Gacha Life

4.3 (208K)
167.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lunime Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gacha Life

4.28 out of 5
208K Ratings
3 years ago, Itz_Lavender
Amazing game, but…
Hi, Luni. I know that you are probably not going to see this but I have a few suggestions to make about Gacha Life and the glitches. I am aware that this game has been getting less attention by the creators because they have Gacha Club now, but many people still use Gacha Life for their videos, and it’s really annoying when these glitches clog your screen! One time, I was listening to music and making some changes to my character because it was so darn cringey, when I decided to turn off the soundtrack and sound effects via settings. When I went back to the home page, a bunch of characters all named “Charactrey” were on my screen! They were all saying “uh” and I got so scared I even started crying, because I had seen on this channel that if you see that glitch, it means there are hackers behind the screen, and they will hack you if you don’t delete the app. Obviously, that information was fake, and I love that person’s glitch series, but at the time, I didn’t know that it was fake. So, I deleted the app, and didn’t download it again for a really long time, and continued to use Gacha Club instead. I currently have both Gacha Life and Gacha Club, and this glitch still hasn’t been fixed! Gacha Life has been hacked several times, and hackers keep installing more annoying glitches!! So if you read this, Luni…please, PLEASE fix these issues because I am a frequent Gacha Life user, and they get in my way of making videos!
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4 years ago, 1213ac
A very good game I use this for videos but there is this glitch...
So the glitch for some reason when I was customizing my character and taking screenshots for videos in studio I went back to the main place (where you customize your characters) and I saw all the same characters they were named characty and it was selected one and it said I had 999,999+ diamonds (when I had 4) and on level 999,999+ I was on level 13 it would not let me do anything it only had that screen if anyone else is having that problem I would like to know cause that glitch is kinda weird and no I’m not lying it happened many times other then that. This game is so good I use it like daily it’s only that glitch that bothers me if you could fix it it’s fine if you don’t cause you only close the app and go back in the app and everything is normal but the game is really good and I can’t wait to try gacha life 2! / ok I know now I am back the game is really good I still think you should fix that glitch but every time I made this oc then once I close the app, the oc is back to Kinen I find Kinen the easiest to customize because there is not a lot on there but even the name will go back idk if it’s glitch but now I’m editing in KineMaster and if I stay in KineMaster for to long then the oc is back to Kinen again? But I have been fixing this one oc so many times to make a video other then some things the app is really good I’m trying out gacha memories right now too!
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5 months ago, Heaven12356
Its a part of my childhood
This game was apart of my childhood. I love it so much. But the thing is for other Gacha YouTubers that make inappropriate things with the ability to make it seem like the character has no clothes on. But this is an older game and people who played it around the game around my age have probably forgotten about it. So not that many people may read this but I do ask stop making inappropriate things with this game. The game was not meant for that. And I would like a feature that would not allow people to do stuff like Gacha heat. Kids may just run into inappropriate stuff like that and they may think it’s ok. I just want stuff like that to be removed. And I don’t mean it to sound like I’m complaining. I’m really not. I am just looking out for young kids that may run into inappropriate things that you can do in this app. And I don’t want them to turn in to someone like me because they accidentally ran into something that may change or even scar them. Like I said I’m not comfortable knowing people make this stuff just for money and how many people may watch it. Not that many people may read this but stop making inappropriate things. And creator of this game did not mean for things like that to happen. Me now owning other games, the creator has made I am truly grateful that he has put restrictions on his newest games. Keep working hard have fun and stay safe. Thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, Honey Wolfe
Great but not perfect
Gacha life is a great app, and I use it all the time. Though it’s good, I would like to state some things. First, I am overloaded with ads! Especially soda ads. Maybe dial it down? Second, it can be extremely laggy. Sometimes my screen will freeze and I have to close my tabs. Third, there are tons of glitches! The most common one is that “charactery” characters that clog your game. I have to close and reopen gacha life when that happens. Not only, but there are instances when the screen will go black and I have to power off and power on again my iPad. These glitches can be extremely annoying, and I would recommend they try to fix it. Fourth, it takes up a ton of storage only to make one video. Maybe it would be helpful to install a feature to help with that and just make the video feed, so instead of 400 screenshots, it’s a single video. Continuing, there are also lots of annoying things, such as props being all the way back, presets in the front, and that items are so darn expensive. A big complaint I have is that though the app says “9+ ages” people make videos online and show no warning of age restrictions. A four-year-old could be watching an inappropriate video and they wouldn’t even know it. Lastly, I this game has been hacked many times and nobody has taken action. I think Lumine should see these glitches that the hackers take control of and fix them. Other than these things, it’s an amazing game! Fun and exciting!
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5 years ago, GamerGeekGal101
I have a “few” suggestions
I have plenty ideas one starting with being able to rotate the characters and see their back so we have more angles and to make for an even better look to the game and maybe the abillity like in gacha studios to have two of the same accessory type not the same item and more skirts like the one that looks like part of your shirt just in different lengths so to make shorter versions of the dress and not look like two parts and some skirts don’t make it around their body like you can see that it ends before their waist on some of them and um not being rude but that bothers me soooooo much but atleast they look good with things like sweatshirts and maybe the abillity to choose a pose for the body parts separately like left arm and right leg so you don’t have to find a whole new pose you just need to change it but I suggest if you do add that that you keep the poses too for those who need just a quick click and pose but it would be nice to be able to make your own poses so that there’s less clicking the arrow ten times to get to something I also would like you to take into account that some people who want to make themselves cannot because they have lists of small braids and I just can’t do that because there are no hairs with a lot of braids and I think this is most likely the most important thing to add to the game for people out there with several small braids thank you for reading this and I hope you like a few of these ideas
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4 years ago, Sikestm
Gacha Life lover ❤️
Hey Lunime I know your really busy but I have some suggestions for gacha life and Gacha life2. I was thinking about maybe being able to customize accessories, what I mean by customize characters is I want to make a character with wings 11 but the size of wings 3 and the transparency of wings 17. Anyways that not the point, what I mean by customize accessories is, being able to change both the sizes and colors of all these “accessories”. 1.) hats, 2.) others, 3.) scarf, 4.) capes, 5.) wings, 6.), 7.) front prop, 8.) back prop, and shields. Now I know you can change the color of all these but I was thinking being able to change the sizes of these accessories. Like if I want to use the wings 11 but make them smaller or if I want to turn of the “transparency” off where you can’t see through the wings. Oh also I know you may be working on this but being able to have more than one face accessories, because sometimes I want to use both face accessory 9 and some other ones like, 18 but also being able to change the colors of these face accessories like if I want to make accessories 24 red but face accessories 9 blue I was thinking about being able to change the colors of these accessories. Again I know you’re really busy. You don’t have to do these but if you want fell free to use these suggestions. Bye! By the way I love Gacha life! It’s awesome! If I could I would give it an infinite ♾ amount of stars ⭐️/ likes. Keep up the good work! Stay safe! And have fun!
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3 years ago, 92921024 at boo yeah
Amasking!! But..
