Fragment - Prismatic Photo Effects

Photo & Video
4.6 (392)
70.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pixite Inc.
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fragment - Prismatic Photo Effects

4.65 out of 5
392 Ratings
8 years ago, RyPress
Hella Rad!
Yep, I said "hella rad"! One, because I'm a California native, and Two, because this app is just that—hella rad! I'm a seasoned UI designer in the Silicon Valley with 15 years under my belt designing for high profile companies. And I must say that the UI and experience in the Fragment app is top-notch! It's intuitive and delightful and commands only minimal effort regarding a learning curve, which, once is established, becomes second-nature in terms of usability of the Fragment app. Kudos to the Fragment UX team! Did I mention that the graphic design options are gorgeous too! Yes, indeed they are...some of the coolest design options available under "graphic design" in all the App Store. Keep up the good work Fragment team! Cheers!
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7 years ago, Pro App Reviews
This Developer Is A Liar
In the description of the app, the Developer says that giving his product great reviews "really help us to add new features." Well, he has 187 5-star reviews, and yet he abandoned the app a year and a half ago. This is a common plea among app makers, and many, (like this guy), never actually reward the time and effort you spent giving them those high reviews. It's a form of fraud, actually, and I'd like to see The App Store ban this all-too-common form of begging. If you created the app to make money, then let the money be your motivator. Because, for some strange reason, apps seem to be the one product that implies they will hold their services hostage unless I write a good review for them. My mechanic, or dry cleaner never tell me that they'll do a better job and work harder if only I will write a positive review. I don't consider bug fixes and adding more in-app purchases to be doing me a big favor. It's just part of doing your job as a Developer, and finding new ways to monetize the product. So why do I have to write a good review, in order for you to fix bugs? And if your product is good enough to generate word-of-mouth, then it will happen organically, without requesting reviews. So stop begging for reviews. And if customers DO leave them, then honor your word, and don't abandon your customers, when they kept up their end of the bargain.
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7 years ago, Jachee88
Spectacular !!
The sheer number of effects alone will astound you. The interface is superb, the finished image is spectacular, and the amount of flexibility in your designs is worth significantly more than it's price. I recommend purchasing the additional effects (very reasonable) as they will help expand your level of creativity beyond your expectations. My only recommendation is that the developers allow for a long view, on the screen, of the text description of effect chosen.
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6 years ago, ashley.gapinglotus
Fix photo album sorting please
This app is used by a large portion of the photography community to censor photos for Instagram. The biggest problem with this app is that it seems to sort photos in a seemingly random way so it’s almost impossible to find images from past shoots. Photos should be sorted by date taken or date added with the most recent first. But I can’t actually figure out how they are sorted because my images are just all over the place when I’m scrolling through to find a particular image. Also, it doesn’t work well with photos in the cloud. If the photo isn’t stored on your device, it doesn’t show up in the photo browser when selecting which image you want to use.
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7 years ago, Agentstarkiller
Fragment, fragmenting
I love this app for editing and I use it a lot currently... However there seems to be a recent bit of crashing I’ve personally experienced. I’m quite thoroughly annoyed about it too, seeing as I just finished working on an edit for 30-40 minutes. I tried to save it and it crashed resulting in the loss of the edit. That is exceedingly frustrating and I’m currently at my limit about this issue. It’s not the first time this has happened either. At least update the “ recent” tab to actual recent, not the original starting point of the layout. I’m using an iPhone 6, updated to the current iOS just the other day
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8 years ago, PzzlMstr
Excellent Addition to My Toolbox
I'm a visual artist, and like composing ideas on pad & phone, using my own source photos, to then refine and fully flesh out using more robust software on my laptop. This app allows me to add some very interesting textures, visual elements, and complexities to my work. Composing the content within the fragments can be challenging - as it can seem counter intuitive at times - but worth the effort to learn its language of movement. All of the other controls are very well designed and straightforward, and new fragment shape packs for additional purchase are added relatively frequently. Recommended.
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5 years ago, ChrisE1G
Don’t buy...
This app, Matter, Lory Stripes and Tangent. Two are already gone from the AppStore from what I can tell, I still have them, but Tangent doesn’t work any more (can’t provide it access to your photos) and Lory Stripes isn’t on the AppStore so will prolly die when Apple do the yearly ruin-apps routine. This app and Matter will be gone and/or stop working properly soon as well. The dev has moved on to other things I’m guessing, which is a shame as they’re all great apps, or were.
