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User Reviews for FreeYourMusic - Easy Transfers

4.16 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
11 months ago, exhausted_homeowner
Favorite albums sometimes turn into playlists
I was surprised when about 1/5 of my favorite albums in Tidal were turned into playlists in Apple Music instead of albums. It turns out that when FYM doesn't find an exactly matching album in the destination service it creates a playlist instead. This behavior does make sense, but it would nice if the app warned the user when it was doing it and gave the option to not make the conversion. Accuracy in matching tracks in playlists is okay but not great. A source playlist containing a set of tracks from a single album will often turn into a set of tracks from different albums by the same artist. About 10% of the time the track is completely different - e.g., a jazz tune from 1958 turns into a song by Drake.
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5 years ago, Hkfifuviioo
For $10, I’d expect better.
While the app does transfer songs pretty fast, it does it in the most lazy way. It creates a separate playlist for the songs you transferred, so if you’re part or the majority who’s “library” is technically “liked songs”, prepare to spend time going through and re-liking all your songs. While this could be helpful if you’re trying to get rid of some songs, there’s a further point I’d like to address. For the most part it adds songs that were in your library, however I have also noticed that some of my songs were replaced by remixes of the same song. If you’re someone like me who listens to a substantial amount of EDM, you’ll understand how frustrating it is finding that perfect remix for you, which is just partially why this was such a frustrating process. In addition, about 1/4 of my library wasn’t even added!!! In conclusion, if you’re looking to quickly move the majority of your library fast, and have a spare $10, I’d recommend this program. However, buyer beware, you’re going to have a subnational amount of slack to pick up.
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11 months ago, JacPhrost
Love this app!
I subscribe to two music services and one for free. My musical tastes are very distinct and varied and it confuses the algorithms so I keep things separated in order to get deep cuts in different genres. However, some playlists I discover usually only exists on one of the platforms. This app is a lifesaver! I don’t have to manually recreate playlists to port them from every service. It’s amazing. My only gripe really has nothing to do with this app but more about the labeling on the various services. Sometimes obscure titles get confused with more “popular” songs. But this is easily corrected. I really like having an exported list of songs that weren’t matched. It helps with any manual look ups and purchases of songs not streaming. Thanks again!
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3 years ago, Tnackt
Easily shared but some issues
This app is great for sharing my playlists with my different music apps. But I have found that there have been quite a few songs that don’t get shared and also quite a few songs that I’ve never had on a playlist before start showing up. I also hate that I’m constantly getting alerts that my transfers will stop if I don’t open the app. I wish it would just share in the background so I didn’t have to keep the app open if I want to share my playlists. Otherwise, I was very happy to find this app because I never would have been able to remake all my playlists.
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1 year ago, Lil' Nello
Do not use the app, they lie!
Do not use this app at all, they lie and say they can get you stats for your Top Artists and Songs, like your own WrapUp for TIDAL how they have TIDAL Rewind and Spotify’s Popular Wrapped. They do not do that at all. All it did was recover my favorited album’s I have on my TIDAL account. Plus some of the songs and playlists from my account I favorited. I should have known they only do it to collect your information from your account and not even give you your top artists and songs from the past year. This is a complete scam and they’re lucky I’m even giving them a star. If I could I would give them negative stars and one of the only reasons I am giving them a star is cause I fell for it by installing the app when I had a feeling it was just going to be a scam type thing I should not have even wasted my time on. Yet alone even installed. Lesson learned though.
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6 years ago, Happy User 7193
Barely works, had to spend hours tidying and fixing afterwards
I moved from Apple music to Google Play music. I wanted to get all my artists and albums from Apple -> Google. Bought the $10 inapp purchase (overpriced), let it run. It did find most - about 90% of my music. But it just created playlists on google. If i went to google play music Artists or Albums, both were empty. I had to use the web interface of google play music to painstaking add each song to my “library” — this app should have done that! This app has really rough edges and feels like the bare minimum was done to get it launched. Example: after you give permission for the app to see your applemusic, nothing happens and you have to go back and do it a second time, requiring entering credentials again (for your destination). The UI is pretty awful (pls get a designer). Worth $4 at most.
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11 months ago, Ishmerai1
Useful with caveats
This app is extremely useful for people like me who have playlists that are thousands of songs long. However, if the destination app doesn’t have a particular song, FreeYourMusic will substitute a different song with a similar name. The substitute is often a completely different genre and artist than the original song from the original app, so you will still have to comb through your transferred playlist to remove extraneous songs.
