Free Fire MAX

4 (34K)
1262.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Free Fire MAX

4.01 out of 5
34K Ratings
1 year ago, jeyjeygrrrrrrr
Great game but I like the old version
This new version brought to us that we only have 3 maps to play comparing it to the old version where we have 5. The game is great but is kinda dissatisfying to see the same 3 maps always. The next version should bring to us at least the 5 maps we used to have. Another thing I realized with this version is when you got the results of the SC, in the past if you got medals and you want to save the pic, the medals were shown and now that doesn’t happen anymore. These are things that at least for me as a veteran player make me feel uncomfortable. Despite that, the game is great.
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2 years ago, F1xxTh1$h1t
Hacker issues and developers don’t care
I’ve been playing this game for over three years and have advanced my character significantly but after three years I noticed the increase of hacking. Now when I play I notice when there are hackers in the game you have no chance to win or even survive. The only penalty these hackers face is a minimal negative mark on their reputation. It does nothing and shows how you don’t care about the people spending money. I know you can do more to stop this but you don’t. I’m sure the loss of people, like me, who spends real money will hurt this franchise so that is why I wrote this. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME. Also as the developers changed the seasons skins and clothing purchased is sometimes taken away, even if purchased with REAL money. So you’ve wasted my money too. I looked pass that in the past because I love the game but now it’s too much. YOU KNOW OF THE HACKERS BUT REFUSE TO HAVE ACTIVE MODERATORS TO KICK THEM OUT. Maybe you will take better care of your real clients (people who spend money) after some time with no income from this highly played game. Make a choice. The hackers or your clientele. The hackers don’t pay money. We do. Im sure you will not change since you haven’t after multiple complaints. I want all my money back and if you spent any money… you should ask for yours as well.
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3 years ago, Eiriana99
Fun But Unfair
The game is really fun to play with lots of different modes and gun skins. However, the game often pairs more experienced players with new players. This is fine in the low stakes matches but when in ranked mode this is simply unfair. In these ranked matches there will often be players without internet who are AFK or bots. Garena leaves these players in the match and forces the other team to go against a full team of four. If a player is afk for more than one round kick them out! Or end the match! My rank should not suffer for other people not having internet. In addition, as a player in the North America region, I see that my region does not have the same access to events and diamond opportunities as in other regions. In order to get literally anything players have to spend money in real life for diamonds. Lastly, many of the exclusive outfits are only for male characters. If I spend my diamonds on an exclusive skin I as a female player would like to play as a female character but then I can’t use my very expensive outfit because I’d have to play as a male character. It’s degrading and this is part of the reason why there isn’t a larger female player base. Make this game more equal!
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Bro I’m about to stop playing the games because u guys let hackers hack the games to win it happened to me like over 100 times even my own partner shooting through the barriers and shooting to the wall or the air and guess what it hits me and it’s saying it’s a headshot not only that every time I headshot them lie 13 times or shoot them a lot of times it barely does damage to them but when they do the same thing to me I get one shotted and guess what it’s not even close to a head shot I reported over a 100 kids for doing it are you guys going to pay attention to the reports that everybody makes or you guys not doing anything for me and not only that but the old game where their was less people hacking was better than this new upgrade u guys did yeah I like it but to much hackers online this game not trying to be rude it’s that I’m just mad that I’m always stuck with a hacker as my partner or in the other team but Tysm for making this game this game would be better if their were no hackers bye😐😐
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7 months ago, Blur8000
I hate this game, it’s truly annoying when your trying to have fun but you run into complete tryhards that somehow ALWAYS get headshots or take you out the game quickly. Whether it’s CS or BR, it’s not fair that most players that bought strong skins seem to be the ones who get to kill your within 1 sec. If I use the same gun on them almost my whole clip is gone. Another thing I HATE how difficult it is to get headshots on tryhards like why can they shoot me so easily in the head but I can’t. I’m aiming up but it’s mostly hitting their armor or then neck. It’s so dumb!! I put almost my whole clip into someone but once they shoot back I’m dead in 1 sec. This is what makes me uninstall for a few months. I comeback and see it’s still just as annoying. You developers need to try playing the game without any skins and see how you fair up against tryhards, maybe then you’ll see how difficult it is. Not even fun. My whole squad would go 0-4 multiple times. No one on my team could get a kill because the opposing team kills much faster.
