Froggy Jump

4.6 (509)
32.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Froggy Jump

4.58 out of 5
509 Ratings
4 years ago, picklewired
Played this game as a kid, still does not disappoint.
I remember playing this game on my dad’s phone while we were waiting in line at the pharmacy. It was my favorite game to play, and my dad would actually play it himself from time to time. Fast forward about a decade, and now I have my own phone that I still play this game on. This game is fun, and never gets old. A lot of reviews are saying that the game gets rid of all their progress if you delete the app. I’ve been playing it while logged into GameCenter on my iPhone, so I’m not sure if it will save the progress. Not willing to check, either, since I don’t want to have to start all over again (again). This is by far my favorite mobile game, even surpassing Rovio’s Angry Birds games, Idle Heroes, and the newly released Killer Bean: Unleashed. All of those are great games, too, so check them out. But before you do, you have to try this game.
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5 years ago, Ashleybvbarmy4life
Cures my emotional issues🖤
Okay, Um, so I’m psycho. It’s scary, this game is amazing. It has the power to keep me distracted from anything and everything that would make me erupt and I do the most just to play this game for like...a few minutes. This game is like crack I swear, one time I had bitten my nails so far down, all I had was my bloody dead cuticles. But still, I managed to unlock my phone and keep tilting all my phones weight onto the deceased nerves in my hands❤️. So please, give this game a try. I’m sure glad I did. That’s all folks💀.
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1 year ago, Domino992
Froggy jump is fun
I have played this game for a while now. Several years.. I love playing it! It’s a game you can play quickly on the go . My FAVORITE theme in this is the birthday theme because not only do you collect fj coins and diamonds with the word of the day you can also collect cakes and use them to get birthday items. I wish all of the themes had something like that for example the Easter theme would be better if you collected eggs etc. The over all game is quick fun and enjoyable with the frights gestures and comments 😂
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2 years ago, Kibo33100
Still one of the best mobile games.
Of the large amount of mobile games I played as a kid this one was always amongst my favorites. After looking it up I was surprised to see it was still around! A really pleasant surprise as most of the games I used to play have been delisted. To the developers of this game, thanks for making my childhood. Thanks for keeping the game alive. Play this game.
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6 months ago, JavsAddiction
15+ years playing this thing.
Not sure why, but I’ve been playing Froggy jump for 15 or so years. It’s a great time sync for quick and easy gameplay. Beware, purchases and unlockables are not transferable. So I essentially restart every few years with the purchase of a new phone. Don’t spend “real” money.. I just used whatever I’ve earned.
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3 years ago, CC!?!
Froggy Jump is Incredible
Froggy jump is a blessing to iphone and it deserves a lot more praise than it does right now! Not only is the purchase tab locked with a simple addition problem but everything is unlockable without purchases it has amazing and detailed story with amazing characters! Though there should be more froggy jump rule 34
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4 years ago, CrazyJesusbro
Such a fun game
I really like this game because it's a challenging game, but not frustrating. Also, the nature of the game allows you to buy upgrades and achievements As well as EARNING them. They also don't pester you with ads or ask for your money. It's engaging and the update is really nice! Highly recommend it. Gold for all ages!
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1 year ago, Iva R G
Great app from the old days but no new updates
The app relives the 2010s era from the iPod touch days, and while there has been slight changes (who remembers when it said “yo mista do you want to buy that?”) there’s really nothing newish added since. Clothes to put on frog don’t look good, themes look lazily made. Please give this app much potential! Very repetitive at this point. If it has a lady Gaga wig yes you know it’s been years!!
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4 years ago, ShovelBrother
Amazing fun childhood game
I loved this game so much as a little boy and still do to this day. However, please bring back the blocks in the start menu where you could hurt Froggy. That was just as fun as the game itself and I miss playing as beaten-up Froggy.
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4 years ago, MzCaramel
Fun game.
I’ve been playing this for years. I had everything on my last phone (all costumes, backgrounds, upgrades) and now that I had to reinstall, I have to start all over. Like I wasted my money for what? Other than that, I keep playing, hoping my gems and coins will increase again.
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2 years ago, 77274quote
If you want your kids to be safe and entertained this is the 1# game for them they will not want to put it down. There are a few parts of the store that are restricted automatically. But other than that it’s perfectly fine. Fun for 4+ ages
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5 years ago, Friskydomino
Good Game
I have played this for a while now.. I had almost all the backgrounds and some how it got deleted now I have lost what it took a while to get. I love the birthday scene you should have more scenes like that where you collect more than just the coins it makes it more interesting.
