Game of Thrones Slots Casino

4.6 (51K)
256.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Game of Thrones Slots Casino

4.57 out of 5
51K Ratings
Daily Gifts Restrictions And More free coins on your Facebook Page
Why, if we spend our money everyday on these slots do you restrict our daily gifts. We know it’s a business but sometimes we the consumers like to feel appreciated. Something I know doesn’t happen with YOU... The question was why, especially during this pandemic you won’t relax the rules on gifts. The other question is why does your game pay out 1% or less on qualified bets under 100K.? I went through 100 million coins on two occasions and both times in less than an hour. Those are crazy odds, again I ask during this pandemic while people are not working you continue to grab their money and not give back to the consumer who has made who u are as Zynga. GOT is one of the best if not the #1 online entertainment slot game. All we ask is for fair play. I don’t mind spending hundreds of US dollars a month but give me a chance to win, give me a chance over a couple of days don’t take it all back in 1 or 2 hours. Let me think that I have a decent chance of winning other than 1% or less.
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3 years ago, MikeDblue
Graphics great
Just played the new game, Saying how great the bonus game is, even an incentive, BUT 15 times getting the first 2, no bonus. Lost most of my stockpile! I won’t ever spend real money ti buy virtual money, just because of this! 2-16 This game used to be fun, Now I just fight to stay out of the demotion zone. Just had 2 bonus rounds on the Citadel game. first was very disappointing and the 2nd was more disappointing. Why doesn’t this game pay off anymore? Dragon res pins are few and far between, players for quite awhile and there was not one response! This whole game has gone downhill! It’s used to be fun! Been terrible the last few months! Getting fed up with constantly losing. Close to leaving! 2-22 Will mostly likely be demoted again, can’t win anything. Need to get rid of this promotion/demotion thing! Been a struggle for so long to keep a balance. If I bought coins it would be gone in 5 minutes! 3-3 Done with this game, Bye!!! 3-5 played for along while today. NOT ONE DRAGON RESPIN! :(( 3-7. Thanks for the demotion, Maybe if this game actually paid off once in awhile it wouldn’t have happened. No bonus rounds, no Dragon Respins, no nothing but dead spins and minor wins. Been a constant struggle for 2 months or more to not be demoted. Had fun for awhile, but the time has come to depart. Just went thru 40 mil in 5 minutes betting 500,000, no big wins only 2 spins over th bet amount, so tired of the struggle to maintain my status. Goodbye!!!!!
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1 year ago, Kc 1111
Game will not let you win no matter how much you buy. Wife and I have spent thousands and are always needing to buy more in the game. Bet big, bet small, bet the free $10k and they all will lose. You can never get ahead. We have finally deleted the game this weekend. We loved it but can’t afford to keep playing. The support sends out silly messages like bet small or different which we obviously have after playing for more than 6 months and spending roughly $50k on this game. It’s 90% losses. We play real slots for real money at the casino and win way more so don’t let them tell you they are set like real machines. Shame on us for spending so much on an app. We just hoped it would change with the new versions and let us win more but it never does. Bonus games are like ghosts - only seen late at night and not very often. Dragon bonus wins maybe 4 times the bet. The whole game is made to take money. Extremely frustrating and sad that we allowed it to go this far. PLEASE BE WARNED and only play the free money and expect to never really get ahead. Below you will probably see the cut and paste response like all the bad posts from the developers. It would be fun if it didn’t cost so much to play. I don’t know how they came up with $100 for 11 billion coins. That can be lost in 10 minutes or 2 hours depending on the bet size. Either way it always goes away. DO NOT BUY COINS - game is made to lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and lose….
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4 years ago, praetorian28
Positives: If I could give 5 stars to something in the game, it’s the graphics, they are amazing! Very cool and stunning visuals with intense music score. It is a fun game....When you actually win. There are a lot of different options for games which you can switch off from, and keep changing it up. Negatives: Bonuses are hard to come by as are the small special features that randomly pop on the screen. It just does not keep it interesting when all you see is reels spinning every turn. When you do get a bonus, especially one when you have to choose an icon to either uncover free spins or a bonus wheel, 90% of the time you will get the bonus wheel which usually does not pay much. The game flat out does not let you keep playing for an extended period of time or pay out to keep it fun. I honestly check in throughout the day to get my bonus coins, start playing at a low bet and will be done within 5 minutes. This does NOT keep the player interested or wanting to come back, and I am not paying money for millions of coins that could just dwindle to zero within a matter of minutes. Very frustrating. The pop ups that come on the top of the screen showing players that have won jackpots is also very annoying. I really don’t care about who won a jackpot every 5 seconds because it ruins the concentration and enjoyment I am trying to have on MY game. The developers need to do better.
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5 years ago, Keila Ball
Love it, but do have a complaint
****a new issue (still love this game) BUT my house wasn’t awarded the house points for coming in first place for one of the keeps. We were awarded the coin. There are only two of us in our house and we busted our butts to get first in the one keep because we didn’t want to be demoted... well we got demoted and SHOULDNT have been-we should have been awarded 40k house points and that would have put us into 6th place. STILL cannot contact customer support... none of the ways the faq’s say work for me. I never see any contact us or anything at the bottom of the page..... am ranting on the review page because I have no other way to make contact with support ****** I am a big fan of the show and I love this game. I play a lot. I do have one gripe though and I may discontinue playing entirely because of it. Recently there was a spin to win promotion in Key to the North. It said if you spun 800 times you were a guaranteed winner of one million coins and they would show up in your in box. Well that promotion is over and I know for a fact that I spun over 800 times and did not receive anything in my inbox. I very diligently counted my spins. I took a screenshot of the promotion page. It says certain restrictions may apply but no mention of what those might be. Also I have been unable to contact customer service. I checked the help page but still can’t contact customer service. I am hoping this may get resolved because of my review.
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3 years ago, Juju0420
Losing Everything and nobody helping you!
