Galaga Wars

4 (2.2K)
186.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Galaga Wars

3.97 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Burnsify
A great game with load of crap for topping.
Galaga is my childhood fav. Laundromats were pretty much Space and time for me. Irrelevant to the point as is this sentence I know, but this game has just pi**ed me off. Very good version of galaga. I was very pleased with it. I even dished out $10-15 for the ships and coins. Then the game gradually showed what it is.... a quick money maker. You have to pay money to unlock more ships.... it’s the only way to keep playing. Loose a ship use a different one until they are gone. You start with one. Normal app stuff really but getting to the higher stages is just not fun. I paid enough to keep trying. This is the only reason I keep it. Still! LOVED the game for a short period. I just typed my first review to get a lil bit more out of it. Now.... to delete it.
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2 years ago, lame cow 123
Not sure...
I'm not sure what to think about this one. It's really hard to navigate even for the first time due to the infinite barrage of ads that you can't even buy your way out of unless you subscribe to apple arcade. That's galaga wars+, and after giving this one a chance and not fast travelling, it's totally playable if you can beat the game on one coin you won't get ads! You can also buy a stash of coins for pretty cheap, and it's not a bad game. It's just hard to understand what all's going on but the ads include playable classic schmup games like 1945 and galaxiga, but the dizzying amount of ads and hard to pick up the first time and no way to own the game makes me knock two stars honestly. But I wish I didn't have to. Apple store makes decisions that limit you every time, but I don't blame the game for it. However, it's plainly obvious that the game is heavily biased towards this platfrm because essentially we are stuck with a gacha version that gives you easy or cheap coins but if you were to spend your money you'd be left feeling bad because ultimately there's still ads, and a lot of 'em. With no way to make 'em go away but to get apple arcade... and that makes me understandably annoyed to want to use neither. And it's a shame because whoever developed this game made an okay galaga mobile game that is held back by shady corporate business politics... oh well! If you lose once, you can use the coin. If you lose twice you get the ad lol
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6 years ago, Sevenseeker
A Personal Favorite
Except perhaps for rescued ships leaving on a timer, this Galaga port has everything I could have hoped for in a modernized version of the arcade classic. Finger control on the iPad is excellent (with the possible exception of variations in bonus coin pickup by the different ships between levels). It is challenging, but possible to play totally for free, and as you save up, acquire and max out each of the unique ships, you can enjoy a nice variety of playing styles. Just be patient. I have done so for every ship, have over 300,000 available coins, 2800 warp capsules, and over 2600 replay tokens, and have never spent a dime on the game, not because the pricing was unreasonable, but because I didn't have to! To help provide some financial reward to the developers for their work on this great game, I have watched videos for daily bonuses, but can play entire matches without doing so if the need arises. I daily add 11 replay tokens to my total by playing all 11 levels, a task that normally takes around 15 minutes. My personal favorite ship is Starblade, but I enjoy the variety of options on each of the ships. I look forward to the next ship release, so I can add even more fun to my play experiences. I highly recommend this title!
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3 years ago, The LOL Ma5t3R
It’s Galaga
what’s not to love. This is one of the few mobile games that I’ll play daily, it’s fun and challenging the further you get. A variety of ships from different games and each with different abilities that you can use in game coins to enhance, adding to the replay-abilty with different play styles. This is also one of the only mobile games that I’ve spent money on in the last 5 or so years. $2.99 to remove static ads and double the coins value you receive, totally worth it. I also enjoy being able to hunt down the credits throughout the stages, you can either spend real money on different ships or be patient and save up your credits to get them that way. And while the gameplay is definitely great, I need to gush a bit about how great the models are for the ships and enemies. The team behind this game took great care to craft everything on screen and while still cartoony, this is one of the best looking mobile games I’ve ever played. Highly recommend, especially if you loved old school Galaga :)
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6 years ago, Sundaye Sunday
Okay game
I love Galaga! I’ve been playing since the 80s! The PSP version was a ton of fun and then the mobile platform took the works by storm! I like this game but the gameplay isn’t seamless. I shouldn’t go out of the game after I die once just to say continue for the 2nd life... who thought this up! Then I PAY for the Katamari character and he comes with an extra life but guess what I HAVE TO WATCH A VIDEO OR PAY 100 COINS TO USE THE EXTRA LIFE! I’m what Galaga world does that make any sense!! I get it, you’re looking for every single angle to collect currency for this game but you’re going about it the wrong way! Clean the game up! The three lives shouldn’t cost commercial breaks and should be seamlessly in the gameplay. Going from one sector to the next shouldn’t cost me something if I have already beat the boss!! Come on! You’re better than what you’re putting out!! Katamari was the reason I even opted to download this game! You should point out that you have to BUY him since you’re using him to promote the game! You can’t win him or earn anything to get him, you have to right out pay for him, which I did!
