Free QR Code Reader simply to scan a QR Code

4.4 (1.9K)
11.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Free QR Code Reader simply to scan a QR Code

4.36 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
2 years ago, christinaxhansen
Pretty cool…!
Eh..I’d have to say, it’s pretty good.. Heh, but mainly pay more attention to the other ratings, cos I have a pretty good (putting it nicely) damaged (Frontal Lobe was hit the hardest, I think) TBi, but I’ll just say this….it’s not at all difficult to operate & big plus on my end..LOLOL So thank you guys, keep up the good work! ✌️
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4 years ago, This is me! Writing a report
So far so good, I had thought
I had to download this app for my online classes, and it’s turned out to be pretty good so far. It did get pretty annoying when after you scan it every time or after you get off the link, it would keep asking you to rate the app. I understand after 3 or 4, but it’s kind of hard to rate it, if you’ve only used it once. But, I’m very appreciative that it was free, because like I said, it was necessary for my schooling, and I can’t afford to pay a monthly subscription and that stuff. But all in all, this is a pretty good app and I would recommend it. About five minutes after I wrote this, the app stopped working and refused to scan my QR codes. So now I’m probably going to have to get a different app, because this is no longer working. I have rebooted my device, yet it still doesn’t work. So I would no longer recommend it.
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3 years ago, ReignDust
5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and deserving!
Precise as it is stated with no nonsense, read between the lines shady agenda or ulterior motive such as hidden fees or traps, etc.. I just added this app to my phone a hour ago and used 4 times thus far within the hour and not one pop up ad or a pop arcade of them as I am usually thrust within. I am not quick at all to give 5 stars especially this soon and fast but honesty is rare and goes far with me and I can’t find one solitary thing to complain over or find a valid fault deserving of less stars so job WELL DONE! Anyone creating an app, Say what you mean and mean what you say and in no time you’ll succeed far greater than not doing so! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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1 year ago, Mountainhippy1
New QR Scanner
It’s a scanner and it’s so much more than just a qr generator. This app is loaded with data saving QR making picture taking power and I just opened it and tried it out. This app’s definitely gonna help you out with all sorts of your daily needs. Good job I can’t wait to spend some time seeing more. It looks like it’s worth paying for and a deal for sure.
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2 years ago, Kimo from IA
Works great
IOS can already scan QR’s with the camera but this app allows scan of photos stored in photos app and also generates QRs. @ Bottom of screen are several buttons but they are hard to see so look carefully. All work well.
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10 months ago, Dean the Scot
Works well!
I don’t use a scanner often (maybe once every other week, or so), but it worked well the first time, and every time I try it on my old iPhone 7+. You won’t be disappointed; grab it!
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3 years ago, windyknoll
QR scanner
Works other apps want monthly fee. I only need for grocery ad because they went to this other wise I need to continue to walk the whole store when needing food.
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2 years ago, Lord Azriel Aios
So far, so good :)
As of this moment, I’ve not had or experienced a single problem. :) If that’s the way this continues I’ll leave my 5 star rating, as I thoroughly enjoy this product AOTM ( as of this moment)
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2 years ago, Danester69
Free QR scanner
So far so good, There are ads, but that’s better than a monthly fee. The ads are located at the bottom of this app while in use and does not interfere with my scanning. Who knows I might see an ad I like
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2 years ago, Ty4Me
Free is Good
I so seldom ever have to use a QR reader and I resent having to pay a monthly fee, no matter how small for something I probably only use a couple times all year. This is easy and I appreciate it. Free is good.
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4 years ago, jlodin
Works with existing images
This scanner can even be used with a pic you already took or one you found online.
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2 years ago, grind9
Easy to use
With so many apps and other things becoming more complex, so difficult to use, the simplicity of this app is appreciated. Thank you! John
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4 years ago, Webbly
So far so good
Just installed the app and tried it out It works as expected so far. Will update after I’ve had a chance to try it out more.
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4 years ago, Kaleigh.4dk
Love this little app!
Love this little app! Works perfect every time. I don’t mind the ads, since it’s free. But, one suggestion- let me choose the internet browser app to open the links!
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2 years ago, robinsweeten
Very easy to use
App is very easy to use! I downloaded it and it worked immediately. I am very impressed. No “in app” surprises purchases. Thank you!!!
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4 years ago, hencj
Works great!