I have wrote the developers of this game several times with no response. I have been playing this game for over a year. Everyday and several times a day and on top of that I have spend a lot of money on coin packages. I am on a fix income but I like this game! This how much I like this game I had 700,000,000 coins I won and was at level 250 and had my own house on the game. On or around June 18 I was playing and won a legendary winning all of a sudden across my screen IT READ A ERROR OCCURRED it wouldn’t let me do nothing and than the screen went blank. I tried to get on and it wouldn’t let me, when it finally let me on it…EVERYTHING WAS GONE all the 700,000,000 coins my 250 level for which I work hard at the house I was in, ALL OF IT GONE!!!!! As developers of game you can see how much I PLAYED how much money I SPEND WHAT LEVEL I WAS AT! This crash was NOT MY FAULT! It was not my internet I have optic wiring and all the other games i have been playing has never done this! Can you please give me my 700,000,000 coins back my 250 level back the house I was on. I haven’t change anything go back and see what happen to this game If you can reset me to where I was than gave me all the money I spend on this game!! If not I don’t know how anybody can play this game knowing if the game messes up you lose all the process and all the money you spend on it and NOBODY IS WILLING TO HELP YOU!!!!!!!
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2 weeks ago, 12345@BabyD
Game locks up takes your chips that you buy
I buy chips to play with I won up to 5 Trillion I had it on auto spin and the game locked up wouldn’t stop spinning and kept taking my chips I went back to the lobby and when back on the game I was playing and it was still spinning I tried to stop it would t stop I went back to the lobby and back on to the game and it was still spinning taking my chips I went to go back to lobby and it wouldn’t let me go back to lobby It lock me up in the game and wouldn’t stop spinning or let me go back to the lobby So on my iphone that I was playing on I had to go all the way out and close the app When I re open the app game I saw where there was 4 Trillion in chips was gone So I sent a message to support and told them what happen They sent back said They check and saw nothing wrong with game and never returned the chips the game had taking That is so wrong for Zynga to do that to their customers And I will NO Ali get be buying chips Also the more you buy the more you loss they tell you to keep your dragon full of food to keep him feed up and the more he will come out to help your game play Well he don’t I keep mine full and every 250 to 300 spins he would come out to help in the game play So don’t buy all you do is lose
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4 months ago, Rastaman live up
To Dwight. Game payouts
I write you again Dwight. You seem to be reasonable. This game used to be fun The only reason I play it now cause the people playing it. I’ve spent thousands with you. Just for you guys to take it. The game is loosing its luster. Payouts down down 23 percent Bonus down both in number and pay 18 percent Dragon payouts down 16 percent Dragon appearances up 15 percent But 50 percent of those are typical low end wins with a dragon Your new game black green. Play for a hour no inks no chests You guys again have squeezed down even those You agreed word of mouth was important The more dedicated players are getting tired of all losses and finally a win to get very small part back. I used to tell people how much fun I was having. Not anymore. I’m just one. See what others think. The game will not grow. People will not spend money and in the long run. You will loose. So will we. Well I feel the need to spread this message to others. Not as threats. But in fairness to the people playing. Not Vegas Dwight!! Reasonable losses are expected. But not all games and all aspects of it Happy customers will return Spend more And will tell others to join I don’t need to say what the customers will do I’ve been in business for 30 plus years For every good word of mouth. You get a couple of recommendations For every bad you get 10 non recommendations. Truth. We both know that. Rastaman live up
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2 years ago, Deeeeee62
Final review: I went from 3.5 billion in coins down to 300 million in a week just trying to meet the quest requirements with a dragon in hyper the whole time. It seems they don’t want you to win free coins, they want you to buy more coins. What they don’t understand is that you would be a fool to throw more money at a game that you are not enjoying because you cannot win! I would be more likely to spend money and buy into their monthly new game if I was having fun, unfortunately that’s not the case. Sorry to be leaving this review and now the game. Good luck to you all, hope they make changes to make it more enjoyable for you. Review 2: I had high hopes when I loaded the update that there would be a better win ratio, that did not happen. It’s seriously not enjoyable if you’re always losing. I play this game to have fun not be frustrated, this isn’t Vegas after all! Not possible to play the dragon jackpot games for long at $5 mil a spin when you lose spin after spin. Dragon on hyper is still nonexistent. Great graphics, better than other slots, but can’t play if you don’t have any coin! Review 1: This game is no longer fun! Take, take, take is all you get now. Impossible to win anything, dragon respins are few and far between. Why play if you’re just losing? Developer needs to loosen up the win ratio like other slot games.
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8 months ago, iou2222
Review of GOT game
This game is fascinating, but at it’s base it cheats players with not paying, not paying attention to their own rules about payouts and poor customer service. On the positive side everyone knows they are cheating you to get you to buy coins, but with the teamwork with the house and competitive weekly tournaments, you somehow forget they are not paying as their pay tables describe, shorting you on the last turn of bonuses, using crooked wheels, stealing your coins and not responding to your comments about their cheating. Support and gotvip won’t even answer questions about the game or whether there is an oversight group to which you can appeal. You used to keep playing. Now every week long term players are quitting, fed up with the crookedness of Zynga. I may soon join them and my 1000 consecutive games of play ( for which I get the same reward for someone who plays a couple of weeks in a row) will end. They have dragons that don’t play and when they do come out they only pay 5X. Dragons used to always give you a bonus. They have reduced the sizes of the bonus as well. I recently got a 0 bonus, that’s right they took my ante too. Part of the pain here is that it still gets worse every week. Many of these complaints weren’t problems until Take Two took over. They seem to want you to quit.
