Fresh Reversi

4.1 (19)
17.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexander Deplov
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fresh Reversi

4.05 out of 5
19 Ratings
10 years ago, JorgeASM
Great game but one thing drives me crazy enough to stop using.
Every time after you finish a game immediately you get a banner saying "you win" or "you loose". This banner appears even before you see the finish board. If you want to see how you cleared the board or how you lost you cannot because of this banner. You should make the banner disappear after a few seconds or be able to close it.
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6 years ago, ebouy
Too easy, even on hardest level.
I beat this game every time, even on the hardest level. The game is over in a minute or two. I’m good, but I’m not THAT good.
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3 months ago, Dog gonna it
Abandoned game?
No updates in 5 years? Has this great game been abandoned?
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7 years ago, Shawngorm
Nice Reversi/Othello game. I like the black hole option.
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4 months ago, FairReviews
Wonderful game
Thanks for a great game.
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8 years ago, DustyStyx
The pestering nature of this app, coupled with the fact that I paid money for it, demands that I review Fresh Reversi and give it a single star. All I wanted to do is to play a simple reversi game, and not be bothered with the BS that is inherent with free games. I should have been leery when I first launched the app and was greeted with an advertisement that I should check out all the other "super-duper apps!" this clown wants to pedal. Between each game, it demands some kind of exterior interaction, "Rate this game!", "sign up for our newsletter", etc. Sorry Alexander Deplov, you fail. I feel obligated to warn people not to waste their money on your shenanigans.
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10 years ago, R0NlN
Great— Almost Perfect!
Very nice graphics and animations. Plays smoothly and has a slick look. One change I'd recommend is to not have the "game-over" box obscure the board, OR DELAY IT for a few seconds, so you can see what the final play was. Thank you for fixing the constant prompts for us to rate the app! That change has made this an almost perfect game.
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9 years ago, Tony 999
A review after 2 games really?
I would say I like the game but after 2 games? The only choices were to rate the game or not like it. Where is the rate later so I can play a few and then have some history of the games I played to give a rating. And having to tap a star to rate this after what I have written seems silly. Just so you know after the 2 games I played Reversi does seem fun.
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8 years ago, Clutterbeetle
This little game is just right for a five minute break! Three levels help to customize it- I can play alone against game or against a real person. Either way- this is one simple game that only takes a few minutes to learn, but longer to master!
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10 years ago, Worgus
Simple and beautifully done
I rarely write a review. This game is beautifully simple and well done. The developers stuck to the original game and didn't try to add a bunch of frills that take away from the game rather than add to it. Overall experience is great
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8 years ago, Pete408
Classic othelli fun in new style
Thanks for taking a classic game and making a digital masterpiece! With not only single player mode you went and gave us everything from online to playing on the se device with a friend, thank you!
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9 years ago, Oinkoinkoinkoinkoinkoink
I don't want to subscribe
Great app, but why must we see a popup asking for us to subscribe to the app's changes every few rounds? I don't want to subscribe and these popups after the game are so annoying. I thought this is the full version!
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9 years ago, bravebell
Nice Soundtrack. Easy recommend.
Great rendition of a classic game. Got my first "Othello" game as a Christmas Present when I was 10. Have loved it ever since. The easy level here is well-suited to kids to help them learn the game and the strategies. The other levels will keep an older child and an adult challenged enough to enjoy the game.
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8 years ago, 🖖🏻 little brother
a mobile version of Othello
One of my favorite board games on a mobile device. it's very good. I hope in future updates the game can be started with both the horizontal & vertical options.
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8 years ago, mcgojosh
iPhone version of checkers
I tried this app thinking it would be just another run-of-the-mill iPhone app that would fall to the wayside, but instead found it to be very challenging (which makes it fun in my opinion). It's like the iPhone generations version of checkers.
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8 years ago, H0UDINI
Good for uninterrupted play. Once you leave the game you have to start a new one. Soundtrack is great. Graphics are fine. Easy mode AI is dumb, but that's perfect for when I want low stress relaxing play.
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9 years ago, DrVYoder
It's a great game but......
Is just set too easy. I love the game and I am pretty good at it but it is set too easy of a setting. I wish it could learn and grow with the person playing it. But as long as you just want something to pass the time in a couple minutes and don't worry about winning or losing it's a fine game
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9 years ago, TheCatzMeowMix
The Cats Meow Mix
I love this game... Just like the actual board game. Just wish it had more colors and different backgrounds... Maybe be able to use your own pictures as a background???
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8 years ago, HealingOintment
Well done
I am usually somewhat harsh when reviewing. However, this is a nice version of a classic game. My only wish is for an occasional background music change.
