Full Deck Solitaire

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GRL Games
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2 years ago
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10.9 or later
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User Reviews for Full Deck Solitaire

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6 years ago, MAyBuelna
A great and trouble free app
I enjoy playing solitaire and have never had a problem with the app until a week or so ago when it would crash whenver I changed or customized the background with personal pictures. I didn’t know if I had done something in error and caused the problem or what. I tried restarting and changed settings to no avail. The only thing I could of doing was to keep sending the crash reports hoping it would be fixed but 2 days went by and nothing was fixed. Work finally demanded my full attention and time making me forget the app until today. After restarting my Mac for a security update I noticed this app had been updated 3 days before and found a short message acknowledging there having been a problem but was now fixed. I appreciate that extra step and am grateful this app is working as great and trouble free as ever.
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4 years ago, wmleler
Nice, but missing some features
Pros: You can quit the app in the middle of a game and when you start it back up the game comes back up where you left it. This solved one of the things that has really bothered me about other solitare apps, which is finding you need to reboot or something and this causes you to lose a game. Cons: I have only played Freecell, but their version of this game is missing some features that make it a bit annoying to play. First, you are limited in the size of a stack of cards based on the number of open freecell spaces, even if there are empty spaces in the tableau. So moving a large stack of cards can take a large number of unnecessary moves. Second, when you click on a card so that the game decides where to move it, the game often seems to pick the worst possible move. It will typically not move the card to a stack, moving it to an open cell in the tableau, which is pretty much never the right move. Or it will move the card to the foundation, when you need the card to remain in the tableau so you can use it to build a stack. These behaviors need to be fixed. I find myself reversing most of the automatic moves using undo.
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3 years ago, Paul Pomeroy
A love/hate thing ...
I've really enjoyed playing Klondike 1 with winnable deals. Far from boring, "winnable" doesn't always mean "easily winnable" and some games are a real challenge. HOWEVER, getting the app to deal winnable hands is badly designed. If you close the app after you've finished a game then when you reopen it the app deals you a game that may or may not be winnable and after you've finished the first game you aren't ginve the option for a winnable deal but hae to first go to the menu (but after that first game you are given the "winnable deal" option when you finish a game). What the app needs is an option to ALWAYS deal winnable games. [For some reason, today after I finished a game the "winnable deal" option didn't show up at all––not in the normal "redeal" popup and not in menu. The only choice I had was to either do a "normal" deal or quit the game and hope the winnable option would be there when I restarted it. I decided to restart the app and, sure enough, it dealt me an unwinnable hand. I had a VERY long win streak going (over 1000 games in a row over a period of many months). It is really frustrating to have that reset back to zero because of an app error.]
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1 year ago, Pikur71
Total waste of money & time
This game, and I refer to the basic Klondike Solitaire/draw one, is corrupt and a scam. I've had this game since 2017, 6 years, and the frrst thing I noticed is there's no explanation for the scoring system, and I've tried contacting them to request it numerous times with no response. I started keeping track of their scoring, just of wins and losses, and frequently found that when I won, it was not recorded, but every time I lost, it was. I also learned that If I restarted before losing and moving on, no loss was recorded at all, so I figured what the heck ... right? When they added in "winnable deal" I liked that as it gave me a better chance at a high score record for myself, and saved me time at games that were unwinnable ... until that feature stopped for no reason. Fast forward a few years and they finally issued an upgrade that supposedly fixed that. That made me somewhat more satified with the game, until it suddenly stopped working a week ago. I think it's time to just throw this away and forget about the liitle amount of money I wasted. In case anyone taking the time to read this thinks I'm just a whiner, I suggest you scroll through their reviews ...
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4 years ago, Hoeschen650
Fun game, but minor irritations
First, I enjoy playing Full Deck Solitaire. It has many features and options that I find to be of value, such as the undo, turning on or off the timer and score reduction mechanism, etc. The thing I find irritating is that many, many times on redealing cards for a new game I find the same card denomination face up in the foundation, like three or four 5's or three or four 7's face up. Sure this can happen when playing with a real deck of cards (not on a computer), but this happens with too great a frequency to be truly random. The same situation applies to playing a card from one stack in the foundation to another and the same card color and denomination appears underneath it. Again, too frequently to be random. One otherr thing is that when clicking on the top card in the stock pile what looks like a duplicate card to the top stock pile card shuffles back and forth from the stock pile to the waste pile, kinda like a duplicate or ghost card. Makes one rather suspicious of the card-turning algorhythm. The shuffling algorhythm is somewhat questionable as well.