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5 years ago, Williamr879
Gorgeous and extremely fun slot
If you are a fan of Game of Thrones than this slot is a must. Gorgeous graphics with music taken right from the show including the theme song. Each slot features different music form the show. Plus, the voice form the actual actors is used in each slot and you hear them frequently, even on small wins. Their lines taken from the show seem to be extensive as they are not repeated to often. You also have a ton of fun and interesting things to do like challenges, and joining a house to fight against other houses with rewards and exploring the map. Lots going on. Only negative, and it doesn’t take away for the game is the slots from Vegas are not here (like the original game of thrones), but that is to be expected since they are Aristocrat owned. Very enjoyable, just wish the coins were a little more generous (you can collect them every hour but you don’t get that much). Highly recommended, every fan will be very pleased with hearing their favorite lines from the show, music, etc. best slot on the market (and I play a lot of slot apps). Can’t recommend it enough.
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2 years ago, CameronR64
I do love this game in that it is visually stunning and the graphics are nothing short of amazing. My 3 stars are for the visual appeal of the game only. The remaining text will explain why I can’t go above 3 stars.d What I hate about this game is it seems the larger the bet you make, the less frequent and smaller the payout. I recently played $500,000 per bet from over $15M down to just short of nothing and did not hit a single bonus or significant payout either. I realize that is what gambling is about...chance. I am also not one that will put actual money into this type of game so my “monies” are only what the game pays me. I also think when you are playing the games that have the “X times bet” and you get 8 of them on a single screen, THAT should trigger a lock it in type game OR pay out! It is ridiculous to get that many of those in a single spin and there be no payout. Those take up all the other slots that could match up with something else on your screen. It’s been years since my first review (above) and I still stand with what I said before. The bigger payouts almost never happen anymore at all. If not for my housemates, I’d have deleted this game a long time ago!
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3 years ago, Ermedic7
Used to be my favorite game
This used to be my favorite game, but it seems only certain people win. I watch the same people over and over and over win grand or major jackpots. I’ve won like one about 9 months ago. The quests seem to be targeted towards the level you are on than the way you’ve been winning or losing. And I think that’s unrealistic. The only way to potentially finish the quests is to purchase coins, which is a serious downfall of the game. Used to be that you could purchase and then you’d start winning, but even that is false now. I feel like the algorithm of this game is generated so that only high betters will win anything. So it makes it quite hard for someone to enjoy the totality of the game. I guess I’ll go back to scatter slots since I can at least win a few coins there. Free spins have also become laughable. I can’t remember the last time I won slightly more than a big win on free spins, and that’s with getting extra spins during the bonus round. That’s kind of sad. It would be nice if zynga started making it to where all players can win instead of the ones they deem worthy.
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5 years ago, Berberry2013
I love everything about this game yet I still deleted it.
I think I downloaded about a week ago and I just deleted it moments ago. I REALLY enjoyed this game. It was nostalgic, extremely well done with all of the details from the show, the bonuses and winning overall is really fun too. But the reason I deleted it was because on my last round of play I literally went through upwards of one million coins and did not get a single big win or special or anything. And I noticed that the last 2 days of playing that the winning became extremely sparse. Honestly I guess I understand the logic behind whoever thought to not let people win as much so they buy tokens, but that backfires. When people get to experience that happy feeling of winning and getting to bet larger and larger, they might gladly spend money in the app. I hadn’t spent any money yet, but what says that wouldn’t have changed? When I started to notice that I was losing so much more than the game was giving out wins, I just did what I had to do and deleted it without thinking twice. It looks like a lot of quality work went into this app. Shame they don’t want people to consistently be made to feel good while they play it. Looks like I’m not the only one with this opinion by the looks of these reviews.
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5 years ago, TheForbes
Overall good game but...
TDLR: Great game, but don’t purchase credits it’s not worth it, no matter how much you purchase you will go on an immediate losing streak. I will say that overall this is a good quality game, great graphics and quests. You can join a house and compete for prizes. It’s fun when you’re winning and a great way to kill time. However, I would not purchase credits. I mean that, save your money it’s not worth it. This is the reason I gave four stars. I do better when I win the credits organically. But I’ve noticed that as soon as I purchase credits, no matter how much I purchase I go on a losing streak until I get to the extremely low limits. Then I start winning a little bit, but even that is limited. But whenever I win the credits organically I will continue to win or do somewhat well for a good hour or two. When I purchase it lasts for about 10-15 minutes, if that. To put perspective I only bet about 2-2 1/2% of how much is on there. So I never bet more too much. I do understand that it’s just a game that I cannot win real money from but sometimes I get impatient and I regret it every time. So that would be my word or advice.
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2 years ago, Mir Ansary
Game of thrones
It’s a great game, I been playing this for a long time, sometimes for hours… it’s very interesting game , to see the others play, and some of my friends are not interested in playing together, everyone is playing for them self, or maybe you should change a few things like… if I’m playing on a game level 295, or maybe lowered one’s… whenever I send someone a invitation to play together they can not play with me, maybe they are at lower levels or they are not at the same level as I am? If I am at the lower level and they’re at higher level I can not play with them? You should remove that restrictions, if you do that, you may make more money and lower the price of credit or coins, some people cannot afford to spend that much money, do to COVID-19 Most of us can’t afford to pay that much money for a few coins? Don’t take it to the wrong way, it’s a great game, I love it. Thanks M A
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4 years ago, GoT_fan67
Wish Zynga would just be honest about payouts
Zynga claims that Bonus games are random, but there is proof that this is not true: On the Tales of Westeros Challenges, the spinners instantly stop on the last spin you need to complete a challenge level. But the spinners also instantly stop if the last spin lands on a Bonus game. If the Bonus games are truly random, why would the spinners do an instant stop BEFORE you’ve played the Bonus game if the results of the Bonus game are random?! The only explanation is that the game knows what your Bonus payout will be before you even play, and therefore payouts on Bonus games are predetermined and not random. I wouldn’t mind this except that Zynga insists that their algorithms are randomized, but this is proof that this isn’t the case. I’m sure that Zynga will either not pay attention to this or give some canned response. And based on the other reviews that I’ve read from people who have been critical about the game, my account may be blacklisted, and I will start to lose even more often than I already do. But I believe that people need to know this so they understand what they’re getting into. I wish this would get fixed because the game itself is great for GoT fans and the graphics are excellent. It’s just hard to play a game that claims it is random when it’s clear that it isn’t.
