Funny Animals: Play and learn!

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7 years ago
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User Reviews for Funny Animals: Play and learn!

4.19 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
10 years ago, Heatherandhunter
Cute game
I think that this is a fun and educational game. It is great for my two year old son because It is easy operate even by himself. The only complaint I really have is that it takes several seconds to hear the word or animal name after touching them and the background animals are a wonderful idea but they appear randomly and are a little distracting because they're so loud. I do think the background animals are a cute idea but I'd rather they be more interactive so that he could play with them to see what they do when it's his idea. Overall I like this game.
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7 years ago, Puginator31
iPhone 6s is a paper weight now
I'm sure this is a glitch or an error but this app crashed my iPhone 6s so be careful. My daughter has been using this app on and off for over a year and last week a warning popped up saying that the app may cause my phone to run slowly. Since she had played it so many times before I thought the warning must have been a fluke and let her continue playing. Suddenly my screen went black and my phone shut down never to be turned on again. I've tried charging it, hard restart, and plugging it into the computer but my phone is gone. I had not backed my pictures up either so I lost a years worth of pictures of my daughter (my own fault). My phone had just been paid off and I was eligible for an upgrade so I was going to sell it. So basically this free app cost me a years worth of my daughters pictures and the $100 I could have gotten for my phone :( such a bummer! Please be careful with this app!
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9 years ago, AMA_88
Cute & educational...but pricey bug needs to be fixed
I love using this app with my 18mo and 24mo old cousins. Even my 5yr old cousin likes it. I don't mind paying for an app at all, but having to continually buy more animals is annoying and when I was at the in-app purchasing screen that said "Buy All in One" ($2.99)...I thought, "Thats awesome". But when I hit the "buy" button, I was charged $4.99! ******That needs to be fixed!******* I see now (looking in the AppStores page details) there is a "buy all 15" ($2.99) and a "buy all 25" ($4.99). I don't mind having to pay that much, but I was completely mislead from INSIDE the app. There were only *4*options: 3 extra animal packages (for the $1.99ea) and then the large button on the bottom that said "buy all" for ($2.99). Otherwise, I do enjoy using it when I'm babysitting the little ones.
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9 years ago, Blaylockk919
What pop ups? What reading words?
I've been using this app for a about a month, (paid version a week) and have yet to get a pop up regarding buying more animals. Also am I missing something where the kids cluck words?? I've read a few reviews that have complaints that the app is to complicated bc the children have to understand words? There are no words in this game. Mode 1 the kids tap the screen to reveal an animal/vehicle. Mode2 they have 3 choices & the voice asked them to choose a specific. This game is perfect for toddlers to play alone. I really can't see how the developers could make it any easier. Great job guys. You have a happy child & even happier mom over here in S Jersey.
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9 years ago, Kmckdan
Stop the background animal sounds!
My 17-month-old daughter loves this app. Great for when I have a doctors appointment and need to bring her with me. But the background animals are so annoying and very confusing as someone else already said. The pig is oinking while to tapping the duck, for example. Also, the sounds and narrator voice is delayed from when she taps the button, so frequently the animal sound that the phone is making does not match the one she is clicking on. Also, in the mode where the child has to pick the correct animal of the three that are pictures, please have the narrator say they animal name. My daughter doesn't know enough to tap the word to figure out which one to click on. And kids that can read the word are probably too old for this game.
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8 years ago, BlondeShort
Good app but…
This is a fun app for my toddler to use as he's still mostly just touching stuff and doesn't have the cognition skills for more advanced apps. However, the purchase options within the app are misleading and need to be addressed. I went to buy the all animals option for $2.99 but it came up to approve my purchase for $4.99. Reading other reviews and seeing that there are actually two different options for these price points needs to be specified within the app. I'm fine paying $5 for 25 animals as this is one of few apps he can use without ads. I ask that you please fix the buying options within the app for those who don't feel the $4.99 price point is worth their money for this app.
