FreeCell Solitaire Card Game

4.8 (446.5K)
284.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FreeCell Solitaire Card Game

4.76 out of 5
446.5K Ratings
5 years ago, JustMiceElf
Love this game! Love this app!
I have loved this game since I first played it back in the day on my computer. I love this app because it gives me the same great game on my phone, with the addition of daily goals. As a software tester I truly appreciate the quality. I tried other FreeCell apps and deleted them all before finding this one. If there was one thing I would add to the game though, I would love to know the numbers of the games I have lost, so that I could go back and try again. Update: I did contact support but for the sake of the review readers, I will explain the feature I would like to see. If you go to settings > statistics you can see how many games you have won and lost. My request is, if you play numbered games (yes, I started at 1) that you be able to see the game numbers of the games you lost so that you could try them again. The feature would not work for randomly generated games as they have no numbers. Bonus if winning a previously lost game would erase the count in the lost column. :D
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4 months ago, Maddogrising
Latest version
Update : Thank you mobilityware for giving the option to remove the icon off the cards. The weekly event challenges are fine, but the others should be removed. The game is now too sensory overloaded for me. The train your brain game should be a completely different app and only memory Games. I appreciate your listening, but I personally don’t like overloaded games. I like games that are simple And come to an end. I deleted a puzzle game and a popular bird game for this very reason and in the games current state, I feel that I will not continue playing it so I’m just going to delete it. I just don’t understand why game developers continue to overload games with features instead of creating a new game. The latest update added a brain icon the cards creating an annoying distraction and the train your brain memory event is nothing more than a unnecessary waste of time that has ruined the game now because it is creating unnecessary sensory overload we and now I have to decided to delete the game thank you very much mobilityware for ruining the game. You gotta know when to hold them and win the fold them.
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3 months ago, lets play cards
Hate this new upgrade!!!
The game was great as it was! This new version that I had to upload is terrible! I dislike the two tone cards telling us which card to play next…l feel like YOU ARE DUMBING US DOWN so we don’t have to think for ourselves, you are filling in the next few cards for us -for no reason! Earlier this month my yearly subscription was renewed and I was alerted and automatically paid, which was fine with me, when all of a sudden I started getting advertisements between games. It was impossible to contact you thru apple I deleted the app and re-installed it, and instead got this HORRIBLE NEW VERSION!! No thanks to you for playing the game for us!!! Is there any way to find or get back to the previous version??? I’d rather play the original game and think for myself!! OMG, I received a very nice reply from the developer who told me exactly how to fix my preferences thru the game settings! I’m all set now and very happy!! Thank you so much!!
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2 years ago, rack the ham
Glad your ads are only after the game is over. All of the other games the ads interrupt the game and you have to wait for it to finish. Sometimes it won’t give you the opportunity to go back to the game and I have to go off and sign back on, what a pain. I’ve taken off some games due the them being so Annoying. Also there are games they have Constant ads over and over and I will NOT ever sign up for those games. There is one with a king in it that I would let him drown, burn up or get attacked just to get rid of him. The other annoying Thing is, I see a game I’d like to try, but when I accept it, it’s not the same game the ad was for and I don’t know how to find it. I deleted it. I’m just telling you all this as if you are not the one doing these annoying ads, maybe you can pass this on to those that do. And last, I wish there was a place you could go let you know how to play the games. Another annoying feature is you have to enter a nickname and anything I enter is taken!
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4 months ago, PerfectNot
I found a bug
I love this game. I love all of the MobilityWare games but this is my favorite. It’s the age of mass advertising. Recently, many software companies ave been investing in an ad that resides at the front-center of their games… including MobilityWare. It sits right on top of the utility bar where the “back” button resides and the “new game” button. I love the “back” button. And what should I do when I’m out of moves? I cannot access these buttons at all! The bar doesn’t move & cannot be dismissed. I don’t consider it an ad. I consider it a bug. I didn’t notice this ad today. I don’t know if it’s because my previous complaint was heard or because I’ve come to expect it. In case it’s still hanging out, you need to fully close & reopen the game. Keep an eye on where the button is that you wish to use and restart the game, tapping the button’s space as quickly & repeatedly. You can out maneuver the ad. If MobilityWare has done away with it, I‘ll come back & tap that last star.. because I do so love this game.
