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User Reviews for FreePrints Photobooks

4.82 out of 5
187.7K Ratings
6 years ago, ..Heather
Love this app
I just ordered my second book as a Christmas gift for my mom. The first was a 6X8 hardcover of my family’s summer. I filled it beginning to end with our entire summer, dedicating a couple of pages to each big event/vacation. It’s 20 pages long with about 85 pics in total. Some pages have 2 or 3 pictures where other have the max 6. The pictures are beautifully printed and very clear. I have always loved scrapbooking and this is a way to lay in bed and do it all off my phone at night. Or have family send me pictures I don’t have and can easily add them to the book. The second book has not arrived yet but for a total of $17 I upgraded to an 8.5X11.5 and that’s including shipping. As I said, It is a Christmas gift for my mom filled with pictures from the last 40 years. My brother was able to scan childhood pictures and we collected from all of our phone and computers pics from every vacation/holiday we’ve had together. I was able to add captions and poems to this book. It turned out beautiful! Well worth the price and time. I spent about a month putting this hook together but can not wait for her to open it! It’s suppose to arrive Dec 4 and there’s no way I will be able to have her wait the extra 21 days.
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3 years ago, nickibartley
Horrible shipping and customer service
Book was easy enough to complete but I’m still waiting on my book to arrive that I ordered on Dec 17. On Dec 20 I asked for tracking info bc I was told by email it has shipped. Two days later received email that there is no tracking info but was on track to receive by the 26th. My question back, how do you know this? If you have tracking to see that send me tracking info. Two days later another email telling me the same thing. I emailed again on the 27th since it did not arrive on the 26th as expected. Two days later email response that all shipping is delayed and to be patient that it should arrive by Jan 4th. That’s quite a delay from the 26th, still no tracking. Emailed them again expressing my concerns about this whole process. Two days later received another response stating the same generic shipping delays and thanking me in advance For my patience as I should receive my package now by Jan 5th and if not to reach out again for resolution. Just sent another email this morning stating that this the reason they should only ship with tracking so customers can self serve and check their Package themselves or at least provide a customer service number to avoid a two delays for every email sent! Regardless if the book itself was free I paid for shipping to get here by a certain date. The savings on the book itself is not worth they delayed no tracking available shipping method, so I will not reorder anything from this company.
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7 years ago, LeslieLeland
These are my answer to the photo albums of my childhood
SO many great photos on my phone and computer....and what to do with them? To be honest it may be a little frantic, worrying I was going to lose them somehow through some technological glitch. And then I discovered the ability to create these books. I make them two or three times a year, give them to my children, who live all over the United States. They are my grandchildren’s favorite books to look at. My daughter tells me they look at them over and over again. I usually make one after our vacations with one another, after an important family event, we’re just every few months or so when I have a collection of fabulous photos that I don’t want to forget about. I also have a retail store in Key West Florida and I make them every year to capture the images that I share on Facebook and Instagram. These books are high-quality, easy to create, and beautiful. Simply brilliant. Thank you.
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2 years ago, KeyshaDollard
Lost Book ( Alan for customer cares response)
I ordered a book on Nov 7 for a family member in a facility. The book was supposed to be delivered by the 18th (it’s now the 25th) When checking the tracking number I noticed the book never made it to it’s destination. The last tracking information I had said it was in Nj on the 11 th. It never made it to its Pa location. So I contacted the company thinking they can contact the company they used to ship the product and see what’s seems to be the problem or resend a book beings I paid 20 dollars for a book that didn’t make it to its destination. Alan informed me that maybe I used the wrong information or maybe it was rejected by the facility. Grant it I have been using the same information on every book or picture I ever sent. And after you send an item the information is saved on there site. And never mind the fact that the tracking information they supplied states it never made it out of Nj. But somehow its my fault and I need to call the facility that the tracking info says it never made it to and see what they said happened to it. Because Alan said it’s nothing he can do. So no book and hey the 20 dollars I spent so what. It’s some how my fault.
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6 years ago, Wakawat
I have used this app for over a year. I have enjoyed getting my books, but yesterday I placed an order for my August book and it has just disappeared. The company was no help. The new book generally goes from In Progress books to Purchased books. It did not happen this time and the company rep says there is nothing they can do. I will no longer be using any of their products. Not that you were concerned about me leaving, but Good-bye!!! I was very upset when I wrote this review. I am going to have to eat my words. I looked at several other apps and could not find one that allowed me to place up to 6 photos per page. I also want to be able to edit each photo on a page and this app allows me to do this. I still wish the representative had been more concerned about my issue and offered at least a free book since I have used the app to purchase 9 hardcover books and 15 softcover books. I will continue to use the app because it is a good app. I just hope this does not happen again. It is frustrating to build a 25 page book and lose it all. I am still giving only 2 stars because of this inconvenience.
