Game Buzzer Free

2.4 (50)
53.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cube8, LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Game Buzzer Free

2.42 out of 5
50 Ratings
5 years ago, Mr.Avacado11
Don’t waste your time
I was really excited when I saw a buzzer app and I immediately wanted it for my Family Feud game. We started playing and it was fine until about the fourth time we hit the button. Some Barbie commercial started playing and even after it finished we couldn’t x it out. We had to turn off the iPad and start the app all over. Unless you want to buy the $2 version and have no commercials, then don’t waste your time with this app. Take it from a 11 year old.
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5 years ago, Holy Roman Empire
Ads ruin the app
This would have been perfect for my classroom, but the numerous ads that pop up practically ruin it and render it useless. I’m better off bringing a little bell to class.
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6 years ago, SonofBoreas7892
Why do people hate this?
This app works amazingly. I am hosting a “Family Feud” type game show for my family at Thanksgiving. It served its purpose perfectly and it was incredibly useful. There are barely any ads. The only thing I would add is buzzer sound effects.
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5 years ago, Fast and Convenient
Gets stuck in ad
After a few turns an ad always comes up and it gets stuck. After the ad video plays, a pic of the ad blocks the screen and can’t be closed. You have to completely restart the app to to use again, and once more, after a few turns it will go stuck again. This is super annoying and not worth downloading.
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3 years ago, Marco And ___
The app is great actually, but you will get easily bored. I never experienced having a single advertisement in this app, even if i press any button 100,000 times!
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5 years ago, I love watermelon!
Everything was great until the ads started popping up and there was no X to exit the ad… Otherwise it isn’t a bad app at all. For my case, I’m using it to play Family Feud Kids vs Parents
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2 years ago, bravo87547o75
All that I could ask for
I love this app! It’s great for fake game shows!⭐️🌺
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8 years ago, Boohoo12345678765435454545
Unable to play the game. Ad's everywhere- even pop up during the countdown.
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5 years ago, ~ZACH!
Need to restart over and over
App is fine, except an add pops up after 5 buzzer clicks. I wouldn’t mind, except the add CANNOT be closed. (Also, the app appear upside down and the wrong way on the screen.) so you have to close it out and start again.
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4 years ago, Irisheire
Don’t bother. Ads Lock It up
Looked perfect for home schooling but hard to figure out and keeps locking up after few minutes
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4 years ago, devlin mccoy
This app is good
This is a good app if you want to play a game with 2 teams Or just a game 1 on 1 this is the best app for that great buzzer app!!
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9 years ago, Not impressed at all 1234567
Would have paid for ad free
This worked nicely, but after a few "buzzes" you have to sit through a 30-second or so ad. There's no option to pay for ad-free, so this app is just not practical or useful, which is really a shame.
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9 months ago, Reeser2
Anyone know how to get the sound to work?
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5 years ago, Mommy3#
Ad won’t go away
Buzzer is great until the ad pops up and you can’t x it out. Freezes in place and no way up get rid of it. Very disappointing!
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5 years ago, Tiger Rock Martial Arts
Wong close
App won’t close. I had to turn off my phone to close the app
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6 years ago, Aveanator934
Ads ads ads
An ad behind every click!!!!!
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5 years ago, Moxsis
Needing to stop to watch a 30s-60s ad every 3 or 4 questions is overkill.
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8 years ago, Bbggnzf
Worst than MCdonalds
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9 years ago, Take2andcallme
Needs work
Doesn't let you give point to player who didn't buzz if they get answer correct when the first to buzz got it wrong. Ads pop up too frequently and disrupt game play.
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10 years ago, JWalton314
Exactly what I was looking for except I was hoping to find one with 3 or 4 teams. To play Jeopardy. I'd get the paid version if it had that.
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9 years ago, Kischa333
Nice app, but ad-laden
Tried the buzzer three or four times. Nice, simple design and pleasant "ding" sound when the buzzer is hit. But a nice animated ad began to play after the fourth press, so this app got buzzed.
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10 years ago, Game lover $$$
I love this game and I've been trying to find this all along. To the person who made this, I <3 u
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10 years ago, Snail star1224
Awesome would be better though if it had a panel that had buttons that did boos or laughs
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10 years ago, BlessedNBama
It didn't work
Was excited to download this for games with my youth group, but it won't even open. Shuts itself out before it shows opening graphic every time. Disappointed.
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10 years ago, Regina Coco
Cute app
I use this in my Esl lessons with kids and they love it. It just makes the atmosphere of a game more real for them.
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9 years ago, Quiz reviewer
Perfect for game night!
Exactly what I needed for my game night
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12 years ago, 0812Bella
I think there should be someone in the game asking the questions I don't like this game.
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12 years ago, SunnysideupFL
This is worthless
Equal in value to price.
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9 years ago, B00foo
this is grrrrreeeaaat👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
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