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4 months ago
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User Reviews for Funko

2.57 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Apple.dash20
I love seeing my collection and it’s values it’s really cool and seeing new pops or ones that I want to track down is fun too buuuuuut since the update that changed the whole lay out I’ve had several issues that have NOT gotten better since! The bugs in question: the app isn’t letting me wish list or add to collection. It will show a filter is there, like I tried to filter my collection for just one license and it kept the whole collection up and didn’t bring up the specific license I was looking for. Also it is set in my collection to show high to low price but it’s not displaying it as such and when I change it to any other setting it loads the page as if to change it to that setting but when it show up it shows it the same as it was prior to me changing the setting. I also can’t click any page with out having to hit it two or more times than it pops up as though it’s going to that page the amount of times I had to press the page. It’s also really slow to load anything. Open, searched, pages, it takes forever to see anything now. It used to be super easy and quick to load and find anything and everything but since the update it’s like I can’t even use the app at all and if I do I have to be prepared to be on it 15 minutes just waiting to attempt to find something.
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2 years ago, SkyGlider8
Love it, reliable, but several issues
Although I love this app and how easy it is to keep track of my Funko items, there are several issues with the platform. As many already know, the Funko App is linked to HobbyDB and PPG, but sometimes if there are multiple variants of a character (ex. Art pops, con stickers, different stickers, etc.) the price won’t change or will be stuck at “insufficient data.” There are three Funko items in my collection that won’t update from HobbyDB (Daenerys 03, Missandei, and Spider Woman Fall Convention), and hopefully Funko and the app curators can fix these issues. I also noticed several bugs with the app since some of the newer updates. The app sometimes takes way too long to load, or freezes at points, and crashes the app when clicking on items. Also, customizable lists are quite awful to handle, as they also crash too and the search bar sometimes doesn’t work (meaning I search the item, but will only show one page worth of items and not the rest of the catalog based on my search words). Also, vaulted/coming soon items don’t update their status, which sometimes gets annoying, but this is more of a personal issue. But, overall, a solid app — just needs to fix its “merging” data and bug issues. Totally recommend.
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2 weeks ago, YASSSSSIATRE
I love funko's I just ask for one thing...
I will absolutely go bankrupt from funko pops | love them so much, I have a whole collection BUT, there is one franchise I want to add to my collection so bad. I can't even find other brands that have made figurines or toys from this franchise and it makes me so mad. Given that this movie franchise I am talking about is in fact categorized as a classic movie and is my favorite movie of all time. The movie franchise I'm talking about is Night at the Museum. I don't see why we can't make characters like Larry Daley and Theodore Roosevelt the usual size and Jedediah and Octavius those mini funko pops the company just released. It would be size accurate and really cool! But make regular sized Jedediah and Octavius too they would be size accurate to us aswell! I know a LOT of people, including myself, that would buy the whole collection and some that would make it their life mission to get all of them (I'm one of those people). And you know those type of guys that collects funko pops for a living and gets really popular on social media from it? I guarantee they would buy the whole collection too. In conclusion, it would be really cool if we finally can buy night at the museum merchandise because, they are so hard to find and I hope to buy it from you guys!
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3 years ago, Grimer85
Good app, but could be better
I’ve had a lot of fun searching for new figures to add to my collection. It’s a very easy app to figure out and user friendly. But a deeper dive reveals some flaws. For instance, I searched for tmnt items. I got a whole bunch of figures and clothing to look at. But not everything was there. I found 2 of the 4 tmnt keychains. But when I searched specifically for, Leonardo keychain, it came right up. So it seems like maybe not everything appears when given a generic keyword. Adding figures to you owned collection and wishlist is super easy. The collection part, I haven’t found anything wrong yet, but I have read that people had a hard time searching within their owned collection and getting a complete list. But something I think should be added is the ability to have multiple wishlists. I have different reasons for why I buy. Which vary from my own collection or adding to a friends, I’m taking keychain figures and using that for Christmas ornaments on my tree. Or even breaking down different figures that I collect by genre. I would like to see the ability to have multiple wishlists be a thing. Other than that it’s a great app for finding figures, user friendly and even gives breakdowns for what figures are worth individually and in you entire collection. Is a fun app.
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2 years ago, jerm2223
Meh, other apps do Funko valuation better
I wanted to love this app… and when you first start your collection you can. Once you start to become more avid, this app is rather useless for several reasons: 1. List management is infuriating and 50%+ of the time unresponsive requiring users to repeat the same actions. Try removing items from your wishlist after you’ve collected them. First one will generally work quickly l, after that, it’s anyones guess on if the action of removing will be picked up by the app. 2. Some newer Funko releases are not in the app, therefore the true valuation is inaccurate. 3. Prices do not incorporate autographed pop values nor display the option to mark one as autographed. This is a HUGE MISS for the Funko app dev team, and why my title is others do it better. Half of the values show are an average of recent sale prices, the other are arbitrary if visible at all. I rely more heavily on a different price database that is more widely used and referenced, but think that Funko has a huge opportunity to get more users on the app if they could tidy up these egregious issues. I’m personally shocked (somewhat) that this hasn’t been addressed, it could bring more people in with a full experience to Funko.