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7 months ago, Sombra504
Best game but…
Even tho there was hackers it showed us that we are posible to defeat anything as a team and have fun while playing. I used to play when there was hackers and I remember this one time the hacker got inside the rock and started shooting us from the inside of the rock we couldn't shoot him but, me and my brother didn’t gave up and we tried everything to defeat him and we did defeat him we started throwing bombs and we saw that it was making him damage so we keep on throwing bombs and we killed him we were so happy although this new version of free fire in 2023 is really not good because the community is too toxic and there really not much fun like it used to the maps are different and much more things are different. Us the veterans would really like for Garena free fire to put thing like it was back then this game it’s still a good game to play and have fun but that’s the only issue now. Players are leaving because there’s no fun like it used too We would like to come back to the game and see the old stuff back it’s your choice to get more people to play it or more people to leave garena free fire ❤️‍🩹 Sincerely The veteran's
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10 months ago, hsbavsvjdkqnzkvnwkwbbfjwnxbv
This game is REALLY good but REALLY bad
Garena should really fix their game. One, the hit boxes are dumb. People can shoot you after you hide behind a wall and somehow you still take damage or if it’s a one shot weapon you die. Two, if we have 200 health how come 2 bullets that do 150 damage not kill someone? Again, with other weapons the same thing the math doesn’t add up. It’s like they have more health. I know some characters offer extra health but no more than 50. So this is ridiculous ☠️three, pairing up. The pairing up in this game is unbelievable. You can get paired up with rookies even if you a veteran. It’s impossible to take on the opponent team when the rest of your team is useless. And the other team is filled with people your level. It’s just not fair. And four, the Diamond prices are ridiculous 😫 like on the item shop that’s ridiculous when in events you can gets them like 80% off y’all should rlly fix that
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11 months ago, ST ALPHA
Alpha cares!
As far as am concerned, the game seems extremely unparalleled! I don’t know what it seems to others playing it, however, that’s my own perspective of the game. I’m a newbie to the game and ever since I started playing it, was when I realised there’s still more mysterious to be unravel in the world of ours lol. Moreover, since I’ve started playing the game, I’ve forgotten about all others cos I’m getting all the satisfaction needed from the game. So, I don’t think I need any others. Plus, there was a particular gun I felt in love with therein the game, MP40(cobra). However, it’s so sadden the gun had been peeled off before i started playing. So, my question now was that, would the gun still come out ?
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3 weeks ago, hk5🇦🇿🥢🥢
Free fire review
I don’t like it because there’s hackers and teammates are always AFK or do nothing and just try to make us lose please ban people who do this or give them a warning also everything else is fine. it’s just I was saying, any special holiday /big holiday can you guys make everything on the wish list come true or if that’s too much because then people are gonna become pro and then stop playing can you just make the wish list limit 8-10 things every year plz
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3 months ago, fa. ♥️♥️r
Hi sorry I can’t think of a good title
Ummm I don’t really know what to say but I love your game it’s litttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt sorry for being so over hyperactive and extra but I can’t help it ur the bestttttttttttt oops I did again sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry oops Im so sorry I’m end all of this extra nist here but there I some hackers and stuff I liked the old free fire more the maps had changed and everything but I still love it me and my cousins play it all the time I’m updating it rn but Yh I love free fire Byee Sincerely Breanna Belight
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2 months ago, God Abru
free fire
Very cool game but the gameplay was really lacking and I think it would have a better impact if it were more like the game itself but the game itself was more like the original story of a story that is just as good and the game was better overall but I don’t see any issues at the end game as a lot more fun than it is in terms that are really fun and I don’t see a problem in it at the end where the gameplay was just more interesting to the players than it is for me personally but the gameplay was a lot better and the game is really fun to watch in the same sense of a game so it just doesn’t have that kind a weird way to play with a different way thank
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1 year ago, tihu,op 2F
Old Free Fire Return
The gaming environment is being hampered due to rapid changes . Yes I know that updates make a game much enjoyable . But in the case of Free Fire the opposite is happening . So please don't spoil the game anymore. You've already spoiled a lot . We love the game . We are not bored of playing the game . We want to play the game . But we are missing the previous environment . Please don't spoil the gaming environment in order to ensuring fair gaming experience . Previously maybe the game was unfair but it was enjoyable . Can't you please give us the old environment ? Is that so much impossible ?
