Fun Bridge

4.6 (11.8K)
188.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
GOTO Games
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fun Bridge

4.58 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Rockin Guitar player
Fantastic but slightly inaccurate
This is one of the best apps for playing Bridge on the store. I was having a blast playing and learning how to play such a unique card game, however there were some discrepancies. After doing some research on the game and reading well documented texts on correct bidding, the A.I. In this game is actually in correct in a lot of ways. The bids and such aren’t accurate to hand strength and length. For instance, I was playing a round and we were on the 2nd or 3rd round. The A.I. Jumped from 1 spade to 4 spades!! WHAT? We didn’t nearly have enough points combined and after the dummy went down his hand revealed only to have 2 spades compared to about 6 or so in clubs...we should’ve been playing clubs but the AI was communicating spades the entire match. This is very frustrating from the AI and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround at all. Overall, at least it’s slightly playable, but it is messing with my score for sure.
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4 years ago, Pivotrm
Funbridge vs BBO
They’re very different games. Funbridge allows you to compete against your friends or others. BBO I use to play with my friends as partners. Funbridge is different in several ways. The robots on Funbridge are significantly better than BBO. Competing against their Argina requires concentration. Funbridge significantly speeds up the game as well. By conceding all tricks late in the game when appropriate. Also by playing singletons automatically. It also allows you to play at your convenience without coordinating a time with your friends. BBO does a good job of moving the game along with time limits. It also awards master points and allows chats with your opponents. I enjoy finding out where others are from. Played against some from Sweden, LA and a variety of places. All of us are doing the same thing. Hiding out from the virus.
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3 weeks ago, Journeyman2015
Good concept, just needs some improvements
First the good: The app absolutely has more than immediately meets the eye. If you’re like me and going to a physical club isn’t an option for whatever reason, this is a viable substitute. The bad: The beginner course left me wanting. It’s not a disaster by any means (I knew it was truly a beginner course when it began from “there are 52 cards in the deck”, which from my understanding is something that ACBL-certified teachers don’t want to do), but there isn’t enough interaction in the lesson hands, which is something I need because I learn differently. There doesn’t seem to be a way to reach out to a qualified teacher if a concept doesn’t make sense, either. Those two things are nitpicks, but it’s enough to make me take a star away from my rating. I’ll give it another chance because it’s the closest I’ve been able to come to a viable learning tool, but at present I will need to find another resource first which may or may not be forthcoming.
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4 years ago, Mombridge
I love Funbridge, but new update is horrible!
I play Funbridge every day (multiple games) and have for a few years. It is one of my favorite little moments of relaxation. However, today I updated it and the new version is SO BAD that I seriously may have to stop playing! It is really hard on the eyes! There is something about the way it’s lit that makes it almost unbearable to look at on my phone. All the new added features are also annoying intrusions onto the experience. Funbridge has a beautiful, clear, simple interface— why would they do this? I’m seriously getting a headache after playing on the new screen one time. Please, please reconsider! Just updating this review because I thought I would receive a response that actually reflected the seriousness of my complaint. I really do find the update of Funbridge unplayable. I downloaded the computer version, which still looks the way the old phone one did, but I much preferred playing it on my phone. Is anyone at GOTO actually listening to these complaints? I’ve yet to see a single review that wasn’t appalled by the new version and getting ready to change apps.
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5 years ago, Princeofroles
Good App for learning (or relearning) Bridge
Revised July 2019 - tried 3 month trial, but appears impossible to opt out of auto renewal! Have spent over an hour trying to cancel, think I'll have to cancel my credit card. Decent program, but unbelievable customer service!! I learned to play bridge 50 years ago, then tried online bridge 20 years ago. At that time, getting to play and talk with people from around the world, but the AI for computer players was terrible! Fast forward to 2019, and being retired decided to take up bridge again at a local club. Funbridge has been great for relearning playing hands, as well as learning new bidding conventions. The feedback is useful, game plays quickly, and the AI is very good. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that it is expensive to play past your initial free hands, so will probably have to drop it soon, but if you have the $ it's a good program, and free to try in either case.
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4 years ago, Betsy N.
