Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer Games

4.7 (219.9K)
529.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dirtybit AS
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer Games

4.75 out of 5
219.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Happyhaley101
This game is awesome! It has many things from Fun Run 1 and 2, but also includes some other awesome features. For starters, you can level up in this game, which can unlock cool and awesome features like power ups, clans (or teams), and even the 8-player Arena! Oh yeah, and this game has teams, which you can team up with your other teammates or just one other. This game also brings back 2v2 races for teams, and winning races can increase the teams tier! This game also has an extension of accessories. In the shop, you can also buy other things like power ups! There is one more thing I would like to talk about, the arena. Unlike other Fun Run games, this doubles the players from 4 to 8! Instead of a regular race, players get eliminated one by one. Only the top three remain. Every time you win (or make it into the top 3 of your race), your chest increases and gets better. After three eliminations, you open your chest and give a certain amount of emeralds/coins or watch an ad to get 3 more chances. The only problem I have with this game is that if you want to delete your account, they make you wait a fortnight (14 days), which is ridiculous! I am doing that and the sadness has already happened after 5 minutes! I know they might want you to keep your account, but it is mean that they make you wait that long, one day would be better. Either they want you to keep your account or this game isn’t as advanced as I expected. Without this big con, the gameplay is amazing!
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3 years ago, Kpeep15
Great Game!
I haven’t played this game in a few years sadly, due to the fact that I’ve had to manage my iPhone storage and therefore could not really do much or play any games on this device. But with that being said, when I did play, I was so entertained and it was super fun :) I’m typically not into, fit, or right for these battle and competitive games, but this one was just different. It was so much fun and I was always so happy and in a great mood and spirit whenever I played. The energy was just so right and I’m very sad that I cannot play :( It just has so many concepts that I find to be great and very nice. I’ve actually taken hundreds of screenshots of the game and every now and then I go back to them because it brings back so many memories! Although a PVP battle game, I found it a really nice relax game and when I was bored I knew exactly where to turn, to Fun Run 3! Overall, I highly enjoyed this game and I know that soon adjustments will be made so I can play it once more! I’m looking forward to it but am also sad that so much time has passed since I’ve played. But in conclusion, I’m more ready than ever and super excited to hop back into action!
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5 years ago, StacePlayz
Good But Not fair
Hey! I just wanted to clear out that I LOVE this game, but To me it’s pretty unfair in a variety of ways. This Game is Amazing and i love almost everything about it! It’s a cool way of playing with your friends and Showing off how good u are ;). But.....There are a few things i don’t Like. For example, your Powers/gears. You can use them to Benefit you in such ways. Like....Killing others, and Protection, etc. Everything is Pretty good, except the fact that your own Weapons kill you. I personally think that’s Unfair. Why? Because imagine this. You’re playing in a race and you’re almost at the finish line and you kill someone but then it shoots back at you and then u end up dying, and then u end up being last. That’s unfair. Also, just because your in a higher level doesn’t mean u just go straight to Racing ‘Bigger Players’. My Mother plays this game and she’s not great at it. The only reason she’s in a high level is because she plays the game a lot. Since she’s in a higher level, she races higher level people. And like i said she’s not great at it. She just wants to have fun. And i think she should be able to play with People that are the same level as her or lower. Not because she wants to show off, it’s because she’s not the best and she just wants to Have fun. Anyways, That’s all i have to say. This game is AWESOME though! I really Like it! Keep working hard cuz if it weren’t for this game i wouldn’t be having so much fun! :)
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10 months ago, gold upgrade
Was my favorite now not so much
I have invited my entire family cousins everyone to play this game WAS so additive! Now it is not what it once was. Please fix these issues. I have invested money just to level up and get new costumes too so it shows I’m not just a person wanting to complain. As of this past couple of weeks the elite and diamond players have taken over everything and those hacking also. Int he arena you can be well past the post and then an elite player will zoom past and then you’re eliminated when you were originally safe. Also, they are using multiple power ups and speeds I get being higher ranked you get privileges but when it is an issue EVERY game it makes the game not fun. In the cup races every game is chosen but the elite or diamond players it has been rolling range or the mushroom stage every time and the only third stage is lumpy loops which they never even let you pick they just show it to say there is another option. Every clan is talking about this. Not only that it has been frustrating to be in first the entire race then magically get frozen and stay from well beyond the time limit enough for folks to pass and this has happened on multiple games for quick race and clan race. Please fix this it’s bringing the gun down and I really am trying not to delete the game but I’ve literally been playing for 4 hours straight and no matter if I close the app and rejoin the same issue.
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1 year ago, Xaigaa
Frustrated with this game
It’s hard to earn gems. You either have to pay $20 to $100 real money to get gems in order to get the good stuff or watch an ad everyday which would take about 2 to 3 years to even get enough gems to get what you want in the game’s shop. The constant ad pop ups after games are very annoying. If you disconnect by accident or exit out of a game you lose league points and that’s not fair. The arena race is frustrating because you fight with people who’ve been playing longer and they have better and faster power ups so of course they will win. You have to pay real money or of course watch an ad to re enter the arena and it’s not worth it because the arena gives you like 3 gems if you make it far and that will buy you nothing in the game so the arena is pointless unless the prizes are huge and worth the try which it’s hard to make it to the top 3 anyway so i don’t know how people ever win the arena to get to the chest. There’s a lot of racist and disturbing names and group names on there. That was my last straw so after playing this game for years since the first fun run. Im done. I don’t like the changes and the racist trolls get to say whatever they want. It used to be fun when the first one was here now it’s all about money. And runner pass is a joke. You have to pay $ for that too to get cool prizes. I’m basically playing for nothing. It makes it boring and not fair.
