractions. 6th graders are now required calculators so why not have it as an app. I’ve seen some people review that the app should not be allowed for little kids and that 6th graders should not have calculators but at the same time, 6th graders are given many extra math pages and learn new concepts and laws of math every day. I do believe that kids shouldn’t resolve to an app when they can’t remember their fractions or what not but considering the fact that 6th grade is a bridge year and the teachers have to teach them new concepts everyday I think this app is amazing.
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2 years ago, 🌸J💖
Yes,I love it…because I am in 5th grade I have piano lessons, church, and my BROTHER and sometimes I just don’t have enough time to finish all of my homework 📚 so I use THIS APP omg 😆 I can’t get over how simple it is YES I am having a …”difficult ” time in math so if I am STUCK i can just press the button to show me HOW THEY DID IT I don’t know why somebody would have a bad review other than adds and they are only at the top of your screen…sooo Yeah HATERS and I know I sound like a add but no have looked for a app or website for something like this nothing compares like I found one app and it did not show me how to do it or give me other options than adding or subtracting now I have them a so I recommend it for anyone.🌸✌️💖
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5 years ago, cant put a name
Very good app
This calculator application is terrific. I enjoy this app because the calculator I have been using lately only gets basic mathematics done. Not only that but to use anything other that’s the basic calculator it costs a monthly payment and because I don’t use the calculator that often it would be a waste of money. With the slightest touch on my old calculator it would pop up saying you need to pay to use the fractions and other features it has on it and the fact that this is completely free makes my work time go by faster and I would REALLY RECOMMEND THIS TO STUDENTS AND ADULTS that need a calculator for fractions. Overall I feel that this application is a very helpful and worth the storage space on your device.
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3 years ago, Godmode8
This is my Favorite
I love this app for quickly checking my daughter’s homework and doing quick calculations on odd measurements. I also like how it shows the steps so I can trace back to exactly where she went wrong in the problem and help to strengthen her weak points. Works flawlessly and does everything you’d expect. Only critique is that it is a subscription service for the Pro version. I would have no problems with a one time fee but I am not going to, essentially, rent a calculator. Maybe you guys are cleaning up on the subscription service but if not, try switching over to a single price point and I can guarantee you at least 3 sales.
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2 months ago, WarriorCatsFan!
At first, I was skeptical to get this app because I previously had had multiple problems with other calculator apps, but it is definitely better than what I expected. For starters, after calculating a problem it will convert the answer into an integer or fraction FOR you. Another reason I like this app is that you can customize the interior, and if you don’t want to pay for the premium version, the ads are off to the corner, and all the normal features are still usable without a price. Thank you for taking your time to read this review, and I hope it helps you choose a calculator app.
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1 year ago, quickly now
A must for cabinet door and drawer front replacement
Great for calculating cabinet door and drawer face sizes from opening sizes and gaps desired and stile and rail sizes etc.,etc. It’s easy to get lost with all the fractions and gets expensive if one orders doors or drawer faces incorrectly. Also you can mix decimal fractions that are memorized with all the other fractions gleaned with the tape measure and stay with the confusion or bewilderment, with sudden breakdown of the calculation due to doubt. And again, one can double check by adding up various totals to arrive at standard cabinet sizes that are whole numbers and thus make the whole process believable. Just plain wonderful.
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5 years ago, Cloüt
Fractions - This App is amazing!
I love this app. It helps me solve all my fraction problems. And it’s very useful and easy to use. I would suggest that it shows you how to solve step by step each equation you input at the press of a button. That way those who use the app can also refresh their memory on how to solve fractions when needed. Ex: doing homework using the app, and reading the steps on how to solve the fraction just Incase they have a test. The app is amazing but please add this feature. None of the other apps have this particular setup which is easy, convenient, and perfect! Thank you again! 5 star rating!