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6 years ago, Lurch21!
I love this game, it’s just like playing the arcade version just with better graphics. I don’t like that it requires so many points to purchase another ship. Especially when you only get one point per destruction of the little spinning thingy. I feel like you should get more points for every spinning thing you destroy because they come every few hours and it’s a bit discouraging when you only have 31 but need over a hundred to unlock more ships. And why do I have to watch a video or pay 100 coins in order to use my second life... How does that even make sense? You start with two lives but have to pay for the second one... The extra ship concept is whack too, in the arcade version you keep both ships until it gets destroyed or recaptured... It’s still an awesome game I just wish these things were corrected ASAP, please and thank you. I’m not sure if it’s intended but after watching a video for the final life it does not pause when your finger is not on the phone, but it pauses when you are playing while using your first life.
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7 years ago, R . D . L
iCloud Sync! 🎉
I am so happy about I cloud sync! I can't wait to try it. Not having it was a real problem. This also will make it easy to fix the space issue. Over time, its cache just grows. Now you can just reinstall the app to fix that. Easy. It's still a problem, but with a makeshift solution. I guess the only bad thing I can say is that the Xevious and Galaxian ships feel under powered. For instance, the Xevious omni-shots are too slow to effectively kill probes for 👑 coins; the Galaxian's bomb has weak offenses, forcing you to dodge rather than aim. I always start with the Xevious ship so that I can kill it while paired with a better ship. - - - Pre-dev Reply post: Second, I just saw that they made a compromise on the high score rewards. I'm actually ok with it as it now is in the hundreds. That may be a fraction of what it was, but this more lives, an opportunity for higher scores is created. Old Review: It's a fun game, but killing the high score hurt. I finally fully upgraded the new ship. Not bad. Not perfect, but decent and free. You have to really like the genre to like the game. It takes a minimum of around 45,000 coins to deck it out, but less than 90,000 to insta upgrade everything. What makes that problem worse is this: it takes up almost a gig of space over time.
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1 year ago, LJG4LSU
Way too many ads / Seems like the developers have given up on the game!
The game is similar enough to the original arcade Galaga to be entertaining. I understand that ads will always be a part of free app games. But there are so many ads on this game, it actually interferes with the game play! I would happily spend money to not have to watch ads but there aren’t any buy out options. One day I decided to time it for a half an hour. I ended up playing the game for 11 minutes and watching ads for 19 minutes. Also, there’s no way to “win” because the game never ends. I have all of the available ships and they are all fully upgraded. I am accumulating coins and capsules playing the game with nothing to spend them on. The coming soon ship has been there for five years! To the developers, why would I spend money to BUY more coins? I ALREADY HAVE THOUSANDS OF ACCUMULATED COINS WITH NOTHING TO SPEND THEM ON NOW!!!!!! To me, it seems like the developers have given up on Galaga Wars; so unfortunately, I’m going to do the same thing!
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6 years ago, Farley213
Had to offload it
I grew up a Galaga junkie so was excited to download this app. While the graphics are gorgeous that’s about it for this game. It’s not easy to keep the momentum going. If you dare take your finger off the screen, the “mission accomplished” screen pops up in the middle of play. It won’t let me move my ship with my finger slightly under it so I can see it so I get blown up in seconds. Like others have said, the ads are ridiculous and it takes a long time between lives. If you have a child trying to play this, their patience (and mine) will give out REAL fast. Plus, the ads are 30 seconds long between each death so really, unless you never die, you are just downloading an app for the ads. I get you need ads for the revenue and to keep this free but if we can’t enjoy or even play the game, then why bother with any of this? Sorry but I’m offloading it for now. If the reviews seem to change for the better, maybe I’ll try again. In the meantime, more phone space for me!
