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User Reviews for FreePrints – Print Photos

4.79 out of 5
632.9K Ratings
10 months ago, Diana 🩷
SO HAPPY June 15, 2023
I literally just want to say thank you! I am truly so happy with my pictures I received today! 😍 Not only was like the quality of my pictures perfect, but I’m so impressed! The packaging was wonderful! It was so easy to grab & go & open! My whole ordering process was so easy! It went so smoothly! And being updated was my favorite thing! 😍 I mean like from when y’all got done with them to when it was shipped where it was at, ETA on when I’d get them! And then getting them earlier than expected! LIKE WHAT? Y’all have got to be kidding me! I absolutely loved the ordering process, the work, the quality of my pictures, and free stuff? Like who doesn’t want that! 😍 oh and y’all from TX! Like ummm yessss please! I want more stuff! ☺️ Now I can only imagine my book I ordered! 😍 I can not wait! Thank y’all so much for literally everything! Y’all definitely are amazing! ☺️🩷 I also forgot to mention! When I emailed asking y’all’s care team a question! Oh Dear Lord Jesus were y’all fast to respond! Like I was so so happy! Y’all took care of me so well! Not even being dramatic! 😫😍 thank y’all so much! Y’all are above & beyond! 🤩 Oh and for anyone, I ordered 4x6 with white boarder outline! And one 5x5! I loved them! ☺️
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6 years ago, JCYDogMom3
Convenient way to get photos
I’ve been using FreePrints for a few years. I don’t always take advantage of the free 85 prints a month, but I should. When I have, the quality is great and I’ve also had larger prints made to be framed. I also use the PhotoBooks app and recently made a book of our beloved family dog after he passed away. It will be a nice way to remember our little dog, Sam. I just recently used the PhotoTiles app and those turned out great too. For people who are concerned about a phone photo not turning out well, the app will give you a warning saying the resolution is not good and the photo may turn out blurry. I have skipped a few pictures to turn into photos. I should just try and print the photo anyway to see how it turns out. I get 85 a month, why not? Customer service is great too. When an order took longer to arrive than expected, they were right on it. It wasn’t the company’s fault. It was an issue between my local UPS and USPS as to when the shipment was transferred and delivered. My order arrived safe & sound after a few extra days. Give this app and the company a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!
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2 years ago, enteranicknamenicknameistaken
Bad service
Large photos come in paper envelopes and sometimes are bent and damaged and when this happens customer service is not dependable because they give you a hard time and ask for alot for evidence to prove your case and its just ridiculous considering the value of the photos are low. But if you only order 4x6 photos AND get the manufactured photo box for the extra fee then its okay because the photos will be safe inside the photo box. I just wouldn’t recommend this printing app for photos larger than 4x6…………………………… …………………………………………………………………………. UPDATE: When i wrote the top review it was because I ordered a large photo and they sent it in a paper envelope and it was bent up and ruined so i contacted customer service for a replacement And As for this order, i asked for the replacement to be sent in a cardboard photo mailer to insure no banding and they sent my replacement the exact same way! Seriously get your photos somewhere else unless your getting 4x6’s then I recommend ordering the extra photo box so your photos come safely. Honestly This company is unprofessional and doesn’t do any kind of quality check before shipping. I contacted customer service on this issue a second time and i didnt even get a response i only got a refund. If you feel like your printing company should CARE about your memories than I recommend you go to CVS and print your photos yourself because no one else really cares.
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4 years ago, mew844
Great prints, terrible shipping
Great prints, no problem with photos themselves, everything was right. The shipping on the other hand is lacking. Every package arrived after the date estimated, and sometimes several days later. I paid extra for expedited shipping and was happy when I got the updates and it said “arrives on this date” however, none of the photos actually arrived on “the date” I understand shipping isn’t a 100% accurate science, but since I was waiting on the pictures for a project that had to be done by a certain day, I got very nervous when my photos didn’t come on time especially when I paid extra. Now, luckily I gave myself some time so I was able to get my project done in time, but if the site tells you that the prints should be there on a certain day, it should arrive. I would have rather been told it would arrive a couple days later and been surprised they arrived early, a small buffer is never a bad thing. I also didn’t get a tracking number on all my packages, so i couldn’t even track where they were, and be able to see when I might get them. I will still order from this company, and recommend it to people, but I will not trust the ship dates and always give myself at least a week buffer.
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2 years ago, jfdgjngjk
Lack of interest in help me
I’ve been using this app to print my photos for months, this last time I ordered my pictures including the ones I need it for a Funeral, my husband’s friend who died a month ago and we wanted to do something special for his mom, we ordered some of his pictures and enlarge them so she could use it in his funeral, I ordered the pictures on 08/12 and paid the premium shipping so I could get them before the 20th but on the 19th I found out I was going to get the pictures on the 20th and I called this people to check what happened to my order, the girl told me that there was nothing that she could do to help me so I let it go and wait for the pictures, later that same day I received an email that they just shipped it and I was going to get the pictures until the 24th! I was like WTH !!!!!! I called them back and same answer from this people and they said they were going to give me a 4dlls refund for the premium shipping and that’s all the help from them, I’m still upset because on the first call she told me that on the first confirmation email 08/12 says that I was going to receive the order on the 20th which wasn’t true, they never send me a tracking number or date for delivery until the second email 08/19 there was the tracking number. I’ve been a great client and I was recommending this company but no more !!!