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6 years ago, Lovlies1
Great App
It solved my conversion problem in minutes. The same problem that took me over 3 hours to complete using another service. I used the free service to start and it took a couple seconds to transfer 10 songs and it put them directly into my iTunes library on my phone. This is an excellent product and needs better advertising as not everyone uses spoti** and App** music. Most conversion services are advertised to the larger carriers. I’d also recommend the company adding something to the name Stamp because it was not easy to find in the App Store.
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4 years ago, Micky Mick 83
2200 songs transferred from google play
Google play is shutting down and I have been waiting to join apple music because I did mot want to lose all of the music over the years. This process has been overwhelming because droid and apple are not compatible until now! Thanks to this app, I was able to transfer all songs easily. I started last night, got 100 songs for free bought the 8.99 package and transferred them all. App must be open to complete so I finished in the morning with zero issues. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Zack Kiesewetter
Since Update....
This app was working great, 4 or 5 stars! However, since the update I get a “Hang tight while we update your your account” message that does not go away (even after sitting in the app for a half hour). I thought it was a problem on my end at first, but after seeing recent reviews, I’m definitely not alone. Until it’s fixed, I sadly have to keep to one star. Update 2/3/21: I am please to say all bugs from the last update have been fixed!! Back to 5 stars, and I’m so happy I can use the app again. Thanks guys!
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4 years ago, Ttony5
This app is a Godsend!
I used this app to transfer my music from Google Play Music to Apple Music. I had my concerns reading the other reviews but decided to pay the $10. And it WORKED! Essentially what the app did is copy my entire music library as well as all of my playlists into Apple Music. It couldn’t copy 100% of my songs but the ones it couldn’t copy were saved on a spreadsheet in case I want to add them manually. Huge thanks to the developers! For saving me so much time and allowing me to switch music services.
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1 year ago, ffholmes
First they bait you by acting like you'll be able to transfer all your playlists, just not your albums unless you have premium. Then they switch, and you're only able to transfer 100 of your songs, which they tell you nothing about before you just provided them with all your info! After that, they don't even have a feature to delete your account so that they no longer have the info you provided them. They probably sell your data too, after only allowing you to transfer 100 songs. If an easy delete feature was available, this would be fine! Unfortunately it's not. Unethical company, don't recommend.
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1 month ago, Clay282
They will bill you, even after cancellation
I tried this app and it wasn’t the greatest thing. That’s the problem with music apps is there’s a lot of things that go into the title and the algorithm cannot predict things properly. I canceled the application and I did not want to renew a subscription. I took care of everything on my end that I needed to do and when I went into my subscription section, it said that it was canceled. But today I see that they went ahead and charge me, even though it’s canceled. My subscription show is canceled. Everything on app and shows that it’s canceled. But they went ahead and bill me and charge me and got the money. Avoid possible.
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2 years ago, J9782
App has worsened
When I first downloaded this app about a year ago it was free to move your all your playlist and songs. Now I come back and it cost $10 to do that exact same task except this time half of the songs it moved were different songs with a similar title or just the completely wrong songs. I am currently going through my playlists having to fix the mistake of the app that I had to pay for. Just save your money and use a different app.😤 (Edited) I’m back 3 hours later after finally having fixed my music manually. Just do yourself and save yourself 3 hours and $10.
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7 months ago, SarahJaneEllis
Best playlist transfer app, and I've tried most of them!
This app just plain works right. Most of them cause serious hiccups along the way and glitches. Beyond doing what they claim to do, and doing it accurately, the user interface is smooth and clean and easy to follow along with. All in all, the only app I'll use moving forward if I have to move songs/playlists from one music streaming app to another.
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3 years ago, Ms.TMart
I’ve been wanting to transfer streaming services bc of sound quality and was dreading having to re-do all of my music playlist. But there are just sooo many. So thankful I was telling a friend how I just wish they had an app for transferring all of my playlist. And boom! He shares this app with me. And I’m giving this 4 stars only bc i haven’t fully used the app just quite yet. But seems to be extremely easy and fast. Hoping this will be as easy as it seems. Will rerate soon.