In this time that the world is trying to comprehend and deal with the crisis that has forced its way into out lives. Funbridge has helped us to remain sane and free our minds to enjoy the game of bridge again, even for as much time or as little time as one can keep their focus on bridge. Thank you for giving us the venue to keep in touch with our bridge playing friends from all over the world. I have learned that kindness goes a long way in helping your attitude during this pandemic. My fellow bridge mates that I play with From Australia to Texas, Sweden to France, New Jersey to California. England, and all the other people I have missed to mention their countries, have shown compassion, thoughtfulness, kindness and friendship. FunBridge you should be very proud of what you have done. Great Job. ❤️ Betsy
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Fun Bridge
The game is better than some in that it moves along more quickly. Worst part is that you have no concept of partner background and cannot leave game when really playing with an idiot - unless you forfeit. Frustrating to be linked with partner who is clueless and does not take time to read what partner bid might mean. Nor can you comment. Very frustrating! Started out free - you keep moving the price bar. Know we r at disadvantage because under "Apple" control. Too bad. I 100 % agree with the person above - not to mention what it does to one’s score! It seems like people just want to bid quickly - not knowing or reading and it is most frustrating. The match up is often mediocre and again, you cannot comment nor do anything that creates fairness when you exit the game. As well, “the engine” as you refer to it is DOWN FREQUENTLY for maintenance. The game is not new and shouldn’t have so many pitfalls!
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8 months ago, Love flow pipe
Conventions annoying
I am a beginner to intermediate bridge player and I find the conventions a pain in the neck I did write a comment to Phone Bridge and let them know that we should be able to change somebody some of the conventions they will not let us do this I never know when the landing at the Druery some reason the conventions come up I think there should be an option to be able to decide which conventions you want to play I agree with the last review that I read that the odds are not in favor of finances etc. the probability is not logical So if we should be written so that a player should be able to make the decisions that they want to make regarding which conventions they play in their bidding systems
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6 years ago, delematz
They should call this "No fun bridge"
The app is ruined because deals are not random. The key finesse is always off, trumps don't break, etc. If you have AQ the King is offside 99% of the time. OK that is an exaggeration, since it is actually offside 100% of the time. Play for the stiff King, that at least works some of the time. And I am getting really tired of the defense coming up with the magic singleton opposite an Ace to beat otherwise good contracts. The app also cheats - when you defend the declarer will not take a losing finesse when it is logical to do so, and plays a suit the wrong way instead, except as the cards lie it works. I have played way, way too much real bridge, and know this is NOT random probability. Good contracts that make most of the time don't make here because the normal laws of probability don't apply. And there you go, you just wasted money to play a lousy hand with bad breaks. Why does No Fun Bridge go out of their way to do this to you??? Don't say you weren't warned. Update: has improved somewhat but still not random.
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3 months ago, Jane Mercer
Fun Bridge
Play Funbridge everyday. Have mentioned it before....PLEASE CHANGE THE NUMBER OF GAMES IN CHALLENGE A PLAYER. The accumulated total of games is irritating. Don’t know if I am progressing. Keep the number of games reduce to 30 games and then start over. I am thinking of changing over to BBO just for this reason. I have been a Funbridge player since 2012. Some of my other partners have left Funbridge just for this reason. No action has been taken to reduce the number of games ..... accumulating over 1000 games….. Have mentioned this before. Please change accumulation of games. Run a series of 30 games with one player and start over again. You are killing competitiveness.
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5 years ago, norleenz
Extremely Poor Tech Support!
As we sometimes see with multiple devices and logins, there can be crossovers. Unfortunately it seems my husband’s account and mine are connected taking away the ability for me to purchase a year of deals. I spent days figuring things out even deleting the app off my devices. Tech support was not only not helpful but discourteous in some of their responses. As you provide a phone number for tech communication I asked if they could call as the written online messaging was not going well. They didn’t call, they closed the ticket 2x mid discussion and I am paying for a subscription I don’t want as it was the only one the program would allow or else I couldn’t get deals. The app is ok but hope you don’t ever need tech support!
