Fruit Ninja®

4.7 (262K)
292.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Halfbrick Studios
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fruit Ninja®

4.75 out of 5
262K Ratings
3 years ago, EditingMender97
Thank you so much that you made Fruit Ninja! I LOOVE Arcade mode! All three bananas together is OP! I LOOVE frenzy bananas! They just make CRAAAAAAAAAZY fruit! Best with double point bananas. I loved the Minigames too! One day, could Halfbrick bring it back? I LOVED the Gold dragonfruit! And also, could you please, please, PLEASE, make a rare Dragon fruit (non-gold) in Arcade? You could sell those at the shop for some OP items and blades! I like classic mode as well. I LOVE BIG WATERMELONS! I just look at them though. I don’t really play Zen, but FYI, one day I’ll start playing Zen more. That is it. 17 of June, 2021 extension: Halfbrick, there is a COPYRIGHT GAME exactly like fruit ninja! It’s called fruit assisian! (How do you spell that word?) I saw that when I was going to look at my review, but I got distracted by Other Fruit(Ninja)-related games (One was Fruit Ninja 2, I wouldn’t say that was a scam), I was looking, I saw Good Fruit, but then I saw fruit assassin (That is how you spell it), looked at the reviews, most were FIVE STARS!?! But, the only one I loved, was the one that was 1 star. He said (only one of his sentences), “this seems similar to a familiar game,... this seems like... seems like FRUIT NINJA!” Sorry but this isn’t totally accurate (as a think...), but I did my best. I don’t have fruit assassin, plus I don’t support it. I support fruit ninja. From your best supporter, EditingMender97 -
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4 months ago, I Love😍😍😍 this Game
Incredible game!
You guys made an amazing game that I would ACTUALLY play often. 🤗Like yes good job on this game it’s truly amazing. 😉Ok now I know this may seem like a “okay I don’t really care” moment but here’s one thing I dislike about this game, is that when your about it get an ad it says for the options yes (or pay) it says “I like ads!” Like no I do NOT! 😒So I would like it if you just did an ad instead of waisting more time just asking to get rid of ads just put the ads if they doing but the “no ads” things. But yeah that’s annoying you could do say. ☹️I mean hey at least I am being honest you wouldn’t want a review saying all LIES then you’d think your game is “perfect” at least I’m honest about this game.🥰 But yeah, I like how you guys do events often and the top three get a prize🤩. But maybe so the other don’t feel very left out even if you participated at the end of the event any who did play it would get a prize like a deflect maybe. 🤔So yeah that’s all I have to say great game! 😮‍💨Hope your game becomes a great success! 🥳(Not that it is not already maybe you make some improvements that makes your game a lot better) P.S I am a fan not saying who just letting you know, you have many people who care about you I hope you know that ❤️ Edit: I read the other reviews, btw people just write them to write them at least you have a person who thinks the game is good 😊 (maybe more people idk 🤷🏻‍♀️)
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The game is good I just like sharing my opinion lol
Hey Game Developers!! I'm going to try and keep this short. Apologies if it's a lot to read. I played this game when I was a little kid, so did my little sister and we both enjoyed it a lot! The game is well made and it is really fun to play in your free time. My main concern are the weird looking people in the home screen before playing the actual game. I don't know if you changed this to attract more children players but it definitely threw me off, especially when I noticed that the original character (the old guy) wasn't present in the game. Not saying that they are ruining the game but again it's throwing ne off. I think kids nowadays wouldn't care either way but I think originality is better. On the bright side, I appreciate you keeping the original game modes, style, and music. Very nostalgic!! Made me very happy because I thought everything was changed after seeing that shocking image. If you want feedback, I would say bring back the old man. Everything is the same except for the old man so might as well keep him in the game. Thanks if you made it this far, I hope to see great things from you guys!!
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2 years ago, Axeman the hatchett
Great game, but bugs galore
I have had Fruit Ninja since when it was first released way way back, and I have the updated version 2 that has brought in all the in-app purchases. I don’t mind the constant advertising to spend money though, as there is plenty of free content to keep you busy and the sheer pleasure of slicing fruit to bits, with the accompanying slash of fruit juice on the walls can keep one busy for hours.. However, there’s one thing that definitely sticks in craw… when I’m playing in the multiplayer mode, especially during events against an opponent, I have had many winning games repeatedly get disconnected with a cryptic message saying “… there was an issue with your connection…” With the result being treated the same as a intentional disconnection from a losing game. I have had multiple situations where this has happened several times in succession, with my ranking getting decimated as a result. Developers, please take note, either find a better way to handle connection issues or come up with more descriptive error messages indication what exactly the “issue” with my connection is.
