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Frost Bank
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User Reviews for Frost Bank

4.93 out of 5
40.5K Ratings
1 month ago, 304 Bowie
When I got a call from Frost Bank
I was having breakfast with my sisters one day. My phone rang, I said oh it’s Frostman my sister the oldest quickly responded. Don’t answer that it’s a scam. I said no it’s not it’s Frost Bank. I recognize her phone number. She said no bank never calls you that’s when the other three sisters, made their comments and said she’s right don’t answer it a bank never calls you and I said my bank does she said who do you banquet? I said Frost Bank they always call whenever they see something that just doesn’t seem right. They call me personally and ask me they couldn’t believe it. I told him we’ve been banking with Frost bank for years.
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1 year ago, tylerdutra
Great App
As someone who likes to avoid going into the bank at all costs, I rely heavily on digital banking which requires a solid banking app. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Frost banking app feels solid, smooth and quick, looks clean and modern, and is very user friendly. It rivals the likes of Chase and Wells Fargo—which both have great apps but can sometimes feel clunky. It almost feels as if it’s running on a Microsoft or Apple platform, which I appreciate. Even the external account updates through Plaid is very quick. And there is in-app chat with customer service, which some of the largest banks don’t offer. Some things I’d like to see: • Automatic sign in with Face ID (iPhone) - I feel as though having to tap to log in with Face ID is inefficient. If Face ID is activated, it should initiate automatically upon opening the app. • Push notifications - I would like to receive a push notification from the app for purchases/direct deposits as opposed to a text message. • Support to receive RTP (Real-Time Payments) from external accounts
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2 years ago, Never Lost Thanks to Frost
Glad I chose Frost
I’m not one to ever write any review . but with all I been going thru I must say Frost had my back and has handled everything 100 percent with my checking and savings . I am thankful for the 24 hour customer service support . I would be lost without Frost . Hey I think Ill make A commercial that says , don’t be lost Bank with Frost , lol. I’m happy and very satisfied with there compassion and kindness when I need them . Thank u Frost for making my banking a lot easier. I would Recommend Banking With Frost to everybody I know , I can Trust Them , and I Really Appreciate all of Frost service, . Sincere A Happy Customer , . JJ 2022
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2 years ago, NoahForlee
I love Frost with all my heart. Even though their mobile app could include more features, it has a very nice and modern feel. I love how my paychecks are always 2 days early and how they’re able to help me during tough times by refunding my overdraft fees. I’m always look at the little things, but I think it would be amazing if they added the customers name to the front of their card and have the year of when the person became a customer below the name and have the text slightly raised. Maybe even add back the security Visa Dove hologram on the back and move the contactless symbol on the front. But other than that, I’m very happy with Frost and don’t plan to move banks anytime soon.
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3 years ago, FriendOfFrost
Best Bank Ever!
While I console my friends as they complain about the arduous task of getting someone to answer the phone at their big bank, I quietly share with them two words: Frost Bank. In 30 years of banking at Frost, I’ve had NO (zip, nada) bad, poor, frustrating, nor unnerving experiences. Contrast that to calling the cable company or one of the other name brand banks. In fact, when a Frost employee answers the phone (in # of rings too short to count) they inquire “ How can I make your day better”? And they predictably DO MAKE MY DAY BETTER! What other bank does that?!
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8 months ago, Chinatimt
Love Frost Bank!
I’ve never had a single bad experience. I’ve been in many branches and I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait more than a couple of minutes, (and usually there is no wait) and the service has always been, and I mean always, efficient and pleasant! The customer service on the phone is also fast and courteous. My only complaint is that I wish you could get a credit card with a private account. Unfortunately, you can only get one with a business account.
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8 months ago, jennie_2345
Why is it always under maintenance?
I like the frost app, I obviously bank with them so I use the app for convenience. Everything in the frost app is easy, I can find everything very quickly. My minus is I use a bank app for practicality, and I expect it to be at my disposal whenever I need it, because you never know what you’ll need it for and ive had times during nights or times when I needed to get into my account but can’t because the app is either down, getting weekly renovated or having constant maintenance. I don’t understand what is being fixed either because I don’t see differences, but also for a banking app I don’t see the need for fixing things either. Personally with how often the app is down or getting “fixed” is SUPER inconvenient.
