FTL: Faster Than Light

4.5 (744)
237.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Subset Games
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for FTL: Faster Than Light

4.51 out of 5
744 Ratings
6 years ago, Spaceman11374265
Fantastic Strategy Game, just one complaint...
Let me first say this... I love FTL. I’m not one to like real-time strategy games, but this is a MAJOR exception for me, as Subset Games did a phenomenal job developing this game. While the difficulty and perma-death system can be vexing at times, there is one thing that must be fixed to make the experience better than it is now... The final boss. In one play-though I experienced, where I was close to defeating the Rebel Flagship. In this case, I was at low hull integrity, the Flagship was at a similar state of disrepair, and there was a system that could repair some of my damage. Naturally, I decided to take that opportunity to better insure my victory. Unfortunately, when I went back to finish off the Flagship, IT was back to full health, and I was annihilated within a few minutes. Simply put, have a system put in so enemy ships maintain the damage you inflicted on them as it could make the game slightly easier, but not so easy that it would take away from the game’s experience.
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7 years ago, Ryanator2011
Fun but frustratingly difficult
This is an excellent spaceship sim but too much relies on luck not skill. While randomness is part of its charm, all it takes is a a couple of bad events to seriously hinder your game, even if you're doing well. Make a bad roll on an encounter and a crew member could die or your hull takes several hits of damage. Couple unlucky missile hits and your oxygen is now seriously running low or a couple rooms are on fire. Having skill can help you somewhat in anticipating these events and prepare accordingly but there's only so much you can do with the resources available. Took me about a week before I could finally beat all three stages of the boss on easy. Another weakness is that for the entire game you have to gear according to what you need on the final encounter. What might be working for you now won't necessarily allow you to win the game. After I beat this boss and after several more failed attempts in other ships, I've no longer have much motivation to play and put all with all this frustration. Easy mode should be that easy. I think the only difference in modes is how. I have resources you get each encounter. I'd really hate to put up with this game on harder levels. No longer fun for me and I'm quitting.
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7 years ago, Flea Hunter
I’m leaning towards “Meh”....
I only have a couple hours on this game but it’s already starting to grate on me. As others have said, it’s mostly about luck. The graphics look good. The premise is decent and I like the layout and interface. The tutorial is helpful enough. What this game really needs is a save feature since all it takes is one bad encounter and your work goes up in flames, with starting from scratch (or deleting the thing) as your only option. Most games I make it a few turns before I’m done. Some have gone bad on the first stop. A couple were actually starting to look hopeful with added weapons, extra crew, and buffed equipment, but again one bad run in and “poof”, gone. It’s pretty frustrating to get boarded and watch helplessly as your systems and 6 person crew are decimated room by room with absolutely nothing you can do about it. With the gameplay of this thing starting to look like all stick, no carrot, and lottery odds to beat a level, I suspect my interest here will be short lived. That’s not being a “wuss”. Some people just prefer games that require actual eye/hand coordination and real problem solving skills over something that caters to mindless tenacity.
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6 years ago, Jvfcbgcndvb
Difficult, and highly rewarding strategy
For anyone who loves RTS games, this will be a unique RTS. For those who can’t do strategy, you will lose over and over until you understand it. Most of the time if you die, it is your fault. To date I haven’t beaten the boss but I have had more fun losing than I have had winning in other games. Those who complain about the high difficulty either need to practice or they need to stop complaining, the game is fair, you do the same damage with the same weapon that your enemy has and that doesn’t change, the difficulty level changes the boss a little and the scrap levels. Some deaths are caused by the random nature of this game, but most are due to player error with weapon timing, being unable to prioritize upgrades, or being unable to multitask. The music is fantastic, couldn’t find a better place to put that so it is here. Overall I would highly recommend this game with a warning that you will lose.
