FRED Economic Data

3.7 (65)
16.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FRED Economic Data

3.66 out of 5
65 Ratings
5 years ago, theveryveryverybigguy
App get crash sometimes
The app work well before. When I use it currently, it gets crash sometimes when I compared two graphs. Please fix the bug as soon as possible
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3 years ago, No Full Disclosure
Incredibly inefficient to use
I have used Fred for years for data. It is incredible the data they have available. Yet, the only reasonably efficient way to use it is the website. They have an Excel plugin that could be/should be fantastic, but is buggy and they state that it is “available but unsupported” and not to be updated. No kidding. The mobile apps could also be great, but you have to ask if they ever tried to really use the iPad app. On the opening page, there are several thumbnail charts, too small to read what they are . It cannot be used in landscape mode, which would in most apps spread them across the wider space in a larger size. So you have click on a charts to see what it is, but then it is formatted in a huge image that puts axes off the page. It can rotate to landscape, but is still inappropriately formatted. The refusal to rotate continues when you look at the list of data series in categories, so the text is almost microscopic. In contrast, the website works well and renders the other api’s pointless endeavors. For such brilliant data geeks as the St. Louis Fed (and that is a sincere complement) these apps are an embarrassment. SOMEBODY among all those great analysts should be able to direct the app designers to put together a useful product. (PLEASE update and fix the Excel plugin! It would really facilitate serious analysis, not just chart gazing.)
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2 years ago, please-enter-a-nickname
Sloppy outdated user interface with poor usability
Text is too small and inconsistently sized, chart captions are impossible to read on the home screen, and there’s a lot of wasted screen space in my iPhone 13 Pro with the bottom third of the screen being completely empty. I feel unhappy, overwhelmed, and lost trying to get information out of this app. It feels like it was designed on a computer then shrunk down to a mobile phone screen. The user interface is out of date and does not adapt to larger screens. It’s time to completely rethink your strategy for this app.
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5 years ago, MikeLMA
Great, but No way you find the page again
Wonderful data! Two complaints: 1) in App, Navigation path to the current page is unknown looking at that page. However, the Website has complete path at the top of the page 2) Website is a lot better with very good related articles besides the complete navigation path to recreate the search another time.
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2 years ago, katie.steinborn
Can't save location or toggle notifications
I've tried uninstalling and re-adding on my iphone, ipad, and macbook, and location and notifications are still not working. Good info and content but it doesn't help me if I can't use the bulk of the features. I see an update hasn't been released in over 6 months so wondering if a big one is coming soon?
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2 years ago, JRod1462
The search bar doesn’t work
The search bar doesn’t narrow down the list of things you’re looking for. When I want to look for “home price,” it’ll read the “h” and start listing suggestions starting with h, but it doesn’t do anything with the rest of the search term. I just need the series names to call data into MATLAB, but the website is 10x better. Y’all need to fire whoever is developing the app and hire someone serious.
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2 years ago, ghdjdyehdh
Crashes, flips aspects randomly
This is a very poor app. It is difficult to find data (among waves of lists), the app has crashed every time (seriously 100% of the time) that I’ve tried to use it, and it flips between landscape and portrait mode on its own and seemingly without reason. I deleted it after a few attempts. No point playing with this app. It’s the worst app I’ve ever encountered.
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4 years ago, Reviewnicknamemmc
Stays in portrait mode on IPad
I love the app but can’t get it to rotate to landscape on my IPad.
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2 years ago, SailinShoes
Buggy search
The search function is quite buggy; it only works sometimes and other times is completely unresponsive to my input.
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4 years ago, Pepe the dog
One of the few things in government that works
It has the data and the graphs. What else would it need.
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4 years ago, zebart00
Great content, can’t zoom or share
The content is great, of course. The blog posts are present and interesting. But you can’t zoom on graphs - their scale is often incorrect to the point of complete obfuscation. And you can’t share blog posts via the typical ‘share’ icons.
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5 years ago, ByteBooty
Watch the stock markets pump with low rates, in real time! Jokes aside, this app is pretty useful & renders charts very well (if you’re willing to rotate the device until it works) thank you 🙏 , Fred!