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2 years ago, Brett (Amys guy)
Fast, Easy, awesomely laid out app
Hey this is the app if your looking for a great laid out fraction calculator that makes it feel very natural typing in fractions. It is fast and easy and there is no watching ads to use. I use this app occasionally with my handyman and my landscape business. Trust me because I am not getting paid to write this. If you want a basic fraction calculator that will not only take the place of your regular calculator but does fractions just as fast download this app and give it a whirl! What do you have to lose. Go to Guy Handyman and Landscape- Bham AL. Brett-owner
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3 years ago,  user2227
Amazing calculator
This is not a fake review ppl even though I know there is a lot. Right, listen. except for the occasional ad every like 5 problems, or like every ten minutes, this app is amazing. The interface might look old, clunky and poorly designed, but under the menu there is a modern theme, and a dark theme! This app is also underrated as it has a normal calculator as well as a real one! And the idea of having the numerator number and denominator numbers displayed like a real fraction when typing them in, is very convenient and well designed. Use this calculator if you do not already have one!
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6 months ago, Ennz0
Super Handy
I love this app! I put in a coffered ceiling and of course nothing in the room was square. But this calculator made it easy to get very accurate dimensions in fractions. I didn’t have to worry about how big each coffer needed to be, I put the total width in and divided by the number of coffers I wanted and bam! I had the exact dimension each coffer needed to be. But what if I wanted 6” beams instead of 5” beams? No problem, my dimensions went from 3’ 8 5/8” to 2’ 11 3/4”. It made the whole project sooo much easier. I highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, Tinalo3
COVID doesn’t even have a “fraction” of WOW factor of this app
COVID doesn’t even have a “fraction” of WOW factor of this app. Ever since we’ve had to start homeschooling on and off since COVID closed the schools down in March 2020, this app has saved my sanity!! My 5th (now 6th grader) needs help with fractions and this app doesn’t just give you the answer, it actually shows you the work so it helps you and your “student” learn how todo the math problem.... I even use it when I am baking/cooking in large batches! It’s very versatile and definitely a help for mom and my daughter!!! Thank you!
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6 years ago, DerpiRex
Great for school!
My math teacher has us doing complex fraction work and this really comes in hand for us! She hates to see us have a cluttered paper and complains about it all the time and this makes homework go by easily in the recommended 15 minutes. And to the reviews that claim it’s making us stupid, we have over 30 to 50 questions a night so go complain somewhere else, maybe if you had children you’d understand that you wouldn’t them spending 2 hours on math because of our teachers and their limitations.
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6 years ago, nikcomp
Totally agree! Not for homework!
This is terrific, for adults. I have no trouble with fractions, but due to the need to create an answer key for an out of print textbook... when I’m exhausted from math or simply double checking did I do this correctly, this is awesome. I would honestly check a child or teen device frequently or better yet insist they SHOW their work. To be sure they are not cheating and robbing themselves of an education. On the other hand those who want to learn will choose to and those who don’t will find a way to cheat...
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2 years ago, Cat_centric
Perfect sewing app for Imperial system
I sew for a living and for a hobby. I would not be able to do my job so efficiently without this app. Especially the fact that you can combine fractions with different denominators and get accurate answers is the best. This app allows me to only worry about the measurements and what I need from them with out the extra hassle and brain exertion it takes to make the calculations and conversions myself. This is also a great app for home improvement. I love this app!!!!
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3 months ago, Partial User
Simply Easy!
I am a handyman and have been for many years now. There are a lot of times when getting precise measurements are absolutely essential, but sometimes not as essential as being timely on a job. Even though it may seem like it takes just a couple extra seconds to manually figure out multiple links, it does save a lot of time and ensures accuracy when using this app. I like it a lot and use it daily! Great app!
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6 years ago, C6/Z06
Really like this app
This is very good, almost perfect. I had this installed as the free version which under settings had a vibrate setting, providing a tactile response. Under settings, if you select upgrade to the paid for app that has no ads, it brings you to the ad free paid version, which I already have. The confusion is that in the paid version there is no feature for setting the vibrate tactile, which is a nice feature. Why would it be in the free version and not the paid version is a mystery. The mystery continues when you think about why the paid version and a free version have the exact same name and look exactly the same. Half the time you don’t know which one you’re using and less and add pops up, then you know you have the wrong one. All that said, the app itself is terrific Add in the missing feature from the free app and include a decimal conversion for fractions and you have a 5+ star rating! Thanks.