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12 months ago, Kryst105
I love the fact that I can keep track of my Funko collection but since the last update the app has a lot of bugs and things that have been messed up. - collection filter: the filter options for checking your collection has changed, it used to have the option to sort them from newest/oldest added (meaning it would show the newest from oldest of Funkos you had added to the collection) but now the only options are newest/oldest by date and highest/lowest on price. -searching for specifics: the search option on the funko app has become confusing. If you search for something, there’s a possibility that it may come up, or may not, even if it is on the Funko app even searching for specific names, whether be the name of the specific character or the name of the show or movie or game or whatever you’re looking for specifically. just recently I was looking for walking dead Funko’s and when I put in the name walking dead, it came up with a few but not all of them. It’s very likely that you’ll have to search up for the specific name and if there’s certain things in the name, you have to be even more specific, which is kind of annoying.
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11 months ago, ice and dark dragon
Great, but why the new update?!?!?
It was amazing to see all the funko’s and their price and where to buy them, just simply amazing. But now thanks to the new update it won’t let me look at my Funko’s collection like I did before, not that I mean that it won’t let me in the wishlist and stuff like that but before you used to be able to look at a Pop and see what it’s from and be able to tap it and see them all, for example I used it a lot to see the My Hero Academia collection but recently I tried to do it again and instead it just searched all funko stuff with the title “My Hero Academia” and it wouldn’t let me see any of the pops, just simply what was named “My Hero Academia” at first I thought it was a glitch so I tried with the other stuff I browse on the app, Naruto, Star Wars, Avatar, and literally anything else and it wouldn’t let me so I thought maybe they’re just fixing it for the next update, but it was already 3 updates in when I realized they weren’t doing to bring it back, so if anyone who updates and basically makes the app is reading, thanks for reading and please fix it, Thanks
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5 years ago, eniew98
Has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed!
I’m happy that Funko made this app, because I believe it will be updated more frequently than Stashpedia. However, there are a LOT of bugs and features on the app that need to be updated, and I don’t believe Funko should have released this app yet, as it is not ready. The mechanics for searching for items is extremely poor. Too many results come up, and it’s hard to specifically search for anything. I’m glad I can add my pint size heroes and pocket Pops to my collection now, but it’s impossible to search and find them, so adding them will be a frustrating process. Additionally, I preferred the way Stashpedia categorized my collection far better than this app. Recently released and oldest released is a poor way to categorize it, and I was very disappointed to see that there was no longer “recently added.” I also liked the option to see where my exclusive pops had come from, and which were commons. I have over 500 items, and even more with the edition of pint size heroes and mystery minis, and I cannot easily locate anything with the new categorizing system. I’m going to keep collecting Funko products, because I’m a huge fan of Marvel, but I hope bug fixes and important changes come to this app ASAP. Stashpedia had its flaws, but it was far better than this app.
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4 years ago, drake_cantype whatev he want
Not updating my collection fully
Lemme explain. It is super easy to search for a Funko pop on here, that part of the app is phenomenal. And you can easily just add the Funko pop that you just got into your collection. When I go to my collection page, it will tell me the total items, and total price of my collection. No problem. But the problem is that if I go to filter, and I wanna know how many Star Wars pops I own, it will say Star Wars (49). The problem is, I have a lot more than that. It has said (49) FOREVER. Once I got my 50th, it never updated. It should say something like 70. And pretty much if you go to filter, and wanna know how many Walmart Exclusives, Overwatch Pops, 2019 Pops, etc, you will have to count manually. Also, it is not perfect. I have a Marvel Collector Corps pop (Deadpool riding on Unicorn), and it does not recognize it as a Marvel Collector Corps exclusive. Some more flaws: it does not show every franchise (Marvel, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, etc.) in my filter. I have 9 Game of Thrones pops and it does not give me the option to show those pops only. Once these problems are fixed, the app is great but a nice feature to add is to see your friends’ collection
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3 years ago, sloppy hunters
Room for improve but decent
I’ve recently caught the Funko collector bug and find the app easy to use but lacking recognition of A LOT OF amazing pieces (ex REGGAE RASTA 08) especially of the older grail variety!! New pieces taking a long time for pricing is somewhat understandable. But let’s be totally honest here. As the official APP- hobbydb should not be light years ahead of you in pricing and recognition of pieces and their respective variants. It’s a slap in the face to the hardcore collector to not see his prized piece(s) “not recognized” in the database. This is the internet age and this needs to be SWIFTLY RECTIFIED!!! We NEED YOU AND WANT YOU TO BE BETTER!!! we await your evolution and upgrade with open OPTIMISM!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!! I’m so sorry if this seems harsh or unjust. But I truly believe if you fix these small but poignant issues- your business will be better for it!! This app is a HUGE REFLECTION OF YOUR OFFERINGS AND Capabilities!! So the world you’re on top of your game in this dept!! I believe in you!!! Thank you again for sparking the joy of collecting in my 38 year old self!!! I truly and honestly appreciate the joy you bring to the “POP” Community!!! Stay prosperous!!!