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2 years ago, IronUkulele
Easier to learn, hard to master
I bought this game when I was a kid, having saved up some money from lawn mowing. I recently noticed it was on the app store and decided to pick it up. It is the perfect game to play in between classes or when taking a break from work. Don’t be fooled however. This game can be relaxing but it is far from easy. Once you start to unlock other ships you realize there are so many different play styles. You will have to learn the ins and outs if you want to come close to beating the final boss. My tips: - Make getting a second shield your first priority - Don’t rely too much on missiles, use them to take out key systems before finishing them off with other weapons - Target the enemy’s weapons first. Take out their shields if you cannot get through them, target their pilot if they keep dodging - Manage your power well! Do not keep your medbay powered unless you need to heal, and you can de-power your oxygen if you need a quick boost - Shields and engine are priority upgrades. If you have the extra scrap, level up doors, oxygen, and pilot so you have a damage buffer - Your main objective is to avoid damage. Scraps you spend on repair could have been better spent on upgrades One of my favorite games from my childhood. Still holds up, and there is nothing like the feeling you get when you finally beat if for the first time.
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4 years ago, Burrhead2
Amazingly amazing
FTL is ALMOST perfect, despite the high price tag. It can get pretty hard, and get a few bad jumps in a row and you're over. And on rare occasion, the randomized events can have harsh language. Since the game is rather short, the difficulty pacing is pretty quick. If you laze on upgrading you’ll be starting all over pretty soon. The graphics are great, and so are the battles. There are no bosses other than the final boss. There are some side quests, adding some variety. The AI is fairly smart-but it’s only for the crew of enemy ships (and drones). One complaint though-there have been times I’ve been flying through a Mantis sectors and have encountered an event which spawns hostile Mantis in my ship. Of course, the enemy ship that came with the event was also Mantis, and they had a Teleport Room, which means the Mantis on the ship would teleport over to mine (the Mantis that spawned on my ship weren't crew of the other, meaning the couldn’t be teleported; also, ship layouts and rooms are randomized) As for bad things, (other than the rather harsh language) there isn’t much. When a ship explodes, it just shows a top view of it while it explodes. The death animations aren’t gore-y. Fighting isn’t bad at all. Fires are just fires, and crew can’t get visually burnt (but they do loose health-that’s it). All in all, it’s worth a download. Unless you have an ultra-sensitive phobia to deal with.
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6 years ago, Suntan50
Difficult... Until you get the hang of it
FTL is a roguelite. It requires a good understanding of micromanagement and tactics to win consistently. Losing a single battle, or even just taking a lot of damage usually means losing the run. On easy, this is circumvented a bit. You can afford to tank beatings once in awhile. Unlike most other roguelites (and some other reviews on here), it is USUALLY possible to go through the game with almost any combination of things and win consistently. Yeah every once in a while you're handed 3 beams and a single laser to take on the world, but even then if you have Advanced Edition content on, you can just grab hacking and shut off enemy shields so your beams can cut their ship to pieces... or you could board their ship. My point is that a lot of these complaints about difficulty are kinda unwarranted if you consider the genre. Roguelites and Roguelikes are often characterized by their difficulty... and this game isn't that difficult for roguelite standards. Easy mode for me, for example, is the automatic win difficulty. Hell I've beaten the game on easy with 3 ion weapons and a fire beam, because shutting off their medbay so they can't stop the fire is stock and trade. Also start with advanced edition on. It makes the game harder, but more exploitable. In addition, you don't have to learn a new way to play after getting used to not having it.
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4 years ago, Gibnit The Great
The Best Strategy Game
I’ve always enjoyed strategy games, virtual or physical, but I’ve never found a strategy game that makes me feel so much more free, if you know what I mean. It’s, by far, my favorite strategy game I’ve ever found (besides Brass Tactics). This game is quite addictive. I got distracted. It’s what I play now. Nice that you get the option to turn on and off the Advanced Edition, nice difficulty selection (I prefer easy atm), and the universe is randomly generated. So many events that can occur on your journey. I love the variety of weapons. This game is quite a challenge, the kind I like. Although the detail is pixelated, it was well put together to the point where the pixels look nicely fitted together. But, if you’re not a kind of person who likes games that you have to keep trying in, then don’t play this unless your ready to try to change that feeling. 5 stars
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4 years ago, user9362
Great skill based game
When I first started playing, I could never beat the boss. Now after playing it MANY hours, I have better techniques/choices that allow me to win almost every time. So far I’ve beaten the boss on easy mode with all ships (even slug type B which I saved for last and took two attempts)This game is completely skill and knowing which choices to choose (some will 100% be bad, so losing crew members or taking hull damage is your fault). I’ve also gotten to sector 8 without firing a shot, teleporting, or using ANY drones, so don’t complain about dying in sector 2 because it’s your lack of skill. In total I have 8 wins on normal mode and aiming for one win on hard. I Highly suggest this game if your up to the challenge.