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2 years ago, LenaRhae
They Lost the only memory I had of my dead mother
Of course like they do with every order they coax you into something free which obviously turns out to not be free they wanted me to get a picture book a photo book after I’ve purchased pictures and magnets of my grandchildren so I created a photo book of my deceased mother with my adult children and my young grandchildren so that they could pass on and keep in the family they normally ship my pictures to me via US PS however this time with the most sentimental and precious thing I ever asked to be sent to me they sent it via UPS that driver released it at the door of the entrance of my apartment that house six different apartments and of course someone stole it with no regard with no notice left by UPS and no information given to me by FreePrints that it would be shipped via UPS instead of the post office just utter in total disregard for something that I didn’t even get a chance to see that my kids and my grandkids will never get a chance to see and it’s floating around this neighborhood for people that don’t care about it
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1 year ago, Sad user 33
Missing order- updated
I am very pleased with the customer service. I was contacted regarding my missing order! The communication was very quick once I was emailed. I am very pleased with how things we’re handled! Oddly the day I was contacted my photos were in my mailbox that night! They were 10 day past delivery date. So lesson from this is they are coming just give extra time. Mail service is to blame. I am back to loving Free print! ……Original post…… I have randomly used free print for years. Most recently I been using more because of our honeymoon & wedding shower. I recently placed several orders and on one day I placed two different orders, and only one order came in. Give the benefit of doubt waited a week before I try to submit a concern. Now I’m not being able to submit it won’t let me re-print nor have I got any response from customer service so I lost out on 64 photos that I paid for even though the quality of the photos are great I’m starting not to recommend free print due to missing orders and lack of communication from customer service
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5 years ago, Grama Debi
So Surprising
I had seen the commercial on TV several times, which is how I learned of FreePrints. I couldn’t believe a company would offer so many free prints & all I had to pay for was shipping. I finally went to their website to see what this was all about. Sure enough, 85 prints per month, free. So I went ahead and tried this out, with just a few pictures I had already on my phone. I also ordered double prints, so I could give my Mom copies, if they were good enough to share. For a low low price & shipping, under $10, I received my pictures. I was really impressed with the light cardboard envelope they came in. The pictures came out so good. I am on a limited income, so I can’t afford much, but each month now I want to order more of my digital saved pictures. I also ordered the free magnet pictures they offered with my 2nd order. Oh My Gosh!!! They are great also. Now I want to re-do the pictures on my fridge. I also want to get the free tile picture that is offered each month. I’m a picture person, my family is displayed on most of my walls. Try this, you won’t be disappointed.
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2 years ago, fabulouspartyhats
I love the pictures!
Do you love pictures? I do… I really love pictures of my friends, my family, my dog, selfies, the places I go, the interesting people I see, or other pictures I’ve picked up from here or there or anywhere…. Freeprints is an amazing company that sends you a big stack for free every month just for the cost of shipping and handling which it ain’t much! The pictures come out well… The color is excellent sometimes they are not the best croppers. If I really cared I would edit each individual photo but I don’t. but who cares anyway if my sisters head is a little bit cropped off… It was free. And I can print the same photo next month and edit a little better if I really love it. They are very easy to work with and have a family of companies that offer free swag that’s really fun. Also whenever I want to buy a larger size print, 8 x 10 18 x 24 or other size, I always print with them too it’s so easy and they’re very reasonable. I must sound like I work for this company… I definitely do not! I just love pictures and a great deal. Thank you FreePrints
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3 years ago, Proud Baboo (grandma)
My first experience with FreePrints...
Awesome awesome awesome!!! Due to Covid my trips to town and how long I stay in town have been seriously reduced, so printing my pictures wasn’t happening.☹️Then I heard about FreePrints and from what I was told (all positive) decided to give it a try. I am very particular about my pictures and I have had difficulty trying to submit photos to a different online store in the past...mostly due to a less than user friendly site☹️ BUT I easily and successfully submitted a large number of pictures to print to your site in the comfort of my own home! I received my precious photo order in my mailbox two days prior to the expected delivery date. My photos were securely packaged and my order was completely filled!!!! I am a customer of yours from now on! I will continue to use your service each month for all my photos printing even after Covid restrictions are over in my area. I wish I had known about you months ago. Singing your praises to all my friends that print photos. Thank you so much!!! 😀
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3 years ago, Rkim69
I started using FreePrints 2 years ago and at first I loved them. I loved the features of the app snd being updated on when the pictures were to arrive and when they actually delivered. About 8 months ago I noticed that the app doesn’t always update accordingly and that the date due to deliver is days in the past and the status never updated to delivered. However, when reaching out to FreePrints they always say that the prints were delivered and blame the prison for possibly refusing the pictures. When I’ve done some additional digging to find out that the prison never received them. FreePrints used to replace those pictures at no cost to the customer but now the customer has to pay for replacement pictures to get delivered. There were a few times after I ordered replacement pictures the inmate would then get a duplicate set from FreePrints. I noticed that this typically occurs when I have multiple orders placed at the same time, so now I space my orders and If I have multiple pictures to send I use another vendor.