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7 years ago, Shaun Dewitt
App doesn’t exist in phone
I made the mistake of allowing my 10m old to play in this app so I could spend a few uninterrupted minutes with my 3yr old. She got into the in-app purchase screen, and because of Touch ID, when I took my phone back, it automatically purchased whatever it was. I searched through my phone to find the app to try and cancel...not there. I searched my iCloud and iTunes. Not there. My husband searched my phone. Not there. He searched his phones, since they’re all linked...not there. This app, and the purchase that was accidentally made, have vanished. Yet somehow, the app itself is still on my home screen? When I click the link for app support, it takes me to a website to sell an app. There is zero way out of this! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some sort of Trojan horse.
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10 years ago, JaxinHall
Please give bg noise options!
My daughter loves this app and has actually learned the animal names and sounds from it which is really cute to watch. But it needs the option to turn off the background animal noises. They're confusing to a young child too. Why is the sheep crowing like a rooster incessantly? That can't be a giraffe, it's roaring like a leopard...the giraffe's noise is actually a hyena noise anyway, so that ones a lost cause either way I guess haha. But it would be very much appreciated if they could add an option to turn off the overpowering background animals' sounds and even the music, please! 5 stars with that option. 2 knocked off because it really is that annoying.
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11 years ago, Grammy Ci Ci
Funny Animals
As a grandma and Speech-Language Pathologist, I am so impressed with this little app! It is a wonderful supplement to have when introducing animal identification and sounds to a very young child. The screens are so colorful and fun to look at and simple to use. A baby just has to touch the screen anywhere on the Learning Mode without any intention. Not only will the child see the animal and hear the sound, but he/she will learn cause and effect eventually. My granddaughter just turned 5 months old and I am so excited to try this with her! Thanks Fisher-Price
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8 years ago, A jeismont
Good app
Our 9 month old enjoys looking at it and touching all around the screen. The only issues that we run into is that she goes back to the home page too much. It'd be nicer if that button was either smaller or in a different place. Also, when she leans on the screen she can often open two different games and they overlap each other so we have to reset the app. Now these issues are attributed to the fact that she's too young to understand the iPad, but it'd be nicer if these were minimized . Otherwise a great free app.
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9 years ago, I<3papijumpland
12 month old loves it
I love the fact that my one-year-old can play it, but I don't like the idea of having to buy all the animals. I'm also worried that if I leave him alone on the app he may accidentally purchased them, or close out of the app and start going to the others. I wish you could have a feature where it was harder to exit the app(like getting rid of the ability to scroll down or up for all my notifications.
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10 years ago, Louisiana teacher
Great for special needs students
I teach special needs preschoolers that are 3 to 6 years old. Their cognitive ages range from 3 months to 17 months. The Fisher Price Apps are so engaging that my higher level students can interact with the iPad and answer some questions while the others simply enjoy the pictures and sounds. I also have a new grandson that I will be introducing these Apps to. Thank you Fisher Price for making basic skills fun to learn.
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7 years ago, theheadowl
Needs a better settings area
This is great for the two girls I nanny, however I purchased the full animal package, within a week they have all disappeared and I cannot restore my purchase. There needs to be a better settings area to do this plus buy the animals on a separate page. When the girls are playing with it the more animals page pops up and I have to constantly bring them back to the main animals. Purchases on toddler apps should be in a separate area where the children can't accidentally click it.
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9 years ago, Fun parents
Good idea but poor execution for the price
Not a great set up. We bought all the animals and it keeps on asking us if we want to buy all the animals. Also when my son clicks on the screen it often tries to copy and paste the whole screen and he cannot move on until I clicked off of that option. Definitely some bugs to fix and doesn't process very fast leaving a little frustration to our son. Great idea, poor execution. For the price we give it two stars. For the price you would expect something that worked better and less frustrating to the child.
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12 years ago, personalAppleIDRobby
Great game for 12 mo old
Great game for my 12 month old. I use it in emergencies when I need to get her attention and keep her happy for 5 or 10 minutes. We don't watch TV or play video games so she is mystified by the animals and is learning motor skills and cause and effect with this game. She loves the music too and we dance and sing along. Although I don't advocate extensive use of electronics for young children, in a pinch its a great treat for them to play with and learn from. Very cute!
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8 years ago, Shellylax
Great learning tool for my toddler
My 21 month old is constantly wanting to play this game. She loves the motion for each of the animals along with their sounds. Great learning tool would recommend to everyone. Price packages are a bit glitchy. Game currently offers a buy full animals package for $2.99 but when you go to purchase it tries to charge full price of $4.99. Not hugely expensive by any means but this is still a glitch that should be fixed.
