Free Music - Unlimited Free MP3 Music Streaming Player and Playlist Manager

3.9 (8.9K)
25.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mobile Music
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later

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User Reviews for Free Music - Unlimited Free MP3 Music Streaming Player and Playlist Manager

3.89 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
2 years ago, MrsLBP
Would give 5 stars…
I am really elated about this free app especially for iPhone 🤦🏽‍♀️💵 for everything pretty much that other devices are free on their downloads of music just to name one. I love the fact you all offer variety especially Classical orchestras. Amazing! I really would like to have a search bar for specific songs by artists I am in the mood for setting my mind and sometimes my vibe. I am overall satisfied just a thought of consideration.
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3 years ago, AMTLegalEagle
Great Potential
For a free application it is fantastic, when it works. I attempted several times to upgrade, but always receive a message stating that this app is not available for purchase in US stores. That was odd as I download the app from US stores. Now, after a month of all day use, I always have music playing in the background, the app has stopped working completely. I receive a message stating that music is not streaming. I have loaded, unloaded, and reloaded the app on several devices with the same result. For a free app, give it a try; and I hope you have better results. Just think, you may be one of the fortunate people that can rate this music app "5 Stars."
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4 years ago, 👩🏾‍🦱👩🏾‍🎤
GOOD!!! Except 2 things...
Alright! Gotta admit! It’s pretty good![except... So, when i first saw this app, I was like, hey! Something that my kids will listen to that’s free! Except, my kids kept reporting constant upgrading questions. AND some of the songs they wanted to hear they didn’t know the answer to the informational questions about them. So they never got to listen to any of the songs they actually WANTED. But, they still discovered newly favorited songs! And, um... FOR FUH-REEEE!!! But i agree they SHOULD have a search bar!
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2 years ago, Avielle Holtzman
I think it's good but...
The music app is good although I think it should have a search bar because I want to look for a specific song and it took me a long time to search for that song and it was really slow at the moment so think it is good although it dose not have a search bar.
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4 years ago, Buck Rich
Don’t try to use app with headphones
I’ve just simply tried to find some music to listen to while I mow the grass on my tractor. At first, I thought I found one but if I continue with this app, I’ll kill myself running over a bank or someone else because I’ve got to continuously hit no thanks for upgrade or ads. Every 2-3 minutes. Btw, when I finally hit upgrade, guess what? It’s not available in my area. Really? Central USA? The Heartland? So, I guess I’ll keep trying to find something that I can listen to music without having to pay. I will never pay to listen to the radio. I mean, hell I had better technology in the 70’s.
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4 years ago, boarbuns
KPop hits
I love this station, not boring. Since I learned about your free music app. I jumped on the band wagon. The music may be sad, upbeat party music, energetic dance music gets me going. I exercise, clean the house do chores, I blast the music through out the house. It’s fun! I never listened to rap before. (Never) but, Korean young boy/men choreography uplifts me. I love their dance moves. On utube. I will definitely share/tell my friends and family about your free music app.
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1 year ago, wsbs beast
Awesome app,
Thank you so much for being FOR the people and not AGAINST us. Y’all are the very existence of what it takes to be part of FREEDOM unlike some , that were put in place for or by the people, and their only duties are/were protecting that freedom, but they didn’t want to COMPLY 😏….oh well, but anyway..thank you for the app and your generosity.
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4 years ago, Casaday's
Won't work for me
First of all it won't play the music I don't know what's wrong with it but it won't play even with the volume turned up all the way it also needs a key board because I wanted to find a band and I couldn't find it so that wasn't fun but then every two minutes adds would pop up that was annoying I'll probably just get a different app anyway but hey I'm sure that it might work for other from the other reviews I've read it just didn't work for me soooo ya big bummer ☹️😣😢
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4 months ago, Memere Lava
Thankful for you!
This app definitely works for me! Love the wide range of choices! I’ll take FREE anytime I can get it! The requests for upgrades and reviews are a bit disruptive. I can live with that, but wouldn’t mind if you waited until my listening time was done. Thanks for the Music!
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2 years ago, CadCam Scanner
Very satisfied
The fact that you offer it for free is just one of the positive things about free radio. Your selection is wide ranging, and definitely includes the type of music that I’d like to listen to which can be diverse at times. The classical is an amazing perk. Thank you for offering it for free.