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6 years ago, Skylander2013
Outstanding customer service and quality!
I’ve used this app for a couple of years now and I’ve never been disappointed. It notifies me when I print may not come out with the best quality and gives me the option of printing it or replacing it. Everything the promise gets delivered. However, today was the first day that I had to use customer service because of a mistake on my part. I forgot to put a picture in that I wanted to include. Keep in mind, this is on a Sunday morning. I submitted an email through their contact us tab and to my surprise within a couple of hours somebody contacted me and let me know what I need to do to cancel the order and resubmit it with the picture that I neglected to include on the initial order. I honestly did not expect to hear back from them for a few days. This is how customer service is supposed to be done. They earned every bit of five stars anymore on this review.
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6 years ago, Er.kbradley
Ruined a Christmas present
I’ve ordered photo prints from this company before and didn’t have a problem. So, I decided to order a photobook as a Christmas present for my mother-in-law. I ordered the book with four weeks until Christmas, and never received my order. I contacted customer service (and had to buy a new, last minute Christmas gift), and didn’t receive a response until a week and a half later. It was clearly a robo email, which stated they had unexpected order volume and “got behind.” Then, I was told that my order couldn’t be located. I sent them the confirmation email that I received from them in November to help them do their job. Finally, I was told my order would be reprinted, reshipped (though not expedited), and that I would not receive a refund as compensation for the lack of professionalism and ruining my Christmas present for my mother-in-law. Over all, poorly handled, and lack of compassion and professionalism. If you choose to order from this company, don’t do it during peak season where they’ll be unable to deliver. I’d suggest finding another company that can do the same thing within an appropriate time frame.
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5 years ago, cocoamigo214
Beautiful, fast and perfect!
I have used free prints before. When I got the offer for the free photo books I thought I would try it. My mom has dementia and loves looking at pictures of family. I chose my 20 pictures and made a small photo book for her. It came today. I just ordered it Sunday, 3 days ago! I did choose some upgrades like the option to have the pages lay flat. She would have difficulty if they didn’t due to her arthritic hands. It was perfect! Each page is one picture she can see and ponder over. They were clear and centered and I chose a pattern that went throughout the book. I am so so happy with this. I am going to order one a month and use different themes like pictures of her childhood and holidays etc. It beats leaving all the pictures on your phone! Seriously I was very happy. I just spent $95 on a book from Shutterfly and this is better!!! Thank you!
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4 months ago, flyme2tm
‘Time’ to put more detail into the app within the photo book-making. It takes too much “time” creating the fantastic photo book. I use downloaded shots from my device, load, crop, and use background, text and arrange my own for a minimum of three to four hours. Why? Getting lost in the process; had to chat (30 minutes) in the beginning and at the end, the chat was half that. It’s not so cut and dry as one may think. So my rating: a three (3) because the experience may be improved with more helpful guiding words. Truth be told, I’d probably make more projects instead of thinking in the creative process, I’m never gonna do this again. Yet this my second project (I’d hoped it would be easier). The best new is the finish product is unique and something to be very proud of. I want to try again but of course…the “time” is a factor (with a fair amount of frustration trying to figure things out without the guidance words included in the app). Thanks in advance.
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4 years ago, Richard009
Great little app
This is a great little app for creating little collections of those photos hiding on a phone. It allows for easy and quick adding and arranging photos into a photo album. Since this is a traditional paper album, others can view your photos without crowding around the phone. The FREE 20 page book every month is great and I highly recommend it. Maybe offering a hard cover coupon every few months would make it even better. There are several suggestions that would make it even better. 1. A vertical format would be nice, especially since many phone pics are vertical. 2. Adding multiple photos to a page is somewhat restricting due to the inability to change placement, sizes and crops of individual photos other than how the app automatically does it. 3. Adding text on internal pages is very limited to captions at the bottom of the page. Also, no control over line breaks and no block text. Placing and moving text blocks would be a great addition. I could offer more add ons but if you’ve ever used a publishing program, you probably know what they would be. Some of them are available on the cover format. I will be alerting others to this app, especially those I have heard complain that they wish there was an easy way to print their pics. Well there is.
