4.7 (131.1K)
194.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brainium Studios LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ⋆FreeCell

4.75 out of 5
131.1K Ratings
6 years ago, DeeDerDee
Love this game
I lost my favorite free cell app when Apple upgraded to 10, but luckily, I found this app, and it quickly become my favorite! I rated 5 stars because for me it is a 5 Star app: Infinite replay because, let’s face it, not all games are won on the first try. Great mechanics! Just tap to make card go where it should, or just drag to place manually. I found a screen color and size to make it easy on aging eyes. The undo button! Saved me many a time. And even a hint for when the brain says ?? Yes, the ads are annoying (my old app didn’t do that!) but with my ad blocker, only a minor issue. BUT recently I’m not very happy with the performance! I either missed an update or the update is flawed!! My screen freezes or pauses, usually upon tapping “new game”, but occasionally during regular play. Super troublesome!! Always requiring closing entirely out of the app and reopening, only to find the next move is to hit the “new game” button again! Please help! I love playing this game and cannot find another app to equal this one. I play on an iPad Air 2.
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5 years ago, Navy fan
What did you do?
I’ve been playing this for years. It’s been my go-to game when I have ofd moments or want to relax. I liked playing it quietly, with my phone on vibrate and the sound turned off when I was waiting for an appointment, or even if I woke up in the muddle of the night and was having trouble getting back to sleep. Last night — three times in a row — when I wanted to start a new game, a video ad came on with blaring sound. I checked my settings. The sound in my game was off, but rhe volume hsd been cranked up om my phone. I reset my phone volume and tried again. Same thing. I was trying to uneind before bed and this had exactly the opposite effect. If you can’t fix this so that I can play quietly, without disturbing others (and don’t tell me to wear ear buds — I hate them), I’ll have to stop playing and find a new favorite game. UPDATE: It seems the developer got on this right away. The very next dsy the problem was solved. Today I received a response from the developer. I really enjoy this game and appreciate the developer’s level of customer service.
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6 years ago, Jmarlin
Great game for free sale addicts
This version three plays easily and so far the advertising is only a little obnoxious. As long as they as can be turned off I appreciate that they allow me to play free. This is one of my favorite games to just pick up for a few minutes. But I have been playing an updated version on my new iPad and the advertisements are much worse and some don't allow you to close them for way too long. Addendum: There is at least one ad for a game that does not have a way to close it in order to continue play. I need to completely close the game in order to get rid of the ad. I cannot continue until I do that. I don’t mind ads but I should think this kind of captured audience would be illegal. I am almost to the point of trying to find a different version of FreeCell. I have been playing this game for many years and up until recently it has been the best I have found. I have down graded my rating from five stars to one star because of this problem.
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4 years ago, Priestess Jeanann
FreeCell would be nicer if they had a few Xtras
It would be nice if I could be able to pause also it would be nice if when the game starts I could have the timer not start as soon as it begins so I have time to look over all the cards. The game is apart of one of my favorites but a few extra things would be nice. I would also like to be able to customize and maybe be able to every so often play against peoples stats. Other then those items the game is good and I almost never seem to have issues. I feel I can’t give it five stars because of the timer issue and being able to pause. Also I don’t care for the automation of the cards after I am done playing and would be nice if in the settings you have the choice to turn that off. Settings the cards shuffle is not a necessity. If I think of anything else I will update my review.
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6 years ago, Tommy4Gun
I like your game. When it works right. You can tap on a card and supposedly it is to go up. But it doesn’t all the time and you have to tap it several times. Frustrating when you ate trying to beat a time, many times the game hangs up and nothing will move. Other times the screen goes blank. I have not yet learned how to recover from this so I just power down, rest a while and come back. Even then at times it is still broken.l As a former instructor of programmers, I wonder if your people have a clue on how to adequately test a program. I also included the concept of quality in the process. The practical definition of the term is DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. It is the most cost effective approach. It seems that your people can't even spell the word if I spotted them all consonants.