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5 years ago, Violetshine
Good app but needs work
Amazing app! I just think it’s hard to get coins. Every 4-6 races I get a chest with 50 coins... Really? Can you make it so every race you get a certain amount of gems, such as: 1st place gets 75 gems, 2nd gets 55, 3rd gets 25, and 4th gets 15. I would really appreciate it and give the app a higher rating if you consider this! But overall, it’s a great app and I would recommend it to everyone. Edit: okay please add a chat filter. I see so many people swearing and like asking where you live and stuff and it shouldn’t be allowed on a kids game. I WILL demote my review to a 3 star if this isn’t fixed, and if u fix everything in this review, I will definitely change it to a 5 star. I don’t mean to be manipulative in this way but it’s unacceptable about the no chat filter on a kids game. Alright I’m going to edit the review some more. It’s a great app, and even though this is the only game I actually play, it needs a lot of work. First of all, everything is super overpriced, and like I said earlier, we don’t get many coins. I know you need to make money, but please try and find a better method. I wish clan MOTDs could be longer, so you can write the rules down of the clan.
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7 years ago, GrahamBagz420
Detailed pro's/con's. Check it.
I've been playing Fun Run since the first one had came out. Here's Fun Run 3's pros/cons in my opinion. Pro's: Arena mode is a great plus, more detailed graphics, new button combo's while racing (slide button, ground smash, etc.) cooler weapons with additional upgrading, awesome looking characters and skins, plenty of maps to choose from, custom games and clan battles, simple accessible menu pages. There's probably more but can't remember. Con's: EVERYTHING is waaayyy too high-priced with non-comparable numbers of coins being made to buy stuff. You don't earn much when it comes to opening chests after a race or arena game. Quests take WAY to long to refresh. There's a button hidden in a slide-down tab for a spin wheel but there's no clue as to how to earn a spin. You have the chance of being put in a race with people much more higher ranked than you. You have to earn moderately a large amount of XP now to level up and unlock certain things. Oh did I mention, PRICES BEING RIDICULOUSLY HIGH for most stuff?! Your gonna have to play everyday for hours, for two weeks just to be able to buy something that's a common item... Idk if Fun Run got bought out by another company or what but there definitely could be some changes to be made when it comes to in-game profit and stuff. For now it's 3 stars.
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6 years ago, FlowerChild32
Only game I ever play
I have had this game for years and after all that time it’s still so addicting! While I’ve had other games, after a while I get bored of them but not this one. I love how there is no limit to the amount of races you can play and the multiplayer “parties” are cool to join. The arena is my favorite part and since I only ever play that, I wish we could earn more gold shields from that too. It would be nice if we can buy gems using our coins because getting gems is hard. Also, there should be some kind of reward for having the game for a long time, like some kind of anniversary gift? Another thing I’ve noticed is that if we want to play with others we have to either be the party leader or wait for others to ask us to join them. I suggest that there should be an option where we request to join others instead of always having them join us just bc I don’t want to be party leader all of the time. Finally, when you lose in arena and you are spectating a player, the game gets really laggy and would appreciate it if you guys could fix that please. All in all, I highly recommend this awesome game :)
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2 years ago, disappointed peggle player ☹️
Fun, if you like losing.
I’ve owned this game for nearly 4 years, I wish more events would happen. Gems are hard to get, you only get them playing the arena. Which is difficult because you are also playing with people who are higher levels than you. You only get three chances to collect twelve chests, and even on the odd chance you win all twelve you’ll only get ten gems. You have to pay 500 coins to play the arena, however you do get to watch a video for a free run through the arena, but only once a day. You also only get 3 daily missions, so unless you spend gems you’ll only make 1,500 coins a day in game currency, but they also give you missions you can’t complete unless you buy something. I wish the game played you against people with the same level, more than half the time I end up playing with elites and diamonds, I’m only a silver. It makes leveling up extremely difficult. Like all games, people cheat. It seems that the developers don’t really do anything about that because you only get 5 reports every month, and they really need to do something about the disturbing/pedo names *a lot* of people have. I’ve also noticed a glitch with the game where if you jump on something you can get stuck on the map, and lose because you physically can’t move anymore. So if you don’t mind a game that’s hard to level up, download this game
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3 months ago, Make fun run fair again
Best game but has one problem
I have played this game since my freshman year of high school I am now 20 only mobile game I play I’ve dumped hundreds of dollars into it. However as an elite number 1 in a top 30 clan I’ve realized the impossible challenge of becoming a grand champ or number 1. True fun run fans dream of achieving that goal which used to be possible however now the game has been taken over by foreigners creating group accounts and keeping those accounts online and in play constantly which leads to an unattainable score at the end of a season one that would be impossible for a solo player. And most recently those accounts have banned together to create a clan that no other clan can beat bc the members fill the leaderboards on both league and arena. It has made the ultimate fun run goal unattainable which puts any high ranked players motivation to keep playing at a halt. I understand not much can be done but in order for the game to ever be like it was something must be done to create fairness. Now more than ever simple hackers are a problem aswell. Many of my reports on people have come back accurate for cheating. Please fix it fun run. I still love you though.
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4 years ago, Stastarrrrrr
Fun but unfair
Okay so it’s a good game. Something to play when bored. However, it’s unfair on many parts. Sometimes when I use a power-up the elites or diamonds don’t get affected but when they use it, it ALWAYS affects me. I wish the power-ups would help you cause on many occasions you either end up killing yourself or all you get is a balloon when you’ve been pushed to the back and you’re trying to at least catch up. I really hate how you lose 15 points when you get fourth place. The maps are good but the icy maps are ridiculous sometimes cause once a magnet pulls you, it’s SO hard to pick up the pace. It makes it so hard to upgrade. And the prices, omg things are SO expensive. I usually don’t get clothes and stuff cause by the time I save up at least $15,000 I go a level higher and spend it on the power-up. To conclude, I play games to relax myself and take my mind off things, and this game sometimes does that (I also enjoy competing games) but most times it stresses me out because the diamonds and elites go so hardcore making it impossible to have fun. UPDATE: I can’t take it anymore I’m deleting this game. It’s causing me to rage more than have actual fun. The elites and diamonds cheat too much because there’s no way in hell they have a power-up right after using their power-up, or that they can just run faster. Had fun while it lasted but not good for your mental health.