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4 years ago, hello👍🏻🙈
Me and my cousins used to play this game all the time. Me, my sis, and my two cousins would get in teams of two and try to be a higher level. So much fun. I play this game a lot. There are so many game modes and there’s one that you can challenge someone else and the screen would split in two then you would try to slice more fruits and get more points.🍓🍑🥝🍉🍊🍋🍌 My favorite mode is the arcade mode because there are three fruits with special powers. One freezes the timer and makes the fruits fly through the air more slow. The other one makes tons of fruit start flying into the screen and the last one gives you a certain amount of time to slice fruits then it doubles your points and adds them to your score. I love this game so much and I play it on my iPad Pro because it’s much more fun on a bigger screen. Last thing, it’s awesome how you can change the color of when you slice the fruits and you can change the background. The slice color I’ve always done is the rainbow one. Not only is it really pretty and has some sparkles but it adds 75 points to your final score. Definitely recommend this game!!👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻😍😍
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3 years ago, Apple1358
Fruit ninja played by Bella and Fiona. This game is intense! You got the berry blasts, bomb apprentice, and of course the peachy time. The double lemon slices are immaculate, the most intense part of the game. When you see these lemons pop up and cut them precisely, your Body fills up with joy. “Double Lemon slice” says Bella, after we sliced both of those lemons. Then we have the pomegranate, the big daddy bomb of joy fruit. The pomegranate is exquisitely brilliant. You have to slice that big daddy bomb as many times as you can, until that little big ball of joy explodes and the juice spreads everywhere. The modes. So many extreme modes are available to you, zen, arcade, and classic with premium boxes of fabulous prizes. Arcade mode throws bunches of fruit across the screen for clawing. Freeze time frenzy where the time freezes and you slice away. This game will leave you at the edge of your seat jumping for joy. You will also get way too excited sometimes and hit those darn bombs! I can not thank fruit ninja enough, it has changed my Personal Finance class for the better
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4 years ago, Arkistof
Loving the game!
It has been years since I have played this wonderful, diverse, stunning game. This new, updated version brought back beautiful memories of competitive and casual gameplay, in the simple yet expansive concept. I am loving everything so far!! One thing though, I’m not sure if it’s just me or if it’s intended, but the XP system is a bit inconsistent at times, where sometimes small amounts of XP don’t increment as much as other times on the progress bar, especially with completing missions. This makes it take an incredible amount of games to level up, around the level 20’s or so. Still, that doesn’t bother me too much with this fantastic gameplay. I cannot stress enough how much this game never ceases to amaze, with the various gamemodes to play and events to look forward to! This game is 10/10 for me, would recommend!
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4 months ago, ruthie-rue
So at first it was fine, I wasn’t really bothered by them because they were few and far between. The option to remove ads is there, but the condescending nature of choosing not to was a little bit of a turn off for me, and in a way made me less willing to pay to remove ads on the game. I’m also not willing to put money into a simple time waster, so I just let the ads run free. Little did I know it would amp up the frequency to forcing you to watch them after every. Single. Game. Doesn’t matter what game mode either. If that wasn’t annoying, some are skippable, others are short, and A LOT of them are over 30 seconds long. Sometimes it won’t even show the “I love Ads!” Prompt, jus throw one at me. I voluntarily watched one to get a reward, but the X button wouldnt function. So after closing the game and reopening, i found out it had me watch the ad just to not grant me the reward it promised. So after literally two weeks, I deleted it. I can find better games that won’t bother me or extort me. The gameplay is fun and high energy, but it’s not worth it if it’s going to break your immersion with <30 second long ads each round. Unless you have money to throw at it, don’t get this game.
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2 years ago, TheFireGaming
Absolute atrocity. Update ruined it.
This game went from a “Haha, slice the fruit and collect star fruit to buy special swords!” to a game that is filled with advertisements and the fun of the game is just gone. Halfbrick made the game into a total cash grab. Most of the blades powers is gone now and just says “coming soon”. They removed the dojos and removed multiplayer. If Halfbrick made a separate game where you can cough up some money to get the “classic” version, I’d pay about 1.99 for it. Now the game is all about you having to BUY the currency and buy the blades, which are all the same because they don’t have their powers anymore. I read some other reviews from people, they said they connected their old account, AND ALL THEIR STUFF WAS GONE. Luckily I don’t have to go through that pain because I don’t know what my old one was since I forgot it and I changed my emails and passwords numerous times. Please Halfbrick, PLEASE, get a bot to stop answering the reviews and put actual people. If you care SO MUCH about money, then I guarantee you, you guys’ll make the same amount of money, if not more, if you just bring back/make a separate app for the CLASSIC VERSION. PLEASE.
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4 years ago, Mon Avis De Fille
A bit disappointed
I used to play this game year ago and I remember it being much more developed. There’s no challenge or “duel” anymore. I mean, they are there but you can’t play them which is a real bummer. I used to have the cherry blossom blade and the matching dojo which I got easily enough with some hard work but now it seems that the only way to get those is to buy a box which is really annoying as the gems takes a long time to get. I downloaded the game again three days ago and I obtained the water blade but when I came back the next day, it had disappeared! I even leveled it up (which doesn’t do anything??) which means I spent for nothing. I did get the cloud dojo yesterday and it’s still there but I wish that the water blade didn’t vanish... If I could change anything, I would definitely add another way to get the blades and dojos more easily. I’m only at level 10 right now so it might get better but I’m not all that hopeful... hope the game can be improved so I can play it like I used to as a kid! If you’ve read this far, thank you for your time and I hope this way helpful. Have a good day!