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7 years ago, BenInDen
Frustrating, even on EASY
I’ve been playing this game for over a year. It’s actually one of my favorite go-to’s. However, recently I started playing the Advanced Content, and even though I started out on Easy, I have YET to be able to make it past sector 2. Half the time, I don’t even make it out of sector 1! I understand that the Advanced Content should push the player to develop new strategies, etc, but when doing so and STILL making hardly any process on repeated attempts, it gets VERY frustrating. Just today I’ve tried four different times, and each time within 45 minutes or so, I was dead. So, I’m still giving this four stars because the original content is fairly well balanced (in my opinion) and it’s a fun game to play. But the Advanced Content needs to be seriously rebalanced for it to be enjoyable (and so I’m not tempted to throw my iPad across the room!)
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2 years ago, cube enjoyer
Fantastic game
This is by far one of the best games I have ever played, the art is amazing, the design is amazing, and the soundtrack is a bop. It’s a very good rougelite and the variation between each playthrough keeps the gameplay fresh and rewarding, I’ve played this over 100 times and I have never beaten the game but I still love it. The controls on IPad are really nice and I’d highly recommend getting it for the 2 dollars it costs because it’s absolutely worth it and it’s amazing for long car rides or for just playing a game by yourself, it doesn’t even need WiFi which can be a big plus as well. 10/10 game, would get absolutely demolished by the final boss again.
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2 years ago, The captain of the FTL osprey
Man, you guys need to give this game some slack
I originally gave a review, but now I need to address the one star reviewers of this game, a lot of the strategy is knowing what events happen, for example one review complained about the refusal to accept wares event, we’ve all had it, we all know it, you just need to get in the rhythm of the game, if you want a review listen to the fivers (stars) and not these ungrateful sinners towards this wonderful game, again if you want a review not listen to those hillbillies. Another note, there are clearly better and worse ships, but they all work, I have won with both the crenkov and the bulwark, all it needs is rather these hillbillies have no rythem.
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5 years ago, Capt. Triz
Super fun/addicting. Difficulty levels need tweaking a bit.
Love this game! The graphics, the gameplay, the mechanics are all amazing. My only complaint is the difficulty level. Now others may have a different experience but for me, even easy mode was difficult....too difficult. Since a lot of the game is RNG based, you really have to get lucky in the first two systems with loot or you won’t make it to the end. I have yet to beat the game but I have gotten to last system. I wouldn’t have made it there without good RNG. But even with great loot, I was no match for the final system’s enemies. I think tweaking the difficulty a tad and turning up the amount of scrap you get just a bit would make help.
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7 years ago, Jeff in LFP
Solid mechanics, hugely replayable space fun!