I love gacha life!! I am a gacha life and gacha club user!! After gacha club came out, I assumed gacha life would no longer be update. And so far, I am correct. Gacha is super fun and I love dressing up characters and making them for videos! But I do have some issues. I wouldn't say these affect if you should get the app or now... You should! This is just my advice. Firstly, gacha was amazing before gacha club... Nowi still love gacha life and play it.. But on thing I am really bummed out you didn't add the adjustments!! I am fine without gave and hair adjustments.. But the hatsis what I really miss. Some of the things in hats are very cute- but fit weird and I can't use them which makes me upset. Second, the gacha community isn't always great.. but that's not the creators fault! I wish there was some way to- monitorize things. Gacha club has fixed some of the issues but for gacha tube, it would be great if you commented on videos telling people to stop. OR in the next gacha game maybe you could add like a warning or something? And not allow certain things? I think gacha should be a fun game of dress up! Not an ability to channel homophobia or racism to a big community of gacha lovers who will see it!! Anyways, I love the game and the issue is more of the community. It's giving gacha a bad reputation which isn't fair since Lunime just created a dress up game. I hope you install any of the gacha apps!! I HIGHLYreccomend you do!
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2 weeks ago, Hanaki♥︎
Some things that have been brought to my attention
I understand that this game doesn't get much attention from creators considering they have other and newer games, but I will say something that really upset me is that they don't have any/many curly hair types, I have curly haired friends that want me to make irl gacha ocs for them and I have to tell them that the hair will be different because the game has no curly hair types, and my boyfriend for example also wanted me to make him a character, I don't know exactly what kind of hairstyle he has, but I will say it's kind of an afro but cut-? No idea how to describe it- but I had to tell him "there's no curly hairs 😅" no joke he said "Whaat-" I swear my Puerto Rican friends who has curly hair too, I tried making him an oc but it was really hard considering the hair and lack of textured clothing, I wanna put my ocs in sweaters too yknow - and pants, I don't wanna always have something on the feet when I put my ocs in pants - it's kinda annoying because there's only one type of baggy pants in both gacha life and gacha club. Dear Luni, I feel as if you could update the game more frequently, along with gacha club too. We need more body types too, Plus Sized ocs should be added to all gacha games. If you read this, thank you for taking the time to read all of it. I know it's a lot to ask for but I really think these things should be added.
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4 years ago, djeosheisbdlauhwkdicuudr
Good but it can be better
I always loved Gacha life, it’s a great app and the character selections are cute! But even though it’s a good app it can be better! I was thinking that you should add in-game stop motion but not a real camera, just like frames for the studio, like in stick nodes! You move on to another frame each time! Cause right now you have to take like 300 to 1000 screenshots to make one animation which takes like a week or even a month,I would also recommend to add an online mode, sure people duo to make Gacha heat or other 18+ stuff I mean you can add a restriction for online mode from 13 to 18 as the minimum, I’d rather go for 13 since a lot of children can get pretty bored when they don’t have the age for it which can take very long to get to, but what I recommend to add to online is a duo animation, where people make animations but it’s in duo’s, or maybe even a quad or trio request! But make sure to add a report button, just in case people make stuff like Gacha heat or violence, but don’t like instant ban people from the game, try to give them 10 chances, each warning gives a ban that lasts for longer, kind of like roblox! But when you reach that last warning it will be a permanent ban.. hopefully this will improve your game, remember I will always support Gacha life no matter what! The only reason why I’m asking for the frames thing for the studio is cause the skit maker is a bit to complicated and it only allows 2 people
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4 years ago, AnimeKitty105
This is a great app and I definitely recommend it, but in my opinion I feel like it is missing something. When I first started using Gacha Life it was everything it said in the description and also it is really entertaining. If you get this app it is really good for expressing yourself while making stories and letting your imagination run wild! But I think that there should be a button of some sort to let you go to your screenshots because it takes up a lot of time just going back and forth to see how well your scenes are while making a story. Another thing is that there should be a section when you finish making your story that you get to edit it, especially the characters! I also think that when your using the app and taking screenshots the screenshots should save somewhere inside the game if you know what I mean... like a camera app inside Gacha Life, this way more of my storage space wouldn’t be eaten by screenshots. Another thing that I really enjoy about this app is that there are just a really tiny amount of adds, so if you are the type of person who gets really annoyed by advertisements (me) then you should really get this app. Oh and one final this is that I think there should be another way to get stamina so you wouldn’t be bored to death while in life mode. Anyways that is all I think should be improved and what I think is stupendous in this app. In conclusion I think this app deserves... hmmm. FIVE STARS!!
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4 years ago, Kj0179
It’s great but..
I love Gacha life. It’s fun! You get to customize your own characters and make videos- (If ya want-) Although there are some things I get irritated with in Gacha Life. First of all, I’m trying to ignore this but it really messes me up..There are to many ads. Every time I have an idea (I forget stuff easily) I press exit, and I immediately run into an ad. And it’s the same exact ad I see. The problem is, that I get an ad every 3-4 minutes. Second, I really want the new update. I guess mobile doesn’t have the new update for Gacha life. But for some weird reason, Pc does- This is confusing me and I usually use Gacha life on my iPad. I was really looking forward to that update and I guess I will have to wait. I also have some suggestions for the next update (If you guys are doing anymore) I would like more selections in clothing, You should be able to put items on tables like, the props that usually go in your hand. I’m not very food at editing yet so I can’t really edit the props so that way they go onto the table- But otherwise that, It’s awesome! I recommend that you get this amazing app! I’m always on it on road trips when there is no internet. But you guys should limit how many ads people get. I guess it depends on how much you switch from the studio and the starting screen. Anyway, I love this game, you should totally get it if your reading this. Have a great day and stay safe! ~Kxwaii
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4 years ago, 🖤 Sunflower 🖤
Some suggestions
So to start off we have the poses I honestly do like the poses but the amount of clicking we have to do is a lot just to find the right pose and sometimes we might pass it in accident and then we have to go back around...It would be nice if we could make our own poses and another idea is if we can like turn the characters around facing the back that way it looks more realistic,And it would be nice if there were hands now the hands like in the other gacha games aren’t the best to be honest...I would like actual hands that don’t look like real life hands and then make the whole character look like trash (Not to be rube) but hands that fit the character...Another thing,I know that you guys just recently came up with an update but the eyes and mouths aren’t the best...The only good thing is the poses but I don’t want to update mine for just the poses and then the eyes look weird and mouths..And I do understand that you took some mouths away because of gacha heat and stuff but I kinda liked those mouths but I never used them in a bad way..But that’s just my opinion...And the hairs honestly I don’t have a lot to complain about the hairs just that I feel like there should be more short hairs because some people like to make what they look like in real life and we also need more ponytails and braids...But that’s all I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day/night and thank you for reading this!☆♡
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4 years ago, hdvshxvgd
Great app but i got some problems