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1 year ago, ZaKwinB
This is a great way to explore the music that is available.
However, the flow is not on any type of clear order. What I am trying to relate on this, is there needs to be more of systematic order to be able to distinguish for listeners/ users.
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2 years ago, poofycat438
Please read
I only put five stars so people could read this do kot download i tried playing it and all it showed me was ADS it was so annoying after that ASAP i deleteed this app terrible devs im sorry but if your gonna make a fake app at least make some of it work
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5 years ago, Ocala Jack
It would have been
It would have been the best thing crated if there not be so much interruption to the songs Is not posible to follow any of the songs featured because they are constantly interrupted with another one and sometimes it comes back to the original but mostly goes to another and you get the feeling that is no purpose in the programming Fix that simple problem and you’ll get a five star rate
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1 year ago, HIII :)(:
Free!!! 😄
Wow I gotta say for a free app very awesome! They organized it so it’s very easy to find what you want and there’s a huge variety of options. I would highly recommend getting this app all though I just got this app so don’t have much to say about it quite yet.
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12 months ago, wmoody1776
Great Music
I have just started to really use this app and after getting used to using it I’m really enjoying it! Thanks for giving us this awesome opportunity to listen to my favourite songs!!
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11 months ago, Reuters 5 Stars
Not functional.
When I start the app I results in a black screen with no options. I read a 2 year old review that said the writer got a message that the app was no longer available in the US, and that his stopped working. But since the app is available on the App Store I though I’d try it…. Doesn’t work. A word of advise for those that run the store, “TAKE DOWN THE APP.” Good grief, that goes without saying! Same advise for the app developer.
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2 years ago, russell da' luv muscle
Fantastic 4 the Cost
Great variety with minimal interruptions. Can’t ask for more, seeing that it’s free. Downside is that it takes time to weed through the non-working stations to get one that works. I’ve spent hours listening to some stations without regret. Thanks
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2 years ago, 062072
Music player
Would be better if you could choose what group or song you wanted to play. Out side of that it’s a good app so I gave it 4 out of 5. That and you can’t see what the name of the song is either.
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3 years ago, ChayseCrow
Good app
Crashes often on low end devices or old updates overall best radio app ads are indeed excessive but the ads are laughable at times just a good music app. Download.
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1 year ago, Oakley nora
Free music
I’ve just installed it on my IPhone and I’m satisfied with the choices of music you get for free 😀 But the only issue is the annoying pop up to upgrade. I’m sure it’s not free so I’ll just live with it .
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4 years ago, Again I am sorry
So sorry.
It’s terrible. Difficult to navigate. Disorganized. I’m sure a lot of people are saying that there are too many advertisements. And it’s true. It plays several ads simultaneously and consecutively. It asks me to upgrade, I say later. Then before I can do anything, it asks me again. It will not stop asking me to rate it. I rarely write reviews for apps, but for this one, it is difficult not to. And it was begging me to do so. So I am. I’m sorry but it’s awful.
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7 months ago, Laenra
Free music, Gospel music, I love listening to your selections. Please keep this feature.
I would recommend your music station to anyone who has an iPhone.
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6 months ago, raiders6273
It’s okay
First of all every time I open the app it asked me to upgrade and when I clicked on it it said it was not available in my region or country and it only plays radio stations so if I wanna listen to a specific song I can’t it really needs a search bar. It’s a little out of date to.
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1 year ago, LadyintheStudio
I have no clue
So far I like the music but I have been interrupted 4 times asking for a review in the past 30 minutes since I downloaded it. Hopefully by writing this review, it will stop asking , and I will be able to enjoy the music
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3 years ago, Babydoll100!
So far so good
I’ve only had it for 2 days. So far no problems. Although I keep getting asked to upgrade, which is annoying.
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1 year ago, ddgctyetyrygruvftu
Music app
This app is amazing because most music apps you have to pay for either monthly or weekly but this free
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2 years ago, 318jmb
Great Radio
Great radio and love the different stations.. I could listen all day and all night. And love the different songs on all the different songs..Lovve
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3 years ago, Gummybears377
For free it is great!!!
I can’t expect you to give no ad music for free. I don’t like the ads any better than anyone else but brings frugal person it was great. We listened toEd Shearin radio and loved it ... easy and relaxing.
