Frontwave Mobile Banking

4.8 (20.2K)
74.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Frontwave Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Frontwave Mobile Banking

4.83 out of 5
20.2K Ratings
9 months ago, TriMist
Best credit union I have ever had
I’ve had only one other credit union when I was in my twenties and while they were good, FRONTWAVE is even better! Frontwave is right around the corner from where I live, friendly staff/tellers, and they’re always full of smiles and willing to talk to you about everything and anything. I’ve never had a dull moment at FRONTWAVE even when standing in a little bit of a line the experiences is well worth the wait. The location is perfect, and the employees always are nice and friendly! I would highly recommend anyone to join FRONTWAVE today.
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2 years ago, fennecfoxjt
Whenever they makes changes the app gets worse
The app overall is ok (I loved it for the first year-ish), but it seems buggy and crashes often (very often in the middle of making a mobile deposit). Also, every time they make changes in the app it seems to become less user-friendly and more clunky and confusing. Changes don’t seem to add much in the way of useful features, but rather are more superficial visual layout/design changes that really add little to the experience and in fact just make it so that the user has to keep adjusting to a new layout or click in a different place to do the same thing we were doing before, with seemingly little benefit to the changes. The most recent change I’ve noticed which actually makes usability terrible and worthless is that when making a mobile check deposit, there is such little distinction between the identifying numbers of your various business accounts, that you have to choose blindly which account you’re depositing into. I have two business accounts, each one with a savings and a checking. They are simply listed as Business Checking 0000, Business Savings 0001, Business Checking 0000, and Business Savings 0001. Which 0000 and which 0001 correspond to which business??? This is a problem which MUST be fixed. Imagine if you had four or five different businesses - this problem would be an absolute nightmare.
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4 years ago, sick of this company
Horrible bank and horrible app
I’m 100% certain majority of these reviews were paid for. As a Frontwave member who has been here since 2016 back when they were still pacific marine, I can without a doubt say this has been my worst banking experience ever. The app while it has been overhauled is still well below any modern banks app. Compared to chase or navy fed this app lacks basic functionalities that should be the bare minimum now. Not only that app but the bank as a whole is poorly managed which is sad because for many of the members they had no choice in choosing them as they were forced into it during boot camp. For a credit union that mostly deals with military members it’s shocking that in 2019 there isn’t 24/7 support for your account. Those of us stationed overseas are increasingly burdened when dealing with the mistakes (mostly made on the banks side which is another frustration) as we have to call at inconvenient times to manage issues that would be non-existent with any other bank. I highly suggest anyone interested in this bank or app highly reconsider.
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4 years ago, ~Simper Fidelis~
I recently applied for the financial assistance due to the covid circumstances my fiancé was laid off and I am just about to start back up at work but needed a little help. After being a loyal and good customer for the past six years they said there was nothing they can do for me. I have had a personal loan with them in the past and my auto loan through them as well. I have never been late or missed a payment and the one time I need help they turned their backs on me that is why within the next two months once my vehicle loan is closed off I will be leaving them to find a new bank as they have clearly shown they do not care about their customers even in the worst of times they are willing to turn a blind eye and watch you struggle. I advise anyone who has them to find a new bank including you marines that are forced to use them in boot camp as I was. There are plenty of options out there that will appreciate you and your service for this country but most of all be there for you when you need it. ~Semper Fidelis
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5 years ago, Bryan.Express
New ideas
I would like to see the loading time to be much quicker. The app lacks a few things. It’s slow, at times it doesn’t even load the screen. An error sign pops up. If the app was more responsive, if it offered more products to be able to explore through the app. Apply for credit cards, savings and checking could be done in the app fast and easy. This would be one of the best bank apps out there. It’s behind all the other high banks but for a credit union. It’s pretty great. I would just like to have more control through that app than going to the website, applying for things down easily, and loading time quicker without any error. All in all, I am very please with this app and the bank.