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4 years ago, Mondorange
Just missing numbered games
This app is almost perfect. The FreeCell that came with Windows in the 90s had one distinct advantage: every game was numbered and you could search for a specific numbered game. For example, a friend might say they were are having a tough time with game number 3576, and you could search for and play that game yourself if you wanted. Additionally, one minor flaw is that one of the ads on the free version will play sound whether or not you have sounds muted. It is the “homescapes” ad and often features characters screaming and circus music. If you’re trying to relax while listening to music on your phone while playing, this can be quite annoying as the ad forces you to watch it for five seconds. Otherwise, this is one of the better FreeCell apps out there.
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4 years ago, Techie 1111
Good,but scoring needs improvement
Time, Best time, moves and scores are the only thing you track. So you put the emphasis on beating your best time in general which just makes people play every game fast instead of using good strategy. Why don’t you have my “best moves” and “best scores”? Best moves would put the Emphasis on strategy. I would like to be able to compare my best moves per that game to other peoples and to my previous moves per that game. At the moment, I pay no attention to other people’s scores since I am so far away from theirs and I can’t replay to get any better. I would rather play against myself to see if I can improve moves or time in the same game. Also I use to be able to see my achievements but that doesn’t work anymore. Why?
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4 years ago, JParkerPhilips
You Want A Brain Stimulator That Is Fun, and Challenging? This is It.
I love this game, and there are more than 1,000,000 different bands to play. They start off fairly easy and over time they gradually become more challenging. This game is a great way to stimulate and challenge your mind in your spare time, and all for a very inexpensive price. I play it often, and have for several years now. The more I play, the sharper, and better I get at it. There are some hands that are easy, and some that are somewhat challenging, and there are a few that are really hard, but I eventually win them all. I will not go onto another hand until I finish, and win the hand I’m on. It’s a whole lot of fun!!
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6 years ago, GrifKat
Brainium has sold out to the loudest, most obnoxious ads
Freecell is a wonderful, challenging game that I've enjoyed for years, but I think Brainium has finally cured my addiction to it. The ads are so loud, they blowout my headphones. They don't offer X to close, until they have interrupted my gameplay for at least 7 seconds, and when I hit X to close, it's ignored for a few seconds more. And I will see the same ad I've closed 3 to 7 times more before it leaves me alone. Some of the ads are so grabby, that they offer Opt-out on personal data including location, but the opt-out button has misleading language and poor functionality. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, Matt Shuler
Really great FreeCell app
I thoroughly enjoy playing this FreeCell app (with the exception of the annoying ads - thank goodness they can be skipped after a few seconds) and I play it everyday. The only complaint that I can see is that nothing happens when I click on the “Scores” button or the “Achievements” button. The game doesn’t necessarily glitch or anything like that, it just doesn’t do anything when either of those two buttons are pressed. I like using achievements to improve my game play where possible, but I’m not even able to see what all achievements haven’t been obtained yet. But that’s not really a major complaint or anything; the rest of the app functions properly, it’s just a mild annoyance.
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1 year ago, Newly Attuned
Free cell classic
I was really enjoying this free cell version and I had succeeded in winning well over one million games when all of a sudden my screen went black and I haven’t been able to get the game back!! I am so disappointed! I touch the app and the pop-up appears that says that I am signed in as lon and then the screen stays black and I have to swipe up from the bottom and the icon reappears on my icon screen! When I touch the icon it goes as if it is going to run but the screen goes black and stays black! Please help me get the game back. I have spent hours playing it! And I miss it terribly.
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5 years ago, Notyetsenile
Brainium Free Cell
This is both a stimulating as well as relaxing game which could not be better. I am definitely hooked! Thank you for man, many hours of fun - and of course, ever so often a surprise, when there are suddenly no more moves. The best thing is that then I can go back a move (or several) or start all over again by clicking on Replay. This game has been upgraded several times since I first started playing. When I make a move that frees up all other moves, the game saves me the trouble, goes on autopilot and finishes itself off. I am then free to tackle the next challenge - a bit spooky, but definitely neat.
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2 years ago, mr greenstreet
Frustration (not Poor Design)
I really like the game, but ... For me, FreeCell is a sorting game. I use the board to build substrings, and then move them and use cards in the free cells to build better substrings. Based on my life experience, a lot of activities succeed or fail based on the order in which tasks are done .. a sort of “first things first” logic. I remember working in the UK where the comment “let’s sort things out” is common. FreeCell is a fun way to pay attention to the order of operations. I have to go now .. My wife tells me we must get groceries before the week-end.