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11 months ago, Balle053
Poor search functionality
Using the search bar to look up data series is essentially non functional rendering the entire user experience moot
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4 years ago, x6y4
Doesn’t have updated unemployment data in the most recent moth
This app stopped updating the unemployment rate. Since unemployment rose sharply in the Corona virus pandemic, it seems to only want to only positive data and leave out the negative. We need to see the whole truth through data not partial truth.
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6 years ago, StreamManiac
Extremely Buggy
This version of FRED is very buggy. I went to my list of favorites and pulled up a graph of 3 month tbill rates. When I attempted to add a graph of 1 YR Tbill rates the app crashed. This new version needs months of testing - The older version was way more stable and reliable.
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2 years ago, linkllley
App is buggy again
5.2 is buggy with the search.
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4 months ago, Mark Argo Yammagucci
Partially featured
1. Full screen view of saved graphs often glitches and does not show full screen 2. Can only save and share as a low quality JPEG. Cannot export in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, ...) 3. Cannot view saved dashboards 5. Cannot use graphing editor tool
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5 years ago, gtg462w
Any time you attempt to add new series to a graph it crashes on my device. iOS 12.4 / iPhone 8
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2 years ago, ChiL555
Search is a disaster
Doesn’t update doesn’t work
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6 years ago, 0.9999 Pure
Once awesome worthless
FRED was once a useful economic data resource. They ruined it with recent updates by introducing navigation bugs and graphs that don’t display properly.
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11 years ago, withrespectto
very nice app!
this app makes it easy to see historic economic data. it does crash occasionally when looking at the second, etc., graph. it would be nice to have: 1) a button when customizing a chart to have the Y-axis be zero-based; 2) on the info page, a url for the series that can be copied and pasted (or add "COPY" to the "share" dialog); 3) (obviously) the ability to add different series to the same graph (maybe that is too far down some slippery [feature] slope).
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5 years ago, jbmia2
Won’t display in landscape. No value add over the web site.
Won’t display in landscape. No value add over the web site.
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6 years ago, Great Oden's Raven
Still broken on iphoneX
Can’t navigate because of screen layout.
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2 years ago, GustavTheGamer
Excellent App
Brilliant vest of technology
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4 years ago, slick cytosol
great app
how does this not have more reviews?
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4 years ago, Tom, silicon valley
iPad Pro charts are clipped
Every chart is clipped and have to turn to landscape view to see it.
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13 years ago, doxzero
Being generous with three stars
The app takes forever to load, so, no, it didn't freeze. And then when you are in the "app" and looking at the information provided, it is given in a single column, simple text, full width column that looks like a raw and dirty feed. There is no visualization, no formatting worth mentioning, no style or design. It doesn't even warrant critiquing UI because there is essentially none. UX is poor, even though, I guess it could have been worse, even for such a simple and lame "app". It's essentially a list of documents sorted in four different ways. Apple's standard for apps is quite different when it comes to government and military. There should be a "Crapps" category where they can all be listed and shoved into a corner in shame and embarrassment.
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12 years ago, gift of greek helmet
Easy to use but.....
I really like the simplicity, and accuracy of this app, props to Fred for providing a mobile resource. I would like to see a bit more detail in the descriptions for each data set. It's always nice to be reminded of the source and methodology used in providing the data sets. Links to the Fred web page are helpful but a detailed synopsis in the iPhone app itself would be appreciated.
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13 years ago, kevindwhite
Good App from a great source
FRED isn't as slick as the Economy app but it is free. Both apps use the same data source, the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank's FRED economic data service. If love economic data but hate to pay for it then this app is right for you. If you are willing to shell out a. little money I recommend picking up the Economy app as well.
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6 years ago, foozlepio
Restart the app to get past initial splash screen
The app is broken, but you can get past the initial splash screen and access the trove of data - dbl click home button, swipe FRED up to force quit, then relaunch. I was hoping to find the bond yield curve, but looks like the St. Louis stress metric has been discontinued. Still exploring to see what’s there. As another reviewer mentioned, adding more info about the intent/use of the data would be very helpful.
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12 years ago, mjb71stl
Awesome App !!!
FRED is an awesome app for the iPhone, if you want to look through tons of data with perfect results this will do it. Economic data at your figertips, what more can you say it's pretty amazing... Great job, I look forward to the next one from the FED.
