Game Dev Tycoon

4.9 (22.4K)
172.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Greenheart Games Pty. Ltd.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.1 or later
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User Reviews for Game Dev Tycoon

4.9 out of 5
22.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Mariomaster09871234
AWESOME but plz add more things!!!!!!
Alright, first off. It's an Awesome game!!!! I now have more respect for game creators and daaannnnngggg competition is tough. I think that's how you say it right? XD anyway you should add employee personalities because it's kinda boring and what's the point of firing them? Besides to get a better employee. An example of it would be like an employee is a "bully" and yelling others and things like that. It makes a whole new purpose in firing them which makes you pay attention to your employees more. 2- You should add character/ CPU interactions just to make it real ish. It would be cool if u did add it :D. 3- at the end of the game, why don't you make up more consoles? Your able to progress more and be able to generate ideas to new gamers and inventors and maybe invent a similar model and console like that. If you keep doing that, you could evolve the company to the office place in a 3/4 floor buildings and move the research lab thing and the console builder below it and more floors of your company above it. 4- speaking of research lab, you should add more research topics because after the grid and MMO, it's basically conventions and more conventions. 5- speaking of conventions you should get something for being top in the 3G , or G3 idk. I know it's still an early game (I think) and your maybe adding more things. So these are the things I suggest you to add :D Thx!!! Ps. The Game Is AMAZING!!!!
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4 years ago, sussypt
This game is AMAZING! It really shows you how games are developed. In addition to that, the creativity options in this game are amazing. Whenever you make a good game you are rewarded which really makes you feel like you accomplished something. However, a bad game penalizes you in a very user friendly way. It shows you what you did wrong so that you can improve it later. You may lose money and a few fans but nothing a good game wouldn’t fix. This game is extremely balanced and for those people who think the game is short and easy, there is a piracy mode which is EXTREMELY difficult and will make veterans of the game think outside the box. Overall this game is extremely good and can be replayed over and over again. As I’m writing this review I have 10 companies fully finished and I’m working on my 11th and I haven’t gotten bored once. The achievements in the game also give people another thing to do on top of the countless of things to be explored in the game from Easter eggs, to game combinations and research. This game is countless months of fun for a day’s work. And to top it all off, there are no in app purchases and ads! Something that not many games can say. This game is definitely worth it and I thank the developers for making a game that I have enjoyed for months on end.
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5 years ago, Averyjjones
I absolutely love this game
This is everything I have been looking for in a game in which you have to run a business. I love that I get frustrated when a game doesn’t do well or get really excited when I get the ratings and profit I want, it’s because of that, that I have been able to play to for hours on end. But now I want more and I have ideas. My one concern is that when I opened my hardware lab there were a lot of options for consoles but now I only have 2 options and there both cubes, one white and one black. I have a lot of money saved up so I don’t think it’s anything about that but I am curious as to why there was once a big selection, and now only 2. I would also love a feature where we can interact with the businesses of other players too. Maybe being able to partner with companies, invest in them, buy hardware or even license hardware and game engines, that would be very cool. Also I think if at a certain point, like maybe when player generates enough money and gets a feel for the game, what works and doesn’t, there should a feature that allows players to start teams, like the graphics team, the dialogues team and so on, I feel like that would be a good way to continue growing.
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3 years ago, Anarchris2032
Lots of potential, but significant oversights
I love the original Game Dev Story, and GDT makes a lot of dynamic innovations over GDS. But some major problems in the game logic make this one more annoying than enjoyable. The first is the way they base the rating off the game on the previous rating of them game. Instead of building a company by gradually improving your games, you have to rig the system by making a bad game to get a good game. In other words, the game penalizing you for making consistently good games. Getting a 10/10 on a game ends up being something you want to avoid, rather than a positive achievement. Other oversights are the way they handle costs, where some things are too expensive to ever be worth bothering with. MMO games are a prime example. They have no cap on the increasing maintenance costs over time, so they become a financial black hole. So why make them. The key to winning this game, in other words, is to learn the non-intuitive ways to succeed in the game that you pretty much only figure out by trial-and-error or by reading Internet forums on the game, because so many of the decisions you make in the game have consequences completely outside any intuitive logic. The original GDS is simpler, and lacks a lot of the cool features of GDT, but it’s still a more enjoyable game to play because it follows some identifiable logic that players can discover more intuitively in the game to become successful.