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2 years ago, vixious_vanity
My satisfaction
I’ve been using this app beginning of 2021. It took me awhile to buy something thinking it’s going to have some sort of trick. 100 photos free a month? Surprising I paid the same price every time I ordered. Nearly 5 bucks or less. Okay. Where am I going with this? Well I’m writing this review not because the app asked me because I have only been asked maybe three times probably twice. (Doesn’t bug you) My boyfriend is going to the military in 2 days. June 26. Early morning. I ordered 22 pictures of him and got nice packing. My total: 7 dollars. SEVEN. anyways I thought I got express shipping but didn’t. I was worried. I wanted these to come in before he left. And I thought the nice packaging would make it longer. I was very worried. It came just in time. Today (the 24th) I love my pictures This app also tells customers before purchasing (hey this one might not come out that good you sure you wanna get it?) I LOVE that cause I’d probably blame the company if I didn’t know better. anyways this app is a good service to use including its other apps which I do have but haven’t used, yet. I will continue to use this app. Side note: funny thing is I never get 100 photos a month I always buy like 25 or less. I don’t take that many photos to print but even if I did. less than 7 dollars for 22 pictures and nice packaging. It would be like five dollars if I didn’t get that but prices never change no matter how many you get (unless over 100)
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5 years ago, daniellle17
I have been ordering photos from this company for over a year now. All of the photos came out good. I loved the photos i had ordered from this company untill recently. The last batch of photos i had ordered were awful. I ordered 163 pictures and they had all turned out blurry and the colors were completely off. I had ordered a few pictures before and reordered them in this last batch because i needed more copies. The last ones sent looked nothing like the original photos or from the previous batch( which came out fine). So I contacted customer service hopeing they could resend my pictures. They emailed me back with a list of reasons to why the pictures came out bad. They had also said they have something set into place to stop this from happening and it is up to the customer to check for red flags before they order so this doesnt happen. Basically blaming me for how they came out. I had told them i ordered some of the same photos from them previously and asked if they could reprint all of the photos for me. They proceeded to email me back with a 5 dollar refund for pictures i paid 20 dollars for saying they could not reprint them because they would turn out the same. They couldnt even offer me a full refund for their mistake. Stick to shutterfly!!!! This company is a joke!!!
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5 years ago, KK :>]
Damaged Mom’s Funeral Photo
I tap one star as it is the only way I can review; otherwise, I would give a ZERO for customer service, photo quality and satisfaction. I ordered 4– 5x7 photos of me with my children who I rarely get to see since they live in different states. It was the ONLY photo taken of us together at my mother’s funeral 2 weeks ago. When I received my photos, one of them had a large orange spot at least the size of a quarter. I asked for replacement of the damaged photo to no avail. Begrudgingly, I had to go back and forth with Amanda H who refunded the total cost of the 5x7’s and told me to reorder the photos! Why? I have been a customer for 6 years and FreePrints cannot send me 1 replacement photo at their cost due to their mistake! These photos were to be framed and sent to my children as a remembrance of my mother’s funeral day. I am totally incensed by Amanda H who thinks she needs to school me on how customer service is only online, and I might add behind the anonymity of someone who obviously has jerked me around with her insensitive responses, arrogant attitude and was probably laughing in her chair as she incrementally increased my frustration over 1 photo, yet very important to me. Beware—your customer loyalty or their mishaps mean nothing to them! Good luck trying to receive fair treatment when they make a mistake.
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5 years ago, JBlop17
If I pay for something, I expect to get it...
I got this app in hopes of printing a bunch of pictures I had stored on my phone memory. I ordered my pictures, and paid extra money to get RUSH SERVICE, which said it would take 2-5 days. This was perfect timing because I was hoping to make a collage for my mother's birthday. We reached the 5th day TWO days ago and when I tried to report that my pictures hasn't arrived yet, I was told I had to wait two days more to even be ABLE to report the pictures as "late". So, I went in to the app today to say I still haven't gotten the pictures and suddenly the arrival date had magically changed from the 26th to the 28th. So that means that since I haven't gotten my pictures today yet, I will still have to wait ANOTHER TWO days to try and say that they are late. I literally paid extra money for this "rush service". I could've saved that extra money and just left it under standard shipping and it wouldn't have been a problem. But it's that fact that I paid extra money for a service that this company didn't go through with that is causing me to be so angry. I would STRONGLY advice you to find an alternative way to print your pictures because this company does not care one bit about the money that you spend as long as they are getting it.
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4 years ago, MommaChelle4
Poor Quality Images - Poor Customer Service
I have ordered from free prints a half a dozen times and have been somewhat happy. Previously my images have come back decent - not super sharp - but decent. The last order I received all of my pictures came back blurry. All. of. Them. I have actually printed a few of the same exact pictures through Shutterfly and wanted extras to sent to my mom so I ordered the extras through FreePrints. The Shutterfly order was perfectly clear - FreePrints was horribly blurry. When I contacted them they sent a list to me of how to avoid blurry pictures; good lighting, sharp focus, large enough images, etc. blaming the image quality on me and not offering a refund or reprint. I am a professional photographer shooting with a professional camera. I know how to avoid blurry pictures. This was not on my end. I will no longer use FreePrints. **Update** I received a follow up email from the company. They still did not take the responsibility for the poor quality stating that the photos I uploaded came from iOS photo stream from ICloud (which I don’t who use). They DID, however, provide a “one time refund” for the full amount - which is much appreciated. So, I changed my review from 1 to 2 stars.
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6 days ago, Anonymous0000097649
I would leave 0 stars if I could. I’ve used free prints for years. I recently ordered from here twice. First order was fine no issues. But the second they never arrived and I reached out about it and expressing my concern of a random stranger having photos of my son. Lady I spoke to completely ignored my concern and didn’t address them. I reordered in hopes to get the photos since I already paid. Well once again they never showed up. Then when I contacted they offered to give me a refund and reprint to compensate. Then claimed they couldn’t do either. They had someone contact me and after I responded (nicely this whole time) and asked if that was still going to be honored. Then of course she never responded even after I emailed back 2 more times. Just ignoring me. So I contacted again and they had someone else contact me. They did finally issue the refund after I had to ask and reach out multiple times just being ignored. So I thanked them for the refund and told them how I was ignored and how they said they would do that but didn’t honor it. And of course once again they never responded. Didn’t honor it. Like I said I’ve used free prints for years but this will be the last. From now on I’ll find somewhere else. It’s a scam!!