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8 months ago, Dear Prudence
Fun Game, Great Devs for Reliable Apps
Made an unfavorable review at first, saw they fixed the issue for another person, as long as I don’t see the issue, I’ll leave review at 5 stars. There are a lot of complaints about the ads/game crashing. I’ve never had an issue with the game crashing, and yes they added ads maybe a year or so ago that are a bit more spam-y. They aren’t a huge deal. I have several games by Mobility Games (jigsaw puzzle is so awesome and it’s like $4 for the option to use your own photos. This is essentially infinite puzzles because you can just download pictures from online that you want to be a puzzle). Any time I want to get an app for a classic game, I look for Mobility Games because a) they don’t try to complicate/“improve” a tried and true game that doesn’t need unnecessary flair, and b) the ads are much more controlled than other devs. They also don’t spam for microtransactions. I’m into it.
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1 year ago, Beckg59
Mobility Ware Ad Policy Disappoints
I have been a Freecell addict from the moment it first came out on desktop computers. It was the first game I downloaded to my first iPhone. I have highly respected and appreciated Mobility Ware’s firm stance on ads that could be dismissed after 5 seconds. Trust me, that is all it takes to decide if I’m interested in the product or not, especially since we see the same ads incessantly. First the multi-tap crept in; we could dismiss the ad after 5 seconds, but then the product screen popped up, 2, 3, 4 times before we got back to our game. Now we are seeing ads that take 15 - 60 seconds before they can be dismissed, and most still employ the multi-tap. It is so annoying, especially when we see the same ads over and over. Guys! I STILL don’t want whatever it is! The days of being able to sneak in a 2 or 3 minute game of solitaire are over, and it saddens and frustrates me.
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6 years ago, Mrs English Grammar
Problem Solving Practice
When I was teaching 7th grade in the public school I always included Problem Solving Skills. Basically they are the same as Scientific Theory taught in 7th grade Science. Teaching it from a little different approach reinforced. Once the problem is thoroughly identified of all its parts, the #2 step is to make a list of all the possible things one could do in an effort to solve. We sometimes call this brain storming. Leave no possibility unlisted because two may have to be combined to make the solution. Use the list to carefully consider each possibility. Look for why one will not work and gradually eliminate until you have only one or two remaining for Step 3. If neither are obviously usable by now, try one and then the other. Choose the solution, in Step 4, by which one works best. If this one does not solve, repeat steps 2 and 3. Step 5 is to put your solution into effect and make it work. It may need adjustments or another’s advice. Always believe in yourself and know you can. There is a solution for every problem. FreeCell is a perfect practice for developing this skill. It is fun to play and even allows Steps 4 & 5. Students can play a game while learning. For me, now that I am retired and my thinking skills or memory sometimes fails me, FreeCell helps me stay sharp. It’s a brain exercise , if you will !
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5 years ago, PCHomepage
Some Ads Do Not Close
While I expect a free app to support itself with ads, I do have problem when some have no facility to close them, especially when the ad itself is in poor taste to the point of being disgusting. When it happens, the only way around it is to force the app to close, then open it again. My patience, though, is not unlimited so if it happens again, I’ll be removing the app from my device and cut off the revenue channel. No way I would consider purchasing an app that allows that sort of thing and that they are third-party ads is no excuse nor would I ever buy a subscription. On top of that, even with the sound muted, some still play it loudly and there are several that no matter what you say, it takes you to the App Store. Others, when clicked to close, open another version of the ad with the close X in a different location so it’s almost a game in itself about how to close the ads! There are some without any way whatsoever to close them short of forcing the app to close. Support did write to me about this revue but there was no way I could reply through the app and the email did not provide a legitimate reply.
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6 years ago, Feustrated
Review- I have one gripe
I play and I don’t like to loose so if I get stuck I use undo a lot. I want to win even if I get a low score. I would rather win with a low score than try to start over because that counts as a loss. My gripe is that I had a winning streak of 983 whipped out because my finger brushed against the wrong button. I was winning the game , but I had to put the phone down and do something else. When I got back to the game One of the pop up adds came up and I had a hard time of getting rid of it. When the game came back it went to the screen that gives the chose of games. I went to cancel that screen and accidentally brushed against the numbered deal and started the next game. Of course it counted the game that was interrupted as a loss and ended my win streak. You are allowed to undo other mistakes, but that one is fatal. Can you add the option that gives a warning that what you did will end the winning streak and allow for a corrective action??? The same thing happened to me when I built the winning streak to over 950. I was so mad I quite parlaying for a week or more and recently I had gotten it up to over 550 and I frankly don’t know what happened but when I looked I had a winning streak of 6. I quite playing for several weeks and now I have a rousing winning streak of 7. When the opportunity came up to write a review——I took it.