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1 year ago, oof skerrrt
Good but the ads
The game is pretty good and probably worth getting if you’re willing to deal with the ads. They’re not even the good ads that take 5 seconds and have the big X button, it’s the ones that take 30 seconds, another 5 on top, and have the smallest buttons ever. Seriously I don’t enjoy having ads crammed up my rear end every 30 seconds. It feels like it’s more ad then game. I DONT CARE ABOUT FISHDOM!!! You have one of if not the most iconic games there are, right next to clash of clans, jet pack joyride, temple run, and hill climb and you seriously wanna ruin it by advertising one of the worst games there is. Honestly. It’s sad. This company makes millions a year and you’d think they would chill out on the ads. How you bouta have an advertisement carry your users out of YOUR GAME. The disrespect. That’s like me owning a company and having another company come into my establishment and carry my costumers to their store. It’s pathetic And also… WHY DO YOU NEED MY LOCATION!! At least tell the user you’re tracking them
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1 year ago, msronzio
Record broken for quickest review I’ve ever left
I downloaded the app because I own it in VR and I was hoping for a holiday themed event. I wasn’t disappointed by this, however I’m disappointed by the app’s inability to properly operate on my brand new iPhone 13. This is a two week old iPhone and I downloaded fruit ninja today. The ads don’t bother me, it is what it is and I get that the developers need to make money. But after you watch an ad, the app freezes. Recently it’s frozen during attempts at free redemptions, so I stopped trying to redeem freebies. But just now I had a score of 1200+ and opted to watch an ad for an extra 10 sec. Well this was a mistake. This is the second time it’s frozen on the pause screen…and I’ve lost my points entirely because nothing on the screen works. I can’t hit the back button, I can’t continue, NOTHING. It’s a cute game, one I’ve been playing for over 10 years, but it needs work. Your app shouldn’t be freezing on an updated brand new phone. I’ll be uninstalling I guess?
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2 years ago, ZeroiaSD
Fun gameplay hampered by ridiculous amount of ads
The basic gameplay of Fruit Ninja is solid and enjoyable, a fantastic core game and I have really fun doing it. Arcade and Zen are my favorite forms. Around the gameplay…? That’s where the issues starts. Play a match, get offered to watch an ad for 10 more seconds to raise your score.. mildly distracting but you can just say no, right? Well, a lot of the time an ad pops up, and not only is it an unskippable ad but it’ll take you to the app store to buy whatever program when it’s done. Unavoidable ads that take you out of the app! These are horrible and harm the experience. There’s so much pay this for that upgrade, pay that for that update, it’s too much as-is, but add such intrusive automatic ads on top and that took off 3 stars from my rating. *edit* To be clear, the problem is not ‘has ads.’ Free apps are gonna have ads. It’s ‘has frequent unavoidable ads that take me out of the program and to the app store whatever I do.’
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3 years ago, Preacher Paul
I would like to see more progression like you have in fruit ninja 2 the progression and selection of characters with customization is really cool. Unfortunately I don’t like how I can’t play it a lot because the events have to refresh. That progression would be really nice to see more. Like more to do please. Thanks! I would love more multiplayer modes cause those are really fun. I have loved your game for years so everything you guys have done have been amazing. I just want to see more to do to keep me playing instead of getting bored. Like characters, avatars, maybe blades, power ups, and maybe like characters with different abilities like in overwatch or apex legends where who you play is a big part of how the game works. Your blades are awesome!
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9 months ago, DaMinecraft0101
Awesome, just impatient
The game is overall a great game and I love how they kept to their roots while also keeping things fresh. I’m not happy about the adds, but expect nothing less from game devs these days. While I wish that it was easier to get gems for free, it’s not that big of a deal. My biggest thing is that some blades don’t have any perks added to them yet and I don’t know how long they have been like that but it just upsets me how I have a weapon I’m just waiting to upgrade but I won’t because then I won’t get an added perk for it. If they were answer my question of when or just go ahead and fix it then I will be good. Like I said, the game is wonderful, but just recently the game just keeps closing after almost loading. I don’t know if it’s my connection or they’re shutting it down for maintenance or what but please explain or fix.
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4 months ago, Dvjehehehrhehrbbrjdid
This game is incredible, I mostly play it on my phone when I am in the car or if I am really bored. I would not recommend you waste your time on slicing the big events because that will just make you have to watch a dumb add. If you do not do the events then you will not have to watch dumb adds and just keep playing. There are so much stuff like banana freeze it will slow stuff down or maybe the big fruit which will give you a lot of coins, but the main thing is that you DO NOT cut the bombs they will explode and then you will die. You have three chances if you drop all three you also die and it will say game over. Get this game and you will be really satisfyed tell me also if I mist anything game is so much fun good job byeeee.