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7 years ago, TeXasRich
Needs improvement...
Works well with current IOS however if you have multiple accounts, it is very lacking. For example, you can't use the same phone number to receive messages that you use on another account and also why can we only use email for some types of messages and only texts for others? That's just stupid! Also why can't I link in to view multiple accounts from my business account perspective as opposed to being able to do it from my personal account? Another stupid non feature! Also haven't figured out why when I have multiple accounts that my fingerprint login feature went away! Wake up developers!
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4 years ago, summit cruiser
Slight improvement
Slight improvement with today’s new update. Can at least see all four of my accounts on the same screen. Still the account transaction view has way too much white space between transactions requiring excessive scrolling. Location functionality is still very bad. My location isn’t even centered on the map! Please provide an option for list of branches by distance rather than the inadequate mapping. Finally, please fix Mobile Check Deposit. In previous versions the app automatically moved to step 2 for endorsement image after accepting step 1’s front of check capture. Now we have to press another button to move to step 2. Fix these three things and you’ll be back to 4 stars.
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2 years ago, Evangelista de PTY
The Best Bank Ever
This bank is the best combination of the things you love about small banks (personable, genuine interest in their customers) and what you love about a large bank (accessibility, good online technology). When other banks told me I didn’t qualify for a PPP loan, the specialist at Frost held my hand every step of the way and secured my approval. She did the same thing when it came to loan forgiveness, which was granted. I will be there customer for life and know many other small business owners show feel the same.
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7 months ago, visible!cls
Frost your the best!
My husband and I started as newlyweds with Frost in 1979. We never regretted our choice. Frost was there for us through good and bad times. I recently had to deal with my sisters bank and it was a nightmare. I never spoke with anyone from the United States. When I went with her to a branch location it too was such a terrible experience. I love when I call or go into a Frost branch I am treated with such respect. At 70 years old, being invisible is a standard, but never at Frost. Thank you for seeing me. Carol Schuh
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1 year ago, The Awesomest guitar player
Savings Account opened
We had Jessie today who was so nice & helpful. We were waited on within just a few minutes, which is huge because when you go into most banks today you usually have to wait a very long time to speak with anyone to be helped with account issues. Thank you Frost Bank & Jessie for the outstanding customer service that we received today and that we receive most every day we go into our Pearland branch!
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1 year ago, Frost bank app
Long time customer, I like the app
I’ve been with Frost Bank over 30 years and love their service. Their app is very easy to use. I like being able to put a note next to every posted transaction. The freeze and unfreeze option is pretty cool, too. However, when unfreezing a card, it states card is ready to use immediately, but sometimes takes a few minutes to allow charge to go thru.
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4 years ago, froglover125
Needs improvement
Update 11/19. Developer contacted me apologizing and claiming they have done updates . Of course they didn’t address the ones on this review. Was not expecting to have them done so soon, but should’ve acknowledged them. The response seems like a “canned message”. Downgraded to 1 star. The looks are OK, but the functionality leaves a lot to be desired. On the Chase app I am able to use face ID as a single login to both personal and business accounts, here I cannot. Not understanding why. Also, why can’t I use face ID for a single account even when selecting the account I want to access? Obviously it has been proven that FaceID is very safe. Not sure why spend money to “modernize “ a look vs provide better features. Thanks
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2 years ago, VespaGal65
Great Service
I’ve been with Frost Bank from 1996 to present and have never considered banking anywhere else. Through the years they have have always been very progressive with technology, implementing the most customer friendly tools to bank with. Did I mention that their Customer Service is beyond great. No waiting, help when you need it and so friendly. They always treat you with respect. Never leaving Frost. Sincerely, Linda Allen
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2 years ago, Kinda Picky
Love it but….
Overall, I really like using this app. By far one of the best, but I can’t give it 5 stars…yet. My issue concerns making a payment, as the Payee list is oddly sorted. The payee list is sorted alphabetically on the web browser, so I can quickly scroll through to find the payee. That should probably be the default in the app as well. You could even add the option to sort the list in various ways (name, last paid). Or perhaps add a search option at the top to find it even faster.
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1 year ago, LaChica-Unica
Love Frost
I love banking with Frost, love the APP, and even when lately they have change a little, but I use to have people in Customer service that will know me very well and now they are gone or transfered. Also with technology I don’t go as often to the bank as before, but when you call if there is any problem they are always wonderful in taking care of you. But I definitely love Banking with Frost and recomend it to whom ever ask me!!
