Freecycle + trash nothing!

3.2 (87)
39.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Andrew Trusty
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Freecycle + trash nothing!

3.21 out of 5
87 Ratings
6 years ago, WSievers
Doesn’t seem right
I just downloaded the app for the first time after being a Freecycle member for years and getting daily update emails. It’s nice to know about other groups in my area but I live in a metropolitan area and the emails I get have multiple items posted daily. I’m not seeing the same things in the app or nearly the volume. I also had an issue logging into my account. I used a yahoo account but when I tried to use my pw they said I didn’t have an account associated with that email address. I had to kinda create a new account with that yahoo address. I’m hopeful things will be worked out and I can use the app instead of logging in on a computer. Maybe my new account has to go through moderation or something.
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12 months ago, Laur1220
Works well, but could used a few improvements that would make truly great!
I’ve been using this app for about a month now to help clear a friend’s house & I’ve been impressed with how useful it’s been! I know it’s not Freecycle but seems to work well in my area. However, I’ve been posting so many things that it’s easy to mix up who wanted what when I look at my inbox. I have to go into each person’s thread to figure it out. It would be great if they could somehow add a small picture of the item(s) you’ve promised that person (or that that person has replied about) for that person’s thread, so you know immediately at a glance when looking at the inbox what they wanted. Right now, I have to go into each person’s thread to remember what they wanted. so this would be a big help! I also wish I could reach out to a larger community instead of just my Ellicott city Freecycle community. I’ve had a few other issues with the app, but this review is long enough, so stopping here. This is the major improvement I’d like to see!
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3 years ago, gwyman2
Useful and well organized
The app and website are great! I really appreciate how easy trash nothing is to use and to set to my preferences. Other groups for giving things away in our area are hard to navigate, because they aren’t logically sorted and are often clogged with items that have already been gifted. With trash nothing, I can easily choose to look at items within my desired distance that are still available, and it shows me the ones that I haven’t seen yet first. Seems obvious and intuitive, but makes a huge difference and is executed well here. This is a great tool for keeping your items out of the landfill and for giving new life to used things.
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1 year ago, DeniseYoshiko
Not Freecycle (the website)
Not sure why so many people feel the need to rate a perfectly good app one star because it has the same name as another program. You’d think one or two would be enough for people to get the idea lol Anyways, great app! Pretty easy to scroll through, add cities, message, etc. My only complaint is that when I first got the app, when I was at the middle/bottom I would click on a post and then sometimes when I went back it would bring me all the way to the top again. But after seeing all old posts that shouldn’t be an issue that comes up again, so no biggie.
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8 months ago, BronxBagelBoy
Like the app…not sure about the people
Basically happy with the app. But it’s not uncommon after I mark and item “promised” for several people to ask to get it if the person doesn’t show up. I’ve had that happen a lot and then when I reach back to the people who seemed to really want it to tell them in fact they can have it I never hear from them. So is this a problem with how the app is set up so people aren’t seeing my follow up messages ? Or maybe it’s the people? I’ve also dealt with really nice folks as well who respond quickly. So despite frustrations it is decent app for helping you declutter and keep things out of landfills.
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5 years ago, an0nymousanonymous
1. It doesn’t seem to sync perfectly with Freecycle. I don’t see the same groups and posts in Freecycle vs. Trash nothing. 2. It would be awesome if it had a rating system for gifters and takers similar to OfferUp or Uber. There are some flaky people on here which unfortunately ruins the reputation of the Freecycle concept. there are folks who are super friendly and communicative to deal with and I’d rather give to them first.
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5 years ago, princess oceana
Best way to let go
I love this app. I love that you can post things you just want gone and they’ll speak for themselves. Yes you’re making no money on it but you also don’t have to worry about the issues that come with selling. Plus the peace of mind that what once was mine has found new homes instead of adding to the landfill. Would highly highly recommend this app
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4 years ago, Hubarubadingdong
What a great concept!