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4 years ago, Electrolytes
Car loan success
Frontwave provided me with a loan for my 2013 Dodge Avenger R/T with no down payment, 2.9 APR while having average credit. Also the year of the car didn’t matter. Payments are completely affordable. California coast required me to have 1,000 down, a car newer than 2012, I forgot the APR but it was higher than frontwave. Soooo thanks friends, you hooked me up with a sweet ride. Ps I used debt protection a couple times for a small fee cuz I don’t make a lot of money. Saved a couple dings on my credit report for delinquent payments.
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3 years ago, Exterior Cobra
Calling for assistance and app accessibility
Needs to have a security hotline and also the ability to remotely lock you’re card through the app. I don’t want to have to sit there and hope that the person who just used my card or stole my card doesn’t go on a spending spree While I wait to get ahold of someone to lock My account. The app works fine but needs more features like a lock card button.
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8 months ago, Bob Ross el Artist
Love the app but the customer service is bad
The app works great, but Frontwave is supposed to be tailored towards marines. When my card got frozen for fraud they did not help and so much time went by, by the next time I had service it was declined, luckily I also have BoA which fixed the same issue in minutes. And when I called to increased my daily spending limit to buy an engagement ring in full which I saved for to buy in full and did my research to not get ripped off, the help center person kept sighing and told me I called me an idiot for spending that much and tried to convince me not to.
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4 years ago, Tim_¥
Pathetic company
I was forced to choose this sad excuse for a “bank” in bootcamp and had heard bad things about it but I figured I would just changed banks when I had some down time. I had only been in the marine corps for 6 months when fraudulent charges began appearing on my account, meaning I had only had my account for 6 months. If you’re a marine and forced to use this bank, change ASAP. If you’re not in the military you should choose literally any other bank than this one. Hopefully the marine corps realizes this is an absolute joke of a company and chooses a different bank to give to it’s new marines. Not to mention they were less than useless when responding to my fraudulent charges complaints. Horrible
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5 years ago, Rich49594
Best Services overall
Front Wave Credit Union has better service than any other bank in Yucca Valley and especially better than BofA, Bank of America since they are closing their Yucca Valley Branch and only leaving the ATM. FrontWave Credit Union are also friendlier and more knowledgeable in backing matters. Especially Michelle Carlos. She works to help us seniors with such due diligence and what she doesn’t know she will seek out the answer and respond in a very timely manner.
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3 years ago, USN,Retired Chief
Front Wave Credit Union
I use almost every day. I like the almost instant access to my accounts. Bill Pay can be a bit intimidating when first using. I think the instructions could be a bit clearer. When notice that a bill is due for payment, I sometimes get a bit confused with new accounts, will it pay or should I pay.
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5 years ago, marrie6645
App on iPhones
This new front way app is the worst app ever!!! Constantly having issues logging in or the app won’t load to were I can type my passcode and account number. Keeps saying error. Or gives me buttons that don’t work that say retry. Please fix this app. Getting really tired of this when I can’t even access my own account. This is suppose to be convenient.
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1 year ago, Andreawwww
Online banking errors that will cost you money
Frontwave Credit Union reported me 30 days late IN ERROR and won’t fix it. They are costing me perfect credit because they don’t want to admit that their online banking system reports incorrect information. I’ve contacted their Call Center and Lending Department, written letters, everything and they refuse to take ownership. Hours of my time and they won’t fix their mistake. Don’t believe the false advertising. Worst part is I used to work here so I know how bad their systems are. Avoid at all costs. This credit Union doesn’t know what they’re doing. Absolutely the worst.
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12 months ago, JrChubaca
Love this credit union
I was wondering if you guys would add dark mode for the app anytime soon I would love to see the app have this feature sometime in the near future but other than that the app is great very minimalistic easy to find products and use the app on a day to day bases. I love Frontwave Credit Union
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4 years ago, ChanceTK
Terrible service
Every single time I’ve tried to get a money order to pay my rent, it gets blocked by Frontwave. Every time I want to pay rent I have to sit on the phone and waste an hour of my life trying to unblock my card. This is a monthly occurrence and they’ve always tell me it won’t happen again for the amount that my rent is, and yet it keeps happening every time. Hours of my life have been taken from me, because they’re too lazy to actually care about their member’s time. Awful, awful credit union, please go with anyone else and save yourself from the headaches.