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2 years ago, schsieh
No manual sync even if you paid for it
Didn't realize that there is no manual sync even if I have paid for it (understand auto sync is a premium feature that needs subscription). It is a little disappointing, at least it should state that in the app description. That means if you added a song in the old music service you won't be able get it synced to the new one.
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2 months ago, Savvysam93
Initializing app loop after upgrading
Ever since I updated to the paid version I’ve lost all control over the app. It still says it’s fetching and matching songs at the top but the center rod the screen is a loading circle. Under that it says “initializing the app” “Upgrading database (9e8f91b2-a602-4b14-ac53-67f1d1dce2fa) Since this started I’ve added a bunch of music to playlists that were finished syncing before the “upgrade” then every time I leave whatever music app I’m using and come back to it later all of the music I added has disappeared. Hours of playlists are getting butchered and I can’t stop it.
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9 months ago, Gparker06
Pretty good
This app is really useful and did exactly what it’s supposed to hassle free. My only concern is that some people including myself may not use this app all the time, so they shouldn’t have to pay for a subscription to transfer unlimited songs. I was able to transfer quite a few but not as many as I needed. Really awesome app though! 10/10
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1 year ago, Blngmaster19
Doesn’t work for me
Sorry - I have tried this over and over again, on both iOS and Mac versions, and it just doesn’t work for me. I have the “Basic” plan which should let me do one-time transfers of Playlists with no size limit. I have playlists of ~100 songs where only 8 songs transferred; playlists of 5,000 songs where 500 songs transferred. And yes, the songs do exist in the source system and they aren’t local files. I wish this did work - great idea in theory. I’m happy for you if it does work for you.
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3 years ago, Monee'KY
Worked after a few glitches
The app worked as it should after a few glitches; this I am grateful for. I suggest in the FAQ a section on what to expect and troubleshooting if nothing syncs over. After multiple attempts to reach tech support I was able to figure out I needed to delete my sync and restart over. Also if you purchase the 9.99 basic it downloads super fast and it’s worth it.
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4 years ago, Bleep Bleep Lettuce
Definitely works
I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. It was super fast moving my playlists over with no problems at all. only reason i gave four instead of five stars is cause you have to pay 8.99 if you want more than 100 songs moved. i paid cause i would definitely pay someone more than that to sit there and do it for me.
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4 years ago, BAWilki
Doesn’t Seem To Work On IPad
This app doesn’t seem to work on the IPad Pro or the IPhone. It will allow you to select a source but will not allow you to select “Apple Music” as the destination. All you get is an error message. Support send me the link for their latest app version but the same problem persists. After paying for the subscription this is very disappointing.
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4 years ago, Vegeta4008
Fantastic idea, limited implementation
I like the app. It’s great for moving playlists from Play Music to Apple Music. The problem is, that’s where it stops. I have a large library of Artists and albums. Those just transfer into a giant, unorganized and unsearchable playlist, which defeats the purpose and makes listening to your music a frustrating experience. It’s hard to blame the app fully for this, but you should be aware of that limitation BEFORE you fork over $8.99 or more to do your transfer like I did.
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6 years ago, Moretinglythanhot
Great concept, horrible execution
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. This is by far the most polished LOOKING method of transferring between platforms, but easily the worst performing. It missed almost half of my songs. I was tired of using other methods to transfer my music and decided I would pony up and use a paid-app to get the job done correctly. Apparently they spent all of their money on the UI and zero on the actual music transfer process. The hacked together process created with IFTTT and workflow worked more accurately than this app. Unfortunately, your best option is to save your $10 and just keep the music platform you’re already using.
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3 years ago, SS 02
App Flaws
I downloaded the app which initially stated “Free App” and then half way down as usual nothing is free, you have to pay either one time payment for basic or there are other plans listed. Now half of my songs didn’t get transfer even though I paid $8.99. The files listed as “missing”. No way to know or information listed anywhere and how can I upload the missing songs to my current streaming service . Very frustrating. Any help I’d appreciated from the customer service.
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8 months ago, Hitori_Samishiku
Working so far! Check your email!
At the time of writing it, it’s still transferring, but it’s working! It didn’t work for me for a bit, but I realized it was because I hadn’t clicked on the link in the email to activate the app. After that, it started working, so anyone who had issues and didn’t do that, make sure to!
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4 years ago, CincyMills
It's a great idea in theory...