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6 years ago, GOLDANDLAPS
Great for the mind and competition.
Fee cell is the first game my wife and I played on a computer. This was back in early 1990 I cannot remember exactly the year. We played the game in succession and would play it together. When of us would see a move we would talk it out and decide which move to make next. I can’t remember what number we got to, but eventually things changed in our lives and we became to busy to play. We are retired now and have started playing again only now we play on our own phones, but we challenge each other to see who has the highest game. We have never found a game that we could not solve. We have known each other for 51 years and have been married for 48 years. We don’t know if our lives will change again and will stop playing again or not, but for now it’s a great way to pass time and more importantly use our minds and that’s really great.
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4 years ago, striderepiphany
Perfect No-Brain Game
I love FreeCell because I can pay attention to things I’m listening to like a podcast while being able to keep my hands busy. For this I can use any form of Solitaire, but I like FreeCell because it’s just hard enough to be challenging but easy enough so I don’t get frustrated or lose focus from what I’m listening to. I also like this app in particular because the ads are never longer than a couple seconds if you can’t skip them entirely, which is a problem I have run into with other puzzle games. I also like the goals/level system, because it’s completely useless but it’s still fun to do the daily challenges and watch your level go up. I think I’ve been getting points just to see how far the titled levels go, so far I’m an “Associate Poobah” on level 420 which is just delightful. How many titles are there. Am I going to die trying to find out. We shall see.
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4 years ago, Gardenovena
Fantastic! + Suggestion
I LOVE this game! As others have said, it is so polished and easy to use, and you can just tell that they truly keep the player in mind in the design. Also, just a darn fun game! Since you guys ask for feedback on one of the splash screens, I have a suggestion—for the Daily Challenges, it would be nice if the goals that have a limit would have a count down. Some Challenges like “get 40 Spades to the foundation” will count your progress so far, but when there is a limit there isn’t really an indication if you are trying to squeeze it in. For example, one of today’s was “win any game with less than 15 cards moved to the freecells”. At some point I realised I might make this goal but I wasn’t keeping count so I didn’t know how conservative I had to be with the freecells! Maybe a bar that unfills rather than fills? Maybe a red bar? Thank you for reading!
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7 years ago, Rickonwallerville
Freecell is my favorite kill time app.
The way I play free-cell is by allowing my phone to select the next game and if I cannot win, I back until I have a whole deck and play until I win. Some games are tough and take a good number or repeats. There are a few games that are un- winnable and when I am having a particularly difficult game I wonder if I am in one of those. But there is no way to know what game you are in. So in my list of improvements would be showing the game you are playing and possibly rating it on a difficulty scale. In this way I would 1, know if a game is un winnable, and 2, help me see how well my gaming compares to others by seeing how difficult a game is. As far as adds, there is a way to kill them off so If they really bother someone pay for the game. If you are intelligent enough to play freecell you should be able to figure out that nothing is free!
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5 years ago, Ad aspera
Updating my review...
I previously left a 2-star review because the ads had gotten out of hand. The developers replied to my review and asked me to submit screenshots of ads that couldn’t be closed. I have noticed since then that the ads are more manageable. I understand that ads are a fact of life for free app. I’m just thankful that I can now close them after a few seconds instead of having to watch a 30 second ad that can’t be closed. —————————————— Ads, Ads, Ads! So many ads that I’m playing this game less and less. There’s and ad between every game, and while it used to be that you could X out of an ad once it started, it now seems most of the ads are timed at 30 seconds and you can’t exit out of them. I understand the need for ads on a free app, but no other game app I use has as many ads as mobilityware.
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2 years ago, Jodysave
Truly enjoy + suggestion
I've played FreeCell before and enjoy that I'm able to win some, lose some. It doesn't appear to be rigged (common with other apps), I like the auto finish, but could do without the flashing after you've finished. There's an ad before every game, but once you close it, it's gone (no banners or other items to look past or not accidentally click on). There is a series of ads that has an open button and arrow at the bottom of the screen that takes a VERY long time to load (more than 10 seconds and I have high-speed internet). This is so frustrating that I exit the game and do something else. Love the app once you're in, don't mind most ads beforehand, strongly dislike waiting for such a long time to get started.
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4 years ago, Senator503
Fix the maddening instability!!!