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4 years ago, Audrey Siders
Absolutely love it!
So I’ve used this app many times for myself and recently twice to make Photobooks for my dad and my aunt. And I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am every time I’ve made a purchase or made the books. The books were absolutely beautiful, both were so loved that my aunt and dad had tears of happiness. They are both elderly and in today’s time and age, things like this truly mean a lot to them. I definitely recommend this to everyone. It is such a fun, and easy app to use. The customer service is amazing, they are very much on top of things. I’ve never had issues with ordering or quality. This is definitely an app I use a lot for myself and for gifts. I have nothing negative to say. Thank you for creating such a wonderful app, it has brought many smiles to mine and my family’s faces. Thank you!
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5 years ago, cryslady45
My first photo book
This is a great app to have for all those with iPhones the newer iPhone like the iPhone 6s or 8s or iPhone 10r or iPhone 10s those kind also for androids if you don’t have the latest iPhone but the latest model mobile phones that you can store pictures. If you have big events like weddings reunions graduations annerversaries birthdays any thing where you want to save photos from your phone from those events into a photo book where you can customize the books to your liking. I recommended my family members that recently attended our family reunion that took pictures to get the app and order the photo book so they can have something from that weekend to keep and they can customize to their liking. Maybe on the next reunion we can all bring our personal photo books from this reunion . I’m glad I got this app!
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5 years ago, Jjhinnj
Good product and customer service
I have made two photo books so far, and 8.5x11.5 inch and a 6x8 inch, both hardcover. The paper quality and the color printing were great. The app is easy to use. I had a problem when I ordered a second copy of one book - there was too much glue used on the cover and some pages were stuck together. It was very easy to contact customer service. They asked for pictures of the damaged pages and were quick to have a replacement book sent. I have used other apps for photo books and had issues with the other apps crashing and losing my work. This app was very stable and I had no issues or frustration with lost work. My only suggestion for the developers is to offer a few more page layout options but overall I am very happy with this app and the customer service.
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7 years ago, DaJuLee
Top-Notch Customer Service
Updated review: I emailed customer support about the damage issue on the cover. They responded promptly and will be sending me another book to replace the damaged one. Changed my rating to 5-Stars for the excellent service. Thank you! Tried different apps and this was the easiest for me to create and arrange pics into a nice photo book to be ordered. Simplicity was the key! Got my first photo book today and am quite pleased with the results. My pics weren’t of the highest quality but the printed pages turned out better than I expected. It also arrived earlier than the date specified. Thank you! This will make a memorable and cherished gift! I’d have given this app five stars, but the book arrived with a slight indention on the cover. Apparently the packaged had a slight hole and damaged a part of the cover.
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3 years ago, LizzieRoc
Beautiful books. Great customer service.
I will admit! The books come out great! Price is great! It’s super easy to make when the app is not glitching. One time one of my pages were glued together and when I opened it tore my pictures. Reached out to customer service and no problem fixed the issue. Super appreciative. Super frustrating when your making a book and choosing photos and constantly just exits out. Lose up to 2-3 pages of work. When it’s constantly… you start thinking of somewhere else to go. Also when choosing photos.. i wish when I started next page that it would take me to the last photos I selected so I can continue selecting. But no you have to keep scrolling where you were at last. Also I wish it could let you know all the photos you have used at once so I don’t use them on a future book, unless I want to.
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3 years ago, montanawp
Terrible customer service & arrival time
Let me start out by saying, the quality of their product is great & so are the prices... once you actually receive it. That’s why I gave 3 stars. BUT my photobooks are always late. I’ve ordered in the past & there’s always a delay or reason as to why I’m receiving late. Even if I pay the extra $2 shipping to get it faster. This time we ordered from my husband’s account & what was suppose to be delivered the 23rd is still not here on the 29th. Haven’t received an update since the 22nd until today too. We also have never gotten a “free book” as promised each month. When we have ordered in the past, we order multiple books & once doing that.. our “free book” ends up being $7 anyways. I messaged their Instagram account & sent them the screenshot of the problem, even though it was read we never got a response. 🤷🏼‍♀️ if you’re not in a rush or buying a gift for a certain time, this is for you.