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5 years ago, lgsllu
I really enjoy this game!
This game is pretty fun. You don't really need to pay money in order to win either. My tip to new players is learn your way around the map. You don't need "OP powerups" in order to win. You just need to know your shortcuts and beat routes to take. And you can even beat the elites as silver or gold. It's frustrating at first, but you get the hang of it after a while. My only complaints is how hard it is to earn gold. I don't have a problem with it now since ive been playing for a while. But new players WILL have a hard time earning stuff. Please add more ways for those to earn gold. And sometimes the matching can be sorta unfair. I'd be a rank diamond wih other diamonds and one silver rank. I feel bad for winning. I'd say make this game easier without nerfing anything. (don't nerf the magnets. They are annoying but it's fun when you're the one using it! ) by easier, make more ways to earn gold OR whenever you earn gold in a regular race, please make the reward more than 34 gold coins. It's a bit depressing 😅. Other than that, i love this game. Been playing as long as it's been out.
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6 years ago, Kall mie
Fun, but definitely not fair
This is a super fun game, especially to play with friends. Cool animals, even cooler skins, and awesome new weapons. Arenas, although pretty stressful, are lots of fun and full of energy. Lots of stuff going on and you can gain a lot of XP from the arenas. But don’t play this game expecting a fair game. This game is not a club sport... it’s a pick up game with your friends and one of the kids older brother who’s clearly too good to playing with you in someone drive way. It’s almost as if they make up rules as they go. Your magnet (easily one of the most damaging weapons) may work 6 out of 10 times and when it does work only send people ahead of you. And when you are and last place and expect to be pulled forward it will throw you back. That seems to happen a lot. You can get killed back to back by different things when no one around you is being touched. And it’s just glitchy, one second you’ll be in first and then everyone just pops up in front of you... no questions asked? Again, fun game. Just don’t take it seriously at all. Cause you could be the highest in the game and lose to lowest if you don’t have good luck that game. So get it, it’s free, and addicting. But good luck.
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6 years ago, jkheddings05
Cheating or just bad creator
I love this game so much, but every time I cross the finish line first then when the others roll in it shows that I’m either in 2,3, or 4! This is very annoying because I won fair and square! Also when I use the power ups like the saw and the magnet they never work they don’t kill or pull the other players back, but when they do it to me it works fine! This is very annoying and it’s angering me! Like what the heck I was in first and I crossed the finish line first! Then I get put in 4! And also when all the over players are waaaaaaay behind me they all of the sudden they are waaaaaay ahead of me🙄😫 this is very annoying as well because I want to play without all of this happening so either fix this problem or make the cheating stop please!!!! Oh and another thing, when I’m playing with one of my friends and they say I’m in 2nd place, but I’m in second place and then say I stay in second place and so does my friend but when I get to the end I’m in fourth place it makes no sense and it’s so stupid and needs to be fixed!!!! And also when I cross the finish line first then the others roll in and they get farther than I did across the line but I still beat them to get to the finish line and I also crossed I first it say in 2,3, or 4 this needs to be fixed please! Thank you
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4 years ago, oof great
I never knew about fun run until now....
hi so I started playing fun run a couple weeks ago, its an awesome game and I cant resist. But its not so fun because you have to save your coins forever to get something really cool, like animals, clothes, etc. I just really wish that you guys would actually lower the price on the clothes, power ups, etc. Also people are using bad language, being inappropriate, asking for private info, and I constantly have to report them because most kids on fun run three are getting hurt by bad strangers. You should monitor the chats and delete the bad people. It is scary having to be aware if strangers trying to make you fall into their traps. Also you should make the runner pass less pricey because it is hard to save up gems! Ok now for the good part, so fun run is awesome and I just starts playjng, I don't even know what it was but it is so addiction!!!!! Cups are so fun because you can earn additional coins, clothes, animals, and XP! I like that you can invite friends and show offf!!!! FUN RUN IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading this review, have an awesome day!!
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6 years ago, HaileyMcDo
This game is honestly the most amazing game I’ve had in years!!! I love this game soooooo much, but there are a few things I would like to talk about on fun run 3 on here. The first one is, I think that on a special day (Easter, etc.) everything in shop, I mean EVERYTHING.. could maybe be half off or something? Also I would like if on custom when u choose bots, u can choose how hard (Ex: Gold 4, ELITE) it would make it easier to practice as I go on custom to practice my roulette. Also - maybe match your league up with people around yours? I made a second account and I’m good 4 but I’m matched up elites and d2 and d1. I would normally be able to take em but with the power ups I have on here, sheesh, they are NOT good for me xD. Also — I think what if things like clan support and XP potion could maybe last a full week? And I have seen a few hackers in this game. One was named grimsans12. He is the only one on the list, and he is not very friendly :( besides that I absolutely love this game and I think u should keep up the great work!!!!❤️❤️
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5 years ago, Tha-eon
Fun with Cheaters?