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4 years ago, dfelliott
Great app, a few minor bugs
This is a great app usable by all ages and all kinds of users, including former users of other computing platforms that come standard with solitaire apps. This is the one to get. I'd give it a 5/5 except it has a few minor bugs that are particularly noticeable in the Spider game and sometimes in the Freecell game. One in particular makes otherwise impossible moves. Fortunately undo works in this case. Unfortunately it never seems to glitch on one of those impossible moves when you really feel like cheating, only when you're already winning the game. Also, as another reviewer has stated the Freecell variant only allows you to move a stack of as many cards as you have open cells, plus one. It does not consider that if you have an open tableau column you can move twice that many. It's not the end of the world, but it's the first thing users coming from other platforms notice and it would be really nice to have that feature implemented.
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6 years ago, alsonottoopleased
Not really up to snuff
I use this because the offerings are limited, bnut it’s not up to the one on Windows. I’ve found several parameters that are necessary before a game (in any app) has any chance of being completed, so I tend to keep restarting the game until I see the right sorts of setup. That’s not guarantee of success, of course, but keeps me from wasting time with sure losers. The issue is that many times, at least one of the cards does not change when a game is restarted. The Queen of Herats in the third position, for example, will be the same after the restart. I also note that, in several hundred games, I have hit 3000 points only twice, and it doesn’t seem to matter how long or short the game is — virtually every one is scored between 2800 and 2970. Note that I do hold the top two scores on the game on a Windows box where I sometimes volunteer, so the scoring here is very odd and frustrating. Finally, I find it bothersome to have to now resize the screen every time I turn the thing on. It ought to hold my settings
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6 years ago, sgtfirestorm
Extremely good though I have 1 tiny issue I wish the developers would fix
Ok, so this is easily the best solitaire game you can get for Mac. Large selection of games, very well setup program, total delight to use. Now for my one small little issue. When you turn off scoring, it still shows a score at the end of the game if you win. I wish the developers would make it to where when you turn off scoring, you see no score at all, anywhere in the game. It’s a very small thing for me, something that really is just a nag because I don’t play solitaire to attain a score, I like to just take my time and enjoy the game. So that’s why I’d like to see that one small thing changed, just for us to like solitaire because solitaire is awesome, no score needed. Otherwise, thanks for the awesome game devs.
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8 years ago, FlamingEmber
Background moving waves?
I love this background but it would be so much more wonderful IF there was ocean sounds of the waves or seagulls to be heard as well! The clarity of the cards and background also makes it easy to see. I have been playing for some time and just RECENTLY saw that the base card placard has the beginning card listed right in the space! DUH, I’ve been moving one of my next base cards to the far right because after a few cards have been added to the baseboard I had forgotten what I was looking for! So now knowing that it made the game more easy to play w/o making so many mistakes of forgetting what the beginning card was and skipping past it over and over! Thanks for the variety. I would like to see the 3 shuffles and a draw version in here that lets you fill empty spaces w/ any card, though. You name for this game is a similar version named "La Belle Lucie”
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6 years ago, Hestenrestenfester
Have spent thousands of hours playing!
I have noticed a few bugs, In Grandfathers Clock, there are frequentlyy cards thet can’t be moved, but show as moves if you click hint, most memoryble is the Ace of clubs. This game often wont let the light turn red, indicating that it’s finished. In Texas Hold Em, It sometimes gets the winning hand wrong, If theree are five suited cards and four of them are also in a straight, in the same hand, it calls thet a straight flush. And just tonightt, I lost an $815 dollar pot to a smaller full house. The AI player had three 4’s and two 8’s, I had three 8’s and three 4’s, so my full house should be 8’s over 4’s, but the game said I only had three of a kind. These bugs are quite minor, and will never stop me from playing. I would also like to see an easier way to report bugs.
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6 years ago, pa patch
There is many good things that work well and only a few bugs.