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4 years ago, Enkaybe
Latest update
The app functionality is fine, but the update puts design style far over usability (at least on iPhone 7 Plus screen). There’s too much negative space to scan transactions by eye. You have to scroll back and forth and keep track of numbers in your head. And why does my name have to take up top quarter of the screen? Am I going to forget? The contrast on day separators is too low :( After all that whining, the fonts are much better :)
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7 months ago, Frost Checking
Frost is always there
The most important thing to me about my money is being able to talk to a person immediately if there is an issue. Frost does this every time. If an unexpected charge appears on my checking account at midnight on a Saturday, I call the Frost # and a person answers. And takes care of the issue immediately. No “wait until Monday.” Thank you, Frost, for always being there. -Marsha Dowell
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2 years ago, agkessler
Simple app, easy to use
I have multiple personal and business accounts at Frost and it is incredibly easy to switch between any account I need to deal with. The simplicity & design of the app makes it easy to get to exactly what I need without complication. Moving money around couldn’t be easier. Frost makes it so easy to take care of my businesses and my kids’ accounts and our household.
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4 months ago, J_G1124
I honestly can’t remember how many years I’ve been with Frost Bank, what I can remember is the things that matter to me. When I call I can speak to someone, when I’m on the go the mobile app is so user friendly, last but not least I remember the times I’ve needed help from my bank (identity theft, fraudulent charges etc…) they have been there. With that said keep it up Frost bank
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2 years ago, TCSC25
Most Difficult Account Opening Ever
I opened an account online , received a debit card in the mail and was ready to transfer a sizable amount over from previous bank. Tried to log in to app but said I was locked out and that I had to call . Hours later and 4 different phone calls and the most recent bank rep proceeds to tell me I must answer some security questions to unlock. I answer all successfully then she tells me I must come in to branch to unlock and be able to use my account. Needless to say I will never begin to do business with Frost, mainly because they made it nearly impossible to even open my account.
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2 years ago, _cali_girl
Mobile deposit works sometimes
I’ve been with Frost for 9 years. I love the bank itself. However, the app used to work great and suddenly my checks aren’t able to be read when I try to make a mobile deposit. This forces me to have to drive to the bank since my payroll checks aren’t direct deposit. I’ve had the same job for 6 years, same type of check, and never had this issue before. Every once in a while I’ll get lucky and the mobile deposit works again.
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2 years ago, kkadams3
It’s frustrating to try over and over again with the same exact photo of the same exact check and the app repeatedly says the pictures aren’t good enough when I’m following all directions. It’s ridiculous i can’t make a black piece of paper behind the photo any darker. I just need to pay rent but can’t deposit a check bc my photos aren’t good enough for the app. When they definitely are. The rules should explain a little more for what makes the perfect photo for this freaking app.
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6 years ago, theonlylars
Weak Security Practices
I really don’t understand why everyone rates this app so highly. Either frost is paying for reviews, or everyone is using reused usernames and weak passwords for their banking logins. Since you can’t paste passwords, my wife makes me use mobile deposit because it’s such a hassle to sign into this app on her phone with secure usernames and passwords since we use randomly generated strong passwords. Frost is actively punishing users who use strong security like this by disabling pasting into the login fields. I have 1 extra star because of the availability of mobile deposit. This is 2017. You’re better than this for your customers.
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7 months ago, BobGarrett
Simple banking made easy
Frost has been absolutely reliable and professional in helping us to manage our money and pay those in our budget. Their online baking app is wonderful in its elegant simplicity and ease of use. I never have questions about how my deposits to our accounts and my payments from them will work in it. Call me a 5 stars faring loyal customer.
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4 years ago, Frustrated-Patron
Hate the home screen pictures
I have a severe phobia of lizards and amphibians. Why does this app need to have pictures of these on home screen? Not everyone views it the same. Beauty from one perspective could be cause of death for another. I almost fell off a flight of stairs in fright while attempting to view my balance. Please this isn’t the first time I’m dealing with this almost always you’ll have a lizard on the home screen of the app causing me to go into panic attack and I have to ask someone to remove the app from my phone because I’m too frightened to look. Is there a way to disable this I don’t want to see a lizard on my screen again while launching the app!
