FSNB Mobile Banking

3.7 (142)
30.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FSNB Mobile Banking

3.69 out of 5
142 Ratings
8 years ago, Rob_O_Matic
What Happened?
The app is fine but after this last update my savings account will not appear under my checking. I have to go to another section in the app then go back to the Home screen and then my savings account will appear. It's kind of annoying. Fix this please.
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5 years ago, TeamArQuez
Pretty much a basic bank looking for a come up off of customers. The personal accounts are easy to acquire only $5 to open. However, because as stated above this is a basic bank. They have to “review” everything. They even held a refund of mines because they wanted proof, when clearly the charge was already on my account and they refunded the difference. I’ve been a customer 5 months now and about a month ago I switched my business accounts to them. Now no one told me that business accounts get charged .20 per transaction rather debit or credit. .10 for ach deposits and withdrawals. It’s like really.. then one time I deposited a check into my personal account and they held it for 10 days and I was told after 2 days if it clears they can release it early. Which they did, which they also charged me $10 to do. How is this not a scam. How do you deposit my money put a hold on then charge me to get it “early”. When clearly I still had to wait 48 hours for it to clear and it did. It’s sad they they are building there company off the backs of people who support them. I’m seriously considering taking all my accounts back to Wells Fargo.
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5 months ago, queenshelton91
I am a elite customer and most recently every time I use my card for online purchases it declines. Then charges me a dollar for the decline when I have over 3 grand in my account. This bank is so wild. At first it was good now it’s like when I use my card more they decline it. The rep said from her own words if I want to do larger purchases to add money to cash app or a prepaid card and do it that way to avoid the hassle of their sensitive system always flagging things. They will give a 24 hr exception when calling in to use your card without limits but dang.. unacceptable in my opinion.
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3 years ago, Flekst
Choose a better bank!
If you are a military member who needs reliable access to your money then FSNB is not the bank you want. They use a fraud prevention service that is the most antiquated in the business and will trigger a fraud alert requiring you to call, hold for hours and speak to a foreigner who will tell you that only the bank can unlock the account - during the FSNB tiny business hours window. So enjoy being locked out of your funds. If this app allowed you to resolve issues like that then it would be 3 stars. Instead it just shows you the money that you are unable to access while deployed serving your country. Do better FSNB!
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3 years ago, Gonna be that guy
Don’t trust them
This bank is rife with sketchiness. They’ll say you opted into overdraft protection, even when you didn’t. They’ll allow a charge even when Youve told them to place a stop on it or on your card as a whole. Then, when you call them out on it, they’ll say you agreed. With no proof. Then they’ll close your account, but not really close it. It’ll be opened but inaccessible while they knock your credit for their mistakes, and even when you prove they made the mistake they’ll assert that there was no mistake until you actually threaten them with legal action. Take your money literally ANYWHERE else.
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3 years ago, QweenBombay
Penalized for fraudence
I have been with this bank for 10 years, checking and savings. I recently suspected some fraudulent activity and had my accounts switched to new numbers on both. The problem now is the remote deposit I had before my accounts were switched to new account numbers. I am being penalized and cannot get remote deposit. I use the remote deposit because I am handicapped and it is a benefit when depositing my check. Why am I being penalized? Is this how you treat long-term customers?
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2 years ago, Difines
Horrible mobile banking
If you plan to use this app for mobile banking you better think again because that was my plan and every time I mobile deposit a check even a state issued check it gets voided for more verification so I will need to have it physically looked at well if that’s what I wanted to do I would have done that in the first place but I didn’t I wanted to use the app for what it was intended and advertised as mobile banking what a joke and waste of my time…
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5 years ago, Kim Lindley
I’ve never had an issues
The app works as it should. I’ve never had issues with checking my balance and transferring money between accounts. I’ve been with this bank for about 10 yrs and I’ve been using this app for about 3 yrs.
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5 years ago, De1977
App needs issues addressed
Since the update, I have had nothing but problems with the app. Touch ID never works. When I log in with my password, it says authentication failed several times before finally letting me in. Once it loads my accounts. Once logged in, if I try to view transactions, I get a screen that says “success! Failed!” My only option is “close” when I click close, it logs me out and it starts all over. If I cannot do mobile banking, I will choose another bank.