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6 years ago, Zogthe
Cool game, BUT—
I really enjoy playing this game, when I am able to. However, this game tries way, way, WAY too hard to direct you to commercials as well as the screen where you have to pay money to buy new ships. There is a certain point in the game where you cannot go anywhere but the screen where you have to buy new ships. You can cancel out of it by clicking home, But after all of the efforts that this game spends trying to make you watch their commercials and so on before you can continue anything, it gets a little aggravating. It really makes me determined to sidestep any effort on the games part to make me watch their commercials or by their ships. I will play this for a while and probably get annoyed with it and quit. It’s a shame, because it is a really well put together game and I enjoy the nostalgia flashback to the 80s arcade games.
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6 years ago, RAVEN2929
Great game except
Like everything about the game and I don’t mind paying for good work, my only grip is takes to long between lives to start the next ship to start going I thought after I purchased a ship it would get rid of that but instead of going into the next life to continue you have to hit 3 different confirmations and after that it does a count down as if your going to fight right where it let off but no it starts a complete level over again, why do I need a count down if it’s just going to clear the screen anyway to start the level over again, count downs our normally used when your going to continue fighting from the very point that you died or paused at, other then that the game is alright.
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5 years ago, St3phen
Fun, but I spend as much time watching ads as playing
The game itself is fun enough. The graphics are nicely updated, and the variety of IAP ships seem fun. Outside of playing a round, though, I spend all my time watching ads. Want to go into Settings? Press the gear and watch an ad. Want to go back to the Home screen? Press the 🏠 icon and watch an ad. Want to play a new game after visiting the home screen? Yep, we’ve got an ad for you there, too. There are many worthwhile free-to-play games out there that rely on ads while a customer decides if they like it enough to keep it. But, most allow for paying a modest one-time fee to remove ads. This game does not appear to offer that. As a result, I tend to play one round, then close the app and go do something else. Which is too bad, really, because it’s a fun bullet hell throwback game.
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6 years ago, CasualSleeper
A message to the dev team.
You guys have done a fantastic job. On my New3DSXL, I play a lot of Galaga (the original NES version) and I’ve always loved it. Earlier I got this game out of curiosity, since I’ve never played a Galaga game other than the NES version on my 3DS. I love what you guys have done. The gameplay feels refined and modern, yet I enjoy seeing the references to the original Galaga. The captured ships joining you, the design of the enemies, and most of all, the reimagining of the player’s ship. Everything is amazing. However, I am not one for phone gaming. That is why I always have my New3DSXL with me. I love being able to pick up and play Galaga wherever, but I’d much prefer it on the 3DS. Could you guys port this to the 3DS or New3DS? I think the control scheme would be awesome (I much prefer physical controls) and I think this game would grow substantially in terms of its popularity. As it is, it’s a free-to-play game. It’s so good though, that I could see myself paying full price for it if it was on the 3DS. Dev team: I’m begging you to ask Corporate or whoever you have to ask in order to get this game ported to the 3DS.
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6 years ago, kashback88
My life is complete
I use to play this game for endless hours when I was a kid beating level after level. I had blisters on my thumbs playing on my PlayStation. My problem with this game is the same as others. The long frustrating ads, the credits you have to collect to get new ship, etc. I’d like to add that there isn’t enough levels. 11 levels is just not enough. When you get to the last level, you would think it’ll be some type of rewards or different types of challenges to earn more credits and/or coins. One last thing.... I absolutely hate what you guys did with the captured ships. It should be exactly how it was in the classic. I still love the game. It brought back so many memories.
