4.8 (3.5K)
40.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fort Worth Community Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FTWCCU

4.82 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
3 years ago, ski slope
Not real happy with this bank
I recently switched to this bank for convenience since my vehicle payment is here. I was with my previous bank 13 years I guess I’m used to a certain standard. As I am a hairstylist I deposit checks daily and it takes a half a day or longer most times for my deposit to show up. I deposited a check on Sunday evening and it is now 9:30 in the morning it is still not showing up. I could’ve driven to the bank and did my banking instead I’m sitting here waiting God knows how long for my money. Also when you take coins in to be counted they charge 3% after $30. My previous bank when you deposited a check it showed up within 10 minutes, and they allowed you up to $250 change to be counted per day before they charged you a fee. 🤨
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6 years ago, NativeSis
I love having this app and do most of my banking from it without ever having to sign on the site. I was really happy when recently they added the reminders for bill pay since I have the ebill set up on site but didn't have anything on app to show which were due or how much was due. It is frustrating because I can't get rid of one if I paid it by another source and so therefore not due anymore. Hoping they continue to add to it and make it even better 😊
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1 year ago, Dj Que Tal
I been with FWCCU for quite sometime and I really enjoy my daily experience with the bank. If I ever have any questions their always answered by a great customer service. My bank app as well works very well. Thanks for y’all support in keeping me and my family happy 👍
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1 year ago, The toto
Lousy App - keeps getting worse.
I love when I cannot access my account for hours of the day. Really makes me glad I chose such an awesome bank. I tried depositing a check from CHASE BANK aka one of the largest banks in the country and was on hold with customer service for over three hours trying to get the issue resolved. Wound up having to go into the bank anyway and make the deposit in person. Utter incompetency all the way down. Frantically looking elsewhere for a halfway decent personal checking account that isn’t run by idiots.
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3 years ago, Brewer9o92
Can’t deposit checks
This app used to be nearly flawless. But I haven’t been able to deposit a check for several months. It rejects every shot I take of a check.
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7 years ago, Rocco76022
Great app
I love this app because I don't have to keep up with receipts from my purchases I just can look on my app and see how much money I have in my checking account. Saves time, and it's fast and I love it!
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3 years ago, frustrated med device rep
Image difficulty with mobile check deposit
I had issues getting it to take pictures of my checks for mobile deposit had to fold the checks into smaller checks in order to get the capture recognition in order to deposit
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1 year ago, None Ya Businesz
Worst credit union
These people have put me in a very bad way! They allowed a scammer to take money I didn’t have, then leave me with no way to access my payroll when I do get paid. I still don’t have my debit card after more than 10 days, meanwhile the bills are piling up with no way to pay them when they are due. Trust and believe when I can clean this account out, it will be closed for good!
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6 years ago, Deepintx
Features Needed
It really isn’t fair for me to rate the app because we only have it to track our auto loan payments. However I would love to see an option that allows the user to make auto loan payments through the app, even when you don’t have a personal banking account. I’m rating it one star because it does not serve a real purpose for me. The layout and functions are simple enough to understand.
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3 years ago, IstaRae
Makes life easier
App having a mobile app definitely makes
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3 years ago, Azmoneysaver
Difficulty in reaching a person at the bank
2 weeks ago I tried to call the FWCCU to talk about my account around 4:30 pm. I couldn’t reach anyone. It seems like everyone goes home earlier now.
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2 years ago, Jacks137
Works everytime
So glad this app works and that there is someone available to help when needed.
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5 years ago, Michalthegirl
No complaints
It is easy to use and I have had no issues. I love the transfer ability.
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3 years ago, rxsc150
Navigating Bill Pay
Easy to set up vendors, amounts, and dates of payment in bill pay.
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6 years ago, Beri15
I love this app!
I love the FTWCCU app. I can easily see how much I have in my account. All the transactions are uploaded right away. And I can easily transfer money without any hassle!
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6 years ago, NeaNeaFTW
My Fav App
Far superior to the other banking apps. Very easy to use and makes me feel secure with all transactions.
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6 years ago, Lulu_xiomara13
Love it but....
Just wish we had a payment option to other banks like Zelle
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6 years ago, pattrhnda
I have been banking with FTWCCU for 25+ years. We have moved all over the US and they have remained my primary bank acct. Highly recommended.
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2 years ago, sleekraptor
This app is the most user UNFRIENDLY. So confusing when trying to make a car payment. I always have to call the customer service number and have them talk me thru making a payment. Y’all need to step it up and make this app user friendly!!!!
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6 years ago, Kimmie Ruth
Easy to use. I can do most of the banking I regularly need to do via this app.