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2 years ago, treefortz
Decent but has quite a few flaws
I recently (Feb. 2022) downloaded this app. So far most things work fine. I have noticed that when scanning certain figures (John Hammond and gates from Jurassic park [which is a fairly brand new funko]) the app tells me it hasn’t released yet. It for sure has released, cuz it’s on my shelf at home. Not only that, I can’t go through the app and find it in my collection because I haven’t been able to look at my lists even one time since downloading the app. There has been no new update available, people have been having this problem for over a year based on Reddit comments regarding the same issues. This collecting funkos thing is addicting but fun, but at the same time it’s highly unfortunate to not be able to digitally see what I have in my collection. Hopefully this receives a response, and also a hot fix or quick patch to the app. I just want to see if my pops have gone up or down in value since purchase without having to look for it in the search bar. All in all it’s a decent app but could use a bit of a tuneup.
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1 year ago, Silver Day
New version is a massive failure
I’m not one for leaving reviews, but this newest update to version 5.0 is absolutely terrible. As a software developer, I’m appalled by the amount of functionality that was lost and lack of proper QA testing. The catalog doesn’t seem to sort correctly by newest anymore as I’m seeing Pops that I’ve had for over 6 months near or at the top of the list. If you go to a particular item’s page, it no longer highlights the crown or heart to indicate that it’s in your wishlist or collection. And if you try to add an item from it’s product page to either list, it just takes you to your profile/settings page. You can no longer sort your collection or wishlist by when the items were added to the list (which is how I usually sort them). The update notes mention that they moved to a new backend, but they obviously didn’t move all of the data over properly. Please roll this back to the previous version while you fix these issues in the new one. You’re making long time fans quite unhappy. I mainly use this app to make sure I don’t accidentally buy doubles, but with the loss of these features, that’s going to be incredibly difficult to do now.
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5 years ago, Wynndi
Where is my collection and wishlist after a migration is completed??
Where is my collection and wishlist after a migration is completed?? Why can’t i sign in using the application?? I don’t know what to do anymore...😭😭😭😭😭 This new application is severely buggy and a complete let down. I’m extremely very disappointed because the migration does not work at all. My entire collection is gone therefore I have no idea what I wished for and what I already owned. The Funko website will allow me to sign in and request for a migration, however, whenever I open the application there is nothing on record along with an error. Signing out, delete and re-downloaded the application does not resolve the issue but only leaving you even more confused, frustrated, and clearly unhappy. Due to this issue it’s extremely inconvenient I never know if I should pass or purchase a pop anymore simply because I just can not remember my my entire collection. Overall this new Funko application is not reliable! Honestly, I miss Stashpedia so much I least I can somewhat keep track of my collection and create or view my wish list. Why didn’t y’all run a beta test before making changes?? I have nothing good to say about this application anymore... 😱😨😰🤨☹️😫😩😖😤😡
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2 years ago, QBurk
Terrible UI with the latest release
First, I tired to submit this using the feedback option in the app. Didn’t work. I sent it to customer service and got a canned response about uninstalling and reinstalling the app and making sure I had the current version. I just replied with more detail and photos but don’t have much faith a dev team will actually see it. In the old app, if I wanted to look at products, I could search by name or could just use the filters to see all products by brand or license. So if I wanted to look at sodas, I could choose that from the drop down, and see them all. Now, you have to put something in the search box and then the filters will show up. The problem with that is I can’t look at all sodas. I have to put a couple of letters in and sodas without those letters won’t show up. Steps Click on Discover Click on the magnifing class icon No filters are listed To see filters, you have to enter a a couple of letters I enter AB, there are no sodas. I search on HU and filter on soda, and all I can see are 6 items, Hulk and Huckleberry Hound. Please bring the filters back even with the search box is empty and please get people to test your UI for fitirr releases.
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2 years ago, kaydeedub.
Needs work
It’s a good resource for Funko products, with some glaring issues. Missing a lot of products that are currently available at retail vendors, including the Funko store. There are also a bunch of misspellings that ruin valid searches. Maintaining collections is cool though, if you can actually find your products. For some stupid reason they removed the “Brand” search parameter, so finding a product takes much longer now since you can’t narrow it down to Pop! Figures or Pop Pins or Jumbo pops or Hikari: everything is included in searches now. That’s by far the most detrimental “update” that’s been made to this once promising app. It’s quite slow, and there’s no help or feedback available. You take the time to fill out a form for feedback or missing features, and it goes nowhere, just an error message. The app has been like this for well over a year, through several updates. Funko apparently doesn’t want to hear a thing from you about this app!
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1 year ago, Deadalewive
Don’t Bother
The app used to be an easy way to keep track of your collection as well as see what Funko is producing next, but after the last update, the app is pretty much useless. Lists that you built apparently has items in them, but you can’t see them. The scanning function can’t find anything you scan and the home page (as of this writing) now loads, but easily glitches out if you try to click on most things. I’m not sure what they thought they were updating with this last update, but it completely broke the app and it’s a bit frustrating. Clearly, the app is not a priority for them as there’s been zero attempt by Funko to fix it. They may make some fun bits of plastic, but app developers they are not. This was a pretty basic app that functioned just fine in its previous version, but now it’s just another example of an app being “updated” with features nobody wanted and getting horribly broken in the process. Don’t bother installing this as there’s really no point for it to take up room on your device. Find an alternative or stick to your spreadsheets if you’re looking for something to help keep track of your collection.