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3 years ago, zooman6784
Okay, I'm just gonna say this game is AWESOME! And I think it’s ironic how I want a sequel for the game and there’s a review in the the game that says “can’t wait for the sequel.” So im just saying that I really want a sequel 🥺 I think what could be added in the sequel is 3D and that would definitely make the sequel amazing. If I could buy something from this game I would HANDS DOWN. Another thing is that, when you wait, after the game is finished and you want to add more to the game I would like it if you would add both Tech and Art at the same time for every week. It would definitely make the game better and not too easy. Also, I would like you to add a more accurate time line. What I mean is like adding “this takes place in 1983” or something like that. Also with the months as well. Also another thing is the comment on the reviews, I feel like some comments on 5-2 maybe 3 definitely should be changed because the comments on 5-3 just pick me apart and makes me upset. It is an amazing game and I just wanted to give you this review to say what I would want if you made a sequel. Have a wonderful day!
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5 years ago, Great app nothing but good things to say.
Great Game
First of all I’d like to say how much I appreciate a game that does not use the Freemium business model, which is ruining video games in my opinion. So, I give you a 6th star for making this a buy once and own it game. I would not have giving this a second look had it been freemium. With that out of the way, I will say that this game is fantastic. Perfect for mobile. Basically you are a small business owner when you start and have to earn money by making games. You make all the decisions about what games are made, what research to do, who to hire, what audience to gear your games for etc etc. I can’t stop playing. If you like simulation style games where you have to earn money and build a business by making decisions and strategizing, you will love this game. If you have an appreciation for the history of the video game industry then that will be a bonus, but you don’t need to know about the gaming industry to enjoy this game. I just moved to my new office and hired my first employee and am looking forward to seeing how big I can make the company grow. Please keep making game like this. I will keep buying them. Cheers!
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7 years ago, crispee
Great with some frustration
I bought on Mac as well so I’m well versed in it and replaying it again I have similar frustrations which are: 1) time goes really fast. By the time you finish a game and start developing one for a new platform it seems like another platform comes out and that one is out of date. 2). Topics which bear no relation to gaming. Why can’t they be more real things so you know what should be done. Is level design important in a hospital game? No idea until you get a 2 star score and wasted 11 months. 3). Need to rename games. How many Game #XX do I have to have lol. 4). Replayability. Yes I’m playing again but it’s not really something you play for a long time over and over. You know Dreamcast is gonna come out and its going to bomb. You know pretty much what will happen. 5). The research lab doesn’t produce research points? 6). Timeline gets way off - xbox 0ne is released yet no one knows multiplayer? But still - great game.
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2 years ago, littleluna1000
Please read!
I have a lot to say about this game. Get ready…. This game is incredible! I love the cheap price. It’s definitely worth more than $5, but the developers understand people want low prices. Thank you for not charging like $10! Playing this game just makes me happy. I love developing games. I also like the ratings. I just got my first 9 rating. The rather said “One of the best.” You need to have a good strategy to succeed, and this game is a fun challenge that is not to hard!! I also LOVE the message from the developers thanking me for buying. Reading it made me smile and really made me appreciate my choice in buying the game. This game is definitely not a waste of money. I have zero regrets in this purchase. I generally do not buy games, but this is truly worth it. There really aren’t words to describe this incredible game. If you’re thinking about buying the game, go ahead and do it. You WILL NOT regret it!
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6 years ago, toknowyou
Excellent and Addictive game
I originally played the PC version and became hooked! I played through it three times and found each one enjoyable. When I heard this one was out in mobile form, I had to give it a try. I have played Game Dev Story as well, and while that game is fun for a bit, it felt much more formulaic then Game Dev Tycoon, which I believe was released first. The redesign to mobile that the developers did plays well in my iPhone 6S. I can tell that thought was given to how it would look and feel as opposed to being rushed. The other part about this game that I love is Greenheart Games stance against “Pay to Play” or “In-App” purchases. When you buy it, you get the whole thing and are never pestered with advertising or nudged to buy anything additional in the game. It’s not the most profitable model of game anymore, but it makes the overall experience so much more enjoyable in my opinion. It’s an all around great game and worth the money.
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6 years ago, Mineemerywere
Great game completely worth
I watched videos on this game and they were great but it’s not the videos that fought my attention. Once I decided to buy I was full of joy, the simple but unique and great concept for this game was intriguing, some games are about the character being a youtuber but this game shows the other side of the spectrum the player is the game developer and that’s amazing by itself. This game is easy to get stuck in and easy to understand but yet so complex, you don’t have to do much just a topic, genre, and a platform but there is so much to it, they’re a lot of things to take into consideration like if a topic and genre go together well or not and if that combination work well on a certain platform. Don’t even get me started on the plenty of different topics and combinations. If you ask me this game will never get boring. I hope that my review will help you make a choice to buy this game you will not regret it.