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3 years ago, TeamiPhone4S
One of the best phone games
I been downloading this game for the past 8 to 10 years. It’s fun and keeps me busy when I need to kill time at the barbershop or at work or something. I hope they never get rid of it.
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3 years ago, Xercool
Amazing game I’ve been staying with for 7 years or more
Just wonderful and simple concept game without ads and annoying mechanics.
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6 years ago, Gold bar froggy
Needs a better gem drop rate with gold bars!
Overall great game, but the app itself is designed to make you spend more on buying gems. Also, the gem drop rate in games is really not that impressive. I’ve invested in 20 gold bars and personally I feel almost no difference in the gem drop rate! Very disappointed, and I hope the devs reading this fix the problem.
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6 years ago, Malkasian
Game seems to crash a lot when doing multiplayer. Sometimes it won’t even connect. Running it on IPhone 8 with iOS 11.2.x. Please fix! Thanks!
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4 years ago, BigBuckBoy501
The best game in town
I downloaded Froggy jump in 2012 and recently redownloaded it. Hasn’t changed at all. It didn’t need to.
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5 years ago, Kaitlyn❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
It’s good but one fix
I like the game and the coding but can you have it say that it’s the practice round then when ur done with the practice one let it say good job now your on our own good luck please thanks
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1 year ago, Corneliusmonkey
This game is so much fun for the whole family. My grandma bought 17,000 gems, she loves it so much. I also bout 100,000,000,000 gems if that tell you how much I love this game. A must play!!!!!
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I played this before. Things changed
Back in 2012 I played this, you could’ve bought with coins. Now you need to buy real money like is you crazy?
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3 years ago, Magooger
Froggy jump is the best
I love it so much is the best it really is the best only been playing for a few months now and I love it!!!!!!!
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4 months ago, TonyTony2021
I love this game so much but there is no option to turn off sound, so I am unable to listen to music while playing!
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7 months ago, apriljoywells
Western Theme has Native American "Monsters"
I really loved this game for a long time. It's nostalgic. But after I saw that in their Western Theme there's characters depicting Native Americans I deleted the app. I don't recall what they call those types of characters in the other themes so that's why I put quotation marks on "monsters".
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5 years ago, Me ocarrill
An OG app
This was the first app I had on my iPod 3 witch was also my first apple product this app keeped me intertwined as a child and when I downloaded it today I remembered that .
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2 years ago, Spke3KewBuddy
Lot of fun!
This is a nice fun game with not alot of noice and doesnt take your battery life like some games too. Try it out and enjoy!
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5 years ago, i do not have anickname
There is nothing wrong with this game stop complaining about everything.
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3 months ago, hit man
Best game ever
I played it everywhere I wish they have more updates
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2 years ago, yufgood
It is a rage game
I hate this game so much and it is frustrating but I still play it so 5 stars.
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3 years ago, ellas got taste
My childhood favorite! All these years later and I still haven’t reached Froggy heaven!
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3 years ago, GOY000
In love.
Amazing. I just have two games in my phone. I play Froggy jump. 85%. Great job, Froggy jump team 🥰😘
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2 years ago, camcampbell95
I’m 26 been playing this since I was 16. Very fun game very simple and amusing, great for killing time.
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3 years ago, WaffleKING2007
Toadally awesome
This is best game ever. No flaws. No nothing. If u don’t play this game ur a sad potato and a pig and not a person and u crappy people.
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5 years ago, LourdesXavier
No Ads
Love this game, easy, user friendly, challenging too
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1 year ago, alden lubag
it is soooooo fun ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I play it every day it is soooooooooooo funnnnnn after my school i play it and it is sooooo fun guys you should play it
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2 years ago, anna o 15
Just started playing, amazing game!
I really like that it is tilt control it is AMAZING
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4 years ago, AmSuLU
Love to play, but..
Love the game. Not sure why I lost all my power ups, gems, gold bars and clothes/accessories though. Upset about that! I have all my themes though, go figure.
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4 years ago, JOMOkiwi1985
I can not stop
I can not stop playing Froggy jump it is ssoooooo fun to play
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2 years ago, Famousbayla1
No more updates
Looks like they aren't going to update this game ever again
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5 years ago, You321
Would give 5 stars.... but
I have had this game for years now, and would give it five stars if only I could restore my past purchases! Could Someone help me? Please
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5 years ago, Ralphy boi
Dang, the 3 year old memory’s are coming back
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6 years ago, mexico dreaming
Need more gem drop rate
Love the game but help us out with more gem drops or more frequent word find for gems.