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4 years ago, SapphireSkye18
Don’t waste your time and money
I ordered my package on the 8th of December hoping to receive it by Christmas as it was to be a gift for my stepmom. Initially, it was said to arrive by the 17th, updated to say it would arrive by the 19th, then the 20th, and has not been updated since, and according to the tracking number I was given, it has yet to even arrive in my state. It is the 28th, 4 days after this book was supposed to be gifted to my stepmom, and significantly longer than the 6-11 day time frame I was given when I first placed my order. I have tried to get in contact with the company and have yet to hear anything back more than a week later. Not only am I frustrated, but day after day I am saddened and disappointed when my package, one I was very excited to receive, has not arrived. I will not be ordering from any of these apps again, and frankly, would like my money back. I would give this app 0 stars if I could. I would not recommend this app to anyone looking for a gift or an order to be processed in a timely manner. I feel lied to and cheated out of my money.
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1 week ago, marcobarko
Bad experience
I ordered my first photo book as an anniversary gift for my parents. I started off with the “free Photobooks“ offer and upgraded until it was about $40, including paying for expedited shipping. Everything was scheduled to be on time, but then after tracking the package, I saw that it was returned to sender stating that the address did not exist. If the package was shipped via USPS and my parents have lived at that address and received a mail there for over 20 years, so I am very doubtful that the post office could not figure out where to deliver this package. They did not receive the book on time or at all, so I tried contacting customer service which was an AI bot, and they refunded me $2 towards the expedited shipping and was told I would have to re order a photo book and have it re delivered, which isn’t even a guarantee that it would be delivered. I spent HOURS putting that stupid thing together and it was literally all for nothing. Very disappointed and now I a new anniversary gift. That will now be two weeks late.
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3 years ago, Comstock11
Great grandma loves them
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I made my first book, but it seemed like a great way to share photos with my 87 year old Mom. She does not have a computer or a smart phone and she lives 4 hours away by airplane. She has 4 great grandchildren who are changing all the time. Before Covid my brother would show her pictures of the kids on his phone, but she is of the generation that paper photos mean more. She was so excited when she got her first Photobook! She brought it with her to dinner to show her friends at the assisted living facility. Now I can send her one every month so she can keep up with the kids! It couldn’t be easier. I pick out 20 pictures in my phone, add a description if I want and they make and ship the book to her for the cost of shipping. It’s a no brainer!
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6 years ago, Rinagagliano
Never got my photo book
I decided to get a photo album for my friends 60 th birthday to capture all her special moments of her special day. First time i emailed them and told them i never received it and they got back to me right away apologizing that it got lost and wanted to verify address and they said that they would mail out another one.. well i never got the 2 nd one either and i have emailed them a numerous of times and i have still yet to hear from them. Its been a month now with the back and forth. I am disgusted and embarrassed that i told my friend about the album and we still havent gotten it, but more disgusted that that they haven’t reached out. I have gotten a few albums from them in the past and never had a problem.. Be careful with the customer service because it really stinks.
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5 years ago, MseL33
I spent $50+ on my photobook. I love these books to preserve memories. The books normally get shipped in a box. This one arrived in a bubble pack envelope. Not sure of when or where the damage occurred since it most likely traveled through many hands on its way to my mailbox. It was obviously dropped or shoved against into another package. I upgraded to a hardback book to ensure stability throughout the years. The bottom corner of the hard cover and about half of the pages were creased on the bottom corners. Also the plastic shrink wrap around the book was open on the bottom right where the damage to the book was. I’ve sent an email requesting the book be reprinted, if they won’t consider that I’d take a full refund of that book and take my business elsewhere for future photo books. Missy
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12 months ago, Mh001234
Great value for price!
I ordered a photo book for our summer vacation, and honestly the quality far exceeded my expectations! I read a lot of reviews so I was skeptical, but the book arrived on time and well packaged! For $8, the photo and paper quality is much better than I expected. No misprints, no pixelation. We used pretty high quality images so that probably helped too. Designing pages is pretty simple as well, 4 stars because there are a few glitches with covers and a few of the editing mechanics aren’t very intuitive, but all in all it’s pretty easy and doesn’t take much time. Great if you’re looking for a simple, budget option that’s sustainable for long-term frequent use. You won’t get any stickers or text or anything, but we just wanted photos anyway, so worked great for our purposes!
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5 months ago, Sean Lucious
Good Printing Option
With mobile devices having 128 GB of memory and upwards, that is a lot of memory to store pictures and a lot memories that is subject to being lost. So, Photobooks has made it affordable to save some of your precious memories every month. Their print quality is good and the book process is on the same level as other printers out there. Photobooks, has just made printing convenient and affordable from your mobile device. As a photographer who understands the importance of printing your images, being able to print a book with 20 images for free -you just have to pay for shipping and any additional images over 20 you want in your book - is a great way to keep your favourite images close at hand.