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2 years ago, team royal hunter
Account ban without reason..😩😫
Hello. team gareena (I write in hindi) Team gareena aap logo ne meri id ko bager koi reson ke ban kiya hai vo aap ke mobile game ki galtihai mene aap ko kitne mails bheje but koi respond nahi aaya aap ki team ka kamm me thoda sa kam dhyan hai so please usse thik kariye orr jin logo ki id with out reason ban hui hai usko thik kariye id ban hone ki wajese hum ko sucide karne ka irada hua tha par humari gust id ki vaje se hum ko vo dikkat nahi aai aap please developers ko kahie ke humari id jo vith out reason ke ban ki hai vo vapis lae bhai log jo bus ek honor score ke upar id ban kar nahi sakte buddy hum ne bhi usme pese invest kiye hai matlab hum bhi aap ke partners hote hai to please hume humari id vapas dedo kyu ki humare pass vahi id thik vali thi….😩😫😭😭😭😭😢
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2 years ago, BadboiReek😮‍💨
No to cheat using
Have had the best gaming experience with this app we played we win we lose buh the game became irritating when some player get to upgrade their rank using cheat and degrade others through this it not fair pls if you derive a way to detect the cheat user before they even logged in like yoi can scan our account before we login to detect if we are using cheat or not cause reporting isn’t the best idea cause it would have made us lose the rank before their account get sanctioned ✌️
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1 year ago, Goat Puth 1122
Nice game but needs more maps
Hi, Garena, I have been playing this game since 3 years and in last 1 year I have noticed that whenever you add a new map in battle royale and clash squad, you remove the older maps (Kalahari and Purgatory). I really like Kalahari and Purgatory. Currently I’m tired playing and feel monotonous while playing repeatedly the three maps. I request you to add Purgatory and Kalahari in CS and BR ranked. Please it is a humble request. The game is dying and this is one of the options to retain your new and old players.
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1 month ago, NBAguyguy
Today 21st May 2024 when I picked up my phone to play free fire,I was playing with my friends when we were playing I shot an enemy and was about to shoot another and then my phone screen was off. I on my phone and I was dead and a message appeared. The enemy that shot me dead name appeared on the message send to me on iMessage cuz that play used cheat or hacked the game, cuz such has never happened before and my friends was even surprised so I quit playing the game and came here to report this issue. you have to do something about those hacking the game
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1 year ago, SCM_OP
Big issue without any cause
I am from Indian server of free fire but the thing is why it is giving me an error where it writes download failed retry while it has permissions and I have strong network so please I think you will solve it because Gardena gets vast amount of money from Indian server so please try to fix it for me or tell me something through which I can fix it but as always I love this game but due to this I issue I am giving 4 star and please reply as soon as you can
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2 years ago, DeltaAlt
Server Switching
I like this game a lot. My Vietnamese cousins got me hooked on this, and it was the best feeling. I live in America though, so I had to fly back. I thought they would switch me to an American server for connectivity reasons. BUT NO, I am still in a Vietnamese server. Not only is it much slower, I can’t read Vietnamese! It was fine in Vietnam, because that is the native language. But in America, no one speaks it ever, say for family. I just want to be able to switch servers. Nothing else.
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2 years ago, soyireneperez
Players Region Issue
I joined free fire because of the announcement of a collaboration with BTS and like Army I have several friends all over the world. I joined thinking that I could connect with them but due to the situation that we are in different regions I can't and I would love if there was a way to change that. I think with that change more people would join the game. Sincerely a BTS Army.
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2 years ago, Acharya Biraj
Problems of nepali players due to server change
We nepali player have lots of indian friends and we were so happy playing together and the ping in indian server was also good But after shifting to blangladeshi server matchmaking takes a lot of time and the ping is 100+ every time it really gives a bad gaming experience I know you cant frequently change the servers but can you fix the ping issue
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5 months ago, ƒяєєƒιяє ιѕ α вιтɕн
There needs to be changes
free fire is a okay game. What I don’t like is when u force quit, (aka leave and go back to lobby) cause maybe ur mom told u to stop playing for a sec or u had to do something. It affects ur honor score😑 Like- please. I have multiple MULTIPLE notifications on the mail symbol u see on free fire and literally go on the other noticing and I see so many letters saying I affected my honor score by force quitting. Then had the audacity to say it was “inappropriate” like please ur not my teacher so let me play my game in PEACE. Didn’t know that leaving the game is inappropriate? Fix this issue!