So I enjoy playing this game and I definitely do think people should get it but I have some problems : when I screenshot my characters it would take me to the main home thing where you customize your characters then it takes me to an ad which is annoying cause I made sure to not allow advertisements on my phone I don’t know if it’s a update or something cause if it is I hope the problem is fixed . 2nd when I get on my app it glitches to where every character is named 999 and it says I have 999,999 diamonds and I can’t change anything until I leave the app and get back on then all of my characters have been reset so i have to make them all again . I don’t know if these problems happen to everyone but the ad’s happen daily and the glitch happened every month or so , these issues has happened since last year into this year I hope this problem is fixed. also great job on Gacha club it’s finally on iOS meaning I got it which that app is amazing to I hope you make more Gacha apps In the future but please the to fix my problems if not I understand your a very busy person running many apps and also if you can’t fix them it’s okay I can live with the app the way it is. If you read this thank you for taking your time to read my issue and I think this app is great other than those problems
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4 years ago, 🎶😁😄😔😑😁😘😑
Some suggestions for updates
So first things first I love this app , but I also really want a update where you can take pictures with a button in the studio sections , and it saves it too a gallery where there is a another section , where you can make a slideshow with the pictures in your gallery and then you can go to edit and add songs and the length the picture is on . It would be so much easier than downloading a separate app , taking screenshots than going to the separate app and doing what you need to do , it would me so much easier too have it all on one app . Like I know there is the skit maker , but it feels really complicated . Also I would love to get new pants and skirts and shirts in the game , becouse it feels I’m costantally using the same outfit . Another one could be where you can save a character then redo , than go to wherever it was saved and get it back . 😁. Then like I told the background area a search button so it would be easier to find the background becouse when I’m making stories that’s honestly the most time consuming part of it .Also add a glowing eye affect and a glowing wings too . Maybe even hands and feet to make it look like to power is coming out you hand . Then also a bow and arrow thing where it looks like your pulling back the string . 😁😁😁😁😁😁🤪 I love this app 10 / 10 ! Would recommend to my freinds , already have
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4 years ago, Galacksiecat
I love this app! 💖 A few suggestions
So I was into gacha life before I even got this app. I thought you could only get it on computer. I watched GLMM's and GLMV'd all day. When I found out you could get this app, I was really exited! And I thank Lunime for making this app, Though I do have some suggestions. And one time I was playing and I went into studio, then back to the place where you make all your characters. It had this weird character named "Character" or something. Just wanted to point this glitch out so you can fix it, I really don't mind it. I also have alot of suggestions! I know your making Gacha Club very soon, But maybe you could make this a update on here! First, I think there should be more colors. I know there is alot, but I think it would be a great idea to add more and organize it! You could have a section called "Hair colors" and put all the colors corresponding to hair color in it! It would help us, the players to find the colors easier! It would make you look organized as well. Another thing you could consider adding is more boy clothes. I heard you were gunna add this in Gacha Club, but you could upgrade this game and make Gacha Club a better version. I would also like to see more options on everything. This is all my opinion and review. I love your app and appreciate you making it. Its a really good game! 😀 Love, A girl who loves Lunime, Anime, and Drawing.
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5 years ago, Stacimakeup
Love It But Needs A Update
I love this app so much. It is so creative and fun. I love how you can make mini stories. But there needs an update. In my opinion, there are not many shirt choices. Most of the shirts I see is not the type I want. And there is dresses in the shirt department. If you want to add in dresses, you should put them where the skirts are. I also think that you should let the Gacha Life characters let them ride the pets. And you should also ride the pets in a specific position. Another thing I think you should do is add dresses into the skirt department. There is only 2 dresses in Gacha Life unless you create a dress using a shirt and a skirt. So, what I’m saying is that I think you should make a Gacha Life 2! I hope what I said is inspiring so you could make a Gacha Life 2. I hope you can take my idea and other peoples ideas and make those ideas into a Gacha Life 2. I really hope you can make a second one because that would be wonderful for a lot of people that think there should be a second one. This app is so creative and relaxing to me. When I am in the car going on a trip I don’t have good WIFI so this app keeps me busy while on the road. This is possibly the best anime game I have ever played. When I’m bored I just go on my phone and play on Gacha Life! This app is really inspiring to me. I’m not complaining about the app I just have suggestions. Thank you for your time!
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2 years ago, cute jk girl
1 year ago
When I was on the App Store I was interested in this game called Gacha Life so it said 9+ so I download it OK see you when you go on the app you get to customize all the characters that are on the little home screen that there was eight characters so I was customizing characters until I named one like I named it Christella‘s and when they wanted to go get a snack came back I logged off because my whole electronic shut down on me so I tried to turn on my iPhone back on go on Gacha Life to finish my characters then first thing I saw every single character was Crystal as the name everything was changed like her so I deleted it then I downloaded it back to see if everything changed yes everything changed I made the same character and made sure that every time I got off it wouldn’t glitch out so I made some character again I went on the studio and I made her wear a hat then I went on the studio I saw her on the text above it said why are you deleting the game so I said back and I replied because you are creeping me out so luni please make sure that there is no glitches on this game because what if little kids can’t see that number and just download it please your little kids can do that because my little brother is five and he has it Idk why Luni please just change the game for no glitches please
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2 years ago, kuyggyukkgkuhggg
I love it!….But something happend
I love this app, gacha life has been a favorite of mine, I love how customizable this game is, the art is so simple yet I love it! I know y’all are probably wondering why I said “something happened” I’ll get to that in a minute, one day when I was looking at the AppStore for new fun games I came across gacha club and I saw it was made from the same developer, I instantly installed the app. I saw that it was more customizable than gacha life so I deleted gacha life. And after playing for a few months, I forgot about gacha life in 2022 jan 18th I was looking for a new game to play and I saw gacha life I downloaded it and while I was playing I got out of the game and when I came back I saw a bunch of characters called “characterey name”(it was not a spell error to say “characterey) they were saying “uh” then I was like “it’s just a weird glitch” then I restarted it and it went away it happend again and I began getting frustrated the next day I read the comments about gacha life and I saw someone say they had the same problem (if you want more info just look more deep for that comment) It said it means there’s a hacker; before that my other apps were getting frozen in the middle, I was trying to record myself on camera, I went in the AppStore and it said to give the password ID I don’t know why it happened. I don’t know what to do
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1 year ago, nessasbby
Amazing app, but..
I am a Gacha user, and I look at it fun. Though, there is some things I would like to suggest, and some ideas you can maybe add to the game. First things first, sometimes when I’m making a video, I go back to the main, (where you customize your characters) and there is this character named ‘Charactery’, and I can’t move or touch anything, my whole iPad is just frozen. So, I have to swipe my tabs and reopen Gacha Life. I would really suggest if you fix that glitch. Another thing is when I am making another video, the character that I’m using is turnjng into Kinen, or if not it’s Luni. So I have to remake that character, which is kinda’ve annoying. Some things I would suggest if you could add is more shirts, gloves, skirts, pants, shoes, hats, and face accessories, et cetera. I would also like if you added adjustments like Gacha Club. Also, I like how it says 9+, because little kids can be watching, and making their characters in appropriate and they wouldn’t even know. I would also ask if you could maybe add some more childish stuff so kids cannot make n@k3d characters. Also, when I am trying to download Gacha Life, it takes forever. Plus, it takes up all my storage !! Thank you, and I know you’re busy but I hope you know too feel free too when you need! Btw, I lovee Gacha Life!🫶🏻💕
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4 years ago, puggy weirdo
Cool, but many issues.