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2 years ago, Mimi Raine
Great Results!
I have ordered several of these books over the years and have been very happy with the results. The app easily allows you to adjust pictures and offers several layout options from one to six pictures per page. I usually upgrade to the hardcover 6x8 book for $5.00 more; today I ordered and was able to upgrade to the 8.5x11 for the same price. My books are almost always on time; and the one time a book was ordered but had not arrived several weeks later it was reprinted and shipped by the company right away. These make great gifts for our children, who have hundreds of photos on their phones of our grandchildren but never get around to printing them.
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6 years ago, Zen4me812
Quality Photo Book, Stellar Customer Service, Impressed Happy, First Time Customer.
I received my First Photo Book Order, and I must say I was very impressed with the photo quality, and sleek, slim design of the photo book. All photos came out very clear, even a few I had doubts about given the exclamation point warning, which can indicate potentially a poor quality photo that might not print well. However, unfortunately for some odd reason my first photo book was not delivered by UPS, at least I never received it. I thought I would have to re-create my original order again, which took some time, but after contacting photo books Customer Service, they were very responsive. After emailing customer service, they quickly responded, assuring me that they could remake my order expeditiously at no charge. I had my replicated, original photo book order in a few short days. Also noted that the photo book was very well packaged. I am very pleased with the whole process, from ease of using the app to transfer desired photos ( layout options) to delivery. Free photo print incentives for prints and photo book, also included in the photo tiles app extend affordability.
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6 years ago, Bobbyzgirl544
Memory Maker
I ordered a book after my husband and I returned from a vacation we took for our thirtieth wedding anniversary. All the pics we had taken were on our phones and I wanted to have them in a place where friends and family could see them without passing the phone around. #photobooks is a great company that gives you the ability to put all your memories in a book with captions to each picture if you want for just a small shipping fee. What a great present to give for someone’s birthday or special event if you have all the pictures in a book. This makes a great coffee table conversation piece. From now on my birthday gift will be taking the pics and then ordering the book from FreePrints Photobooks and giving the gift of ongoing memories.
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3 years ago, killaaa_kayyy
I literally never write reviews but I had to go out of my way to say how impressed I am with the whole FreePrints franchise. I’ve used the regular FreePrints app multiple times and the images are always printed so beautifully and the customer service and response time is amazing!!! This was my first time using Photobooks and I was so surprised at the quality. I received a free upgrade to a hardcover which I appreciated, and the pages were so thick. When placing the order I was a little confused on whether or not I should upgrade to the thicker pages, but I decided to take the chance with the regular ones. Now I'm like if these aren’t the thick pages HOW MUCH MORE THICK COULD THEY GET LOL??!!? They did not disappoint, I highly HIGHLY recommend!!
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3 years ago, Babylon123456789
Customer Service
The books are great don’t get me wrong on that, but the customer service is terrible. I have been trying to get in contact with them to find out why one of my products hasn’t made it to the shipping facility and I just keep getting the same email about being patient for it to arrive to my address. The live chat also never seems to be in service which makes it hard to try and talk with an actual person to figure out what is going on. I still have yet to have the tracking number say something other than it’s waiting for the package to arrive so it can ship it out. My opinion would be that if you are going to order something from them to do it several months in advance since they are terrible about giving you information and you will have some cushion time just in case they do something wrong such as not giving you good tracking or even turning it in to the shipping facility.
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4 years ago, pnnysfrmhv63
My first free photo book
I received my first free photo book & it turned out great. It came within a week after ordering it. This is a gift for one of my 5 1/2 year old twin grandson’s who are in the foster care system. I want to give the boy’s each their own book from the last 5 1/2 years of the time we had together to remind them of the times we have cherished together & how much I love them & always will. I will give them to them when I get the next one for the other twin. I don’t get to see them, haven’t seen them for over 4 months now. I will have to give them to someone else to get them delivered to them. But I know they will love them too. Thank you for doing a great job on the 1st so far. Waiting in anticipation for the 2nd one now.
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6 years ago, lrfxzy
Don’t use the full bleed option.