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6 years ago, FrootNinja
Can’t see the fruit.
Overall this is a fun game. I like the powers of the blades and the different dojos. However, while I have only one gripe with this game, it is a pretty major one. When using any blade other than the original blade (the one you start off with), the blade animations begin to gradually appear on the screen as you play the round. For example if I were using the pixel blade, more and more pixels would appear on my screen. And once the round ends, when you’ve hit a bomb or dropped too many fruit or whatever, the animations don’t go away. They’re there for every single game you play after that, and the only way I’ve found to get rid of them is by closing the window. The animations block your view of the fruit and make it really hard to avoid hitting bombs. Why is this feature there? Is it a glitch? I find this annoying and unnecessary and I hope it is removed as soon as possible.
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4 years ago, GoogForPresident
Good game but needs some improvements
I have simply LOVED this amazing game! It’s even on VR! I understand all of you have had constant crashes in this game, but inside this game is complete glory! All of the modes are great, but I think the cherry blast mode could use some improvement because it’s simply IMPOSSIBLE to not explode the X bombs! Fruit Ninja is an awesome game and I simply have loved it ever since I got it or at least got first glance at it. My improvement could possibly be some more updates? This game barely updates and I truly am very disappointed about that. I know some of you love this game and some the opposite, but the last thing you should know is to bring back FruitTron! FruitTron was in the VR game and still is, FruitTron launched fruit that you had to slice and it was so fun! I don’t have a VR system myself, so would you mind updating? I hope you enjoy the adventures of Fruit Ninja, and write a review for any questions or concerns.
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3 years ago, WolfTales857
The update.
I loved this game, it was fun and my favorite was arcade. I loved the rainbow blade and pixel. But now? I can’t even get the blades anymore. I can but it’s almost impossible to get gems to buy “boxes”. It was so simple and fun before this update. I also loved the challenge and duel you had back then, but hey, let’s remove that too! Now there’s not as much fun. I liked the fact that I earned the blades. It takes forever now just to get one. They also removed the mini games. I miss that too. I don’t know if it’s there or not but, it’s just not fun anymore. I got a silly water blade that doesn’t do anything. What’s exciting if you can’t play with more different colorful blades? What’s exciting if you can’t play mini games when your bored of the same mode? What do you earn in this game now? You could earn levels which would give you blades you could also earn. But now there’s nothing to earn or gain anymore. I miss the fun :(.
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4 years ago, just an anonymous thought
I don’t want this to sound insensitive at all
What if you made a new version of this game where these get sliced👉🏼🦠 and maybe it’ll be kind of cathartic to slice them and feel like one is destroying them or something like that. I don’t mean for this to be in any way offensive or insensitive, I just know a lot of people are cooped up at home and maybe even anxious so a new version of the classic ninja fruit that is therapeutic or cathartic might be nice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Again, I’m not trying to be insensitive or rude or offensive just an idea I am in no way suggesting profiting off the chaos, just the opposite, I am hoping this might make people feel more at ease but if it’s a dumb idea and it will just add to the tension and anxiety then discard this review. I like the classic game I played it a lot growing up.
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4 years ago, Declan xbunch
10 years is exiting and all, but..
Congratulations on making it 10 years Fruit Ninja, it's really nostalgic seeing the game I use to play when I was younger turn 10 years old. However, these changes I could care far less for. You have completely changed how the game works; removing blade and dojo abilities, you have redone the progression system entirely, and you have overhauled the original game by redoing the models and textures. Instead of making a fruit Ninja 2 or 3 or whatever -- you completely remake the game inside the original game! On top of all that, you're removing our ability to play the original by locking behind a 2$ paywall! Completely low level of you Halfbrick. Completely. You guys make great games, don't get me wrong. But this, this 10 year anniversary for Fruit Ninja itself, is done in the most downright dumb way possible. I can say, now I'm terrified for Jetpack Joyrides 10th birthday.
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3 years ago, Mombbrimmt
Why..? Just why..?
This game was really fun to play before it had its newest update. It’s basically ruined the game and here’s why. First off there’s gems in the game now and their mostly impossible to earn. The only way to get them is to buy them with real money. Second is that the blades don’t have any special powers anymore! The only thing their cool now is that your blade will look unique which is pretty useless for the THOUSANDS of people that spent YEARS working on getting every blade, and even if they had powers you’d still have to get them using gems. The third thing is the game reset ALL OF MY PROGRESS!!! even though I didn’t have all the blades before the game reset it happened to other people with way more blades then me, and everyone works enough for this game. The one star reviews are literally the same as the four star ones! In conclusion I would’ve recommended playing this game more if the makers of the game didn’t ruin it. I would love to see my progress back and have this game be better...