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4 years ago,
Love and disappointment
I love this game, I’ve been playing it every day for over a year now. Some days I just go in to get the coins but most of the time I’ll set it to auto play and see what happens. But, I have to say in time I’ve been playing I’ve never hit a dragon jackpot and have only won the in game jackpot once. Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of big wins or higher do not result in any points for the other players in my house. That’s been going on for at least a couple of months now and when I hit that one in game jackpot which was over 100mil (If I remember it right) my team only received like a 2,500 bonus. Only recently have I started buying coins which as been a total mistake, I’ll purchase the coins then play and lose it all within about an hour and it’s not like I do 1mil+ bets, my bets are almost always under 750k. I love this game but I’m getting ready to find another, which is sad because my house is awesome and all the players are great. There have been several emails sent from my house mates and nothing ever comes of it. If you want people to continue to play you need to make it so people actually win and if there’s an error it should be fixed but at this point that’s not what’s happening at all. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, Dbl Invoice
Pay to Play
I saw the ratings when I started playing, but thought that possibly the folks leaving negative reviews simply bet too high and didn’t know how to conserve their coins properly. I love so much about the team play with being in a house and the graphics are exceptional, but the developers aren’t really interested in keeping long term users who are consistent. At first, you can build your coins and enjoy playing and winning while losing, but winning too. Just know that it will turn and you will lose a lot more than you will win. I have purchased coins to try to start over, but it really doesn’t help. There must be a program that sets the game to a ‘losing’ play in order to negatively encourage the player to start over and continue to purchase coins. I was averaging about $10-$30 every 2 weeks, and now after 3 weeks of the worst play ever, I am resolved to step away from playing much. My housemates are experiencing the same things, but at different times. I was up to 500 mil twice. I have huddled around 7-17 mil in the past 3 weeks and rarely getting to any bonus game. I think there’s a lot of greed here- be warned. Welcome down the rabbit hole. It isn’t us, it’s them.
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3 years ago, ronni102
Very small winnings
I have been playing Games of Thrones for 192 days consistently not missing one day. In the beginning I was winning large amounts off of small betting amounts but over the past few months that has changed considerably with only winning very small amounts even when betting higher. The odds of winning seem to have decreased quit a bit and it feels like there is no way to get ahead or to move forward and I feel just stuck in the game. I feel as though the game is rigged to rope people in early by letting them win big but then changes tactics by rarely letting them win for months on end to try and force people to buy, I am one of those people who refuses to pay real money just to get nothing in return. Because of the constant downfall of the game, and continuously being stuck with small winnings the game has become very boring and lacks that excitement and thrill of hoping to win big. I have never won a jackpot on this game and over the past 2 months I have not won more than 25 million at a time even with placing one million dollar bets. It takes time to just get to 50 million and then you lose it all over a few days just to repeat the cycle back and fourth. Knowing what to expect is a huge downside to this game.
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4 years ago, Tyrion's wench
GOT App is unreliable
I love the games on GOT app and love the concept of playing alongside fellow housemates. However; along with the majority of housemates, I am CONTINUALLY KNOCKED OFFLINE WHILE USING THE APP! It happens when opening the app, in the midst of a bonus game, while ATTEMPTING to collect House prizes for Iron Throne and other Divisions at the completion of the “season.” Today I should have collected 10M for our finish on Iron Throne. I followed the usual steps to collect and went to house chat and THERE WAS NO PRIZE to collect! It now appears all my other housemates have collected and I cannot! I have won a decent amount of points during game play and I have not been paid countless times. Also, a housemate was playing Vale of Aryn and somehow between the completion of her free bonus spins where the dragon came up displaying “big win” with total winnings amount and the automatic return to the game screen, her 775M coin bank she had worked so hard to build and keep for 8 months virtually disappeared and left her with a merger balance of 1M! She reported this to support, emailed a gaming host/rep, notified our house leader and she has heard nothing!!! That is atrocious!! If she were to buy points to replace those lost, it would be well over $900 for the level she is at. She is just out all the time, effort and points she earned and nobody cares!
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11 months ago, Kaykaytrip11
Problem for almost two weeks and same response over & over!!!
I have been playing this game for six months now and the last two weeks it has gotten beyond horrible!!! For two weeks I have not been able to collect any notification coins when daily are about $60 million. I’ve written them several times sent them screenshots as proof and I get the same response every time. At first they tried to deny it so I sent proof again and then they apologized and said they are working on it. I got a little bit of coins from one person but none since then. Now I can’t even get the coins from Facebook!! Also my dragon has been not moving when I feed it should be at next level cause I’ve feed it like 6 times and hasn’t moved. I love this game but it’s too the point we’re it’s not even worth playing anymore. I’ve lost so much money and all I do is lost it right away and can’t even get the little coins that I’m suppose to it!! They keep saying they are going to fix the issues but it’s been two weeks with nothing. Very disappointing and I know other people are dealing with this too and they will lost a lot of loyal customers over it!!!