This app has many cool games and feature and creates quite a relaxing meditation that help your mind come to order and get through your thoughts. I am not the best review to read since i only zone with one suit of spider and not any other games do I even open to check out. The bugs are rare but interesting when they show up. I like the but with a delayed last minute card is flip when a new game is started. Reminds me of a good friend and class mate back in high school days coming late to home room consistently. just cant help but to smile when that shoots in place buy its self when all the other cards are already dealt… Whats not to Love! Patch T Hbg. PA I give it a big 5 stars!!!!!
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6 years ago, nkovalenko2004
FIXED: Bring back undo!
UPDATE: The developers were quick to fix this problem, and I am entirely satisfied with the solution. I’m back to quite a bit of time playing this excellent game collection. Well done! I used to greatly enjoy playing this game, and would spend quite a bit of time at it. However, with the latest update the Undo option no longer works in the Canfield game; it brings up an in-app purchase drop down instead, either from the keyboard or the menu. There seems to be no way to get past this. If I can’t undo an unintentional mistake, I have no interest in playing any of the games herein. Sorry, you’ve lost a customer.
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1 year ago, Need2knowAlso
Some nice features but flawed
The selection of games in the paid version is pretty good and in some ways the play is intuitive, but there are a lot of little things that don't work as well. Instructions are often only partially accurate -- I don't mean that the game is played different from some official version; I mean that the instructions are not accurate for THIS game. The challenges can be fun, but (for example) if you're used to double-clicking on a card to play it, the card doesn't always go where it should logically go. In the challenges, the number of plays matters, and each misplayed card counts against you, even when the game does it. If you want to do challenges, prob best to assume that the game is completely ignorant and move the cards yourself.
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3 years ago, Move2010
Portrait Setting
I have played this game every morning for a couple of years. Recently, after updating, the game started up in portrait setting. I looked to see where I might switch to landscape and, for some reason, I can’t find it. The portrait is too small for my older eyes and I find it nearly unplayable in this mode. I like everything else about the updates. I also know myself and figure I’m making this much more difficult than it is. I play this on my iPhone , so perhaps there is something I’m overlooking on the phone set up. Other than this, I love this game and all of the selections. I hope to play it again when I can switch it off portrait!!
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8 years ago, Mirigall
Full Deck Solitaire
I just moved to a new Mac from one on which I could play Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire, and without my solitaire fix on the new computer I was having real withdrawal symptoms until I found Full Deck Solitaire. I promptly became addicted to Red and Black and realized I could live without Eric’s. I haven’t tried any of the other Full Deck games but I expect to find a few more to which I will become addicted. I had no problem in figuring out how to play it, the menu and options are easy to use, the cards are easy to read and it’s nice to be able to enlarge them just by enlarging the “box", and I even like the sound effects. Thank you to GRL Games for a great solitaire!
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5 years ago, Irishrockdoc
This application was once good, now it is horrible!
This application was once good. Now, it is causing severe RAM lag, without any other application or browser running! To prove this, I ran a RAM cleaner while running this Solitare application to monitor the RAM usage and ran the Solitare application without anything else. The RAM lag was present in both scenarios and had shown at any random times. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the Solitare application and did the same variable testing again. The same thing happened again, severe RAM lag, at random! Even worse, after the uninstall and reinstall, the RAM lag problem through random, became very persistent! A separate issue: When the RAM lag happens too often, the audio driver for the OS is disabled. You have to reboot the Mac computer in order to restart the audio driver for the OS! This Solitare application needs to be taken down from the Apple App Store and rebuilt to remove the RAM lag bug!
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6 years ago, BirchwoodBare
It works reliably and deals quickly
I've had the game for a couple of months and have had no issues with it. I mainly play Spider Solitaire 2 Suites and Freecell on a Mac and the program never hangs up, slows up the computer or has issues with deals. Very reliable. The only annoying thing is the reminder to review it. Hopefully that goes away now that I have reviewed it. — A quick update to the review above: I have now had it for well over a year. I still mainly use it for those two games, but it works well and cards move naturally. I enjoy the app. (Still annoyed by the reminder to review it continuously, though.)