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4 months ago, Eric R. Graham
Great mobile app!
I don’t understand the bad reviews? The mobile app works perfect, and I have had zero issues. The app is constantly updated, and working properly. There is no bugs, glitches, or any issues with the app and I have been using it for awhile now. The app allows me to do all of my banking from my phone since I don’t live near a branch. It’s convenient, easy to use and navigate through I also love the new update! Thank you, FSNB!!!!
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4 years ago, Glassbaby
Not up to speed
Too many times different things don’t work. From loading accounts to accurate balances/transactions. The mobile deposit has never worked for me. Only keeping the account because of cash deposits, which a lot of times seem to take longer than they should. In comparison with my other banking apps this one is definitely on the bottom.
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5 years ago, kmoody3317
I will be closing this account within the next week as it has been an utter inconvenience for me as I’ve never had this type of issue with any other banking institution and an 11 day hold is very unacceptable. I will be returning to my credit union where my savings account is. This has been an inconvenience for me. I would give 0 stars if possible. Worst banking decision I’ve made. Bank is also nowhere close to my home.
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3 years ago, fsnbblows
They give out your personal information, including your savings account.
Would not recommend at all. Been with them for almost 5 years but this is the last straw. Apparently if you owe anything, this bank will just give out your personal information to whatever collection agency they want and then charge you a fee on top of it. Screw you FSNB.
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7 years ago, Latest update a no no
Nice look
Don't write many reviews but had to on this app. It does the same which is great. The new look is awesome. It is better looking this way
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6 years ago, *why is every name taken??*
Needs work
This app used to run great but since the newest iPhone update came out, it is constantly glitching or not working at all on my phone. I use this app multiple times a day for many accounts and it has become very frustrating. Please do some updates!
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6 years ago, Richard Forbes
Stuck on loading accounts
Anytime I try to check my account now it’s stuck on loading accounts. When will this get updated for iOS 12?
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6 years ago, Taco2sKay
What’s the point?
I stopped using online banking with them a few years ago because the app nor the online banking was working properly. I figured they have it fixed by now. Nope. Still can’t login. Pointless to be paying for a feature I can’t use. Very disappointing when I’m getting deployed.
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2 years ago, Fkssicjcoldnefc
Every time I’ve been to this bank they have been extremely, out of the way rude. They also treat their customers awfully, and are just not interested in what the customers say, the complaints they have, or concerns. Just terrible customer service !!
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7 months ago, Little Rock Tone
Doesn’t work
App literally logs me in and shows nothing other than the menu button….. I have to call or use an atm to view balances. At this point Im better off just getting a check book to log transactions or switch banks😢😢
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9 months ago, Khaley58
We have a “Senior” account. Mobile banking does not allow us to mobile check deposit. I mean, really?
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6 years ago, onecraftyninja
Ehh. It works.
Likely top reviews are from bank employees. The only reason i keep this bank is because when I deposit a check. They don’t hold it. All banks should do this. The app is ok. Needs an iPhone X update.
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10 months ago, Jshotrod12
I have been having issues with my card they freeze it every time I use it it’s soo annoying
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6 years ago, sskin1425
Needs to be for Apple Pay and wallet
Will it ever have either of these features anytime soon. I use them both a lot
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6 years ago, ReapingAllSouls
Balance isn’t accurate on some days
I don’t like paying for useless services, it’s annoying trying to see my balance especially around this time of the year, and it’s set to three days prior.
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2 years ago, ScottlandB
Used to be good
Every time you open the app it now asks to verify and register a new device. I’ve been using the same phone for over a year! Please fix this
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6 years ago, Poetic Devotion
Been here for years keep it up the simple and clean O yea it works
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6 years ago, WILLBATMAN
Customer Review
This app is never working when I try to put my password in..it keeps saying can’t connect to internet server.