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2 years ago, imposter66
I do not like that I have to win gems
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4 years ago, skdvtjfosbe
How do you use 50k hard start
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2 years ago, Google Drive Is The Best
Love it
I play it literally every day!
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5 years ago, T4Y6
Very nice
I play with my sister and have a lot of fun it is addictive but fun & funny 👍🏻❤️😁
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6 years ago, m0nk3y 3oo
I think that this is good
I think that this is good
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5 years ago, venombreon
It’s fun and addictive but it is annoying that you have to use gems for just about everything, I don’t like that
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1 year ago, mynicknamewasstolen!!!
Thank you!
❤️❤️Thank you for not giving up on this game. It’s still my favorite!❤️❤️ After I bought another iPhone upgrade, and updated my iOS on my older phones, I tried to play Lane Splitter, and discovered it is no longer available; and that saddens me. After putting off playing for fear of another digital letdown, I hesitantly played Froggy Jump and was SO excited to see that he’s still jumping! Thank you for keeping Froggy alive! Yes, I’m almost 60, but I’m not afraid to have some fun. And my grandkids LOVE it! ❤️ Oh, the only complaint I may have is trying to click on the settings while trying to keep Froggy from beginning a game! Sheesh, it’s like trying to pour a can of dog food in a bowl while it’s still on the floor, and the dog is hungry! 🤣 But as long as the game is still up and running, I’ll let Froggy jump around while I’m trying to save the game on the cloud. 🤣 Previous Review: This was one of my first apps when I bought my iPod back in the dark ages...the flip phone days. They may have had iPhones then, but they were just coming out. Anyway, a few games have managed to avoid being sucked into the greed; Froggy Jump, Jetpack Joyride, and Lane Splitter are a few, off the top of my head. Yes, they do offer a way to pay real money. But the difference is that the enjoyment of the game doesn’t depend on spending real cash. They offer nice things if you buy them, but there’s also a satisfaction of working your way to earn them. So, what’s special about Froggy Jump? For one thing, he has a whole wardrobe to choose from (once you spend gems to buy them). Unlike Doodle Jump, Froggy is animated. He says a few hilarious things like ... well...actually, know what?...I typed them all, then backspaced over them...I’m not going to spoil it for you; but they are funny. The one annoyance is sometimes I don’t want to start the game right away, but Froggy jumps once and is off and hopping. I liked the older version where he jumped on a few mushrooms before jumping on platforms. I liked ramming him into the right-hand sign and missing the platforms. With enough bumps and falls, he wound up with casts on his arms and legs. He still gets casts, but it's in the game. I have a funny feeling that Invictus is done with updating the game design: adding new clothes, for instance...which is a shame. The newer phones can handle more data with the extra space, and this is a great game. It doesn't have missions like some games have. Such as "collect three rockets in one game". The only reason I can assume that it's no longer popular is that there aren't "personal goals", aside from the daily word collect. You jump and jump and jump until you run out of rockets and fall. The odd thing is I have bought all the clothes and items. Except for mystery boxes, I have nothing to spend my gems on, and yet I still collect gems. Maybe I'm hoping they will update and add more items to buy. I've tried buying gold bars. I have 215 bars, but it appears that the more I buy, the less FREQUENT the gems appear. Before I had hit the 150 mark, I averaged 3 gems before 100,000 level. Now I'll be lucky if I get 2. So I'm not sure how they coded the game, but why does it even matter? There's nothing left to buy. I read somewhere that if you already had an item that the mystery box offered, you would get gems, instead. That didn't happen with me. I didn't even get the items that I won from mystery boxes. The items remained locked. So I don't buy mystery boxes. I still enjoy the game; it just needs updating. 🐸 I always thought it would be funny if he held a pogo stick in his hand while he jumped. I also thought it would be awesome if we could design our own clothes for Froggy. But that's probably impossible. Anyway, except for a few minor things, it's very well worth having. I hope it makes a comeback. If you don't have it, get it. Well worth it!
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3 years ago, pumpkinprima
reminds me of my aunt since i would play it on her phone all the time :3
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3 years ago, Nateoj5555
Nostalgic awesomeness
I love this game with all my heart.
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