Fremont Bank

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Fremont Bank
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10 months ago
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User Reviews for Fremont Bank

4.68 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
11 months ago, jonRo17
Patterned after website which is a good thing
This app is very handy. The user interface is patterned after the Fremont Bank online customer portal designed for web browsers when logging on via laptops or desktop computers. Obviously mobile devices have less screen real estate so there are some necessary differences in some aspects of the layout. But the design in my estimation is very respectful to the intent of the web browser interface which I find very logical and easy to use. So, if you are used to the desktop browser version of the Fremont Bank customer account portal and like it, you’ll like the mobile app.
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2 years ago, Barb long time resident
Useful and feature packed mobile App!
Newest version of Fremont Bank delivers. Easy to check activity and even categorize the expense or income. Last feature may take many a little time to see how helpful this is when do your taxes. Even to do bill pay or send money electronically with Zelle is easy to do and then check that payment was completed successfully. Major improvement from prior versions.
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5 years ago, mobilejunky
No Mortgage, no bug reporting feature.
Its been 6+ years and still no mortgages in the app. There’s no in-app bug reporting feature? The bug reporting process is grueling through a series of multiple phone calls and repeat conversations it took just to get the finger print reader to work on this last update. Turn around time was slow at best to see an update. At least it was fixed for iphone 7. Thank you Fremont but the road to get here was ridiculous. Mr. Cooper banking app. The best hands down. Feature and UX is the best online banking app I've used ever for managing banking. Theres even a principle only payment option. I hope Fremont will use Mr. Cooper as a benchmark and step up their game b/c I've all but given up spending my time to wade through their QA process which was haphazard at best.
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9 months ago, ebonyme
Been a long time the app is top shelf
I have used many apps but I have to say, the Fremont bank app is one of the best. I am very computer savvy and can really work my way around an app., so I say for people who are not very comfortable using computers or apps. including online banking will find it easy to navigate and if you need help, customer reps. are right there.
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4 months ago, Checking BGLG
My account view disappeared
At first I was able to see our family accounts from the app. My wife created her own account but was not able to see the shared account. I went to the Newark office and they emailed the group who does the configuration. After about 5 days my wife was able to see the shared account from the app, this was great progress. But I logged on and I was not able to see the savings/checking accounts anymore. I went back to the Newark office and they emailed the group about this new issue. I hope the issue will be resolved soon because I have bill pay to add. Thank you.
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3 years ago, trufrnz
Big effort recognized !
Fremont bank has put in a lot of effort and money to improve the user experience for mobile online banking recently. The user interface is easy to navigate through and you can also link accounts from other banks! This interface will definitely help even those that aren't savvy with technology. Kudos to Fremont bank and team!
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3 years ago, YeaBoiiiiiiiiii
Mobile Banking w/ Ease
Checking my balances and transaction history is a breeze. You can pay your bills manually or set up automated payments. You can also send and receive money with Zelle, FB client to client accnt transfer, or you can make bank to bank transfers. Very useful. Setup was actually a little rocky but the customer service team makes up for that. Great overall.
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3 months ago, flyboy PA-32/G
Best Mobile Banking App
Fremont Bank continues to strive to create the most friendly user interface for their clients. The beauty of this app is you can use face recognition, in addition it exactly mirrors what you would see if you were looking at it on the computer or online. Very easy, very intuitive.
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11 months ago, Wal212805
Opens via a website, terrible functionality
This isn't really an app because it opens onto a website. Once there, it lacks crucial functionality and key points of communication. When I had errors setting up an auto-payment, I was directed to call customer service and they proceeded to suggest I try using their website (not the app) and only use the Edge browser (less than 7% of web browser users) That should tell you everything you need to know about what era of technological savvy you should expect.
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4 years ago, nicefriendlygirl
Says I have no network
I have network. Nothing has changed in my home or on my phone and everything else works. Is it the newest version of iOS that is the problem? Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, same thing. Ugh. Not good when your bank is 350 miles away and you only have a phone!!!
