Frisbee® Forever

4.5 (428)
137.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Frisbee® Forever

4.51 out of 5
428 Ratings
2 years ago, Its_EVAN😁
This game gives great memories!
I played a few games, yet this had to be one of the utmost favorite game I have played when I was four. I am 11 turning 12 and I wanted to search the game after a memory popped up in my head. I searched frisbee, and I saw this game tonight. I am playing now and I had lots of sparking memories of me beating levels and losing. I remembered when I passed the game after a year later! Thank you to whoever made this great game!
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4 years ago, Dogpersons
Great Game!
When I was younger (around 6 years old) my grandpa bought me a kindle fire and I had this game on there. I was so addicted to this game and I would play it every single day (this is why I have bad eye sight 😞). Now I am 12 years old and I was trying to remember what this game was called. I looked up the game and I found it! I just want to bring back memories when I played this game a lot. But overall, this is a really awesome game and I love it!
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5 years ago, Munchovich
Great Game
I remember when I was 8, my sister and I loved the game. We would compete all the time. And plus, almost no adds! Awesome. I remembered the game and downloaded it again, now we compete all over again in our teens. It’s fun
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4 years ago, Random kid by the street
One of the greatest games on the early app store!
Its taken about 5 years of on and mostly off playing but i finally beat this entire game with all gold medals! definitely worth the download!
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3 years ago, ggssedhjujFTY
I used to olay this with my friends when I was younger. Now 13 its bring back a whole lot if memories. Surprised its still around.
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6 years ago, x_R2-D3
I really love this game! The graphics are amazing! My only problem is, the game keeps glitching. The tilt controls will suddenly stop working in mid flight which is very annoying! I'll have to restart the app in order to fix it. If there's anyway to fix this problem, please do! Otherwise great game!
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3 years ago, gjntffntmfmrmrmmrmrmfm
Good game
Always played when I was little on my mom iPad now I have a phone and I am 13 years old and still love this game love the music and the game
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5 years ago, Party's for life XD
Obdicting game
This game is top recommended for people who like to play frisbee. The only thing is they should make more frisbees then it would make it cooler but for now very cool
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1 year ago, jeredog10
the memories man
so i can see that so many people are in the same boat but man this game was one of my go-tos like 8-10 years ago (i wasn't exactly good at it but ya know) so many apps from then haven't been updated or have been deleted (oh-sit and paper toss respectively) and it's kinda sad but at least i have this one :)
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5 years ago, RedSoxman34
Great game
Love this game I think it’s so fun to play hooked from the second I download it. Highly recommend it
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3 years ago, ghosttrainj
No iPhone X Screen Support
This game is really fun and I’ve been playing it for years but the screen doesn’t support iPhone X. It just goes small. Are we gonna get an update?
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7 years ago, JovanW
It's a pretty good game, but it kind of has limits. Could they make more frisbee and levels?
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3 years ago, jjjgtghoouyg
Great game
Really fun and good game I would highly recommend for other people to download
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1 year ago, Llama1295
Brings me back when I was like 4
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7 years ago, Linscher
I may never see all gold medals but I like to keep trying.
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5 years ago, phdiigdyhdduvxfnsdyifzf
This game is so good, it’s very fun and no t easy but not hard either it’s perfect
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4 years ago, dschlicks
I like this game because it’s great for a long plane ride and car rides
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5 years ago, 5yearoldIllana
I really love this game,
But I played it on my iPad and I got a bunch of frisbees and now I play it on my iPhone and I only have the red & blue ones
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4 years ago, CoCat75
Worst. Game. Ever.
So I downloaded this game today and only on level 1-7 I decided it’s not worth your time. First of all, the controls are HORRIBLE. The touch controls and tilt controls don’t work. When you get to the levels with fans you’ll see what I mean.
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4 years ago, FreezleDiesel
My all time fave
Long time gamer, and long time fan of Frisbee 4eva!
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3 years ago, Xvd68
Nothing to get excited about
Looks like you lose all your points if you don’t play for a while or switch devices, no problem, game deleted, it isn’t much to get excited about anyway
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3 years ago, Mia5385396396
Loved it
If you played this game when you were little, Hi I’m Mia be my friend p l e a s e🙈
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7 years ago, Amanda Purvis
Honestly my favorite iOS game
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7 years ago, Syd2000+
Fun-ish. It is too hard to unlock the next levels and gets boring after, like, 3 seconds of playing.
