FSCB Mobile Banking!

2.2 (121)
88.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
First State Community Bank
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for FSCB Mobile Banking!

2.17 out of 5
121 Ratings
3 weeks ago, lmaiken
I’ve used this bank for a number of years and really like the bank because of convenient locations. However for the amount of years I’ve been with this bank the app has been poor quality. What I mean by that is NONE of the features of the app will work correctly all at the same time. Which is….fine, mostly because I don’t use them all anyways. I’ve tried to use the mobile check deposit in the app over the years and it has NEVER worked for me. Fine, the bank isn’t far to drive to. However the most frustrating thing is when you can’t login because it says invalid name and password but it’s saved to your phone and haven’t changed it. So you go in and change the password get it re-saved and then it says the same thing the very next time you log into it. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it takes awhile for it to be working again. Honestly, it makes me want to switch banks because I should at least be able to log in and see my money whenever I want. And the part that’s annoying is that I would have to change all of my financial stuff to do so all because of a lousy app.
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12 months ago, Chelebrit
Hit or miss
When it’s working it works fine. The development is good and you can access accounts easily. Very simple which is fine; I don’t need lots of bells and whistles, I just want to see my stuff and be able to transfer money, etc. BUT IT IS ALWAYS GLITCHY. It malfunctions multiple times a week. It won’t load, it force closes, it takes several minutes to start up and log in. It’s just unreliable and for an app that I use for banking I don’t love that.
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12 months ago, ArielRjce
Loading too much
I have this bank but honestly I’m about to find another. This app has my face ID as well as my password. But when I go into the log in screen, it loads for a very long time. To the extent I’m not even getting to the home page but instead getting “sorry couldn’t load” and when face id works I try using the password, it simply loads instead of even letting me type my password in. On top of all this, I’m not just only struggling to look at my bank account but there is no phone number I can access to look at it as a back up. This is not the best app for banking. You need to update your system!!
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12 months ago, Qawsedrftgyhujikopzcvbnm7
It’s pretty bad
This app glitches more than any other app I’ve ever installed in my whole life. The frustration and anxiety of needing to know how much money you have only for the app to stop working for no reason is too much. And at least with other apps when you close them out they’ll start working but not this one. There was less glitches before the design change but this has been a consistent problem for me since I’ve had the app. What good is a site that just looks pretty but fails to serve it’s purpose?
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12 months ago, Luv2TeachFirsties
A lot of glitches that don’t get fixed
Please fix the glitches. I can not open the app sometimes and the issue is getting worse. The app will either freeze or continue to load with no progress. This is a huge issue and I’m contemplating switching banks.
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1 year ago, HCPatton
What a garbage app
Pretty much the same problem as everyone else. Constantly says “no connection” when trying to sign in when I have an amazing connection. The bank will send you a 12 digit number as your ID, which works, but if you try to change it…your password…security question, etc etc it will lock your account out. I even took screenshots before I pressed submit to make sure it wasn’t user error but it was not. Super aggravating from an otherwise great bank.
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2 years ago, kmbl859
Horrible update. WHAT HAPPENED?
I updated my phone to iOS 14.7 and my FSCB app updated as well. Now it looks totally different, there are ads suddenly. My available balance is NEVER CORRECT, constantly being overdrafted because my pending transactions don’t post for 2-3 weeks! Today I watched my bank account slowly deplete throughout the day, a few dollars at a time and can’t even pinpoint these transactions because they could have happened at any time.
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5 years ago, AlphRunt
Having trouble with mobile deposit! 😡
It says that it cannot accept my check at the time but when I try to re enter it it says it’s already been accepted. I never get a confirmation number and I end up having to go to the bank anyway. Super inconvenient!
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2 years ago, AnnieEagle
Won’t even open. Useless
For 2 weeks it’s crashed on opening. Its of. I value if it won’t even open. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted my phone multiple times. Nothing works. This is how I interact with my bank, pay bills, etc. I’ll have to change to a bank that has a functioning app. Update ..... The vendor the bank uses to build and support this app told me (thru the bank support line) that the problem is the Nord VPN I use. All of my other banking apps and brokerage firm apps work with the VPN. Think about it. Their answer is to turn off the VPN for banking, then turn it back on. FSCB needs a new vendor.