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4 years ago, Super Kevin!
new update :(
The new update is hot garbage, to be perfectly honest. It very clearly was unfinished and totally rushed to be put out on the anniversary and it really shouldn’t have been. Every single blade and background has been made effectively useless, nothing more than an aesthetic piece that doesn’t help with gameplay. There are also far more random crashes now than there used to be. I had a big one that prompted me to make this review; I was doing really well and then got a large combo and I assume the amount of animations with all the fruits cutting and the blitzes going on overloaded the game and it crashed. I lost all data from that game off a but that did not exist until this update. The update pretty much ruined the game and got rid of every single characteristic that used to make it fun, and replaced those aspects with bugs. It’s disappointing. Two stars for nostalgia and a small amount of hope, because it can only go up from here.
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2 years ago, jhgnjtfbju
Nice game but not great
I love this game so much. Nevertheless, I still think it needs some improvements. For example, Why don’t I show up on the scoreboard? When I scroll down on it I only see players which are not me. And I went all the way down to the bottom. Please fill me in on that ASAP. And why all the ads? They are SO time consuming and more than half are about “Kings Choice” and whatnot. You know, Kissy lips, love, balloons as babies, jail because of fake love, the “(Blah Blah) I love you let’s get(Blah Blah)married “ BORING.😐😑😶 If you keep this up, I will have to get rid of Fruit Ninja! Partly because of the ads, but also because my mom hates ads, and I haven’t told her because I’m waiting for an answer from you. Otherwise, nice game! -Waiting, Layal Hilal, a 10 year old girl
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4 years ago, Thomfamgaming
I Love this game but...
Ok ok ok the new update is cool and all but when I first logged in it said I was a level 1 at first when I was a level 15! I’m all like ok I’m about to delete it but then it went back to my profile so that’s a weird bug. Also if you have any blades from the older version it says max level which is cool and all but you have no powers it just says coming soon...This game needs 4 more updates one for the first log in your account 2 for having blade powers and 3 for challenges come back and 4 events to come back because I’m about to get the yo-yo blade. I would say IMO I would get this game but don’t get any blades till the next update got it? Alright stay safe.
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2 years ago, Grizzly-Adam-12
Predatory Ads and Power Ups
I used to play this game years ago and really enjoyed it. Now I can only give it two stars due to changes for the worse. Pros: Still has classic, arcade, and zen mode which are objectively fun. I like that it’s a game with finite timed rounds so you don’t end up wasting an entire afternoon. Cons: the Ads are gratuitous and pop up at weird times after rounds of play. Also, the buttons that should silence, skip, or close ads are suspiciously buggy and tend to take you to the advertiser page no matter how carefully you tap. Also, when you earn a power up, it is automatically turned on, which just seems designed to force you to “accidentally” consume power ups at a higher rate and increases the likelihood that you’ll pay real money for them when they run out. Also, blades and backgrounds have no powers! Half the fun of the old game was mixing and matching just the right combo to achieve mission objectives. Also the current missions seem lame compared to the old ones. Not to mention that collecting blades seems stupid slow, whereas in the old game it was pretty straightforward to level up and get more blades. Playing with the look of different blades was a big part of the fun, but now I’m stuck with like 3 lame blades and no powers. :(
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6 years ago, AlmostLucy
Ongoing issues keep resetting the progress
In the past month, my progress in the game has been reset back to level 1. Halfbrick Support said the bug is the game generating new guest ID’s. They have restored my account, but it keeps happening! It’s happened 5+ times. If this happens to you, use the support link (tap the cog settings icon, and then the “profile” button, then the support link in the bottom right corner) because this will create a message with data about your individual game at the end. This issue seems to be fixable, but be warned you may have to keep contacting them multiple times like I have. Normally, I like FN quite a bit— I dislike the amount of ads, especially for pharmaceuticals, and that certain content is paid-exclusive— but lately I’ve spent more time communicating with Mads and the support team than playing. I might just delete the app. Such a shame.
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4 years ago, dil domin
New update shows greed from devs
I literally spent 5 bucks on a the chainsaw blade which gave me +10 critical each watermelon sliced. A bit overpowered but balanced, hence the reason I bought it because I love aiming for high scores. You greedy people literally took the power away from a blade I bought with real money to hide it behind a loot box I’m sure because there is no other explanation! I had to double check to make sure because it made me so mad. I wish I could get a refund and spend my money on a developer that wasn’t so money hungry! Half brick you should be ashamed of yourselves! Passing this off as a cheerful 10th anniversary update and then scamming hundreds of players out of money by taking away blade powers many people spent money for or spent hours grinding for! Adding lootboxes aka slot machines and adding blades that can only be purchased with money! Countless of ads! Purposely stripping blade powers to resale via lootboxes! How much money is enough greed brick!?
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4 years ago, meow meister
I’m not big on this 10 year anniversary update..
