Fruit Ninja Classic

4.6 (11.1K)
459.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Halfbrick Studios
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fruit Ninja Classic

4.62 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
11 months ago, rbkski
Major update is right, but it’s a good one
This game is now loaded with items when compared to the previous version before this update. Prior to this major update, I had acquired all of the items over time (blades and dojos) along with hundreds of power ups of each kind that resulted in my disinterest of it. So, I don’t really mind the Start Over aspect of this new version. It may not please others to start over, but for me it offers a familiar, but fun game with additions that weren’t there before, to level up and achieve. I hope some mini-games do get added as time goes on, similar to the ones they offered with their free version of the game (minus the ads), but the Classic version is where I’ll stay. I’m glad for the additions that this paid version has just been given, and I’m happy to know the devs still support this version with content-filled updates. Keep them coming, I say.
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11 months ago, Lillian FS
Liking the new update. One or two more features?
So far, I’m really happy with the new update. I’ve so missed being able to EARN blades by completing quests — it finally feels like classic Fruit Ninja again. The extra blade bonuses are interesting, but I’m worried that the more blades you get, the more annoying upgrading them will be, since it’s not only pure luck which blade you can upgrade, but pure luck which upgrade you get. I can see why this was done, but it’s probably going to get really infuriating really fast. If it could just be “spend this many duplicates to upgrade this bonus,” and the smaller bonuses are cheaper, I think that would be more satisfying and rewarding all around. Additionally, I would REALLY like it if you could turn off those bonuses. Sometimes I want to just play a mode in its default state, with no changes to bomb size or time limit or any of that, but I want to also be able to use my favorite blade while doing that, so being able to toggle the bonuses on or off once they’re unlocked would be VERY appreciated. (This is honestly something I’ve wanted since blades first got bonus effects. Right after a major update, when tweaks are surely still being implemented, is probably the best time to request it.)
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4 weeks ago, sparklerosebud
Halfbrick plus?!!!
I am very, very, disappointed. This game has been around my entire childhood and the one thing I loved was that it never changed. While a lot of the apps I loved changed and became boring, unplayable, or ad riddled, this one never did. It was fun, challenging, and the blade and dojo powers where something to keep it interesting. It was perfect. Until it wasn’t. I still can’t believe that Halfbrick changed it. One thing developers really need to catch onto, is that a game that has been around for decades, and is labeled “Classic” doesn’t need to be updated to draw a bigger crowd. Make a new app. Make ten! Just don’t change the one that has been the same for a long time. The game is now unplayable. You can’t even play the app you paid for unless you give your email, name, ect ect, to a club that literally has no use. It’s free now, but you still can’t play unless you sign in. Which I won’t. While the spin tokens and different blades are cool, I’d trade it all to go back to the simplicity of Classic Fruit Ninja. I am very sad about this Halfbrick, and I hope that you won’t ignore all the thousand of reviews who say the same thing. ~A Ninja~ Edit. Now you have to pay a subscription to play! Nobody should be forced to pay a subscription for a game they already paid for, no matter how long ago it was. This is so so dumb. I can’t even. Anyways, good luck to everyone who loved the old game as it was. I miss it too.
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10 months ago, MrChubbsDaBear
The new update killed my love for this game
I used to love fruit ninja but this new update makes the game so unrewarding to play. The new system to get blades and upgrades them through blade pieces makes the game feel so unnecessarily grindy. I have so many starfruits and virtually nothing to use them on because it’s rare that I get enough shards to actually upgrade my blade. My suggestion is to either (1) Ditch the shard system entirely and allow the player to upgrade the blades without the shards at all using starfruit or (2) allow starfruit to be used to buy the loot crates that give blade shards. Additionally, what purpose is there to removing the dojo powers? It says that the dojo powers are coming soon but the majority of the dojos already HAD powers I don’t see what reason there is to go out of the way to remove the dojo powers and release the update before adding them back in. In a system that is already so unrewarding it’s really annoying to receive dojos as prizes for leveling up and they don’t even help you because they don’t have a power. Hope halfbrick changes their mind and reverts both gamed or at least fruit ninja classic back to what it once was.