Hey, so I like the game, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all the artwork and colors in this game. But there are many things wrong with it too. The ads for one; they keep on popping up right after I exit the studio, almost every time. I understand that there is a need for money and that game development needs some form of monetization, but this is just ridiculous. I would also like to adrress the fact that there are two chat rooms that are very much sexual and made for ages sixteen and up. I personally think that having a chat on a game like this, where there are no limitations to what you can say on a chat room, really isn’t smart. It is definitely a hunting ground for predators and pedophiles. There is also the fact that you can dress the characters in inappropriate clothing and there are animated and non animated poses for thrusting, in a game geared for children. The descriptions on character info, such as masochist, and sadist are strange, and definitely not geared for children, yet this game is what 12-10 age recommendations? There needs to be an update to remove the thrusting, sexual descriptions, and censorship to what you can say in chats. (If Roblox can do it so can you luni.) I also would like to talk about the many racist ads I have been getting. It’s not appropriate to have openly racist ads in a children’s game. You might need to check what ads you approve to be in your game, Luni.
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4 years ago, boogersoph
I got a glitch and have a few problems
So I have been playing this game for a few months on my other device (IPad) and it’s not a game I’ve been playing to much. My first suggestion is that, THIS APP NEEDS MORE SLOTS FOR THE DANG AVATARS 😑. Say you want to make a Hatsune Miku gacha then you look and find a slot. The next day you want to make a Sakura Miku and you say “Dang there is no slot 😑” So you would open up your extra slots and see those are also full. That’s definitely one of my problems. The second one is that this game needs to add new accessories. You start to get tired of the same accessories and you get a bit annoyed. So I re-downloaded the game and after playing it for maybe 1 day I got what I like to call the Charactery Glitch. You get your slots filled with a avatar named Charactery and you screen freezes. Your level maxes out to lvl. 9999 and you gems follow up with it so you have 999,999,999 gems. What you need to do is in you have an iPhone 8 like me or what I actually have is like a iPhone 8 is an se 2. You would click your home button twice really fast and you swipe up on the link thingy for gacha life. Then you open up the app and it’s back to normal. But there can be side affects for this that can exist as nightmares or headaches. Sometimes deleting all progress which I did and now regret. Thanks for reading!!! 😺
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4 years ago, S@D_Potato_Playz
Beware of Gacha apps! Make sure they are age appropriate!
I have an 11 year old daughter who downloaded “Gacha”, with anime characters called Faye and Zeke. She made it her wallpaper and it was very disturbing and not appropriate for the 4+ or 9+ age groups. There were two anime characters in a “compromising position” with clothes on. However, there was several paragraphs to the right of the characters with disturbing, sexual wording regarding taking clothes off. Along with something about being his “pet” and he could do whatever he wanted with her. Um excuse me? I have since taken away the iPad from my daughter indefinitely. She downloaded this “Gacha” from the App Store without my permission. I went to the App Store and there are so many Gacha apps, some for 4+ some for 9+. Did you know they make Gacha apps for the 17+ age group? The thing is all of the icons for the apps look the same and children are not going to look at the age requirement for downloading such an app. Parents or guardians, please pay attention to what your children download! The App Store does not care how old your child is. My daughter started being secretive so I figured something was up. Shame on whoever makes this game. Either market it to children properly or market it to adults with a uninviting icon. Anime characters all look the same!
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4 years ago, Pikachu 639354&4693647
Some suggestions
Hi there! Gacha life is such a cute game I luveee it!! Before my friend told me about it, I didn’t even know Gacha life was a thing lol. So I’m on a FaceTime with my friend at 2:30 in the morning (don’t ask me why), and my friends like “omg I’m playing Gacha life!” I’m like “oooh what’s dat?!” She says “it’s this avatar game it’s so fun! You should download it!” I get very excited and download it 3 seconds later. When I download it, I’m a complete noob and do not know what to do. I ask her and she does a screen recording of it so I get how to play. I end up rlly liking it and got addicted fast. I luvvee Gacha life so much! Only, I have a few suggestions. I would rlly like if you had more options of hair, maybe shorter hair and buns? I was trying to do some disney princess avatars but for Belle and Cinderella I needed a bun, so I left those out. Also, there are some inappropriate outfits and poses that I don’t use, but could be used by some people who don’t know what they are. For example, there’s this one pants option which is fish net stockings attached to underwear...why?! This game is supposed to be for little kids?!!?! Also, there’s a pose where it kind of looks like ur grinding someone? Some people might think otherwise, but it still bothers me! Overall, I think Gacha life is such a fun and adorable game. If you followed my suggestions, I would give you 5 stars. 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕜 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘!!! ☾☺︎︎♥︎
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4 years ago, Eat food XD
Gacha life is an amazing and fun game! Of you can add a least one of these suggestions than I think it will be a AWESOME and super FUN game. Suggestion 1. Can you see the back of the characters? That would be nice. Suggestion 2. PLZ make it so more characters can be in a skit! That would be amazing! :D Suggestion 3. Would it kill you if more animal hair and tail or wings PLZ 🥺!!!! Suggestion 4. Can you make save your skit? It’s annoying that you can make one skit at a time! D:< Suggestion 5. Put more games. It’s really boring that you can only play six games. Also more games would be SO much fun instead of playing six games over and over again. Suggestion 6. Cut it with the adds. When I’m decorating a character or buying a present or done playing a game an ADD comes out of no where! 😡 Suggestion 7. Put more music. I’m tired of hearing the same music again and again. I actually mute my sound when I play Gacha Life. Suggestion 8. Can you put an game where you can chat with other people and NOT with Npcs? Suggestion 9. Maybe I don’t know put pets in the game. I know some props are pets but you can’t change they emotions, looks, and style. Plus pets would be so fun! ;) Last suggestion. I would love it if you make more characters, haircuts, clothes, and even poses Thank you for reading this
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4 years ago, HamburgerGACHA22
Amazing just a few issues!
Ok so there is a lot of good things in the app! But.... you really have to be careful with the stuff you putted there... like for example the sexual stuff. That shouldn’t be included to the app ESPECIALLY for the people that are like 9 and for the kids that watch instead. Some people DON’T have the update. But my sister does and there is something she didn’t like yes you did censor the curse words and more words that are sexual BUT you didn’t really have to censor simple words like for example attack for my sister it did this att** but my biggest issue is sexual stuff. Now... here’s my problem THERES A LOT of things that are sexual believe me this is an issue with the gacha community I really do wish it didn’t have it in the first place for example there are some poses that aren’t really kid friendly like the dance swinging down to up. Please fix that! Second there’s two labels that say sadist and masochist I don’t know if I spelled that right. The tongues have to go away! That’s all I have! Uh.. maybe fix these? Idk I wanted to tell you my opinion AND there are no.. laying down poses in the update now this can be really annoying to gachatubers that are making a gacha vid then and want to make a person sleep they can’t do that anymore I know I might be pressuring you but maybe don’t add like the bras and the fishnets and stripper stuff! Thank you have a nice day!