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8 years ago, Hybxxsw
Fun, but...
Fun, free, & features -- what more could you want? It has one problem which may be their problem or maybe mine (a shortage of storage). Every once in a while it locks up and won't move a card. I have to push the button on the side of my iPad and get the "reduced" screen. I touch that screen & it comes back and is playable again. It's not a big problem & is easily solved so I really don't have anything major to complain about. Get the app! Enjoy it! Have fun! Newer versions have a lot more advertisements. I'm sticking with my outdated version. It's great!
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6 years ago, Rach D 86
Best Free Cell I’ve Found!!
Love the esthetic and the simplicity. Good auto play options and simple backgrounds that are easy on the eyes (I prefer blue). Free cell is pretty much the same anywhere you play it, but it’s nice to have a clean looking interface. Brainium’s other games are fun as well. I love that the ad comes up only in between games and you can exit fairly quickly in most of them. So nice not to accidentally be clicking adds every ten seconds like in some games. The achievements feature is fun too! Adds a new challenge to a pretty straightforward game!
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8 years ago, Bobland5
Challenging game!
Since a few years ago, when I started playing this game on my computer. I found that every game can be won (at least, so far). Yet it remains fun and challenging. I use the back up liberally (something nearly impossible with a deck of cards). I also appreciate that the game is saved when I have to put it aside. I can return and complete the game later. Two suggestions I would make are: show a percentage of games won and an average score, both resettable for competing against yourself or others. Thanks for the great app.
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4 years ago, bear4278
I hate it when the program moves a card to its ace and won’t let you bring it back down. The 3 of hearts just jumped up there and I can’t use it to move the 2 of clubs which is blocking a string of plays. This is the third or four time this kind of thing has happened to me and it takes away the sense of having control of my own moves. I quit. I’ll look for another program. I know there is one out there because my mom turned me onto freecell and. I cloud move cards down.
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3 years ago, Posty_p
Gave it 4 stars because of a few nuances. I have played FreeCell forever and there a few things where this version falls short. Games aren’t numbered so a previous game can’t be revisited. Not that big of a deal. The biggest issue I have. That may be a feature, that can be turned off, that I can’t find. When the next number in the sequence is revealed it automatically gets moved to the final spot. Sometimes that number is needed to drop a number in the holding section. I would prefer if that number didn’t move until clicked. Other than that very good.
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3 years ago, Sekigahara1600
Only an average app
Better than most of the current FreeCell apps, but still not as good as the older ones that, unfortunately, no longer seem to be available. Biggest complaint is the constant stream of ads. No way to start a new game without watching ads. Even worse, some of the ads, Floor and Decor, for example, simply hang. There is no way to close them without rebooting. You would think that someone would check the ads for problems like that. Limited card faces compared to the older apps. Cards don’t attach to a new column unless positioned very close.
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6 years ago, Puff Mommy
Deserves No Stars!!!
Could not even get on to play after watching multiple ads. It would freeze on ad even after watching same ad multiple times still would not allow me to play game. Dove soap for men & than Pixar ad. I’m so irritated I won’t be buying Dove products after being stuck on their commercial & not being able to get off screen I finally rebooted phone & got stuck on a Pixar ad. Won’t use this again & highly recommend people not waste their time downloading!!!
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5 years ago, PartitionedSpace
Almost perfect
This is an almost perfect game of FreeCell. Sharp graphics, smooth animation and a decent auto play. The auto play on double click is a bit too aggressive moving cards to the ace piles instead of the free cells but a quick undo fixes that. It does have ads but they’re short and only show up every few games. My only real complaint is the upgrade to ad free. There isn’t one. There is a (somewhat pricey) ad free version available but you can’t upgrade to it, you’ve got to download a new app. It’s a bit of a hassle and you lose your statistics.
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5 years ago, Braddogh
Do we agree my attention is a commodity?