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6 years ago, Carrie3240
Absolutely amazed!
I have ordered from FreePrints for a couple of years now- I order my pictures once every few months just so I have hard copies of them. I ordered larger versions for framing, etc. everything has always come out great. I was messing around in the app when I discovered the section where they list ‘Deals’. I couldn’t believe the awesome items you could order with your own pictures on them... grocery bags, mugs, canvases... everything looked so cool. I didn’t place an order then... but it was one of the first things I thought of this past month when my beloved dog passed away in a tragic accident. I went to FreePrints and ordered a pillow with his picture, and some blown up canvases that I could hang around the house. The quality of the items was exceptional. They did a phenomenal job. I’m sure they didn’t realize when they created these options for prints that they could actually help someone with a broken heart get through a grieving process. Thank you FreePrints. You guys are amazing.
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4 years ago, SuznSl
Best app for photo prints
It was because of the great reviews that I decided to give this site a try. It was so easy to place my order. My prints were free but I had a small fee for shipping, and that was next to nothing. It informed me of prints that may not to super clear. I ordered anyway & they were slightly blurry (as they were on my phone) but they came out better than I thought. I did receive a couple photos where the tops of my family’s heads were cut off and their feet, but my actual phone pic was nothing close to that, so I wish I had been warned they would come to me that way. Otherwise, I'm very please with this site & have already got many friends to sign up. Super easy to place an order! Oh and the mug I received free, of me and my sisters, is my favorite morning mug. It turned out GREAT! Plan to order more for gifts. One request...I wish I could just browse at items such as holiday cards and background options and mugs and more without having to go through the steps of ordering.
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5 years ago, Jasully5
Quality prints and so easy to use the app!
I am not sure how I came across this app but I did and I am glad! I receive 85 free prints each month with no obligation to buy anything else for a nominal shipping fee. I receive reminders that my free prints for the month are about to expire. It is a GREAT way to remember to print out the memories you are making in life that often just sit on your phone, computers and in a Cloud somewhere. PRINT the photos, people! The quality of the prints I receive are honestly very impressive and so much better than other sites. Last month I did an order of FreePrints and an order with Shutterfly with the same prints to compare. OMG! The clarity and quality of FreePrints FAR surpasses the ones from Shutterfly and the Shutterfly photos were a lot more expensive! I just received another order with old scanned photos that are over 50 years old and they turned out GREAT! I love the white borders around each photo. Thank you, FreePrints! I am so glad I found you! ❤️
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3 years ago, Queen_CB
Glitchy App
Very disappointed with service I received when trying to solve an issue with order that was not confirmed. I placed an order for prints and right after got promos to order additional products. I placed a magnet order successfully and the. Started looking at canvas and mousepad. Because the site was only letting so one order at time and I wanted to order two items in one order so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping again and site was glitching I decided not to proceed with order. I then review my emails for the confirmations for the other two orders to see that the order I ended up not placing went through. I attempted to cancel order and it took me to send an email but no customer service phone number. The initial rep replied giving me a false sense of security that the order was cancelled. Order was not canceled and I was sent duplicate items and was charged about $100 for items I did not want nor confirmed. I request a refund and address where to send back items and NO one ever replied. Very disappointed and unhappy. Be extra cautious when placing orders as they will have your so multiple with shipping fee each time plus not responding to issues to make it right.
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6 years ago, Scarface motha
Here's the deets!
Update! It had been a while since I ordered. Decided to give OT a try again. The quality of the pics from my phone came out GREAT! I’ve tried Walgreens and quality was horrible. Using the app my pics came out much better than I expected. They did ship in a thin cardboard envelope which I don’t like, but for the quality I will keep ordering. Past review: Ok. So basically you get 85 prints a month for free all you pay is shipping. My first try I ordered all 85 prints and shipping was like $11, which was a bit more than I'd pay at a local drug store. Quality was okay. The problem I have was with the shipping...they shipped all 85 in a paper/thin cardboard package which ripped during shipping! Luckily none were lost and the post office rubber banded them and put them in a plastic bag. If they would fix this shipping problem I would use again for the convenience, but if the shipping container isn't fixed I'm not going to risk losing any pics and going through a replacement process.
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3 years ago, sbensais
Extremely disappointed. I’ve waited a month and no prints.
I have ordered from free prints before and had a good experience. They came with no fuss, and the prints were good quality. My most recent experience has put me off from Free Prints all together. I decided to order a couple prints for a Christmas present for my friend, so I placed my order December 1st. The app said the prints would arrive December 11th. December 11th came, and no prints. I checked with the app in the section that said “I didn’t receive my order” and the app advised me to wait until December 16th. December 16th came, still no prints. I clicked on the Didnt receive my order again and the app said they would reprint them free of charge and they would come by December 23rd. December 23rd comes, still no prints. I check the app, and it says to wait until the weekend. The weekend comes, no prints. I check the app again and it said to wait until Saturday(January 2nd). It is now Sunday(January 3rd) and the prints are still not here. On the app, there is a disclaimer saying that orders may take longer because of the holiday season, but going from 6-9 business days to arrive to A MONTH and no prints is unrealistic. I am extremely disappointed with my experience. Do not order from them.