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9 years ago, Bass Class
Great idea for my 18 month old!
So, I have to start by saying I love this app idea because my 19 month old son is a super talker and would love this app. BUT, after the initial first group it threw me immediately into wanting to upgrading/buying on first touch. Which means my cutie would hit that too. I am also a first grade teacher and that is one of my biggest complaints. It takes a lot of time and effort to deal with that extra "stuff"! Insist want to play the free stuff without the pop up craziness and give me the options in a better way.
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12 years ago, Atreya11
Perfect learning app
My 2yr old loves this app. He's learned the sounds the animals make and is always trying to mimic them when playing. He's a little too young to understand the words on the buttons in the NAME IT mode but in the SPOT IT mode he knows which animal it is because it tells him. He selects the right animal coinciding with the spoken word. This game is great in the fact that I get a good 20 min to myself to clean house or shop in peace. Ahhh, THANK YOU. :D. From a happy mother in HI.
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11 years ago, Danille Renee
Love this!
My 3 yr. old son Ben loves this app & so do I! It's simple enough for him to play on his own and he actually learns from it! I wish more animals came free but the additional packages are definitely worth buying! More apps should be toddler self-reliant like this one! (I would've given 5 stars if more animals were free or additional packages came at a better deal!) All in all, it is 1 of the better learning apps I've seen that my son can actually do on his own without Mommy's help or guidance!
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11 years ago, mommmaMorgan11
This is a cute simple app that my 1 year old has no problem using. My only complaint is that it has been gliching some and it has animals over other animals and plays more than one sound at a time. My LO gets frustrated by that as well as when it freezes up. I've had this app for over a year and it just started doing this. Hopefully there will be an update to fix this soon!
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4 years ago, ED929
Very glitchy
Downloaded this app for my 14 month old son and it really has helped him learn his animals and the sounds they make, so I paid to unlock all the animals. Unfortunately, the app glitches very easily. If you touch an animal more than once, it’ll stop making its sound, for example, or sometimes a picture of one animal gets stuck on the screen in all modes. I enjoy watching my son learn to identify animals and what sounds they make, but would prefer if an app that I paid for would work properly even most of the time.
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10 years ago, jaredlanny
Too much reading required for toddlers
This app isn't bad but could definitely use some improvements. My biggest complaint is that, outside of the "Learning Mode", reading is required, or the child has to understand well enough to click on the word so it is spoken. Which means playing alone isn't much of an option- and my 2 year old likes to be independent. Since the learning mode is all he can do by himself, he gets bored fairly quickly. I don't think this app is suitable for children under 3 because of the reading that is required.
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10 years ago, Dmreinhart
Why spoil the fun?!
I'm super frustrated with this app!! My 17 month old loves it...when it's not stuck prompting her to buy more animals! The pop up prevents her from playing...I bought the additional 25 animals b/c she loves to play(when she actually can!) and i figured the pop up would stop when I did, but Nope, it still pops up during play!!!! SO ANNOYING! I know where to buy more, its on the home page! But I won't buy more now just because of this...and I am tempted to delete the whole thing, but know she'll be upset. This could've been a great app! But I would stay away unless they ever fix the pop up!
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9 years ago, M.jaeger
Great little learning app, except that it would be nice to have the animal name said automatically in the spot it game because my son can't read yet and doesn't always know to click the word to hear what it is. Also the package prices are listed incorrectly. It was $1.99 from the extras page, but when you get to the confirmation it says $2.99! For the all in one it is listed as $2.99 but the confirmation is $4.99!
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8 years ago, Nug-gloo
A few bugs
My 17 month old loves this app. However, I purchased all the animals and was charged $4.99 and it's advertised at $2.99. Misleading and dishonest. The app often crashes in the middle of a session. And I agree with the other reviews, the background noises are loud and confusing. The timing seems to be off so an owl hooting is drowned out by the woodpecker. The bugs don't make a difference for a 17 month old but makes a difference to moms and dads. Please fix and I will change to five stars.
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8 years ago, Uli d. Luffy
10 month old daughter enjoys it.