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5 years ago, Stefan Daniel Bell
Five Stars. Classic with new elements
You want to learn the levels before buying in so this is a real time loot shooter. I’m in less than ten at lower levels and feeling ok about the return. It’s streamable and the graphics hold. Multiplayer, live with audio and video and then competitive playing in the future could get it added back to the real pantheon of original video graphics. It could make money for players and company too. At a certain level, having a new ship is a good idea. If you are frustrated or have to do bling you can buy coins, and it is possible to progress with skills. It seems this is offset by the ads. I didn’t like them at first and then I realized the graphics are as good as a paid video game still. They are working out the kinks. All in navigation and firing with one button is dreamy. You can beat the bosses at the levels I’m getting to with the as is ship. I’m streaming it on twitch. I’m sure others will too soon. Multiplayer and competitions could get this into paid competitive events again. I’d pay to play or go see. This game is epic. Thank you.
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5 years ago, pupu830
I want to like this game
I want to like this game so bad, it’s a good game, really bring back childhood memories. The game play and control are good. I think they could do some improvements on the color scheme because it can be hard to see things with the busy background. But that doesn’t bother me too much. What really bothers me is the amount of ads I have to watch as I play the game, I feel like I’m spending a whole minute of ad watching for every 30 seconds of game play. The ads are EVERYWHERE, there’s an ad to start the game and there’s even an ad to use the second life. Those ads are super distracting and really take away the game enjoyment. I get that they need to make money but either charge for the game and make it ad free or be more strategic about placing the ads so it doesn’t distract player.
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5 years ago, TracI
In app purchases not restored???
Love the game. Same as original with way more accurate ship control. 🤗 😫I paid for in app purchases a while ago,there’s a record of it. I haven’t used this app in a while . I was signed in threw Facebook as well as Game Center. I actually spent a lot of money, I had all the ships. Also, I bought the 2x coin multiplier. I tried to restore purchases several times over the past couple weeks. Every time, I get a message that says, “in app purchases cannot be restored at this time, try again later”. Reluctantly, and with the hope that Namco will continue to do right by their customers . I just purchased it again!! I would appreciate my money back for that purchase since I already bought it once. I would also be very pleased if I could get my previous in app purchases restored thank you. 😫
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5 years ago, Vaderblx
Very Nice!
Very nice game. Much better than the classic Galaga. The power ups system is fun. The selection of ships is cool, though it seems like it’ll take a literal eternity to buy a ship. I like the boss fight, but I wish they didn’t keep reusing the same boss every level. There aren’t any real problems with the game. Though I have a couple nitpicks. I wish ads didn’t display after every game. Also I wish the levels were randomized. For instance, level one is the same exact thing every time. It’d be nice if the levels still kept their same difficulty but sometimes the ships will be different etc. Overall one of the best mobile games out there. I feel like I won’t be deleting this for a long time.
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5 years ago, Dawnyk
Too many ads
It's one thing to choose to watch an ad to get something in return, like extra lives, but the number of ads I'm now forced to watch has definitely increased lately. Seems like I have to waste 10-30 seconds in between doing anything now. I understand that ads pay for the generally free game, but maybe provide an option to purchase an ad-free experience? Just saying; it's way too many. Example- my ship got hit almost immediately because I wasn't paying proper attention, so instead of watching an ad to continue from there I just hit end to start over. And I was forced to watch not 1 but 2 ads before it took me back to home. Seriously?! It took more ads to NOT continue? Some BS. And I can't even progress in the game much because you don't get many lives, so death is frequent.
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3 years ago, KawaiiAvaWolf
Not Like The Original.
I’ll give this game credit, it’s Galaga, what’s not to love? But the way they made this game is just too much of a cash grab. Oh, now you get to move around the entire map and are always shooting the entire time and never have a fire rate increase when you kill an enemy. The game is cut up into sectors, and instead of having 3 free lives, you have 2 and have an extra one when you have to BUY ANOTHER SHIP, not to mention you have to WATCH AN AD OR PAY IN-GAME COINS just to use your other lives is dumb. If you’re gonna make a second or remaster of Galaga, do it right and actually look at the game you made before just adding new mechanics and adding micro transactions and ads because “it’s a mobile game” I would rate it 1 star but it’s Galaga and I can’t rate it that low.