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5 months ago, Yeshua Villegas
Yeshua Villegas
I really like your stuff. thank you!😄
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3 years ago, OMG kitty
Amazing app
You can do anything on this app!
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7 years ago, FlyerguySP
Awesome fun
You will play for hours
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5 years ago, Fireblaze496
Great game!
Very nostalgic game. I used to have it on an iPad.
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9 months ago, boba bus provo
Simple and fun!
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4 years ago, Tjt thfm
Best game ever
Best me ever this is litterally my childhood
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7 years ago, JT in OC
Play for hours
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6 years ago, matthew/king
I love so much 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😀😀😀get the game!!!!!
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5 years ago, Steven176
Very nice game.
Very nice game.
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4 years ago, Hjajqhajwjjzsjsus
I love it...
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7 years ago, rt332
Love it
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3 years ago, IRWIN Chris
It is challenging
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6 years ago, Jcrosby4
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4 years ago, yeet boi_27
Not a good game
This game is trash
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7 years ago, ANCDEGhhHHgGgGGGgGH
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12 years ago, ChuckDee33
Keeps me coming back for more punishment!
This game is simple to learn but hard to master. Try getting three stars on all levels in a certain world...harder than you might think, even on the first world. Lots of extras built in too like different discs and trophies. The challenging part is knowing how much pre-turn to put on the disc when anticipating your next move to hit a star. Very nuanced system here that will keep you trying over and over to get that one last tricky star. The levels are unique with different obstacles and things to throw you off course. The graphics are bright and clean, well-suited to this type of game. The sound is upbeat but can get repetitive although you can just turn it off. Best of all?'s FREE. I've paid several dollars for games that I might play a couple of times and never pick up again. This one is a keeper for sure. Just dl it already!
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12 years ago, Mathkid
What's wrong!!!
What's wrong with this game! I was playing it and I unlocked a bonus level. Then I went to play it. When I passed the first ring there were two fat pigs. But you can't pass them because there is not enough rings!!! Please fix this horrible bug! Also, when I unlocked the winter wonderland level, the first level is way too long! Fix that too! It seems endless! And on the 9th or 8th level on the carnival when you go past the ferris wheel the ring is too far away! I think the makers need to fix those major bugs!!! And maybe they should give you more stars for each level and make easier controls! Because I finished level 10 on Oakland hills and I only go like 11 or 10 stars!!! Please fix this! I would also like a change of music. And for the controls like Maybe you should make a joy stick. And there should be a item in the bonus section in the shop called auto play that you can purchase for three hundred stars or some thing like that. It should do the hard part on the levels for you for five seconds or something close to that. I think it would be something people would buy or purchase stars for. Over all I think it is an ok game.
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12 years ago, Ladybug12316
Love it!
This game consists of you navigating a frisbee through an obstacle course of hoops and paths with obstacles to avoid such as fans and saws. The graphics are beautiful. I usually play with the sound turned off, but the music compliments the game well. The game is fun, challenging, and addictive. You collect stars along the way. I suggest that if you get this game the first thing you do when you've collected enough stars is purchase "star coin spawn" at least twice. It helps you accumulate stars faster so you can purchase other upgrades such as "star magnet." You are unlikely to see much difference the first time you purchase "star magnet," but with each subsequent upgrade, you will notice a difference. As much as I enjoy this game, I'm only giving it 4 out of 5 stars because I do not like that within the game you can pay money to purchase stars. A kid playing this game could inadvertently spend a hundred dollars of real money. Do NOT waste your real money to buy stars. Earn stars by playing the game.
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12 years ago, Andihsbsyahjqii
The heroin of iPod games. Play in moderation.