Know why cashiers, etc. (mostly) don’t rip the money or card out of your hands at checkout? Somewhere they learned to associate the action in context of “hospitality” or polite gracious expressions, it’s bloody rude. We’re involved throughout the day in countless transactions, many informal, but adhering to some tradition of normative propriety in a nominally civilized culture. Especially in the subtler “trading” we presume a “usual baseline of fairness”. We might “pay” in tolerance of a Stupidity in exchange for X thing we value proportionately. This game, IMO, rips my attention out of my erstwhile calm demeanor and shoves crap adverts, stinging into my face. Often in excess of what I thought I’d agree to endure.. Not like Words w Friends, though. That game gives players an experience platform, and then serially rapes brains w it’s “escape room” of marketing entrapments. My friends and I see going to quit apps that pancake adds, pick our pockets of demographic data, from and harangue us w eerie precision. Free game. Few features, not many choices. My brain feels cheap and used and dirty. Nasty crap- game.. But not as invasive as words w friends.
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5 years ago, GWD4
I like various solitaire games to pass time, and free cell is one of the best. It is very well done. One feature that is helpful when starting is automatically playing cards on the foundation. Turning this feature off might make it more challenging,although I prefer to have it on. As others have suggested, saving unsolved boards would be nice. That said, as things are, the game is excellent and addictive. I recommend it. BTW: i find the cost of the ad free version worthwhile
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3 years ago, reigame
I’ve played FreeCell for many years and was, evidently wrongly, told that every game could be won. I am one of those who does not go to the next game until conquering the current one. I’ve tried my current game about 20 times and struck out. How can I find out if this game has a possibility of being won? I also do not see any way of finding out what # this game is. There needs to be a way to do these things.
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3 years ago, Dj this stinks
Tweedle Dee Dee
I have been playing this app for years it is my go to when I can’t think of anything else to do. And I’m always playing it when I’m eating my dinner. Great app! However, some ads are very obnoxious and I don’t want any sound, so I just turned all the sound off my tablet and don’t hear anything. Most of the ads are decent but some, I just have to shut the game off and reboot it because I won’t look at them.
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5 years ago, Cbc1973y
The Ads removed 3 stars
The game and game play are both great, it’s just the advertisements that really make this app hard to love. I don’t mind ads, keeps apps free.. but this app has ads so loud that it makes it impossible to play discreetly. The ads used to be silent and sometimes had some cool stuff but now I just try to get the ad to go away quickly because everyone in the room is now looking at you for playing something so loud. You can turn the volume down on your phone, but that’s annoying because you sometimes don’t always remember to turn it back up. If the ads were silent this would be a five star game for me.
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4 years ago, Frustrated in Medina
Love the game. Hate the new ads
Love this game, but the new ads are very annoying. At times it takes up to 20 tries to get out of the ad and back to the game. It gets to the point where I have to reboot my iPad just to get rid of them. I understand you have to use the ads, but when I hit the X to exit and go back to the game, that means I’m not interested in what you are selling and don’t expect to reboot to get rid of.
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4 years ago, Retiredpsyc
An amazing app
Retirement is not the best time in your life to begin learning (or applying) self discipline in your recreational time or activities. The case in point is my use of this app since I find myself being drawn to firing up my app and trying to best my quickest completion. That’s puzzling in itself since the app clearly rewards anyone who can muster up a bit of foresight, planning acumen and a bit of impulse control. The author(s) of this app are due a hearty thanks and I am now sending it their way.
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2 years ago, capericitarusa
Muted ads still make sound
The game itself is great. I used to play while putting baby to sleep but I can’t play anymore because some of the ads suddenly start playing loud noise/music/sound, DESPITE being muted (the mic pictorgram is crossed over and still it’s playing sound). This is such a betrayal. The ads that play sound are: find all pineapple game, annoying Chinese song app and some others
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7 years ago, Middle-aged-mutt
Why has avg (time/plays) tracking quit updating?
This is still one of my favorites...but very disappointed that it no longer tracks my averages in the stats. One of the main challenges for me was trying to get the time lower. After an update I noticed the little star disappeared when I beat an average. If this feature is still there but the setting has changed, please let me know how to get it back!