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4 years ago, Darth BAMF
I have this to say about Galaga Wars... Fun gameplay. Improves a lot from the old games. Even adds new elements like the Jumbo Shot and Missile Barrage power pickups. This is most fefinitely a treat for Galaga and Galaxian fans. Originally I said my one complaint was the ads. Well for everyone, let me enlighten you all... Buy the Galaga 88’ Fighter. It’s $3.99, and it REMOVES all STATIC ADS. All those random ads you see pop up when you’re in the main menu? Gone! You’ll still have the option to watch ads for free warping and for the occasional extra 100 coins & 3 warp capsules. But all the random ads will be gone, and all you have to do is buy that one ship. Let me repeat... Buy the GALAGA 88’ Fighter. It’s the only ship you need to actually buy with money, the rest you can get via the in-game credits. And to me, that $3.99 is worth not having all those random ads popping up to distract you. So as of now, this game gets five stars from the Dark Lord. I love this game as a LONG time fan of the original Galaga. It’s so good to see a new type of Galaga game.
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6 years ago, Bandwidth369
Still waiting for mystery ship
No updates in 8 months. Sounds like the developer abandoned the project. Great graphics and game play. Nothing wrong with the game itself. As for the ads, here is the solution. When ad pops up, put the phone down or put on mute and get a drink of water. Do anything else, but be subjected to a forced ad. Eventually, I played enough that I added all the free ships so now I get 6 lives without seeing an ad. I would rather take the time to clean out my ears or blow my nose, than to allow myself to be subjected to ads. After 30 seconds, the game is back. Just my $.02.
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4 years ago, Dkdirbejdo
An updated classic
A great update of an 80’s arcade classic. It’s a very enjoyable game that had kept me entertained for hours and hours. Love the different levels and especially the never ending last level. I’ve been playing it for about a year. At this point I only play it about once a day. You don’t technically have to make any purchases to enjoy this game, but I would suggest the coin doubler. I do hope they eventually add more ships as I have nothing to spend my coins on anymore. Just recently got a new high score of 20,692,358 which is why I only play it once a day. It can be quite time consuming once you get the hang of it.
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5 years ago, WhiteMamba5829
Bandai Namco is Awesome
Bandai Namco has been doing so well with their mobile games recently with Pac Man, Dragonball Legends, and this one, all of which are incredible games and should be checked out. Every one of their games look and play beautifully and it’s always nice to see a twist on a classic game too! Dragonball Legends is one of my favorites though, as the combat just flows for me and I love collecting all of the new characters they add to the game, which I must say, they do often. It’s amazing to see where you guys have made it to, considering it all started with a few pixels and some weird beeps. Congrats!
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6 years ago, Chezdude1
Great Game, HorrIble Ad Placement
Pros: This game is engaging, great graphics, and a lot of fun! The concept was one of my favorites from the old arcade games so I’m glad I have it on my tablet now. Cons: This could be an addicting fast-paced game, but unfortunately ads are placed in between each life, so users have to watch an ad or pay coins in order to move ahead in the same level. This can be annoying, but it is downright aggravating when the ad doesn’t load and you aren’t able to progress in the level without restarting the app. This same thing happens with bonus boxes as well. I downloaded the game for the game, but I spend way more time on ads than I should.
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7 years ago, Deathnutz
Not for kids. Can't remove ads.
All parents of young kids share the same frustrations for in app ads. If I find a free game for my kid it will be deleted soon after if there are ad pop-ups. He can't read. He just clicks something new and shiny. Now mom or dad has to come to the rescue to get him back into the game. Generally, if he likes it, I buy the game to remove the ads. I had to tell him SORRY and NO for this game. I went to buy a "remove ads" package... but there is none it seems. There is no way to get rid of the ads. So there is no way my kid can play this game. What's worse now is that if they ever decide to add that feature later, I'll have no idea. This game is already dead to us. Too bad. I'm sure I can find a similar clone, as my son seemed to enjoy the simple controls. Fingers crossed.