I have had this app for a few weeks and my daughter loves it, the noises, the animals, the small movements they make, etc. My only problem is my daughter somehow deleted the app off the phone and now I don't have all the animals we had before (I did pay the $4.99 for the extra animals) how do I go by getting these animals back without paying again?
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8 years ago, Beverly Whatchamacallit
Just checking this app out for my 14 mo. old grandson. It looks fun but if he responds well to it will be the true test. Was planning to try it out tomorrow when I get to sit with him but they offered a free package for a review so here it is, really to soon to know anything else about it yet. I do wish these apps would not ask for a review after playing for 60 sec, really how could I possibly give an accurate review after only 60 sec. of play time. Will update if he likes it.
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10 years ago, Maggie9094
Very cute & easy to do
Got this for my 1 year old since it is simple and educational. My main complaint is that this app needs a child lock on the "get animals" button so a child cannot access the area to make purchases or make a rating. Also the price on the "all in one" button is wrong... It really costs $4.99. This is misleading because the "all in one button" states the price as $2.99.
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8 years ago, Linnre
Simple but keeps baby's attention
Cute, simple app to learn the animals. My grand baby is 12 months old and it keeps his attention for a bit. We are only in learning mode stage. He likes it but there is a big flaw to the program. Lots of animal noises sound at inappropriate times. I wrote to the makers of the app but did not get a response to this problem. We still use it, as he doesn't know the difference yet but it is very annoying. Please fix this bug.
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11 years ago, Y tycexag
Funny animals for baby and preschool to older
It's really fun, entertaining & educational. The only thing that I would recommend is for the pictures to be continuously loading instead of topping it twice that way the attention of the child specially younger ones won't be interrupted... Or create a new segment for this and just use the existing one as some sort of review portion to see how much they have learned/ recognized/ or comprehend.
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10 years ago, Musilly
My 2yr old and 4yr old enjoyed the app. I liked how it said the word as well as learning how it was spelled. I didn't like how long it took for each set of animals to load. I also didn't like how it had an add for buying additional animals pop up across the whole screen. Either they brought me the phone because they didn't know what to do or I ended up buying something I hadn't yet approved of.
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8 years ago, A.Mtchell
Nice learning app!
My 2 1/2 yr old really enjoys this app. It keeps her attention for about 10 minutes which is good for us. She doesn't really like TV or things like that. So for a good 10 minutes of being occupied by this is nice. The background noise is annoying and maybe the in app purchases could be a little less confusing on what you're actually getting.
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7 years ago, Semp3000
All in One is NOT 2.99
In the store it says all in one 2.99. Obviously, this seems to be the better deal. However, when you go to purchase it, it charges 4.99. Very misleading to the consumer and this shouldn't be allowed. The 4.99 option should be shown as well and the company should specify what you get. It makes the company look like they're out to get you. Other than that, my 8 month old loves playing with the animals.
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9 years ago, Huxtablex
Great app but....
This is a great app for my 17 month old. It's really helped her learn to identify different animals. The only issue I have is there is no option for restoring your in app purchase. I bought the full animal package on my iPad but have been unable to transfer that to my iPhone. I'm not going to spend another $5! When you click on the app support it takes you to a marketing website. This is great educational app but the support is disappointing.
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9 years ago, Grammy an madeline
Best game for my 17 month old
This game was awesome for my little girl who is 17 months old and it made her very smart which she already was more but she knew exactly which animal to pick when I gave her the option between three animals and I couldn't be more prouder of my little girl. With games like this set game my little girl or we know her times tables by first grade.
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7 years ago, ImN@Ng3L
Beware of false advertising!!
App offers in-app purchases but beware the price advertised is NOT the price they charge!!! Advertising all animals download for $2.99 but when you select to purchase it’s nearly double the cost at $4.99. Thought maybe it was a fluke but checked some of the individual downloads advertised for $.99 and they’re actually charging $2.99!!!! App is also incredibly glitchy. Backgrounds noises overpower the animal noises. The pig oink plays over other animals including the lion?? Sometimes they don’t make noise at all. Really disappointed
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8 years ago, TroJane
Needs Supervision
Cute app, and I'm thinking my baby is a bit too young (at 9 months) to be able to utilize this app. Even in the simple learning mode, my baby needs 100% supervision. She happily touches the animal, & they'll make a sound. But she needs to press the arrow to go to the next scren. Also, the pop up for purchasing more animals keeps popping up. This disrupts the activity.