For $8 you’re not going to get much better quality. The app is simple to use and has sufficient features. It does have some bugs however. I tried to cancel an order, which took me to a “contact us” page. I sent an email - the reply was polite and said they’d canceled the order, but that I could’ve done it from within the app. Yes, I tried, that’s how I got to the page to write the email. Couldn’t cancel it from within the app. When I placed the next order, I was charged but the order apparently never went through. The book was just gone. I hopped on the live chat, who quickly assured me that the order had indeed not gone through and I would have to make the book and order it again. From other reviews, it appears this is not an isolated incident. And finally, I recommend not doing full bleed on the pages. On my first order I did full bleed only on one side of a two page spread and everything looked great. On my second order I did full bleed on both pages - I think the book is bound before the ink dries, because there was definite transfer or something. The center doesn’t look clean. Not a huge problem - just don’t do full bleed across two pages.
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6 months ago, thetinymom
DO NOT ORDER IF YOU HAVE A DEADLINE. Judging by many other reviews, it seems my issue with their shipping delays is not uncommon. I ordered 2 Photobooks on Dec 13th, paid for expedited shipping (4-6 days) in order to receive them in time for Christmas. The app originally said I’d receive them by December 19th…. I did not, and hadn’t yet gotten any tracking info to look into it. I just got a notification that my package has been shipped… on the 21st, and won’t arrive until AFTER Christmas. And based on other customers stories, I’m not even expecting them to arrive at all at this point. This is SO frustrating because it completely ruins the entire purpose of the books, which was to announce a pregnancy to our entire family. We were really looking forward to the surprise, and now we are just angry and left to scramble and figure out a different way to announce. THANKS. Will likely never use or recommend this company to anyone again.
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4 years ago, TheAppleOfGodsEyes
I love my photo Books!
I have ordered a few Photo Books and I am so well pleased with all of them. The books are well made wither you choose the hard cover or a soft cover. The pictures you add in the book are a nice size, that you can see clearly and they come out looking beautiful. Also, if you want to make it a little special you can design it by adding shapes or a border around your pictures without any extra cost. You can create different kinds of books for different occasions. They are nice enough to give as gifts. This is such a great idea and it’s fun to do too! I also got quick delivery! I thank you, that now on my free time I have something wonderful to create with my pictures! God bless you all!!!!!
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4 years ago, Ohhey513
Sent wrong photo book
So I have used Free Prints a couple times and have probably gotten close to 1000 prints from them and finally decided to try photobooks. I spent hours creating the perfect photo album of the first month of my sons life with intimate images, including skin to skin contact, that were meant to be seen by just my family. My photo book finally came and I was SO excited to finally share it with my fiancé. He opens the envelope to find a photobook for a different baby, a different families memory book for a baby girl that had passed away. Now this poor family has my baby’s photos and I have theirs. Free Prints photobooks has no customer service phone number on their app and I have sent them 3 emails with no responds. I am beyond infuriated and would not suggest anyone using this service. I feel violated and disrespected and I have no idea what customer service could do to correct this mistake to the point where I’d order again. 10/10 would not recommend
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5 years ago, billi62
Photobooks are awesome
Have had three books made so far and getting ready to make a fourth one. The books are well made and I love them. I made them of our dog who is no longer with us,the two we currently have and our one of our grandsons. Going to make our granddaughters next, then continue on for each member of our family. When I am no longer living they will be great memory books for everyone, and they will have their own personal one. These look great sitting on the coffee table and so much easier for people to pick up and look at than going thru a steak or pictures or scrolling through them on a phone. Plus I can finally start deleting pictures off my phone and iPad. Billi R.
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5 years ago, no excuse for bad music
So Impressed!
I have been using your Photobooks, Photo Tiles, and Easy Tiles apps, and couldn’t be more pleased with the ease of use, and efficiency of going through the step of creating precious memories with such beautiful and lasting results. You have made the process so easy. I have been creating photobooks for my family members for over 2 years, and so appreciate the ability to caption the photos with dates and the written narrative, as though the child is doing the narrating. One day they will be able to read the captions all by themselves. I have more recently used Photo Tiles and Easy Tiles glass version. I and those whom I have presented with your products have been VERY pleased with the end result. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! jks
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6 years ago, AriMW
Love ordering vacay/event books
I’ve ordered a bunch and have started doing books for all our vacations. Books come in about a week, just pay for shipping, usually less than $10. Less hassle and more convenient than many companies that provide photo books. They also have promotional upgrades here and there. The themes aren’t that fancy, but a simple solid color always looks good. You can order books for your social media feed, camera roll, old FB photos, etc. I like to be creative! I’ve even done one of my months for a gift. No subscription or commitment. Never had issues with the app crashing. They store your projects until you’re ready to order. No complaints from me!
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4 years ago, HowAboutNot??!?