Ever since version 5.3.3 this game has become so unstable it is nearly unplayable. It takes 30 to 40 seconds to load before allowing you to start the game. It then freezes 15 to 30 seconds into the game for another half a minute or so. But the most aggravating “feature” is when it crashes completely without warning without saving your progress. Imagine how happy that makes me when I have been painstakingly searching for a solution on a difficult game only to have it crash and take me back to the start. I would have given 5 stars before v5.3.3, but now I will not play it again until I see there’s a new version. Fix this please!!! Update: Instability finally fixed with 5.4.0 update. The game is fun to play again.
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2 years ago, Rdy2trvl4fun
Love the game, ads becoming intolerable
I’ve played this game for years and love it! It’s part of my morning routine to keep my mind sharp. BUT lately the ads have become intolerable. Like others have mentioned, the ad times are getting longer and longer, it often takes 4-5 attempts to close ads, screen frequently goes black or freezes when loading ads requiring a complete shutdown of my device to reboot. I understand the need for advertisement revenue, but seriously? I’ll be really sad to give this game up, but if things don’t improve soon, it’s bye-bye FreeCell. 4/2/22 update: Thank you, FreeCell creators, for forcing me to update to the newest version today. I’ve gained back a lot of time as the game is now deleted from my phone. Why? Horrible user interface, many years worth of stats were wiped out, and no more daily challenges. What’s the point? I’ll find another game.
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2 years ago, SticFiguer
Constantly fixing things that aren’t broken
They keep strangely updating an app that was great and now is iffy. They added some “badges” and weekly challenges and now there’s an awful little icon in the bottom left corner that you can’t get rid of and is pretty distracting to gameplay. Wish they would give you an option instead of forcing it onto your screen. Wish I could undo the update. Also, a lot of times the ads will get stuck and you can’t get out of them and there are soooo many ads. You have to watch an ad between every single game. And they’re long and not always skippable after 5-10 seconds and if you do try to skip it almost always takes you to the download screen for that app. Plus, how do you turn off certain permissions for this app? They don’t give you that choice either and I can’t see why this app would need access to my contacts and photos. No way to contact them.
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6 years ago, Sgirl2
Classic game, too many ads
This game is just as I remembered playing on my old desktop PC. The game has no bugs and is customizable. There are daily goals to keep the game fresh. However, I deducted stars for the frequency of game ads. Between every game there are two ads, and even when I switch between “random”, “winning deal” and “numbered deal” there are ads. Sometimes the goals require winning a certain numbered deal, and it infuriates me when there is an ad between reading the goal and and selecting a numbered deal because I have to worry about forgetting the deal number. While it’s not a huge deal, it does become annoying very quickly. This is especially true since the game won’t play if you aren’t connected to the internet since this prevents the ads from loading. If there were a paid version I’d happily pay a dollar or two to not have to deal with the stupid ads. Either provide a paid version or reduce the amount of ads.
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5 years ago, Freecell Ellie
I have become totally addicted to this game. However, it began to freeze up after playing a number of games. I’d wait for several hours or until the next day. It would work for awhile, but it would freeze again. This went on for awhile, but I was thrilled to reach level 20. When a suggestion came up to change the background to a different theme, I chose Valentine’s Day. It worked for awhile and then totally froze up. I waited until the next day but it was still frozen. I ended up deleting it, although I knew I all my hard achieved levels would be gone. I am enjoying playing the game again, but very annoyed because of the freezing issues. Are there any suggestions to keep this from happening? I am playing on an iPhoneX.
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2 years ago, Jadedyou
What happened?
********************************************* *UPDATE- it has been a week now & I have had no issues with ads, lagging or crashes. BIG THANK YOU to the “Tech Wizards”/Developer for being so responsive!!!! ^^^^^^ I hope all the people who had the same issues WILL UPDATE THEIR REVIEW BACK TO 5 STARS!!! ***** ********************************************* I have played this game for years now (along with your other apps) and have given 5 star ratings before. I have to keep restarting the app because of the ads.. Candy crush puts a banner over the bottom buttons (where goals, replay etc..) are.. there is a video ad that I have to touch to make it play, then I can’t get out of it. An ad comes up with a black screen (I have no idea who it is) and I can’t get out of it. When I touch the cards to move them, there is a lag, so I touch them again and my original move happens but also moves the unintended card so I have to hit undo. I know y’all have to make money, but please don’t sell out to these ruthless ads companies! I will not delete this game yet in the hope that you are passionate enough to fix it. Thanks in advance for looking into this
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2 years ago, Require Patience
Game is fun BUT …
The ads are a pain. It’s not that they appear. It’s that with some of the the ads it will freeze you out of playing if you do not install the game being advertised. Right now the game is not functional on my IPhone. Just the black screen of death appears with the app. It also happens on my IPads. If I wait for a few hours, the game will work again. The other bothersome item with the ads is if you reject installing the advertised game which is appearing on the screen, the install page will continue to reappear three to five times before the app lets you continue with the game. If a person declines to install an advertised game, then the app needs to be programmed to let the issue go.
