Game of War - Fire Age

2.2 (2.2K)
289.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Machine Zone, Inc
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Game of War - Fire Age

2.23 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Jasten Thomas
Fun but Costly
I’ve played over a year and have bought the $5 packs but can’t keep up with the 26.6 billion power players. I play a lot for fun but can’t grow in game without having to being burned and losing my hero or having no speed ups for events to get loyalty to be able to grow. I also think y’all should help the smaller players who don’t want to buy with package deals that are free and if y’all see a account with power not buying give them a pack for free and a thank you for playing gift. Most people struggle with hero’s and being able to level them up so put more time with smaller growing people instead of helping big players who don’t need half of what they need. You all also need to make it where gifting can also be items in your inventory and more updates need to be done about every week to other week so something new or something to help small accounts. I personally think if there under sh80 and under 1 billion power give them a catch up item to sh100 and 10 billion power with troops shield and everything(hero level ups, shields, Max research, and speed ups to train/heal troops).
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5 years ago, Chilaxin'
Best strategy game ever, yet...
I really loved GOW because of its versatility, being able to do multiple things at one time like building, crafting and researching, gather resources plus training. Was the best of all strategy games for that fact & I recommended this game to anyone who wanted the best strategy game ever. 5 stars all day until it changed to the Demigod level, then it went downhill from there. Packs are ridiculously high, rarely on sale like they used to, can’t use some of my items I bought before the change (have to break most of them if they can be) crazy upgrading times and impossible to get some of the things if you want to upgrade any farm, Up your VIP and Stronghold. My alliance was very active in this game, participating in all KVK’s plus the Wonders, now the crickets have taken over. Why can’t we still get 30 day shields without paying a fortune? I’d love to get back playing this game like I used to in its hay day of popularity. I could not wait to get on here and play, now I just check to see if anything has changed and if anyone sent a message. You can get this game back to what it once was without charging crazy prices for packs and masking it difficult to upgrade. I bet the players will come back in droves who quit and make this game awesome again. 3 stars for the time being until things change. ☮️
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9 months ago, So Done With This App!
Money Pit
I played this game when it first came out until 2018 when I quit. This game was the best most awesome game to play until MZ got so greedy and ruined it. Everything was amazing until MZ started throwing update after update week after week and unless you spent thousands to upgrade you had no chance of competing. Then players, myself included revolted and boycotted the game for a while and MZ slowed down only to start getting greedy AGAIN! When they started losing a large player and spending base they introduce the portal thing. The portal thing did bring some fun back into the game until MZ morons…not learning their lesson the first time ended up ruining the game yet again…at that point my boyfriend and I quit playing. If I could get ALL my money back I would! Even Ctesse quit playing…yeah someone who threw about 2 mill into the game quit….I remember those days. Im writing this review now because I am shocked that this game is still being offered in any online game store and it is almost criminal that it is still being offered. The only reason I am giving this game a star at all is not for the game…I give this star to the wonderful people I met in the game and still in contact with them this very day. If you have never played this game…don’t start.. .its a money pit…there are much better games out there.
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2 weeks ago, Joey D 1167
Just don’t!
Look all these games are kind of the same.. you spend,you stay more relevant as game goes on. Some are more fair than others but this company with all their shell companies? Man stay far away. The same thing happened with mobile strike(sam company)made a lot of good friends, spent some money and it wasn’t too bad in the beginning for competing even without spending or not spending much and then after about a year.. year and a half.. it became a total cash grab and then they reset the whole game so all the money u spent on packs with the items bought… all became obsolete, and you got nothing in return when they completely changed the game! I hope that something is done about companies like this! I do know this company, including a couple others out there stay away from fun plus too! They’ve been sued.. a few times…. I don’t mind spending. I have a fair amount of disposable income. I don’t really enjoy that much anymore. I’ve done a lot of things, but I enjoy a good mobile war game.. that is at least somewhat fair for free to play, even though I am a spender because they still make up a good amount of the game.. None of these games will ever be totally fair for free to play… at least I doubt they will, but with their games, they shouldn’t be allowed in the App Store!
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4 years ago, BlueAlex2455
I remember......