Outrun the oncoming wall of rebel ships in your tiny vessel, trying to bring the information that will save the vestiges of our home empire. You will fight real-time (but highly pausable) battles with pirates, cantankerous races, and the front lines of the rebellion, hoping to salvage enough money and materials to survive the trip. Every new jump to a different location means new choices: - how to balance your crew on the ship between running systems and putting out fires (literally) in battle - to trust or not to trust the colony that seems to need your help - which systems and weapons to buy to upgrade your ship The game is as solid as a rock: never crashes, still surprises me, and challenges me to get better over time. The blend of combat tactics, ship and crew development, and the "just ONE more turn" feel have kept me coming back to FTL for years. It has been one of the first games on each iPad I own, and I'm glad the developer is keeping pace with iOS changes so I can maybe finally advance to the hardest level…
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2 years ago, Bruce__
Perfect except for the crystal crew
This version of the game is my favorite because I can pick it up and put it down for a few minutes at a time. The only problem is that repositioning crew placement inside of a room is impossible with the crystal crew unless their lockdown power is recharging. The huge blue P button that appears above their head will trigger the lockdown if you press anywhere near it. This makes it impossible to click on the room that the crystal crew members are currently standing in without activating the lockdown power, which makes it impossible to change who’s fighting whom during a boarding scenario. Please add an option to hide this button, as there is already a lockdown button in the crew list on the left where it has always been.
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5 years ago, NikkoTheKid
SciFi genre gets its own 'Rogue' type adventure game
Death here is meaningful. It's permanence makes the game more than frustrating, especially when a chance encounter leaves your ship ablaze just after flawlessly dispatching your last foe. It's an ego equalizer that masochists will enjoy, and anyone else who enjoys a challenge. In the pain, and the scornful roll of the die that doles our random encounters is a satisfaction. Players experience the payoff after a hard fought 'good' run or an actual victory. Luck and sharp skills are required for success in space. I've enjoyed this game for 4+ years now and it's still a joy to pick up. If you are still reading then give it a try.
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2 years ago, The Fish One
Re-doing this thing. Still love this game!💙 Still awesome!
All right. I’m redoing this review. I love this game. I used to complain that you could not get mods on mobile, but then I found out you could. We could not find the exact way, but we found out that you could. If you could share the way, that would be great. For now, I’m just using mods on the computer. But it’s kind of frustrating to get the mouse out, clear room on the table, and then load the game. I think the crystal cruiser is awesome! Love the crystal weapons. 💚💎💜
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2 years ago, Doc KM
It’s OK, but difficulty is extreme, even on easy.
After playing this game a few times I have figured out how to pretty consistently (80%ish of the time) make it to the battle with the flagship. Then it goes to crap. It doesn’t matter what I do, the flagship completely destroys me. I found out by checking the wiki that the flagship has three levels. I can’t even come close to beating the first one after playing the game at least 15-20 times. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that you have to beat the flagship to unlock other ships, with one exception. This means there is a ton of content locked behind an impossible task. I am very glad I got this on sale for $1.99. It’s not worth more, nor is it worth more of my time to unlock content I paid for.
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3 years ago, Bobdole8545981730
The Perfect iPad Game, All Others Stay Home
After the sun goes red giant, when the last embers of the ash that was earth cool, and humanity is either no more or far flung among the stars, this will still be the one game could have on your iPad/tablet/mindchip and play for your entire life. Before it was only 4 stars, lacking support for larger resolutions but still perfect in form. With the latest update, it’s straight to 5. All other games may come and go, but this is the millennial version of chess. FTL on iPad is the most perfect game that can, will ever exist on this platform. ‘Nuff said
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2 weeks ago, BogJuan
FTL is amazing!
FTL has been my most played game on the iPad by far. Every time I travel I log in and play many many games. I have unlocked so much. Which is why it was upsetting when I purchased a new iPad, logged in to my account, played with a late game ship, and then it reset everything (except that game). So now I only have access to the base ship like it’s 8 years ago. Although in my stats it shows the play with the advanced ship. I’m afraid I will never have access to my stats and ships again.
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5 years ago, Zenshi
All RNG little Strategy
Eg. I took the Zoltan ship which has a special shield that stops teleportation. 3 times in a row I was destroyed in the second sector by boarding parties that just ignore the shield and stomp my wimpy crew. No strategy or skill could prevent the wipe out. It’s not a bad game if RNG is your thing. I just do not equate a game overwhelmingly dependent on RNG luck to a good strategic challenge, however. The interface is well designed and easy to interact with & use. Good graphics. Reply ability with different ships is dependent on unlocks which are heavily dependent on RNG. Do you feel lucky punk? Do you? If you’re looking to save money flip a coin. Get heads 5 times in a row you WIN! Otherwise you loose. Thats FTL in a nutshell.