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3 years ago, 04tl
Securo serv
Constantly having issues with the feature in the app that lets you lock/unlock your card. I usually have it locked for security and sometimes the feature won’t even load up at all when I need to unlock my card. Also sometimes the app has an issue where it won’t load up at all. This is really frustrating.
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4 years ago, JoveroIV
UX designed by Elementary School student?
Whoever designed this user interface must really like menus because there are menus on top of menus, sometimes 2 visible at once. User experience isn’t something that can be fixed later, it needs to be at the forefront of app design. These are the kind of things that matter to people deciding which bank they want to invest in.
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5 months ago, ddhjufffgv
Just doesn’t work
Have a bank location like 2 miles from my house and the insides closed so I can’t go in and get help that way. The app itself will not let me log in even though I got all the information correct and it works through the website
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3 years ago, sn:412
This app!!!!!?
Love my bank hate this banking app if it’s not updating its saying my sign in is wrong and then when I do get it to take the sign in it locks up on the secret word question page So much hassle just to see my account Even the nick name is a pain ... Jazz
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4 years ago, TimidAlakazam
Could Not Load
Cannot use app with cellular data. WiFi only.
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2 years ago, mmkellwo
Terrible update
The app has always had issues and seems it down multiple times a month but this new update is awful. App is glitchy, slow, and not user friendly. Considered switching banks just because the app is so terrible.
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12 months ago, Wondering Pinterest lover
Every time I try and open app it says time ran out and doesn’t work! Tried re downloading and tried turning off phone, still doesn’t work! Bla
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1 year ago, terinashby28
Does not lock card
Does not lock card after transactions as it says it should when you choose.
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11 months ago, bblluummppkkiinn
Hardly Wants to work
Almost anytime I get on the app there’s always an issue or it take forever just to get on the app.
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4 years ago, 1269001906
Completely useless
The app will erase all your saved log in information, locking you out of the app to the point where you have no way of viewing your balances. Beyond frustrating because it will happen once a month. Good luck.
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4 years ago, Banker63050
Great, but needs update for iOS13
App has been glitchy since release of iOS13
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4 years ago, angry upset individual
App hasn’t worked in month
This app hasn’t worked for month and still isn’t it’s the worst dang app ever. I hate this bank since it switched from Bank of America. Love my local banking staff but hate the bank in general and the app is the worst.
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5 years ago, zzzxxxxxfbffghhffhfdd
Not a good app
I tried to download the app and have had several issues so I would say that the app isn’t very good at all also even though I have one star I wouldn’t have given any but you make me give at least one
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9 months ago, Katelyn 123 ABC
I can’t get it to work half the time. It’s constantly having new issues and glitches.
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1 year ago, 1996oceanlove
daily tech issues
daily tech issues with this app. it won’t let me log in half the time. it’s so annoying.
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2 years ago, Bailey carol
Banking problem
This new change is all messed up I can never get on my account it’s about time to change banks
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10 months ago, Lime kill
Poor quality
This app freezes most of time. I delete app and try again. No luck. Please do something!
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1 year ago, Not a illiterate moron
Pretty terrible app
Lucky to be able to even login, the check deposit feature is real glitchy… not a good app…
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3 years ago, YondeeFeedZ
The app is very buggy. The dammed app hasn’t let me view my account to see how much money I have. It’s extremely infuriating, might switch banks because of this.
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2 years ago, TheHawkeye76
Stopped working
Hasn't worked in weeks. Doesn't even open.
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3 years ago, kw3651829
If I could give 0 stars, I would. The mobile deposit feature never works.
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2 years ago, Holdenwade97
Cannot Access App
The app won’t even open for me to check my balance!
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2 years ago, Mckaylaschrum
I swear this bank app crashes every other time I use it. Never wants to load. It drives me absolutely insane
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1 year ago, sincerelyjacs
A mess.