First off I love the game. Me and my girlfriend play it all the time and it’s the only mobile game I’ll play (I just recently started playing Board Kong’s). Love the variety in the Animals and the accessories and whatnot, some may be a bit overpriced. The game modes are fun and very addictive with the power ups and various ways to traverse a level to win. All that said, there is clearly some cheating going on and nothing is being done about it. Like I stated earlier me and my girl usually play Clan Battles and we are rather good, not the best but we can hold our own and know how to play off each other to have the best chances to win. That being said, when we get paired with Elites (even Diamonds are getting into the mix) we instantly groan and I want to forfeit right then and there (and have done so a few times) because we know this is almost a guaranteed loss. We’ve seen first hand them have power ups without going through a power up box. I’m not sure when you reach that level you get certain bonuses or have better chances in getting specific power ups but there’s no doubt there’s some sort of cheating going on. I understand the game isn’t perfect but I expect it to be fair at least. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Yoshigirl123
Great but could use some more
I love Fun Run 3, don’t get me wrong but there are some things that get on my nerves for this game. Number one; all of the clothing is SUPER expensive. It took me weeks to save up for outfits, and they were on sale when I got them! I think that when you first get the game, you should be able to choose an animal that you want to be, and then lower the prices of accessories. Number two, you have to be a level 6 to get a Clan! My friends all got clans and made them when I was a Level 5 and couldn’t get it. I think that you should not have a level limit. Same for arenas, btw. Number three, if you loose an Arena 3 times, you can’t play anymore and you have to pay more for it. I think that you should have more Arenas, or they should make Arena tickets that you can earn so after your 3 lives are up, you can get cheap Arena tickets and you can play more arenas with them. Or you start out with some, and work your way up. The last reason, you should be able to click on one of your friends and chat with them, so you can interact! Those are my reasons, but other than those, the game is really fun. Thanks for reading!
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6 years ago, Idkwhatnameiwant
The arena
For the most part, I find the game very entertaining and enjoyable. I actually love it! I’ve been playing for about a month and I’m upgrading fairly quick. But then again I am paying. So that would also be a reason to my fast success. I wasn’t on a year ago to know the exact prices then. But I feel like they may have lowered some of the prices to certain stuff, since then because they seem fairly low now. But there is a few things about the game I’d like to mention. In order for me to join the arena, i get 3 options to either pay 500 coins, watch a 30sec video or pay for a $2 ticket. When I click to watch the video the game is already starting in the background. So by the time I get to the game, I’m usually already last and only have a sec to catch up. Which I usually don’t make it and get eliminated. I think that needs to be fixed, that way it’s a much more fair game. The game shouldn’t start till all players who are playing the game, are able to see the game. If I click out of the video before the it finishes, I won’t be able to play in the arena. So I’m stuck watching the entire thing. That needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, FlameWhale58
Awesome game, but 2 huge problems
First off, easily the best mobile game I’ve ever played. I love the pace of this game and the skill, strategy, and dedication required. If only these 2 problems are addressed, this could be my favorite game ever. The first problem is the balance of items. I know these are common at lower levels, but items like the magnet or lightning storm are WAY too common to pull. It’s never spread out at a time. Usually 1 person gets 5-6 magnets a game which is a ridiculous amount. I never see the speedboosts or orange items as much. The worst problem of this game though is the matchmaking in the cup races. I don’t mind the actual races themselves, that takes skill. What takes luck is getting someone in elite in a bronze cup and destroying the competition. I calculated that the most points possible in the bronze cup is 1800. Someone 2 weeks ago had 1726, over 4/5 of his races were 1st place. This is absolutely unacceptable. Put players from the same level/prestige in 1 cup and players of diff prestige who want to be in bronze cup in a separate one. Other than those problems, keep up the awesome work!
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2 years ago, Vince0369
Fun game but they don’t fix this flaw
Unfortunately even after making this review nothing has been done improve this. I’m officially uninstalling this game because it’s clear that as long as they make money why improve on the game. Here is what needs improvement… This is a fun game but if there’s one thing that always gets me to stop playing for a while is the Quick Race/Clan Battle race. In these races much more than any other you will see your power ups not do a number of things. If the player is in 4th it sometimes does or doesn’t affects them (thunder, blizzard). The sawblades, rippers, bouncers, and all traps in the orange section will disappear when the player arrives there. If they are very far behind they can transport themselves to the pack. If you are ahead or in the lead every power up that is used but a player affects you. It is rare for you to not be affected by another power up after being hit. All of this isn’t fair for the rest of the players because it rewards the player playing poorly and penalizes the players doing good. This also incentivizes players to create scamming account or have players wanting to cheat. This has been an issue for years and unfortunately they have never fixed this issue.
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5 years ago, B.L.U.E.Z
Fun Run is fun, yet there is many flaws
I have had this game for about 2 weeks, and this game is addictive. While very interesting, the game has some flaws. The game has powers where you use to your advantage to beat the other players in the race. One of those powers being a magnet, the problem with this stands in arena. Its quite over powered in my opinion. If someone has a magnet and uses it every other player gets whipped backwards or forwards depending on the position of each player. Which is fine, but if more than one person has it, you can expect to be dead last. Next, the voting system in regular play is kind of odd. Lets say you are the first to vote, then 2 seconds are left, someone else votes for another map and then its 1-1 on maps. Nobody else votes yet it chooses the other map even though the map you voted for was held first and longer. Lastly, the XP you get from your placement at the end. To me it doesnt make much sense to take away points if you got 3rd place. It may just be that I am bad at the game, but if I place 3rd it takes away XP. Its small things, otherwise the game is very fun. 4 stars.