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6 years ago, samantha the smart
Great for high school
For all of you guys reading these reviews that estate it’s not for school use, it is. If your in high school you have already learned basic fraction properties and there is no point in having to work out your work. Especially if you aren’t the best at fractions, you should use it. My teacher always says that if you know how to do the operation then there is no point in having to work out very small minor things. Expo ally being in an advanced class, no one has time to work at fractions.
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7 years ago, Einstein the AMAZING!
What did I ever do without this?!? 😳👍👌😅😅
(ITS TOP RATED FOR A REASON!!!) -ITS UNBELIEVABLY SIMPLE TO USE AND EXTREMELY CLEAR- Ok, let me just say this is an AMAZING APP!! We all know regular calculators (Siri included), etc, always comes up with a decimal, when we want the fraction (super frustrating, I've been there). This app does everything a regular calculator can do and way more, including calculating both fractions, decimals AND tells you how they solved it! Great for checking homework or those who just need for everyday purposes... Just get the app and see for yourself.
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2 months ago, Sparky3001
Very handy for tradesmen
I’m an electrician so I use inches and fractions in 1/8 increments. I used to just use apples calculator and have to memorize what each of the fractions are as decimals (1/8,3/8,5/8,7/8) in order to use it. Once I got this it cut out all that extra nonsense for my calculations and has been really helpful. Really well setup too. Only Issue I have with it is the ads, they’re not too intrusive but they tend to pop up right when you open the app and just feels interrupting. But I understand they gotta make a dime too
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3 years ago, Vegetables32
Fraction Calculator plus...Great app
This app is great! I do projects all the time that need quick answers In fractions without having to stop and figure it out. This app is the best put it in and in two seconds it’ll give you the answer you need and you can set it have it rounded to the nearest measurement...unlike the other apps that will give you exact answer to the nearest ridiculous number that you’ll never use. I give this app 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟’s only cause that’s all it allows you to give.
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2 years ago, aliah lemus
amazing app
Why it is a amazing app is because whenever I need help with a problem that I’m stuck on I just get on and I type in my fraction in it just puts it on and I’m like wow I love this app and that’s why it’s so easy to do work that I don’t understand but I do write it down because you can check your work and click what it says like 0.6×44 it would put the answer and how you can solve it and I’m like I love this app that’s why it’s amazing
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4 months ago, MagsRose57
Quilters! You need this!
As a quilter, I find it easier to think in fractions instead of decimals. This app takes out so much of the guess work instead of trying to convert decimals into the fractions I see on my quilting rulers. Just now I needed to figure out half of 1 1/4. I know I could have done it on my own but when you have to be sure you get it right before you cut into fabric, this is an excellent tool to give you confidence.
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5 years ago, dogegirlizzie
Helping with math
This is a great app for everyone to use kids could use this to help with there homework if they get stuck on a question this could also be helpful for adults when they don’t feel like having to do fractions in there head or on a piece of paper all they have to do is click on an app and for work this would be helpful Kids could also use it to make sure there answers are correct on homework you should get the app
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7 years ago, nickname math guy
This is the best app EVER
Don't you be insecure about yourself, little app! You are the best calculator app I have ever come about!!! I have searched many an app, and this is one of the only ones I have found with a fraction option. Even if you only had that, it makes you better than the calculator on my phone, and almost hundreds of other apps. Keep being the best app you can be, Fraction Calculator!!!! Love, A Very Happy Calculator User P.S. If only there was a six star rating!!!!!
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3 years ago, StinkyHotelsBeware
Pro Mode is a Marriage Saver
As a DIYer, this tool has saved my marriage more than once. Now with Pro Mode—the lifetime version of which is worth every penny—I can select the denominator, which makes measuring so much easier. I have used this tool for numerous DIY jobs, particularly flooring such as tile, and consider it an absolute must-have. I really appreciate how intuitive and user-friendly this tool is. To the developer: if you ever visit Florida, let me know because I want to buy you a beer.
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2 months ago, baddies omg YASS
the app itself sounds straightforward but it’s not
im a little dissatisfied regarding how the calculations are made & the setup of the calculator. It took me a very long time to figure out how to use the app. Also, this app is BOMBARDED with ads. I have never seen an app with this many ads. I'm only giving this app three stars instead of one is because the answers are correct and it’s really hard to find a good fraction calculator. So I would say to get this app if you can deal with an extreme amount of ads, which I know a lot of people can’t do.