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5 months ago, Racwoman
What happened in the updates-BAD!
I purchased/leased this game so I didn't have to deal with ads because I really enjoy it. Suddenly in December it decided not to allow the Play option with the menu to come up. It was all grayed out as well as all the other options. I removed the app from the iPad to keep history and re-downloaded it and it went back to working for a while. Late in December, it happened again. I ended up removing it completely and losing all the data. When I removed it warned me I continued to be charged for ad-free access. I turned off and rebooted and reinstalled it and it has worked fine. I mainly do the Daily challenges. So I lost all those records. TODAY it locked up and did the same as before. I notice it's been updated again with bug fixes. Well, unfortunately it has become more buggy! Why should I continue paying for a headache?
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5 years ago, Reb Bacchus
Best Time Waster Ever!
This is the best time waster I’ve ever seen. I’ve been playing for several years and have won at least 6,000 games between the free and paid version. BTW the paid version is more than worth the cost. One “feature” I wish it didn’t have is the ability to wipe your record. No, that’s not fair, I just wish I had used the option to save some of my history. Currently I’ve got a little over 2,000 wins, all with the top score when I finished. I have 2 losses, that I can’t explain because I’ve never intentionally left a game without winning. Okay so one game took over 3 hours to win… remember what I said about time wasters? At least I’m retired so I’m not playing on someone else’s nickel. Bottom line, I love this game and this version!
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3 years ago, Megawatt1944
It’s My Favorite
Of all the solitaires offered, I like FreeCell the best. I like games where you can go out if you play well. It’s a waste of time to play a game when you never had a chance of going out. FreeCell is the most challenging of all the solitaires, and since you can see the face of every card, is perfect for applying strategy. Pyramid can be unsolvable no matter what you do (Daily Challenge excepted) or too easy. Because you can’t see the face-down cards, Crown and TriPeaks don’t give that much scope for strategy, although the runs are rewarding. Solitaire and Castle are fun, but not as challenging as FreeCell. I’ve tried the others offered by MobilityWare, but found them simplistic, not complicated enough. MegaWatt
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3 years ago, kbrdjudy
Love ALL Mobility Ware & their A+++ FreeCell
MobilityWare apps ALWAYS put a smile on my face! They are extremely well done. thank you for making my day! I love the creative animated figures made with cards at the end of every win. The man dancing made me laugh the first time I saw him. And then I saw the moves change, and it looked like it was a woman card figure dancing. Love the airplane, the ship at sea, the jalopy- just so creative! I enjoy their goals, as they are challenging but not overwhelming. I have played nearly 4000 of their FreeCell games, and recently downloaded several more other games, like Pyramid and Spider. Just very well done! My suggestion, if you’re into card games, download every app they offer! You won’t be disappointed!
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1 year ago, Shiplc12
Just one thing
Love the app, have had it for years. Love your innovation and how you try to keep things interesting. Love the events section too where you can earn a badge…super smart stuff. Only one thing you need to change… make sure that the last deal to win the event badge in full is a win this hand deal. Could be timed or not, but it just drive me nuts that all I have to do to earn my final badge is put a 4 of spades to the foundation or move X number of cards. Like I wanna win the hand and win the prize, not just shorten it. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think it would improve the event experience. Otherwise, I don’t really have any complaints. Keep up the good, innovative work!
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6 years ago, AKSnowdrift
Love this Game !!
It really makes my brain do some work. I used to play it on my computer then in spare time at work or on breaks. Then I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and had to leave work because of problems with it. I now have it installed on my cell phone and sometimes it’s a challenge for me but it makes me think. I don’t win them all (short term memory loss because of the Fibromyalgia and meds I have to take. Thank God pot is legal in Alaska again. It really helps too) but I have always enjoyed this game!! I was so glad I found your app. Now I can have something to do when hubby is binge watching NCIS on tv. It really makes me think about how to make my next move, which is a great thing! I can’t thank you enough for this app!!