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5 years ago, ig:zachtherock
Excellent game
To the developers, overall excellent game. I love the concept and all the features. It’s really an overall great game. I never write reviews, but when I do, it’s because I genuinely like the game and can see myself playing it for a long time. With that being said, I have noticed a bug in the system. When I go to start a new game and import hints, I’ve noticed that not all the hints from the previous game/s load in. In addition to this, when starting a game with imported hints, I go to develop a game and pick the platform. The first two available (G64 and PC) have a glitch where it normally shows you the different topics for the games as well as how each topic works with that system. On my screen, for every topic it shows just the action logo with two plus signs instead of showing the respective topics and how well they do. If I could rate this game a 4.5 I would since it’s a minor bug. Thank you for all your hard work and I’m excited to see where this game goes!
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2 years ago, RobloxPlayer27
First of all, great game. 5 stars. I love the aspects and theme of the game. I have some suggestions I would like to share with you all. First of all the first time I finished the game( regular mode) I was excited and couldn’t wait to do other stuff until I realized that the console was the only other thing I could do. I understand that you can’t really add new consoles that haven’t been created irl but you could make some futuristic consoles that will be released once you get far into the game. 2 I was on like year 110 and I couldn’t lose any money I even tried making horrible games and never lost money and that kinda defeats the purpose of completing the game so that you feel like a god but you don’t even actually have to do anything. My review probably isn’t great but the game is so I hope that the developers will will review this so that they can make the game better.
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5 years ago, Juiceee YT
Truly Amazing!
This has been by far one of the best phone games I have ever played! The developers made this extremely easy to learn and easy to use. These people seem very genuine and nice as well. This game goes very in depth and is just all around great. I’ve been playing since it released and I never get tired of going bankrupt and starting again. I’m not the best at the game by any means but that doesn’t mean this isn’t fun. Great job to the development team who created this game I’m very happy I came across it. If you like video games and a tight challenge to last the recommended 35 years or even the long haul 42 years then this is definitely worth trying. I highly recommend this game to anyone at all its easy to learn, fun to play, and still has yet to bore me! Once again great job to the people who put the time and effort into this game it was so worth it. I hope y’all are as happy as I am with this work of art.
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4 years ago, Zer0Actual
One of my favorite mobile purchases
This game is probably my favorite mobile purchase. I’ve been following it probably since it came out and just a few days ago, I got to buy it and today I just finished my first playthrough. I feel, however, there could be a few things you could add such as: • A map which you can view to buy other offices to expand your business - I think this would be good because it could add another challenge to the game. It would increase monthly costs and whatever other things you would decide to add as a challenge if you added this • Actual competition - This would add an actual challenge (such as timing game releases, not making the same style of game as another company at the same time, etc.) I feel as if it would make the game more fun and rewarding. Especially since it would be harder to grow as a company when you are starting because of the other Game Titans. The stage is already set because the names of companies are already in the game: Electronic Mass (if you lose), Vonny, etc. •• If you decided to add any of these I would gladly buy them as long as they weren’t outrageously priced, I feel $5 would work or if it required a lot of time and effort to make these, then $10 would work too and I would still buy it. Thank you for making this game and potentially, considering my ideas.
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4 years ago, ThirdEyeProdigy
Great game, thoughtful design.
This game is great! It starts you out small and gives you a nice sense of reward, accomplishment, and progression as you make better quality games. It can be tough through trial and error, but it’s great once you get the hang of things. There are so many small details in this game which is nice to see the thought put into it. My only issue so far is when you create a medium sized game, if you don’t have 3+ staff members necessary to man the jobs for a medium game, you’re screwed. Once the menu comes up where you allocate who does what task for the medium game, since you don’t have enough to fill all 3, you can’t continue, but you also can’t exit at all, the only way is to exit the game or hope there’s a recent saved game otherwise it’s back to square one. I don’t write reviews for anything, but I had to for this issue, it’s so annoying. Other than that great game, 10/10
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5 years ago, Diamondyguy
Greenheart games knows what they’re doing
What’s there to say? I get in this game, and it’s basically Gamecorp if you were to put sandpaper to it. I’m in the middle of something and a message from Greenheart pops up in my game notifications, saying how nice it is that I bought the game! Most gamedevs are trying to continue making money off you in those pop-ups, but NOPE!!! And about making money, these guys simply make you pay $0.99 for the entire experience! No ads, no predatory BS ‘microtransactions’ we’re all used to, nothing but you and your video game video games, and this ‘tycoon’ is much different than the billions of flash/phone idle games that devs crank out 50 times an hour. When another message popped up, it gave me a little questionnaire and I agreed to write this review. I hope Greenheart keeps their heart and I hope the money they get is enough to make everyone in the company filthy rich.