It sort of worked. It freezes a lot, but it did save me time from going through and searching for music from my previous library. A lot of my music transferred but not all. The computer version works much better than the mobile app, but still plenty of freezing and crashing issues. Even with all the issues, it was worth the $15 for lifetime subscrption. Hopefully more updates will come. **transferred from Google Play Music to Apple Music**
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3 years ago, sassystitcher
Not all that it’s says
I would give any app that transferred my music in toto and without hours of going back and forth 5 stars. They fail to tell you that the app “matches” your library against theirs and if they do not have that particular song they substitute one of theirs. They also don’t tell you that if they don’t have a match, your song doesn’t transfer. I lost about 40 songs. Songs I’ve had for decades are now lost in “Free Your Music” wasteland. I was bitterly disappointed. Support got back to me in good time but I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have picked another app. I want my money back. I want my songs back. And do not let your phone shut itself off and do not change screens - that stops it altogether. What an enormous waste of my time and money. I am running IOS15 and I have the XR. No excuses.
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3 years ago, Vaughn_😎
Unadded Songs
Honestly, it does what it’s supposed to do. I had no issues with songs being transferred from Tidal to Apple Music. I did not pay for the services, so I had missing songs, but that was to be expected. However, I really didn’t appreciate that they added songs and albums into my library that I’ve never heard of (assuming to increase popularity of certain artists). I had to spend time to manually remove them, which is honestly just frustrating. It would be appreciated if they just transferred my music over.
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1 year ago, cptconrad
Other services available that work way better and for same price
This service will often confuse songs. My playlists are full of the wrong songs when I do a transfer. I do not have this problem when using Soundiiz, which works better and costs about the same. Also the phone app is awful and will only run in the background for X amount of time until you have to reopen to start the transfer again. Cannot recommend this app to anyone until they fix these issues.
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3 years ago, Alana Post
Why oh why won’t it run in the background?
I have been trying to use this app off and on for a long time—since it had its old name—and I have nothing to show for it. Every transfer takes an extraordinary amount of time because any time I background the app, it stops searching or replicating anything. I have to re open it to get it moving again, and just leave my phone like that all day without touching it. It’s very weird!! I know they’re trying, but it’s just.. if I can’t get anything done, what’s the point of it?
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1 year ago, avaricus
If you have a lot of playlists, you will regret paying for this
I’ll keep it brief: * the app needs to open, like on the screen, in order for syncing to happen * syncing happens very slowly * the app decided to abort the majority of my playlists for no clear reason * it’s not easy to reattempt these playlists because if I try to start a new transfer it excludes the playlists I’ve tried before * END RESULT: I have to manually go through all the aborted playlists (literally hundreds) and retry the transfers. Because I need the app open and it’s so slow I have to leave it running every night when I go to sleep but for some reason it doesn’t just keep going, even if I set my phone to not sleep. So at this rate I should have all my playlists transferred in a few weeks of highly manual work. Absolutely useless piece of garbage. Can’t believe I paid for it.
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2 years ago, Brian Mel
I wanted to like this app. Tried the demo version and used a playlist with 70 songs in it of all the same artist. It failed at transferring 10 songs even though I retried syncing the failed songs several times over. It also added random songs into the playlist which are not in the original playlist. I will be deleting this app right after this review. Update: In response to developers reply. I used another 5-star app to transfer the same playlist above and all 70 songs were transferred. No additional songs added.
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3 years ago, Roy McCoy O'Boy
Wow—As Good as Promised
Super simple, surprisingly fast. I’d used SongShift when it was free, and I remember it being more complicated. This app was awesome. And while I only had one list to move, it was ~600 songs. FreeYourMusic sent me a special link to do it in one go—and for free. I feel kind of guilty: If I were a music head with lots of lists, I would totally rely on FYM. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Tabloidssss
Definitely not perfect but does 90% of the job for you
Sometimes it’ll get the wrong version of songs/wrong song completely or maybe the clean version instead, but overall , it still does 90% of your job for you. I did pay though, not a bad cost for all the work that you would’ve done tho
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2 years ago, AustinBam
Had an issue at first when I paid for the app and did not receive a passcode. Wrote an email explaining my issue and got a reply promptly and the issue was resolved in a very timely manner. Since then the app has worked seamlessly. Customer service was on point and so is the app. 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Aesir17
Super handy
If you are like me and have multiple streaming services, this app is excellent. You can transfer playlists super easily and quickly no matter the service. If you are not willing pay this app is not for you. If you are I highly recommend it, I have had minimal issues thus far.