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5 years ago, First baby abcdefg
Ads are the worst
I have used this app now for more than 3 years. The Ads were fine in the beginning (I honestly am not sure there were ads when I first downloaded it?). Now some of them were extremely inappropriate (I.e. violent) and multiple ads btwn games which were difficult to close and opened another unwanted window for the ad. Also some ads play very loud sounds unexpectedly which you cannot control. Woke my baby or spouse up. I’ll be looking for another app. This one has run its course. To any potential downloader, you can now purchase an option to avoid ads but it’s a pricey monthly subscription. I’d rather just purchase the game. Most of the recent updates were unnecessary and unwanted. I received zero customer service when I encountered an update where they took away a feature. Took them more than a year to put it back. Just overall not good in my humble opinion.
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4 years ago, jerrysp005
Love this game, but.....
I have playing this game for a couple of years. Occasionally an ad plays that is hard to close. Today, Jan 4th 2020, an add for 3D sniper plays, that is totally inappropriate for anyone playing a solitaire card game. Also to ad does not have any way to close it and return to the FreeCell game. The only way is to force close freecell and app center because it opens that too, and any other web page that often opens that tries to advertise this rubbish. That’s right, it plays violent R rated stuff and does not have ANY way to close or shut it off. I will reluctantly be NOT playing freecell until this revolting rubbish is removed. I probably should not even be promoted by Apple!
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3 months ago, mdgace
Stuck Speedy Solver III
I have loved playing this game…..3 things though. I am stuck on Speedy Solver III and cannot advance to a new level, it shows red in the title, I click on it and yet, it never goes past this level. Thankfully, I’m not driven by title but it’s irritating. The second thing is if I manage to fulfill all 4 of the categories in one win, I think you should get extra points / recognition for that. Doesn’t happen often but it’s cool when it does. And, like others have said, I don’t like the addition of the memory game. It’s completely different and just competes with my brain space. I don’t like the glowing icon in the lower left corner either. It’s distracting. Just develop a new game for these. I’ve been playing this for years and love it!
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6 years ago, WhiteHouseSW
The very first, best game I’ve ever put on my iPad!
When I bought my very first iPad 2, lo these many moons ago, this was the first game I downloaded and played. Now both that iPad2 and this Solitaire game are a little older and, while I no longer use that iPad very often (it’s in emergency spare status), I still play this game. There have been little tweaks along the way to make a better presentation, true, but I enjoy the familiar screens, the stability of the app, and the options for the cards, decks and background. This game has never gotten stale or boring. This remains an EXCELLENT GAME & app! My appreciation is offered to the developers for not overdoing the changes and maintaining such a high level of understanding what the users want. Really, an exceptional job!
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4 years ago, amberwaves100
Terrible ads
The game is fun and addictive. I enjoy the animation and sounds (though they can be turned off). I listen to audiobooks while I play and play for hours. Most of the ads are unobtrusive and only last five seconds. The problem is there are select ads (i.e. Tik Tok) that cut off my audiobook so I have to leave the app to turn my book back on. Having to leave the app every two-five minutes is a real nuisance. Also, these ads that cut off the audiobook are also obnoxiously loud and noisy. I’ve repeatedly reported the problem. One time they said they would report the ad as inappropriate. The other dozen times the apologize but do nothing to fix the problem.
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6 months ago, J.C. Murray
New User Interface
Have loved this game for years & would have rated it high however, the recent Ui changes are awful. They’re too cartoony & juvenile with the XL font & 3D-ish graphics. Just terrible. Keep it classy like a card game would be. Switch this treatment to one of your other games, if you must. Then there’s the “Events” ... I really enjoyed the destination series with various solve challenges. Then it switched to pure goofiness & seemed to be the start of the cartoon style. Not a fan & it’s only getting worse. With the last update the ads are crashing after only a couple of games. What was once an enjoyable chill experience is now exhausting on many levels. Please dial the UI back ... way back, & fix the crashes. I’m finding myself @ the App Store in between crashes looking for a replacement. Don’t want to drop FreeCell but ... serenity now!!
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4 years ago, Curmudgeon1943
Annoying glitches
Overall, this is a great game and my main go-to game. However after several years of playing there are two glitches that have annoyed me. First is the “trophy” award system. Trophies are awarded through the daily challenge portion of the game. However, at least in my case after filling in many months, the only awards that get logged are the first level “copper” ones. After over 624 crowns none of the silver or gold trophies are logged. Second glitch: I am now more than halfway through the second cycle of level titles. I reached the “tableau titan II” level and then at the next level the game bounced me back about 20 levels. I was working to Make it through the “II” title level and now find I was bounced back by about 60 games. I’d like a programmer or tech manager at the company to address these issues. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Suzy's pix
As much as I love the game, Grrrrr
I’ve had to uninstall this app one time due to slowing and crashing. I reinstalled this app starting from scratch saving nothing, and all went well, until I got over level 100, then it started crashing again. Each time I started a game, it’s been taking longer and longer for the ad to appear, then once the ad was completed, and up, it took a frustrating amount of time until I was able to move the cards again. That didn’t include when the screen froze. If it were my tablet, I could understand, but just this app? I have my serious doubts. I’ll just move on to another app, hopefully I don’t have a repeat frustrating experience.