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5 years ago, VERY UPSET USER 92615
This is a great and fun game to play! It never gets boring and there’s always new challenges and great prizes if you complete the challenges. I play it with my boyfriend and we get very competitive which keeps things interesting. I have played for hours because I don’t want to stop. Only thing I have a problem with is not being able to gift my accessories,animals/skins, etc.. to other people because I do not use them. Or to be able to sell them back for more coins or gems. I think this should be a feature in the next update. As well as other fun maps. Edit: the ads you have are inappropriate, I’m over age but I have little cousins that play and I’m sure there are other young kids playing who don’t need to see the “my episodes” ads. That is something you should get rid of and try to go get funded by some different company. Another thing to add would be for short time to start a new box (example like the adventure; have to wait 3 days) those quests take me a very short amount of time to complete and waiting 3 days to get a new box is very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Jasahd
Download for sure but some cons
I’m gonna start off saying that this game is so much fun! I’ve been playing fun run since the very beginning but this, is a whole new level of gameplay. There are lots of new clothing items, skins, traps, etc. and arena mode is so much fun. I also like how you can upgrade things and play offline. Ok so here are the erm, not so great parts about it. All of the clothing items and skins, are WAY over the top when it comes to price. You would have to grind for hours just to get one skin. Also the matchups are random, so you could be going up against a diamond tier player and only be a bronze. Another thing is that some of the traps can be super op. There’s practically no way to avoid them most of the time, and the speed power up is normally an automatic first place. That’s about it for the co- WAIT did I forget to mention that arena mode is kind of luck based. Yeah, it pretty much comes down to what power ups you get at the right time. But now for real thats i- just kidding it really is. Anyway it’s still a good game, check it out for yourself!
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3 years ago, CoolKidPlays
50% luck 50% skill
Unless you are planning on paying your way to success (which is most definitely an option) there are two factors that determine wether you win a round; luck and skill. When you understand every nook and cranny of the map and can time tricks on each map easily then you have met the margin for skill, this could take weeks or even months to do. However this is not enough to win a match, as the next factor; luck, plays a big role as to wether or not you will get a spell that would put you on the edge over someone else. I cannot even tell you the amount of times I was this close to winning a match at 1st place when I get a shield or something for protection while the person behind gets a speed boost, allowing them to beat me out of pure luck. Just keep this in mind before getting the game; your skill will only and always get you 50% of the way to victory. Besides that this game is fun, I got really far in this game and made many friends. 😁
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2 years ago, rebecca_rose101
We all want fun run 2 back
This review will be reasons to bring old fun run back, and also some reasons not too :). Fun run 2 had 2 controls and was super fun and was fun to race and earn money and animals were inexpensive, now onto fun run 3, you’ve clearly become money hungry, you don’t win any coins for racing unless you watch a video (250 coins) and that would be fine…if all the animals weren’t 20,000 coins and over, fun run 2 is something I grew up on and my child sadly won’t get to play it, I’m not saying get rid of fun run 3 but maybe being the original maps back and get rid of the slide option?? And money should be based on winning first and second place, not watching a video after you worked hard enough to win match after match only to get 5,000 coins which isn’t even enough to get a new animal nor any outfits or accessories, fun run 2 had more gore more of an appeal and better animation and form of the animals, climax worthy <3. Now here are my reasons you should keep fun run 3–. If you have recently become completely crippled and can’t move anything other than your hands and you have come to terms with never playing an exciting game again, you’d love it!
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4 years ago, Ty🐸
“Fun Run” Lives up to its name
One of the funnest games I’ve ever played, and if I did have one problem with this game is that some things are overpriced, say the “Dodge” it is severely overpriced when it’s at the unicorns price and that has way more features. I’ve been playing for a while and I got the boxer, a really good animal at a really good price, but let’s talk about things you can improve and things that you did fabulous on. 1.) You can improve on club interactions. There is a lot of things you can still put into clubs like using emotes in chat that you use at the end of the battle. “ correct me if I’m wrong” 2.) improve on more game modes than just Race,Arena,and clan wars. Like other game’s you can put a slot where a different mode comes in like Duos, or 5 v 5 “ I just think this will be a really good idea. 3.) more ways to get gems” a whole lot doesn’t go into this topic except skins and if you want to get one they cost SO MUCH” But now let’s talk about the things you did great on 1.) the animals and other items in the shop “ it will be cool If you’d make like Gucci shoes” 2.) the whole concept of the game “ all I have to say is it’s amazing with the details of something’s 3.) I like power ups ( even if your losing you can catch up, this makes it fair for everyone But that’s all from me, and if you got this plz consider improving some stuff Thanks for taking your time out of your day to read this!!😄
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3 years ago, Cool but something
Good but not even
This overall is a great game!! My only problem is how for some reason in every match I do (this especially happens in clan battles) every time I go against a diamond or elite player they will always get the speed burst no matter what they at least get 5 per match not sure if for some reason they get like a 3x chance but being honest they don’t cause I’m Diamond myself and I don’t get it very often but elite players always do one time I counted it and they got 8 and his team got 6 speed bursts, this also kept happening to me so many times after that match. I went against more elite players and they had both gotten 6 speed bursts and it kept on happening (The reason I say team it’s because it was in clan battles) But overall amazing game just cause if that little problem doesn’t mean this game isn’t a amazing 5 star one I also think you shouldn’t be able to kill your teammates
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6 years ago, kimyetrump
It’s just okay
I like the game but I feel like there are a lot of flaws.. the screen should cover your whole phone. It’s difficult to press the arrows and powerup buttons because it doesn’t fit the full screen. At least not on the X. ALSO it takes wayyyyyyyyy too long to get to the next level. Each race only gives you a max of 5 or 6 points and you have to win FIRST place to even get that. And don’t get 4th place cause they’ll take a point away. ALSO I feel like powerups should only affect who you’re racing!!!! What sense does it make to have to dodge your own weapons?!?!? That’s like playing a shooting game and having to dodge your own bullets. It’s stupid. ALSO I agree with most reviewers saying that it cost wayyyy to much in points to buy things and you don’t get enough for races or “rewards”. ALSO I feel like it should be more race courses. You pretty much get the same ones to choose from. AND if we could get another arena course that’d be great. It’s the same one EVERY TIME. Fix it please fix it. I’m going to go back to playing Beach Buggy. Here I was trying to find another great gaming app. This app is okay, just okay. Sincerely, Kim Kardashian West
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1 year ago, pumpkin seed 69
Super fun but some downsides
Super fun game but there are some things that I don’t like let’s start with the roulette it says that it’s completely random but whenever me and my brother are playing clan battle it always gets one of us not only that but there was one clan that we beat 8-1 about 3-4 months ago and we never saw them again but then the top clan in the world beating us 11-1 and we can never get rid of them you basically have to be an elite to play in the arena otherwise you’re bound to lose. In the cup races you have to pay 2500 coins and then you end up not finishing the entire 75 races not to mention that that’s the cheapest cup the gold cup cost 30,000 dollars and contains 250 races even with a time limit overall though it’s a super fun game the game’s that I would recommend quick race or clan battle onless You’re an elite but again a super fun game.