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3 years ago, Harleydearest
Very Convenient!
I have got to the point in collecting funko pops where I can’t remember all of the ones I’ve collected so far. Thankfully the app allows you to add your collection and it even tells you what the value of it is! So when I’m out and about and I come across pops and find one or a few that I want, I can pull up this app and click on the “collection” tab to see if I have them or not. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled up the app when I’m in a store that has pops. It’s definitely came in handy and is such a big help. My ONLY complaint is that it doesn’t allow you to share your collection/wishlist with others. I’d love to be able to copy a link to them especially the wishlist for when someone is wanting to buy me gifts. The fact that the app refreshes if you switch to another app can be a bit annoying as well, but these complaints are only minor and I still think the app deserves 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Tercuff
3 Stars for effort, I Guess
Overall, the new Funko app does what it claims. However, I would go back to stashpedia in a heart beat if I could. Pros 1. Look is more polished than Stash app 2. Appears to include literally every Funko release: albums, skatedecks, rock candy, pocket pop, minis vinl, etc. 3. Search inquiries don’t have to be exact to yield results. Old Stash app wouldn’t pull results unless the inquiry was phrased almost exactly. I like that this doesn’t limit the current app, but it also leads to my first Con, as the volume of results is a huge negative. Cons 1. Searching is a pain, especially when trying to sift through multiple types of products across the name of a character (even more difficult when it’s the name of the line - ie: Rick and Morty). Definitely need many and more Search filter options to make finding specific things easier. 2. I can no longer see the collections or wishlists of my friends. If the function exists, I can’t find it. This is by far my biggest gripe to date. 3. There are less filter options for my collection and wishlist. Stash let me sort by line, which I loved as a way to quickly see what pops I’m missing. With the additional types, i would also love to have a way to sort by brand - Minis, Rock Candys, etc.- and by line - Ad Icons, Rick and Morty, etc. Many and more filters are needed given the volume of items.
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5 years ago, FonziG305
Very disappointed!
I was using the original app before this update and it was better. It kept the collection just fine. This new update did NOT merge my account and I now have to manually enter over 400 into the my collection. It did attempt to merge by taking me to safari and having me login. After several attempts, the old app deleted my inventory. I was looking forward to the update very much with the third party integration. With this new app I can’t really search for a POP as easily and smoothly as before. The new update returns no results but I scan it, which is fine but expected this feature not to work that well just yet. It was surprising. Very confusing and frustrating as well. I will continue to use the app because of the third party integration, but it still needs much improvement, not only in the UI but with data it should have. Search needs to be improved drastically, or at least use the same algorithm from the previous app but hey I’m not the developer. Overall it’s useful but still needs much work.
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1 year ago, Raging Fire Animations
It’s time for some changes
I’ve been using the app for a few months now and recommended it to almost any pop collector I met who didn’t use it, but ever since this most recent update, it’s been bug after bug after bug, first it logged me out after the update and wouldn’t let me log back in until I changed my password for some reason, and customer support did nothing to help so I changed my password and got in only to realize that none of the pops I had in my collection and wishlist weren’t showing. I left the app alone for about a month and it was working again with some new UI for the lists (very clean looking, definitely a welcome change) but now I’m experiencing an issue where it the app won’t allow me to add any new pops to my collection and wishlist, and when I try to add something, it’ll send me to the profile section of the app instead. Please fix these issues, I just need a simple app that I can track what’s in my collection, that’s all I ask for
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5 years ago, Exploreingrose4240
Needs so much work
I was looking forward to this app because the old funko app was bad, i liked the idea of pops that look like you for icons but the organization and searching was hard to use and rarely ever updated new pops, but i love how it had all products from funko Stashpedia was a great app, it had great organization, searching was not the best but it way better than the old funko app, but it let you search for specific products I thought with this update those problems would be fixed and the good part would be merged, but the result was horrible, there are only a couple of good things and a bunch of horrible parts Good - it has all funko products, the writing in the search bar doesnt have to be perfect to work Bad - its slow, you cant seatch for specific products, the merging did not work at all so i have to manually put all back in. I have added things into my wishlist and collection and it took forever to show up, the uniqe organization from stashpedia is gone, i cant organize by category, licensing, or exclusivity in collections or wishlist, and when you search through discovery not all the items show up, not all products are named correctly, even if you put the correct name or licensing not all the products show up and it gives you products that have nothing to do with it It could’ve been a great app but the end result is terrible, it shouldnt have been released and they should’ve asked what their customers would have liked for the app
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1 year ago, rbd3000
Basically Useless now..
This app used to be great, as a longtime Funko collector, it made it super simple to keep track of your growing collection and the increasing/decreasing value tracker made it easy to know the worth of individual Pops. But, as of the last several months the app hasn’t updated values and now won’t even let me use the wishlist function or add/subtract items from my collection. Not sure what the developers did to it but it is basically useless in its current form. Update: they released a new version of the app but now it has gone from basically useless to completely useless. It’s basic functions do not work as your collection tracker claims you have nothing in it yet it shows the value as if you do. That is the main attraction to having this app, to keep track of what you have collected and it does not work. It’s embarrassing for a multi million dollar company to have this poor of a representation of service. It has honestly made me not even want to collect any more. If they don’t care, why should I?