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6 years ago, Mike Galgoczy
Major problems with the poker game
Firstly, I would like to say I really enjoy playing Full Deck Solitaire’s solitaire very much. Only recently I discovered there exist poker games on FDS as well. I began playing and was immediately dissapointed. Several errors exist within the game that ruin its playability. Firstly, sometimes, when clicking the all-in option, the game stops and will not continue without closing and re-opening the app. You have no way of winning said hand. Also, sometimes certain hands are ruled incorrectly. This is a major cripple to an otherwise great game. I have lost several hands I should not have lost due to an incorrect ruling. These errors have persisted through several updates. If said errors are fixed, I will gladly change to five stars, but for the time being I will not play poker on such a poor system.
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4 years ago, Nick...name
I am addicted!
This is such a good version of Solitaire. The moves are easy. You just click on a card and if it can move it will more to the nearest stack. You can also drag cards from one stack to another and this brings me to my only complaint--amidst a hundred good feelings--about this product. That is, you must drag cards or stacks of cards carefully. Yellow guide lines pop up and show you where your cards will land but unless you line the cards up sort of carefully, they will snap back to where they were. Still, this annoyance is not enough for me to rate this program lower than 5 stars. Especially because it is free!
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4 years ago, timmonsk
Good but needs a change in settings
I only have one thing that I would change about this game to give it a 5 stars. I really love the ease of this game and being able to just click on the card and it moves itself to where it needs to go. Makes it a fun quick game. I am one to sit and relax and play solitare a lot. The downfall of this game is there is no way to turn the sound and the effects off. When I am playing it's because I am watching a movie or listening to music of some kind and all I can hear is the clicking noises in the background. I would love to see a feature to have the ability to silence the game so I can hear what's going on from my other stuff.
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3 years ago, Zildjiancat
This app's developers ROCK!!! 10 stars!!!
When I updated my Mac to the OS system Big Sur, all my accrued data was lost on Full Deck Solitaire. I was heartbroken! I emailed the developers with my concern as well as posted a 1-star review explaining the same. I am so happy to say they were super fast getting back to me via email and resolved the issue!!! I am back where I was before. They are truly wonderful and attentive, and obviously care about their users, unlike so may other apps. Thank you Full Deck Solitaire (and a big special shout-out to Lori)!!! I'd give you 10 stars if I could. Thank you!!!
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8 years ago, 5280Tom
Thieves of Egypt
I really like solitaire and the twin deck appealed to me. At 81 years of age, I have played a lot of solitaire games. I know that this game is programmed to play certain ways. When I click on a card and get the same card under it too often for just chance. When I look at the cards after a bit of play there are the same value of cards on six or seven of the same pip value are exposed across the shown cards. Come On!!! I have been playing this game for about six or seven months now and it is really frustrating as it seems to get harder and harder to get a win. I would like to see the cards really shuffled by the programmer to emulate the real world. I do like the interface, I am on a mac, and the ocean waves are soothing.
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6 years ago, nicknamefeatureis tedious
Good version of solitaire
I’ve only recently downloaded this version of solitaire because my previous widget version was getting flaky as I updated my computer. I like that it has an auto finish option that allows me to finish the game when all cards are revealed rather than having to click on each card. This is a great way to give myself something active to do while I’m watching TV and chatting with friends. I have noticed some glitches when trying to use the view window to change card size, though. The game crashes when I try to find the right size not to obstruct the rest of the screen, and has to be restarted.
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4 years ago, 8675302-guy
A great solitaire app
Over the years, and across several personal computing platforms, I've always played Solitaire to kill some idle time. Every version, from the first simple Klondike game on Windows to what's offered for various distros of Linux, has had shortcomings. Some are simply ugly. Some are annoying in their performance (I'm looking at you, Microsoft). Since I began using the Mac platform, I have found that Full Deck Solitaire is my go-to Solitaire app. No other app has come even close to its quality. For my money, this is the app to use if you want to play enjoyable games of Solitaire, in all its variations.
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6 years ago, NicknamesRUnnecessary
Very Confusing
Why are there almost 9,000 reviews but only a handful available to read? Do you have something to hide? Hate the Texas Hold’Em. The betting is pointless, the game is boring as it is set up; it’s just not well done. You shouldn’t have released it if it isn’t the quality of your other games, and it isn’t even close. And why does your challenge games now cost money to play? Never going to pay you money for those. Your game was fine as it was. You should have left it alone. Oh, and your website is WAY out of date. Either keep it updated or remove the parts that are time sensitive. For example, “Press Room.” What is that all about? There is no press information there, no articles or links, just paragraphs that are not at all press related.