The idea of it is wonderful but it’s not active in many areas so if you don’t find anything for your area simply invite friends.. family .. co-workers etc to join. One mans junk is another’s mans treasure. It’s a great way for people to help others and the environment which is win win so spread the word!
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9 years ago, Joomi44
It works on my old iPhone 3G but very slowly!
The reason I'm deleting this app after writing my review is because I feel my used stuff is valued most by homeless shelters or public school teachers who are trying to help out their low income students. Many freecyclers are not as courteous as I am. It has been hit or miss for me. I admit to being an imperfect freecycle member myself. Adios!
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1 year ago, Trojan--007
Works as Advertised
Been a member for a while. I’ve used it to share my stuff with others and also picked up a few things. WIDE range of items out there. Refuse, refuse, recycle.
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2 years ago, Maxwell Waxwell
Works wonderfully, same access to settings and other features that exist on desktop
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1 year ago, foresstfirre
Needs option to block users
This one user posts everyday and makes a separate post for each piece of clothing they are giving away and it’s spamming the app as well as my inbox. I want to block them.
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4 years ago, N0tTh3S4m3
Not The Same
Freecycle was such an awesome app, they should’ve left it by itself. Now that they have merged it with Trash Nothing the quality of the app is horrible. Even if you put a wide range of areas and groups there still isn’t anything new posted in days. I’m not sure who the moderator is, but this seriously needs to be revised.
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5 years ago, Lovesgamesetc
Use it more!
This has been a life saver a few times. People should use it more!
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2 years ago, jalpher
Taking photos stopped working
The app has always been fussy, but I can no longer coax it to retain a picture. “Use photo” button presents an empty listing. Killed app, restarted phone. No go. Have latest version of TN and iOS.
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1 year ago, yuyu wa
Love it!
Excellent app for getting what I need and giving things I don’t.
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5 years ago, stargirl232
This is great!
I would recommend this to all. Good job!👍🏼👏🏼 I give it a 5 stars ratings.
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wont let me verify my account. Every time i click the link sent to me in the verification email it just takes me to the app and then still says i need to verify.
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5 years ago, kalthoffdesign
Useless - NOT Freecycle
This is NOT connected to Freecycle in any way. When I posted and it said my items would be posted on the “Chicago Freecycle” group I assumed it would be syncing with that group. Nope. Just stayed on this useless app that no one uses.
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2 years ago, CraigCraig23
Not Freecycle
Seems misleading. Just say it’s trash nothing. This does not connect to any of my freecycle groups. Delete so you can’t track me.
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2 years ago, 1councilwoman57
Nothing in my area
Going to have to delete app! Nothing remotely close to my area. Great idea tho.
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1 year ago, Kimb1967
Doesn’t connect to Freecycle
It only lets me see my Trash Nothing posts
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4 years ago, Benjamin Rosati
Intentionally Mislabeled As FreeCycle
This is not affiliated, nor connected with the website freecycle. Do not be fooled by what feels like an intentionally misrepresentation by the app developer.
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1 year ago, Slithy Toves
Not Freecycle
Despite the "borrowed" app name, this has nothing to do with the actual Freecycle.
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4 years ago, Beccabummer
NOT affiliated with freecycle
This app is not affiliated with freecycle, but is a separate entity pretending to be. It’s just called Trash Nothing once you download. Be careful!
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3 years ago, Gunner McCoy
This app is one of the worst I’ve seen yet.
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2 years ago, SeeChe11e
Not Freecycle
Junk service called Trash Nothing. NOT Freecycle
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3 years ago, FrenchyReader
this app is not Freecycle and should not be using that trademarked name
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9 years ago, As1orig
Works great!
Easy to use app. Takes 1-2 minutes to post offers, even with a pic uploaded. SOOO easy & fast.
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7 years ago, bribri54645645
Powerful app
Amazing! The app lets you select which local free cycling groups you'd like to join. When you post something, it automatically posts to each group you select. You can take pics of your item with the app and post immediately. So easy to use!