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1 year ago, Popflopjlb
Great app, ads make it almost unplayable
I have had this FreeCell app for several years now, and have enjoyed playing it regularly. However, in recent years, the amount of ads you have to see in order to play is getting ridiculous. I understand having an ad or two for paying for the app. But when you have to wait through, then find and click a skip button or a close button 3 to 4 different times on the same ad for the same product is absurd. It gets especially monotonous when you beat a game in a minute or less and have to click through a series of ads that takes longer than the FreeCell game does. Showing me the same thing three times in a row doesn’t make me what to download anything, it’s just annoying.
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4 years ago, we're in Cardiff!?!
Obnoxious ads ruin this app.
Ugh. The ads in this app are outrageously invasive. Some are loud, obnoxious & unwelcome - especially when you're playing in bed when you can't sleep. With this app, no one sleeps. Some ads don't allow you to pass over them - you have to play the game they're trying to sell you first. Some have an 'X' so you can skip the ad, but it's misplaced so instead of closing the ad, it hijacks you to their website or to the app store & shares your info (IP addy, location & who knows what else) with the advertiser. This is a very lucrative "glitch" because the app owners can report an excellent return on investment to their paying advertisers by showing how many clicks their ads got - forget the fact that we haven't clicked willingly. Ridiculous. P.S. Want to skip the obnoxious ads? Shut the app after reloading the game and open it again. More often than not that actually takes less time to do than to wait to skip the ad.
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6 months ago, nogoslo
I have enjoyed playing FreeCell for over 10 years but I’m uninstalling it due to the ads. When the game was introduced the ads were about 5 seconds long but have now progressed to up to 20 seconds long. When one clicks the X to close the ad many times it directs one to the App Store or opens the link for the product in Google. This is annoying but not enough for me to pay for a subscription. Tonight an ad came up for a ladies bra & before I could actually play the game the app opened 16 pages of Google trying to get me to purchase the product. Time for me to spend my time elsewhere & move on. Goodbye FreeCell. Thanks for the fun while it lasted.
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4 months ago, MelJoyceF
Last update has issues?
I've used MobilityWare's Freecell on my ipad for several years and loved it, never had an issue. Last week I did it's latest update, and have not been pleased since. Used to have an auto-play feature you could turn off, which I've not been able to find after the update. But worse than that: when I get part way through a game, my screen blanks out, then reopens to the beginning of the game - repeatedly. I hope MobilityWare can get this fixed. Or might it be my ipad is getting too old? It's running 16.7.5. Gave the app five stars because I've always loved it, and assume it will get fixed.
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8 months ago, grassis greener
Fun but hard to contact then for issues. Sent message three days ago regarding my account for free cell and solitaire. My phone broke and got replacement phone and just paid for a year. They don’t recognize me, and now I get harassed by them trying to make me pay. So if you don’t pay they torture you with games you don’t want, make you watch a video before you get to the point you can get back to your gabs. So they say it’s free, it’s not. I paid and I’m getting treated like this.I can pay on my iPad since I paid without this hassle. So they don’t respond to your messages but will continue to interrupt your plays on my phone.
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8 months ago, Yrjaens
One stat for brief enjoyment
I have enjoyed Mobilityware’s Solitaire game for several years. In the last 24 hours I gave added, briefly enjoyed, and deleted Spades and Free Cell by the same designer, and I want to give the explanation. FREE CELL: I enjoy winning a game of Solitaire as much as the next guy, but I’m not such a tyro as to believe that I could jump into a game I haven’t tried in ten years, and win the first ten hands in a row. No option here of selecting the rstio of winning deals or level of difficulty. No challenge, I’m gone. SPADES: Okay, I recognize that ads are the price I pay for using a free app—but three ads in a row for something called “Adblocker”? That’s just a little “on the nose,” as they say. And when Cancel takes me, not back to my app but to the Install page for the app, I call that dirty pool. Mobilityware, take a tip: take the features from Solitaire and incorporate them into your other games.