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3 years ago, Noey the blondie
Love it, but one small detail needs fixing
Ive loved fruit ninja since I was a kid and the game was new and hot, so I got the classic so I didnt have to worry about all the bells and whistles in the newer versions. However, theres kinda this thing where sometimes the blade will be stuck on a dot and wont be fixed unless you refresh the app by swiping it away and going back in. This occurs when I swipe for the home screen (my models an iPhone 12) or sometimes when I swipe for the notification or even control center. The blade is still functional even while one part of a blade is stuck, although with fancy blades it can be really distracting. Outside of that, I absolutely adore this game. Always have and always will. The fruit even looks so delicious.
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10 months ago, #427
Latest update ruined everything
I’ve been playing this game since it first came out and when I opened the app last week I found that all of my years of progress has been whipped and the blade mechanics replaced with absolute garbage. I thought the point of separating a classic version was to preserve the old game while the developers can experiment with a current one without ruining the classic version! I don’t care about the other ones this was the only fun one left and now it’s ruined with an awful and confusing luck based blade leveling system. All of the amazing and imaginative blade and dojo effects are replaced with random minuscule effects that isn’t even unique to the blade (they are repeated on multiple blades) only happen when you slice a certain fruit and only have a tiny tiny chance of even happening unless you level up the blade more which you don’t even have control over! Thanks a lot for ruining a game that wasn’t even broken. Never playing this again until it’s fixed
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3 months ago, Time rabbit
Half brick you disgust me.
I’m so angry I paid for this app and bought a background that cost five bucks. It asks do I want to log in? It won’t even open without crashing it crashed right after I agreed to terms that never even used to be there! I wish I didn’t update You did me wrong fruit ninja. You did everyone wrong! I hope your happy! you just killed everyone’s pure joy. a game everyone loved. Just so you could get some extra money! News flash you lost my trust and business including millions of other peoples trust and business. Just take away the update and give us back our Game that everyone of all ages loved. People who read this just don’t play it. If I could give negative stars I would. Until fixed I will never play fruit ninja of any kind again! I don’t want to make a account for a game I paid for years ago when this game was actually fruit ninja classic. You could just make your money greed app version since you say it’s because of newer devices etc. give us back what we bought the game that was a legend a legacy! or your going to keep losing people. Make a newer device version and give us back what we had before! I don’t know how this app still has four stars you must have payed people to say and like your so called game cause you have killed fruit ninja I hope you get rid of your greed or at least some sense to bring back what people actually bought and downloaded! just make a different app for your greed!
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6 years ago, KMCrutch
Won't even open, company won't fix.
I paid for full copy. It won't end open on my iPad. I do have a gen 2 iPad so it is older, but have never had any trouble with any other apps. I tried deleting and re-loading. It still won't open. I get a load screen then it shuts down. I tried contacting the app support who sent me an email ticket number for tech support; Which they have never responded to after the initial ticket number. I have gone on the web page and resubmitted for tech support and again same thing, got an email with a ticket number and then crickets, no responses to further requests for support. No responses to requests for updates. No response for request for refund. It has now been almost 2 weeks and no actual response from any real person. Just automated replies with ticket numbers. This app publisher obviously likes to take payment, but does not care enough to even support or fix their problems. I have not even been able to get a refund. I'm just going to take it as a $4 lesson.
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11 months ago, V. Stark
Update Wiped All Progress
This update has to be one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen. Yes, the interface looks nice. Yay. But this update completely wiped out all of my progress—I’ve spent hours and hours playing this game (literally played it for almost a day straight during the pandemic) and now you’re telling me I have to go through and unlock it all over again? WTH. Plus, I had at one point unlocked a special holiday Ghostbusters dojo and blade. Where are those? Are you telling me that everyone’s purchases were wiped as well? Why on earth would any sane developer do this?? If you value your time and money, stay away from this app. It’s no longer Fruit Ninja Classic, or at the least, it’s apparently an amnesiac version of it, since the developers apparently forgot to keep everyone’s progress with the update. Even when Duolingo completely overhauled (and destroyed) their interface, they at least attempted to transfer users’ progress. This is horrific.