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3 years ago, Tejal MV
The online banking is really a friendly user. It was easy to log in and use all the other apps. It made my life easy. Having mobile banking made my life easy as I had access to my account and could make a deposit without going to the branch during this pandemic. Thanks for this fantastic service
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3 years ago, Matt5810
Amazing Update! The new standard for Financial Apps
I’ve been with Fremont bank for a few years now and this recent update should be the new baseline for all financial apps! The integration with external accounts The ease of access to bill pay and statements The overall look. Everything is Five Stars!
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1 year ago, oreopuppy#64
Something very easy to use
I’ve been with many banks over the years and I found that logging onto my banking website to look at my information as about the easiest thing that I have completed with my new free my bank account I really like it
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5 months ago, Mcharlesworth99
Best mobile banking app I’ve used in a long time
Simple, user-intuitive and allows me the ability to deposit checks, check balances, transfer money, and even pay my friends and retailers via Zelle- all without leaving home
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1 year ago, TrudiEllen
Easy to use!
If you are with Fremont Bank, you should be using this app. If you are not with Fremont Bank you should consider changing over. I have been several banking applications in my lifetime and this is by far the most user-friendly.
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2 years ago, Andy-262
For my bank did amazing job on this app it is super easy to manage your money and to make quick transfers to account to account thank you for making this account and thank you for making my life so much easier with my new banking app
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1 year ago, CLWII
Review on Fremont bank app
I really like the app through my bank does an excellent job of making sure money calculates and that it adds up to what I have on paper; that is how I use to feel currently I like the app but I feel like the system knows how much money I put into the account and switches transactions around I screen shot it to make sure I wasn’t wrong; it’s a money game
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8 months ago, j/b Cliff
Fremont Bank
Fremont Bank .bank gives very good customer service. All the employees are very knowledgeable of my banking issue/concerns I would recommend for my bank to anyone that’s looking for a small bank to take care of their personal needs thank you James
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11 months ago, JoeAcpa'81
Big improvement over the past apps, I am happy with this app because it shows me everything I need to know real time. The app continues to give me satisfaction and is excellent in the way it works so I am very happy with it. Continue the excellent service. Thank you
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11 months ago, Violabloom
Best banking website I’ve seen!
The web developers have created an extraordinary user-friendly site. They must have consulted extensively with actual users! I have actually recommended to other banks I deal with that they check out Fremont’s site…
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3 years ago, MrsToland2015
I had once posted about having problems with the app. I am pleased to say that it is working and the customer service was amazing. They helped me get everything working and even called for a follow up to make sure I was still all good. Thank you! Oh & shout out to Flower for being so sweet on the call.
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9 months ago, Refioy
Much improved!!!
Before we could only get our bank accounts- checking / savings. Now all the other accounts are there to manage from the app. Love it. Don’t have to dig out the computer to do it anymore.
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11 months ago, egons7
Fremont bank
Great local bank I was able to get an SBA loan for my business. They help me through the entire process. Erick and July were amazing. They are knowledgeable and professional. I will recommend them to all friends and family. Thank you.
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2 years ago, sweeeetladyyy
It was better before .
The app won’t let me lock my card if i lose it or misplace it i have to download another app that locks it which is such a hassle because before it was all in one app at the touch of a button and if you make purchases on Friday they won’t show up on your account till maybe monday which is hard for me when i only use my card on weekends so I never know how much i spent that day !
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1 year ago, FF94536
Updated app is great
Great to have all the accounts in one place. Like the additional security features of the app and feel safe and secure with Fremont Bank I can check principal and interest payment information as well as description of deosirs.
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9 months ago, Adrine
Runs Great
I have no complaints. It doesn’t glitch or crash. It is secure and will not open without my password or Face ID. It displays all my transactions practically instantly. It’s easy to navigate. Deposits don’t fail. It’s an efficient app and works great for me.
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11 months ago, Hannahmaetenny
Such a great app
For being a smaller bank compared to other larger nation wide banks this app is run so well and has absolutely every option that you need to handle your account- either personal or business.
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9 months ago, Mom2jpm
All banking can be accomplished on my device!
I find that the Fremont bank app allows me access to my accounts when needed, I can transfer funds, pay bills, budget and much more!
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1 year ago, Diggydimdum
Good, but could be better
Overall the opposite is good then gives access to everything you need. it’s not always intuitive and sometimes you have to go back-and-forth and search for things like making a payment to your HELOC.