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4 years ago, ziaflora
I have ordered from this company once before to see how legit they were. My order was placed and delivered promptly within just a couple days. My son will be 13 on Monday and I decided to order a bunch of pictures so I can make him a birthday board with pics and decor. (In the middle of that process) I placed my order on February 11th. Giving my order MORE than enough time to arrive here before his birthday. Tracking has not updated since February 16th. Order was suppose to be here on the 19th. Have NO clue where my order is or when it will actually get here. Horrible inconvenience! When I actually thought it would be MORE convenient to order through them again instead of physically going to Walmart printing out almost 300 pics. The company puts blame on USPS but all in all I feel it is their responsibility for customers orders and being able to give you an update about your order. I am not able to get a refund because my order has already shipped. I couldn’t expect them to make use of my family pics. 🙄 I wouldn’t recommend this company and I will not be using this company any longer. Very short lived. But for VERY justifiable reasons. It’s unfortunate.
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6 years ago, mmueller0603
Exceeded my expectations!
This beats Walgreens or Target prints any day! Uploading pictures of my camera roll and even social media sites was so convenient! Although I was slightly disappointed by a $9.99 shipping cost, but I was impressed by how quickly I got my prints! I got expedited shipping for only a dollar more so I got my 124 prints just three days later, couldn’t have asked for any faster or easier ordering and delivery. The advertising seemed deceptive because it says 1000 prints a year but there’s a 85 count cap per month. And I know that my order was quite large but I would’ve appreciated more specific advising. The 4x6 photos’ quality was the same as it appeared on my phone so just be careful that if your picture has poor lighting or resolution- it will show in the print, but all the other prints were beautiful. They were shipped in paper envelopes inside a cardboard box with plenty of air pillows and they were perfectly secured and came right to my door! I never write reviews but I was moved enough to review this service. I’m very pleased.
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2 years ago, Kat21692.
My favorite app
I tell everyone I meet with kids about this app. It’s amazing No fees, personalized items and gifts. 85 free pictures a month?! Shipping is sooo cheap. If you need pictures off your phone for a child’s baby book, this app is going to be your best friend. I’ve been printing pictures of my son to put on his baby book. I only use about 10-15 a month. But they’re free! They always come out great. I’ve purchased multiple gifts off of their sister app “Gifts.” A child’s stool with my sons name on it, 2 key chains & a personalized towel. I’ve gotten magnets, wall tiles picture frames. So many choices. Just to add a bonus, their customer service is TOP NOTCH. I had to connect them twice. Once for a batch of pictures that didn’t get delivered & once for one of my magnets picture being smudged. They sent brand new ones out to me immediately, no questions asked. Take my word about this app & their sister apps! You will not be disappointed!
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2 years ago, Familyfuneral
Received someone else’s newborn baby pictures!
I have been using free prints for the past few years and have never had a problem until a few weeks ago I realized I never received my order. I contacted them by email as there’s no phone number to call and they assured me they would send a replacement. (Who knows where my first order went and to whom) Then today I was excited to see I had a FreePrints box on the porch I have been waiting for pictures of our newborn baby, and my father in law’s funeral for sometime now and was so happy to get these memories in frames. (Very intimate family photos) and I open up the box to find someone else’s newborn baby photos very intimate photos to this family I am sure as well! I’m furious and never ever write reviews but this I feel was just very unprofessional from the first order that never arrived to then another family’s personal pictures, and who knows who has our family’s which I am not ok with someone whom we do not know having pictures of my children as I am sure they would not want that either! We have been waiting for our memorial pictures, and my newborns pictures for weeks now and this is what we got.
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5 years ago, pelverud
I never take the time to review anything in the app store, but FreePrints is so good I had to do it. I ordered 57 4x6 prints the first day I downloaded the app. The app is incredibly easy to use, and has so many options of where you can upload photos from. Great to see support for Google Photos. It made the process of selecting photos so easy. I paid $7 for shipping. I considered this really more as paying for the prints and getting free shipping. It comes to about 12 cents per print. It took EXACTLY 7 days to arrive at my house. In my opinion, this is pretty quick for both printing and shipping. There were multiple emails sent to keep me in the loop on my order. Most importantly, the quality of the prints was amazing. Definitely better quality than many competitors. I got the matte finish. All in all, I will be ordering from FreePrints again next month. I can now trust that my order will arrive promptly and my photo prints will be great quality. Thanks FreePrints team!
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6 years ago, stephxgee_
The best app ever!
I honestly was very nervous about this app it sounded waaaay to good to be true. But after reading a couple reviews (which were a even mix between good service and bad service) I finally gave in and decided to give it a shot. My order came a day early which was awesome but let me tell yall about the quality of these photos!!! I’m very surprised and beyond happy with my pictures I thought some pictures would come out fuzzy or grainy since they were taken from my iPhone/ Instagram...nope they were super clear and sharp! Mind you I ordered 263 photos for only 28 dollars (literally KILLING all other printing service prices) plus I got a free upgrade to have all my pictures to have a matte finish look to them. Absolutely in LOVE with my pictures! I have never written a review before but I had to write one after seeing my pictures...that’s how happy I am with them and this app. Definitely going to continue printing my pictures from FreePrints.
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5 years ago, Cats&Books
Disappointed with quality!
It took 3 weeks to receive these prints. You can get prints from Walgreens or CVS in a day or two, for much less than the shipping cost of this app. So many of my prints are horrible quality. Some of them are faded, discolored, or too dark in some areas. And I know it’s not my camera because I’ve gotten some of these same photos printed from Shutterfly with no problem. Some of these prints are also cropped for NO reason. One picture is of me and two other people, but both of them are missing half their faces. And what I’m really annoyed about, is I had to pay extra for square prints on some of the photos because when I uploaded them it said they wouldn’t print right otherwise. Yet they still sent me 4x6 prints of them on top of the square ones. So I paid extra for nothing. I will not be using this app again. Even if it wasn’t for the problems stated above, it’s still cheaper to use a different online service when they offer discounts (which is all the time). I paid 8 dollars for 50 something prints, when I usually pay less than that for 100 from Walgreens or Shutterfly.