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4 months ago, MusicianInVegas
Forces you to create an account!!
When you purchase an app, it’s tied to your account, email and all. Halfbrick inexplicably *requires* (you can’t play without it) you to create for yourself yet another account; go back and verify it before you can continue. You may NO LONGER play without this extra step. Even though this was paid-for for the purpose of having “no ads”, you are without mercy, required to give them another attack vector to assault you with email that you’re forced to deal with just to you can play. Clearly, this is about circumventing something Apple has done to otherwise protect the consumer. I can’t fathom why this is allowed. After all, in the “Data Linked to You” section of the App Privacy panel, they specifically require the exposition of “Contact Info” already. Why on earth would they require you to create yet another account to play a stupid game. What is afoot here?
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2 years ago, LMonkeygirl
I have been playing this game for like 6 years, and I LOVE it! Favorite mode still arcade. Used to not like classic because of the “X bombs” that game over, but definitely getting back into it! Favorite blades the two that are most advanced (Storm Castle and Lightning bolt favorite combo of dojo+blade). Only one very minor issue which is: sometimes a spot of blade will just sit there doing nothing, and that sometimes doesn’t go away until I take a break from the iPad. Most frustrating experience with this was when I had Flame blade in arcade mode and it happened. The flame spot attracted the bombs and it was very frustrating. Still I would rate this game 7 out of 5 if I could!
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11 months ago, whowants2know :)100
Terrible Update
I originally installed Fruit Ninja in June of 2010 and decided to redownload the game a few months ago out of boredom. It was almost exactly how I remembered and I enjoyed passing the time by playing. However, all of that has changed since the most recent update. This new update is terrible. Blades no longer have their unique functionalities, the new layout is impractical, the achievements have all been changed and everything that I liked about the original game is now gone. Oh yeah, and all of the power-ups I’ve earned through playing? Those are gone too. This was one of the few games I still enjoyed on the App Store and now it is completely ruined. You can monetize your game without removing all of the features your players loved and without overhauling everything that has withstood for over 13 years. Unless something is done, I will probably never play Fruit Ninja again.
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2 years ago, toasyboy!
Please add more dojos and blades
It would be nice if there were some more blades and dojos, also what happened to the original ghostbusters blade and the original ghostbusters dojo, same for the ghostbusters 2016 subway dojo and ghostbusters 2016 potion blade, what happened to those dojos and blades, if you don’t add those blades and dojos back, I won’t be playing anymore until you add the ghostbusters dojos and blades back, anyway please add some more blades and dojos like candle graveyard with a candle you can slice for extra points, candy house, crypt, pumpkin, mountain, mansion, haunted house, cabin, sunlight dojo, static electric love dojo, balcony dojo, Santa’s workshop, thankful feast dojo, add some more blades like ancient yoyo blade that allows you to spend more time slicing pomegranates apart, holly blade, bonded rose blade, shamrock blade, bat blade, etc
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5 years ago, Ladydee8609
Can’t stop playing
I’ve been playing this game since 2013 and it’s so much dang fun. Ever since I was 4 I’ve been playing almost every day and now I’m 10 years old. Thanks Halfbrick for making an amazing game. But PLS come out with a new update within the next year. Even though you released this game in 2010, I still can’t stop playing. Here is some advice, if you’re looking for a game made by halfbrick download this game. It’s so dang fun. I’ve been playing for 6 years and now it’s so much better than was in 2013. Thanks for making this amazing game!!11!1
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6 months ago, Ljb2009!
This game made me so nostalgic that I had to buy it, it reminded me of the days when I had my tablet and I would play fruit ninja on it all day. Though however I ranked 4 stars because there are some new achievements that were seen before I updated the game, some of them are “Pressing Your Luck” (Get 500 in classic without lifting your finger), there is also “Vitamin C Slicer” (Slice only fruits with high amounts of vitamin C), “Shiny Starfruit” (Slice 100 Starfruit), “So you think you’re good?” (Reach level 50), And “OK You’re good” (Reach level 100). So if you were to do another update soon, can you please bring back these new achievements that were originally on this app, if that is possible, Thanks!