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5 years ago, Comedy Pudding
Fraction Calculator
Whenever I’m stuck on a problem about fractions I would use this calculator to help me with math problems. There is one flaw with this app, if there were decimals it would make this calculator a whole lot better. When I’m stuck on a problem where there are ordering from least to greatest and we would have to convert with positives and negatives. If there was an option to order from least to greatest or greatest to least with fractions and decimals, this calculator would be a lot better.
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1 year ago, Wo_Wo
Great little fraction calculator!
I work at a custom cabinet shop and this thing is fantastic for on the fly calculations. Being able to work in decimal, fraction and whole numbers effortlessly is a timesaver. There are some features (explaining the steps to get to the answer) that would have been great as a student but I don’t see myself ever using. Otherwise it’s everything I need right at my fingertips. Literally!
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4 years ago, elenamen534531
Works really good
I have had this app for quite some time now and it is amazing. It gives you simplified answers and gives you decimals in the top right corner. The on thing I will say is that it is only available for Apple users. My friend wanted to get the app because I said it helped my get a prefect score in my test. But when she went to download it it wouldn’t work. That is the only bad thing I can say about this app. It is amazing
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3 years ago, Mr.Picky
It’s fine.
Useful when adding or subtracting less commonly used fractions like say 3/27ths + 25/64ths. But you have to tap screen again to view nearest rounding or decimal equivalent. Also there are ads at the top so I’m looking for something else - the Ad free pro version requires a reoccurring MONTHLY fee!? Besides everyone is using metric now, or instead of opening this app on your phone it’s just as fast and easy to go to a fraction conversion web site. I wouldn’t have bothered with a review but the app interrupted my screen mid calculation, so if they want an honest review they got one.
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2 years ago, dasmb
Great UI
I use for woodworking. I don’t have time for fiddly UIs. This takes much of the error out of my calculation. I paid to remove ads. Minus a star because the pro features, especially adjustable rounding, sound really nice but not worth managing yet another subscription. Swanson doesn’t try to sell me a subscription to my speed square! Would gladly pay for this feature as an add on. Oh! And triangle math. Very important in woodworking; rather hard to do in fractions.
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5 years ago, Queen_YTH
Very helpful and such a great app
This app doesn’t only tell you the correct answer but it also shows you how it’s worked out and solved which I think is very helpful, especially if you don’t understand why the answer is correct. But maybe the developers could add decimals and algebra and measurements then it would make the app even better and it wouldn’t be just fractions, which yes I know is the whole concept of this app
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4 years ago, Loser Alex
Download this app
This app is great for me to use because currently in my math class, we are working with fractions, and it’s hard to use a calculator on the computer because my teachers have an app to close the app because they can see that I’m using a calculator. So it’s easy to use this app on my phone so that way I can get the answers without having to deal with doing a calculator up on my computer without getting caught.
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4 years ago, eclipece
To the developers
This app is the best thing that has happened to me since I started junior high it makes the work so much easier then having to convert the fractions in to decimals and the when it is solved converting it back in to a fraction. Love how you developers waited a little bit before asking us to rate you app unlike most other app developers do they don’t thing to let you have time to use the app to tell how it is.
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5 years ago, markat1122
Great for a helpless mom
I could not help my son with his school work. I don’t even remember doing anything like this in school and if I did I sure have not used it since. I love the step by step instructions this has as I’ve been able to learn myself to clearly explain the steps he needed to do. He has completely grasped the steps and is doing so well. Thank you so much for creating this app and making it so easy to use.
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2 years ago, AnaEBrumzzz
Best Calculator Ever
This calculator is a really really really good app. If you are doing fractions homework or even just measuring something and you aren’t sure about your answer then it will show you the work on how it got the answer. It also has few to no adds and is super easy to use. If you end up downloading this awesome app I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for reading!!! 😊
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4 years ago, Numbers_guy
For Real?!!!
This app is great, awesome, incredible! Simple as simple is to use, especially if you’re like me and have carpentry as a hobby and need an app like this to quickly help out with conversions when putting together a project. It’s definitely a HUGE time saver, and keeps me from wasting expensive wood because of an arithmetic error. Using this app makes all of my cuts line up perfectly. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!!