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6 years ago, Celtic dragon53
One of my fav apps!
At first it was too good to be true. But after my first order I was stunned! Excellent prints for just h cost of shipping! I'm not sure how they do it, but I've told all my family and fiends to get he app! I'm not into selfies, but love having pics on hand to show off of my family and items of interest! This app has made my life and phone tons lighter! Now that we can get photo albums for the same deal, we are going to use it rather than a prof photographer for my daughter's wedding in October! I've no clue how the company can afford to print pics for free, but am so glad they are! Now, 2 years into the program (along with the free albums) I’m even more impressed by this service. I’m not Em the great grand mother to a 3 month beautiful baby girl, so I’m constantly snapping pics! They are always perfect quality, amazing price, and always wonderful having a a book a month as she grows! If I could only have one app, this is the one I would choose.
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4 years ago, s l e e p y c a t
The google photos option when selecting photos
When using the regular google photos app, it allows you to narrow down your search for a picture by 1) naming people through the app then searching someone’s name to get only pictures with that person in them 2) similar to searching a person, searching screenshots, videos, dates pictures were taken, etc. So if there’s a way you can make it so you can do these things through the app that would be great! I used this app for my friends birthday present, I got her a photo album filled with pictures of us. (She loved it!) But it was very difficult to do this because I had to, through the google photos app, search her name because I have so many pictures it would take forever to find ones of us. So I then took screenshots of all the photos I wanted and then was able to put them in this app. But doing this is time consuming and reduces the quality of the photo. So if there’s a way you could do this that would be great! Thanks!
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4 months ago, TIERRA 2020!
Love this app
FreePrints is a delightful app that turns your cherished digital memories into tangible keepsakes. As a frequent user, I've found it to be an incredibly user-friendly and efficient way to bring life to digital photos. The app offers a straightforward interface, allowing you to easily select photos from your phone, social media, or cloud storage. The process of choosing pictures is seamless, and the app provides a variety of print sizes to suit different needs. What sets FreePrints apart is its affordability. The promise of free prints each month, with only a small shipping fee, is a game-changer, especially for those who love to keep a physical photo album or enjoy decorating their space with personal memories. The print quality is impressive, consistently producing vibrant colors and clear images that capture the essence of your precious moments. Moreover, the app's delivery service is reliable and timely. The excitement of receiving a package of your own printed photos adds to the overall experience. It feels like a monthly gift to yourself or a wonderful surprise to share with family and friends. In an era where digital dominates, FreePrints offers a charming and cost-effective way to preserve and share memories. It's a service that brings a touch of the traditional into the modern world, and for me, it's become an essential app for keeping my memories alive and close at hand.
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6 years ago, Mr. Mancuso
Something ain’t right...
So, both myself and my wife have used this service and obviously, free sounds amazing. The problem that we both had was that EVERY SINGLE PHOTO that we upload to FreePrints gets some sort of “auto-crop” which basically ruins the picture. They automatically clip all 4 sides of EVERY SINGLE PHOTO for no apparent or logical reason that we can think of. In a nutshell, we pay 7-10$ (shipping) for free prints that are ALWAYS missing sides of the original photo and just don’t look right in picture frames due to the fact that a frame sometimes takes even more of the picture “inside” the frame. What we’ve both been ending up with are cut scalps, half arms, missing feet, partial ears, or simply missing important parts of the background... I gave it 4 stars because you kinda can’t go wrong with free (outside of shipping), but if your going to use this service, make sure your not sending them perfectly cropped photos because they will crop it out even more for absolutely no reason at all that we can logically think of. Personally, I’d rather pay more for the EXACT print of a photo that I upload to them...
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4 years ago, kristy12345
My new favorite app!
This is my first time writing a review, but I feel compelled to write one since I’ve had such a good experience with this app! For years I’ve been going to CVS to print photos just to fight with the kiosk, wait around for hours, and be disappointed by half of the prints I got. This app solved everything. I can’t believe it’s free, too! You can print 85 pictures each month for free. I of course paid to have 596 pictures printed the first time around (I had been putting off printing my pictures for so long because I was dreading the CVS ordeal), but it was worth every penny. The pictures arrived at my doorstep within one week of placing the order, and they are perfect! I will definitely be ordering my 85 free prints each month and I can’t wait to explore what else this app can do. If you are looking to print pictures from your phone or social media accounts, I highly recommend that you download this app!