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4 years ago, pjp4692
Need more options
Hope one day you get Zelle like all the other banks
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3 years ago, Faye Blankenship
Unable to update app
When I go to the app it keeps saying updated version is available but I can’t update the app
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2 years ago, Jessatd75
Register device every login
Every time I open to app it now makes me register my device again. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Seriously, fix it!
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5 years ago, Rawr200
Worst banking app
Charges you monthly to use it. Balances aren’t accurate during certain times of the day. Total unsatisfying app
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5 years ago, Mymusic2018
This app is horrible. I can’t add another banking information to transfer funds. I sent message to Customer Service and no response WTH. Really FSNB
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7 months ago, NikkiWorld
Get Zelle
Why does this bank not have Zelle like all the other banks? This is the worst bank for military and veterans.
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6 years ago, CaseyPow27
Every time I click (new user) it tells me to enter in my log in ID to reset my password. I DONT HAVE A LOG IN ID! I want to make one 🙄😒
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5 years ago, dannythompson44
Useless App
99 percent of the time “cannot connect to server. This thing needs overhauling.
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6 years ago, MooHerbo
Can’t create account
It doesn’t work
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12 years ago, NYC61
Love it
This app makes it simple and convenient. I don't mind the security questions to get on, it's there for protection. Would have given it five stars except for the $6 dollar monthly charge.
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12 years ago, bmc420
Nice concept
I think it's not fair, I've been a customer for 5 years. I have Internet banking, why should I have to pay 6$ to use a free app. You can do the same stuff under your browser on your phone for free. I would recommend this bank to more people if this app would function under the basic Internet banking package, for us average joes convient use. Just sayin. Thanks. Brian C
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11 years ago, SirLGND
Absolutely love this app and the bank! Great customer service. These people know how to be honest with their customers. App works effortlessly! Wouldn't change a thing!
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11 years ago, OneHappyCustomer2013
I love this bank. Everything is what I expect from a bank. No hidden fees. Great fraud protection. My money is always there and I am always able to deposit cash.
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12 years ago, 264 Winchester
Great bank
Great product great bank. App does everything I need and the bank deposits my pay a day early with lower fees than most other banks.
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12 years ago, Tadpole781
I just downloaded the app, after which I read the reviews. I immediately DELETED the app on the principal that I should have absolute free access to any information or service in regards to MY money. I will consider using the app when this bank decides to actually read these poor reviews & address and correct them. Thanks to all reviewers for the heads up!
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7 years ago, JonvitaSDonaldson1980
Good app. I use it all the time. I think it should have the fingerprint scan on it. That would help out a lot. Good app tho. Did you guys add touchID? I saw it, however upon attempting to utilize it I am logged out every time. Can you try to fix this please? Thank you
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7 years ago, bennyjoe30
Apple Pay
Is there any time in the near future that there will be Apple Pay with this bank
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12 years ago, Tony Kapone
Are U Serious
There if no way possible I would pay to use a mobile app. It's part of banking people. I have used this account since technical school 25 years ago which means FSNB had made money off my money for an equal amount of time. Tall about gouging! Small town banking with small town practices. You just lost a customer. It's been real.
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10 years ago, I aha evau all the taken names
This is legit
Short and. To the point the balence is always wrong and the transfers threw the app say approved but don't always works Both reasons have cause me many overdrafts the number you call also is kit always correct -_- and these ocerdrafts was some 4 days after I had last used my card so everything was up to date.
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10 years ago, Berightback3000
Great app! Does everything I need it too and super easy to use!!
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9 years ago, Jasongiles230
Would like to see a better version
I feel that there could be a lot more improvements made to this app! One of which would be the support of Apple Pay.
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12 years ago, Superman528
Stupidest app EVER!!
Why in the world would I pay $6 a month for a service that most other banks offer for free?!? If you download this app and then upgrade to 5 star banking from this second rate bank, then you need a full frontal lobotomy cause you've already lost your mind. That is all.
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12 years ago, AliciaWells2011
Doesn't work
I have no trouble logging in online, but so far have not been able to log in with the app. I have called customer service and have gone into the bank, and they simply don't know much about the app and can't help.
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