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2 weeks ago, heyyo72
Responsive and Convenient
The app processes my accounts quickly and makes it very easy to see transactions and pending transactions. Additionally, I really appreciate the mobile deposit feature — so quick and easy!
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9 months ago, chachifish
Bank app is as bad as the actual bank.
The app had a malfunction and didn’t send $2000 to my other USAA account. Several weeks go by I check and call and customer service argues with me that my moneys still there even though the numbers clearly show the loss of $2000. Anyways still waiting to get the money back and they refuse to assign someone to my account to ensure all my other transfers went through without their system having a glitch where they magically make money disappear.
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5 years ago, Links7o7o7
No issues since major name change
Since the whole rebranding and name change I have not experienced any issues with my banking experience. It’s just weird getting used to the new name as I liked the old name but completely understand the reasoning to change it.
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4 years ago, siatimo
Frontwave App
Ive banked around in my youth. No other bank comes close to how happy I am with Frontwave. Ive been with it since it was Pacific Marine Credit Union. Decades Ive been with them. I way preferred that name and I am not sure why they changed it. But! The app is wonderful. I use it almost everyday. The people at my big Oceanside branch are always wonderful.
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3 years ago, sadcoustomer321
A literal scam
In short, I guarantee most of this banks clients are 18 year old kids who were forced into frontwave, and it shows in the functionality of the app and customer service. Why improve anything when you constantly have more and more young kids forced into your company?! I’m stationed overseas and it has been an absolute nightmare to contact frontwave customer service due to a lack of 24/7 support. Not to mention the “10 dollar fee” I have to pay just to call them it’s absurd.
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2 years ago, Bysterpaddy
I love Frontwave
I’m 73! Still working full time & love life!! The best part is having Frontwave as my bank. I love every thing about you. The bank personnel are my friends!! You speak to me every time I come in. I love the mobile app too. It saves me time & gas! Never stop what you are doing!!
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5 years ago, Da Da Plane
Easy Balance Check
Sometimes I just want to check my balance quickly without all the log in steps ... the mobile site allows me to do it fast and if I want more details about my account, I can easily do a ‘full log in’ ... from the mobile site ...
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3 years ago, leygo318
Convenient service to have
It really now a days everything is within reach of our phones. Banking online with the use of phone are really an amazing tools to use anywhere and eveywhere.
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9 months ago, SleezySharp
Good but it could use some things
I wish it could let you review what your purchase was for and you could report it easier just only clicking on it. Please add this I feel like I get stuff stolen and when I report it nothing happens besides getting me a new card.
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5 years ago, RichieZuniga
Mobile Banking
I love the convenience of mobile banking with Frontwave. I’m a California native and called Oceanside and Camp Pendleton home for a very long time. I now live in Kentucky and all the convenience of visiting a branch, right in the palm of my hand. Thank you Frontwave for making managing my money easy and secure from literally anywhere.
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3 years ago, miss moran
Great service
My only concern is I have a Frontwave account but also need to do shared branch banking yet have been told, Frontwave will no longer offer shared branch after June ..... even though I have a Frontwave account and transfer funds from other CU’s to my Frontwave.
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3 years ago, K1llr
Great App
Other credit unions don’t even trust their own members and play 20 questions with you just to see how much money you have. Frontwave is secure and makes it easy. Very transparent, very reliable, very fast, very useful 5 Texas stars ❤️
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4 years ago, Lanwoods
Unable to access account detail
I can get to the dashboards but when I click on accounts I get a message “unable to retrieve accounts. Please pull down to refresh”. It does not refresh. I have called only to be told that since I can access the accounts on the web that the problem is my phone not the ap. The help desk for Frontwave online banking are not trained to problem solve beyond what a normal person can do on their own. Thinking of switching this account to USAA.
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5 years ago, C. Gibby
Much better improvement from the last app. However the next 30 days and last 3 days function has stopped working on the app and only shows a loading icon. This has been going on for quite a while.
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1 year ago, Khamphasouk
Easy and convenient
I use my mobile app religiously. It’s a fast and convenient way to pay my bills , check my balance and transfer funds when I need to.
