Galaxy Bowling HD

4.6 (2K)
162.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jason Allen
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Galaxy Bowling HD

4.63 out of 5
2K Ratings
3 years ago, Mariettabearhunter
More tournaments
Mr Allen, Would you create a tournament that includes nine pin bowling, iron pin, 100 pins, as well as shuffle pins? I’ve been enjoying playing for a few years now and really like each upgrade that your done through the years. I try to play a mixed tournament everyday. But never break in the top 100. LOL. But would like like to play more mixed up tournaments. Thank you for your time reading this. Sorry to post it here, but couldn’t find another way to contact you. Bob
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1 year ago, Jcdarts
Nice app, could use a few tweaks, imho
I love the app, it’s a lot of fun to play. A couple of things that I find bothersome, though. 100 pin bowling, needs to recognize strikes and spares and count the bonus pins. Candlepin bowling, sounds like billiard balls rather than bowling pins, I’m sure a little you tube searching would give a better idea for the appropriate sounds. Duckpin bowling, sounds too much like ten pin. It also has its own sound. There also seems to be an issue with the career stats for averages. I’ve looked at my average, bowled a game above my average, and seen my average go down. Likewise, bowled below my average and seen it go up. If it’s a rolling number of games, and not a true average, that’s understandable, but please state it. Also, there is no way to check your version number to make sure that you’re up to date. Keep up the good work! You’re close to having a 5 star game!
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4 years ago, DekepitHawk
Almost a 5 star
Being an all around bowler, I love this app for all the different disciplines of bowling that it offers. Physics might not be perfect, but they are quite good, and close enough for a free app, or even for the minimal cost to remove ads. I would love to see another game added, and that being Cocked Hat. My two current gripes with this game. 1, I have no idea how your averages are being calculated, but something is off. As a test I have kept track of the last 45 games I have bowled in 5 pin, over that span I have averaged over 310, yet my average has dropped from a 297 to a 295, this just is not mathematically possible. Even if it is a rolling average of the last 100 games, average should have gone up by now. 2, and more importantly, players should not be able to compete in daily tournaments if they are not using the most current version. I have noticed the same person named “Brunner” always winning the candlepin tournaments by more than 100 pins. I saw one poster feel like the user is hacking, though I know from experience that your older versions, candlepins was very easy to score, to the point that my tenpin average was lower than that of my candlepin. I have also noticed this scoring problem in some of the mixed tournaments as well. Thanks for this wonderful app, and keep on improving it.
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1 year ago, ata15ata
Galaxy Bowling HD
The app is great! So is the multiplayer option but their is a few things that I wish they would fix like, not being able to sign into a account or having network problems when it comes to asking people for a rematch, or trying to create account with them. I also noticed that their is some glitch’s when it comes to knocking down pins or when you should of gotten a strike but didn’t. Also when it comes to creating private matches or joining one it doesn’t work either. But all in all the app is great!!
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5 years ago, maachomaan
Finally... a game that’s not impossible to roll the ball down the lane with some consistency and predictability. Unfortunately the pins are glued down. Either that or the creators have absolutely no idea about pin action. I hit the pocket and get a strike maybe one out of every seven or eight balls. You never hit the pocket and wind up with three and four pins left. It just doesn’t happen in real bowling. Strikes are not that hard to come by in the real game. Fix your pin action to be realistic, and you have a great game. The game uses a Random Error Generator. So it doesn’t matter how well you hit the pocket. There will simply be times when strikes come a’plenty, and there will be times when you can’t strike no matter where you hit the pins....and that’s just not good enough....
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6 years ago, GameWarrior986
Very Solid Game
This is a great game, it’s not one of those that has terrible pin action low graphics or other frustrating things. It has none of those, the only game that is realistic and high quality. My only issue is that the candlepin mode will get hung up on frame 2 or 3. I see this a lot in your reviews, so I don’t think you need to be reminded. But thanks for giving me a game that is fun and realistic bowling. Keep up the good work 😀👍🏻
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2 years ago, =^**•**^=
More Variations Are always A good thing
This game is super fun! I play it everyday. It has a good selection of game modes and I have nothing bad to say about it. But you can always add more game modes, here are some suggestions: turkey bowl, Irish road bowling, lawn bowling, competitive bat skittles, and rubber duckpin bowling which is duckpin with rubber ring added to make the pin bounce everywhere. Thanks for reading the review!
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4 years ago, AABT60
A simple , yet fun bowling app that I have tried . Nothing to complicated . It’s not simple to get strikes all the time. So there is a little challenge to it . Ball curve control is very accurate and makes it fun and realistic . I have tried other apps that get deleted after a day or two, this one has stayed for about a yr now since the first time I started using it .
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5 years ago, Soccer_Vlog
Galaxy Bowling
Galaxy bowling is one of my favorite games! There is one thing that I don’t like though the fact that you can buy or get coins for new pins or balls! 😊 Otherwise my and my grandma Nonnie play ALL of the time together on the multiplayer mode but we have to play on different phones obviously!! You should definitely get this game/app though! 😊😊😊
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2 years ago, TBird4321
We need more types of bowling!