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8 years ago, TotoKid
A great learning tool.
My granddaughter loves this program. It holds her interest better than any other program for her age group. If you have a little one you will need to get this program. The free additional animals for providing a review don't workforce me. Sent twice both times rejected. Rip off? Maybe, we'll see.
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8 years ago, L.T.H_Boosss
This game is very great well awesome for my baby sister is is very easy to her the words and respond but u can tell there is a great improvement and I can also tell that when she is doing this there just is not enough animals so she can get board by just seeing and hearing the same animal. But to put it all together it is a great app😀😀
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11 years ago, kylestenson
Son loves it. One suggestion though.
My 18 month old loves this. We ended up buying the upgraded animal pack. That said, the background animals are a good idea but are really Loud and distracting and have a mind of their own. I wish they were quieter and only sounded on touching them. On behalf of my son, we will buy another pack if you can include an ape, a wolf (those are his current favorite animal sounds 😀)
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9 years ago, Feihong2463
This is a good app for children
This app is funny for my little daughter. I think it is good for a little baby around -2 years old. The animal is simple and I wish it could be better and more close to real animals. Hope everything can be better after the next updating.
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9 years ago, Fivemaleks
Loads of Fun!
My granddaughter has enjoyed playing this game from about 8 months old until present (almost 3 years). The game is valuable in teaching animal sounds, names of animals, and even name recognition. We will continue to play until she recognizes the names of each animal and maybe longer! She loves it!
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10 years ago, zerobero
Misleading in app purchase price. Constant ads
I purchased the all animals pack, which said $2.99, and was charged $4.99. Not happy about this. Not only that, even though I bought all the animals he is STILL getting 'buy more animals' pop ups which ruin the app because he is too little to move past that screen. The app itself is cute, and my toddler likes it, so 2 stars for that. Otherwise it would be 0 for sheer annoyance of me having to X the ad every other minute.
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10 years ago, Razzmatazz54
My 18 month old granddaughter loves this app. Especially the rabbit and crocodile. However, there are a few issues. If she presses and holds on an animal, the copy box appears. Why? There is no need to copy the image. Just annoying for Pap to fix. Even though I purchased all the optional animals, it keeps requesting additional purchases.
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10 years ago, YetAnotherJim
Engaging, but awfully slow
Great in concept — my toddler enjoys it for a minute or two, but becomes terribly frustrated over how unresponsive and slow the app is on my iPhone 4s or iPad 2. I recognize both of these devices are older, but this app is factors slower than any other I have installed. I would love it if the developer could make it run more quickly as the animations are fun and exaggerated enough for small hands to handle.
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9 years ago, Xtina#1idol
Pricey apps
This app is great and my son loves to play and learn about the animals. But it's annoying to have to buy more sets and packages for each animals group. I don't mind paying for apps but it's getting ridiculous. But my son does like this one. He is 2 years old and knows exactly where this app is on my phone and opens it on his own all the time.
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10 years ago, buzzy68
Fabulous learning app
I started my 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter on this app and she absolutely loved it! She would call me and ask to come over to play her games on my iPad all the time. She learned a lot and I plan to purchase more so she can continue to have fun and learn at the same time. I highly recommend!
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9 years ago, Taterzzz1114
Love it
Cute & actually educational... And my one year old enjoys it. I like this one. :) My son can be entertained while learning new animals, and the noises they make. I enjoy the noises, they are more accurate than some of his toys/ books that mimic animals. I am glad to have found a decent, educational app for him. At last.
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8 years ago, Katie'nTj
Hope it meets reviews ratings
My daughter is 22 months old and once she figures something out she moves onto the next thing. I like that the app has different things to challenge different ages so I don't mind spending the money for something that can hopefully last long enough for her to keep an interest as well as challenge her.
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11 years ago, Kimberly 27
Ok not great
This game could b improved if the names of the animals where spoken aloud to the children when they r supposed to find the right one. They have to push on this button at the bottom of the screen which if they r playing the game alone can b quite confusing. So that is y the lower rating. Even while playing with her she only plays for about five minutes because it goes through the loop of animals so fast and repeats within the first ten animals. BORING!
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