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4 years ago, B0noBonobo
Unacceptable port, Getting refund.
Good game but unfortunately I don’t think it survived translation to touch controls. I found them intolerable. It might work for some, but I was spoiled already by the PC version, and some compromises definitely had to be made here, such as with the weapon controls for example. I will be getting a refund. Might still be worth getting if you don’t already have the pc version or don’t mind the more cumbersome touch controls. My advice would be give it a try, especially if you’ve never played it, as it IS a great game, but be ready to hit that refund button if you’re like me and can’t get past those touch controls.
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5 years ago, King Boop III
It’s very likely that you have stacked up more deaths than wins in your time playing this game. That’s because its so hard that you need to be extremely experienced to win so... some suggestions: Sandbox mode? Basically Infinite scrap, fuel, drone parts, Missiles and the ability to say... Create a random nebula to stop the rebels or summon a engi with max skills or... Custom mode? Basically for beginners to learn more skills without the mad challenge and if you see other reviews, its also Super hard on EASY so this could make the experience an easier one
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7 years ago, Synve
Fun, challenging, and lets time fly by
FTL is by far one of the most fun games I've played. I've wanted to play something while I travel on long flights, and this easily fulfills that requirement. It takes good strategy and skillful tactics to beat, but even if you beat it, there's still plenty more ships and other challenges that will keep you going. What's great is that it's difficult enough to make you want to come back with an attitude that you can do better the next go around. Easily worth $10!
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3 years ago, As GUI..
One of the best single payer games
I have played this games for many years on computer, and it is one of the best single player games. It’s not beginner friendly, but once you learned what to do, it’s a lot of fun, and there are so many different strategies. The game is also well build, and I have never experienced any significant bug or crashes. It’s kind of rare these days to see a game that is so unique in term of design and gameplay, yet so well built and balanced.
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7 years ago, Sflores91
One of my most favorite games ever
This game has so much replay-ability, and is challenging almost every play though. It takes about 4-6 hours per play though if you make it to the end. But right when you think you're done, the game throws a different ship at you to play causing you to adjust your tactics and play through again. If you haven't picked up this gem, you're doing yourself a dis-service. It's truly a great game. One I'm sure that will age well for years to come.
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2 years ago, datura138
The perfect game for me
FTL never gets old for me. I’ve been playing for at least 5 years, with long breaks and then suddenly remembering how fun it is. Playing as mantis and killing the entire ship without firing a shot is . Or the Vulcan cannon, pew pew! It does take a while to learn how to make the most out of the random encounters you will have. However, once you do it’s a blast trying to make a lethal ship out of whatever life gives you on that run.
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2 years ago, the invulnerable Crystal
I don’t think anyone has beaten this version of FTL yet
I love this game (I found out it was on the iPad) no I didn’t get any victories but I just think it’s fun roast me if you think I’m bad at the game but the game is really fun I know there’s not gonna be a developers response (because of Subnautica ) [I know you created Subnautica] the Music is overall banger (that’s the main reason why I like the game) (I just decided to type this before I played the game again)
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4 years ago, New to IB
The perfect iOS game
I’ve played this games hundreds of times and I keep coming back because it’s not easy so it’s rewarding when you win (especially on hard). There are also several different strategies you need to employ to win, which is dependent on what ship you start with and what item, crew, encounters happen along the way. I have spent countless hours on this game and keep coming back because it’s fun and challenging. I cannot reccomend this game enough.
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1 year ago, onewil
One of the best iPad games ever made
Hard. Infinitely replay-able. Filled with quirks, humor, and depth that take the generative style to an entirely new level. This game is famous because it’s good, and it’s famous because it’s fun. Highest recommendation. If you like puzzles, if you like spaceships, if you like Star Wars, if you like Into The Breach (same team) or Hades or any other infinite generative replay game, you must play this. I’d buy it for you if I could.