I started playing this game when it first came out, now at that time it was the best game I have EVER played! I still remember getting sooo excited like no game ever. We fought the World Boss, this was one of my favorite activities in the game. New gear for killing monsters, strategy for winning the Wonder, wow really takes me back and have not played a game like it since and I have tried them all. You could create a “Trap Account” for less than $100 and that was a blast, destroying players that attacked you after spending $20,000 and you could beat them, took a lot of research to pull this off but was possible and not sure there was much that was more exciting to play the TRAP. THEN it alllll changed, World Boss was deleted, updates were every couple of weeks so that if you spent $2k you would lose to a guy that spent $200 because he got everything you did plus something new. There are very few things that make you madder than that! It became where a $100 pack was nothing, you needed 10 of those packs to get what you needed. I will always have those memories of playing the greatest on line game ever created and how it was ruined in less than 2 years. Stay away from this game. If I had the ability I would re-create what we had and keep it that way.
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5 years ago, Homers ruling the world
Bad game
It’s literally a bad game They update new gear new buildings levels new training every other day. They make it where you can’t keep up unless you buy then and only then will you maybe stay up until one day someone hits you and zeros you so bad that you can’t rebuild not heal your men. They change recently the heros where you have more different heros new buildings excessively upgrades. They don’t give you any way of understanding of they game of how it works. If you ask MZ about what this new building does or how it applies to They tell you sorry we can’t say anything about that to ask an alliance member or someone from your kingdom but they don’t know either. Yes I am mad because it used to be a good game not anymore unless you have money to blow. This game is crazy unfair; the cost of research is crazy for resources are outstanding out of reach to complete any I reached out to one of the players they sent me some and even with there help it was impossible; they told me the only way to catch up to all the stuff was to buy a pack and even then I wouldn’t have all of the stuff to catch up because of how far I am behind; ive never ever have played an such of a game that was so unfair in the gameplay is crazy so I will leave my little comments and leave this
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4 years ago, Agamemnon86
Not what is was
I started playing this games bout 2 months after it was released. Put it this way my kingdom number was 14, I’m not sure what they’re up to at this point. I REALLY enjoyed this game. It was very fun to play especially with an active alliance. I played in many kingdoms, had a strong alliance that would play in 4 kingdoms over almost 2 years. It was very fun and there was many strategies to be used from attacking, building multiple accounts and making them farm accounts to feed your main account, working as a team to grow each other to the all mighty lvl 21 kingdom with T4 troops... but over the years it became less fun and more about the money. Unless you’re spending $100’s of dollars a week you aren’t able to be competitive. I really wish it was like it was. I would play again and even be willing to spend money like I did before if it was like the beginning.
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5 years ago, Infamousjofficial
Low the price idea & update ideas A lot of people would play even more if this game updates to a whole new level. Like new music more action packed and have more details. Let’s say you lost a battle when someone attacked you, it would be playing some different instense music. With fire ashes going across your screen. And when you win you get victory you got victory music And when you attack someone I want to be able to hear them attacking A lot of people have been talking about outrider skins They want a profile picture of a outrider permanently and a skin of a outrider in there own city People in alliances have been wanting to have that for years They want some type of hero that looks like an outrider in the battle reports And also people want to see there hero when they click it have an animation when they are idol Animation is what this game really needs more of And now to the prices Mz should really lower the prices on Demi god and most importantly dragon dimension People want the packs to be cut in half like 100$ to 50. You will be making far more money if you lower the price because a lot of people are not going to spend 100 on a pack but would much rather pay 50. I guarantee you will make more since people can actually afford it I hope you read this and look at the ideas and let me know what you think so I can tell people in the kingdom afterwards
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3 years ago, Baby Joo
NOT free- you will pay hundreds of $!! No joke.
This game isn't about strategy, it's all about who has the biggest wallet. You cannot advance without buying their expensive $100 packs that do not have enough stuff to complete anything so you need to buy 5, not exaggerating. Every week there is a new release so you never get to enjoy the last release before needing to buy again because you will be outdated and killed with the following weeks release. If you like to waste hundreds or thousands as some have in this game it won't take long. Customer service is an automated email reply and an absolute joke when you do get a person. No matter what happens, just accept that it’s always going to be your fault and there is never any resolution. Even when the game glitches and takes half of what you just paid for, that’s your fault too. You'll not get it back. If you don't like to spend money, be prepared to be attacked and everything you built will be taken from you so now you start all over. Sounds fun huh? Don't be another sucker!