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10 months ago, sx.wenshen
You NEED Halfbrick+ now
3.0.1 already changed the “Classic” feel and wiped most of your progress and all of your high scores. Hated it, but fine, I’ll get them again. But forcing people to sign up for Halfbrick+ and not letting them play without it? They’re just out of their minds. I paid for this game! I don’t care if it is a free membership, I shouldn’t need it to play a game I paid for. What’s better? They claim that it helps them as developers. Seeing this after this whole update fiasco is such a slap in the face. I don’t mind developers taking new directions, but there are way better ways to go about it. For now, I highly suggest everyone avoid buying anything from Halfbrick until they gets this whole mess sorted out. Otherwise, we’ll lose an important piece of mobile game history right before our eyes.
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10 months ago, average reviewer 24795
Horrible update already, made even worse
Already horrible with the new update removing my dojos powers even the one I bought (WITH REAL MONEY) plus nerfing all the blades including the 2 I bought (ONE WAS $5 AND ONLY WORKS 30% OF THE TIME NOW) This also removed the powers I PAYED FOR AGAIN WITH REAL MONEY!!! But now the Halfbrick plus Garbage is taking over the game. Make a new version for half brick plus that’s the old version of this game, I didn’t pay money for this game I payed for the classic fruit ninja, this is just the other version of fruit ninja that I uninstalled because I didn’t like the luck based upgrades just without ads (possibly I’m not logged into half brick plus so I’m not sure if their going to bombard me with ads until I do, because it says singing in with the subscription removes ads) and events.
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6 years ago, Chloe72002
I’m confused
So, I was just playing one day and it got laggy, then I started deleting some games so this can run a bit better. I then accidentally delete this game. (I had a account so I can log back in). Then I downloaded again and tried logging in. I couldn’t, a day before this happened, I also bought 150 of each power up which costed 3 dollars. And it wouldn’t let me restore purchases . This is a fun game overall, but other than that I gave it a 4 star because of that incident. It also made me a level 1 and I worked very hard to get level 40. Which sucked. But I still love this game with all my heart.
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6 years ago, WildDragonGirl1
Thinking about buying this app?
Ah, fruit ninja. When I was 5 or 6 years old I would play it with my babysitter all the time. Now I'm 13 and I finally found it again. Even though it has in app purchases, the purchases aren't necessary to move on in the game. And they aren't easy to accidentally click on. The game is smooth, pretty much lag free, and super fun. It's cool that they put a modern spin on such an old, classic game that will be fun to the end. I hope you get this app, you won't be disappointed.
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2 years ago, Jason (Djay) B.
The DEFINITIVE version of Fruit Ninja
The Fruit Ninja app has gone through so many changes that it's aesthetically unrecognizable from where it started. And Fruit Ninja 2 focuses on leaderboards and multiplayer matches. But THIS version harkens back to Fruit Ninja's peak many years ago. Progression, unlocking blades and dojos each level, in app purchases are much more optional than in the other games, plus no annoying advertisements. It is definitely worth the price!
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7 months ago, Gubbert
So much for Fruit Ninja “Classic”
I paid for this version of the game hoping to play the same version I enjoyed while in middle school. Trying to compete with my friends for the arcade high score, having classic games that went on for days. Everything just feels so different. I can understand wanting to iterate and update. However, halfbrick has three versions of this game? Surely such a large shift in mechanics could have been left for one of the others? I don’t know. In an age of corporate bloat in gaming, it makes me disappointed to see one of the mobile classics reduced to a grindy, rng based upgrade system. Fruit Ninja is still there, the core gameplay loop is still there. The nostalgic feeling is gone. That favorite blade/dojo combo you had when you were younger won’t work anymore. The dev team is trying to complicate the perfect distillation of concept. Less is more, and there is beauty in simplicity. Just wish they saw that.
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6 years ago, One and only CocoG
I Love Fruit Ninja!