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5 years ago, HelenNJ
Good idea with some problems
In general, it’s a nice idea and a fun game but there are some issues that make it very frustrating. 1. The timeline moves very fast and you don’t really get a chance to develop much for the new platforms. I basically gave up on them quickly and just focused on PC. 2. As others noted, there really doesn’t seem to be much logic behind what works and what doesn’t. Using your own gaming experience does not help much. 3. Some of the text is very small (I’m playing on iPad mini), please consider the players with less than perfect eyesight. 4. Major flaw: it cost a fortune hiring new staff and when you’re presented with the applicant list there is no warning that you will just lose the money if you close the screen without making a choice. I thought it’ll stay open and just wanted to check what skills my existing person had and boom, 350k loss. :( 5. It said that developing new engines is important but didn’t really explain how it works and what it does. I also did not see much effect on using the engines and game quality / sales. Most importantly, you can’t see what is in the existing engines. It just says engine 1, 2, 3 and you have no idea unless you named them beforehand or took notes. 6. I also don’t see any features that would show some summary of previous analysis. Basically you have to take notes yourself as you get any info. I wish this would be supported in game. Overall there is a lot of potential.
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5 years ago, priceless potato
problems: -linear story, you cannot change the plot or outcome, you always reach the game’s end after becoming a gigantic business and agent blowfish only has two skills, research and disruption -illogical additions, adding things like open world or day night cycle to music simulation seems a little off, no? -missing functions, things like updates and freemium games are missing -random crashes, this doesn't annoy me however it is very constant how the game crashes upon the first startup, i have a fast ipad so i can just re-open it but it’ll be a bother to others who have slower models -un dynamic environment, things like faulty reviews or unpopular opinions for the reviewing companies don't matter, you cant make any companies aside from your own, managers, HR, etc. don't exist either and most of all you can only hire a limited work force. I could go on and on however i know the developer is a person so i’ll limit it to the things that are most important -There are only 6 categories, I know having more would make it much more complicated but it seems kind of stale, no? -those other games, I know what im talking about and you now what im talking about -other, why can you only start your career around the times of PC and commodore(btw commodore/govodore is a PC) why not xbox or just making regular web games
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6 years ago, Thia guy
Star Games
My new favorite! 1. I almost never buy games 2. I never bother with reviews I love the game and it was definitely worth the $5 but I do have a few suggestions 1. Make the 2 play through totally different topics and liking of certain topics so you don’t always have everything down with what’s good and bad any you can’t make amazing games every time. 2. Make new consoles that don’t exist yes just to expand the time of playability before you restart. 3. Make research points more easy to get or less important. 4. Make employees like have personalities and make cutscenes for when you fire them. 5. There should be a panic button. So like when this game absolutely needs to go well you hit the panic button and make it a 50% chance it’s being a better game and a 50% chance it’s a worse game. But these are just suggestions and I love the game you guys did a great job.
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5 years ago, Slooth117
Simple, yet brilliant! Worth the 5 dollars!
I purchased this game on steam when it first came out and I immediately fell in love with it, the gameplay is so simple, and yet allow for so much customization of games that you can create. As someone who always wanted to get into computer science and game design it falls perfectly into that niche that hits all the areas of control that you would want. Another aspect of the game that is so unique in my opinion is the way that the game allows you to travel through the history of game development, and how you have to react to the different flows of trends and controversies that work in the game. As a port to the IPhone, the game plays beautifully with a unique menu system that flows with the more compact design for touch controls, I honestly enjoyed the update a little more then the original now that I can take it with me wherever I go!
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4 years ago, Aidan529
Outstanding Game. * Suggestions for a New One*
I Love Game Dev. Tycoon. I have been playing it since it’s came out. I feel it’s one of the best games on the App Store or any App Store and I would love to see more of it. Maybe try Improving the story just a little bit making the coworkers more interactive. I know you guys have suggestions on a new game maybe a sequel to this one and I know people really don’t listen to fans all that well but I feel you guys are totally different. I suggest that you make a simulation game like this one but themed off of the music industry and have artist record tracks and releasing them. Making them interactive with their CEO a lot, and I think this could be the perfect second game for you guys to come off of. But anyways love you guys and can’t wait to see more of what you do cause I will definitely be right behind to support you. ❤️
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6 months ago, jduncan26
Great Game, Awful Mechanic
I really do love this game. It is addictive, it builds upon itself by teaching you more complex mechanics as the game/time progresses naturally, and is overall a really fun experience. However, there’s one massive issue: Game scores are weighted based on the quality of the prior release and the consistency of titles rather than the individual quality of the game. I cannot stress how awful this mechanic is. If you release one 10/10 game, you can expect your next few titles to be absolutely screwed no matter how much effort you put into them. It is especially apparent the longer you play the game. This disincentivizes you from trying new things or new topic/genre combinations and instead pushes you to create more of the same. That being said, this is still a very fun game to play and I really hope there is a sequel eventually. It just loses a lot of its appeal once you release one or two highly rated titles.