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4 years ago, dreww0721
Love the game would like updates
Been playing this game to pass time for awhile to the point got friends and family members to download and play. Being so I would love to be able to pick clan members to go against and not have it be random. Like couples vs couples and battling it out. Bro’s vs sisters, sisters vs sisters etc... also even to go further more and add area to be filled in with friends and family member's as well. And not to take away from the concept of getting bigger and better cheat for arena prizes can just be a wager u put up certain amount of coins and last 3 split it up like they do in any tournament or even like fantasy football. 1st place takes most second then third and fourth gets the a squash even money back. Just being limited to having four of us in one game works but can be so much more fun having the whole family all in one. Maybe even muilt clan battles up to 8 since arena can take up to that many players. Love the game just want to get as much out of it
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4 years ago, busdrivercypher
Disappointing Powerup Update
Elite/prestige 5 lvl 13. I really liked this game before. I’ve even invested money into it to the tune of about $150. They just did an update to “balance powerups” which took away my ability to win in the methods I used to use. No more sliding on ramps with ice, shrink makes you stop in your tracks, I can’t even hit the heights I used to hit by combing powerups and ramps which is now useless. Instead of a fast paced racing game that gives me adrenaline rushes; I feel like I’ve been sent back to a Mario Brothers type game where I have to jump a lot and the pace is way slower. Instead of being able to outrun saws and the beam or rocket, I’m being crushed by starter powerups. Dirtybit, we just wanted you to prevent people from cheating and asked you to stop giving us boxes and bear traps while we were in last place. Don’t count on me spending anymore money if all I walk away with is frustration and losses due to having to start from square one relearning every map speed burst spots. This is not “exciting” as you put it, it’s crap and those of us that have played the game consecutive days in a row for years are not “excited” about this change.
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5 years ago, itunesisaracket
A waste of time and money
After working so hard (spending a LOT of time AND money) on this game to make “elite”.....that is the one level you can hit, lose rating, and go back down to “diamond”. As a good deal of the winning games is based on how the game is designed (ie....the power ups you get, etc.), that is not fair to the player who spent all of that time and money to reach that level. Added to that, I went to bed last night having been at 62,000 at the elite level and woke up this morning to Fun Run having bumped me back down to 60,000 and at the level where you lose any games, you go back down to diamond. I powered off my phone and powered it back on, thinking it was a glitch. Nope. FR had removed 2,000 of my rating. To say nothing of the number of games I have played where you see players not getting any boxes/power ups and then they proceed to pull one out of thin air. You report them but nothing happens. Also, the nasty names/language is not handled either. So many foul names and racial slurs allowed as clan names and user names. I have spent hundreds of dollars playing this game with my kids. Not one more dime will be spent by any of the 8 of us.
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5 years ago, Oyibo C. I.
I Love This Game, But People Need to Calm Down
To anyone who says this is a terrible game that's your opinion and I can respect that, but when you start cursing out a game thats an issue. Tell the developer your comments in a respectful manner stop yelling and your phone and on your comment. You guys need to honestly calm down and to the people who are mad about money spent, who's fault is that? You had the option to by it, you were not forced. Especially when the amount of money spent is little like $2, its not that much. You can easily get it back. Now please Stop doing this to the poor developers. Congrats if you've made it this far with out leaving and thanks for reading. I just had to speak my mind, either way, it is an amazing game and I recommend it to you to play for yourself and if you don't like the game or something happened, I hope to take this comment into consideration.
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5 years ago, Duke14love
Poor customer service and too expensive
I recently won an item on this game, but the item doesn’t show up in my owned inventory. When I contacted customer service, they responded by saying they couldn’t see in their system that I had received it. I have played this game for two years and I have stupidly even spent money, and they won’t give me the item I won. In addition, you used to be able to get a gift during each season. All you had to do was complete three quests and you got a gift. Now, they started a runner pass where you don’t get gifts consistently like you used to, and to be able to get gifts any of the good gifts you have to spend 850 gems which is very hard to earn in time for next runner pass. The only way for me and probably most people to get that much is to spend money. Which is I get this app is made by a business who has to make money, but couldn’t you at least let us keep the old complete three quests and get a gift? This game is becoming one of those games where you have to spend money to get anything good.
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6 years ago, Hshshahahj
Love it!
I’ve been playing fun run 2 for years now and it was always my favorite game and I wasn’t sure about moving on to fun run 3 since I was diamond league and was in a great clan but just recently I got the app since fun run 2 got removed from the App Store and isn’t getting any more updates and I love fun run arena! I think you’ve improved fun run 2 a lot with the new designs, power ups, arena, leagues, and more! It’s my new favorite game and I definitely recommend to get it! All the animals are so cute too! I love to use the penguin and cat. This app is amazing but just one thing: everything is a little pricy and it’s hard to get coins so can you add coins whenever you play races like in fun run 2? So like if you come in first you get 60 coins, second 30 coins and then some coins for third and forth cuz I forget how many you got when you came in third or fourth lol Thanks!