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10 months ago, M007 heat
Lousy game play, tight slots, low bonus payouts
1/5 /23. You do not want to play this game. They will cheat you every way possible to make you buy coins. I played One game today with an advertised reward of 10B coins for achieving a goal. A chieved that goal and was not awarded the 10B in coin. Played for three years consistently. This game has gone downhill. Not that great of a slot game. Instead of loosening slots, developers spend time recreating or re purposing old games into new ones. Slots are inconsistent, slots are too often tuned to be very tight, forcing the player to either buy coins or bet ungodly low amounts. Bonuses are non existent, the “dragon bonus multiplier” is a joke in itself. You have to meet challenges to earn food for your dragon. But the challenges are insurmountable. Thus you get nowhere, and the dragon rarely responds, and on the rare occasion it appears for a response, you get a minimal win. Developers need to heed the players, loosen the slots and let us win every now and again. Recently an issue with a new game not paying out displayed amounts was passed off as a bug, and ZYNGA admitted to downward adjustments on payouts, as ‘ the fair and equitable’ resolution to the issue. It is one reason ZYNGA is being sued in a US Federal court
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8 months ago, Damdaman
Buyer Beware
So I actually feel better reading all these reviews of people saying the game has a TERRIBLE pay back ratio. I was spending $100-$150 a week buying 1.9-3 billion in coins Typically spinning $7.5-$15 mil at a time. I could expect a big win at least once a night. Enough to keep me excited about the game BUT All that changed recently , the last several weeks have been absolutely terrible. 100’s of millions In spins without a single bonus or dragon spin ????? Cmon guys really. Look up my account and you will see I spent a ton of money but not anymore. I thought maybe after the last update they fixed the problem. Thought maybe it was a glitch. Ha. Nope. Just bought $150 in coins tonight. 2 HOURS later it was gone. Was only spinning 7.5 mil - $10 mil per spin. Got to level 400 or so. No dragon Re-spins- no bonus’s - no thanks. Seriously Zinga do better. People wanna have fun. Change your payback ratio and maybe the people actually buying coins will continue to buy coins. Simple business practice. Keep the customer happy. Really hate to delete the app but that’s the only way I know how to protest. Tons of people saying the same thing , you would think they would listen to the consumer by now.
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4 years ago, gfdrybb
Well done, but easy to lose interest.
This game is incredibly well done. Great graphics, cool effects, and smooth play. I have bern playing for almost a year. It’s very frustrating though because you cannot win big jackpots or make progress. I play nearly every day without exception and end up losing everything constantly. It would be much more enjoyable if there was a chance of winning big sometimes. Yes you get big wins and there can be some hot steaks, but overall it is always a losing proposition. I play this because I am a fan of the show and enjoy slots for entertainment, but it gets very “unfun” when you can never win. Always see banners of people winning huge jackpots, but nobody I’ve chatted with has ever won one. Convinced that they are bots. I am not asking to win easily, but give us a chance. Yes, I have made purchases in the game, but it seems that you lose everything that you have purchased very quickly and end up worse off than before the purchase. I have made it past level 250 and am still chronically stuck under 10 million in coins. Considering uninstalling and moving on.
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10 months ago, AlkDavis
Way too tight!
I have spent quite a bit buying coins. The reels here Are way too tight. Worse than Vegas which is not a good thing. At least in Vegas I do win money! WARNING: Don’t BUY COINS! When you do, you will stay on a losing streak until you lose them all. Just went through 9 billion and almost Never got the bonus. Absolutely criminal! Just like all the other reviews, GREED! They told me it is supposed to be like VEGAS! Ha, they don’t pay ME anything yet I buy coins only to see it gone. Again, in Vegas I get money back. This is going to be deleted if it doesn’t change. I have found most of their games are like this. SAD! Don’t mind buying coin but you get so little for way too much money only to have little wins. No fun this way. update: Same problem after all this time. Spend money and watch it take it all in no time. I am too the point where I am goiNg to find another game and delete this one. The last time I went to a real Casino, put 20 in and came out with 720 in real money. This, you pay real money, way too much, and watch it disappear FOREVER! On top of this, the graphics in the new machines are bad. The only thing that has kept me in are my teammates. Bye bye to this money grabbing!
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2 years ago, sendelbach
Zynga doesn’t give credit for bonus rounds won.
I’ve been a huge fan of the GOT games. I’ve played daily for almost three years. Recently, a new game featuring Khalessi was presented and I began playing. I was thrilled when I won a bonus round. At the end of the bonus round I won $7.5B credits. The game showed the “Colossal Win” and the counter ran up my win of $7.5B. That’s where it ended. My iPad kicked out of the GOT slots and when I logged back in, I found that the points never registered. I immediately contacted customer support and left an email explaining the problem. Several days passed without a response, so I left another email. This time they acknowledge the email, but said it’s the first time they’d heard from me. Since I didn’t know the EXACT time and date of the incident they said they were unable to help me. Also, Zynga required a screenshot of my winning screen… how are you supposed to take a screenshot when the game disappears? GOT never hesitates to take my money when I purchase coins, but now I realize they have no interest in holding up their end of the bargain by paying out the winnings when they’re earned. I won’t spend another dime with Zynga. I’m so disappointed!
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1 month ago, Clayton Lancaster
Was fun… now it’s terrible.
This was my favorite game I’ve ever played for a long time. Now it’s just pointless. You never win… and when you do it doesn’t pay much. When you save up coins by not spinning you still end up losing them in a heartbeat. I don’t know what changed but it’s like they flipped a switch and turned off winning. All they want is your money. Most games if you pay for coins they reward you with wins… but not this one. You will continue to lose until you are broke again. Challenges are impossible. Dragon respins don’t help at all. This game had so much potential and was so fun. So many people loved it. But now it’s trash. I won’t be playing anymore unless they change something. If you’re looking for fun, I would look at any other slot game. Update: this game is even worse now then what I said in my original review. If you’re reading this and thinking about downloading it I would not. Constant demotions even with buying coin packages. No help at all from support or the VIP team. They say it is all random and luck based. If that was the case you would have ups and downs, but now it is literally all downs. They’ve ruined a great game by getting greedy.
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4 years ago, Johnny gh
Scam revised
I gave the game another chance. Problem is nothing changed. Die hard GOT fan. I love hearing little snips from the show. But u can’t win. Of course u see annoying pop ups of winners that block the view of how much u have but are they even real or just crap thrown up there to think it’s possible. I read they are trying to make it like a true casino experience but u can’t unless u r gonna start putting money in our accounts. It’s a game. If the winning was a little better I would drop a few dollars now and then. But there’s no way I’m gonna pay to lose thirty spins in a row just to have that streak broken by winning barely over what I bet. The game crashes and gives me way less then I would of won. To win the major jackpots u have to bet more then u can even build up to. I don’t expect to win every spin. I just expect to win enough to enjoy playing for a while. Maybe come back and collect a bonus high enough to play some more. Even if it were only daily. Then I would think about dropping some coin to play until I could collect more. But never will I waste money on a game that just gets me frustrated playing it.