Congrats Halfbrick one of your most popular games Fruit Ninja is ten years old now!!! But, here’s the deal with the whole remaster thingy. I know you’ve spent quite a bit of money and resources on these upgrades, i get that. Even still the game isn’t as good as it was before. I thought the simplicity of the pre anniversary update was great and nostalgic. But now most of the things added aren’t necessary at all. I don think anyone cared that the fruit didn’t look like fruit. Nor did anyone really ask for pointless changes in the game. To top it all get the nostalgic classic experience you need to pay a $2 fee. I don’t think this was the best choice, and tons of people agree. I doubt you’re going to go back on these changes, but just so you wasn’t the best idea.
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1 month ago, Shadow The Music Artist
A LOT has changed
So when I last played it I didn’t have a dojo clean up thing or power ups for blades, no reward chest, heck there wasn’t even a pomegranate juicer thingy-ma-bob I miss the old version but I still have got to say that the new version is not better but still good! Also bring back multiplayer now it’s just zen, classic, and arcade. ALSO why is there a ❌ on the bomb but it just ends the game, like, before it just gave you a cross and you would just carry on, but now it’s just completely different and I don’t like it it’s so confusing so either change the texture or the function! That’s all, thanks for your time, I want a cheeseburg-
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1 year ago, It'sAMeTheGameRater
Great Game! (Read for improvements)
This game is terrific!! I love how you can just use the time to slice and dice fruit! I like how there are challenges for prizes again real people across the world! And how you can change your profile picture and profile name. There is one con though; I don’t like how you guys are still working on Challenge Mode. I know that you guys can speed up the wait. You guys did a great job on this game but personally I can only do a couple rounds before I get bored… but don’t let that stop you! It’s just my opinion. Once again, thank you for creating this game! You did a great job! Thank you for reading my review! Have a fantastic blessed morning/day/noon/night! See y’all later! Bye! ✌️ 🍓🍇🍎🍉🍊🍋🍍 -It’sAMeTheGameRater
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6 years ago, HAK Keck
So when my family got that first iPad, you know the thick charger one. We were all pretty excited. We got a few games, one of them being Fruit Ninja-it was an amazing game, we all loved it. Updates came, it was still great. New iPad, still fun. On my birthday I got my own iPad and just recently I remembered Fruit Ninja! I got it, I was super excited-THEN the whole temple thing came. I was still fine with it-until I had to slice the fruit a totally new way! Don’t get me wrong the 1, 2, 3, point Stuff is good, you can challenge how quick your brain is-BUT the instructions are horrible. It never ONCE tells you about the point stuff so I kept losing and had no idea why! I kept re-reading and reading and it made no sense. Just yesterday my friend figured it out; but seriously, please fix the instructions.
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2 years ago, Rav3n Lum0
Great Game
I’m giving this game 5 stars for a very specific reason, I grew up with this game. When I was like 7-8 years old I got my first iPod, not a phone, not a tablet, but, an iPod. And this game was something I could just play for hours, they always had the bigger versions are Peter Piper pizza and I enjoyed always being able to just, play it, no matter what device or where I was. It also helped on road-trips to keep me entertained and pass time. Anyways, this game wasn’t just a big part of my childhood, it’s a big part of almost everyone’s childhood and I think we can all agree that this for sure is one of the best free games to ever exist.
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11 months ago, Michelangelo C
Ads Galore, Stay Away
If you’re looking for a fun time like back in the day with the original game, you’ll be majorly disappointed. Play a minute of game, get ads unconsensually shoved down your throat. Literally one of the worst ad experiences I’ve ever had. You hit X on one and it still takes you to the App Store, OUT OF THE GAME. Then you close the AppStore, open fruit ninja again, and the ad still isn’t closed, you hit X, AND IT STILL TAKES YOU TO THE APPSTORE! Halfbrick, if you actually read these reviews, why support ads that actually remove you from the game. Like isn’t your goal to keep the player in your game and wanting to buy your micro transactions? What if it takes me to another app and I’m like okay, guess I’ll play this other game instead cause fruit ninja I can’t even navigate around the menus without an ad. Is this the thanks us OG players, the original supporters, the people who got you to where you are, get? A big slap in the face? I read the faqs, there’s no reason this app had to remove everything and not have cross progression from classic. Making you have to redo everything but this time with a bonus terrible app experience. Insufferable. To reiterate, if anyone is looking for the fun nostalgia trip that once was, keep looking cause this is not it.