This game is amazing but once you have every type of bowling (and skittles) unlocked then it becomes boring. I suggest adding new types of bowling such as rubber duckpin which is a variant of duckpin with 5 pin style rubber bands around the pins and only 2 chances to knock down the pins instead of 3.
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5 years ago, Roccomister
Pug Family
The 10 pin bowling portion of this game is totally unrealistic and not like any 10 pin bowling I have ever done. You’re rating for the candlepin bowling portion of this game would have been higher except for three things. Being robbed of 10 counts, spares and strikes because of pins being hit by wood and not actually falling down until I hit continue. This is not how it happens and I can attest to this because I have 14 years of candlepin league bowling under my belt. Make it better and maybe I will revisit my review in the future.
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5 years ago, Brady .S
Good game but needs some work
I like this game, is is fun to play and to kill time, but this game needs some fixing. The physics are ok but the pin physics are not good because when the ball hits in the light pocket you will leave splits, the pins act like they’re rubber and doesn’t fall over like in real life, the pins just slide. Whenever you have the replay on and after you skip the replay the ball moves to another spot instead of in the middle. This game is great to kill time.
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7 months ago, Spookyaddams920
The cosmic bowling balls for pick up spares go away when you leave the game
I went out of the game and apparently the next day I wanted to play it again and then I checked and the cosmic balls like the moon, Europa, and titan were gone can you try to figure out what’s making them go away and maybe try and fix it pls? Thank you.
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3 years ago, Acedj123
Awesome game!
This really is the best bowling game in the App Store! It’s nice the developer acknowledges there is more to bowling than straight 10 pin as I am from New England where candlepin bowling is king! Only wish that you could select which mode of bowling for a private match instead of only being able to do 10 pin.
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3 years ago, 1Tomek1
No custom pins, previous purchases, or levels gained
I played this game before, but at that time you could get customized pins (which I actually had). I hit “Restore Purchases” & still don’t have what I had before I stopped playing previously. The game is fun to play, no doubt about that. I would like to be able to retrieve my previous purchases. I’ll give 5 stars if that happens.
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8 years ago, Grand Puba the Great Potentate
Good game but right side is wrong
I like this app a lot, but sometimes on the right side when I get a strike and a pin is in the gutter, the mechanism picks it up and negates my strike! It has happened at least six times with me, and I end up trying for a spare when I already had a strike. Very disappointing... Otherwise, I like it. Since I had shoulder surgeries I can't do regular bowling so this fills the gap a little. Thanks!
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6 years ago, ccdl78
Love it
I love this bowling app with all the different styles of bowling. The only complaint I have is the candlepin game hangs up and I have to exit out of the app completely and either shut down my iPad or iPhone to reset. Any way you can fix that? Thanks for fixing the issues. It works great now.
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3 years ago, BernWhips
Candle pin and Duck pins
I’m from New England and lots of candlepin alleys have closed. It’s great to be able to play again with my relatives. Though my scores are much higher here then in real life it brings back great memories. My dad used to talk about duck pin bowling and I’m so happy to play it here.
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7 years ago, Creazzo61
Put all bowling games online multiplayer
Please put candlepin, duckpin and all the other bowling games for online multiplayer so you can play anyone around the world. Not just 10 pin. There is no bowling app out there that has all these different kinds of bowling games on it. Everyone I think would like to play these types of bowling games online!!
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1 year ago, Frankie2toned
Fun but glitches
A lot of times when I swipe to move the ball the game closes and then you lose connection and lose the game also would be nice to add a chat feature like sayings or something for example nice shot….give up…one more game?….etc be more fun to taunt a little
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2 years ago, AlexGrace1219
Love it, but
I wish the Pick Up Spares part of the game were easier. I can’t go very far because it’s all very difficult splits and it would be ok it if were once in awhile but it’s shot after shot. I also wish we could play in tournaments more often.
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4 years ago, Tankandelvis
Excellent game
I have played this for a couple years and am very happy with it. The graphics are good and there are several lanes to choose from. The pin action is realistic and the one on one quick matches are good. Highly recommended
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6 years ago, SplittingSpares
Glad to see all the variations of bowling in one app!
The app is pretty refined and works fairly well. The only thing is, Candlepin needs to be fixed because I can only get 2-3 frames in before the game doesn’t let me go any further (it stalls on the pin cam) and I have to force close the app and reopen it. Otherwise, I love it!
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3 years ago, Bizzy bowling
Fun bowling game!
I like that I can bowl at my pace. Do not have to play with others. And you don’t have to watch ridiculous ads while you’re bowling. Just a couple short ones after your game. Really good effects!
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2 years ago, LLLMcD
Great graphics!
Lots of fun with many added specialties like custom ball patterns, alley choices, pin placements and a ton of other goodies ! PLUS it’s actually easy to play and very challenging! All at the same time.
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7 years ago, G g dog
Terrible update.
I loved this game until I downloaded the latest update. DO NOT UPDATE!!! The game is horrible now and I got ride of it. Game play is horrible now. If you can download an older version,do so. I already miss the old version.