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2 years ago, Destinee Parnell
Has some problems but it works
I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and most of the time my picture turn out great but sometimes people get cut out of my pictures, like once I had a picture of my son and his papa and nana and his nana got cut out but besides that it is good quality and I will keep using it, it is cheap and I love using the app when I have the extra money to buy my pictures, my app right now is having a problem saying failed upload on some of my pictures like 40 of them but the rest has upload but I will refresh and it will still do the same thing, and I have done that multiple time so maybe y’all can fix the app some how. But besides that it is a great app to use to get a good quantity of pictures each month, I also use the other app and they are great so far as well, thank you for the good work and hopefully y’all can make the problem go away, May God be with you everywhere you go in life! God Bless
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5 years ago, Em89107
No pictures sent
They offered a deal where on your first order you would get 10 pictures for free no shipping I decided I would give it a go and if the quality of the pics were good I would order from them frequently they even offered making books and coffee cups and other personalized gift items. I order my pics on September 29th and they cancelled my order I just found that out today. If I reorder now I would have to pay the shipping which isn’t much but they went back on their free 10 photos without as much as explaining why. I told my friends and family about this app and was going to let them know the quality of the photos once I received them because they would order from them as well instead of doing Walmart print or use other services. So if they fix the issue I will be more than happy to update and give a higher star rating but for now I feel lied to and the fact that they didn’t bother to tell me the order was cancelled or their reasons why it was cancelled makes absolutely no sense and then for me to reorder the photos means I miss out on the promo they offered for a product I don’t even know if I will like yet is bull
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6 years ago, crazy lady with yellow hair
I ordered my pictures the quantity of 32 standard size pictures. Great price only 4$dollars should be shipped by 6 September I ordered them on August 26. I did not receive them on 6 September. So I waited another day looked at my shipping order details and it said it already revived it had not. I wrote a email to the company they had asked me and apologized and told me to wait two more shipping days so I had. My mail has come and gone and I still do not have my photos. I looked at a new shipping date on my account it said 12 September if I do not receive them by 12 September I will cancel my application and never use this company again. I could’ve just went to Walgreens or Walmart and had my photos printed then and there and pay the extra money to have them when I wanted them. I had great hopes for this app because I have many photos probably thousands of photos that need to be printed so I can show them off instead of having to carry my phone around to look at them. I give this 1/5 stars .I will write another review if I get them on the 12th and the quality of my pictures are great until then you have one star. Sincerely disappointed customer!
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3 years ago, ECFri
Great Finished 4X6”photos
I have hundreds of my phone photos in finished 4X6” pic! They are very well focused, centered and color is great. I have a finished photo so I don’t lose any pic. I usually do 120 photos a month with the first 85 free! Shipped back fast and just a great service for my photos! The only thing that I hate is “I” have to enlarge, center, make sure there is no bottom of pic trash can, any words, dates, any thing around the pic. Then “I” have to go thru and make sure each pic is 4x6” and that each pic is assigned a quantity of how many needed! It takes forever to do this and the sight needs updating. I have been looking for a better sight that I don’t have to spen so much time getting pictures ready for Free Photos to capture. I have retake hundreds of photos! Look at each pic. Sometimes I waste 10 to 20 photos the have the date, the time, and battery display on the top of the pic. That is frustrating and ruined many pics!
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4 years ago, Hugs4dmr
My first order/ Updating my review
UPDATE: After contacting the company regarding my first order being moved to a new shipment date and then not being shipped as stated; they were very quick to respond and keep in contact with me as to my order. My Shipping information was verified and they quickly reprinted my photos and were ready to be shipped out. The next day my 1st order of prints had arrived and I quickly emailed them to cancel the second order. They stated that they couldn’t cancel it but thanked me for notifying them. So I am updating this to 5 stars ! I was to get my prints on Friday Feb 7 and they never arrived. The site said delivery would be now be Tuesday Feb 11. Still haven’t received prints. It says to contact us thru this APP, when I do all it says is the same thing. Contact us thru this site if you still haven’t received your order. So I decided to write a review instead and I will cancel my order.
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6 years ago, Ratpatroll
I expect the best... but
My first review ever...please excuse all typos! I have an iPhone which fills up with pictures way to fast and I like most people, find it difficult to decide which photos I need to get rid of to regain some precious memory space. I am an Apple Inc. hostage and know these deleted photos will be swept clean from the Cloud and all my devices as soon as I push the proverbial delete button! These memories however crappy they may be must be preserved! So I get them printed up via a local pharmacy before I delete them. I expect the best...but I am often disappointed. So I decided to try FreePrints and I am glad I did! For a standard postage fee I get exactly what I expect! Perfect Photos printed on top quality paper and delivered to my house often times a week earlier than expected! FreePrints is a no brainer for me and all I want to know is when are they going public and where can I buy their stock? 5 star review from me!
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5 years ago, Wredsfgrsvkg
Ordered TWICE
There’s something so special and nostalgic for me when you flip through the pages of a photo album. With almost all photos stored digitally these days I would think about how my children will never get the opportunity to watch their parents fall in love or their first birthdays or aunt and uncle’s weddings between the covers of a photo album. With fast shipping, QUALITY photos, cheap prices, and a simple interface I think FreePrints is the best option out there and now the only photo printing service I use. Each month you’re offered 90 “free” 4x6 photos requiring you to only pay the shipping- around 10-12 dollars depending on sales, promotions, and locations. I’ve ordered 178 photos in the last two months and I have to say, the best part of this service is the crisp, richly pigmented photos that accurately and effectively capture a moment in time. 5/5 One album full, many more to go!
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3 years ago, St€f
Terrible customer service
I made a purchase over a month ago and received part of my order incorrectly (I ordered everything in MATTE and received glossy photos TWICE and never received my large print. (edited because they had the audacity to comment and tell me I’m lying I also sent them photos showing they were sent as glossy instead of as matte like my order confirmation reflects.) and one item was missing. After reaching out to the company they said they would reship it. I received the second shipment and the order was wrong again and I was still missing my previously missing item. I reached out again and was told everything would be corrected and reshipped and they refunded my order. After 1-2 weeks I still haven’t heard or received anything and I reached out again and was told you were refunded so we’re actually not reshipping your items. I never asked for a refund in the first place and they went back on their word. Worst customer service I’ve ever seen from a company. Get the free prints avoid paying for anything at all costs. Do not do business with this company they do not take accountability for their mistakes.