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4 years ago, javeishehshdhh
Hello, please
Happy anniversary!!! Omg its been 10 years since you change the world! i wish you all the best. I really like the new blades and I love this game it has a lot of memories with me and friends and family and personally its epic buuuuuut, i dont like this update its nothing like the original you the original epic game -The degree of colours and shapes of the fruit is weird -The COMBO word comes after the combo like after ages😂 it kills the excitement -no skip for the missions and i have to finish all three than get a new one?!😩 -the abilities of the blades and the dojos😞😞😭😭😩😩 please it was the most amazing thing you ever created please bring it back - i understand that the previous update (Carnaval or something like that😂) was temporary but it was amazing and has a lot of options and was joyful and fun and and you never get tired of them. -AND EXUSE ME BUT WHY THE GAME ONLY OPEN WITH WIFI??? open not play a curtain mood or anything else??! I’ll be thankful for you if you just return the abilities i’m not asking for much😂😂and the wifi thing too.. i’m not gonna lie😊 Anyway thank you for your amazing work and your constantly achievements and success♥️
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3 months ago, AstralMidnight
Returned with high hopes only to be severely disappointed.
this game being a classic I expected to enjoy the game, just have fun. The further I went into the game the more I had realized how money hungry it had become, like most other iconic, classic games, it threw numerous ads within minutes, every round I played, there were 1-3 ads. I could even say that I watched more ads, then game I played. It really disappoints me seeing as this game is so memorable and well made, its a shame to see many companies go down this ad-infested route, and how do you get rid of these invasive ads? Of course, using money. It is only $2 but it shows that the only thing that games care about now isn't their community or the engagement within their game, but how much money they can squeeze out of each player who steps foot into the app. I really am disappointed, the game is unplayable at this point.
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3 years ago, MusicChocolateLover
Awesome but....
This is one of my favorite games! Very fun and satisfying! But this is my first time playing this in 2021 and things have changed!! Why do you have to buy stuff with real money and watch ads for nothing? I really enjoy this game but please remove some of the ads and products to buy with money. Other than that this game is AWESOME!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! Great app and I recommend it besides those minor problems. I’m sorry if I made a big deal about it but sometimes I’m like a Karen. 😂😂 not really but kinda. Great game and it’s awesome! 👏👏👏 BIG BIG BIG credit to the creators, designers, and whatever. Also owners. Anyways I totally recommend it!!! Yours sincerely, Lil
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1 year ago, selfie!!!
Bring back the old version
Devs, if you could add a mode that reverts the version back to before the 10th anniversary, that would be greatly appreciated. I remember having a ton of fun with the old version but this new one isn't that good. I think you should just add a button in the settings to convert all gems back to golden apples and revert to before version 3.0 and the 10th anniversary. You could also make this into a paid fruit ninja or one for apple arcade, with permanent events, no ads or microtransactions, and the old features like blades having powers, dojos having powers, golden apples, minigames, and CHALLENGE MODE. Please actually respond to this and don't say something like "We're working on these features and will soon put them in the regular game" or something.
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3 years ago, michael scott_tk
This game is a very good game but I can see some possible areas of improvement. This game needs a way of proving who the best player is. Take other game on a bigger market and bigger player base, like Minecraft or Call of Duty, the have online tournaments and player head to head, if that was added to this game A: your company would get more advertising and B: there would be a bigger reason to play the game, besides just beating your high score. I know there are leader boards but maybe there could be a live tournament, having the rules be something along the lines of a 90 second face-off, whoever gets the higher score would therefore win. I hope this message gets out. Thanks
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7 months ago, Fruit ninja I hate your ads
I am in shambles
Please for the love of god decrease the disgustingly excessive, horrifyingly elephantine amount of ads in this game. Please I am begging you. Every single time I believe I can play another round of classic mode I am jump-scared by those two buttons, one that offers safety and comfort to me - to be free of ads, with the cost of one dollar and ninety-nine cents. And one that makes me feel like a puppet, a body devoid of all organs - an empty husk being controlled by you - Halfbrick Studios. I feel forced to say “I LOVE ADS.” when I press that second, traumatizing button. I do not like it. I don’t feel in control of myself. Please stop giving me so many ads or I will come to you Halfbrick Studio (assuming it’s not well built based on the name) and treat your headquarters like a rage room.
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4 years ago, swftyy
I love this game it’s very fun and addicting, but I do have one issue, it’s with the power ups that your able to use during the matches and specifically the bomb deflect power up, in the match it will tell you how many deflects you have left each time you hit a bomb... and say you run out by hitting too many bombs I and I’m sure other people could get confused because in the top right hand corner it will still show the bomb power up symbol, it would help out me and probably many more people that have this issue, it would mean a lot if you guys could remove the symbol of the bomb when you run out of deflects so you know that if you hit a bomb it’s game over.
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4 years ago, Airplane professional
I remember playing this when I was little. This game is awesome!. Me and my cousin play this together a LOT. Such a great game. I think there should also be another game mode called “Free Play” where there is no timer, bombs are optional, combos are allowed, and those bananas with the power ups can be allowed. You can also change your blade, dojo and you can use power ups. Once you are done, you can just press the pause button and exit, then get your rewards. The more you play the game mode, the more rewards you get. Overall, I love this game, it is awesome, but if Free Play was added, me and my cousin brother will be very happy.