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4 years ago, DarthDyl05
New Update Worse Than Before
I went into the app yesterday and was met by a bland new UI. Now having only 2 items per row makes everything take so much longer to scroll through, the previous 3 had felt sufficient, especially with the smaller boxes. Everything feels too big, too little information on one screen. The additions of multiple lists are great but it has made my old list into a buggy mess. I can no longer scroll through my entire wishlist which is frustrating since it is my birthday soon and I can’t give anyone gift ideas. It would also be great if we could share lists like to someone else on the app or through a link. There is no good way to show anyone else you want something. Although it has it’s bright spots such as it’s search and filter features, there should most definitely be more focus and care put into this app. Please either revert these changes or make them better. It is currently difficult to use the app for the purposes I downloaded it for.
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5 years ago, ‼️Collecta‼️
Needs work.
First things first. I am 100% positive that this app will improve with time and become an amazing tool for collectors. I understand that what we had may have been better at present but my hopes are that with time and patience we will have an outstanding replacement. Collectors of all people should understand that acquiring a desired item does not come over night. This app is decent overall. I’m a little upset as I was one of the people that also were not able to transfer over their collection from the original app. As I was re logging my collection one by one I ran into a few issues that I’m sure some other people have had as well. The app crashed randomly approximately 8 times I was doing this in about a 1.5 hour time span. I had to use the licensing page to search for my pops because searching things like “Dragonball” or “Jurassic park” don't bring up any related products for that term. Some licensing terms are non existent. I.e. star vs. the forces of evil. Some items are not categorized correctly. Under licensing tab for dreamworks it brings up skeletor instead of how to train your dragon etc. Some things are mislabeled. Had to add my Stygimoloch pop and found that it’s just labeled “stiggy” in the system so I was unable to locate through search. I hope this feedback will help you locate some of your issues in hopes of making your final product what it needs to be for current and future collectors alike.
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1 year ago, Angelicx101
Bugs and issues and problems that need a lot or fix
I had to give this app a one star because since the update of the app there’s a lot of problems and issues that need major fixing. I can log in but i can’t see my collection and my wishlist it lets me log in but can’t see my Funkos in my collection. Also every time I try to scan a funk and try to add it to my collection or wishlist it just takes me to my account. I have log out and deleted the app and re install the app and log back into my account. It still doesn’t load up my collection and doesn’t let me add anything to my account. I go to my list and it never loads my collection or wishlist before the new update everything work perfect but now nothing works at all. I have email Funko about this issue and problems I’m having and Funko hasn’t reply back to me. I’m hopping that Funko fixes all the issues and the problems the app has now I would like to be able see my collection and wishlist and be able to add Funkos to my collection too.
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1 year ago, jseasphotos
New update is horrendous
So I have no idea where to start , but for the past year or so that I’ve been collecting I’ve been noticing that the Funko app has not been updated to reflect the current pricing of the pops. Well know and behold we got the long awaited update last week. It started off good up until two days ago where my collection will not show up at all. It shows how many I have and the amount of the collection but it says the list is empty. Same for my wish list. So I tried to add a new pop I purchased to my collection and it wouldn’t allow me to add it. So I closed out the app and reopened and nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and nothing. I logged out and logged back in and nothing. So it definitely has a major bug that’s affecting different ppl. I thought it was just me until a friend of mine had to change his password and now he’s facing the same thing I’m facing. So I’m hoping something is done to fix this issue hopefully. So that’s why I’m giving this app a one star.
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4 years ago, SeeOhMadness
Great but now....
I have been actively using this app for several years. I have a total of 189 in my pop collection. For some reason within the past few months (now In 2020), my collection isn’t showing anymore. It only shows my value and number in my collection. I try and use a filter like “high to low” and it still doesn’t display my collection. I keep getting a message that reads “no results found. Try again” THIS IS FRUSTRATING!!!! it’s also very concerning because it makes me feel like I have to start from scratch again, and I don’t want to have to log in 189 pop figures all over again. if this doesn’t get fixed I’ll just use the Covetly App. Please help. Anyone else have this problem? ****updated review below**** Thank you for getting back to me on my Issue. Reinstalling the app fixed my problem. I appreciate the assistance. Changing to 4 stars now.
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1 year ago, Watino64
Needs Some Work…
I like the app and it’s very cool there’s an official dedicated app for Funko collectors, BUT the app needs some work. 1) It takes awhile to load images of products. 2) it would be nice if you could tap on an image to open it up in the next window as a larger image and be able to pinch zoom in/out. 3) I made about 8 different lists, but after I closed the app and reopened it only like 3 lists showed up (out of order from when I first created them as well) with a spinning loading circle at the bottom of the screen like it’s trying to load the rest, but never does. 4) Speaking of lists, it would be nice to move and reorder your lists around in any order. 5) More search filters need to be added, like to be able to search by license. Also, a bunch of random products come up when I search for a pretty specific product. 6) More sorting filters need to be added, like most recently added, to My Collection, My Wishlist, and lists. 7) I tried to add an address to my account, but kept getting an error. I had to login on the website to do it. 8) The back arrow always takes a few taps to work. 9) Not sure if this is a feature or not, but if it’s not it should be: sync account (app and website). That way your collection and info doesn’t get lost.