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2 years ago, Ajara2
Free for me
I haven’t been able to listen to music yet but if it’s free I’m getting it. I’ve got to find gospel music first then the 5 stars will stay.
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10 months ago, Spec 1st class
Beatles or Spiritual
Love the music while walking or meditating… there’s something wonderful for everyone and every occasion! Thank you! Well done🤗
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1 year ago, MickyMcC
It’s hard to find anything for free nowadays. I like the selection although limited, it helps me relax when not at home.☺️
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4 years ago, Cool Kids84
I like the music so much it’s so cool can’t wait and see if anyone else would like to get this is someone who loves music I for one love music so get this get it now before it runs out ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🤪😍😍😎😎😎😎😎
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7 months ago, hfbgyjnhukh
Would not play!
I got the app to listen to music on a run. But it would not play it would just play a add then kick me off the app! My phone can only update to IOS 12.5 and I can never find a app that will work, and I was so excited! 😭 now I just record songs off of my Echo on to voice memos. I do not recommend for IOS 12.5
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2 years ago, Baby yoda 😜
1 thing 😕
So I got this app and I’m writing this using the app. But when I first opened it I thought “ wow a little boring” there are no album pics witch made me sad. But otherwise it’s a great app! 👍🏻🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄
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1 year ago, J A F R H
I know I’m gonna have fun
I love music so does my husband he loves tranquility I love loud and a good beat so I can’t wait to make a music library for greedy me !
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2 years ago, pat sheppard
Which choice is right
I’ve decided I don’t want this. 99% of the music isn’t old enough to interest me. Neither are the artists. Being free music isn’t what’s most important. It’s if you liked it in your past life. Too much I don’t recognize and no way to delete what I don’t like. This app is just not for everyone.
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2 years ago, Sugah7
What deFU?
Before I could manipulate thru the app I was bombarded by “Rate this app” (at least 4/5) pop-ups. Once I made a choice to listen to contemporary blues the selection would not open. Then I received a pop-up urging me to upgrade and guess what - the upgrade isn’t available in my region😕👈🏿
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1 year ago, Bruttoporco
Works great auth iphone
My only comment so far is that it would help if the name of song and artist could be displayrd
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2 years ago, yzzub103
Good selection of music
I found the classic country was good, Frank Sinatra was good, and the music from the 40s (1940s) was good. I like a lot of different types of music and this has some good choices for me and as someone said, it's free!
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2 years ago, cupcakebaker! 😋😜😍❤️🌈⚡️
Good but one thing
The is a good app but they should add a search button to search for a song and I think everything else is good 😊!
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4 years ago, Raplh the Wonder Llama
Hard to set up
I just tried to look up some bands and songs, had to re-install the app, then got TONS OF ADDS before I wrote this review. I hope that someone is going to correct this flaw; there are PLENTY of other FREE MUSIC apps that don’t have this issue! (NOTE: If I wanted “Pandora”, I would already be using it!!!)
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1 year ago, wtopkhaschmjdsu
It’s okay
I want to chose what I want ,but I don’t think anyone should download it ,I got it because I don’t want to pay
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2 years ago, Gibbstown
Great app
I like this app. It's simple to use and works on my iPhone 4 IOS 9. Others won't work in this old IOS. Keep it simple!
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3 years ago, kankk1mo
I just spent an hour in the sun listening to ‘decades’ music. Very enjoyable, it was my first tho I hope not my last!
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4 years ago, mella123468 is my username
Only one thing
I love this it helps me a lot but the only thing that I think they should add is a search bar and it will tell you if they have it or not that’s it really good app tho
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3 years ago, CharLamb1.
I use it on my Treadmill while I’m walking. When I’m outside in the yard working around my truck it is very enjoyable.
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6 years ago, Peachstar
Love the app
Great app love the songs just wish it would stay on the screen instead of crashing
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2 years ago, vhfdhigh
I have to
It’s ok if you have Wi-Fi and your sister can join you join us join play chat please join play please call try and join us in the play play call you play chat please play chat with me
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2 years ago, Mr Moose 1955
So far so good
Just downloaded today. Let’s see if the minimal ads I’ve heard are the norm. Love the selection of genres.
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4 years ago, BonnJ
Great so far. Have only tried a couple of stations but am enjoying the variety.
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