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6 years ago, ApexOrange
A pattern of inconvenience
Have multiple business accounts with Frost. We’ve been pleased with the customer service of our reps, but there’s always some sort of absurd hoop to jump through in the name of “security.” The inability to paste passwords into this app, as many others have said, is a prime example. What purpose does this serve beyond inconveniencing your customers? You already have other safeguards in place to prevent multiple failed login attempts, right? Please take some hints from the major financial institutions and combine your security measures with practical usability.
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4 years ago, John in The Fort
What New Enhancements?!?
I’m a fan of the outstanding customer service at Frost, but technology has never been their strong suit and this app update proves it. For my use, there are zero improvement for the banking aspects of the app. The app changes are simply a white background and a lot more blank space. I like the layout of the old app much better- I could see more information at once. The new one requires much more scrolling for no apparent reason other than some consultant told their tech team that this was a more modern look and feel. Maybe so, but it’s harder to use. I was excited when they announced the new app, but this “upgrade” is disappointing.
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4 years ago, 19739hdkcks
New design is all form no function
Really disappointed in the new design. Terrible use of both color and space. Looking at an account you can now only see 3-7 transactions on screen at a time due to a substantial amount of unnecessary space within the list items. You used to be able to see upwards of 12-15. To make it worse the color in the sub headers for the date of transaction is such a light shade of gray you can hardly see it. They’ve severely reduced the amount of information that is visible on screen while also destroying the visual hierarchy of what information is still visible.
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10 months ago, anynicknameworksjustfine
I’ve been a Frost customer for over 12 years and have always had the app on my phone. I’ve had phone issues and had to reinstall the app- and didn’t remember my password from 10 years ago. Typically resetting/re-establishing is so cumbersome, laborious and frustrating- but with this app it literally took 5 seconds and was done. Thank you Frost!
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1 year ago, r_amb0
Apple Watch app leaves something to be desired
The performance of the Frost Bank app on the Apple Watch app is very poor. It doesn’t matter if I am connected to WiFi or cellular network. Just to render the Frost Bank account data can take awhile, up to a minute or more. It’s worsened if you happen to aggregate data from other financial institutions. Lately data has not been loading in the Apple Watch app and have to resort to using my phone. Bank itself is great. Not many problems noticed with the mobile app as compared to the Apple Watch version.
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6 months ago, SpyderRage
Frost is awesome
Frost bank it’s self is absolutely wonderful and is 10 stars out of 5. The App however is another story. For the most part I love the simplicity and informative layout. The Con and reason for 3 stars is one major issue. Every 3 to 5 days I’ll have to reinstall the app. For some reason it just decides it wants to lock up after opening not allowing me to use Face ID or my PIN number. It always happens at the most inconvenient times. Fix this major bug and it’ll be 5 stars all the way!
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4 years ago, JJ💋
More Privacy
I don’t really have much concerns with the app; however, I am not happy with the white background. I feel when I pull up my bank accounts with the app, it’s so bright where everyone would be able to see. I normally have to deem the light on my phone, before I pull up the app. I believe before it wasn’t as bright as it is now. Overall, I can’t help but love Frost Bank.
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4 years ago, DFW Roofer
Version update
When I log in it tells me to download the latest version. I press “update now”. It takes me to the apple App Store, but a new version is not available. I’ve reset my phone a couple times but still no change. Earlier in the day I could log in without this update version. Now it pops up every time i log in. Seems like this started after midnight. Not sure if this is Frost or Apple.
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4 months ago, Blueoval390
Frost Bank has been my bank since I moved to Texas. It was at a time when big banks were buying other banks, both small and large. One bank I had considered told me in answer to my question that, yes, absolutely they’d be around forever The very next week a new sign was placed on the bank, new owners. Frost has been around since Statehood. Never a single problem.
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4 months ago, Speed-walker
Customer service
I have been a customer for about 35 years. Every time I come into the lobby in Boerne, because I have some little problem with my account, the people at the help booth go out of their way to correct whatever needs fixing. They never seem annoyed, are always friendly, and I leave with a smile on my face.