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5 years ago, Malachiwoodard
Concerns from a Fun Run 1 OG
Like the title of my review says, I have been playing Fun Run since the first games release. Here are a few of my concerns with Fun Run 3... Coins- other than watching ads and getting the daily bonus, coins are hard to get for casual players. This meaning that it takes people who regularly play a while to actually get things in the store without buying gems. I understand that the target audience is younger and they will buy gems but this game seems as if it’s begging its audience to pay. Arena- I loveeee arena and I have become quite good at it. I am a little confused as to why some times you can get an arena prize and other times you can’t. For instance, I won five times and got a prize but when I won eight times in a row I didn’t get one. I at least expected a basic arena prize but when I didn’t get one I was very disappointed. Arena also drains players coins! Costing 500 coins with the chance of getting an arena prize makes sense, but not when you can get an automatic loss for disconnection. That blew my mind when I found that out the hard way(I disconnected and got a loss) I am dedicated to getting more characters and outfits so I don’t mind putting in the extra time to watch ads but it sometimes it seems like i’m watching more ads than I am playing. Loveee this game, all the new things, specifically swimming, but I think that these things being considered and changed would improve the game!! Thank You!!
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5 years ago, Soulja Mook
Glitches, flaws and more glitches
This game has so much potential to be great but the ridiculous amount of glitches that legitimately affect your account’s progress is super frustrating and makes you not want to play. In addition to the glitches, you lose 15 rating or lose a life when in arena if you lose connection. The reason this is such a huge flaw is because it happens very very often. When it comes to arena, I probably lose a life in arena without actually being eliminated at least once every two arena runs. When playing arena, you have the option to watch an advertisement to gain an extra life after you lose all 3 lives, however, about 70% of the time, once the “watch an ad to gain an extra life” box comes up, an ad never shows up and you end up having to collect your arena chest prize. Also, if you have lost a life already and you exit out of the app and quickly come back, you lose another life. This literally makes no sense but if this is the case, what is the point of playing arena? Game is garbage and would not recommend it to anyone.
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6 years ago, Shadowmarsh
Ok, so this game is good but...
This game has me confused. I play and it’s fun, good game mechanics and overall fun. Then I start looking a little closer and the more I play the more I realize how freakishly glitchy and broken this game is... this game has been out since the dawn of time and still none of the huge glitches have even changed, it’s like the glitches became part of the game that everyone just try’s to avoid. (Example, when you are running and there is a breaking spot in the ground where you go into the little shortcut, sometimes it’s super delayed when I ground pound so I end up missing the spot... sometimes I get a chest that says win 8 games to collect prize. Then it shows 0/5 completed and I was able to open the chest after coming 3rd place 4 times and disconnecting from my last game... a little broken) EVERYTHING IS TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFREAKING EXPENSIVE. Like wow I got a plain shirt for 6500 currency... um no. I think it’s fun and addicting but don’t act like the glitches are suppose to be a part of the game.
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4 years ago, CandyRae242
Good but it has some issues
It’s a really good game I’ve been playing Fun run for a long time I think you should be able to earn money more easy because it’s taking me sooo long to get pets and makes a lot of people rage (including me)But I don’t think it’s fair that you can use your own weapons to kill people and it’s so hard to level up but it’s a really good game I’ve been playing fun run since I was a kid (I still am) but it’s a really good game but the skins cost too much also the characters some of the character prices are not fair like super not fair for instants a tiger is 2,0000 And it’s so complicated to get a character I don’t Nother bug is when I’m right next to the finish line and I’m first is straight disconnects and my Internet is spot on . Other than that it’s a really fun game it’s really competitive
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7 years ago, Cobcorn
Tropical Map Glitch!!! FIX ASAP
So I’ve been playing fun run for awhile and usually i enjoy the playing on the tropical maps, however lately when I’ve been in the arena during tropical map season and someone uses blizzard and odd glitch happens. When my avatar is down by the bottom of the water areas and someone uses blizzard, it then traps me underneath the rock at the bottom so that i am swimming underneath the rock instead of in the water and then it tells me i haven’t moved for 15 seconds even though while underneath the water i am continually jumping trying to get back up to the arena but there is a barrier that prevents me from doing so. This glitch is very annoying because when i get trapped it then eliminates me and i get a loss for my arena run even though i did nothing to cause it to happen. Please take the time to look into this. I’m getting very annoyed since i am not able to play arena without worrying about staying away from the water when someone uses blizzard. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Read__Me________
Fix Your Game
This game has potential but ultimately is unbearable and overrated with stars and reviews, real and fake. First off it’s inconsistent with how you receive damage. In some matches, once you die in whatever way you have split seconds of invulnerability so that your not just hit with another power-up from the next sorry player. Then, in some matches it’s like that invulnerability doesn’t even exist. Secondly, for the arena can you PLEASE stop giving everybody the same $&#&@%# power-up . . geez, how the person in last place suppose to have a fair shot to catch up to the person in the front if constantly they’re struck by lightning or shrunken or etc. Then for the front players how are you suppose to fight to stay in the front if every player behind you has the magnet. So many players don’t even deserve the win that they get because all they simply did was luck out off of other players power-ups, that’s trash for someone who was leading the entire time taking blow after blow. Fix your game, plus it’s has bugs and glitches but I’m not even getting started on those.
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2 years ago, ArmsK1456
Great game but something is killing it
I love this game. Played it since the first entry. I recently started playing arena and it has been the most fun out of any mobile game on my phone. One thing is killing this game though: coins. To customize your animal you need coins and a lot of coins, im talking about 15k or more. To unlock new weapons? Coins. The worst part is it takes money to enter the arena. 500 coins. Now if you’ve never played this game you might ask yourself: “why are you complaining about 500 coins?” It is because they are very VERY hard to earn unless you pay for them. Playing normally, just a quick match, doesn’t earn you any coins. The only way I noticed to get coins is from the daily bonus, watching an ad to get lucky at the end of a race or playing arena. But again, arena costs 500 coins you may not have. At least let us earn coins from a quick match and you’ll do a lot of us a favor.