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7 years ago, Balynsus
Great for practice designs for logos and what not
I've had this app for a couple of months now and the more and more that I tinker with it the more more I find really cool abstract ideas popping into my head. It's super easy to use. I will continue to use this app to get better as I see it has potential and being one of the main tools I use for designing cover art for the music that I made.
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6 years ago, shadows&light
One of my favorite apps!
I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and I’m just really glad the authors of the app are truly making it the kind of creative tool, that challenges the user to keep experimenting, keep discovering just how much you can do with it! Finally I’ll say it runs smoothly, it doesn’t crash, and it’s addictive! So settle in, and get comfortable. 😁
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8 years ago, Germanspartan15
Fantastic Creative Tool
I got this app as part of the Pixite Complete app bundle, and it has quickly become a powerful tool in my creative arsenal. The user interface is very streamlined and makes the creative process incredibly simple. Overall, this is a unique and powerful app which is well worth the money.
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8 years ago, geekphreak
Freaky app
I've been trying to understand and learn this app over a few months. I don't edit much but I really dig this app. My only issue is the colors, the -/+ saturation of this colors & the switching of edits are too close together at the bottom. So I'll swipe left/right to fling through the colors then accidentally switch the edits jumbling up everything. You'd need fingers the size of pencils to avoid scrambling everything
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4 years ago, turnoffyourradio
Somehow it still works...
This app hasn’t been updated in 4 years as of this review, but it’s still functional on my iPhone XS Max and produces some beautiful images. I do wish it’d get an update if only as assurance it’s worth paying to upgrade (which I’m seriously considering).
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8 years ago, Darbound
Great app with excellent integrations
Easy to use and gets better with most updates. Flawless integration with Instagram and other editing apps. Adequate selection for a free app and even more to choose from if you pay a few dollars for edit packs.
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2 years ago, Susetoo
Used to live this app, upgrade did not improve it
I’ve used the app a lot in the past but now it appears to have been bought by another company… There are some interesting new features but the fact we can’t apply the fragment later to the entire image and can no longer move that fragment layer around the image is a huge disappointment
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8 years ago, Ooneiy588
Mystifying effect
Adding layers of mysteries to my pics or video with this amazing app is my favorite thing to do. I bought all the packs which will give me unlimited combinations to play with, making life so much more interesting! Thanks for the fine app!
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8 years ago, Klide Pharrow
Thank you
You guys created a dope tool people can express themselves with. I love this app ❤️ 👍 😃 thank you. I'm a musician and this helps me a lot when I'm making my album art and backgrounds. I wish I could save in extra high resolutions.
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8 years ago, Kookdoggs
Wonderful fun
Let your imagination play within moments of using this intuitive app. See things you've never seen and bring your photos to a new dimension within seconds.
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7 years ago, Anon 70
Good app. Needs a few bugs worked out. Sometimes the shapes are fixed & won't move. When first opening the app it can get stuck in a blend & it will not change when you change it to a different blend.
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8 years ago, Menopause Goddess
Amazing app for Abstract Art and More
I love all the Pixite apps - they are absolutely necessary for my abstract iphone art creations - that said, I use Fragment the most, Matter is my 2nd most used app. It's easy to use and the possibilities are endless. I am a HUGE fan. iPhone Diva
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5 years ago, litlwing13
I will update as soon as you do
I have all but two of your apps, and love them, but Tangent has been pulled, and Fragment hasn’t been updated in 2 years. I want Tangent back, and updates for all your apps. They are good, and I pay as I can for packs, but I don’t want to put in the money if they are going to be abandoned.
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1 year ago, Affirmative !👍🏾👍🏾
Just putting this out into the ether.
Hi, can you guys make a Mac app as well. 💻 Also it would be nice to have access to files app as well. It would be great! Please and thank you! 🙏🏾
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8 years ago, ozzport
This app is so much fun, I highly recommend it. It's easy to use & the stuff you can make with it is endless. I am getting more creative than I ever thought I could be. Can't put it down!!! 😃😃😃
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8 years ago, Mishlikefish
Easy to use + great results!
This app makes great graphic design possible from the palm of your hand. I highly recommend it if you enjoy adding effects to daily photography.
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6 years ago, Missrobotkarate
No longer works with iOS 12 and iPhone XS?
The fragments don’t load! I purchased this and the whole suite of apps. This was my favorite one. I’ve notice the other ones don’t work right since I upgraded phone either. Extremely disappointed. I hope it gets fixed soon.
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8 years ago, vurnt22
Incredible creative tool
You think you know what this App is & what it does. You don't. I thought I knew. I didn't. Fragment is capable of so much more than you think. Get it. Explore. You'll find out.