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4 years ago, ?Old guy?
June 2020 update
I have been playing this game a long time and like it very much. However, in the latest update I lost the sounds that go with the game. It is much less satisfying and I would appreciate it if those were brought back. I will try it every now and then to see if it has been fixed, but will not play it regularly as I had been doing. (And no, I did not accidentily mute my computor.) Bring back the sounds and I will give you the five star rating it should have. Latest - deleted and re-downloaded app, now works like it did. Definite 5 star
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4 years ago, Janice Stark
The background feature of flowing water adds to the relaxing nature of this game. My only wish is there would be some sort of sound to enhance the scene. The Russian Solitaire is a bit glitchy as it will say there are no more moves when there are. However it doesn't take away from the joy of playing this game. UPDATE: The developers quickly fixed the glitch in this game making it that more enjoyable to play. I would give it 10 stars if that option were available. Great game, amazing graphics, and also a great way to relax and regroup.
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8 years ago, KathleenR
What an improvement over my former Solitaire app!
I changed to this app after updating my Mac several months ago when I could no longer access the old Solitaire app. I’m only using the freebies—lots of them. Directions for each game are very simple and clear. Love the variety of games. A couple of them lay out so many cards at once that they are quite small which makes it difficult to see them, but I’ll survive :) I’m happy with my watery background and the cute sounds I get when I win a game. If I get tired of these and want more challenge, there are some I can buy. We’ll see. Meantime, I’m very happy with this app!
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3 years ago, shiningsee
The Pinacle of Card Game Development
Smooth game play, beautiful graphics and well-designed controls, and generous customization options—all for free and not a single ad in sight. Thank you GRL games for providing a wonderful antidote to the scourge of modern games that frantically focus on maximum dollar extraction at the expense of the true purpose of games—fun and relaxation! Folks, if you don't like the direction things have been going with constant ad interruptions, expensive add-ons and unjustified subscriptions, then we need to support developers like GRL games instead of lazily putting up with that other garbage. I'll be purchasing a game pack even though I'm not likely to play most of those games. But I'd like to register an enthusiastic request for AI-based Hearts which is my favorite card game. Being unsatisfied with the alternatives out there, I'd pay for Hearts by itself.
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6 years ago, Reorge
Some frustrating issues
I like the look of the cards and enjoy your games but there are a few issues that take away from your App. When moving a card from A to B I have to be very deliberate on placing the card or it will spring back to A, this is very disruptive and slows game play. The Stats system has mis-tracked my scores. I have started and won 902 games of Spider 2 Suit (no small feat!). The Stats system has recorded 5 losses which is incorrect. Finally, when I open the App. I’m taken to the last game I played but should take me to the menu so I can choose which game to play. Thanks for making an enjoyable App. I hope that you can take a look at these issues.
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7 years ago, dlcatftwin
Full Deck Solitaire
For free, this game is as good as they come. Solid 2D graphics, pleasant background, enjoyable game play - full screen to reduce distractions when you need down time. It is free and devoid of intruding ads. I rank it 4 stars, only because the audio tends to be a tad behind the visual, giving it a quirky feel (for the record, my audio is delivered through an external Avid audio interface, not native audio, and it has its own Core Audio driver - perhaps the game’s audio driver needs to be adjusted for full universal Core audio?). As others have posted, not providing some sort of ambient sound, like ocean waves, is an obvious miss. An excellent app, nonetheless.
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6 years ago, EJB59
Fun app
Thank goodness there is a Solitaire app that has the games I enjoyed from another app that nolonger works because the company failed to update it with Apples newest Mac OS. The only reason I gave this 4 out of 5 stars was that on a lot of the games, the scoring makes no sense. I don’t play for score or if I do it is on the Klondike games were I was taught that each card was worth 5 points and if you got at least 11 cards up, it was a winning hand overcoming the 52 point deficit you started out with. The app is fun, the graphics look great and the initial package had most of the games I played with the added bonus of Texas Hold’em.