My other review was from a while ago. I am SO happy they got rid of all that stupid star fruit and now you can just play the game like it was supposed to be! I think all that star fruit stuff is crap and that you should earn the blades by doing stuff. I have been playing Fruit Ninja since it came out all those years ago and then when they released the star fruit I stopped playing Fruit Ninja. Thank you Halfbrick Studios for removing star fruit!
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6 months ago, AuroraNebula
Why do I need to log in to play
I don't want to make an account. I don't care. I just want to play the game. There point of mobile games is to quickly pick them up and play, to kill like 5 minutes. What's the sense in wasting a couple minutes of that free 5 minutes signing in? I'm playing a different game that doesn't require signing in.
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2 months ago, yzma01
Adding New Paid Subscription
I bought this app in 6th grade, and have never deleted or stopped playing it across the various ipods and phones over the years, but now halfbrick is requiring you to pay a subscription fee to play. They have also made quite a few changes over the last year or so that were really annoying, the changed the entire level system and it got rid of all of the blades and dojos I had already earned by playing and changed the powerups of the different blades. It’s just not the same game it used to be and now it wants me to pay for a game I already paid for.
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8 months ago, ninjaboy2010
Liked it until required to log in using my email
This use to be one of my favorite games. Since the major update, I would have given this 2 stars for still being fun. But now that I have to sign in with my email, I dropped it to 1 star. This turned me away for good and I immediately deleted the game. Goodbye fruit ninja classic Edit: I think the reason why you have to log in is because they are trying to track you, which is dangerous. I’m definitely avoiding this! Also, I don’t want to collect starfruit. I don’t want to play in a casino. I don’t want to have tokens for my blades. I just want to play fruit ninja!
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2 weeks ago, vesves
you told me to create an account at halfbrick to keep playing your classic games free so I did. also I already paid for fruit ninja classic a long time ago. but recently I'm a guest player even if I restore the purchase of this game. I don't give a darn about your stupid classic games. just leave fruit ninja classic alone! it's not like it has online matches or rewards for participating in events, except for getting the dojo and blades that I don't own yet. I have achieved all 30 of achievements a long ago. so nothing special or any new excitement from playing it. keep your word and let fruit ninja classic be as it has been.
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8 months ago, Kyle_Krause
Used to be one of the greats until new update
What is the point of making “fruit ninja classic” if you’re going to overhaul the mechanics of the game? This would be 5 stars if you fixed the bug with the navigation bar and let everything else stay the way it was but now it’s got the crappy grindy system (that the Apple arcade version already had) INSTEAD of the REAL fruit ninja classic experience. This game used to be one of the greats, not sure what halfbrick is doing, fruit ninja and fruit ninja 2 are virtually unplayable to begin with; this was the last testament to the REAL fun progression of the CLASSIC fruit ninja, but you’ve ruined it.
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6 years ago, Miss.Skylar
Swords aren't working, so many bugs
So many new blades!! Oh, sorry, did I say blades? I meant bugs. So many new bugs. Comet blade no longer creates the gravity waves Piano blade gets rid of bananas instead of turning them into frenzy bananas If I get a notification, like low battery, the game will think my fingers are where ever they had been when it popped up, and sparks or stars or what ever visual effect of the blade I was using will stay flying out of the spot. It will only go away when I force quit the app. If I used two fingers, the game will act like I'm using four and switch apps. Then when I come back, the game thinks I'm still touching my fingers there and will tap or cut anything underneath until I force quit the app. This has happened when I'm only using one finger a few times as well. Also, as someone on level 54, I would like to be able to earn more blades when I reach new levels. There's a blade on level 60 and level 100. It's just not as fun.
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5 months ago, Guy Monke
Overall fun game
This game is very fun overall, with challenges, new blades, and events. The achievements system is fun, but most of the achievements you get on accident. The blades are kind of hard to get, because you usually have to pay with star points. The event is fun, but I wish the medals you get from completing them were used for something for more than bragging rights. Overall, it is a great game, but it could be updated.