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4 months ago, memyselfaneye1
Ad screen clutter, glitches
I’ve loved Klondike for decades, and was pleased to find it under the FreeCell moniker some years ago. With the most recent update, we are now treated to glitches upon launch, and advertising screen clutter during gameplay. It makes landscape viewing, my preferred orientation, difficult to view. I generally find Brainium games to be user friendly, but oftentimes there have been problems with ads between FreeCell games…loud ads despite mute being on, and multiple dismisses of the ad required before returning to game play. Granted, there have been occasional promos of interest at times, but more often it’s endless repetition of games that I’m not interested in, requiring the multiple dismissals. I would be happy to pay a more reasonable amount for the game, and Brainium might enjoy more sales revenue from a lower price, perhaps. Imagine I’ll be taking a hiatus as it is with this new update.
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6 years ago, Brillena
I have several FreeCell and solitaire games on my phone and most are extremely easy to win. But this game is different! I definitely don’t win every single game! It’s a lot harder than the other FreeCell games out there. And yes, I sometimes play my other FreeCell games just so I can win. But if I want a challenge, then I choose to play this one. I hit the undo button a lot, I also replay levels a lot...but it’s so much fun!
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1 year ago, Haha45123
I will be deleting this app due to unwanted audio
After I delete it I will contact a government agency to complain that the app totally ignores the setting on the app as well as ignoring that I have audio turned off on my device. The device setting is a huge violation!!!! Disgraceful. I hope you pay a price for this. I will do my best to make sure. Got a message from the developer telling me that no government agency will be interested. Let’s wait and see. I’m retired, got lots of time on my hands. I think overriding the apps audio options and THEN overriding my devices audio is criminal. The developer wants me to debug his program for him. 😂😂😂
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7 years ago, Sothie-Sasha
I agree with some of the reviews--the game is not perfect--but I so enjoy it. It's relaxing. But I’m having trouble with the “casino” ads. There’s no x to push. And so I give in and click the Apple App button, as if I want to get the casino ad. Then I try to hit the Free Cell button on upper left, but it’s too close to another button, so it won’t work for me. I’m on an iPad Air 2. Please test your ads on each platform/system.
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7 years ago, tiredofmedia
I have problems with ads for other games that have begun to show up periodically between FreeCell and Solitaire games that actually commandere your computer, forcing you to watch and listen to their NOISE, thus forcing you to shutdown your computer to stop them from forcing you to the App Store. Why would anyone want to do business with such an app company ? An add with an X in the corner is sufficient. Maybe I should look for another game supplier if this keeps up or gets worse?
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6 years ago, JimFrustration
Freecell Review.
Freecell is a very entertaining and challenging card game. I Have the automatic feature in play which creates some frustration in that often when one wants to make a play on the “table,” the automatic feature sends that card to the “Ace” pile requiring the undo feature to manually move that card to the table play. One might say, “Well, just undo the auto feature🤓.” Then to manually manipulate each card separately just takes too long.
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3 years ago, PapaTVM
Making a Difference
Somehow, “organizing” a deck of cards helps my mind to feel like there is hope for the world. Is it possible to bring order out of chaos? While winning this game may have no outward influence on making lasting peace in the world... if I can solve a riddle or organize the deck of cards, it brings a little comfort at the end or beginning of each day. This is not a “mindless game”.
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6 years ago, Kado48
Spending lots of time on FreeCell
I really enjoy using this app and spend way to much time with it. I’d prefer to pay a fee and lose the ads. They are annoying, but I do understand the need to make money. What I would love to see most is to be able to see the number of the FreeCell game I am playing. If there were another app that had that, and was just as nice, I would chose that app. Good future enhancement.
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4 years ago, HazelinChicago
App refuses to close!
This, as the cliche goes, is a revolting new development: The app refuses to close. Even turning my device off won’t close the app — it just reloads the moment I turn my device back on. The only way to close it is to delete it. What’s wrong with this picture? DEAR DEVELOPER: I am very tech-savvy and I know how to close an app. Your app suddenly refused to close, no matter which method I tried. The only way I could get it to stop was to delete it! UPDATE (2/4/20): The problem was corrected for a while, but now it’s back, and worse. The app won’t close at all and won’t allow me to get into any of my other apps. This is really disgusting. FIX YOUR BLOODY APP!!!!!