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8 years ago, Sword of the occult
Best othello app
I like the jazz music background so much!! All designs are authentic. Even hard mode AI is kinda dumb(Wzebra is far more stronger) but enjoyable. Hope more people play this app so I can find online match :D
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10 years ago, PWNer1019
Not Satisfied
I have always been a big fan of Othello, so when I saw this, I bought it. I was not happy when I found that this app would not open on my i device. So, thinking that it was just a download problem, I deleted it and re-downloaded it only to find out that it had the same problem as before. I don't know if this can be fixed, but if it can please do so.
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9 years ago, Fvuwm
I wish you could see the board when you win instead of a banner saying you win. Otherwise awesome game
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10 years ago, micheljgaudet
Nice Version of a Classic!
The main nice feature is showing all your next moves. Really helps to speed things along.
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9 years ago, Mathmom97
Love single-player option. Games are short enough to take a break from whatever, yet still intellectually stimulating.
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9 years ago, njnjhome
Great game, one drawback
I would say I love this game, except for the "You Win" banner that covers the board before you can even see it. It is a great game, but this one feature/ fault is frustrating.
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8 years ago, AppFrustration
Great game
I used to play the original but this is better since you can play alone
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9 years ago, Bruegrassboy
I like it except
Sometimes I don't like it but then almost immediately I like it again and then suddenly - BOOM! - I do NOT like it. Usually though, I like it.
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8 years ago, Joaquin 98
Great little game
Great game for airplanes or when there is no internet. I usually play against the game. I am still learning. Very challenging at the hardest level. Fun too.
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8 years ago, McSear
Nicely done! Smooth & custom
Well executed Go. GR8 options for level of play, type of opponent, sound & music mix. Reliable and pleasing play. =^) #RECOMMENDED! ...iOS 9.3 tested 5 days
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8 years ago, Billoftheoceans0007
Forced to rate
I don't like to be forced to rate after just one game. I like this game a lot and it was a pleasure to find it so I can now play it digitally and not only in person
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9 years ago, Player5bb7
I like the single player option. Great way to take a break from work and clear your mind. Fun strategy game.
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9 years ago, Flawlesslooksone
Nice Game
I really like this game. Very challenging and fun. Love the music element. It allows you to relax and concentrate on your moves. Highly recommended. I don't like the black hole part. What's that offer in terms of a challenge?
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9 years ago, Eric Alan
A Solid Version
I haven't played against a friend online but have enjoyed the other options. The AI could be a little smarter (not super challenging) but a lot of fun nonetheless.
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10 years ago, Dimple Bear
Really nice and addicted. I've wrote reviews, so please do NOT always show the tips to let me rate it. I love game and I have rated it on both my iPhone and iPad.
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8 years ago, jcwilson5
Easy and good
Smooth play. Like the option to play online.
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8 years ago, Kaitou1
Great Apps
It brings back memories of this game after long time back in the old days.
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9 years ago, Judy3195
Fresh Reversi
Just like the game I played as a child. Fast-paced and fun! Would recommend it to others.
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9 years ago, TD1120
Fun game liked it
This is a fun game for single player and two players. It easy to start playing.
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8 years ago, Bluepoint420
I've always liked othello and this is a decent way to play
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10 years ago, Saturnmania
Reminds me of the days playing othello with friends as a kid, there is some strategy, but good old fashion fun game to take your mind off of life and relax
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8 years ago, Jpv813
Great game
I love the setup and the background and especially the soothing music playing in the
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8 years ago, Wisconsin High Schooler
Fun game
If you like Othello or connect 4 or other strategy games you will like this.
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9 years ago, msmlb
Always loved this game
This game is perfect and I'll play it for as long as my fingers work.
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8 years ago, tomeetoe
Fun and challenging
So far so good. Although I'm not as good as I thought I was! Enjoyable game easy interface.
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8 years ago, Nasws
Fun game to kill time
It's good game to kill time when you're waiting for car to be serviced or your appointment.
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8 years ago, Eduardo-Gato
Best quick board game ever
Looking for it for a while, happy I got it, reminds me my childhood
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8 years ago, LarissaA1
Just like when we were kids!!
Thank you!
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8 years ago, stilltexan
Love the jazz music in background....reminds me of music from Charlie Brown cartoons:) Fun game, stretches my strategy building. Thank you for doing this on FreeAppADay!!
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9 years ago, KimE1023
Love a challenge
This is fun and quick. Keeps your mind Sharp!
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10 years ago, deltamax
Smooth and attractive
So far one of the best reversi apps I have tried
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