FSU Credit Union

4.6 (884)
95.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Florida State University CU
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FSU Credit Union

4.61 out of 5
884 Ratings
3 years ago, Spankme!
Awesome Credit Union!!!!!!
No issues here. Great Customer Service.
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2 years ago, donnaj lark
Access to Joint Accounts
Previously, we were allowed to access joint accounts. When I have to go to the office and wait in line to get statements for joint accounts, it is time consuming. For me to have to log out of my account and into my joint accounts for each child of mine, it becomes burdensome. Unsure of why this change was made 3/4 years ago - but I am considering leaving FSU CU as the other CU does allow me access to all my accounts.
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2 years ago, NikkiBleue
Do better
I love banking with FSUCU, however this app is horrible. There is ALWAYS some issue with it. The updates if any are infrequent or non existing. There’s always an issue with logging in. I have to log in 2-3 times before actually getting access to my account. This app prompts me to change my password every 30 days. And when I do it never recognize the change. I have to use my desktop to correct it on the website. There’s always an issue with syncing to my other banking accounts. Why offer mobile banking if it is this much work to actually use the app? Do better 🤬
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4 years ago, Ihatewastingmoney
Horrid horrid horrid
Literally imagine banking on an app that feels like a terrible old website. Got that picture? Now crumple it up and add a bunch of missing basic essential crap and now you are beginning to understand. This app has the WORST design. Looks like genuine crap and it breaks every other day. Like how can a banking institution with 100 million in assets have an app that looks like one 15 year old coded it in one day. Not to mention one that BARELY functions. This is quite possibly the single worst designed banking app and the worst functioning banking app I have single-handedly ever used.
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5 months ago, _B3333333
Please do better…and soon
I can’t believe this app has so many stars given how basic it is! I can’t even see my recurring transfers on it smh. With the app, customers should have access to roughly the same content and abilities as the website. This app is far from achieving that.
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5 years ago, jaweather13
Horrible app, okay bank
Not sure how this app has 4.7 stars. This is the worst mobile banking app I’ve ever used. Mobile banking is extremely important and the only reason I keep them are the interest rates. They claim to be rolling out “major” updates to mobile banking around November. Hopefully they add Touch ID/Face ID Support, support for a credit card, better interface, and dare I say Apple Pay.
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4 years ago, Egg not
Really I don't know how this app has almost five stars. I've been unable to access my online banking for nearly a year. It's awful. It crashes, it has error messages every other minute, I would go as far to say it's unusable. Not sure how a bank that has a good name for itself can get away with using such a worthless app.
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4 years ago, Geo-what?
Needs another update
While I love my FSUCU and those that work there, this app only allows me to login every so often. Most of the time it tells me it can’t recognize my credentials and the I should call. Even when using my correct password I am told the same. Very frustrating!!!
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6 years ago, Mee123!
Needs more features
Like another user stated. This app would be great if it and its website was comparable to other banking apps. There should be the ability to see pending transactions, use Face ID, mobile deposit, etc.
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2 years ago, 30Stephen_Curry30
Horrible app
While I love being with FSU Credit Union, this app is horrendous. I haven’t been able to login to my account for weeks because it’s saying it can’t recognize my credentials. There’s always something going on with this app.
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5 years ago, Gaming boy2
Would be nice if I could transfer my money when I need to besides a error saying it can’t be transferred
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4 years ago, mtaylc
Great CU
Makes life easy doing business with FSUCU
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7 years ago, Krista2653
It's okay
Would be nice if this app was comparable to other banking apps. Touch ID sign-in and mobile deposits would be a great start!!!
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3 years ago, Tinky8308
Absolutely awful
What everyone else is saying is right. I switched credit unions because my husband and I merged accounts and he was already a member here. If he wasn’t already so invested in the CU, I would leave.
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1 month ago, Visapymt
Visa pymt
Can’t seem to handle payment of balance without showing amount due instead of selected payment.
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3 years ago, fsuhomie
Upgrade needed
This app stinks! Never loads and doesn’t update your banking info right away.
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9 years ago, Iminthis
This is not worth crap! Won't let you log-in, doesn't give you instructions or guides how to use. Whoever wrote this must not be honest. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP!
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4 years ago, ma 👅👌🏽
Think of the worst app youve ever used.... This one is worse.
Genuinely the worst banking app I have ever used. Half the time you can’t even login to it 🥴
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3 years ago, KiN20o3
Won’t even let me enroll ...horrible
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3 years ago, HateFSUCU
FSUCU is the worst
Switching to a bank.
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5 years ago, anobanamanyan
Convenient app
Convenient app
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9 years ago, Beahnkuh
What's the point of having an online/mobile banking app if you can't check anything. It won't allow you to long end and gives you secret questions that you never gave the answer to! POINTLESS! Fix this
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9 years ago, Don't B extreme
A never-ending stream of identity questions. Worthless.
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4 years ago, tumblr or fumblr
A Great Online Banking App!
As a long time Florida State employee and credit union member, I’ve always just used the FSUCU website for my online banking needs. After hearing numerous recommendations, I decided to try the app. The Florida State University Credit Union app does exactly what you need it to do and is very quick and easy to use. Disregard the other review-I’m not sure what the other reviewer expects from a small credit union’s app. It definitely does what you need it to do. This app does a lot more than the website; you can quickly make internal and external transfers, make payments and pay bills, setup recurring payments, check balances and you can even check your current credit score. The app is a lot faster than the website. If you use an iPhone and have the thumbprint scanner enabled, you can sign in or check your balance with a single button press. Signing in with the app is MUCH faster than entering a long username and password on a website that may or may not be secure. It takes up almost no room on your phone and is definitely worth downloading and using regularly if you bank with the Florida State University Credit Union.
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10 years ago, Marchio1
Doesn't work at all
I'm seriously considering switching to another bank because I can't even get into my account to see my checking or savings account. When I put my username in it just gives me endless secret questions to answer that I didn't even set up
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