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5 years ago, Wesjess
Compared to other slot apps.
You better be prepared to spend real money. The wheel of the day is a joke. You might get 420 on your bonus and 4 spins you are broke. Wait an hour for 5200 dollars. 2 spins your broke. I buy lots of the 9 dollar for 4 million and you go on a loosing streak. Other apps I can play for hours and I gladly spend 20 dollars because they actually give you enough to play on and you actually win. I also doubt it is fan based because I too have written customer service and hear absolutely nothing. I guess their profit out weighs the customer. I mean dang. You would think they would want you on their slots spinning for hours but I can tell you absolutely not. Probably the best slot app I’ve ever played. That what makes it so sad. You have to be part of an elite type of people to play I guess. Or that’s how it makes you feel. Like a minority. Not to mention they also limit your friends and how many times a day you can get coins from them. Yep like 22 friends a day and you guessed it 4,000 coin and 4 pulls you are broke. Now I get to go finish my argument of why I’m spending real money on this app so many times. That’s on me of course. Thank you for the extremely short expensive game play.
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4 years ago, Phappinszka
If I could give it -10 stars I would. I’m so over this game. The customer support is non-existent, they don’t pay nor credit what you have earned ( keeps rewards, bonus games ) the game crashes multiple times when you are finally on a winning streak. When you address the issues with the game no one gets back to you ( just an auto message that it’s under investigation and have a great day ) and somehow all the machines are impossible to win on. Every single time I complained about technical issues my account experienced some serious difficulties. They make it impossible for people to enjoy it because it became extremely greedy. Hadn’t had a decent win in DAYS and unfortunately we are all stuck at home so have nothing to do. ( losing billions in hours which shouldn’t happen by the way ) At least don’t make the machines so tight! I really don’t know what to say. If it wasn’t for the theme I wouldn’t play this game and I find it disgusting that they take advantage of the fan base of the show. Lots of people wouldn’t play it if it wasn’t for the show including myself. The only nice things about this game are the graphics and the soundtracks but that’s about it!
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3 months ago, Richardneal023
Stop Being Greedy
Yall, have the worst best could be the best game available on the App Store. When betting just 1 million dollars on spin it takes you a hundred times just to bring the Dragon out for a bonus. This is ridiculous. When you bet 10,000 it comes out a lot more frequently, but god forbid you bet anymore than that. Understanding you have to pay your bills so you depend on credit card purchases. Just think if you made it easier for any one in the middle class be able to win some small wind to big wins then they could play longer, then maybe we would buy some coins or bonus materials. I have game installed for a week now and can’t break over 100,000 coins and when I do, it spins 60 times with small, small payouts. Get it together and make it exciting please, or again it goes to the trash bin forever….. thank you, have a wonderful and blessed day.
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2 years ago, Patricia BryCope
WHY WILL IT NOT LOAD NOW!!!! I love this game. I would love to give it 5 stars but I can’t. I Have been playing for years.. I played for like 400 days straight and spent (stupidly) about $4,000 real money this year alone. Since yesterday I haven’t been able to get on the game. It almost loads all the way then just stopped. I disconnected WiFi and back on. I turned off my phone. I removed the app and reinstalled. It will not open. So now I have lost my daily credit.. With that said, the game has sucked on wins lately and it’s very discouraging. It seems like every room I enter there’s a multi-billionaire.. yet I spend $100 a day and can’t even get an Epic win. Feed the dragon and he never comes out. The last “Dragon Frenzy” was a joke. For 2 days, fully fed he came out TWICE. What’s happening!? Developers need to figure it out.. so much potential in this amazing game but they HAVE to loosen up! We shouldn’t HAVE to pay real money to enjoy a game that is played for fun only! AND when you DO pay…. It seems like you lose more! FIX IT!
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2 months ago, Fluff bottom m
If you pay, you win
To start off I want to say that I understand these games are really not free. And I do not mind spending a few dollars here and there to keep them going, but not when the game is greedy. There was a time when I would have given this game 5 stars all day long. But now, the only way you can continually make progress is to buy coins. I’ve purchased coins, then for a while you win. Then, you something switches and you can’t win anything at all. Also, if you bet low, you will win good, but if you up your bet, even in the slightest, it’s like a switch goes off and you will lose, and not win for a long time. Even if you play in the same game same session you were winning in. There are just too many slots games out there, so when I lose all the coins, I just go play another game. No more spending hard earned money on a game with such a low payout rate. Like I said, I don’t mind spending on a game with a decent payout rate, but this is ridiculous. Too bad, the graphics are great.
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3 years ago, Carl357
Best slot I have played
Graphics are phenomenal; very similar to casino slot game. Thanks for producing this game for iPad ! however, game stability leaves much to be desired. When trying to change games the game simply goes away and sends me back to my iPad homepage. Often the game will show a bonus screen and then just go away. Very, very frustrating! Have traded messages with game support for weeks; none of their suggestions have helped. Too bad because the graphics and game selections are the best I have seen. Guess it’s time to give it a long rest and hope stability gets fixed. After a time away from the game nothing has changed. Stability is the worst I have eve4 seen in an online game. When a game actually loads it never stays for more than a few minutes before it goes away and sends me back to my iPad desktop. So very frustrating; won’t be back for quite a while.
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3 years ago, Won'ttakemyrevieweither
To Win, You Must Play The Whole Game.