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11 years ago, Macrowealth
Outstanding App! Great design!!
The App provides the power of information to your fingertips. The App is easy to use, well designed, and brings all of the information needed to one great App. This App is an absolute must have! Anyone without it are missing out!!
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13 years ago, RarelyPlayGames123
Incredible app. Incredible service!
I cannot get over how robust yet elegantly simple this app is. Clean. Very easy to use. Tons of relevant data. To top it all off, my initial problem with the app was addressed promptly by a qualified member of their team. Great app! Definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, JJAR**
Fantastic Data, Completely Broken
This is a stellar mobile friendly portal to FRED data but it is currently totally broken and unusable (not hard to use, I precisely mean unusable, non-operational) in the most current version of iOS.
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8 years ago, Bms7629
Good but lacking
I use FRED graphs a lot for work but downloaded this app to have something comparing datasets. Problem is I cannot index two datasets at a time to properly compare them. The options to use Percent Change, Adjusted Dollars, etc are great but indexing allows me to show data in a more efficient way. Please add indexing all datasets to properly compare information.
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11 years ago, Username123210
Great app but needs tweaked
Excellent app, incredible resource, but should be able to view data as % change (e.g., real GDP) -- it allows users to view this in graphical form but doesn't allow users to view it in list form -- besides that, highly recommend it!
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13 years ago, MusicIsMeantforfun
So glad to see that the St Louis Fed took their amazing research time series and indicators and made an app for it. Free, too!! Any businesspeople or economics junkies know how widely cited the StLouisFed indicators are. Now we get it all easy access on the iPad. Five stars must-have for anyone in finance or business.
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12 years ago, reel big buckeyes
Call me a geek
This is great. Not a lot of flash but great info. Even my kids liked looking at the graphs. Opened up a lot of conversations, how and why. It let me show my kids I am not crazy
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12 years ago, artcoder
Crashed a few times
The app showed the splash screen for a few seconds, then it exited, and the the home screen was shown again. It did that three times. On the fourth time, it started correctly.
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12 years ago, Crayola Merker
Easy to use, extremely intuitive.
Exactly what I would hope for in this kind of app. Very easy to use, lots of different views and applications. 10/10
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10 years ago, Denver5o
Great debate ender
If you ever find yourself in a debate about the nature of the economy, this app is perfect. It ends all of those questions and bad data that are constantly being recirculated in the press. What an amazing and comprehensive app. I'm impressed.
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12 years ago, notimeflat
Terrific app
This is an outstanding app. With it installed on your iPad, there is no excuse for not having hard facts at your fingertips. WARNING: Republicans, conservatives and right wing screamers will find having accurate data at their finger tips very unsettling.
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11 years ago, DSA101
Amazing economic data source
Love that it includes both US and international data and (the corresponding service) has great email notification feature.
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6 years ago, MWLnyc
Beware iPhone X users
App cant load - you literally can not get past the “New Features Screen”. There is a menu button “get started” to enter app, but some genius placed it as far down as possible on the screen where the “swipe up” bar is on the X so all you can do is swipe up, the button itself cant be pressed. Fail! Please move the button up please and let us in.
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6 years ago, Neurotoast
Love unrequited
I have enjoyed this app for a long time. Now I cannot get past the new features page on my iPhone X. Therefore, I cannot see any data at all.
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11 years ago, Danno3624
Terrific App
App installed and worked well on my iPad3. Having easier access to this data is terrific! Hat's off to those at the Fed that made this happen.
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6 years ago, Apal123
Not working on iPhone X
You can’t pass the “New Features” page because the “Get Started” button is aligned with the iPhone X home touch button. Basically you can not use the app at all. Will be going back to web browser for the time being. Please re-position the button in order for us to access the data.
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7 years ago, brethvoice
I still do not understand "chained dollars."
They should add a help section with common definitions that are easily understood. I think I know what a "2009 chained dollar" is (the inflationary basis for comparison) but the technical definition talks about Fisher something or other which is gobbledygook to me.
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13 years ago, HybridSalvy
Cant go wrong with this app!
Very useful for manipulating data on the go. Economist must have this app install on their iOS device.
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12 years ago, JimP47
Great App
Very interesting, especially with the recessions indicated. It does leave the door open for weirdo's to turn it into politics though.
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