Poor quality books, poor customer service.
I ordered one book. It came damaged... got a replacement it came damaged. Took two times complaining just to hear from someone and then got another replacement sent out... guess what, damaged! Now messaging customer support for the second time today hoping for any response. I don’t want another damaged book I want a refund and to never order anything from you again. Would’ve been really cute to buy photo books from you and have them of quality but who cares about my order. I wanted one book that wasn’t damaged to give to my boyfriend for Christmas. A photobook of our son that was just born. Would’ve been a cute keepsake for years to come but clearly it’s not important. Not important enough to make sure it’s not damaged in the exact same way I specified three times over. I totally want to open up a hardback book of my son to see white spots all over the page time and time again.
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6 years ago, Noelle The Reader
Fantastic product, fantastic service
I've gotten 3 free photobooks from this app over the course of a few months, and I could not recommend it more. The photobooks are great quality — beautiful color on the photos, shiny cover, exactly how you designed it on the app. I've only gotten the free ones so far, but I would have no problem trusting this company with my money and time. As great as the books are, the customer service is what really stands out. I've had two problems so far, and they jumped into action. Once I got a book with the pages cut diagonally instead of straight, so I sent them a picture of it next to a correctly cut book. They responded within the hour and had a new one sent out free. Another time a book just never showed up and I couldn't track it. Again, I messaged them through the app and they responded within an hour to help me. I'm not sure I've ever seen customer service so good from pretty much any company. They really care about their customer's happiness. So if you're not sure about this app, just buy one free book for $7.99 shipping and let them change your mind.
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4 years ago, Sb cash
App continues to crash
I have to 1 star the app ONLY BECAUSE IT CONTINUES TO CRASH!! I’ve ordered numerous Photobooks from this app over the past year. However here recently the app continues to crash while In the middle of selecting photos or writing my text at the bottom of the photo page. I absolutely USED to LOVE this app until now. I’ve never had a problem in the past and the quality of the books are outstanding. I’ve spent 2 hours trying to complete a 20 page book because of the crashing. I am still only on page 5. It’s a very simple layout, super easy to use and design. With it getting stuck or completely just stopping it’s making it impossible to complete. PLEASE I BEG YOU GUYS TO FIX THIS!
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6 years ago, tford1973
I haven’t yet ordered my 1st book but I’ve gotten single prints from the other FreePrints app and they were awesome I’ve been wanting to scrapbook a wall in my living room and finding the FreePrints app couldn’t have been better!!! The color and clarity of my photos were perfect u do however need to be careful when choosing what pics u’d like to print some have a yellow exclamation mark in the left corner this is to inform u the pic will b slightly blurry do to size and pixels when enlarged as long as u pay attention and not choose those pics with the yellow ! U’ll be very happy with them!! I’m downloading all their apps lol luv luv the prints so I’m sure when I'm ready to order my book I’ll be just as happy!! Good job creators
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6 months ago, FinMom9
I’ve had Photobooks since 2017 and likewise I have many many books! It’s a great way to get the pics off the phone and saved in an organized and attractive way. My kids love looking back through them and are always super excited when a new one arrives! The lay flat pages cost more but are worth it as it enables the books to be flipped through repeatedly without pages falling out. Customer service is wonderful. I’ve had crumpled pages, warped books and even someone else’s photos and the replacement comes quickly and at no charge. Photobooks is excellent at getting back with you and fixing the problem. Love it!
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6 years ago, Shishb
Not the Easiest Photo book app to use
I am definitely a photo book aficionado. I have created more than 50 books from various companies. I am always on the look for the latest and greatest app to create my books, as I take hundred upon hundreds of pictures daily. A friend recommended your company, and after receiving my first book, I can honestly say I was disappointed. The app was not the easiest to maneuver around. In my daughter’s birthday book, two of the photos were cut off after I clearly clicked to reduce them in size to show entire photo. I just had a hard time with the layout feature and while the quality of the book is indeed top notch, the functionality of the app is not. I don’t think I will create another book, especially since I have to reorder this one to correct the image.
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5 years ago, debra hebert
Getting in touch
Very disappointed with this company. I have tried multiple times to get in touch with someone but to no avail. Now it is too late. Not impressed. I keep getting emails about whether I am happy with my results. I have yet to speak with anyone. I am considering changing to canvas prints instead of photobooks. I have bought many a books from this company but the one time I need to “speak” to someone- I hear nothing. I had a problem once before and they were very responsive via email and everything worked out great. This time I needed to speak to someone- not an email and there has been no response. My problem was not resolved. I am very disappointed.