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4 years ago, Minecraft lover 2,000☮️
Amazing fraction calculator!
I’m 9 years old and in 4th grade and I’m bad at fractions so obviously I got a fraction calculator (this one) I love using it for homework (because homework is hard) but one thing...since I’m only in 4th grade and this is like a calculator for like idk high/middle school so it sometimes will give me the wrong answer (fyi I do fractions usually with all the same denominators) but that’s fine maybe I’ll use it when I get into more advanced fractions! -Eliza❤️
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6 years ago, Up2L8
Insanely Helpful!
This fraction app helps me when (1) I want to breakdown recipes into smaller portions, (2) review my child's homework (I don't always enjoy doing this the old-fashioned way, and the app will break down the steps (from entry to answer) so I can help explain if needed), and (3) when my husband needs a quick reference for home project measurements. I use this app on a weekly basis, and it's as easy to use as a standard calculator. 5-star rating for sure!
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5 years ago, smickie765
Great fractions!
Fraction Calculator Plus is great for my kids who are in 7th and 8th grade. We use this to verify fraction and decimal problems. When they think they don’t understand the problem, I always tell them to try. Then we can use this app to verify that they came up with the right answer. If it turns out they did not come up with the right answer, we use this calculators answer to pretty much reverse engineer the problem.
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6 months ago, geezer nerd
Nice and works.
Replaces a dedicated calculator that required entering fractions and inches in two steps. This calculator much easier. The ability to clear the number, denominator, and numerator separately is very handy. History feature useful for checking previous calculations. Would be nice to have a metric conversion. Also, battery is always ready because this is on the phone.
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3 years ago, WolfieInTheMorning
It’s an essential part of my toolbox!!!
This calculator is perfect for tradesmen who take measurements in feet, inches, and fractions of inches. If you need to then add them together or divide them in half, etc., the answer comes out in feet, inches, and fractions of inches. It makes working with a tape measure much easier than a standard calculator! No more conversion from decimals to fractions in your head. This calculator does it for you!!!
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5 years ago, Schend
Great for wood working
I use this almost exclusively for my wood working hobby and it comes in very handy at times. My normal math is all done in my head since I worked in Engineering computer support my whole life. I never got out of the habit of using math. But there are the occasional situations where I either have to write it down or convert everything to decimals and that gets messy. I'm glad I found this app and like it. A keeper in my mind.
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2 months ago, KernholzGuy
Simple and Effective
I’m a woodworker living in an Empirical world we’re fractions are a way of life. I needed something simple to manage those infrequently used ones. You don’t often subtract 5/8th from 2 3/16ths. Viola. A well thought through app that brings sanity to an otherwise chaotic world of measures. I use it daily and could not be more appreciative of the developer. Thank you!
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4 years ago, ElectronGuy
Surprisingly Useful
I’m an almost retired engineer with an SM from MIT. Yes I certainly know how to do arithmetic with fractions. But I’m also learning woodworking and I’ve been very happy how this program has let me concentrate on what I’m doing instead of distracting my mind continually working out fractions. If the US was metric then I probably wouldn’t need this nearly as much. But it’s not and I’m very glad I got this calculator.
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5 years ago, Kal and Ray
I love it
I am in 7 th grade and just found out about this by my math teacher I wish I had this a long time ago. It is so helpful because when it gives you the answer it will show you its work and how to do it. I love it!!!! I also have the decimal one you should totally get that to and it’s exactly the same but is uses decimals I love them both and 100% recommend both of the apps!😁😃😁
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1 year ago, TracyFink
Fractions Plus
I really love this app. I have been having trouble remembering my fractions and I am taking a course in math. I am an adult and I was so stuck. I tried for a while to Find an app to help me and I came upon this one. Wow!! I do agree that children should learn to do fractions long hand so they understand. But please keep this app going. It is wonderful! Truly. Keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, Drill domain
I dont have to double check
Youd think modern day computers have math down pretty alright, but apparently some other apps ive used, i have to double check that its reading the numbers correctly. What the point in getting an app to do fractions and other basic construction math if its less reliable than asking a five year. Its nice not having to pull a classic nasa and make sure the computer is right!
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