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3 years ago, haiimteddy
Great, but few problems!
So this app it great! It’s fun and overall a great way to express your emotions without anyone being nosy. But there are a few problems of course but there’s problems with most games so of course no shade. So we need more slots I love the characters I make and I don’t wanna replace them, there’s only 20 and I want to make more. And another problem is that there’s not many clothing options because once you’ve been playing for a while you kinda run out of options because if you do make more you just end up copying some of the same characters. And same with eyes because there many options but most are just silly and while it’s a game to play around with sometimes maybe you’re characters are sad. It’s also very hard to level up I’ve been playing for months and I’m only on level 4. As well as the studio option it’s a bit strange how there is no crying eyes it’s just the silly crying face like the embarrassed crying face. But there are some good things this game is fun! And while it is fun to play the mini games even though they may be hard sometimes a little challenge doesn’t hurt. It’s fun to design and make friends because I definitely have. And I personally really like to take the character made by YouTubers I think and I like to remodel/customizing then differently them.
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5 years ago, Queenanimefairytaildolphin
Gacha life
I absolutely love this game! It’s the most played game on my phone! I do have a few suggestions though. I hate how I can only have TWO people at once in a skit. I’m making a skit and I have a warrior character and the almost helpless character that needs the warrior’s help. In one scene the warrior (whom which is named Senshi) is introducing the almost helpless one (named Hana) to her friend (Mekkaniku). It’s so awkward because when Senshi talks to Mekkaniku Hana disappears and vice versa with Hana. Anyway I’ve found ways to make it less awkward. I would also like there to be more hair styles and backgrounds. Such as more night settings in the backgrounds(I like how night makes a story mysterious). I am in love with Fairy Tail and I just was wondering if there could be some Fairy Tail clothes and accessories. Also, I name my characters with Japanese names, like Akemi, Uzai etc. But, some of them have a special letter (as I call them) Like Shimai Sutā, and when I tried to type that letter in, it didn’t show up. Maybe that’s a glitch or just an update that needs to be added. I feel bad for saying all the bad things so I’ll do some good things. This game is GREAT and I love a lot of it. It’s very helpful for me since I use it to store future anime drawing ideas. I hope the more than two people in a skit thing will be solved. I 100% recommend this game to everyone.
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11 months ago, Strawberry Love channel
Almost perfect, just one thing.
I really love gacha life, because you can express your self and make little mini movies from little characters on a screen. (Basically everyone’s childhood dream come true!) I’ve had some glitches here and there some years ago, but it wasn’t permanent. In the description it says that the issues have been resolved, I get the app for the second time ever and see a glitch that I had in the past. The glitch I am talking about is a guy with green hair name charactery saying “uh”, and having 999,999 diamonds. I think nothing of it because it had happened before to me as one of the many glitches. I then get rid of all my ipad tabs and leave the Ipad to charge. Later that day, I go on my Ipad and remember I wanted to create another mini movie. Therefor, I go on the Gacha life app, (forgeting about the whole glitch), and I see the same glitch. I then go to gacha life in the app store to read reviews. I read some reviews saying the glitch was from a hacker, but since it happened to so many of us, I doubt it’s a hacker. Considering I never made an account on gacha life. This post is just for awareness, if you’re like me you’ll probably look at these reviews and still download the app. Most likely, the glitch will still occur for you. -Strawberry Love channel
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4 years ago, XtremeOverseer
The majority of the reviews...
Listen I don’t make reviews but seeing the most critical reviews is absolutely stupid! Like y’all just put trash reviews and make Luni’s life more harder to even begin with! I have mercy for him, he does everything he can to prevent inappropriate stuff from even happening from these underaged dirty minded cringy kids, but it’s those kids’ faults for even starting to make cringe content, sex videos and heat videos. Some critical reviews (1 star reviews) have good advice, but the majority is like “OH WHERE IS GACHA LIFE 2???” “WHERE GACHA CLUB I WANT IT!!!” And just GARBAGE. The concept of the game is great, but the people who are using it are the reason why both the game and the community is getting backlash and stuff. I’m no famous GachaTuber, but y’all need to know that Luni is a human too. He has feelings like us. If you can’t wait your tushies for Gacha Club to come on iOS, don’t even think about calling Luni names and stuff because he’s working hard to release for all of us iOS users. SMH grow up kids. To those who made good critical reviews, I really like what you put in it. It gives warnings and stuff and it should be also taken into action for Gacha Club to prevent more kids from misusing it into making inappropriate videos and stuff. Thanks for reading. Hope y’all have a good day, bye! - whatever my name is LOL! 😂🤣
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5 years ago, Special K523
Amazing game definitely recommend it if you like making stories but a tiny problem
This is a great game love playing it I even made a Gacha Channel called Purple Night but there is a small problem so I used to be into glitches and trying out glitches I found on yt but then I became so scary that I stopped playing for a month I know that’s not Luni’s falt it was the people that made the Gacha life glitch video (none of them worked btw) but if you see videos like the pink eyed glitch or the Gina glitch don’t believe it it’s fake ok now on to the real problem so there is an actual glitch were there is this thing that if you go into a guitar pose than some creepy looking characters with the name charactery comes up on ur screen ok so I have heard about this glitch before I got it and most people get it by putting a Character in a guitar pose or the new poses that make you fat or skinny BUT I GOT THE GLITCH BY JUST MAKING A NEW CHARACTER so they kinda look like some kind of cult that marches around saying uh so that’s kind of funny but the way the character looks is scary also how come their profile looks nothing how they actually look also I watched a video on lunis channel called Gacha life in development and I saw the character again so I think Luni did this on purpose but everything is fine now and it’s still a great game
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3 years ago, kittycatlover❤️🐱
I absolutely love this game! Just a few suggestions.
I really really love this game! It is amazing. But there is a few suggestions, and I would like you to add. Maybe, you should make the characters be able to face front, and face the other way showing the back of there head. Also, maybe some more girl hair selections! I love the hair selections, but some of them get old. Also maybe more boy clothes. There is lots of girl clothes, but not much boy clothes. Also, maybe add some more glasses! Like sunglasses, but with light shade. Does that make sense? Also, the mini games are really fun, and the math one you could practice your math on for school! But maybe adding more mini games would be better, and much more fun. What is life? Do you level up? Is there a price if you find all characters? What’s the point with life? I’m not saying it’s bad, I actually have a lot of fun looking for character in life! Maybe add some more, “Realistic.” Shields, like more like guards at a castle! Because a lot of YouTube’s like to do, “Royalty Glmm.” And more royal capes would be awesome! Also, more sleeves would be good too. Like shorter sleeves, because a lot of the sleeves are long. Is this too much? Just one more thing, more skin colors! Maybe more skin choices would be good for some Gacha life you tubers. (Ps, also some more neck accessories!)