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6 years ago, Regi_mented
Good Fix but Needs More
Appreciate you fixing that annoying beep when your mouse doesn’t hit exactly on the card or there’s no move. Also appreciate removing the locked in resizing restraint, however, it’s still not back to the way it was before. There is still a restraint on it that keeps you from simply enlarging the space around the cards. I hate having the card lines grow only to get smaller because their reaching the verticle limit. Please remove this and return it to where it was before the last upgrade and later fix. Thanks. Love the game. Keep up the great work!!
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8 years ago, FinerC
Gorgeous Cards
I really enjoy several of the games, Free Cell and Spider are my favorites. The only aggravation I've had after years of use is that it will only auto attach a stack to the left, even when there's a stack to the right waiting for the rest - it goes to an empty column on the left. A minor quibble but something to get used to. Other than that I love this series of games, they've helped me kill a lot of hours and the card designs are gorgeous and "embiggen" enough even for those who don't see well. Well done!
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6 years ago, Memyselfand1j
Stop updating (breaking) the app
I play this a lot. But I swear you all keep breaking it when you update and then have to re-update to fix your problems. What’s wrong with this update you may ask? 1. It fails to play a legit move… often. For instance play card from deck, click again quicly and the next card is also legit, but I get the annoying cricket sound. 2. Click on red 10 and a red eigh from another stack moves over but not the black nine it was on top… ? It was wroking fine after the last re-update you made to fix the errors in the penultimate update. Please eitehr hire aomeone to test you app or fix it for once and for all.
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4 years ago, Rev DWJ
Nice but needs some minor fixs
My gripe is that the programming is not consistent. Example: Spider 1 suit when there are empty columns, having completed several suits leaving voids, the click on card or stack to move it to an empty column works sometimes, most of the time not. Sometimes the card/stack will go to an enpty spot whether tere is one or more tthan one possible locaion. Other times, nothing happens autoatically. I can't figure out the trigger. I then have to drag the card or stack to the emoty spot and that is a fussy prospect. If I don't line it up and wait for the outline to appear, the card/stack reverts to its former position.
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8 years ago, UQo=
Not without flaws
This software itself is pretty great except for a few easily reproducible bugs that generally don’t impact gameplay if undo is available. My biggest issue with this software is that it nearly constantly pesters you to purchase new products or review the software itself. The reason this is such a disturbance is because I paid for the software to use it without advertisements, there are free versions I could play if I wanted to deal with advertising. I would rate it higher if it had the ability to disable advertisements and notifications but as of now there is no such option.
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6 years ago, Macaroni555
I don't know if this is a virus or not, but I keep on getting a popup saying "Lady Luck Smiles On You" with a dollar amount. This happens on both betting games like Vegas Solitaire, but also on Spider Solitare 4 Suits where there's no betting. I sent in a comment form to the developers about this, but haven't gotten a response yet. This popup is so persistent that I think it can't be a part of these games. I've deleted the program and won't go back to it because of this, which is too bad because the games are otherwise very nice.
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4 years ago, silvertip100
Fun games, but slow to play out
There are many fun games contained in the package. You can customize the look of both the backgrounds and cards. The newest version of Windows no longer supported the Freecell game I have been playing for the last 20 years, so downloaded this package. The one thing that drives me nuts is once you solve a game and allow the software to finish bringing cards to the top, it is extremely slow, no matter which game you play. I am so used to the old Freecell game dazzling you with a speedy wrap up of the game.
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5 years ago, spiralbound
good app
I like this solitaire app. I can make the cards old fashioned looking and change the background so it's not real bright. I dislike the cartoonish and real brightness some apps have. The fault with ALL card apps is the algorithm they all use. It's just not realistic no matter the app. They all have patterns I can sense right off the bat. I wish industry would upgrade the thing. Developer, hope you are listening. I know it doesn't belong to you per se, but please put in a say-so so this can be done.
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4 years ago, KarunaPapa
A few moments of peace
There are several features I am not fond of. However, if one fools around enough with different games, relatively easy ones will be found (any of several) that allow a decompression from the daily routine. Simple, no tricks and, best of all, no adds. I do not need an intellectual challenge of any particular vigour during I my relaxation or during a deliberate change of pace. MY articles, maps and drawings are better because of a break or two with cards,
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4 years ago, Tipsea
full Deck Solitaire & Texas Hold
When I need to relax - or just practice, Full Deck Solitare is one of my favorite escapes. The Texas Hold’em format also helps me to practice and tune up my skills before the neighborhood game or a trip to the casino. It helps to refresh and hone my game skills. I have a suggested improvement for the game format. Changing the card size doesn’t respond or doesn’t properly work. My poor vision has difficulty identifying what cards are showing on the tiny cards full screen display in Texas Hold’em. Other than this one issue, I give these games a 5 STAR review.