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2 years ago, PuristNinja
Free version of classic game
So, I loved Fruit Ninja Classic. I got this version on a device I wasn’t going to have permanently, so I got the free version. It’s mostly the classic fruit ninja I know and love, but in order to make it free, they stick a “Watch Ad to Continue” prompt like most games these days are doing, but that in itself is not enough to warrant 4 stars. I understand that apps are expensive to make and maintain. However, sometimes it shows you an ad that interrupts gameplay. This and other intrusive practices to extract a lot of money make the game lose that minimalist feel that I liked so much, hence the 4 star rating. However, the essential flavor of it is still there, and that’s what matters.
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1 year ago, 7268375112233
Arcade OP
Imagine getting less than 500 in arcade, IMPOSSIBLE. The bananas make arcade so special, and the blitzs. All of the bananas and unbelievable blitz is VERY VERY op, with the coin bursting, it will be SUPER OP. It gives less points than the classic mode which is sad. The ripoff games is so hard to slice. As a fruit ninja expert, i could clarify that arcade mode is so much fun. Bomb deflect in classic is OP, with the crown jewel blade. I got the crown jewel blade, and got 2 medals that isn’t special. I played fruit ninja classic, I reached 100 levels in the fruit ninja classic game. I don’t have a VR so I will not do the VR edition. Zen is just for relaxing, and multiplayer doesn’t give you EXP. I’m addicted to this game so much!!!
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11 months ago, LitUpLevi
Nostalgic, but very replayable!
I remember when I used to play Fruit Ninja at the arcade as a kid and I loved it. Almost every kid always talked about “Fruit Ninja is the best game!” whenever kids talked about going to the arcade. I loved the minigames too, but I haven’t been able to find them. I’d definitely give this game a 5-star except for the fact that it is rarely updated. The only times they add updates are usually when they to collaborations with companies. It would be nice if they added something new every once in a while to make the game more interesting. But being completely honest this game is amazing anyways, and will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.
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6 years ago, Stevevevevvevveveś
Love the game and it’s addicting buuuut
But even though it’s a great game it’s pretty disappointing that sometimes my backgrounds and blades ability’s will not work. For example my tidal wave background that usually does a 10 fruit mega wave hasn’t been working AT ALL when I play classic. Tbh it’s my favorite background and it’s really disappointing when you buy power ups and your blade and background don’t work. A waste is what I call it. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just something that was left unchecked so it slipped through the programming but I’d really appreciate it if it got fixed. It’s starting to annoy me into not playing as often. Thank you.
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1 year ago, lj4028aim
Ad Trouble
First of all, I want to say this is a great game. One thing really bothers me is when it requires to re-start another game, users are given two options. First watching ad without paying money; second, pay for the game without ad. Totally understandable the second choice, however, when I choose the first option, the ads is just never ending. No matter what I touch on my screen and I even didn’t see any exit button or options. It’s a little bit money but I just want to say since the developer gives user no pay option, why could you improve the quality and follow the rule to make user’s life much easier? So hard or just want to force user to pay for it? Think about it.
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1 year ago, FrenchFoxPlayer
Review For Fruit Ninja
Okay. I love this game it is super entertaining and addictive. Just one problem: I was playing multiplayer with my sister, then she got tired and refused to play another round. I played zen solo and had a lot of fun, but then I clicked the arrow to go back. It said either I buy my way out of ads, or I watch an ad right then. It didn’t give me an option to click like an x or something. I had to watch an ad, and then next time I played solo the same thing happened. Basically, every time I play solo, it MAKES me watch an ad. Unfortunately, I don’t get games often. This is my newest game and its already REALLY hard to enjoy it. Please change ASAP. Thanks!
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2 years ago, rewa llama
Why do I have to pay for everything
I love the game so much, but please I’m asking you to make the blossom blade and the matching background freeze and I don’t need to find it in a box if you will add the developers will listen to me I will be happier than you can imagine. It hasn’t been three years since I’ve played this game and it’s changed a lot. Please make it so then some of the more popular blades like blossom blade and other ones free so then we can all play in Harmony and I don’t need to even write this PLEASE. To get the attention of the people who made this game everybody start writing reviews to make the Blossom blaze and other favorites for free! A lot of us don’t wanna pay a penny so you better give our iconic blades back to us!
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1 year ago, SamuraiArtGuy
Used to be better
When I first got into Fruit Ninja, it was quick, snappy, lightweight and fun to play. Over several revisions it has accumulated so much cruft and “features”, a constant barrage of for-pay add-ons. But it’s the ADS. When I first got the game, it was like every five games, had to hit an ad. Then it was every other. Past two years or so, after every game. And HORRIBLE ads you CANT LEAVEwith almost non-functional close/continue buttons, while the games gets slower and jankier. When you spend more time watching ads than playing, that’s just wrong. And then dangle, pay up to kill these wretched ads. Casual games are supposed to be relaxing, not infuriating. I’m out, finally deleted it. It was fun … while it was fun.
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