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4 years ago, blackbeard12342
Perfect game. Best out
Okay so ima keep this short and simple. This game is worth the cost. I’m very happy I was able to get this game because the gameplay is just so perfect. I can just hop on whenever i like and pass the time like it’s nothing. It’s not too hard to get going but not too easy. I still haven’t mastered it but it’s fun getting to that point. I haven’t gotten too far but hopefully by the time I do there will be more features being added. And I also hope that future games from this company are just as good and even better. But I really hope it don’t cost money. I know it’ll prob be worth it but I really don’t get a lot of chances to get money on here and would rather it just be a free game with ads and then you can also pay to get rid of them. But please make more. But definitely don’t forget about this game either.
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7 years ago, Benssoon
Fantastic Port!
Wow, great job, Greenheart. This port is ridiculously good! As many people before me have said, you even managed to improve on the original pretty significantly. Really well done! The only reason I gave you four stars instead of five is because I think I found a bug. I’ve just reached the point where I can create specialists and so I assigned a few people. However, I can’t seem to see anywhere who is a specialist in what. In the original you can see someone’s specialization next to their name on the floor and in the development stage menus. I couldn’t find it in either place. This is problematic for a couple reasons: I would like to assign more specialists, but I can’t tell which specializations I already have; I want my specialists to work on the appropriate task during development, but I can’t remember who does what. Any chance this is a quick fix so I can change my rating to five stars? I love you guys. -Ben
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6 years ago, Count Wurstkrieg
A wunderwaffe of a game
This game is simple, and phenomenal for its work and simplicity. Pressing buttons and sliding some sliders. That's all the game is. But it's still fantastic. No ads, no berating to like on the App Store, and events, though rarer than I would like, are justly worth it (A scam sent to me I was about to accept, until I thought of the old Nigerian scammers. I luckily avoided it.) I would like to see some different changes (Time speed control, the ability to give speeches at G3, different characters that don't look like their faces have been superglued on, interaction with co workers, etc) Other than that, the only reason this should not be in your lobby is because of an admirably steeper price, but it truly is worth it to buy, even if you stop playing, it would be excellent to use if you want some easygoing fun on the random.
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3 years ago, hehadadaYT
Just my opinion
I love this game and it’s worth the money could use a update or two but that doesn’t stop it from being super fun it’s cool that I was able to support y’all twice because I used this on my old phone bought it and wrote a five star review and I’m able to again buy it and right another five star review this game never get boring even when you finish it it’s actually super fun when you finished it because you can make consoles and MMO’s and have like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars one thing is that I wish there was a console history because I can look back at my games but not my consoles -just read a review and the response said that y’all wouldn’t make any updates besides bug fixes so never mind on the update part
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5 years ago, HybridtheKing
Love the game
I love this game, more than most, I always seem to come back to play a new company and such, but I have been getting bored, and irritated in the end runs, like, I feel like when you get a console, you are the only one making games for it, and because of that the actual... I don’t know, overall Sales of the game suffer for it? Not to mention the game makes me feel like making an MMO isn’t worth it because I think of games like World of Warcraft with their expansions and I can only get in one or two, it just seems very redundant and like I said makes it feel not worth it. I also think you should add Battle Royale to the possible researches, but make it so it’s free, but you can make “season” battle passes to keep the game going, like an MMO but far more competitive, just a thought or two!
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6 years ago, LoneWolfofWW2
Great with some ideas.
I just bought this game today and I’m already hooked! I don’t know why I didn’t buy it sooner. This game is amazing and I love every aspect of it. One Idea i have is you should add a difficulty rating. Like if you choose easy then stuff is cheaper or you make more money per game. Reviews and high star ratings are easy to get. Normal would be the way the game is now at its normal pace. And hard difficulty would be for the people who want a challenge. Stuff is more expensive or you make less money. Reviews and high star ratings are tougher and you really have to focus and work hard to make it big in the game. That’s my only idea for the game. Besides that the game is amazing and I’m happy I bought it. Definitely worth the money. Keep up the good work guys. Amazing 5/5 stars earned.
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6 years ago, Will190736192836
Worth the work
Game consistently crashes on launch after purchase, and requires some tampering with your phone settings in order to get it working. The fix isn’t complicated, but it would be nice if the publishers put a warning or made the fix more obvious. As of now you have to navigate to their website to find it. After you get it going however, it is a great game. The mechanics in game are fun, allowing you to discover different combinations including game topic, genre, platform, etc. and the best choices to make a hit game aren’t obvious and require some logic and guesswork. If anything my only complaint is that it can get too complicated as you start to hire employees and develop larger games, but it does get simpler and easier to understand the more you play, and once you finish you can restart as it has a lot of replay value. Easily worth $5.