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2 years ago, Hanky Lee
You’re Building
Besides the fact that the bidding on my computer is horrible it’s sometimes totally unimaginable I wish I had the time in the wherewithal to tell you some of the horror you have made it’s embarrassing also the playing of the hands I would like to scream oh my God not again I wish I had the ability to get a A life partner maybe one day I’ll get lucky but anyways I enjoy playing the hands but again the bedding is horribleMake lots of money I don’t ever expect to talk to a live person so goodbye and have a nice day
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5 years ago, EddieHask
No Random Deals
One of the most consistantly frustrating games I've played. You expect the finesses to work 50% of the time. I've kept track for about a month now and they work about 2% of the time. K - J on the board? Don't worry.... you can count on the player to your right holding the A - Q. Leading to a K? Almost 100% of the time the A will be behind the K. I saw in one of the reviews that the developers claim it's 50%. That's just plain Bravo Siera. I have hands left with my credit, but I'm deleting the app and will look elsewhere. Forgot to mention, if you're playing in a tournament, don't count on your partner having the same skill level as yourself. You will just be scratching your head alot. I am a developer and I really don't like giving bad reviews. I can appreciate the level of coding excelence that went into creating this app. Why the developers chose to make it so darn frustrating for users is beyond my comprehension.
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2 years ago, Citidiver
Not random hands
I echo the reviewer who called this NoFunBridge. Perhaps he exaggerated a bit but logical finesses based on opponents bidding and lay of the cards fails more than 80% of the time. And their technical support (French-based) has an attitude! Very defensive if trying to report a glitch in their “oh so great” bidding algorithm. And yet despite these vexatious problems, it’s still better than other apps...but not by much. UPDATE 11/22: After another year plus, I can further downgrade this app by adding that missing honors are not only not split but almost always both off side, and, even with no N/S bidding, the Algorithm, as declarer has missing cards onside far more than 50% of the time. Our advice? Stick with BBO. DONE with this.
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6 years ago, Kleinh007
Replay Difficulties
I love this app. I am sure it has improved my Bridge game significantly. One thing that I really like to do is replay hands, particularly when I do not do as well as the majority of others. However, replay has one very annoying and frustrating problem. If, when I go to choose a card from North, I miss the cards and hit green space by accident, I am thrown out of the replay. I cannot just go back and resume play, but must start all over again. When I miss and hit the green during normal play, I get thrown out but can resume normal play. So either don’t make missing the card throw you out ever or allow resumption of game on replay.
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1 year ago, ‘Frustrated
Funbridge is anything but fun. Your programmers must be sadistic since Funbridge always wins. It would be nice if you had your programmers sit down with average or even below average players to let us win once in a while. Here are a few examples where you could improve your program. When playing in a no trump contract the opponents opening lead is the 4th from his longest suit. Too often your program will lead a diamon, e.g, when it has only 3 small diamonds? Another example is having partner pass after you bid 1 nt! And again, let me once in a while have a successful finesse.
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5 years ago, azcowino
Be Warned!
I have been playing this App for several years. Almost 15,000 deals. Several of the previous comments are correct. Finesses almost never work! It is almost like the opposing cards change hands. Expect unconventional bids from your partner that always result in defeat and losing over -10 IMP’s when the computer’s bid was wrong. I have been “reporting deals” when they occur and have never heard from the owners of this App. No rebuttals, no teaching, no apologies, just silence?
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2 years ago, Took my nickname
Great but could be greater
I love fun bridge as a beginner. I play with the robot and then I can see how I did amongst others in that contact - and wants even better is the robot shows me how I could have done it better! But I do wish I could choose hands that allow you to play multiple games with an emphasis on a convention I am learning at the time. Other programs do that so now I have 2 bridge programs. To Fun Bridge developers - I would pay more if I could pick deals that I could practice multiple times with a specific convention rather than random after random
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3 years ago, Joetherob 1
Great user interface, bad bridge engine
I use this app all the time for several reasons: great user interface, challenging hands, and a great mix of international players. Unfortunately, the robot’s bidding and card play are biased and hurt your bridge game more than help it. Among them are: 1. Bad English: you can’t understand what certain bids are intended to mean. 2. Erratic bids: Even if you set up your bidding system carefully, the bridge engine doesn’t use your preferences. It seems to be stuck on the French 5 card major system. 3. Statistical anomalies abound, making this a poor learning tool. 4. Over 80% of finesses fail. 5. Robot partner makes a poor lead to declarer’s ace almost 100% of the time. 6. Robot opponents underbid 50% of the time.