At first, I tried to go it alone. Sometimes I’d win, mostly I’d lose. then I joined a house, tried to be part of a team, saved money slowly so ai could play “bigger”, and I gave an angry review, but after more time and working my way up, not nearly as high as others on here, I see how it works. Sometimes it’s really nerve racking losing, losing , losing, but if you stick with it, you can win in the end, get a lot of money to help you play from your housemates and from completing challenges, and being part of the community. So I’m changing my review, because I really enjoy being part of the Game of Thrones Slots community. Plus, all of the games are so spectacularly done. It’s really beautiful. Also, the customer service staff is very friendly and helpful. They respond right away, help with issues and even answered my other questions. Thank you, Zynga staff! I’ll give it a 5 star when it’s easier to win big (wink!)
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2 years ago, Hob63
Watch your coins!
I have loved this game. It’s great, but if you buy coins and pay real money to upgrade the experience, be ready to feel the pain of losing coins to glitches and crashes. I have repeatedly complained to support and they expect you to be able to document by screenshots what you had before and what happened and the date and time and your ID number and whatnot which is impossible. I have done the best I could to do that to the extent possible to gain compensation, but they just basically ignore my requests. Basically, if you buy coins for the fun of the game, you are risking real dollars so don't expect anything from support if the game screws you over. It is not even the equivalent to playing at a casino where you pay for a spin and get a spin. With this, you pay, bet, land on a bonus or rack up a perk and don’t get it. At a casino, this rarely happens. The dollars you pay for each experience are the same though. Here, you do not get what you pay for. Just be aware.
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2 years ago, prich29
Losing is not fun.
Been on a losing streak for a few days now. Finally won a 2billion dollar jackpot after 3 years of play. However now I’m losing money all of the time. When members of my team are playing on different machines. I don’t win. I win more when no one on my team is playing. It’s more difficult now than in the past to hit the bonus. Dragon res pins don’t work in every game. You should be able to hit the grand jackpot no matter how much money you bet. I’ve never hit that. Also Peter Pan seems to win all the time. He must be spending the most money or maybe you might want to retire him. I buy coins and I don’t win anything. I don’t buy coins and I don’t win anything. Th game was fun in the beginning it’s less fun now. I only enjoy playing if I am winning otherwise it’s a waist of time and money. I took some time off from the game and then logged back in. I started winning again when I joined a new team and hadn’t played in while. Now I think I will stop playing again. Seems to work better that way. Since the new update I barely win anything.
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5 years ago, Zutie528738248
Best slot game I’ve played yet
I love this game and hope Zynga will be coming out with another game with similar features like being on a team and having competitions so you aren’t just playing the slots. I like having those aspects. Most other ones I play only have solo competitions. Another great part of this app is the slots have different and fun bonus rounds. A lot of apps have the same bonus rounds in all of the different slots with just different themes. This one is fun. You get bonus coins every day and then smaller bonus coins hourly. There are times I’ll get up in the 20 million range and other times I’m in the 100,000 range. Of course there is an option to buy coins but if you’re more like me and are fine having times where you jump on and play for just a minute with the bonus coins and jump off but also like the times you’re winning a lot and can play for a while then this is the app for you.
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4 years ago, Zydlot
Happy, but then got disappointed
Updated. Well, no one EVER got back to me. I was kicked out of my group, kicked back several levels, lost my VIP points. I “talked” with a robot describing my situation and then here. No response from either. Horrible customer service!!! Bye bye, you’ll get no more $$$ from me! The game is great, support, not so much. I had logged in with FB. Spent $$ for coins. Go to play the other day and the game wanted me to log in again using FB. I did. It took me back to level 67. I was well over 100, booted me out of the house, everything. Followed all their instructions to reconnect. No go. Contacted customer support, which was extremely difficult to find. Talked to a robot and they said someone would contact me. Five days later and nothing, nada. I hope this doesn’t happen to you!!! Not sure I will continue playing. Certainly won’t be spending any money on them.
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5 years ago, Bijosux
Great graphics, Beta release?
The graphics, music and effects are all excellent, and so far it has been a lot of fun to play. That being said, while playing over the last several hours I've already had to force close it 4x because the reels got "hung up", and continued spinning endlessly. I tried to connect to the Loyalty Lounge, but that just returns an "API_failure" message each and every time. Quest completion seems pretty heavily encouraged, except there haven't been any quests to attempt so far (I've reached level 111 so can't imagine that could be a contributing factor). Finally, I like that you can join a "House", and rally together at various locations across the map, but after spending an hour in one, I couldn't begin to tell you what I was doing or why I there because no specific goals or challenged appeared to be laid out, anywhere. These are minor issues at best, and haven't deterred me from playing the game at all. I'm just looking forward to all of the kinks bring ironed out.
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3 months ago, HeathenRoo
4 stars
Enjoy playing and there is a diverse selection of slots to choose from! However, the game is some what rigged to encourage “pay to play” atmosphere and can be strenuous for “free to play players” to achieve their challenges, get dragon spins, leveling up your dragon… etc. There should be a better reward and win ratio than what exists currently. Especially if you were to buy a package and achieve higher tiers. The payout is trash for experienced and higher level players compared to beginners. I really enjoy the cinematography, the variety of slot games and overall gameplay. Great job!! Please consider updating some perks and bonuses / increased win ratio for players that achieve higher levels and plan to play this on a regular basis. At the end of the day, you are getting paid for the creativity, design and work thus far and some would like added incentives. Again.. amazing job overall!
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4 years ago, Kgibson10412
Nice graphics but not worth it.
I’ve been playing this game for awhile now, I have the other zynga games as well. What I don’t understand is why the payout is so low for this game. It’s much more enjoyable than the others but they make it impossible for you to keep playing. They just revamped it giving you more coins every hour and a bigger daily bonus, but it’s still nothing. At level two hundred and eighty something I’m only collecting 150,000 every hour... They added a dragon feature to help you when you’re not winning, I’m guessing, and he MIGHT pop up if you’ve fed him enough to help you out, he gives you one free spin. Collecting enough food for the dragon is ridiculous as you can only collect 1 food every 6 hours or get food through quests. However, the quests seem impossible when you have little to nothing to play with, then you win the quests and they don’t even reward you with enough to keep betting. Over all, this game is beginning to be a joke. It’s not with the money I’ve wasted on it.