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5 years ago, Charles Longhorns
Time saving and easy to use
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6 months ago, Travis seymour
Zero Stars
I just love how the site/ app is ALWAYS down for hours at a time and you can’t use you card for ANYTHING. And of course the site is always down during NON Business hours so there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it…
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4 years ago, Diehardlinux
Great when it works
Balance not showing on app, so now i have no ideal what my balance is.
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5 years ago, qxlounnslkb
Not happy at all
Trying to access my accounts on my phone to transfer money because I need money and all I’m getting is we are not able to display your account info. Really not happy!!
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6 years ago, Pgriff1210
The app really makes it easy to do business with FTWCCU
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11 months ago, Becky's Boob fund
This app is the bees knees. It’s amazingly simple to use. Makes banking enjoyable.
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6 years ago, mrae7
Easy and effective to use
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4 years ago, Barthilomew
App never works
App is always crashing and when it does you are unable to see your balance. The website isn’t any better. Will I ever know how much is in my bank account?
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4 years ago, Godloveshiphoptoo
Don’t love nor hate.
I wish they would fix depositing checks through the app! It’s terrible!!!
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2 years ago, Jetmech92
Annoying pop ups for feed back
Annoying pop ups for feed back
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4 years ago, tastytwix
A great bank
This bank is very good and I love them.
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4 years ago, GuillermoS.
I’m really upset and disappointed with this app. I’m trying to access my accounts. But, it keeps saying that it can’t display accounts at this time. Really? What’s the deal man?
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5 years ago, Dorarox06
Cross your fingers it works
Goes down all the time and t won’t show you anything. Also, the website doesn’t work so it’s like gambling with your bank account.
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4 years ago, Rowdy256
Love the app!
Easy to use and fast!
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5 months ago, Diva the Neva
Need Zelle
I need more options to get money access
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4 years ago, bdenton49
Bad app
I have been getting a message stating unable to display my information for weeks now. This is ridiculous
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3 years ago, Peace0017
Love this bank
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2 years ago, nshdusnrntnc
My app doesn’t work on weekends I never know how much money I have just shows what was in it on Friday morning .
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4 years ago, Feedback Customer
Terrible app
Worst bank app I have ever used. Why doesn't the management at FTCCU want to spend the money on a good app and web site?
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6 years ago, Kingdom72
Love the app
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11 years ago, Jarsie
Love this app!!!
Love it. I used to use the mobile banking site, but I much prefer the new app. Very easy and quick to use. Love how they added the ability to take a picture your check to deposit into your account. I know pending payments can't be seen but that is the issue because of the payment processor. Not the bank. I can't fault them for that. I can call to see what is pending anyway. Love my credit union!!!!
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9 years ago, albinomex
Great time saver!
This app is great & works exactly how it should... except for 1 small issue: when using the mobile deposit the camera shows my check off-center to the right every time (even though my check is perfectly centered inside the lines) which causes the right side to be cut off in the picture. I always have to re-take the pics. 3-4 times per side, & the only way I get an acceptable picture is to take the picture farther away & purposefully leave extra space to the right of my check. I have deleted the app several times & re-downloaded in hopes that might fix the problem, but it didn't work. Everything else about the app has worked perfectly.
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11 years ago, Tia Leah
Good start
It is helpful app, but could be better if they would alphabetized vendors that could be paid in check paying. Unfortunately it is 1 page that comes up & seems to be drawn at random. Not helpful when u r traveling & need to make a payment. Has accepted only 50% of my deposits
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12 years ago, Jay5in
Flawless for me
The app has worked flawlessly for me, I may have gotten an updated version. My only suggestion is the ability to change the memo on the auto bill pay items. You cannot set up a separate payee with the same address and so I often change the memo to reflect my separate accounts. If the app allowed that I would have to update to 5 of 5!
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8 years ago, Aaaaannnddd
Very good app just missing one thing.
The app is very good but the only thing that is missing is a current credit card balance. Would be great if you could see what transaction is pending and what your current charges are and total charges. Also if it had the capability to pay off the current charges on the credit through the app but besides this it is a very good app.
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12 years ago, Abellee28
Easy to understand
I liked having balances available for all accounts on one page. A transfer between accounts was intuitive and very easy.
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11 years ago, NF3RN0
Nice app for a great credit union
Edit: New update supports iPhone 5. The only complaint I have is the lack of iPhone 5 support. It does not use the whole screen. This implementation could be great! I would have given five stars if it weren't for that.
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8 years ago, Casorrels
We love FTWCCU!
We use this app early, loud and often! No problems, and mobile deposits work. The only suggestion I have is to be able to see credit card itemization in the app.
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9 years ago, nijilara
Great Mobile App
Much better than many other banks' mobile apps! I wish it had a feature to locate affiliate branches near my current location.
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12 years ago, TomStev
Well executed, easy to use.
App is well executed and easy to use. They only get 4 stars though because it shows all my accounts but does not allow access to credit card account. Fix this and I'll give 5 stars.
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