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5 months ago, QJMismyfav
Fruit Ninja is the best add-free game ever!!! You can watch adds to get certain rewards, but there’s not annoying 5 minute adds every second. I definitely recommend this game! Some days I will be bored randomly and Fruit Ninja is the first game I go to. I usually don’t bother to write a review on a game, but I feel like this awesome game needs to be downloaded! Do it!!! You won’t regret it!
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4 months ago, Piperandziggy
When I was a kid
I remember when I was about five years old and was always stealing my mom’s phone just to play games they where fun until I saw this one I just remember sitting in the back seat with her phone the hole playing this game it’s fun and entertaining now I am 11 and still playing this game it brings back so many memories. 🥹
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10 months ago, Gojirra
Paid App now requires a log in
I purchased this app for iPhone. It no longer works unless I sign up for a “free Halfbrick” account. I paid for the game and now I have to give them my data just to play a game I already bought? I don’t care that they updated it. If I paid for it, then I should be able to play it. If this pays for future updates then monetise a game I haven’t purchased out right. If this doesn’t change I will no longer purchase anymore Halfbrick games including Fruit Ninja VR 2. If I don’t get my money back or this be reversed, this will become a PR woe for Halfbrick.
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4 months ago, RurouniH
Just want to play
So had already payed for the game years back, I come back to it and now having to basically have 3 accounts to it (half brick being the latest). I don’t care for the leaderboard, levels, or the stars currency. I have always been content with actual OG classic Fruit Ninja. I just want to play, I don’t want to be stonewalled to simply play a game I already Payed to have, especially to avoid all the annoying stops and pop ups that interrupt me (being no better than ads. At this point) the game got relabeled as Classic. But it’s anything but at this point.
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11 months ago, Nin10doh98
What’s the point?
A new engine is great and all, but the fact that I had to do some unauthorized shenanigans just to migrate my save is crazy. What I’m NOT a fan of is calling this “Classic” when you’re gonna keep messing with core gameplay stuff and add in a Jetpack Joyride slot machine. Where are the power ups? Where are the added abilities of the backdrops? Why does the leveling system look like yet another battle pass? Where are the other characters, why is it only Sensei? What’s the point of calling it “Classic” if you’re gonna shove in new elements and remove abilities? It’s stupid.
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3 weeks ago, Oliver’s whitmire
5 star game
This is the best game ever and it is the most fun game I’ve ever played and it was a blast and it is a lot more than just the game but I think it’s worth the time to try and make a new one if you’re looking to play with a new one or a different style and I would recommend that game
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11 months ago, The master of randomness
So the old version of this game was great! I’d paid for it, no crazy micro transactions, and it worked super well! Loved it! So imagine my surprise when i check the app after this latest update to see ALL of my progress gone. Now while halfbrick might say, “oh you can recover it with a facebook account!” I would reply, I don’t use it and haven’t used it for years. I get to now look at blades i’ve unlocked and all the progress i’ve made be locked behind some stupid new system. Until i get my progress back, imma leave this at a one.
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1 week ago, Luke Harnett
I PAID for this—now I need a subscription?!
I wanted the original, no-frills, classic Fruit Ninja game. And for a while, I thought I’d found it. For a couple of bucks, I could play the original game as I remembered it. Well, I went a few months without playing. When I redownloaded the game just now, I was dismayed to learn that I now need a subscription to play it. I ALREADY PAID FOR THE GAME. The developer has BLOCKED my access to a product I purchased and hidden it behind a new paywall. I hope this game gets review-bombed to heck and the studio collapses. This kind of greed is inexcusable.
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11 months ago, TheDarkPegasi007
New update took the “Classic” out of Fruit Ninja Classic
I came back to this game after a year, and suddenly, it looks more like the Apple Arcade version. It’s lost it’s touch with the fruit ninja that it was when I was a kid. I highly doubt that halfbrick will revert this update, and I am disappointed with the direction this seems to be going. Yes the game is still fun, but it lacks the childish wonder and familiarity of Classic fruit ninja. The nostalgia is gone, and I can’t help but be disappointed. Please right this wrong!
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10 months ago, Spotssggpopcorn
Progress got wiped with new update
I could’ve enjoyed this update if I didn’t lose absolutely all of my progress. Why did they feel it necessary to remove all of our already owned blades and dojos? I deleted the app because there’s no reason for me to start over.