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4 years ago, TOCA FAN CLUB #1
Hey! Over all with gacha life there’s not anything wrong with it I love making skits and stuff with this app! I just have a few suggestions for gacha life two. I really love the backgrounds that the game already comes with, but if I was doing a skit and there were no backgrounds for it, then I would have to do all of that editing and sometimes I just don’t feel like doing that so can you please make it to where you can add in your own backgrounds so it makes the players job easier? And I would like it if the characters could face different directions like (forward, backwards) it would just help if like you wanted your character to look out the window or something like that. And my last two requests are making characters outfits, accessories, skin tones, different on each leg, arm, etc. this would open up the amount of creativity the players could have. And my last request is that you should make a few more different clothes and accessories. I do love the ones that are on there and I have no problem with them it’s just that I think it’s time to get a few more designs. Well over all this is a great game to anyone that’s reading this you should download the app! And also can there be less adds? Anyone with me on that? I don’t mind if you don’t respond back. BAI
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5 years ago, Emily101217
I know your making a new one so please add......
Hello, Luni, Senpaibuns, Bex, (more of the developers name here)..I think it’s an awesome game! I’ve seen some of the leaks for the new one but here’s a few things i would love too have! ;1. Clothes slots, why do I want them? Because you always have to create a new character outfit and you almost never use them again because you forget how you made it! For example I made a hair I really liked with an outfit I liked aswell! But I forgot how to make the hair! 2. Less lag ; so.. I play on my ipod and it has TONS OF LaG!!! When I want to use one of the actual moving poses, it really lags! Aswell as when I use the props “special” it actually takes me out of my game and sometimes doesn’t save what I last did!! 3. Swaddles ; I know a lot of people start their glmms or gls)gacha life mini movie, gacha life series) with babies and I think swaddles would be really cool! 4.Talking ; so what I mean is when you use the chat bubbles you have to go back to the avatar and change their mouth! I think when you type something in bubble you character’s mouth move to the words! 5. Mystical ; what I mean is like having mermaid tails, moving wings, stuff in that category! I think you guys can do stuff like that cause y’all are so talented! ; well those were some of my think I’d like in GL 2! Bye!
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5 years ago, Njcakes
Gacha Life is really fun! You can customize characters, make friends with NPCs, Gacha for prizes, and play mini games. But, Lunime, I have a question: There are secret characters in the game. I’ve made friends with all of them except Ramunade in Life mode. My friend told me that there’s a secret path in Spookyville, and that you can find Ramunade there, but I can’t find it. Do I have or unlock it or something? I’ve updated the game and everything, but I still can’t find it. Do you think I could have a small, small, small hint on where the secret path is and how to find it please? Oh, also, I gave 5 stars to this game because it fun, but simple. There’s only 5 modes in the game, but there amazing! The game is easy to play, if you just downloaded it and don’t know how to play, you’ll figure it out in minutes. And, Gacha Life isn’t glitchy! A lot of apps that I’ve downloaded recently are really glitchy. I guess the only glitch in Gacha Life is that some NPCs, for example Gina, has a broom that turns into a sword, and the prop section (where you can see what your character is holding) doesn’t show the sword. It doesn’t show the broom because it’s a pose (you can change a characters pose). But, I wouldn’t call this glitch a bad thing. I find it pretty cool! Anyway, DOWNLOAD. GATCHA. LIFE!!!
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2 years ago, kylie avila f. munoz
Umm idk what to say so imma just write
Hi Luni I know you worked very hard on this but I am just saying if you can add a little bit of more Adjustments and accessories because I’m getting a little bit quite bored with Gacha Life because mostly there’s not enough accessories like gotcha club because gotcha club has like more accessories but yours is a little bit boring because it doesn’t really have any accessories or clothing and yeah and people can make gotcha heat which is very very very gross and I don’t really like it so yeah I was wondering if you could put a little bit of more activity on it I’m sorry of this is very mean but I’m just saying the truth because I really love this game but I’m also another thing I just wanna point out that I can’t really like you know I’m getting very annoyed with the big head on my characters and if I could you know make them small because it’s getting very annoying so yeah I just want you to add a little bit more creative video on it because it’s getting quite boring for the truth status and maybe you could you know add some Christmas sweater since Christmas is almost coming up and Halloween decorations two or Halloween dresses or your Halloween yes or do you know just anything that’s like you know like anime
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4 years ago, WhatIThinm
Gacha Life
I really like Gacha life, and am extremely excited for the release of Gacha Club, however there are somethings that are wrong. Not with the app, but with the community that uses it. A bunch of children or teens are doing things like making “+18” videos, and some are faking depression with the app. I find it very problematic that Luni doesn’t respond to those thing and try telling people to not do so or to stop. The “+18” labeled video often portray homosexual men in a unrealistic light, and is sometimes just a video to excuse making a sex scene in the app. It is a kids game, yet people still do this. People who fake depression on the app often use the gloves as “cuts” and wear all black to say that they are depressed. They don’t seem to understand that depression is a MENTAL illness, and not a magic thing that sudden makes you wear all black and makes you want to cut. Not all people with depression cut, and not all people with depression wear all black. I don’t have any personal experience with depression, but it still makes me mad to see people doing this for attention. Again, I am still a fan of the app, it’s just the community itself that makes me kinda mad. I know that there are good people in the community that genuinely want to make good content, and I am a big fan of many of those people, but there is a side of the community that is very toxic.
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4 years ago, webmeisterx
Good but game glitch’s
So this game is really good you do role plays and stuff but this weird glitch this character I forgot the name but it started with a c it was all in the slots. And then I went to the studio and it showed them all there. I was kinda new to the game so I got worried I asked my friend what to do and she said to get out of the app and restart it. I did that and it worked. But be aware when u get gacha life for the first few days this glitch may happen. But just restart your app and you will be okay everything goes back to normal. That’s the only problem with the ocs but there is also an add glitch were every time I click the x it says there is an add coming but I see no add?! I don’t know if it’s just me or if this happened to other people but no there are no lags or anything. But my friend had a creepy glitch saying the ocs wanted me to die and they were her only friend. I got creeped out. Also she removed the teddy bear one of the girls had and she went out the app went back in and she had it again. But then it took a week for the glitch to go away, but other than that gacha life has been good. It would be better if these glitches could stop but other than that I’ll keep it at 5 stars. If any more glitches happen then it goes down to 4 stars.