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7 years ago, NKSteps
Often Imitated Never Duplicated
Here it is! The original heartthrob from Greenheart, it’s the hands-down best tycoon game of the genre “Game Dev.” Anyone who has played this gem on Steam will tell you that this game is pure, unadulterated fun and, here’s the thing: this is the FULL STINKING GAME! This isn’t a “mobile version,” this is the full, $10 game for half the price!! I was lucky enough to get to test the game. Even though I’ve played thru and beat it on mobile, and logged many hours playing and replaying on Steam, I’m still buying it. It’s THAT good (and replay-able), and the the optimizations for mobile have made it an easy decision to pay the measly $5 for the privilege of owning it on IOS, and the joy of supporting these great devs. Thank you Greenheart and Rarebyte for taking a chance in this market, and good luck on all your future endeavors!
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6 years ago, Blackfrost91
1. I rarely, RARELY buy a game 2. I rarely, RARELY leave game reviews So the fact that I'm leaving a review for a game I bought speaks volumes in itself: This game is incredible and probably the only game I have ever purchased that is truly WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. I played it for 10 hours straight and didn't even realize it. The game design gives you just enough mechanic understanding to get you going, but then leaves some information up to your creative chances - great mix. Both the development and research options cause you to carefully calculate each decision. I'm still on my first play-through, but I feel replay ability of this game will be very high due to the vast amount of individual creativity that goes it to the play. Game Devs, thank you for a great game! I'd play anything you develop in the future. One thing I wish was in this game: a game report history, or something like that. The "+++" or "---" from reports are shown only if that exact combo is used again. I wish I had a screen to see that showed what I had learned about something in general, rather than an exact combo with something else. For instance, I could see what I had learned about "Strategy" so that I could plan for "Strategy-Sim."
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5 years ago, plebiane
Incredible game, worth the price
This game is absolutely astounding and blows my minds as I come back and play it again year after year, if I could give this 4.5 stars I would. The one issue i had with this game was that as I reached my 10th year on my company, I quit out of the game after saving it and in a few hours I tried to load up the save which said my stats, which year I was in and my company name, so great I loaded it up and when I loaded in I was back on year 1 although it said year 10 and I had lost all of my progress sadly. But so far this is the only issue I’ve had and I will be starting a new game shortly - thank you so much to the developers who have made this game perfect and an absolute masterpiece, I’ve had this game since it’s release date on pc and will continue to play it, thank you for the incredible experience
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6 years ago, ShoGunn2201
Time flies by when playing. Literally
I moan the same frustrations as other players; the time goes by tooooooo fast. Also the algorithm for create good games are way off. I’ll have a blockbuster then 6 straight duds using what I gained from game reports. In regards to the game reports; it’d be nice if the knowledge you gained from researching them actually applies to the next game you develop. I played a similar Game Dev Tycoon and it seems you guys expanded on some of their shortcomings but created more games in your own design. Let’s slow the time down and stop working at breakneck speed. Allow users to really study where they went wrong in the last game instead of forcing more duds into the market. Also let us develop more than 1 game at a time if you insist on the clock moving so fast. All in all a solid game but very frustrating when almost everything you develop comes down to a proverbial crap shoot.
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5 years ago, VReworld
Best game on iOS
As the title said, it was the best dollars I’ve spent on a phone game. Even though it’s a paid game, imo it’s much cheaper than those free to play games with tons of micro transactions in them. I am a gamer. I play on console and PC. I am also an advocate for mobile games. I think the potential are there definitely. This game proves that, it’s just as fun, or even more than those big games you play on the traditional platform. It is super addicting. You can replay it over and over again and it will be different every time. I bought a lot of mobile games. This is by far the best hands down. I am also a person who doesn’t leave review. But I just can’t wait to tell everyone how great this game is. I am going to pester my husband to download this game too. Wish me luck.
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7 years ago, Pacati
Better than PC version
The message spam filters were worth buying this game a second time all by itself. This is a solid, highly addictive game on the PC. Recreating that level of appeal on a mobile platform is rare enough, but doing it without the in-app purchase-game-design-tactics, and at the same time doing it better than the PC version is remarkable. The topics available and much better than PC version also. I have to add that this game has a very clever evil: if you're one of the millions of aspiring game designers out there, you will find it especially addictive and not spend as much time as you should developing your own game and put that time into playing this game, which will lead to less competition for Greenheart Games (GDT's developer). That's just brilliant.