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5 years ago, Hawaii464
I am so upset with this program. The person, computer playing as my partner doesn’t respond with the most basic rules of Bridge. When I open with a five card suit, the partner never supports the five card major, even holding 3 supporting my suit. ? Opens with less than opening hand at 1 diamond repeatedly. I open with one no trump, the ? always says one club/one diamond, I answer accordingly, and ? goes to 3 no trump no matter what. Accelerates to 6 no trump continuously. I will not renew my subscription. Frustrating beyond belief. I continue to play for my own practice, but will not renew. I have tried to have human contact several times, with no success. Thank you, Barbara Mitchell
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1 year ago, Nick T 57
Too buggy to play with a partner.
So playing as an individual seems to work OK. But playing with my partner is a nightmare. They seem to have fixed the bug that gave us the same hands over and over, but that may or may not have been a coincidental occurrence because it seems to have been fixed the first time I played after my subscription had expired. However, it still freezes far too often. Three or four days ago my partner and I played Argine on a table we created and we only completed one hand out of 8. The other seven had a freeze somewhere and one of us was kicked out for taking too long to play - as we waited for Argine to play. I had about 100 free hands left to play and 7 of them were wasted by these bugs. It is unplayable if there are two of you playing as partners. I tried several times to contact support through the form in the app but I never got an acknowledgment or reply from FunBridge support. My partner does get responses eventually but they are not helpful and problem still persists.
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4 years ago, Blackbetsy
Practice on Fun Bridge
Although I have played bridge for years I am still learning as I play the practice sessions on Fun Bridge. And especially helpful is the ability to replay the hand when I am not too pleased with my original results. And I can take advantage of the helpful hints on the second go or simply use my own skills to get a better result. It is also very relaxing in stressful times. Thank you Funbridge.
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10 months ago, annoyed1312
Entertaining and Infuriating
Pretty good app with some infuriating quirks. The good: can play tournaments 24 hours a day in different time zones, and see instantly how you rank. The bidding and card play interface is very simple and efficient. The engine is sometimes very smart. Not so good: 1. Response time sometimes very slow. There was a period of strange behavior with cards played out of sequence and 3-card tricks which seems to have now been fixed. 2. If there is only one possible direction to take a finesse, you will lose more than 90% of those. 3. When playing defense, it never returns my opening lead. Or any other lead. They have some cockeyed convention I gave up trying to understand. 4. During bidding, it often needs to just shut up and pass. The worst is if I bid by mistake. Once misinterpreted it will keep bidding what it thinks you meant, all the way up to 7 level.
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5 years ago, conmenace
Used to be good, now it’s terrible!
Bids and explanations are bizarre and unreliable. Often a weak 2 bid will state at least 6 of the WRONG suit. For example bidder opens 2 diamonds, bid explanation is that the bidder has 6 diamonds but he actually has 6 spades. This has happened multiple times. You can report the deal but nothing is done nor do they respond to you. Bids NT with 2 worthless doubletons. Sometimes the trick count is incorrect. Report this with screen shots that prove the trick count is wrong, they reply with the generic “can’t replicate the issue” as if you did something wrong. The leads often make no sense based on the bidding and the leaders holding. All this for 100USD a year. Avoid this site! Don’t waste your money.
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6 years ago, Wordiva smack
My favorite
This is my favorite bridge game app. By far. I love this game--you are compared to everyone else who played the same hands. You can practice with help available. Or play 20 hands in a tournament. Percentages are provided after every hand, with a total percentage in the tournament. I love this app. My husband and I challenge one another and this seems to really help our partnership at the Bridge Club. I can’t recommend this app enough!
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4 months ago, queen of hearts123
My addiction
I never go a day without playing a few (or many) tournaments , sometimes I Play in the middle of the night! My game has improved & Ive learned so much it’s amazing. This is a great way to help keep my 84 year old brain active. My husband was my bridge partner for over 25 years, after he passed it was difficult to find a new partner and once I installed Funbridge i was hooked!
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4 years ago, Piperberg
Poor partner
My partner makes some really bad bids! For instance, after bidding several times its plain to see from my hand that the best bid is 3 NT. But when I bid it , my partner will bid 4 clubs, which haven’t been mentioned or 4 hearts which haven’t been mentioned! If I say 4 NT we get too high. Turns out he’ll only have two cards in those suits. It just doesn’t make sense & he does it often!