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10 years ago, Messica
Make Freecycling a lot easier
I'm using Freecycle to declutter and this app makes it so much easier than using Yahoo Groups or whatever old outdated system they had before.
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7 years ago, Coral She-V
Works with Yahoo Groups
This logs you into your yahoo group, however if you login with a yahoo account without an associated yahoo email account it will not work. I have my gmail email address attached to my yahoo user id and this app does not recognize that my email address exists and prompts me to open a yahoo email address. I'm deleting the app.
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11 years ago, Jayden's dad
Doesn't work
Was hoping this would provide a nice UI for my existing freecycle group. Nope, it's for trash nothing, which isn't active in my area - nothing showed up. Tried adding more groups through the settings page, and it brought up a blank page, so no luck there. Hope I can sort this out, because so far it's useless.
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10 years ago, Nitad51
Nice App
So far so good. Just downloaded today and tried creating a post. Very easy to navigate including adding a picture.
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9 years ago, Hsunic
This app is NOTHING!
I currently belong to the SF Freecycle list serve. From what I understood, this app was supposed to sync with it. Nope. All of the items I listed never showed up on the digest. And since this app has so few users, there is really nothing and no one to "Freecycle" with. Definitely don't recommend--waste of time and space on your phone.
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10 years ago, TheCreature8
Things missing/not loading
This app seems awesome but buggy. When attempting to post a request, the options for selecting a group to post to do not show up so I cannot post the listing. That makes it pretty difficult to actually use this.
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10 years ago, Nanasmani
Will not load posts
Worked for a couple days, and now will no longer load any posts. Will be deleting stat. The one star was given because the concept of this app is great, just wish it worked.
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4 years ago, Opinionzzzzz
Doesn’t connect with
This is independent of Easy to use app & plenty of active users in my area. I’ve already successfully gifted and received items.
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11 years ago, Munky Love
Nothing seems to load, or work at all.
I signed up for multiple groups in the northwest Oregon area and nothin is showing up for freecycle or trash nothing. Unfortunate too because I've been waiting for a good freecycle app to come along. This one didn't satisfy.
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8 years ago, justindomnitz
Not an official Freecycle app
I'm surprise this app made it through the App Store review process. It is just a wrapper around a clunky website. The website requires new credentials to login. It does not use your existing Freecycle account.
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11 years ago, Fliffles
Total trash.
Crashed while loading. Doesn't work at all.
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9 years ago, NewburyMass
Doesn't Sync!
App doesn't sync so the new items aren't shown.
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7 years ago, ShanJason
NOT the freecycle org app!
This app should be renamed as it has nothing to do with the legitimate freecycle dot org site.
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1 year ago, mmarimer
Not the same as
A heads up for others (like me) who might mistakenly believe that this App is associated with It’s not.
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2 years ago, Vickizig2
Not freecycle
As others note, this group is not that I believe most people are familiar with. Seems to be intentionally deceptive, using that name and very similar logo
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3 years ago, JerseyRedneck
Nice idea, but useless…
I’ve had a Freecycle account for years, but this app won’t allow me to login with my credentials, which I know are correct because I just logged into the website.
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3 years ago, redkatrags
Not linked with Freecycle
It shows no posts for certain keywords yet if you go to there’s a ton.
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3 years ago, Ribimech42
Not FreeCycle
This is not the same as free Can not log in with freecycle account and asks for all kinds of info to create account / automatic login.
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4 years ago, battlin' beau
Amazingly worthless
I seldom write reviews but this app was so bad that others shouldn’t bother trying it and the developers should be made aware if somehow they’re not already. There simply aren’t many posts shown. The Annapolis, MD group gets dozens of posts each week. This app showed maybe 5 of those posts. And while its name suggests it’s a freecycle app, it requires a separate account, and doesn’t have access to all of the groups on freecycle.
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4 years ago, rogersstoned
Thought it was; clearly isn’t connected. Shouldn’t use the name if it isn’t the same organization. Not the same; not nearly as good. Very disappointed.
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