3.8 (32)
22.2 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FRISKY

3.75 out of 5
32 Ratings
7 years ago, Zootro
App wont stay open
I used the app for 1 day The. Ext day, the app shut automatically and wont restart I uninstalled the app, re-install it again. Turned off my iphone and tried to restart the app but it wont budge at all I uninstalled again n reinstalled but still wont open. This is weird. Very weird, Spooky n Frisky indeed ! Help
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8 years ago, realfunnyeric
Amazing music. App lacking features.
Been a Frisky fan for years. Since the beginning. No google cast or AirPlay support is a little ridiculous at this point. I can't justify the premium costs if I can't cast to various areas in my home and in my yard. It's available in every music and video app, why not here? I have to tether with a wire or stay within weak Bluetooth range? How retro. Also the app icon is fine in the App Store but the logo almost touched the sides of the box on my home screen. Looks horrible. Needs to have more padding.
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1 year ago, Mr. Corby
The Frisky App has Improved!
Streaming reliability and connectivity has improved tremendously with the newest update and has prevented Frisky App fatal crash errors. Frisky provides incredible DJ mixes weekly and monthly.
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7 years ago, Jeff T Cross
Love Frisky and am paid subscriber but crashes..
Unfortunately, Frisky app crashes on iPhone 7 Plus running GM iOS 11 while launching. I didn’t even know there was an app until today. Was bummed it won’t run. I’m not a one star reviewer, but really want to see it working!
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11 months ago, Vader58
Streams disconnect frequently
Love the music but the stream disconnects frequently and resumes. Haven’t seen regular updates to address core streaming issues. App is buggy and have to restart often.
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1 year ago, Dom76967
Not able to connect
I love the content of Frisky, but pretty often, I am not able to connect to the feed
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5 years ago, Nkcdjtribe
Love the app
This app would be awesome with a built in eq.
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3 years ago, Evgenium
Developer no longer supports the app
Good radio station, but the app is terrible. They have only 3 streams, and half the time only 1-2 will show up in the app. Last update a year ago? Basically, it’s getting to the point of being unusable.
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3 years ago, blahghghggggghgghh
Need a watch app! Pls!!!
Love frisky
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11 years ago, El pene loco
Best progressive house music
I have been loyal of Frisky way long before the app came out. And when it did, as expected, Frisky did not dissapoint, always delivering top notch quality electronic music, and very prestigious dj's in the globe. Thnx Frisky!!!
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8 years ago, KalnSoCal
Feeling Frisky?
Minimimalist app with THE best music!
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1 year ago, 8098726ECPo
very bad app
cant search any genre on this app, cant find any famous dj sets .. all stream almost unfresh. dont waste your time like this app
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6 years ago, DeadDawg9
AP don’t play
This ap don’t work
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9 years ago, RileyWarren
The best of the best
Frisky has always had the best artists, filling 24 hours of time, 7 days a week. You won't find cheesy "EDM" here. Just really great progressive, tech house, and on Sundays, chill out (which with this app happens at any time too with just the swipe of your finger). Definitely highly recommended if you're a house music lover like me and want to hear some really great tunes you haven't heard before.
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8 years ago, friskygroopie
Great update!
Wow what an update. Knocked it out of the park with the UI. What I like about Frisky is their almost obsessive focus on curation. Whilst other music apps drown you with millions of crap Frisky only carries content that's been vetted for quality. So you know you're going to get a premium service and experience. Great job guys!!!
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12 years ago, jacjac💋
Perfect ap for Frisky lovers!
I always listen to Frisky Radio on my iphone through Safari but it's been a total pain until now. This ap makes it a million times easier. I love it! The best part is that there is a separate channel for Sunday Chill Out, which is an awesome show btw. Five stars from me:)
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9 years ago, cb60089
Great music
Loved this music so much. Went to my desktop computer and went to their website. I signed up for premium. That streams over 300 k quality stream. With this app I can't sign in with my premium account and get higher bit rate than free users. Only on web browser on phone. Please fix app. Please make a mobile friendly web page.
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12 years ago, Aulaire's taser nurse
If you want cutting edge electronic music, this is your app. Frisky has long been a household name amongst edm afficionados and now you can finally get it on your iDevice. The Chill channel is great too for background music durin the day at work!