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5 years ago, Frankie4Fingers
Love it but hurts to upgrade
I like this game. I even bought 3 or 4 of the extra ships because I want to support the developers. The problem I have is that the game screwed me after I upgraded one of the power ups to max. As soon as I did, I stopped getting power ups. I literally went from first wave to 6th wave without a single power up as soon as the upgrade was done. I used to get one or more every wave but not a single one now. What is the point then? Please, fix this or tell me how to fix my copy of the game. Very irritating to spend time and actual money upgrading to have it lower the drop rate once I have it powered up. In this case, to none!!! 0! Otherwise I like the game. The difficulty of the stages increases a ton. That also makes it a bit hard to progress.
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3 years ago, Laredo1345
Very Fun, But…
I generally enjoy playing Galaga Wars, but the advertising scheme that’s built into this game is way too aggressive. It damages the play quality of the game, and makes it more frustrating than it should be to get lives and transition from a failed run back to the main menu. There should at least be an option to pay for a full version that doesn’t include advertising pop-ups every little bit. If that was given as an option, I and others would likely pay for it. Even if the advertising scheme was simply toned down in its aggressiveness, it’d likely be a five-star app.
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4 years ago, hvvccfdthjkojn
Ads are obnoxious
This is a real shame because the game is fairly fun. But you pretty much have to watch 30 seconds of ads per 30 seconds of gameplay most of the time, even if you decline rewards for watching the videos, and it constantly attempts to trick you into clicking on links to the ad material. It’s a terrible disappointment that there doesn’t seem to be a paid ad free version. I would have paid up front even 5 or 10 bucks to just purchase a copy of the game free of all that garbage.
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5 years ago, sciguybj
Update ruined it :(.
This used to be on my short list of ways to pass a little time while commuting. I updated earlier today and the first screen I was presented with after launching was a pop-up that forced me to accept that they will collect data about me and sell it to a long list of advertisers. Mmmmm kay.... It used to be that you could view ads as an alternative to spending in-game currency. Now there’s a mandatory ~30 second ad every time you lose a ship. Want to check the settings? That’s another ad. Just watched an ad instead of spending currency? Have a *2nd* ad for good measure. I understand developers wanting to monetize their apps... it just happens they made the game experience worse and added a creepy undertone. Thank you, no.
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5 years ago, Indigo Jinx
I used to play Galaxian, Galaga, etc. in arcades YEARS ago, decades even, I have also played 3 Galaga remakes Nampo has released over the past 25+ years, & this is the best one, & most fun. It looks cool, controls awesome with a stylus, & works like it SHOULD! My only 2 complaints are as follows: 1.) no horizontal screen mode, & 2.) they SHOULD have used to old familiar Galaga sound effects, somehow these new ones aren’t quite as cool. Get this game, even if You’ve never played the older games, this is the best spaceship-shooter game I’ve found in the AppStore by a LONG shot!
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6 years ago, Coach Ota
Pay for play model breaks the game
I understand the desire to have a mobile game with ad-based or micro transaction revenue but the implementation is very poor. After every life you need to either pay to continue or watch a 30 second ad. It destroys the flow of the game or will require you buy in with a lot of coins. Maybe if it was more like the arcade game where you run through 3 or more lives before being hit over the head to pay up in some way, it would be more bearable. Also, to continue from unlocked levels, you need to pay or watch ads. The gameplay is fine and brings back memories but the constant pay or watch ads approach is not worth it.
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7 months ago, Suzeretta
I love this game, but I’m sad because most of the time when I press continue, the screen freezes up and then there’s no way to unfreeze it or continue so you have to stop the game start all over and you lose a life and you lose your time and then you gotta watch at least 3 to 6 ads before you can even play. it’s really frustrating when you’ve made so much progress and really high score, and have to start all over again, not to mention losing a life. There should be some way to be compensated. Please fix these glitches. Thank you.
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1 year ago, ursecretz
Lose Audio
The game is fast moving and fun, but whenever I watch an ad, the audio for the game kicks out. The audio for the commercial is okay, but when it returns to the game, there is none. This doesn’t happen every time, but it does happen about 75% of the time. Also, about 50% of the time I get a server error, and any bonus I would have received for watching an ad is not available. This happens on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and my iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Both devices have the latest iOs.