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5 years ago, Seanocr
Game of luck
Unfortunately, this is a game more about luck then tactics. Also, if you hate repetition you’ll hate this game as that is all it is. After each death you start completely over and lose everything. This wouldn’t be so bad if your life was in your hands and not in the cards your dealt. I want to like this game but I honestly don’t see the point of any game that rewards you for time spent rolling dice rather then awarding you for skill. I really feel Like I through $10 in the trash :/. Odd thing to is of all the reviews I saw they did not touch upon any of this...
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3 years ago, Sgc16358
Perfect with a little extra goodness
This game is better than perfect. It’s insanely good. Each alien race has different ups and downs. Engi are fast at fixing stuff, but bad at fighting. Mantis are the mirror opposite of the Engi, being good fighters but not the best engineers. Rockmen are slow, but can resist fires. Crystalline are slow as well (because they are the ancient ancestors of the rockmen), but won’t suffocate as fast. Lanius take away oxygen but can’t suffocate. Slugs are horrible but have many “blue options”. And humans are neutral. Wow.
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4 months ago, Ssoltero
One of my favorite games of all time
I love every aspect of this game. The rouge like gameplay is fantastic. The different ships you unlock offer wildly different gameplay tactics which makes for a lot of replayability. The higher difficulty will have begging for mercy if you are into that type of challenge. This is one of the most unique and well designed strategy games I’ve ever played.
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6 months ago, rockerdaddy
Not what I expected
Somehow, I got the impression that this was a relatively casual space trading game with a minor battle function, not unlike ancient games like Taipan or Sid Meyers’s Pirates. That is not the case; it is primarily a space battle game. I think. Even doing the tutorial and checking out online walkthroughs, I couldn’t really figure out how to play. Which is totally on me, since I’m really looking for a casual fling, not a committed relationship involving a learning curve and research and so on. I’m sure the game is awesome and that I’m just not the target audience.
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4 years ago, Jiece18
Fun, but not for casual players
I love everything about this game except the random difficulty. After several hours, I have yet to beat the game or unlock any new ships. Having to repeatedly start over and depend on RNG over skill is really frustrating. I am sure people have beat this, but no matter how well a run goes, a random event always crippled me before the final area. I was aware of this before I bought it, but I didn’t realize it would be this random. I am officially frustratingly board with the game because I have little control on how well I do. RNG in the store is also terrible. It never has useful weapons or equipment. Not that I ever had enough scrap to buy any.
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3 months ago, JesterFool
One of the best games of all time
Like the title says, this is one of the best games of all time. I’ve played this game for years. I’ll play a ton for a few weeks then stop for a few months. Rinse and repeat. No matter how many times I play it is always a challenge. This is a very rare gem that just never gets old. I just wish there was a second game!
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4 years ago, Lonewolf_Kai
Great, but flawed
The game is well worth the money. It’s a fun starship strategic game where you have to make careful decisions on where to go, how to upgrade the ship, etc. Just a few suggestions to the developer. This game needs an endless mode, please! Add it in as a paid for feature and it’ll make you some money. Organ Trail has something similar and it works really well. Also the easy mode is still difficult in the very end. Other than that flaw, it’s a good game.
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6 years ago, Hooztyfrde
A letter to frustrated reviewers
FTL is not a game fully reliant on luck. There is a difference between people who can beat the game on the hardest difficulty and the people who struggle to reach sector 2 on easy (or the overconfident players who play on hard on their first go and then proceed to blame their loss on rng rather than their complete lack of skill). Sincerely, a perplexed browser of reviews of mobile games written by (perceived) 12 year olds.
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6 years ago, JB30000000
Simply the best in the genre
Unique, amazingly simple, extraordinarily difficult. Every time you play it’s different. Even after you master the principles of the game, there is no guarantee of winning. I can play for hours or minutes. Even when I put it down for a couple of months, I can start from my save and keep going. This is one of my all time favorites!