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12 years ago, Dracmalfoy9
Worth the wait
I remember back in 2009 there was talk of this app. Finally its here. Its simple and perfect. Awesome. Listening live to frisky is a different experience than putting sets on your phone. Thanks for this app friskyteam
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12 years ago, Ego Proof
Free? Cools
I just don't understand how some free apps are so well designed and useful. It's free, even if you wouldn't listen to it all the time, I'll admit l, I get into techno moods and this is way better than pandora.
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9 years ago, BruceBW
Killer music
Love me some Frisky radio. Been listening on my Mac for a few months & happy to have it on iPhone now. App works great & I use the higher-fi setting...
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10 years ago, SpeedChaser351
Takes forever to buffer even on lowest quality settings. Frisky radio music content is great but this app and the quality of the streaming service is garbage. It seems like frisky is always buffering when other streaming services like Digitally Important experience no related issues.
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11 years ago, Badboylopez
Name Of DJ no longer displays
The app works great! Love it. Only gripe is DJ name no longer appears. It only says, retrieving track info.
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8 years ago, RNova86
Downloaded the update the app still crashes
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12 years ago,
Been eating for ever...
… for the ability to take Frisky on the road with me. So excited to have this. Audio is clear, crisp. Exactly what I wanted.
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12 years ago, delboysarmy
Cannot. Put. It. Down.
24/7 beats through the most simple and slick FREE music app out there. And the sound quality is awesome. Bravo Frisky, bravo!!
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10 years ago, WiFi Rocks
Love the music
The app is good although recently I had problems playing the music.
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11 years ago, neilitunesaccount
Always awesome
Frisky is always awesome! Best app best music you don't need to search around the mixes rule and choose hoise or chill. It's great and the producers love their work!
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12 years ago, tonyrevo
Drops stream & Doesn't Reconnect
Great idea, but streaming through the pocket tunes app does't drop as often. I take the same bus route home everyday and the frisky app drops 12x before I get home. Each time I have to manually reconnect. Going back to pocket tunes. I hope they fix it.
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12 years ago, Rich Foster
If you like electronic music, this is the best out there. Slick interface and top quality music.
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10 years ago, zilacus
App needs work but great mixes
Frisky radio provides a great music service but this app needs work. 1. It spends a lot of time "buffering" 2. The pause button doesn't seem to work. I usually have to close the app to stop it. 3. A nice iPad app is in order. I love the ability to switch between regular and chill mixes. The design itself looks beautiful but the functionality needs improvement.
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12 years ago, Serch54
finally a dedicated app for electronic music lovers. no fluff- just sick beats! love the chill out too! great work from my favorite EDM station
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12 years ago, JT87
feelin FRISKY - iPhone FRISKY
Mr Faisal again showing the world that simplicity and high quality is the key of success, like friskyRadio this app is just AMAZING!! Well done.
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12 years ago, The WiseCat
A channel for real sexy house music and a chill channel. I will be playing this non stop. Thank you Frisky Radio.
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8 years ago, KalMcIrish
THE best!
No fuss, no muss. Just click play and let Frisky take care of the rest
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12 years ago, Textfield
Works like a charm. Sounds very good through my speakers.
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12 years ago, Garzooka
About time
Love the music Love the interface Love for frisky!
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10 years ago, Mexico Magico
Best house on the planet
Your sole source for San Francisco house (if you dot actually live in SFO)
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12 years ago, cardio12
Very entertaining!
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8 years ago, JaredBagley
Too many errors
The app constantly shuts down on me and when I restart the app, it says offline.
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8 years ago, iPhone user4422
love it
just upgraded the new app, it's great! listen to it everyday!
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12 years ago, Leonandre
Awesome music and design!
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8 years ago, tomeksf89
an awesome music app with superb content. must have!
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12 years ago, Baumonicious
REAL 22 hz bumpin my buds! Hook it up
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12 years ago, Josh Abrams Music
Feelin' Frisky!
Awesome app for an awesome station!
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12 years ago, monkeydaddy
Love this app!
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9 years ago, JC Prog
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12 years ago, Peyan
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7 years ago, Whydeletereviewifnickistaken
started to crash 23.10.17
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5 years ago, reserv3d00
Scam. No artist of the week
This app is a scam, it doesn’t have the artist of the week. Just download listen to the DJs on YouTube.
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