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5 years ago, famous chicken
This game is LEGENDARY but it needs more more development
What I mean is that I think it would be better if you could see, or interact with your competitors. I also think there should be more consoles, and when your making a custom console you should have it so that it’s more... involved I guess is the right word, when I say involved I mean more options for something like, what kind of of software, what kind of controller type, more design choices how many bits and whatnot. I know there are already mods for this, but not for mobile and some can’t download these mods because it’s on mobile (for IOS at least) I think there could be an update. I don’t care that I’ve been playing this game for around 4 years, I like it a lot and would love more improvement.
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6 years ago, NickelBuster
Great Game but I would like some extras
The game is amazing but I have some ideas that I would like to see in feature updates: 1. More statistics, people like to see those, how much money they make per game in average, average stars per game, sales per game, etc. Also add a rating for the entire company. 2. Add some competition, if you launch an mmo or something there might be some other company that already released a similar mmo, if you get higher ratings than them you should get more market share, but if you get lower ratings you get an extra debuff since the other company has a better game, less customers and sales, etc 3. Set a limit, on how many customers there are, it’s great that the game can go infinitely but there should be a cap like 70 million people, and people like different things, so in those 70 million, some like action while some like rpgs. The ones that like action would be less likely to buy an rpg. If a game gets good enough ratings they could attract more people into the market, like if one gets a perfect score they might add like 3 million people. Random events should add more people into the market too. That’s all I have. Continue the great work!
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6 years ago, Dp0laris
Right on the money
Greenheart Games really really chose the right subject for a game—then absolutely nailed the design. Game Dev Tycoon is a tycoon, and I love tycoons. Except this stood out from the others. Game Dev Tycoon has good cartoon graphics, no ads (or in app purchases at all), no hanging or big glitches, and lots of other things. This is Greenheart’s first game. Like said in the game—I really wonder what they will deliver next. I have no idea why it isn't an editor's choice. In my opinion, if this game was a restaurant, it would be Michillin. I hope Greenheart continues to deliver updates for their amazing game. Thank you so much Greenheart Games for making this amazing game. Anyone who plays your first game will instantly become addicted. Thank you for reading this. If Greenheart reads this, please stay awesome.
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7 years ago, Nickb92
Dear Devs, great game! But..
Awesome game guys. I love it. I cant stop playing it. i definitely don't have what it takes to be a game dev tycoon. Yet. But there are a few little issues that don’t detract but are just minor annoyance. A little bug maybe. After going in the red I was asked if I wanted to take a loan out for about 400K, but later payback only 25K. I thought I was about to just make out with that extra money, but the bailout ended up actually being over 500K. Maybe a mistake in the writing? Also, playing on the iPhone x, I tend to hold my phone with the Volume buttons down. The start up screen will display that orientation, but is soon as you get to the game menu and the game itself it automatically flips 180°. And you can’t rotate it back.
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4 years ago, Boom boom pow 2.0
Actually such a fun game! (please read) :)
I stumbled across this game on steam back in the beginning of 2019 and was actually completely unaware of there being a mobile version. After playing the steam version I went into the mobile version with high expectations and was not disappointed at all! Definitely my favorite tycoon game. In addition, the realistic story is both interesting and informative. I actually have a video game history course in college right now (no that’s not a lie apparently video game history courses are a real thing) and there were a lot of things the professor asked that I was able to answer simply because I played this game, so props to Greenheart Games for making such a good game! :)
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5 years ago, NathOGo
Great game but it needs some UI improvements
So I just bought this game and I’ve been playing for a couple hours. From my experience it is a really enjoyable game with a lot of potential. That being said, I do have a 1 complaint. Throughout the game a big theme is to manage your money wisely. This is pretty easy in the first level, but as you level up it gets harder. Now I haven’t completed the game, so it may change later on, but so far there is no “bill summary” or way for players to see where there are future expenses or loan paybacks. I think adding a “calendar” feature or something would make it better for planning out expenses. Overall great game but it would be nice to know specifically how much a player owes each month and year. Thank you.
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6 years ago, PrimeMarvel
Truly a hidden gem
I first played this game on my PC after stumbling across it on Steam. I fell in love immediately, playing it through twice in just a few days. When I heard that there was an updated version for iPhone, I found and downloaded it right away. This version is even longer than the one I played on PC a couple of years ago, and every bit as fun as it was. As someone that studies the history of the gaming industry for fun, this game gets me grinning. It’s simple to grasp, with tricks to learn as you go to maximize your games and profit, and plenty to try and balance as you get into the second half of the game. If you’re a fan of gaming, I highly recommend this one. It’s a steal for the price.