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6 years ago, FPG Mobile
One of our favs
Love the limitless creative outcomes. Love the higher resolution output from iPad. Love the intuitive, use this immediately interface. Love how much better this is for professional grade projects. Being Fragmented feels good!
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So good it's not fair. Hours of work now in seconds
This ole graphic designer and teacher is humbled by this amazing mobile app. Should I let my students now about this kryptonite behind the wizard's curtain?
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8 years ago, kittylilacassassin
Love it! Just one suggestion please
I love this app for how unique your photos can become from it. I've also got the pixite app LoryStripes. In that app you can erase part of the stripes and make them less opaque. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE TO FRAGMENT!!!!
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7 years ago, Tamezyn
Great App
This app does something unique and does it well. I've had several versions and it has never been glitchy.
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7 years ago, Tesniak
Best way to censor pics
I love to be naked but unfortunately it's not condoned in society to show off the goods on social media. This app is a super cool way to censor your photos and make them look artistic.
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8 years ago, maddiesu
One of the best editing apps ever
I would never be able to make edits without using this app. Highly recommened to anyone who likes doing edits for their fandom. Awesome app. No struggles
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7 years ago, factory asd
If you love photoshop you'll love this
Look ill be honest with you this app is sometimes even easier than photoshop. It has simplistic tools and the percision is great
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6 years ago, Sci Fi Superfly
2 Years without a single update
Not updating the app for two years should be enough reason to not download the app. It does not support iPhone X screen So yeah, it tells you enough what type of developer you will be dealing with and just to be fair. The app is working fine without any issues except supporting the iPhone X screen ratio.
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8 years ago, NickTEHbau5
Great photo editing app!
This app is perfect if you want to add crazy shapes to your pictures, or if you want to distort any of your pics. It is some arsty stuff
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4 years ago, sageandi
Fantastic app.
One of my favorite apps for creative photo crop editing and censoring. Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, Djmmartinez
What An App
I love all the cool effects that can be added to each picture! You can get super creative and I love the freedom! Do yourself a favor...Download This App!
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8 years ago, Flyhigh.Graphics
I have a design account on Instagram
I do football, baseball, and basketball designs. I love this app. It gives it a nice flow and unique feel to the pic. 9/10
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8 years ago, bebiyuri
Fun app to experiment with
One thing I'd like is to be able to change the color scheme of the fragmented part of the pic to be monotone and/or colorized to a certain shade. Other than that, fun app to play with.
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8 years ago, Eye_R
Buggy microtransactions with zero customer support
I was happy with this app initially and purchased a few of the add on shape packs. After a short time all of the add on packs I've purchased became unusable, I've contacted support multiple times with no response. In short, decent app as long as you don't plan on wasting your money on broken add ons.
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8 years ago, Love4JanetJackson
Amazing app but I would like it more if I was able to save the editing I did so I can do the same to the next pic
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8 years ago, Aunty Oby
Enjoying💦 Love the App👌💗
I love this app and I got it today but can you please at colored filters and more stuff please?🙏💟 If you do this I will rate it a 10++💗🙈
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8 years ago, Mosscow
Easy way to add style to your pics - thanks for iPad pro functionality! Keep up the beautiful work :)
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8 months ago, Sherap6
Thank you for updating this application
Thank you for updating this application. And please keep adding more features in the future updates. My device: iPhone 14 Pro Max (latest iOS), iPad Pro 12.9” (3rd Generation, 2018, latest iPadOS) Note: I regularly update my review/rating for this application. With Kindest Regards-Br
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8 years ago, Azuza101
I'm loving this so much!
I can't believe how much this app is so much fun to use and make every photo so unique and so advanced!!!!
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8 years ago, Bradac05
This app is reliable and is really cool for album covers etc. couldn't have picked a better app. Definitely worth the money👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😝😝😝😝😝👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😉😉😉😉😉😉
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8 years ago, MdrnBuddha
Creative in every way!!!
This app is for the creative person. Love all the different templates and ease of use
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8 months ago, Chakwa
Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is a great app for making all kinds of art! Thank you for the update!
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8 years ago, TusharSahdev
Great App
It's really an Awesome Editor and it does something so unique which makes it my one of the best photo editor app.....
Show more
8 years ago, Frankijet
One of the best
In my humble opinion, one of the best. I've had it long time and still enjoy it.
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8 years ago, Hornysexcouple
Love it!
Has to be one of my favorite photo apps I definitely use it a lot!
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