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3 years ago, Froggo🐸✌️
A Pretty Swag Game 🧚🏻‍♀️✨
I’ve had fun run for a while now and for some reason haven’t written a review on it. Fun run has so many great features and game modes so you’ll never get tired. There’s a whole customization area that includes a wide variety of animals and clothing. You’re probably wondering if it’s a game with a lot of ads? Well, you’d be wrong! The only time you can watch ads is if you want more gold or stars. You can join clans or make clans and race with the members. My clan is called CoolNamePending if you wanna join 😌💅 Anyway you can do more things like add friends and race by yourself. My only criticism is that some of the skins are a lot of money. I’m saving up to buy the corgi and it’s 120,000 coins. Other than that it’s a fun game and you should totally check it out 💕
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4 years ago, markcus radnsom
Overall great game but Creators don’t listen to reviews.
This game use to be extremely fun in the BEGINNING don’t get me wrong the game still has its fun moments but the game is overall STRESSFUL. I’ve been playing this game for years now i’ve had 2 different accounts , and this battle pass will probably be my last time playing . This game does cheating stuff especially when you have a certain challenge . I’ve tried to bypass it and just play and hope to win but I can’t do it anymore I can’t take the game constantly aggravating me and doing little cheating stuff maybe i’ll play in again in due time but i’m officially done playing this game . The power-up change is something we didn’t ask for nor do we like . You guys ruined the power ups which is another reason why I don’t want to play anymore . you should still be able to hit speed traps when iced , Singing Off .
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4 years ago, Nhorn1016
Worst Game I’ve ever played
This game is terrible so many hackers and bugs. I sometimes finsih in first but the game says I was in last costing me thousands of shields. That is another part of the game that is very dumb. If you don’t get first place out of 4, you lose practically everything you won in the last hour of playing. The penalties are much too severe make it near impossible to level up past gold 5. Also if you lag out of the game you get severely punished worse than a loss. So the creators decide to penalize you for their errors. It is rage enduring and I don’t not recommend it to anyone who plans on playing online. Awful game. Also the match making is one of the dumbest systems I’ve ever seen. As a gold 5 I often get paired with elites who are the best players on the apps who know the maps better than their own families since they never go outside their rooms. I don’t understand why a low level player would be matched up against high level players all the time. It makes the games way less enjoyable knowing I will finish 3rd or 4th every single game.
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2 months ago, katelynnnnnnnm
5+ year player
I’m still incredibly disappointed with this game. It use to be my go to game when I had free time, before they changed everything. The challenge of the game for the players who dedicated their time used to amount to equal award. BRING BACK GEMS TO EVERY ARENA RACE. You guys already make so much money off of adds and loyal players who would purchase extras. The greed is off putting and disappointing. I have seen greed take over to many successful people….then….guess what?… eventually their business model fails because, they forgot about the people who got them there In the first place. I realize that you believe once enough time has past people will forget and get used to what you have changed. This is false to all the players who made you successful in the first place. I only put so much thought into this review, because I have spent my hard earn money on a game and over 5 years of my life on a game, that quite sadly turned around and laughed in my face. Do better dirtybit it’s not too late.
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7 years ago, Fhfthfyhdyhdygf
Great game but needs improvement
I’ve been playing fun run for only about a month and I’ve noticed some glitches within playing. First of all,when I have the shield on, I still get hit by things. When I do the magnet, the other players seem to come forward and put me backward. I also think that you should suggest when a player does a power up, for example, a bear trap, the player that placed the bear trap should not get killed with it. Also when you are about to start the game and vote where you play, it always seems to be picking the one with the least votes. I’m sorry this is so long, but, I think you should make an update for big fixes and maybe a little improvement. Please don’t take this the wrong way I absolutely love the game,but it’s hard to play with so many glitches. I think this is a wonderful game and very addicting overall besides the glitches.
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5 years ago, Roselini99
This game is addicting as the first game but....
When I first saw this on the App Store, I knew I had to download it. The first game was a great game and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I thought this would be new and improved. However, I noticed from playing this game for a couple weeks that some things that could use some improvement and as to why I gave it three stars: 1. Quests- When you are done with a set of quests you have to wait for a couple hours to get a new set off quests which I find annoying and believe there should be a continuous flow of quests. 2. Prices are too high- From upgrades on power ups to clothing, everything is too expensive and almost makes you want to buy gems! Yes you can watch ads and somethings are discounted from time to time to get more coins and gems but I want to be able to play the game and buy things without breaking the bank. 3. Clan battles- A great concept for a game like this but the battles itself I believe has some adjustments that need to be met. You have both you and your clan mate racing against another clan so you would want yourself or the another person to use their power ups AGAINST the other clan but that isn’t the case-the power ups are used on everyone except yourself like in quick play. It doesn’t make sense and I believe it should be changed that power ups are used on the clan you are racing against.
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4 years ago, LaLaTC
Pros and Cons
I started off Loving the Game I was very addicted. It’s like once I mastered the game that’s when The Glitching started. While waiting on the Whistle to blow so I can start the race there’s a Glitch where I’ll still be sitting there for like 5 seconds and the other players has already taken off. It used to do that every now and then but it’s starting to do that every single Game. And when I’m paying 500 Coins for the Arena I want to start the race with everyone else.. Also as I see a lot of ppl mentioning my Weapons most of the time don’t work on nobody but Me. It goes right through the other players. I come in 1st place but end up in 4th. Y’all really need to get that together. And y’all prices are highway robbery you should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m starting to wonder am I playing against real ppl or a Computer because what do y’all gain for cheating for the next player. Or do y’all cheat for a person depending on how much money they spend? This has the potential to be a 5 star game Developers get it TOGETHER....
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