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6 years ago, MakotoHahn
A new take on a classic arcade space shooter
Galaga has always been my favorite Namco shooter growing up. I used to blow through quarters playing it at my local Walmart & the seafood restaurant we used to eat at often. I also loved playing the remix that was released during the days of the original Xbox too, but this is really amazing! The auto pause when you lift you finger off the screen was a good call for whenever you have to look away from your screen (especially for those with big hands)
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5 years ago, Random dude 19427
Great game, however one poor mechanic
I could care less about the ads and such considering you can get almost everything for free, however there’s an extremely annoying mechanic that the boss does where he shoots out projectiles that bounce of the edges of the screen once, my problem with this is they’ll also bounce off the bottom of the screen which is usually impaired by my thumb witch I use to control the ship, so I must either get lucky or move to the middle of the screen instead impairing a different part of my vision
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7 years ago, 457zim
What about Bosconian?
Love this game! I always played Galaga and other arcade games at the laundromat when I was a kid and it’s awesome to be able to play a new, modern rendition of one of my favorite games. I especially love the inclusion of ships and characters from OTHER namco games! When I first saw that, I became excited and I went to see my options for ships to play as, and I’ll be honest, I was disappointed not to see the ship from another one of my favorite games, “Bosconian”. It’d be awesome if the Bosconian ship was added to this game, i think it would make the game much more fun to play!
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6 years ago, Caliesman
Ads should be rated as well
Okay so I understand that not everyone feels or believes the way I do. How can you have a game that is rated 4yrs and up, but show ads of people’s heads being blown off their bodies in slow motion? The game that was advertised was rated MATURE 18 and up. If I download and install a game for my children, something I feel is innocent, I should have to worry about the previews. I don’t take them to a rated G movie and see rated R previews at the beginning of it. Not sure how all this is supposed to work but I’d like to know. Apple needs to do some changing in how preview are allows during the games. Anyways that my complaint other than this the game play is great.
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4 months ago, 🤜⚽️🤛
Love it but
i love this game! I have been a galaga fan since 4th grade and this about tops off all the rip off ones! I have a problem with it tho. Why must we get one spinny thingy for each sector? Shouldn’t we get two of those since we get 2 chances to revive a ship in each sector? It would make getting the other ships faster for free instead of grinding for almost a month to get one ship. That’s all I have, but over all the game is still good. Hopefully I never delete it.
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6 years ago, Hjanice19701234
I love this game but can’t give it 5 stars because of the adds. That being said I understand why the adds are important, but now I’m up to 1and a half minute adds. It really throws off the rythem while trying to play. You need to seriously consider an add free version because I would buy that. The other issue is that there are never 3 lives it’s always 2. Trying to temp me to by more would only work for me if there was an add free version and then I would continue to buy, that’s how much I like this game. But until then I will kill the app as soon as I get tired of the adds.
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3 years ago, Dr.FredMo
Galaga Wars honest review
There’s many things to like about this game. The graphics are great, it’s great for a phone to have on your game, a good twist on the old classic. But there’s also things I HATE like the fact when you get a power up for your ship and then go straight into a new level it lasts about a QUARTER of the time as if you got it in the middle of a level. Also, I always die on the fourth or fifth level because the progression of difficulty is way to exponential. I don’t know how anyone has gotten past like, the tenth level if anyone even has.
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5 years ago, Shamus101
Could be better
This is a classic that is almost as fun as the original. The problems with this version are frustrating so it lost a star. The ship doesn’t always follow the finger movements. This includes how the pause function works. Some enemies are magical and the shots fired at them go right through. This is especially true when using the double cannon. Lastly, the player’s ship can be blown up without any shot being near. I reallllly wanted to give it 5 stars. I couldn’t and maintain integrity.