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10 months ago, 1172765648383
Roulette rounds
You don’t really play this game as much as go along with what is a predetermined outcome - you either get an obvious winning set up and beat the mothership easy, or you get absolutely smashed by the last couple jumps because your equipment is still basic tier. And high tier only drops if you SPEND so you can’t save up and hope for a random drop of a Vulcan gun or something and you wind up grinding the same configuration almost every time. Replayability could be so much more if the gear drops were more varied - the design is such that it is all or nothing almost every run.
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4 years ago, Box Car Mark
Great game, but..
I don’t mind the luck aspect of the game that’s a part of warfare. It’s a challenge and things don’t always break your way. This could be a five star game except the controls don’t always work. In the Vortex ship if you aim at anything other than shields your ion blaster only hits shields. And I think they take extreme pleasure in this because one of the awards is having 5 systems ionized at the same time. I had this happen on other ships but after a couple of times the ion blaster will go where directed to. M.P Guth
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2 years ago, メガマン
Amazing game, though RNG could be improved
I really wish game developers would implement a way to balance the randomness locally, just a bit. This game allows situations where even the best player will lose due to a string of poor luck. It doesn't happen often, but it shouldn't happen at all (in my opinion).
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4 years ago, BeanZombie
Frustrating, fun, small change would make it wonderful
Fun and cool, but the difference between when I beat the game and every other time was luck, not playing well, and even that would be okay if you could save. It’s a waste of time to start from scratch every time the randomizer denies you a fair shot, which is over 90% of the time on easy.
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5 years ago, TheQueMan
It’s good, but very annoying at the same time!
This is a nice game to play when you’re bored, but I get real sick of the random RNG events, fights and moments that nearly made me break my own iPad. But it not bad when you’re on a roll with luck, only to have game A.I. wanting to ruin your gameplay, even on “easy”! To the game creators; could you do something that doesn’t hurt people playing it for the first time, please? It’s so fun but I can’t handle being put into a sun or asteroid field at the start of the game, twice in a around!? Please & thank you.
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3 years ago, Awesomeleek
Absolutely Amazing, Pleasant Surprise that there was an update
This is my favorite game of all time. The replayability is insane and I’m still finding new things that I didn’t know about to this day, hundreds of hours in. You made my day with an aspect ratio update to recent models of iPads. I appreciate the developers for creating such a masterpiece for all to enjoy. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Sad pvz player :(
Fun but very enraging
This is a great game...but...it has easy, normal, and hard modes that should be called hard, too hard , and die in the first round. After playing for days straight I got to the final battle once on easy and got destroyed in the second round boss battle. I don’t mind loosing but even when you get good at the game it’s virtually impossible to beat or even get to the boss battle on anything other than “Easy” fun but getting destroyed over and over makes this game loose its appeal.
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7 years ago, LtMillsap
Loads of fun!
This game is absolutely worth every penny. Excellently made and entertaining. I have whiled away hours and hours in FTL and still keep coming back for more. It's very comforting to know that the developers will provide continued support for their excellent creation into the future. Thanks for a great game, guys. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to try once again to unlock that secret spaceship....
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6 years ago, IndigoContinuum
Hours of Adventure
I absolutely love this game. Literally hours and hours of fun. Innovative interface and level design gives the feel of an open world in a guided RPG. A surprisingly rich storyline and developed character cultures provides an immersive sci-fi experience. A little more customizability with ship layouts would be nice, but it doesn't hinder the gameplay at all. Love it! Fantastic job, devs!
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1 year ago, wikrbasket
Years later, as all other mobile games have fallen away from playability, FTL holds strong. One of the most well balanced, well crafted video games I’ve ever played. Simple, yet deep; immense, even. Every sound was meticulously crafted. They somehow made, in lofi, the most realistic feeling space survival game out there. Excellent work.
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7 years ago, * Will *
Thank you!
Thank you for updating this to 64-bit. I was so irritated that I wasn't going to be able to play this on iOS 11. You should seriously add a tip jar in-app purchase or something. I think lots of people would donate a few bucks to keep future updates like this going, including support for new screen resolutions, etc.
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