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4 months ago, Readersblast
Great game
This game can be relaxing after a rough day. However, it can be frustrating when you see the money you’ve won isn’t adding up in your let’s say “bank”. I find it doesn’t always give you the money you win. It would appear if you win a large sum it would add to your bank. One would think! But, that’s not nearly always the case. Sometimes it will add your amount to place you in a different numerical ranking. If you are competing to get #1. Yet, that’s not always the case. I’ve found it cheats a lot! It takes forever for the dragon to give a respin. The player ends up spending more and more money. I gave this three stars because the game is cheating its players. I know the developers are here to make money but seriously at least make me think you are helping the players. A great idea would be to redo your update and fix this so when you win it goes into the players account. Heck you are still getting paid. Guys come on… Do better
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3 years ago, dndkdjeowlsmdj
Mix feelings
I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months. It’s a fun game when you are winning, but when you are loosing and you keep putting money in it and then nothing happens and you are almost out of coins out rages to me! I contacted them to complain and they only gave 4 million coins when I went through 100,000 of million coins in one day! I was winning small amounts! When I up my bet I would start loosing all my money/coins! Also The more you win higher amounts your daily quest / challenges amount goes up! Mines is in the billions and they only gave 4 million! I have no problem putting in money this game because it’s fun! I don’t mind having bad days of not winning but when it’s consisting and I’m putting money in everyday, I do except to win. Also when you contact the 1-800 number they give out, it’s nothing but adds! I couldn’t believe it! Very disappointed Also they know how much they are going to give us. My boyfriend and I play together and on the same team. Before the spin ends I already know what he has won and vise versa. The game is rigged
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3 years ago, loose_arrow
My experience
It’s not about winning but if you want to win this game will keep you from winning unless you purchase in app. I get it they want their money but out of curiosity and playing the game for a while I’ve done different things to attempt to win. Their little “feed your dragon” feature doesn’t work. I fead the dragon to “hyper” status and didn’t see no difference from when the perks were “weak”. I’ve also built up a lot of credits and then bet big while the dragon is on “hyper” status. All that did was take the credits down faster. When I bet small dragon respins are constant. Not the case when you bet big. Went from 30 million to 0 and got 1 respin. I have had 27 million and bet small and hovered between 25 and 30. Oh the way I “earned” that much is by getting the daily collections (all sources). I wouldn’t play the game, just collect daily to try this experiment of mine. So unless you want to spend real money to win fake money, DO NOT GET THIS GAME. Developers, all you had to do was keep me entertained now you made me give a bad review because you failed.
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4 years ago, oleolegs20
Not worth your time. You’ll get some luck the first day or two and then see it go downhill from there. At that point, unless you want to give them real life $$$ for fake coins you’ll get to play for 5-10 mins at a time before losing everything (and getting a pop up with today’s great deal on fake coins to really rub your nose in it). It’s just not designed for you to spend any amount of time in game even when betting conservatively. You’ll get one hour every 2-3 days where you get a little luck. But don’t worry - you’ll still lose that very quickly. Bonuses are rare - exceedingly so. Currently on 500+ spins without one when I have a quest to get one single bonus game. It gets 2 stars because aesthetically it’s a great game. Maybe worth downloading for the couple days at the beginning where you’ll have some luck just for those. But not worth playing once that luck runs dry. Don’t end up like me where you’re playing out of sheer annoyance until you get that one bit of luck that you’re sure is wildly overdue. It isn’t.
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2 years ago, GoldenInca
Fun and Frustrating
The GOT is more than a game…it’s a collection…a war chest of challenges …. All unique…all bringing a flavor of its own to The GOT…where true to life…“You win or you die”! (financially, emotionally, etc.) Ah but when you win…it’s glorious…moving up in rank…earning more benefits…playing more games…then there is the social camaraderie between team mates and friends….helping each other in victory celebrations and listening to tales of woe as well…especially on Facebook! There are lots of ways to be awarded free coins…so make lots of friends and join a team as quickly as possible. Spoiler Alert: VERY ADDICTIVE!! My best advice is to have fun…score and enjoy your victories and remember that within the matrix of randomness there is one thing you can be certain of: “no matter how much you’ve won, if you keep playing incessantly, you will go bankrupt.” My favorite game is The Fighting Pits! Enjoy!!
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3 years ago, why so many gliches
You can never get ahead...
Start with the positives. The game is absolutely beautiful. It captures the visuals of the HBO series perfectly. The game design is good: the different machine actually have different game mechanics. The social and competition aspects are incredibly well done. Unlike any game I’ve played before, I’ve actually made friends through the social aspects. However, the game just doesn’t pay out. Even if you spend money, the house always wins and it wins fast. I’ve been playing for almost a year now and I’ve probably only been higher in coins at the end of the day versus the beginning less than 10 times. There are an amazing number of ways that they incent you to buy but don’t expect to get fair value back from your purchase, ever. So, why do I play? There is soooooo much promise in this game. It could be amazing if only there was a way to somehow make your in-game money last. People are leaving the game and I probably will soon as well. Great idea, great execution ruined by greed.
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1 month ago, ABabii30
Don’t waste your time
This game used to be fun and you were actually able to win. Now, only certain accounts win jackpot after jackpot. I’ve been playing since the game was released and have only won 2 of the big jackpots at the top. Yet there are a few accounts that win multiple jackpots a day. Certain people have all the luck and get trillions, yet many of us that don’t make big purchases, struggle to even play betting 1 million. There’s no reason to play anymore because all the fun is gone. If you are lucky to get a bonus, it’s usually a pathetic “win”. I’ve had bonuses that I won literally nothing on and it’s becoming more and more common. It’s not worth the frustration anymore. When you see all of these players with trillions and you can’t even get a big win betting small, it makes you feel like there’s no point in me playing. Zynga/TakeTwo has lost MANY players because they’re greedy. Don’t fall for the fake advertisement. Bonus games are never like that.
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