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1 year ago, somebodyidk786738
Fine - few fixes
I use the funko app to track my collections and it does it pretty nicely. Some times it will randomly kick me out or I will have to press a button multiple times for it to go through. The most annoying parts are 1. If I am just browsing for pops, I can’t just search were it’s from, I have to search it by name. For example, if I wanted to see all marvel pops and typed in marvel it would only show me Pops with marvel in the name, not anything from the pop marvel series. This is incredibly annoying if I am looking for a certain pop but cannot remember the name. The second main problem is that is missing a lot of pops. I get there are thousands but a lot of the missing ones are ones that have only been out for two or three years. But if you decide to fix anything please fix the search feature! Thank you!
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4 years ago, CheyCheyMykels
Great way to quickly organize, but collection price isn’t accurate
I know that the price of Pop!s are based off of the PPG marketplace, but the app lumps Con-Exclusive releases together with their Retailer Sell-Through counterparts, with no way to accurately mark which one you have in the app. Mr. Compress for example was exclusive to NYCCC, and had a Sell-Through with Hot Topic, with vastly different values; but only the the Con release is listed in the app. Funko knows they have distinctly different values, but still only have one listing, and doesn’t even have the option to pick which variant you have in the joint listing like you do with the PPG website. It’s honestly quite lazy of them tbh, we were told we’d be able to properly track and price our collections when the app launched, and I wouldn’t really call this the proper collection tracking we were promised.
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5 years ago, anonymouspops
Needs updating desperately
I was really looking forward to this app coming out and now that it’s here I’m seriously disappointed. Even though I followed the steps correctly my stashpedia content didn’t import into the new app. There are pops that I had added on stashpedia and could look up on ppg that were not included in the new app. You can’t filter the results when you search for things. I don’t collect mystery minis or pocket pops and yet they are mixed throughout the search results and you can’t filter them out. Multiple pops have the same picture and it’s difficult to determine which pop is which. When trying to scan my pops many of them came up as not found and yet they come up when you search for them. I know this is new and that funko took on a huge task but this app should be far better than it is or they should have delayed the release of it. Especially considering all the new pops that are coming out right now.
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3 years ago, Bremby
Helpful! But could use some improvements
Hi! First off I just want to say I love your app. It’s been very helpful in tracking my Pop!’s. I was using a spreadsheet but since I’ve found your app I’ve been able to track all of my Pop!s and the value of them with ease. I was wondering if you would be able to develop the capability to add the amount of an individual Pop!. For instance I have 2 or 3 of a same Pop!s and would to track the amount of the same Pop! in my collection. Also, I would like the capability to see if I have a completed set of Pop!s and to see how many Pop!s For instance I have the complete set of Soul Pop!s however I have no way to see that I have completed the set of Soul Pop!s. It would be very helpful to see that the set is complete, and to see what Pop!s I have left to complete the set.
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5 years ago, greenFuneral
Missing features that previous app had
I feel like this app is going in the right direction but boy does it need a lot of improvements. Stashpedia had a lot of sorting options that this app just does not have. Why can’t I just look at only Pops within a certain category instead of all the other garbage that are funko products but I couldn’t care less about? It’s infuriating, trying to find the certain pops I am looking for. I don’t understand why they didn’t just implement this from the stashpedia app. Plus there are a lot of times when certain pops appear twice on the list like those are two different pops when they are not. What is up with that? Also, when I put a pop in my collection that was on my wishlist it doesn’t automatically removes it from my it so I have to do that myself as well. Again, stashpedia had this feature. Why get rid of things that worked out well in the past?
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9 months ago, jjjackson120
Wrong value for your collection.
A few days ago I log onto my funko app to see my collection of which I have 80 pops. 77 of my pops have a value and 3 have no value yet. When I log in it shows $783 under where it says my collection. I used a calculator to add up all the values of my collection and it comes to exactly $1540. Not $783 as it shows. Today when I log in it shows $800 value now which is wrong. A few hours later the price is back to $1540 which is correct. Then a few minutes later it is back to $800 value which is wrong. Either a update or something needs to be fixed because it’s not right showing the wrong price that my collections value is $800 instead of the true value of $1540. Please fix this please. Very unhappy with the funko app about this situation. Contacted funko through the website on this situation and they are no help 🤦🏻‍♂️
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1 year ago, Lilredridinboy
Glitches Galore
This app originally would have received 4 to 5 stars. However within the past few months there have been way too many glitches. First let me say I would rate it a 4 instead of a 5 originally because the accuracy in updating the pop values was not on point. There was a big lag sometimes up to a week in showing the actual value increase or decrease based on other venues for pricing. The current state of this app makes me want to give it a 1 because i find that I am constant missing pops from my collection that I have added. I am finding that I can’t add more pops to my collection and instead it forces me to the settings page of my FUNKO pop account. And the best is saved for last. Quite often in the last month my collection list is completely gone. Frustrating! Especially when you’re a collector and depend on the app to keep you organized. So much time wasted!!!