When I downloaded it I thought it would just be a one time deal. Ya know, just to experiment. Once a week turned into once a day. Once a day turned into once an hour. I crave frisbee constantly. Sometimes I fantasize about finding a whole bag of frisbees on the side of the road and having a lifelong stockpile. I have lost my wife, my kids, my job, and my life to this dangerous, addictive game of disc. Once you collect one star you'll only want another. And another. And another. One more star. One more speed hoop. Be forewarned. No black and white checkered hoop is ever as good as the first. You will spend a lifetime chasing the rush of that first sweet glide through victory, yet the feeling will always be fleeting. Be careful, my friends. Be careful. -BCP
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12 years ago, freesoulvw
It was more challenging then I first imagined it would be. The tap controls on iPad are a little weird if you have to try and make tight turns but if you plan ahead you can really progress through the levels. All the levels so far are basically the same but I have not yet tried anything other then the first stage and the first bonus round. The first bonus round I had seemed a little difficult but I got through it. That basically sums up this game. At first you think getting all the stars is impossible but after a few restarts you learn the turns and get them. Some levels I have had to settle on less than all stars because I was getting annoyed and had to move on to keep interest. If you like a good challenge with not very difficult gameplay mechanics then I would say try it out. Its free. What more can you ask.
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12 years ago, ScottySauce
The premise is simple Frisbee Forever – Players take a frisbee through various levels with items, power ups and fly through targets filled. Players will begin by the Frisbee snap his fingers, and control it by using tilt or touch controls. It will make many unlockable achievements and, where fans of the adjustment in the games content. I'm really looking forward to future updates as there is so much more that can be done to make this game even better. I would really love to see Game Center added and even online multiplayer added. Trust me and get in on this fun action now and you will not be sorry!
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12 years ago, Tahangar
I LOVE this game!! I got everyone in my family addicted to it. I've wanted an update for SO long but this update has me disappointed. I don't like the commercialism of the update first of all. I don't want free tokens if I buy something else. I don't like that the 'free tokens' banner is so big. I know you want to make money and you deserve to but it's too 'in my face' for me. Second I would have loved more levels. I don't know what this master level thing is but it just looks like you've regurgitated what you already have. I'd love more bonus levels. I expected more. If still definitely recommend this game, it's worth it. I hold y'all up to angry birds standards - they have tons of updates; fresh updates. Can we see some here too?
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12 years ago, garbuhj
Fun at first, but then it gets very annoying
It's just a stunt flyer game like other flying games, you have to navigate a "plane" through hoops in the air, the only difference is that in this game there no throttle control, it's just a glider. The first bunch of rounds are fun, so it's worth the free download for that, but pretty soon the boards get SUPER ANNOYING. For instance there'll be some levels where there's one hard part all the way at the end of a long relatively easy level, so you'll have to redo the long easy part over and over again just to get a chance to even try to figure out how to get through the one hard part on the level. It's a free download, so play the first bunch of fun boards and then delete the app when you start to get into the annoying boards.
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12 years ago, 2biodude2
A little slightly too hard
First off, the control sensitivity is way too high. When going thru a speed boost, (or flicking the frisbee at the beginning) the acceleration is so high that the frisbee becomes almost impossible to control. I find myself swerving to try to get back on track, sometimes. That makes it harder to drive into the stars. But no matter what, the stars are still nearly impossible to get since you basically have to drive dead-center into them. The tap controls are even worse. You'd have to be like Flash Gordon or quicksilver because you tap left and right repeatedly just to try to stay on track. Make a sensitivity option for BOTH TILT AND TAP and make the stars just slightly easier to get or I WILL DELETE THIS APP FROM MY PHONE! I will RATE this APP BETTER IF you MAKE GAMEPLAY MORE FAIR!
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12 years ago, Sgraham15
I'm addicted...
Whether you like frisbee or not, you will love this game! SOOOOOO many levels and different worlds. I've been playing for 3 hours and I just got halfway though the whole game. The graphics on each landscape is great, like the carnival, pirate theme, and old west, and many more. There's also many, many frisbees to buy that cost different amounts stars, and the best ones are obviously the most expensive, so you'll find yourself playing for a while trying to earn those stars. This game is most definitely a STEAL for free, I bought it when it was $2.00 but I don't care because this game is SICK!!! Buy it!!!
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12 years ago, DonkMon
Frisbee Awesome!!!!
Love the graphics and the ability to fly off and explore the 3D worlds. Music is OK. I wish the music changed for each set of levels and not just the type of terrain. This is right at the top of my list as far as the games I really enjoy playing. Wonderful alternative to war games. However, I am getting a little bored and play it less often. I'm waiting for, in my opinion, long overdue new levels. Didn't really care one way or another for the added frisbee designs. I have my favorites already. GOT A GREAT GAME HERE!!!!! Im growing overly anxious for some new landscapes, new levels, and new music. Please? "Anticipation is keeping me waiting"Thanks!!
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