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10 months ago, This fun geometry game
Update- No longer classic.
In a recent update they completely changed the game to make it modern which means removing features, changing sounds, and overall feel of the game. I don’t like the update and played the original because it’s what I grew up with. This is no longer that game. The original fruit ninja is dead. Why would they change the original game that was already perfect when they have 2 later versions of the game that they can experiment with. Why ruin the classic?
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2 years ago, Crazy_GaMeR49
fruit ninja and fruit ninja 2 are a joke compared to fruit ninja classic
The other fruit ninjas are a waste of time all compared to this one the blades each have unique effects unlike in the other games and no annoying pop up ads and over the line micro transactions 🙄🙄🙄
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11 months ago, SuperMarioMaster2000
No longer actually “classic”
The newest update has messed with everything. It used to be truly classic, how I remember it. But now it’s more like the modern Fruit Ninja- the Minor Powers are nice but I didn’t want them in the Classic Fruit Ninja. Keep the Classic and the modern separate, or have a way to keep it separated. Plus, the update reset all of the progress I had, so that’s annoying as well. I know you want to keep updating the games, Halfbrick, but sometimes it’s better to not fix what wasn’t broken…
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5 years ago, Joshua D.
Not "Classic"
I wouldn't consider this a classic version at all. Why, you might ask? Because it's filled to the brim with stupid in-app purchases. The original game you paid one price and got to enjoy the entire game. Now I pay for it and all sorts of features are locked behind micro-transactions. Developers like Halfbrick, who once revolutionized mobile gaming. Are now just contributing to the corruption and downfall of modern video games. After all the money we've given you, you should be ashamed. You're despicable, beyond greedy and immensely unethical.
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3 months ago, LeahJean713
I saw this game at the arcade and loved it so I got it on my iPad and there is no adds, and you don’t even need internet! There is so many modes, and on holidays there is a themed game! There is even a mode without bombs and a two player. I don’t know how it could get any better!
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4 years ago, 0Artemis
Some weird glitch
There’s always this glitch that happens when I accidentally swipe down from the top of my screen and then swipe back up the game often triggers the blade to be at one part of the screen causing some random dot that I can’t remove unless I restart the game, can you pls fix it or release fruit ninja 2 faster
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3 years ago, anihacc
Great game, missing some things
I love the fact that the good fruit ninja is still on the App Store, however, I think it’s missing a couple things. I think the mini games from the 10 year anniversary event need to be added as an option and the ghostbusters blade and dojo should be added back too
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8 months ago, Jamz;)
Issues still and a new problem
My son loves fruit ninja and currently for some reason we keep getting logged out of the game. We use to be able to just log back in but now it’s not letting me even get to the password part. Unhappy child because he can’t play game.
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10 months ago, Danny Bastidas
Please bring back the power ups, I don’t see the point of removing them when starfruit is still a currency in the game and those can easily be used to buy them. Plus I don’t see the point of removing the boons granted by the dojos and now they’re purely aesthetic. It’s a good update but not great when powerups that have been in the game forever were removed.
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10 months ago, BP1342
Can’t play without signing up
I recently saw a promotion for this game that allowed me to get the “ad free” version for free. It’s a nostalgic game, so I thought “why not”. Enjoyed it for a half hour, maybe less, then it prompts me to ‘sign up or login’, with no way to exit the screen. Even force closing the game and then reopening brings me back to the same page. So they are forcing you to have an account now. No thanks. Not worth it for a mobile game, especially an arcade type of game.
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5 days ago, Gun Sizey
Paid subscription?
I have grown up to love Fruit Ninja. But recently I guess corporate greed struck and Fruit Ninja Free is now riddled with ads and many unnecessary mechanics. So I came here, to enjoy the classic of the Fruit Ninja franchise where I was having quite some fun with the new mechanics and blades until the recent update where it required a paid subscription, which was bloody expensive converting the US dollar into my currency. I paid for this game just for you to only allow me 1 hour of playtime?
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