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5 years ago, guinea pig and panda LOVER
I ran into a glitch
I was playing as normal and I ran into the same glitch this was the second time I ran into this glitch I’m on apple iPad so it’s works wonderfully but this glitch keeps happening the first time I saw this glitch was a person standing in front of my screen it had green hair and a yellow fade and red tips and I’m pretty sure all red clothing and it said uh and on the side with all the characters it was the same person but I couldn’t click on anything cause my screen was frozen. The second time ( this time) I was on my studio I click home cause my dad texted me then when I went back the studio had all the characters the same one as last time but milllons of them on my screen and they were all saying uh it freaks me out ( maybe cause I’m a scaredy-cat) and I thought someone was hacking it? But maybe it was a glitch I dunno. Any who it was frozen again and all I have to do to fix it is press home and went back in it again and nothing happens it was back to normal I really want you to fix this glitch please cause I’m freaking out ( cause I’m a scaredy-cat) but if it’s a hack and someone is spying 👀 on me TELL me PLEASe I need to know but otherwise the game is great! ( sorry for the no periods stuff I’m young so I’m not the best writing but I can’t fix it now It’s 12:00 am so bye.)
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5 years ago, PurpleKitty1006
Good game overall
I absolutely LOVE this game but... it could use some fixing... Again AMAZING app... just a few fixes and I think it’ll be a 5 star app- I think one of the errors is when you close out of the app while you’re still on studio some of the characters change.. also the broom position- you go to change some looks on the character holding the broom stick and it’s a sword- don’t know how that happened but ok... also when you go to presets and you click on Gina if you go to studio and place 2 Gina’s and make them say “I am Gina” one of their word bubbles are blank... I’m not sure if these things were on purpose to “scare” people... I dunno! And some suggestions on what you can add... more clothes... specifically more shirts for boys and more pants in general! Also I suggest you make it to where you can layer things... like for instance glasses and an accessory... or ears with bells and hats... something like that! I also suggest more colors! Also, I recently got an iPad and I transferred all my apps onto the iPad... well it won’t let me re-download Gacha Life. But as I said overall this is a good game! And the good overpowers the bad! Tho I do suggest a multiplayer game mode to where you can use your OC -original character- and basically talk/play with other people! I also suggest more games! Thank you for listening... or well reading! :)
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2 years ago, Hunter👧🏻
I love this but like-
Okay so let’s get this straight like this is amazing but I have a couple suggestions…. 1. You should make the characters move by sliding not tapping because how is it fair if that feature is only in gacha club!? 2. I want to change the blush color! because like you can only change the thing in the glasses to make it look the ur character is disgusted- and like if you want to make ur character like orange or gray blush that’s only in gacha club. 3.PLZ REMOVE THE LAG IN THE ANIMATED POSES!!! It’s so laggy in the animated poses yo I mean like when I use them for meh gacha shorts and dance vids it’s just laggy- 4.SORT THE POSES AAAA lunime pls sort the poses bro becuz like when I’m trying to find a pose for my oc in like “WHERE IS THE POSEEE” and like *finally find it after 5 minutes* I mean- it’s so annoying when I have to search for the pose and if you add it I would be so happy. 5. I want more hairstyles I mean the hairstyles in here currently are good but I want more hairstyles bruh- I mean the back hairs and stuff like that are pretty cool (and boring at the same time) so I want you to add more hairstyles 6. ADD LEGG ACCESSORIES I would like you to add leg accessories like socks and bandages and stuff like dat! so yea that is my rating of gacha! Keep up the good work luni!
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5 years ago, Nola's mountain.
Love it!
I love this game it’s so fun to make skits! I heard there was an update but it hasn’t. The update I heard is that there gonna add more slots for characters. It’s annoying! When your on this app there is a bar up above and it changes scenes it goes to updates and if you click on It it says more things have been added. But they haven’t. But besides the updates the app is really cool! It is nice being able to create your own characters. You can change colors on hair,eyes, and pretty much everything! It’s also cool because in the front you can see your OC’s. There’s eight you can see. Then if you look on the right side of it you see a tab called “ slot’s” if you click on that you have more characters you can make. There is twelve in there. You can make fake and yourself also friends and family! There is all sorts of things you can do to change your characters for instance, when you make a character there is a whole section for body,hair,face,clothes,other things such as hats capes and more, their is also props. Then the next tab you go to is profile this is were you name your character you have just created. Also you do it’s personality occupation and the relationship. Over all gacha life is a amazing app there is so much you can do. And I know if you get gacha life your gonna enjoy it!
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6 months ago, Ariel wan
I hate this glitch
So.. I’ll just get straight to the point. Just like someone else said, I experienced this glitch the very first time. I was making a movie on gacha life until I turned back to the home page and I saw charactery or whatever I don’t remember a lot and the levels were 9999 and diamonds.. Well.. I think it was 999,999,999 but I remembered the other person talking about this as well, so I instantly remembered the glitch. I got jump scared by this so I left as soon I saw this. My heart was racing so hard just because of this glitch. I know it doesn’t do anything it’s probably the beta test from Luni before he uploaded gacha life but really, it jump scared me and I would like it if it is gone. The outfit was chill, with green, black hair mixture. All of my characters, were that. I hate it really much. I know Luni is making better ones, like gacha club and gacha life 2. I know most of the glitches are fixed, and they have more stuff. But seriously, it gave me a heart attack and I was doing the movie alone. So, maybe if when I’m with someone, I’ll probably continue the movie. It’s still a great game I love it Luni. Just please make the glitches very rare to happen if it cannot be fixed. I hope the glitch is gone.
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2 years ago, Wkhanva
Tbh, I really like Gacha life, not much as Gacha club, but I still like it a lot. Certainly the fandom / community of this creating app is mostly the reason why it’s highly hated a lot. But that’s only because of Kids who do stuff like Gacha heat with their “alpha wolf” oc’s, but overall, the game is a really good creating game. The way the characters are made (other than the art / drawings on like covers and icons and stuff) is pretty much like chibi sized anime characters. But I could definetly say the opposite after seeing what characters people make and their stories. Gacha life is really popular but a lot of the community is just horrible which could give it a horrible representation too but it’s not even that bad. Simply just 40% of the community / fandom. Otherwise, you could come up with really great plots and make characters with a variety of options, backrounds, props, poses, animations, etc. the game is safe if kids wanna create things on it, but check time to time of what their making cause there are many kids who make inappropriate things and it mostly gets influenced by social media. Otherwise again, it’s a good creating app, you can make almost whatever plot of a story you want on it. But yeah. Ig that’s it
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5 years ago, Caymoyer
I love this game...but these are some suggestions and things that should be added...