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5 years ago, Dremiphamus
This game is very well made
As a simple gamer, I don’t have much experience in criticizing, so my points may not be that great. However, upon opening this game, I could sense that it would be a fun experience, as I have always wanted to make my own game. The sense of becoming a game developer was quite appealing to me, and the style of Game Dev Tycoon was cute to me. I watched my little game studio grow in popularity and wealth, making a bright smile appear on my face after making every game. This game, while ever a tad challenging, is a good game to play to pass the time. If I were to say one thing about this that I found displeasing, it would have to be the extreme rate at which events happen. But then again, I suppose that brings this game some extra charm. A good game and an average review from a fellow Gamer.
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2 years ago, Rx Davis
I almost never write reviews…
But this game is so fun and we’ll thought out, I just had to give it a review. Not to mention the little touches from the creators (like an in-game thank you note) puts a kind importance on reviewing. Not only does this really get into the details of game development in a fun, rewarding way, it also gives those who are well versed in gaming knowledge a leg up (because it’s relatively real to life! It’s very easy to follow, although still challenging to perfect. I could not recommend this game more!! Definitely worth the purchase, especially since it’s helping an indie company that is very obviously going far and high in the industry (:
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6 years ago, Newtbloms
Addicting and Sweet
This game is somehow very endearing and feels like gambling with no bad consequence. I enjoy naming the games ridiculous puns. You can cheat on this game and it is still pretty fun. This game can be easily enjoyed alone OR with friends. It takes up almost no space on my phone and the UX is great. There is the right mix of creativity and mindlessness and I love playing this in class instead of paying attention at school. I do prefer the desktop version but the graphics on mobile are a little bit cuter and the topics have been updated. This is worth $5 imo and is more fun than the fancy RPG games with all kinds of graphics and controls and scenery. Did I mention it’s adorable? Sorry for gushing. Bye.
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1 year ago, elergic polin
This game is awesome! A few notes tho.
I am a game developer and YouTuber myself. And there are a couple of things I'd like to see in this game other than these things, this game is awesome! I'd like to see updates to game engines and games themselves. Being able to make new versions of your game would be amazing. (You can make it to where it costs more time to make the update!) I'd also love to see more ways to make popular games! Like what if I wanted to remake Mario or something! There's no topic for games like that! So I honestly would love, like love, to see these updates in future game versions thank you and you've done a great job on this game!
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7 years ago, Cadence Sherlyn
Ridiculously Fun
Pushed all the buttons of this millennial gamer’s heart. I grew up with the advent of games (I was born the same year Super Mario Bros was), and this was not only a blast from the past and a way to honor the journey we have taken with video games the past 35 years, it was a legitimately fun game all on its own. The strategy of having to choose which is the best combination of elements to focus on while crafting your game is elegant. It’s easy to play, but challenging in HOW you choose to play. Great game. I couldn’t put it down until I beat it with a AAA game, 1st booth at G3, and 500M+. Now I don’t know what I’m going to do. Sequel? One perhaps for filmmaking? Or some other topic that follows the same format? I adore this game.
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7 years ago, Leoparks
Made for mobile
I’ve been playing Game Dev Tycoon since it first came out on pc and even emailed to see if they were going to port it to mobile so I could know if I’d be able to play on the go. The game is great and the update since the mobile release is a nice touch adding little details. There are a handful of of game dev tycoon games out of which I own 90% of them so trust me when I say this is the best one. Im not too far into the new mobile version but some cool features would be pre-made magazine covers with the topic and genre as well as your game name and rating on the cover would be a pretty cool touch. Some quick cutscenes would be a nice touch for events would be nice detail.
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5 years ago, Nope. Nope.
Great but addictive!
After downloading this game, I spent the next 6 hours playing, growing my small business and going bankrupt a few times. Learning from the mistakes I restarted and continued the vicious cycle. I don’t know how to stop! And the great thing is, it doesn’t drain my battery like other games! I could go on for hours playing this! I don’t know if we can have a steady income or not but if we can then I can’t wait to reach that part of the game. Like in “in-app purchases” and such in my Dev games. Anyways this game is pretty fun and although I’m still new to it I’ll be updating if anything changes at all from my perspective! I don’t think it will tho! :D I love it!
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5 years ago, Jordan chenoweth
I am loving this game !!!!
I just got this game last night and I love it when you make a hit game and everything yoh worked for comes true but I only have one problem so I have gotten a loan from the bank a couple of times now and I wan when you make a game and you have a loan that some of the money would go to the bank because I hate that you have too pay it all at one time because I had to restart inleast 9 times because I went bankrupt but besides that I’ve gotten pretty good at the game and I love it with all of my heart and I hope this bank problem will get changed soon or something and the game is definitely worth the money !!!
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