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4 years ago, Vincenttt7
Converts wrong songs
I tried converting my songs and it did transfer a select few of them. The rest of them the app found the same song title with a different artist and transferred that instead. I have over 4000 songs and now I need to go through and delete over half of them, just to add the correct versions of each song the app couldn’t. Very disappointing. This is with the purchased version of the app as well, not the free download. Waste of money for it to not work properly.
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4 years ago, Shigaria
It worked for two of my smaller playlists like 20-50 songs, but then it stopped working for every other transfer.(Spotify to Apple Music) I had even paid for premium to do more transfers but it didn't work. I'm extremely disappointed I've tried everything to try and get the app to work again including multiple redownloads, restarts etc and nothing worked. Hopefully this isn't happening to everyone as of recent, I know other apps are being targeted.
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4 years ago, TinaWalks
Easy to Use
I've been paying for 2 Music subscriptions because I didn't want to lose my playlists or have to manually transfer them over. This totally did the trick! If you do this from your phone though, you do periodically need to open the app to complete the transfer.
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3 months ago, C-dUb2020
Simple to use
I just paid for the premium version and did a one time transfer, easier than looking for each song when I just want to transfer what I already had on one music streaming app.
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4 months ago, D0M1NIX
The UI is actually quite good, but that’s about where it ends for me. The app’s performance is painfully slow and it downright kills your battery. It processes each playlist 1 by 1, song by song, locally on your phone. It would pay dividends to process the transfers in the cloud where you can have dedicated worker threads, and multiple of them scalable per load, chugging on the transfers which would also save your battery.
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2 years ago, cochise"
Scam. Nah seriously
Jesus this is frustrating. The songs don’t transfer. About 1/5th of the songs are wrong; same name or similar name but different song. Because of this I decided to just walk away realizing I wasted 15 bucks. There’s no way to cancel though. Seriously. They don’t provide an option to cancel. “Cancel any time”. Where????? You can delete the account but it states that it won’t stop your subscription. Laughable. Working with free my music feels like getting hacked. That’s the best way I can put it.
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6 years ago, PB Jack
Does not transfer from streaming service
Purchased for $10, since before your first attempt it warns you the free version only does 10 songs. Ok, fine I’ll bite. Then it started a transfer from google music to Apple Music, except it doesn’t add any of my songs I’ve curated in playlists (I pay for the streaming service, I don’t buy individual tracks). Which means the whole thing was a waste. Please advertise upfront that you don’t do streaming service songs, only individually purchased and uploaded songs. Otherwise it’s incredibly misleading.
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2 years ago, TheRapCat
Used to work great. Issues with Premium now
I’ve had Premium forever with this app but now when you go to activate it, it takes forever (literally days) and I had to force quit the app to get it to start again. Then when transferring you’ll get pop up’s every hour asking you to open the app. Now it won’t sync and when I hit Restore Purchase, it will restore the Premium and say is active until Feb 2022 and then seconds later it will ask me to upgrade. Very buggy
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1 week ago, Bradf3rd
Broken App, Bad Support
You pay for premium which is supposed to included “Dedicated Support” although it seems like the only thing they are dedicated is doing nothing. If I go through the effort to report an issue with a video demonstrating the issue I expect something more useful than this garbage response “ We recommend keeping the app fully open while transferring or trying to use the desktop version, as it should work in the tray when the app is closed.”
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4 years ago, jgCamil
Went from great to rubbish
I loved this app in its early version. Now in their Freeyourmusic configuration I've had nothing but issues. The latest: the app crashes in all my devices (Mac, ipad, iPhone) with an error that I've sent countless times to developers. I give up.
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7 months ago, Varmint5911
Used to work
I used to use this app, and back then it worked well. I reinstalled the app, and it transferred 100 songs, then prompted me to pay. I restored my previous purchase, but now it's been sitting there saying "upgrading database" for the last 20 minutes. Extremely frustrating when I'm at work and need my playlists to be working.
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6 years ago, Wirewolfe
Moving music easy!
Moving my playlists was easy. Had an issue with one of the playlist. Emailed support. Quickly got back with me a few hours later. They had me try a couple of things. Fixed me right up. This app is worth every penny.
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