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3 years ago, Dan5898
Love the app, here are my thoughts
I absolutely love the Funko app I got it after one of my costumers at the toy store I work at showed it to me ever since my collection has grown drastically (and still is ☺️). I love the collection list feature and find it very useful especially when showing my friends and family however I would it if the app had more social features, like being able to share your collection/wishlist or follow your friends and get updates when they add something or are looking for something. Just some ideas! I’ve also noticed that not every Pop! is on there one example being a HT exclusive Mickey Mouse holding an ice cream (or popsicles I’m not sure) I love the pop and want to log it! Other than that it’s a great app and easy to use! Thx!!!’
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1 year ago, Panda panda456
I wish I could give negative stars
I wish I could give negative stars this app is so unreliably broke its insane. I HAVENT been able to log into the app for the past like 3 updates when they said that these app updates would make it better. I was finally able to get in when all the problems with the password reset emails were happening but then they had another update and it’s been broken since. I’ve sent multiple emails AND IVE NEVER HEARD BACK FROM ANYONE!! I Sent one when the last update hit because it would still come up with ‘unknown error’ when I’d try to log in and even when I tried to reset the password and I would get the confirmation email that you received my email and I never got any response more than a week goes by and I email support again and still nothing. I just sent out another email because THE APP STILL DOESNT WORK!!! It’s been months how have you screwed your app up so much!!!
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2 years ago, KatsCollections
Updates? Missing items
This app has been AWESOME for keeping track of what I have for the past year, but the new update is HORRIBLE. Can’t find anything anymore. I’ve gotten a few pops that STILL aren’t on the app yet. Been waiting for the update hoping my missing items would appear but you update the whole app layout and STILL NOTHING. It’s missing the Box Lunch~ Alebrije Dante GITD, Harry Potter #132, Hermione Granger #133, Ron Weasley #134 GameStop’s Artist Deadpool Keychain, Lanyards, and the white Pin, all From the Bucket List Mystery box, The Eternals Mini Figures. The Christmas Tree Ornaments, That’s just from what I have. Just wondering if you plan on fixing this issue so that we can go back to enjoying the app and keeping our collections fully updated. I know some of them are newer but some have been out for a WHILE. My patience is gone. New update is trash, all you did was make it even harder to use. Extremely irritated and disappointed. FIX IT.
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2 years ago, Average Pop Collector
Insane loading time and app freezes
It would be an understatement to say managing collections and list in the Funko app is an arduous chore. I’m not sure what kind of data infrastructure Funko is working with but the loading time on the app when it comes to editing collection is annoying to deal with. Once you remove a pop from a collection/wishlist, it would take 3-4 seconds before the list is updated while simultaneously make you accidentally click on an item you’re not planning to update upon refresh. Moreover, when you want to add an item in your collection to a different list, you would have to wait for 10 seconds for 10 items to load, to then find out that the add button is not working nor the navigation icons to work. Funko, please prioritize solving these performance issue first before introducing any new features!
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1 year ago, MLAnime21
Broken Beyond Repair
I’ve used this app for years to keep track of my Funko Pop collection pricing and in general. Past 3-4 months Funko decided to do a huge update overhaul appearance wise, which broke absolutely everything. They do mini bug and update fixes now but it doesn’t last more than an hour. The site is manageable but slow and hard to navigate sometimes. They also removed pretty much all payment methods, such as, PayPal and Shop. Now you’ve gotta fight the bots off for drops and enter your card info quicker than them. I wish they kept everything the same, even if the site and app were outdated appearance wise. The app was a long wait to see new pops added and prices, but at least I could keep count the pops I had and some sort of value. Now I just have to count the boxes and check Mercari for price averages, because hobbyDB is even more difficult to navigate and use…
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1 year ago, ctl131
Worst app functionality I’ve ever encountered for such a large company
I downloaded the app a week or so ago and it’s hasn’t worked properly for me once; this is after deleting and re-downloading over 5 times. I created a list of my Pop collection but it never populated when I selected it, and now the list doesn’t even show up at all, but when I try to make it again it tells me I already used the name and can’t do it. Also, every time I deleted/re-downloaded the app I was still logged in when I opened it, which shouldn’t be the case considering the phone is supposed to delete all data from the app when it’s removed from the device. Pretty pathetic considering how much money Funko makes that their main app has incredibly limited functionality and from reading other reviews these same bugs have been around for over a year. I would give it zero stars if I could.
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1 year ago, fix imovie
New bug that doesn’t allow me to see my collection
The app has been great for a while, but recently I haven’t been able to see my collection list. When I check my collection, it just says “look! A shiny, new collection!” but then there’s no Funko pops listed. I’ve tried refreshing the app, but nothing works. I even tried to view my other lists, and they don’t work either. This is disappointing, because the app was great before this, and very helpful. There’s also another problem, where I’m not able to add pops to my collection from searching them up or scanning them. I’m only able to add pops when I go to my collection and press “edit list” and then add pops from there. I hope these two problems could be fixed.
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5 years ago, L. Dutrow
The app and idea behind is awesome BUT...
This app is great, well I should say should be great one day in the near future. There is quite a few bugs that need to be squashed and some wrinkles ironed out and some features added in/updated that was a great part of the original stashpedia app. Being able to share tour collection is important in this community to a lot of people and if they had a extra feature that you can click on to make a item in your collection marked for trade makes it easier then some users making multiple Accounts 1 to track personal collection and one to show what’s available for trade or sale. I believe funko will work these issues out and then this app will definitely be a 5/5 stars. I hope they do this sooner then later tho.