I’m not sure how this bank is ranked #1 anything to be completely honest. The app barely works, it’s like your developers don’t even know what they’re doing. IF the login screen will even load, most of the time it won’t actually log in. The screen will be stuck on a loading emblem when it is not actually loading anything. Other times it will act as if it’s loaded the login screen when there isn’t even a button to log in and force closing and restarting the app does not fix it. I have to login to online banking to view my account and extremely obnoxious amount especially considering you have an app for a reason, so why for 4 years has this been the same. The app gets updated to look more sleek but the function stays crap. After 10:30 pm my account always reflects some wonky number, I understand system maintenance but never in my life has a bank account become a mess during the night for maintenance. There have been warm holds out on my card for absolutely no reason bc of me using the app to lock it before. Customer service is not 24 hours whatsoever yet there are articles online stating you can receive help anytime. If you can choose a different or better bank, do it. I’ve not had any security issues but it’s ridiculous this bank is so advertised as being ranked #1 in my state before yet the nearest location is 30 minutes away in a small town, customer service takes forever, the app is a mess and spotty, and everything moves extremely slow if you have to encounter the actual bank.
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4 years ago, You guys blow
My app is starting not to open. Maybe an update needs to happen.
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7 years ago, N.noodle09
At least they're trying!
I've been using this app for months and haven't had an issue until today. I really loved it. Well I guess the idea of it anyways but up until today logging in was easy and more than likely is end up using my fingerprint and quick access links to do so but this morning I thought I'd log in manually or the normal way I guess and it said my name was invalid and then when I fixed my name was password was invalid as well. I called the number on the app and it was busy. So I called a local number around where I live and they fixed my ID login and then reset my password. Long story short, I'm locked out of my account permanently! Yup, this has been my experience. Hope it's helped.
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1 year ago, aappel1027
Not reliable
Half the time the app says communication erro
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12 months ago, C.Rosee8
it wont even load at this point
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10 years ago, Chick153
It's great to have but a hassle to use
I had to switch from Bank of America to this bank. They are two different companies for sure. On my app it shuts down when I do transfer, so if I'm in need of gas, I have to re-sign in 3 or 4 times before it ever takes the transfer. The app is slow, sometimes doesn't pop of the icons on the bottom when I sign in. Just alot of work on my end to get it to function correctly. Please update.
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8 years ago, 4100137
Deposit check
I tried 3 times to deposit a check into my account by using the feature on the mobile app. It would not send the back of the check. Even thought it would save image, as soon as I would send images. It would not send the back of the check. Very annoying.
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12 years ago, Happy111111111
Good App
Much better than the mobile banking website because it gives you the balance and you don't have to click on each transaction to see what it is for. And much quicker than the full website Would give 5 stars if it had multitasking.
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8 years ago, GiddyGoatMan
Good....when it works
I utilize mobile banking all the time. Unfortunately, this app seems to be "system unavailable" more times than it is "available". The latest update crashes way more often than the prior version. Hopefully these issues can be addressed in a (hopefully) vey near future, update.
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8 years ago, Haadduugann!!!
Wish it would work!
App is a great way to check my account balance and see my transactions on the fly. But every time I have to change my password it seems to mess up and I'm stuck going to an atm or my bank to check my balance and see my transactions. I wish it would get fixed
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7 years ago, brkel
It's about time
I really like the new updates!! Everything is much easier to read and a lot more information added. Great job!
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10 years ago, Mytime1971
It works . It's not much but it works. I so miss BOA and the awesome app they had.
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8 years ago, Tiff8223
App is horrible
This app is horrible the finger touch does not work and every time I have to change my password it fails. I am switching banks because of this app. I do all my banking online and it literally takes me an hour to even get logged in sometimes and half of the time my balance is always way off!
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11 years ago, Jjenk54
Much better than going to the website. I'm glad they finally made an app.
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7 years ago, Jerrck
This app only works half of the time. Literally every other day it crashes. And it's like that for everybody that I know that has this app. Horrible. Also, I used my fingerprint as a password about a year ago and now it says wrong passcode. This app is so bad that I am considering switching banks.
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10 years ago, Josh. :]]
It's a great app and I use it daily! I just wish it was iPhone 5 updated!
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10 years ago, Shane63069
Please optimize for the iPhone 5, it's been out since September, get with the program or find someone else to write your app.
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10 years ago, AshleyLynn08
Love it!
I LOVE this app! It's very handy!
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