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2 years ago, steve pottinger
Frontwave mobile banking
I like Frontwave’s mobile platform, it’s super easy to navigate and all the tools you need are all there with no confusing links and unnecessary tabs like other institutions. Commendable Frontwave, I’m impressed.
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10 months ago, Obey jr chubaca
Love Frontwave
I love how simple the app is and so easy to get around although the one thing I wish this app had was dark mode. I would like to not burn my eyes at night when I look into my account.
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1 year ago, moneyboog
Amazing service!
Everyone that I have worked with have been so helpful with me and I can’t thank them enough for being so helpful and having great customer service!
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5 years ago, johnmoore4
The Best Bank App I have
Even when this was Pacific Marine, the app was the best I had. Unlike the other apps, it adjusts balances immediately after fund transfer. Also, it allows transfers to external accounts and executes them quicker than the other apps.
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5 years ago, meerthartmann
At first I was hesitant as I was not familiar with Frontwave Credit Union. I can tell u I love the app, it’s very user friendly and I use it for everything! When I’ve had to contact customer service, they make everything manageable and much less stressful!!
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9 months ago, G Charp
Frontwave is great!
Frontwave has easy locations for all my banking needs. The employees are knowledgeable, personable and efficient. There's never been an unanswered question or solid possible option presented for my best banking needs.
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1 year ago, gabe122828
Frontwave APP
Easy to use especially in the newest update hopefully they keep everything up to date and keep coming out with amazing updates
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9 months ago, AutreyM
Pacific Marine to Front Wave
Ive been a member since 2004 when I went through basic training at MCRD. This has been my through thick and thin Credit Union, I don’t think I’ll ever move away from them.
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3 years ago, beto15meza
The last month or two I’ve been getting a notification about “something went wrong while attempting to send the last request. Please try again”. That keeps popping up and it won’t let me have access to my account even if I use the web browser version. It was working fine until the last two months this keeps happening.
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2 years ago, Eric4.8
I got a car loan thru this bank and makes it so easy to just transfer funds a different bank, easy to use once you figure it out
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5 years ago, luvkara
Can’t transfer
The app won’t let me submit a transfer from savings. Very annoyed that I have to call customer service while at the store. Update: the app works fine now. Thank you, Frontwave,for fixing it.
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5 years ago, Salas A. E.
Highly Reliable App
I constantly use the app to check my spending/savings and always useful to transfer funds while on the go. Highly recommend this app to people who bank with Frontwave (Formerly Pacific Marine)
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11 months ago, Steve Valpy
Need better check deposit function
It is very difficult to take a picture of a check you want to deposit also, they need access to zelle
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5 years ago, Fed316
App is more refined and much more smooth to use. Suggestion: Add the ability to “lock” and “unlock” a card or account from the app in the future. All other banks/credit unions have it.
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4 years ago, jahcydunebrbtnfjjsjejrhbffj
Terrible experience
As a member since 2016 I’m disappointed in this bank. I have never been late on any payments and have a active car loan through the bank. Recently I had fraud committed on my card. I tried to fight it having a active court case to support my claims and the bank did not assist in returning my money. Instead they took from MY saving account MY money to balance my checkings account which was negative due to fraud. Disappointed
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5 years ago, How do I post this?
Won’t work
It’s not letting me transfer money from my checkings account to my credit card. The “Continue” button doesn’t work when I try to complete the transfer
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4 months ago, Mando USMC Oorah!
No complaints
I’ve never had any issues doing what I needed to do or get any reference information quickly. Good to have on hand
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5 years ago, Insist4you
Great experience
I recently opened an account and had an awesome experience in customer service and interaction with all involved. Was very smooth, quick, and easy. Highly recommended if not already a member.
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4 years ago, luci or mom charlie
Help I don’t know I don’t know what to do I don’t know what
Thank you bur why i get blocked for no activity i can’t check my account i don’t know how to open my son teach i forget can you help me?god bless take care lucila Beatty thank you I don’t know if you thank you very much I don’t know what
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2 months ago, Taylor Frehner
Pretty good for the most part …
Overall it’s a pretty good app. It would be huge if I was able to make principal only payments to my loan from the app instead of having to contact them to do it every time… a little behind on the times there.
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