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6 years ago, 1TLM5
LOVED our photobook!
We ordered and received the hard cover photobook with 25 extra pages and love everything about it! The pages include quality looking prints. It arrived in half the time stated, and of course I tracked it until delivery without problems. So far, we’ve had about five family members come over in past week and each of them fell in love with the photobook and talked extensively about the beauty of the book and each page of pictures. They want copies too. I’m going to order one each month for my household, and one copy of the current one for our children. I told other family that they’ll need to download this app and create their own photobooks, etc. 😊
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5 years ago, Ann1beth2
Not worth it.
Expect delays even if you pay extra for the expedited shipping. I ordered my photobook the beginning of last week and because I wanted it before Christmas (it’s a Christmas gift for the whole family) I ordered it with paying extra for expedited shipping. It tells me it’s supposed to be here and it’s not; I don’t even get like a notification letting me know as it’s shipping out to me that it’s going to be a couple days late or anything. I still paid for the rush shipping so I’m expecting to get it before Christmas still. I don’t care about any refund I just want it when I was told I would get it in the mail. They refund me half of the shipping charge and then tell me it won’t get here until after Christmas. Very frustrating, not worth dealing with this app when there are others out there that would give better service as far as showing your package shipping to you the whole way. Thanks for reading.
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6 years ago, 3bakergirls
Poor Quality
I always enjoyed free prints photo books until I recently ordered two books created of my daughters wedding. I had at least 12 pages in each book that were blurry or of poor resolution. All but one photo were photos I taken myself on my iPhone. I had no exclamation points on my final photos showing they should either be resized or removed. Therefore I expected perfect books! After my second email to the company they offered to have me send them back for a full refund! These books took a great amount of time for me to create and were to be given as gifts! I won’t waste my time anymore. I will you another company for future needs.
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8 months ago, JJ in Va.
Wonderful Photobook
I ordered a free photobook with pictures of my little dog, Gizmo, who passed away in the spring and left me with a huge hole in my heart. The book is wonderful, far better than I had imagined. I upgraded to the 8 inch size book because I felt the 6 inch standard size would be too small. I’m glad I did. The images are well produced, laid out as I wanted, and the book is a real book. The book was promptly made after I placed my order and shipped within a few days. Now I have beautiful pictures of my little one, and I couldn’t help but cry over them. I am happy to recommend Photobooks, and I certainly will use them again.
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3 years ago, t6i2n8a
Juliana Photo Book
My Free photo book is an adorable way to celebrate my granddaughter’s first 2 years! I love being able to make a book out of the highlights of the past 2 years. My granddaughter, Juliana (JuJu), loves looking at “her” own personal book. She points out her favorite people and pets that have shared her life. The book is very fine quality. Durable enough for a 2 year old to look through (with supervision). Picture quality is very acceptable, considering the photos were all taken with my phone camera. Creating the book is pretty easy, and options are given for backgrounds and different cover choices. Thank you for this unique and affordable product!
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2 years ago, Lezn01
Don’t purchase expedited shipping
I have used this service in the past and generally I’ve been satisfied. I purchased my book last month and chose expedited shipping so that my item would arrive by Mother’s Day and it is past 7 business days and I still haven’t received my order. Highly disappointed right now. Update: I received my order 10 business days after it was placed my. My expedited shipping has been refunded. I also received follow up emails from customer service updating me on when to expect my order and their apologies. While I was not pleased with the shipping, the order came in good condition. If I decide to purchase another item in the future I will not get expedited shipping and just place the order well in advance.
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1 year ago, Anthonyskala
It’s ok. Overnight shipping is “up to 4 business days”
Review 2: This is now my second review: paid $15 for “overnight shipping” but then was told by customer service: “overnight is up to 4 business days” as told to me by rep Delia Pelacastre. Not worth it when regular delivery is like 5-7 days. Review 1: I like convenience of having app on phone but I am surprised that when you make multiple orders (I ordered 4 of the EXACT SAME photobook), there are zero offers or coupons unless you sign up to recruit more customers. Seems a bit odd that they charge you same fee to do the same service repetitively. I would have ordered more books for family but 1 (each) is the same price as 3 (each) as is the same price for 4 (each) or 5 (each) or 6 (each). So if you order 1 at $100, then 3 costs $300; 4 costs $400; 6 costs $600, etc. So I ordered 4 and called it a day instead of 7.
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