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5 years ago, heatherbaby22
Could improve ...
I love this app and have used it for a while now for all my photos! And I love how easy it is to choose & pick what photos you want & what you would like done to them. The reason I am rating this app 4 stars instead of 5 , is solely because it gave me the option to pay an extra small fee to receive my pictures earlier then the standard shipping time. So technically I would get my pictures back 4-5 days earlier. Well ...I paid the extra fee and my pictures did not come on the date it said it would. It’s actually 3 days late & still counting. So why should I be charged the fee if my pictures didn’t arrive on time? I think it’s a little unfair people pay extra for this option & still don’t receive their photos on the correct date. But other then this , I’m pretty happy with this app & will continue to use it on the regular!! (Just a few small improvements need to happen to make this app absolutely excellent)
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5 years ago, tiffany2828
I absolutely love this app. I have so many pictures on my phone that I’ve always wanted to turn into actual pictures that I can put up. So one day, I decided to give this app a try and I chose 32 pictures I would actually want to see in actual pictures. They shipped on the 16th and I got them today which is the 21st so that was fast. I opened them up and omg the pictures were absolutely lovely. So many memories I had on my phone I now also have in actual pictures and I couldn’t be more happier. Thank you so much. I’m close to choosing more pictures to do I have 53 free ones I can do when I’ve already done 32. This app is amazing and I’ll forever have it in hand. Thank you so much to all of those who are behind this app and work hard to bring our pictures and memories to live and give us an option to be able to hang them up all around for us to view each day.
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5 years ago, Goleta Grandma
Such a Deal!!!
I’m having so much fun finally getting pictures printed and off my phone. FreePrints makes it so easy to tap away choosing lots of my favorites. So far I’ve received my free 20, then 85 prints, ordered a book and lots of tiles for gifts. The pictures come out so well. I love the book with my granddaughter’s cute face on the cover. Hate to give it away. But I can order my own and switch up some of the pictures. I’m not very technologically adept but managed to arrange several pics per page in the book. I like that there is a count at top of screen so I can see how many I’ve chosen. Easy to delete and add pics. My only negative was that I got three pics I didn’t choose somehow. I would have guessed “user error” but I was doing all closeup pics of people and the errors were one of my dog, one of a fountain at The Alhambra and one I never saw before. But, hey, they were free, the rest were great and now I have Christmas gifts for three families! Delighted Grandma in Goleta
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7 years ago, Blublublu1236383
This App is Great
I was a little skeptical at first if this app was true with its claim of free prints. The shipping is the only thing that you have to pay for, and it is much cheaper to print through this app than it would be to print at a Walmart or Walgreens. The quality of the pictures vary though. If your picture was taken with good quality, then it printed out beautifully, but on picture that I edited to zoom in, the picture looked more fuzzy. They were still very nice picture though. I had some problems with getting the pictures sent to my PO box, so I contacted customer service and asked them if I could have them shipped to a different location instead. They were very nice and fast with emailing me back, and the shipped the pictures to the other address with no questions asked. This company really knows what they are doing, and I will be using them for years to come!
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3 years ago, Someone who lost 100$
Prints are great. Customer service is A TRASH PILE
I’ve been using freeprints for a couple years now and have never had an issue, however I’m constantly hearing bad things about them. Well I guess now it’s my turn to have a bad experience. I ordered 60 4x6 4 8x10 some 11x14 and one 16x24 on December 16. I paid extra for quick shipping. Delivery date was set to be December 22. They don’t come. Fast forward to dec 26th still not here and that’s fine because of Christmas I totally understand. FINALLY my 4x6 and 8x10 come. No big prints though. I tried and tried to get ahold of customer service. Clicked that my order arrived and there is a problem, they tell me to wait another day. I do. Wait another. I do. The tracking numbers they gave me say that the order never arrived to USPS. So who knows if they even made the bigger prints and shipped them or just completely forgot? After emailing them 7 times they finally emailed back and said that they’re just Gonna send the bigger prints again. So I just paid 60 dollars to wait over a month for my prints ? No thanks. This is my last time using freeprints. I’m going back to Shutterfly. GET BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE YA AMATEURS
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5 years ago, k12:
Very variable quality
The first time I received my order, the photo quality was decent, and all my images were there. The photos did appear about two stops darker than I had put them in, but that was acceptable. The order arrived late, even though they’re located within the US and their estimated shipping is already in the range of 2-3 weeks without paying extra. This time every single one of my prints is cut-off. Sometimes it’s from the side, sometimes it’s from the top. I had very clear white borders around most of the photos, and in the prints they are nonexistent. The major pro to this company, however, is their remarkably fast customer service. Within a few hours, I had a response to both complaints and customer service worked efficiently & kindly sorted them out. Second time was apparently my mistake, be forewarned that your photo will likely get “jostled” in the app, so make sure everything looks as it should be.
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3 years ago, GigglingOwl
Seriously the best
We recently had a baby and I got some photos printed at Walgreens to start a photo album for her… I was very disappointed with the quality. Then I totally remembered that I had this app on my phone that I had downloaded but not yet used. So I decided why the heck not try it. I can get 85 prints for free with just a little bit of shipping cost. So I downloaded my 85 prints and had them shipped to my house. They came super fast I was absolutely astounded at how good the quality was compared to other quick print photo labs. I’ll definitely be using this from now on because the quality is on point, the shipping is fast, and the price can’t be beat. You get 85 photos for free and then you can add on additional photos for super super cheap so I’m actually able to afford to print out quality photos for my children and family to treasure!!
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