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2 days ago, RSC Addi Gal
Fantastic service
From personal bankers who return my calls to zippy service when I walk into a location, I love Frost Bank. The online app is easy & fast making me a happy customer. I’ve moved all my personal & business accounts to Frost. Never again will I have to deal with voice mail jail & crappy service from the big banks. RSC Dallas TX
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4 months ago, guynexttotheguynextdoor
Best Bank and app to go with it.
I know you have options and banks with HYSA during this near recession, but this … its hard to break ties, they care us Texans. Anywho, forgot this was about the app. Its awesome, simple and straight to the point. It works really well for exactly that, banking. No ads, no overwhelming promotions, just banking. It does go offline between 1-2am, but I’m asleep for most of it.
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3 years ago, debbie mcdaniel
Your support
You have been the greatest! Been with me through so much I’ve suffered the last few years. From budget cuts at work, dropping me to only 30 hours a week and I nearly died from Covid last month, but I was secure knowing that my bank was taking care of my accounts. My prayers are for all of you and God bless, Frost Bank. Deborah Denise McDaniel, LVN
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3 years ago, frick_stehanie
Could be better
I like frost and usually the app doesn't give me any problems, but the nightly shutdowns of the app around 1-2 in the morning are getting irritating. I cant do anything with my debit card or app during that time which is annoying. I get off around the time they do this and if i need to get gas on my debit card or grab something to eat i’m out of luck because it declines my card every time and i wish they would fix this.
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3 months ago, Mikey's Machine
Never Giving Up My Account
I have been with Frost for going on now 20 years! I currently live in another state yet I refuse to get a local bank. Brianna at Frost is Amazing, like all other service representatives at Frost. I feel like they never have bad days over there; they help find the answers and protect me as a customer! They make my bad day a great day!!!
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4 years ago, Zach Brounoff
New update breaks and beautifies
You can’t believe that both the website and app can benefit from large gaps between accounts or menu choices- I’ve had to zoom out of the web page and doing a funds transfer on my iPhone 11 Pro is ridiculous, with 6 drop downs or blanks not fitting on one page or even close to it. Makes errors easier and operation annoying. And they dropped the color coding of deposits vs withdrawals. Who signed off on these changes?? 2 steps forward...
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5 months ago, gringosaxon
People working for people
We love Frost Bank. We’ve been with Frost for decades. We love the personal attention we’re given. Our entire family is with Frost Bank and they have helped us when we financed homes, autos, pools, and home improvements. Frost was there and it was always simple and easy… the best part was we felt appreciated.
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5 months ago, All For Jesus Ministries
Kudos to Frost
I have been with Frost Bank for over 30 years and have always been pleased with the level of service and the friendliness of tellers. The app / online banking is great as well. Appreciate that I can put notes with each transaction unlike another bank app I deal with with another family member.
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2 years ago, Tipatina68
The Best
I have been with Frost many years now. I live out of town where there is no branch. I do not find it a problem since I have access to funds through the grocery store or an ATM. When I call they are very polite and helpful. I can always understand the customer service people. English is their first language.
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3 years ago, steph2116
Great App!
I switched to online banking a year or so ago and Frost bank has made it so easy ! I can view my accounts, make quick deposits and transfer money in a matter of minutes. Anytime I reach out via email thru the app, I always get a quick response and get my question answered in a day or so. Thanks !!!
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1 year ago, pattybill4850
We have been with Frost Bank since the 1980’s. There has never been a time when we thought to change banks. Frost staff are exceptional people, with the best behaviors and has come through for us many times over the years. Whenever I get a chance to talk banking….I give kudos about my bank!!! Patricia
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4 years ago, Noonen
Why not designed for use with older versions of iOS?
It is irritating that some app updates, including this one, may require a person to update their iOS, which consumes more space and may in effect render a phone inoperable. Further, if you continue to do updates make sure they really are that much better than what existed. Constant updates with marginal improvements and also annoying. iOS updates is a sneaky way apple makes people's phones become obsolete or inoperable thus requiring a new phone. Your app requiring newer iOS is further supporting the apple greed.
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5 years ago, Dale00045
Works well but could use some improvement.
For the bill pay is suggest changing it so that you have the option to schedule it to send out based on the delivery date or at least show the deliver date. Currently you can only see the delivery date on the confirmation page, after that it’s just gone. You also can’t edit the bill pay even if it’s scheduled in advanced, you just have to delete it and start over.
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