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5 years ago, Ftddeddd
It’s okay
I love Galaga. But I SERIOUSLY hope you look at these reviews and consider updates Few things: I’m not impressed that I have to drive my ship out in the open to collect coins. I personally think the coin bank should only be filled just by shooting these bugs alone. No need to scavenge and risk getting shot. Coin magnet also throws me off and the swarm of coins is distracting while avoiding lasers from the enemy. Also when it comes to the bug boss, that abducting beam is very unfair, compared to avoiding lasers and shooting the missile at the same time. This needs to be fixed and addressed
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6 years ago, aceebro
Minor Annoyances
I’m glad there’s a good game of Galaga for iOS. Some things I wish the developers will take in to consideration on future versions: 1. I don’t mind watching a video... but can you make them shorter? Waiting that long even though I’m buying all your ships and coins is ridiculous. 2. Can we please select the next ship we want? Or if you’re going to do the randomized thing, that’s fine- just make it super quick. I know it’s all for show, but it gets me back to the game faster, and I don’t think many people are interested in watching a faux shuffle to determine what ship you’re going to get next- just get me BACK TO THE GAME. 3. #2 also goes for the score tally at the end. LET ME HIT “END GAME” NOW (Or select a new ship), not wait for all the fancy graphics unless I want to see them. 4. The PacMan ship is VERY disappointing, considering I paid four bucks for it. I kinda want my money back. The gameplay, FWIW, is GREAT. I just wish getting back to it was faster
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6 years ago, NeuroticAI
Micro-Transaction Hell
Any joy in the game is immediately destroyed by the onslaught of micro transactions, ads, up charges, etc. Tactics like this by developers are what destroy the gaming experience. I have no problem purchasing a video game from you, but the freemium model is asinine and destroys the experience for old gamers and new gamers alike. I played for about an hour, but noticed that only twenty five minutes was actually game time. The rest was sitting through the litany of ninety second advertisements for other micro transaction crapware that is riddled on the App Store or being hit with in game ads trying to get me to purchase upgrades to your ship. If this is your style of “gaming” than you’ll love this garbage.
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5 years ago, Scaraboy
A classic remastered.
Glad to see the game still gets updates from time to time looks like Bamco still cares about the classics that put them where they are today. another ship I like for you guys to add would be the AEF-7 blowneedle from galaga legions that would be quite cool using it. Of course it will take some time to modify the ship’s design to fit the games art style but it’ll be worth it and quite fun. The game is a great time waster when on my way to high school on the bus so keep it up.
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6 years ago, KeViNnnnnnnnnnn
Very clever how we get three lives at the beginning of a run, and if you watch very closely, you’ll see that if you are killed the FIRST TIME YOU LOSE TWO LIVES INSTEAD OF ONE...fix this, because I’m sure anyone who plays is going...”Huh? How did that happen? Am I seeing things?” No, you are not seeing things, Bandai-Namco is cheating you...really, fix this, guys... Second part of the review...after reading the reviews, I saw that we only now have two lives instead of, that’s still cheating us, B-N, and not very cool...great game, but stop cheating us with every and shiny doesn’t always work out for us stupid consumers...
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5 years ago, pibrew
Old School game --- BUT
The game is very fun to play. There are a couple of HUGE issues. 1. The ads are beyond ridiculous in this game. You can't do anything without ads popping up. I would be willing to pay for an upgraded version without ads. 2. When you die you don't immediately go right back in the game. After you die you get kicked back to a screen that wants you to..... You guessed it ----- watch ANOTHER ad even though you have lives sitting there. The only button on the screen that you can click on is for a stupid ad.
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2 years ago, God & I
Old school fun
Thought to myself how good could Galaga be on a Mobil device or my iPad it’s not going to be like the old arcades we go to after school man it’s better the action is just like the arcade I’m having a blast and it’s a challenge I try and play games that’ll stimulate the mind help to keep it young use it or loose it I tell my kids play games that’ll motivate ur mind to work this Galaga is that one for me
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2 years ago, Kernel Panic '76
Addictive Arcade Action!
Brilliant homage to Namco's classic coin-op. The ads are an annoyance, to be certain, but I remember forgoing a school lunch for weeks on end just so I could jam the 5 quarters into the arcade machine. (Lunches were $1.25 back then.) I'll deal with the ads; it's better than starving. The timed power-ups feel like a greedy cop-out on the dev's part, though. The more you die, the more ads they can show you. All im all, it's near perfect. Kudos to the development team.
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