Just tried it for the first time and it seems to work great. Other apps I viewed wanted a monthly subscription fee. I choose this one specificity because it was free.
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2 years ago, ElizG55
Could not be easier to use! I have a hand tremor and it still works fine. Soooooo quick, instant. Very happy with it, thanks!!
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1 month ago, Curecidp
The Best!
So easy to use and I’m all about easy! Thank you Developers for a wonderful app that actually does work correctly!
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2 years ago, Keen36&@
Very simple, I hate those Apps that are full of other things you are not looking for
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5 years ago, clgrisham61
Works perfectly
Very quick install and worked very fast. Easily reads the codes and displays immediately.
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4 years ago, yokanlover
The Best Possible QR App!
I absolutely love this app! It opens every time, with no delay, to the desired website! The occasional requests for a review are not intrusive. Nor are they required! A simple “no” is perfectly acceptable!
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7 months ago, Basket61
Good scan
Works great and scans quickly. Don’t have to line it up precisely in some window
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3 years ago, mejusbetr
It’s small and efficient
I love this App -it does what it says and Quickly.. the fact that it is free should not scare anyone away.!
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8 years ago, rkgdroid
Only one that worked out of 3 others
It's really fast, and small install size is very much appreciated.
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1 year ago, TinaLauten
Easy to read
This app is really nice it’s quick and very simple to use. I recommend it
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3 years ago, Ok me1
This is doing everything that I need it to, thank you.
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3 years ago, invisibleorderilluminati
I’m good with it.
This will come in very useful for my new game I’m designing for to easily link players profiles to in person I’d cards
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5 years ago, lzmini
WOW - quick & easy best QR reader
downloaded & read and completed a QR scan in less than 20 seconds/ so easy & accurate time use
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1 year ago, KC@Y
Easy and fast
This app is very simple to both use and download - a great free product.
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3 years ago, Thummytx
I’ve never had a problem with this app
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4 years ago, AJ Fardella
Basic and functional
It delivers everything it promises.
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4 years ago, Deeman NYC
The scanner is very user friendly and I would recommend it to my friends
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2 years ago, Tess0511
Keep getting booted out when entering date.
On an iPad. When entering either the DOB or date purchased it will boot me out when I enter the last digit of the year. Tried multiple times. Was a QC done on this app prior to release. Will be adding a different QR app.
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4 years ago, madlele
So one else was charged
When I signed up for this app it asked for my card information, which was not supposed to be charged. So why is some secondary app connected to it charging my account $1.95. It’s not much, but now I can’t trust it. Does anyone know who or how I can contact this company to stop the charges. The whole deal is fishy and it’s a scam.
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3 years ago, Zzzzxxxxzxxxxxxxzz
Worked well on first try
I have never used a qt scanner before and this one made it very easy for a rookie
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5 years ago, ske58
Easy and accurate
Easy enough for me to use ! And has never been inaccurate... thanks!
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4 years ago, wingz007
Only used once, but got a free read, accurate, and what more can you ask of a QR reader? I’ll update after using more.
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3 years ago, AG Manager
Works very well
Fool proof and easy to use. Seems to read codes at a wide variety of sizes and angles.
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3 years ago, kendogcali45
QR reader
It’s free it works and I’d like to use it for a while before I give my opinion of it after further use
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3 years ago, isetia
Work great
It worked fast and easy to read
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3 years ago, Peak33
New QR
I could not be happier. Fabulous results that link directly to my subject matter. Thank so Much
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1 year ago, returnto850
Works as expected
Don’t use a lot but it occasionally comes in handy
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6 years ago, Ixrael Lee
Fast and effective
Considering the harmless need to scan QR codes, many apps seek to profit, but this app offers free and efficient scan and nothing else besides seeking rating! And that’s harmless and fair for me!
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3 years ago, cbent216
Great product
Easy to use even for an old goat like me
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3 years ago, classicgamming1972
I love the fact that it’s free and it makes my life so much easier that you only scan and you go!
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3 years ago, grey seagull
The app downloaded in lightning speed so far so good! Thank you-no complaints :)
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2 years ago, Disapointed traveler
OR Scanner works good
Only had it on the phone for 1 day but so far works very good.
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2 years ago, NancyFClark
It works quickly and correctly!
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4 years ago, moodrats
A great apps for me. It works better than paid once, truly easy to use
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5 years ago, RobWrites
Easy to use
I just needed a straightforward app and this worked well.
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