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2 weeks ago, Jskellington1031
Brand new to Fremont bank
I just opened accounts at Fremont bank a few weeks ago! At first there were some hiccups but now it’s easy peasy. Easy transferring account to account or outside transfers.
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9 months ago, Stilk
Fremont Bank Mobile App Just Works
Living out of state, I depend on the app in my everyday life. Depositing checks is quick, easy, and reliable. Checking transactions both completed and pending gives me confidence everything is in order.
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1 year ago, Chris tota
Simple and quick to use
It just takes seconds for me to look at my account daily. I am so grateful that I can securely monitor my account and immediately take action thru the app.
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3 years ago, destiny5399
Loved it
I love how I am able to view my accounts at Fremont bank as well as other banks all in one place it makes managing my finances much more efficient and I wouldn’t have even known about that feature without help from the Brentwood Branch❤️
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3 years ago, FatimaPerez
Much better!
I love the app since all of the updates (: I really like being able to link my other bank accounts together so I can see all of them on one screen. Way more user friendly.
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2 years ago, debeb
I like this app
I find it very convenient to access my accounts thru an app as opposed to the web site. I especially like the deposit feature! Easy to manipulate. Thank you!
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7 months ago, iTunes4JimNZack
Ok features for a small bank but room to grow
The app doesn’t include a way to see you full account number and routing number on one screen to help with setting up links to the account from external sources. The app doesn’t try to auto login with FaceID if Configured when first launched.
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1 year ago, Groingup2004
Simply amazing
This bank company has been my bank for more than three years. And having with this app saves me a lot of time. Instead going to the bank I do my transaction regarding my money anywhere with this apps. Good job 👍
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3 years ago, sun34529
User Friendly Fremont Bank Mobile App
The new Fremont bank app is very user friendly. We can make check deposits, transfers, viewing monthly statements from convenience of home. I used Zelle to transfer money instantly to my friend very easily.
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9 months ago, omati mehdi
Really easy to use. Only one issue with the app or the bank that it can’t update the customer’s new information like email address.
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1 year ago, pmbml
application and answering phone calls
Application is working fast and efficient The people that answer phone call are also fast in respond
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5 months ago, maniac$$$
Over 15 years of mortgage banking!
…..with no fees and low rates! Their website is continuously improving. Now it’s much easier to navigate. Keep up the good work.
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10 months ago, Minister of Manners
Functionally good; design could be a tad better
Functionality of the app is good. If I were to improve it would be on look and feel (more simplicity and intuitive use). All around though it’s fine
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1 year ago, fonluv4ever
Great job Fremont Bank this app is user friendly and I’m extremely satisfied with all the new features added. You listened to the consumers and we appreciate that!
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2 years ago, Teda320.
Fremont Bank Mobile App.
Easy to use, getting better and better every day. I am glad to have Fremont Bank taking care of my mortgage. Thank you Fremont Bank. I am not an employee, just a happy customer.
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5 months ago, HIX ROX
David A Hicks
Easy access & easy info & Transfer… Just keep the sticky fingers of Government out of our accounts & the money we worked for and earned…
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6 months ago, Hen1571
It issues maybe
The app doesn’t work properly. I get frustrated not being able to log in. The website has the same issues too. On that alone, I sometimes want to find a new bank.
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1 year ago, Khoja5
Love the ease of dealing with Fremont
Besides a truly friendship staff, you feel the eagerness of members to help. I haven’t seen that in any other bank. The website is an extension of that commitment to serve. Very easy to work with.
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2 years ago, Awinfr1
Easy to use Up to date banking info at your finger tips
Rarely, if ever, crashes which is unheard of for a Mobile app. Access to acct information Good security measures
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1 year ago, Deb ree
Bill paying isn’t too easy
1. You can’t change or edit anything but your nickname. 2. If there is change with your biller, you must delete and re-enter all information. 3. If you make a mistake you can no longer go back and edit. 4. I MIGHT AS WELL START WRITING CHECKS AGAIN. 5. I have entered in billers and gotten a message where it wasn’t accepted and send a check. Well known biller!
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10 months ago, DanceattackLM
Fremont Bank App
Works great! Love Face recognition- wish the full account number was visible though. Love all the options for all the procedures available!
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