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4 years ago, jsgok
Do away with cue bids
The use of cue bids are usually unhelpful and to continue to use them in bidding in the same hand can cause horrific consequences. Also lately when trying to up the bidding for possible slam. The response to 4 no Trump is to declare # of aces. Lately you have wanted key cards whic confuses the process. Maybe bridge for some has evolved but for most of use the use of cue bids and key cards are not helpful and I would like you to make it possible to not have to use them
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5 years ago, Janetmoon
Fun Bridge is fun!
I have paid the unlimited play for several years. I also bought improving your lead- not the name, but it showed me the errors in my leading,et, I believe that my bridge has changed for the better. However, playing robots even your partner is difficult, since a human partner can be consulted later and bids discussed. All in all I love Fun Bridge. Also, please explain why lead is different if bidding is the same.??
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4 years ago, Cookie4me
Great Game
I love Funbridge! I like the explanations and the ability to replay a hand. However, it always seems like the card I am finessing is offside. I am not really sure about that as I am a beginning level player and perhaps I am doing something incorrectly. I have learned from a lot from the lessons that are presented in the Intro to Bridge section.
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5 months ago, NomoreCNN
Some annoying features
No way to contact the developer of the app. No way to abort a single deal after cards have been dealt. You have play the entire hand. You will not be allowed proceed unless you finish the last hand. Sometimes your AI ‘partner’ comes up with off the wall bid. Still good practice of card play. Not renewing after initial free period. After my 2-star review Funbridge contacted me via Apple to provide a means to contact them via zendesk! This is NOT available to everyone in Funbridge unless they complain via Apple!
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6 years ago, Skop Skit
Too Random
Seems like the programmers have some form of random statistical rules algorithm when bidding and playing. Your partner should follow your system (conventions) when bidding and playing. Opponents should be consistent as well. Very annoying when you compare yourself against others and the sequence is different. Also North is erratic in many cases - should recognize a sign off bid when presented. Other than the above, good value for the money.
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5 years ago, GiveMeSomethingICanUse
Mostly an excellent game
I love the format and ability to tap once on s bid to see what it means before choosing it. Great way to learn the meaning of the bid. Fun to play friends or practice with a friend. Tournaments provide excellent learning opportunity since you can compare your bidding and playing to the best in the group. Only draw back is the occasional stall when playing a hand which can really cause problems if you can’t remember what’s been played.
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4 years ago, Susanplae
Enjoy the game not the glitches
I have enjoyed playing for the last three years but get frustrated when during the course of play the screen only shows the suit last played in my hand rather than the rest of the cards in my hand. I have to get out of the hand and hit resume to get the full hand shown again.
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2 years ago, sachazoe
fun bridge.
Your system got worth since you up grading, it is much slower than before. Another point, I subscribed to fun bridge in France, payed for a year. why is it that That I have to pay, again, when I play on my ipad? I wish that north would stops bidding so erratic. Also, your system is, some time, to slow. I think that north stinks. Again, I will say that north stinks! I don't know why I bother to write any thing since north continue to bid very bad!!!!
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4 years ago, Dr. Boulder
Crashes all the time!
My biggest complaint is that the app always freezes /crashes. This is the year 2020, there are very good programmers that can fix these things! I also agree with delematz... bad card breaks are very frequent, and the defense is always best played no matter how the cards lay. For the price to play, you should have a a bullet proof app, and some more realistic random card splits. I do like the ability to replay the deal and descriptions of bids to help train a new learner to the game.
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5 years ago, Delta Cotton
Fun Bridge
I enjoy very much playing this game. My frustration comes when the game is scored. I fail to understand your scoring system. Why does a player who is set (doesn’t make their bid) score higher than one who makes their bid or more tricks than they bid? This is very frustrating when you are trying to bring up your score to go to the next level. It seems as though you are being deliberately sabotaged to prevent you getting the score you need.
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4 years ago, Zihualady
Exhausted it’s potential
Have been paying what I consider a lot of money for subscription and then money to play for points. That’s fine but program has slowed done or quit with greater and greater frequency. For the price unacceptable and not renewing after 6 years.