I’ve had this game for a while but......There’s some stuff that should be added. Things that should be added:|~ I think more clothes should be added because ya know most of the times I have to search for something I like and then something I don’t want to be on her has to go on her! So yeah that’s 1 of my things that should be added list. 2. how about some more backgrounds! I don’t know what other backgrounds should be added but it’s hard to choose! So yeah! 3. You should add where you can actually rotate the character to see the back of the character for when their near lockers and watching tv and sitting down. 4. Last stuff that should be added, I think you should add where you can have like animals on your clothes like pictures of a fox a dog a cat a panda a tiger a cheetah and lots more! Yes I know this is like number 1 but it’s technically different~| suggestions: ^~Just a few suggestions how about you make it that you can actaully have it look like your eating something like have a option where have you have food in a character hand you have the option to eat it it be really cool! I only had one suggestion this is kinda like an adding thing but yeah!~^
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6 years ago, justmerebecca
GLITCH WARNING!! You read that right! A GLITCH IN LUNIME! I was just getting on after beating Gacha Memories aka filling out the album then I went to play gacha world then I played Anime Gacha! When I was finished I wanted to animate in gacha life and the app wasn’t new new on my IPhone but I turned it on it was my 4th app on my double tap screen before I turned it on it want on that screen but sure enough my character was there in the circle on the start page but when I got on the customize character page all of my characters where GONE! including the extra slots the names above the one character that every single slot was replaced with was “Character Name” but it’s profile name was “Charactery” then the only top button was the HIDE button I was creeped out it said only HIDE but I closed closed the app and reloaded it. It was okay but I had lvl 9999 on the glitch with 999,999,999 gems as well luckily my currency and everything else was restored and I couldn’t even tap a button during the glitch besides the 6 slots and the studio but I didn’t tap the studio but it was weird because when I looked it up on my iPhone nothing but I went on the laptop then I found others and mine was the only anti-interactive one! I love the game though but can you fix it? -A Gacha Fan
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5 years ago, Rosierue1012
Few suggestions
I think you should be able to build a custom pose, and have about 15 slots to store them to use again. I also think that you should be able to like “upload” a picture. Like, if you saw this cute shirt on Pinterest, you take a photo and enter it into the app, and it creates a shirt or shorts or anything and it’s your own custom design. I also think you should be able to see them from the front and the back, not just side to side. It would also be great if you could build your own like ears and tails and skirts, and stuff. Like you can create overalls in the custom section and select pants. Or you could add pompoms inside your custom bunny ears. I would love it if we could have our own pets and they would be able to talk and be customizable. I would love if you could take a pic of yourself and Gacha would create a character based off of the photo. Or if you could take a pic of a jacket, front and back, side to side, and it would become a jacket in your custom slot in jacket. Does that make sense? If it doesn’t, sorry... I love the app soooooo much and would never complain, but I would love if you could add your own background without having to green screen it. I know it’s long, but this is a simplified version of what I could say
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5 years ago, // Bri msp
I love it! But...
I love everything but the clothes are starting to get a little bit boring, the Christmas event is still on, there was NO Easter event, etc. The are no new clothes yet, and I’m bored putting kinda the same jeans and shorts on my boy characters. A editing button, for editors who wanna edit but don’t want to download apps. Custom presets, for those who want to keep their characters when they wanna make new ones and save them. (EmilyKitty’s Idea) And maybe new poses and duplicate characters might be good! But since Gacha Life two is coming out, I guess these things might appear. Just saying, remember when we had moving wings in Gachaverse? I want that back. But we should have an option if we want them to move or not. And please bring back the room feature from Gacha verse! Also, it uninstalled for no reason!!!! And I’m really disappointed about that. I had so many characters I loved, I had SO MUCH STORAGE LEFT! WHY!!! I know it’s not Luni’s fault that Gacha Life is uninstalled for me but WHYYYY I LOVED SO MANY OF MY CHARCATERS!!! AHHHHHH *screams like a girl* I can’t. I can’t. I CANT! I JUST.... Had so much data... I WAS IN LEVEL 35. BRUH! It won’t even let me install it again! It tells me to put my iPhone passcode even tho I don’t have one. I’m giving this app 4 stars. I’m disappointed. But I still love Gacha life either way. ❤️💛💚💙💜 love〜 bri
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5 years ago, BrookeCookie09🍪❤️
I LOVE THIS GAME, you guys TOTALLY deserved the five stars, because this game is awesome!!! Honestly I have to say only one thing that... this game is perfect!!! Or at least to me, I believe it’s good enough, you don’t have to change or add anything. I mean, you guys basically came out with Gacha Studios first, then you improved it by adding Gachaverse (aka the improved Gacha Studios), and then you improved Gachaverse by adding Gacha Life which is absolutely... DA BEST because it’s the latest improvement, but not only that, that’s not why I love it, I love because well, IT HAS EVERYTHING!!! I mean literally, why does THIS need an improvement, this is worth FIVE stars because THIS right here was exactly what I needed, I literally play this everyday!!! 😆 So I say, but this is just my opinion, It doesn’t need anything more, it’s PERFECT. Thank you for this amazing game 💗💗💗 God bless you💗 Ok so actually I just thought of something and decided to add to this, so um, could you make it like where you can put patterns on the skirts and shirts because they’re a bit plain and to make the skits look better could you also make it like so you can drag them but I STILL ABSOLUTELY LUVV THIS GAME but could you PRETTY PLEASE add that?🥺 It would mean... A LOT! So please... but other than that this is a great game btw!!!👍👍👍💗💗💗
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4 years ago, Misha Lea
Great but could be AWESOME
I’ve played many video games and this is my favorite game ever there’s nothing wrong but the normal run the animated run they look they’re gonna fall in the normal run people can make videos on Gacha there’s just so much to do🤗👍🤟🏻👏🏻 BUT and there has to be a but I wish you could add tattoos on there leg or arm but also the girls should also have feminine pixie cuts and manly long hair as soon as Gacha Club comes to iOS I want you to add the animation feature back I loved and used it so much can you add Naruto headbands idk but also I think adding a thing where you can make them put a leg up and one leg on the ground without rotation and can there be skirts and belts being different so a jacket around the waste and a skirt can be worn at the same time also make a girls bathroom with stalls please so when people make videos people can’t point out a girl’s in the men’s room and underwear without socks or being fish nets would be great and women’s shorts with strings and sunglasses can be pink on the left eye and blue on the right and for props if people wanted the same food you should be able to have a little section to be able to type how many bento boxes you want also every once in a while my characters get turned into something named name but I like it but Gacha studio and Gachaverse wasn’t the best
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4 years ago, Mythical creatures!!!!!
Awesome! Edited
I give great credit to the people who have made this game! It’s awesome! I have made tons of characters and started making Gacha Life videos. I haven’t really had any problems. Last time I talked about a problem where on one of my characters it’s name would never show up in studio. I soon figured out it wasn’t their fault it was my finger’s fault. I had accidentally pressed hide name which I didn’t know about before. So I’m sorry for talking about that problem when it was just a problem of my own, but since then I’ve discovered something else. You see me and my friend were playing in life. We were in spooky unlocking the 3 characters. So we unlocked 2. Then I had said, “Ok, that’s it!” My friend said, “No it’s not. What about this one?” I said, “What one?” She said, “Go to the path on the right.” I said, “What do you mean? There is no path on the right.” So we sent a pic of each other’s screens and my screen was missing a path. I wish I could include pictures. So I’m not sure if mine just didn’t get updated or something, but that’s it. I don’t play Life much, so again, it’s not a big deal. This time though it’s not a problem of my own. So I’m hoping the people who made the game can fix this, so I can unlock the last character. :)
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