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8 years ago, vjglaser
Full Deck Solitaire
It’s OK. The games play a bit slow for my purposes. Play mostly Spider Solitaire which has a few shortcomings such as not being able to move a single card to an empty spot by clicking on it and moving a straight of cards to another card of the same suit can be exasperating sometimes as it then has to be moved manually instead of just clicking on it. Obviously your programmers don’t play the games with an objective eye in order to improve it.
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6 years ago, S Alexa W
Annoying Problem
Have had this app on my Mac for almost a year with no problems. Using plain green background/wallpaper (what’s the difference?). Decided to see if there might be another background I might want to use. Selected Background under View menu but instead of getting usual choices, was put into Finder. Now I’m suddenly stuck with the ocean background - and the very helpful button on the bottom of the screen next to Undo is gone. I’m using this button a lot with Thieves of Egypt and Pyramid. Now I find this too annoying to use. I did send an email to the app support group so possibly they can tell me how to fix this. Fingers crossed.
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6 years ago, RichardEllis
This version was poorly done
I like the Solitare game and have one open on my desktop most of the time. Unfortunately the recent update introduced several issues. First, you cannot silence the app. With silence turned on you still get boing sounds whenever you click the mouse that is not a valid choice. If you click the mouse to see where it is, boing, if you click it but don’t grab the right number of cards, boing. Silence should mean silence. I can no longer play this game discretely. Second problem with this version is the wasted space. There are now wide bars of unused space on either side of the deck. In order to be able to see the cards I have to enlarge the window to at least 50% greater than I had with the last version. On my laptop that means it’s either Solitare or another application in view, no longer both. So now I can’t leave the system sound on which would alert me to a text, email or other event and I can’t leave the window open as it covers up too much of the screen space. Sorry, I can no longer use this app
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5 years ago, Loser at Vegas
Vegas Solitaire Fails
With this game, I have played hundreds of Klondike games, winning about two out of 25 games played, more or less. But when I play in the same manner the Vegas game, I almost never win, and my "money" total always goes down and down. The only way I can continue is to have the "Congrats, you have a bonus of $200 (or whatever). Click on 'Awesome' to continue." I may not play in the most efficient way, but I play both games the same, making sure I do not miss a card... ever. So what's with the difference in results? Something screwy here, I'd say. If anyone has an answer, let me know!
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8 years ago, leapopski
Smooth playing, many Solitaire variants
Although I mostly stick with Spider, I’ve tried all the games in the Full Deck package and have no complaints about any of them. The instructions are all very clear (though a new style of Solitaire is hard to fully get until you’ve played it). I particularly like that the undo option is readily usable, including with the usual keyboard shortcut, and that you can go back as far as you need to. The stats kept are useful, as well.
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4 years ago, 1983Spartan
Addictive, but I love it!!
I've been playing solitaire since I was a kid using a simple deck of cards. I no longer have any cards, but found this to fill my love of the game, and couldn't be happier. It has a beautiful layout with beautiful graphics that makes playing it enjoyable, and at least for me, relaxing. I've played others, but none compare to this one for quality and ease of use. This is one game I would highly recommend for anyone who loves to play solitaire.
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3 years ago, KierL_
Pretty chill, but needs tweaking.
This is the best solitaire game on the market. The only issue I have is the outro music when you win a match is SO loud. I have to exit the game immediately after the match is done to stop the music from playing. The only option is to turn the sound completely off or play with the sound and suffer through it. Edit: Omg, the option was actually there all along. Ty developers!
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4 years ago, Lacytoo
Few options
This is one of the best overall collection of card games I've seen. I don't usually care for sounds but I am amused by both the sounds and the card actions. The games are just hard enough to challenge and keep you engaged. The one downside to me is the lack of options within the games, or a choice for some of the "impossible" to win games to make them more enjoyable (i.e. Thieves of Egypt). There are also a couple instances of duplicate games under different names. Overall, I really enjoy this game.
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