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4 years ago, Megatr0n
Great app - one must-have feature missing
I really enjoy this app! It’s a great way to see what’s new, and what you are missing. I love the estimated value given to most items. There are some popular pops missing prices, but I’m sure your limited to what ppg supports. I also like how your list views work with this feature. What’s missing is the ability to see what pops are gaining or declining in value. All price guides do this the same, green up arrows and red down arrows. Adding this would encourage me and everyone else to check this app every day. Please consider adding this awesome feature. (Another request) Add the ability to rate and provide comments on each pop. That would also be really fun!
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12 months ago, K.S. Valentine
Funko can’t fix the app
It’s been like three of four months now and this app is still broken. Fortunately I never had a problem with logging in but my collection now shows that I have 6 Funko pops on it despite being empty. The search function is also completely wrong. Searching smaller fandoms such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, and Avatar: The Last Airbender yields no results. Even bigger fandoms seem to have some issues with searching. Search functions seem to rely only on the name of the Funko pop now rather than the brand, and which is annoying. I also hate how all Marvel properties were lumped just into “Marvel.” If I’m searching for the Black Panther 2 Funko pops, I don’t have to scroll through all the Marvel products to find what I need. The previous Funko app had a few problems but at least it was better than this. Will update if/when Funko fixes these issues.
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4 years ago, Terento
Solid search and collection, but lacks features.
A few things; I love having the separate wishlist and collection lists. It’s been perfect for me as it helped me keep track of the characters I needed for my Apex Legends collection. Now we’re getting into the need for other uses for this app. I’ll list a few people things the app needs here: ~Needs notifications for price increases and drops in value for certain pops or a whole collection (it’s fun and a hobby to keep track) ~ Needs an option to submit a valueless pop figure for review or a way to manually add an estimate of worth for a pop figure (because not all have listed values) ~Needs a dark theme. A dark theme is much easier on the eyes and would make using the app much more enjoyable. But as far as everything else goes, it’s a decent tracker and I like that it’s official. But their are other unofficial trackers that are doing better in all regards to tracking, memberships, shopping, and even aesthetically. But I’m rooting for you guys and I enjoy not having adds. I will gladly pay for an app that is well developed and consistently maintained to be competitive with some of the other trackers I see on the App Store.
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1 year ago, Wwe Fan Over 20 years
Update 5.0 bad
After update was force to reset password, which took days because the e-mail wouldn’t come then when it did, the links had expired. You shouldn’t give 10 minutes within receiving the e-mail before expiring i don’t check my e-mail that often. After finally getting through the reset process I log in and notice some funko’s were missing from my list which happened to be anything that was a multiple pack, so had to add all those back to my list. The filtering on the list is mess even on new which I believe is by year I had some 2023 on the bottom instead of the top, and no I didn’t have it by oldest to newest. What happened to the option of filtering by newest added, so by the ones I recently added to list, prior to update it was the default? The app is now slow with images not loading or taking forever to load.
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1 year ago, GTAN Studios
This App has Too Many Bugs
I think the big issue with the app is that it takes hours to load. Sometimes you can load up a search but then other times the search just fails. Another thing, it’s really difficult to find certain pops because no matter what you type it never loads. Like some pops just actually aren’t in their database (at least that’s what it seems) My last annoyance is that some prices don’t even exist. Like some items are actually just listed as 0 because there is no eBay listings or something. The way they fix this I feel is by just adding a better database and fixing the lag. Personally I would much rather prefer they add these features to a store app that’s just the website. (I still don’t get why Funko doesn’t just have a real app for their store)
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4 years ago, mpeak13
Good but could use a bit more organization
I’d love to be able to add pops to different wishlists and collections. For example, I could have an NFL Wishlist, with 5 pops for $49, as well as a Marvel Wishlist with 9 pops for $104. I think this would be a good way for someone to keep track of specific sets they want to collect. This could work for collections as well, by allowing them to organize their already gathered sets. Then, there would be an overall wishlist with the value as well as overall collection and the total value of those. Secondly, I think it would be good if you could mark what you paid for your Funko. It shows the value of $11, but I could list that I bought it for $7 for example. I think this would be a good feature
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4 years ago, Xsakurachan143x
Terrible Funko App!!!!
The app is extremely terrible and not user friendly. It doesn’t let me share my collection like it used to when it was stashpedia. I like to be able to share with my fellow pop collectors what I have. Another down fall is, it doesn’t update the value frequently. I wouldn’t consider this a good way to check it’s value. For instance, it doesn’t give the true value between a shared exclusive pop and SDCC exclusive pop because they put it under the same listing. You would have to check on eBay to see what it’s really going for. When I leave my app running in the background for a minute then try to go back when I finish searching for something, the app would take me back to the home screen while loading very slowly so I already lost the spot I was viewing. It’s annoying because I want to be able to continue off where I left off. The viewing of your collection needs improvement. It barely shows me 2 and half of the other 2 pops in my collection before I have to keep scrolling down to see what I have. It should have a landscape mode to be able to view more of what you have at a glance. The only good thing about this app is just be able to track what pops you have. Other than that, the best thing this app can do for me is to delete itself.
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