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5 years ago, olemansteve
Too many aggressive ads
The free version of this game was excellent. I have used this game as brain exercise for several years. The downside is the trend toward the increasing aggressiveness, and frequency of the ads. Now, most game starts require watching 2 ads that have a time delay up to ~30 seconds before allowing it to be skipped. There are of late, new ads that not only have a skip delay - they also open the app store to the advertised app to download. Add to that, a glitch(?) that requires several attempts to close the app store to start the new game. I understand there is a paid version of the app. Downside: the free version stats are NOT transferred to paid version. I am currently trying to find the paid version to see how much it cost - nothing so far. There is a link in support, but it didn’t work for me. Definitely uninstalling the annoying free version. If the paid one cost too much, I’ll go with a friendlier developer.
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6 years ago, Mommeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angry Glitch
I have been a fan of Mobilityware for years. I have played FreeCell for about 12. Huge fan! But today I noticed a glitch. Maybe it was there before Maybe not. I had two sets of five cards that I could move. One set would have reduce the line of cards in that row. The second set could have been added to the cards in that row. But my goal was to decrease the cards, not increase them. The system wanted me to increase the cards and would not allow me to move the other five cards to an open space. A little disappointed as the only games I play are Mobilityware games. Reason: few problems, well thought out, and easy to navigate.
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1 year ago, Lkrugsta
Good game, sketchy ads
I play the game just as regular FreeCell and ignore the badges and other features. This works for me and I have enjoyed thousands of games of FreeCell. As others have mentioned, the ads usually take three attempts to close because you have to go through different screens and allow for so many seconds of videos to play. The issue I have is the number of sketchy ads. Some asking for access to connect to a credit card. Some asking you to download a new version of FreeCell because something is wrong with yours (phishing). I only wonder how many older people have click on these buttons and given away personal information to these clearly malicious “ads”.
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2 years ago, 24589755755
Good but needs more
I played this game up until I was like level 250. I like this version of FreeCell but this game could use some more development. I mean what’s the purpose of leveling and getting titles if it literally doesn’t do anything for you? Lol. You don’t compete with others for scores or get any kind of upgrade so…the whole leveling thing is really kind of pointless. There doesn’t seem to be a level cap either. You can just level on endlessly for no apparent reason. But other than that, this game has been a good time killer or waster. It has kept me entertained and up at night when I couldn’t sleep, although that’s probably not a good thing so I deleted it for a little bit.
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3 years ago, TJPitibull
Company Motto: Customer problem, not our problem
I have tried several times over various intervals to contact this company because, while I've been an ad-free subscriber for years, and current subscription doesn't expire until 2022, that the app on my phone has started to function as if I'm not a subscriber, constantly offers me option to subscribe, and shows the eternal, never ending ads. BUT the company hasn't interacted with me. The "Contact" option in the game just closes the game out, and it does this on all my devices. I tried several times to contact them through their company site, which has a working Contact option, but all that I get is an auto-reply email to contact them through the game, which cannot be done. I think this is the clue to the company culture. The only customer contact they care about is getting paid.
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7 years ago, Tasteful & True
A few adjustments needed
The actual game of free cell is great, I just think the app needs a few adjustments. For one, each time you go up a level the required “coins” you need to get to the next level should be in increments of twenty-five. After playing for a while in the thousand coins needed range, I began to wonder why I would have sums like 233 or 108. I decided to reset my statistics and find out. It’s because of levels like the Hobbyist (starting on level 11) with a needed sum of 678 that these coins get thrown off. I just get bothered by it and would be very grateful if it was corrected. Also, if it could be more like the regular solitaire game when auto completing (each level goes in on its own and all the kings go in last when there are no queens left) that would be great as well.
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3 years ago, Chuck145000
Dear Developers, I’ve played your game for years, something I like to do to relax before I hit the hay. Used to be commercials were 5 seconds long and then you could close them, no problem. Now, half the time they crash the game, freezing up my screen. At times when I’m finally able to close the ad the AUDIO keeps on playing, insult to injury. Before you ask, I am using an IPad with 5gig internet speed, as fast as it gets, and yet there’s major LAG. In a simple game like Solitaire, this is ridiculous. Do you really need the worthless rewards incentives like making it through Yosemite or wherever or all the coding that gives the player meaningless ranks and titles, etc etc. For what reason? Perhaps the logic is that this is what makes your app stand out. On the contrary, it resigns it to the trash heap with all the other ad-centric crap out there.
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