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3 years ago, lm40328
App performance degraded
I love the app, and am very appreciative of its functionality and your work on it. The most recent update has severely degraded the performance of the app, with it taking several seconds, at times, for the robots to respond. It sometime takes so long I lose track of what was happening in the play of the hand. It also takes a long time for the meanings of certain bids to be loaded now, too. Please fix soon!
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2 years ago, woodsylevy
Better than nothing
FunBridge is very frustrating because it is made so obvious that the robots know everyone’s hands. It seems like there could be a way to make it more fair. I am finding that I’m enjoying it less and less and less.
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6 years ago, Mary Randall
FunBridge 4 stars
I love this game. It allows you to compare your game with other bridge enthusiasts. I like the rating system and the tournament graphs. I wish there was a way to see the conventions being played. Often I will ask the 4 NT ace asking. Often the reply is 5 clubs or diamonds when the partner has more aces than the bid suggest. I love the game. But I wonder why other partners in another game makes a bid that makes sense and my partner passes. Also I need to know about the week 2 bid. Is 2 clubs or 2 no trump the only way to show count over 21. If so, these are demand bids and the partner often passes .
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6 years ago, Jean 444
When playing the free version the program ran smoothly. I paid for a year’s membership yesterday. I love the game and this is a challenging, helpful game. BUT, I can no longer access it. I have tried repeatedly. I have deleted and reloaded. I have attempted to contact the developers following their directions. The page keeps saying there is a page error and it isn’t sent. I am hoping their server is having a problem and tomorrow will be a better day. Right now I wish I had stayed with the free version.
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3 years ago, fucia cat
Partner over bids
I’m new to bridge, but sometimes my computer partner can’t stop bidding. It gets us in trouble. Also, supposedly 50% of the time the opponent has the higher card when I attempt to finesse. I find the opponent always has the higher card. Like I said, I am just learning bridge, but this does not seem right.
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3 years ago, Liviu0
Excellently addictive
I love playing here with people from all over the world. Not only is it fun, but it’s an excellent learning tool for bridge. WARNING TO THOSE EASILY ADDICTED: This is an addictive site for those who like a great mind games. On the plus side, you can meet people who share your love for the game.
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8 months ago, mayaguez52
Great for upping game.
I pull up Funbridge when a have ten minutes to hours available. It has an authentic interface and moves briskly. My only Complaint is that finesses only work 25% of time. In-person play they work 50% of attempts.
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3 years ago, dc cooks
Mostly great
I have one complaint. Sometimes the site cancels a hand that I have put on hold and removes 24 points from my score. I have yet to figure how to get the points back. Otherwise, love the practice hands
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1 year ago, Lakelivin60
Must pay to continue playing
Typically when game apps will have ads appear unless you upgrade. This app now says I used all credits, can’t play anymore unless I sign up for $25/mo to their premium version. That’s too much for me as I’m just learning the game, plus I didn’t appreciate knowing this was the setup when I started. Maybe it’s listed somewhere, like in the T&Cs language, but it wasn’t transparent.
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6 years ago, Sdiebolt
Getting notices that I have 10 free hands, they never are loaded?????
I really loved playing this game before they starting charging..... They even charge for games that you withdraw from!!!! Not worth the money:( The new update also freezes all the time????
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5 years ago, A ventura
I use Funbridge only for the play of the hand. The bidding is not normal. One hand opened a heart with ten points and 3 hearts and made game. Many times we have a match and go to game and lose. Opponents stay at 2 hearts. There’s no reason for them to stop at 2 when they match and have the points. Many times I click on partners bid only to find misinformation. It’s extremely frustrating
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5 years ago, marthachancy
I would like to give this app 5 stars but my friend and I play often and notice that the robots regularly get more points and play more hands. We frequently go a whole session hardly bidding. However I found that you can chose what type of hands you are dealt and that has made it great,so I give it 4 stars When playing random deals do not expect to get points!!! Playing Radom deals Last night I had a one point hand and many 6,7,8 ,4 point hands Another two evenings , here are my actual points 4, 6,6,8,7,6,5,4,18( partner had 3) 10,6. E/W played nearly every hand (and usually underbid. )
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