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7 years ago, JYCish6
Simple Classic
I've always liked Free Cell as you can win every game if you have the patience and don't mind restarting. This version is no different from my previous experience with virtual free cell. I love the challenge of the game as it really makes you think. The commercials pop up at reasonable rates and aren't too annoying. The game has played smoothly with no glitches keep up the good work.
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7 years ago, kena54321
Perhaps more puzzle than game.
Fun to play, I have found I can complete EVERY “game”. So this is. Not really a game of chance since dealing the cards never seems to give you a setup you cannot complete. Some games are a great challenge a and some games are fairly simple. Since you can complete every game it can be considered a puzzle, at least I consider it a puzzle. I have played thousands of games, it never gets dull. Enjoy.
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2 years ago, rd58cg65
I do not like the commercials/adds. Many times the advertisement freezes my phone and I have to turn it completely off and then back on again in order to continue playing the game. When that happens the game is lost and I have to start over again. That is very irritating.
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3 weeks ago, Anna14141414
Ruined by new ad placement
I’ve played and loved this game for years. Ads between rounds of the game were no issue. Unfortunately recently the ads changed to run at the top of the game screen so they are constantly there, in the field of vision. The flashing of the changing ads while playing is irritating and, to make it worse, some ads randomly emit a really loud beeping noise (in spite of the game and the phone being in silent mode.) The noise is startling, annoying, and unacceptable when I’m playing the game in any situation where other people are nearby. After years of enjoying the game, I’m deleting it.
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1 year ago, Sukipetdog
Sound during game
Sound came on tonight during game that seemed to be from an ad for another game playing in the background, not for the FreeCell game. I tried closing the app a couple different times and reopening it, but sound was still there. I had sound set to off for the game itself and tried toggling it on and then back off again, but sound persisted. Didn’t try closing out the particular game I was playing to see if sound would remain in a new one.
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3 years ago, yellow_pineapple
Loved this games but the ads..ugh
So I am writing a review because I was searching for a different app to play FreeCell. I have loved this app for years - literally! But today I can’t get past the ad for candy crush just to return to my game. This has been happening so much - along with the freezing screens. Disappointed...and still can’t get past the ad.
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7 years ago, Missallowed
Aweful don’t download
This AP has CHRONIC pop up ads!!!! You cannot play more than one game at a time!!! There is a pop up ads after every game and when you try to “x” out of it you are diverted to a website and have to back out of the AP and reload the game. It is the worst I have ever experienced. I don’t mind the occasional ad because I understand the revenue stream but this is beyond ridiculous!!!!
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3 years ago, John Eagan
An obsession!
Start your brain with a morning dose of this game! At the risk of jinxing myself I have not found an unbeatable game yet, and this game allows you to reverse moves and even start over. Some may take a minute and I’ve worked a few for over an hour! It’s fun navigating and aligning your moves 3 to 4 in advance and watching the cards melt away! All in all, a fun game I play daily!
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4 years ago, good grief, is that name taken
Lost my streak
We need to have a question given to us of “are you sure you want a new game” if we hit new game instead of replay. I did it again, I was so close to my old streak when I hit new game instead of replay on a easy shuffle. Please, this is frustrating when I hit new game instead of replay or move the new game button to the bottom of the list, so it is further away from the replay button. Would appreciate it, thank you
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6 years ago, bkstratguy
Stats don’t work right anymore
Hi. This is a favorite and has been a staple on my iPad for years. I don’t know if it was the iOS 12 update, or an app update, but now the total time for a game doesn’t work right. It tracks elapsed time correctly during a game, but when you finish it seems to randomly increase the total time of the game, usually around double what it actually was. Sure hope you can fix before I have to look for an alternative! I even tried switching to auto play which I don’t want to use, and get same results. Thanks for listening.
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1 year ago, Richryal
This used to be a great game
I’ve loved this game since it came out 30 years ago. And I've enjoyed this version a long time. But now it’s back to long commercial breaks where sometimes you have to turn off an ad 3 or 4 times before you get back to playing. Worse, some of the Royal Match ads ( they’re the worst) don’t want to let you turn them off at all. Insulting. Good bye FreeCell. And now, this app runs Trelegy ads between games that last more than half as long as the game itself, which drains all the fun out of the experience. This used to be the best version of this game. Bye bye.
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