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2 years ago, loves freefire
This game is the best game
This game is the best game I can play with my friends.I like the mods but can you make more mods or bring some back that you made already:)I like it when we can see how many people are still alive and how much you’ve killed I know when we are about to win👍🏻this is the best game ever I will play it everyday until it gets deleted or when I die keep up the good work🥰😄
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2 years ago, G4 Alone
Fix server ping
Please fix server ping is not making any sense I am in SSA an I play in NA due to that I use to live in NA now am in SSA and I do top up a lot and I can’t give my account away and why can’t we transfer NA server to SsA and the ping in another server is worst they kill us like noob due to the ping please fix any ping on transfer of account but I will like you to fix the ping cus all my friends are in NA
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10 months ago, Murderer124
Pairing with incompetent teammates
I sometimes don’t understand how these incompetent teammates get the rank they get and I feel it’s through cheating cause they get into the game and play nonsense sometimes even afk what should I do in a situation like that this game has been great so far but during the past two days I’ve love 17 cs ranks matches back to back due to incompetent teammates I feel you all should work on pairing teammates and if you can’t let the game be solo or just end the game When one can get satisfaction from play it What’s the use
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1 year ago, ARMiano
Hello dear admin best regards I am Iranian and I have been playing this game for more than four years There are many young people who live in Iran and spend most of their free time in this game But you don't pay any attention to them and you don't value and respect them The name of the country of Iran is not in the servers of weapon glory There is no Persian language in the languages of the game The number of Iranian users alone is more than the total number of users in the Persian Gulf region Considering the large number of these young people, you can even set a separate server for Iran like Turkey and India Again, we say that your behavior with Iranian users is unprofessional and unfriendly
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1 year ago, Bhargav Jha
What I love about this app!
I love it, it’s just amazing! It has helped me gain sadness and made me happy all the time. It has also helped me in my yt career. I can shoot everyone with my UMP and etc. I love to play it with my friends and brothers & sisters it’s just amazing I just have one problem that it doesn’t update…Still it’s my favourite app in my whole iPad.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤧🤧🤧😫😫😫😫🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 🌚🌚🌝🌝ID-BHARGAVPRO98
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2 years ago, CLUTCH007x
New version available proceed to download
I am an IOS user and this game was working in proper way before the maintenance and since the maintenance took place my game isn’t opening and even though I downloaded the latest version it’s says our latest version is available proceed to download and the reason why I am giving it one star or else I was very impressed with this game because it was my favorite game before but not anymore since I can’t play. I would give it 5 star if they fix this problem or bug idk.
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2 years ago, lacangry69
I love the game n all new stuff u guys bring in but I will love u guys that when another update but the option of change cloths with friends I have cloths that I don’t like n friends does n he has cloths that he don’t like n I do it will be much better if we could exchange cloths with friends that will be very cool
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3 years ago, 12mehr
Great! But some work need to be which I mentioned below
Awesome sounds , and really decent animation but no work done on graphics except Bermuda max whic looks awesome. I hope on the future updates they work hard on the graphics in old maps and make really awesome animation instead focusing on other stuff :) but so far it’s good!
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5 months ago, No mercy alex
Acc banned
I gave it a 2 star because this game has been the best game I’ve ever had but not too long ago about 4 months ago my principal account which I’ve spent over 300 dollars got banned and I’ve never ever have done any hacks or anything else that could give me advantage of other players. Thankfully I had a second acc but it isn’t the same when u lost ur principal acc and I barely even play after that happen.
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1 week ago, Nisyia
I can not hear nothing when I open Free fire Max. I turned my volume up to see if that was the problem and it was not. It been like this for 3 days and it making me lose the game before I can not hear if someone is close to me. The only time I can hear is when I use my headphones or it I connect my phone to a speaker and if I don’t have any of them at the time I cannot even play the game!!! So I need help to get my sound back I tried everything possible but nothing happening and I am not happy by it!🤧
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2 years ago, Ceon0622
Before the update I used to play quite good with my friends using my AirPods but now every time I turn my microphone on it automatically disconnects and I start hearing the game sound and my friends’ voices on the phone and not on the AirPods and it’s really uncomfortable because I play at night and people sleep so I HAVE to use my AirPods. It only happens with free fire because with the rest of the apps the AirPods work just fine. Hope you solve this problem soon so I can rate it better.
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2 years ago, kingbob!😎🤩
Something is wrong with the match making
In my opinion this game is good but all in all the match making not so good and I understand if there’s something else that the devs are working on but the match making is really bad like please fix it cus when I’m in a ranked match I’m with players that are like level 50,40,70 and idk why because I’m only a level 14 and it’s stupid because I die out of nowhere and I just wanted to say the match making needs to get fixed so please devs read this please fix the match making
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2 years ago, bruh_yi
Freaking garena
I gave this game one star because i wasted 70 dollars on the angelicales and i didnt get it garena really made me mad because i didnt get one single thing so i was trying to know if yall would make the prizes easier to get because a lot of people waste a lot of money and they cant get what they want this is so not fair Garena Free Fire
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2 years ago, mighty saur
Earphones glitch in group
When I plug my earphones in IPhone 13 so everything is working smoothly and everything is fine but when I create group in and when I open mic in group my earphones disconnect and the sound come from iPhone not in earphone’s. Overall pls solve this issue / bug Or help me I like this game awesome game Well done developers
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3 years ago, i dont like looking for names
Great game, bad reviews
You little kids should stop talking bad about the game, especially if you don’t even have good grammar. We get it you love trolling and all that but people actually believe your dumb reviews. I’ve wasted so much money and the game and I don’t regret it. It’s fun having perks, or if u must say it’s, pay to win.