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3 weeks ago, sprout99_79
Love the game with only one complaint
I love this game the only thing is I can’t get it to connect with someone to play a private match it will not connect to the server.
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3 months ago, heuiwx
First time playing!
This game is really good and fun it has almost every kind of bowling game I can think of my favorite one is candle pin and 100 pin bowling!
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4 years ago, Ssmagicc
I love this game but...
I’ve been playing this game for about a week now and i love it. But unfortunately I’m trying to “purchase all” bowling types and it won’t let me. It also won’t let me purchase them individually. Please help i want to try all of them!
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5 years ago, Driverdad1
Could be really good but.....
I play the candlepin game most of the time because that’s what I grew up with. Biggest problem is usually at least once a game I’ll lose a strike or a spare because pins won’t fall until after I hit continue. Also seems like there’s no consistency in the pin action
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6 years ago, Stanbrough
Galaxy Bowling
Great entertainment which there was a little more pin action and more game variations or be able to bring pin action up and down and adjust or create interesting pin shapes and sizes. Turn app into bowling training app to enjoy the real game with hints and tips and game rulesz
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4 years ago, ash:)han
So godlike
yo shoutout to the owner who made this I played against a com and won my one point and I play with my mom cause I’m only (censored for safety)and this game rules owner keep making games like this and you’re gonna be rich 💵💵💵
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3 years ago, Silvrsrfrhk
All stages
You can play whatever you want that is on you can also level up because you knock down a lot of pins
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2 years ago, A-Nat
Play it all the time
I love it. It would be 5 Star but I have to delete it regularly because it will freeze on an ad. Settings for game don’t totally work either.
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5 years ago, elf#1
It is very addicting.
I haven’t been able to bowl on a league for many years now. This game gives me a little back of that time in my life. I give it 5 stars!
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4 years ago, doggybaby777
Please fix some glitches
First off, when replacing unique balls, there’s a glitch that gives it a white and gray background, and some themes have missing lane designs. Please fix those glitches as soon as possible.
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6 years ago, Inflamedrope
The Candlepin bowling
love the game but I can never finish a game of candlepin cause sometimes when I get a strike it won’t move on the next frame I just sits there then I have restart the app and I lose my progress in that game... but other than that I love this game🤟🏼🤟🏼
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2 years ago, Tenny75
I wish I on Long Alley Skittles you didn’t need to hit the king pin to score points
I wish in Long Alley Skittles you didn’t need to hit the king pin to score points, maybe have the option not to be required to hit the king pin to score points.
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3 years ago, JohnnyMacBand
Great game
It has some issues with connection but over all it’s a great game and you can host a private game and play with your friends without spending money. I’m loving this app
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2 years ago, Safehoise
2 important questions
1: is there somewhere that I can listen to this games soundtrack??? 2: is there anyway that I can get some of the ball design assets so that I can get one customized in the same pattern?
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2 years ago, KingPinWeeks
I would recommend
This game has lots of amazing features and customizability and is very easy for beginners
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4 years ago, OdellBeckham jr. the jr
Although this game is really addictive and fun to play, a bug I’ve ran into is in the candlepin bowling. The bug here is when I hit the pocket and all the pins fall down but one springs back up and malfunctions. Fix this immediately
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9 months ago, SophieJane2
I love this game but I would like to know what are the extra pins used for after you watch an ad?
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3 years ago, Navy vet!
Review of my bowling experience!
Maybe not exactly the same, but it does present a similar challenge to the real thing! Very unique game! I like it!!
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4 years ago, Shorty695503
Candlepin, Brings back memories!
I love the candlepin bowling, it brings back memories of my childhood. I have iPad 2nd generation and runs awesome, although it won't let me sign up for an account, it's a great game I give it A++
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4 years ago, Nick99951
Fix this please
Everytime i turn of camera follows ball i randomly get a black screen where only the pin display in the top right corner shows ive tried to fix this myself but its something the developers will have to fix...
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4 months ago, 𝖫𝗂𝗅 𝖣𝗂𝗆𝖾𝖻𝖺𝗀𝗌
P2 change balls and more Maps would make more fun
Add p2 ball change and more maps would be awesome
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6 years ago, cooking Jedi Knight
Game does not allow a proper score
This games has too many glitches... ball freezes and messes up score, and is no fun, no thanks. Skip all EA games too. ATTENTION TO ALL READERS EA does not CARE about customer service. They never address issues, they never fix anything or respond to comments. They just delete it if it sounds complaintive for reasons it should be. Greedy developers. The only reason the game is even playable is because it is free! That is all! Stellar customer service... I wonder if there are any crazy kind of people who actually pay for things in the game. You would screw them over and jack the price and not care!!!
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2 years ago, Prudeen
Galaxy Bowling
Great game to redirect stress and anxiety. It is a reward when I take a break from work. And, no calories or money. Win-Win for me in these traumatic times.
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5 years ago, Tony Bronco
Bowling Experience
Overall good, sometimes it glitches the menu through to the main screen. fix more glitches!!
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