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2 years ago, rskreebs
New version problem
Problem is when l open the app it works but when I log in it shows new version detected and l waited for it to download for 1hr nothing happened and l felt mad l played free fire for many years and l have never been disappointed but this problem is so disappointing
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1 year ago, Mannyc77
The New Version. Changed the layout of all maps. Now you are more on the open and vulnerable to campers. And This new CS RANK S19 Is way harder than last Season. Why do you often pair me with bots and the Enemy rank and levels are higher than mines and my teammates. This game gets worse everytime i am seriously considering Leaving this game. I rather spend money on something I enjoy. Rather than this frustrating issues you refuse to solve. FIX YOUR PAIRING ISSUES AND FIX HACKERS ISSUE ASWELL !!!!
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2 years ago, El-loko279
I really liked the game but..
I used to play this game a lot and I really liked it but I got bored because I couldn't play with my friends because they were on a different region and I was just playing alone all of the time. I really hope you can add something to change your region, thanks and have a great day.
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3 weeks ago, Venil1op
Best game of my life, I play before this game is best. I’m playing this game for any five years. Everything is best about this game, the graphics, the gameplay the map, but there is one problem. Hackers are coming in this game, do something with hackers stop the hackers from coming. Thank you.
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2 years ago, asv2471
love this game except
this game is great. i’ve been playing it for years now, which is how i can say that after this most recent update the wait times are farrrrr too long. previously i’d be able to get into a game within 20 seconds. very, very rarely does it last longer. now? i’m waiting minutes to try to get into a game. not sure if it’s an update problem or if more ppl are playing, but the huge increase in wait time is very frustrating, especially if you die right away after waiting for the match + the waiting room for over two minutes.
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2 years ago, gxgfdg
Freefire Garena
Please all gamers in Africa is pleading with you to separate the server of Middle East from Africa.. I don’t want to play games with the Middle East they are hackers.. trust me many gamers are switching from freefire to ********* kindly fix that server problem.. We want our South Africa 🇿🇦 server back … either you separate Middle East server from our server which is Africa server or you give us back our South Africa 🇿🇦 server Thank you
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10 months ago, unique grg
worst game
this game is becoming worst game ever in my life it was so good 2years ago now look it is getting worst and worst in every update you are giving different kind of stuff like characters skills gun attributes etc many more that every update is most worst update there is no fare in this game in every character difference kind of skills now recently you put the character the worst ever character in the whole game of the world what if a new player came and play but enemies is using that character even you hit that full damage also the enemy can’t get knocked in every single head shot can’t say anything can be changed by you team i just don’t want to rate also but if there was a low rate start review this game will be worst game review in the whole world
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1 year ago, akshu9604
I am playing game from many 4 years from now, I love this game till now but one problem is that we want some kind of old things back, remove revival point , don’t introduce over power attrubutes to new guns which reduce old gun power and also we want glider and kalahari map back
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2 years ago, why you fat
I have been playing for about 3 years and I love free fire including the fact that there is a series called how to start a fire volume 1 came and was awesome can’t wait for more also Garena did something awesome the free fire max is free usually this does not happen but was super cool
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3 months ago, cxyrew
the game is OP but please, could you bring a feature that will allow users to change their main login to other social platforms in the next update ? i want to switch my icloud to gmail as the main log, please.
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1 year ago, 1gavboss
No one tap headshots
It’s a very interesting game but some people can easily get impossible headshots I know people can master the game and all but some headshots are very much impossible I only have problems with cheaters the game is excellent otherwise.
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2 years ago, Badboy_dls
I have been playing free fire for a long time now The only problem I faced was Fb login My fb account was hacked so I had to start all over again which is ….:::….. I am pleading that you make free fire to have its own personal login Thank you as you compile…..
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2 days ago, Suzan tamang
Hacker in game
I currently started playing game after 3 months I like all the updates but I was just pushing cs rank the rate of hacker increases so much 10/1 hacker is fix so I just want to say for hacker plz do something otherwise ff will end soon like this 🙇🏻
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2 years ago, give free diamonds
Give free diamonds
Gardena you could give free diamonds to persons that can not have diamonds like me a can get diamonds I don’t know how but the only think i want to say it’s you can give free diamonds to the people that it’s poor and can not get diamonds like me.
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