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4 years ago, i do not lie pm me
Bad alliance and toxic communities
Every alliance I join is toxic and bad and when I get in a good alliance I get kicked by my friend for giving resources to another higher level player in are alliance like why is that a problem if I can’t shield and they can why should it matter to them it’s free resources like why just give the resources back after I have been zeroed also why dos everyone make such a fuss about being active most of the people on this game are bots so that is why I am giving this one star because of the toxic community and how close cut the game is I would have rated 3 stars if it was fun but it’s just addicting and boring after 10 levels and if you buy the packs they go from 5$ to 20$ to 100$ and then stay at 100 $ also there is no trading mechanism like for hero’s and it’s never anything new it like ohh you want a good pvp game that requires strategy guess what no thay just made this game so that people or bot can say inappropriate stuff like game has a few words band but like this just needs to be looked into further
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5 years ago, Drustvar
Great game
Super addicting. Time based construction, research, troop training building and more. Build your empire and prove yourself, take part in large scale intra kingdom conflicts as well as world conflicts. Do you have what it takes to become the emperor of all the lands? You can play for free but don’t expect to be able to compete. You can still fill your time monster hunting, collecting resources participating in events for amazing rewards and even attacking people in your range. If you plan to pay be prepared to spend heavily if you want to contest and compete at the highest level. The game offers a variety of hero talent trees. Specialize in warfare or resource, construction, upkeep reduction etc. dragons offer another talent selection as well. Upgrade and specialize it. Further augmenting kingdom strength further. Defense, attack, rss construction etc. craft gear, construction banners and fight your way to glory. Try it out, you may just like be it.
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3 years ago, Faripooh
When I started, about 5ish years ago, this game was everything to me. It was fun with real people who cared about you when you were part of their pack like you were family. There was a sense of pride in not attacking the little guys so they could grow and everything was so fun and amazing. Then, MZ became greedy. Updates every single day that made you spend money or else someone was going to destroy you and what you spent building for years in a matter of minutes. People spent thousands of DOLLARS to keep up and not let their hard work go in vain but it was impossible to keep up and not do in debt. I don’t know about you but a game that requires at least $500 a week to keep up isn’t a game that’s worth playing. It breaks my heart to see this app go to crap because I have so many fond memories but I know that I can’t afford to play it anymore because I can’t spend money. Moral of the story, if you don’t have a couple hundreds laying around that you would potentially light up and burn, this game isn’t for you.
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5 years ago, TheKings_Minion
Was a good game a long time ago.
I rarely write reviews, but let me give a warning to NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. Years ago when this game was in its early stage it was fun and did not require much money to play, maybe a few dollars here and there if you wanted a few nicer things like speed ups or just a bit more gold. You could compete with others skillfully and raise a powerful empire with time and dedication. But now in the modern day, you’ll have to pay ridiculous amounts of money just to stand a chance against others. This game evolved from requiring players to use skill and strategy to forcing them to pay huge amounts of money to get troops, speed ups, gold, etc. if they wanted to even start competing. A veteran player is now considered weak no matter how much skill they have, the only chance of them being able to fight on is if they pay the same money as a new player would. Overall this game is just a cash grab at this point and there is no fun in it anymore, MZ has gotten way too greedy, I regret spending my time and money on this game.
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3 months ago, Liddylu
Used to be fun.....😪😪
I started playing this game when it first came out. I was an R5 in one of the top alliances in the top kingdom (386). We couldn't wait for new updates and the price to pay was cheap. It was all about strategy and getting to know your kingdom. Then all of a sudden you had to spend $ to play,,, lots of money. Then even more money. I remember a time years ago I would stay up all night to rally people. We had a great time. Then it became ridiculous with new updates. I saw people that were maxed out, zeroed within hours of a new update. It was no longer about strategy. Cores used to be customizable for defense and attackers. Now it's all about the gear you buy. Hero level 550. Is crazy. I miss when SH were only level 21. That was when the game was actually fun. Don't download this game. You will lose your house and your wife/husband after the money you spend just to keep up. MZ took a fun game and ruined it. Clash Royale is much more fun and inexpensive.
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2 years ago, Archibolt011
I played this game when it first came out and it was really fun and it was a great idea. However it all changed in just a couple years MZ got greedy and started doing updates every couple of days and the max castle level went from 21 to 100 in no time and then when I thought that was the worst of it they released another update so in order to catch up with the big players you’d have to spend thousands of dollars and then when they release another update all the money you just spent in the previous one is completely wasted. I am learning programming and some other things and getting a team together to make a similar game that isn’t as pay to play as most games like this one and hopefully without copying their whole idea I can make something just as fun. For now though I play war and order. It’s still pay to win but the biggest spender on my server spends 300 every two weeks so it’s not bad at all.
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3 years ago, Cat5 houston
Karol, this ones for you
Save your money abd aggravation, don’t download load this game. I’ve played it off and on for several years. One constant is the players are awesome and a lot of intelligent, interesting, and witty people are in the game. But that’s offset by just as awful customer service and developers so greedy they have driven most players out of what’s been a popular war strategy game. Amazingly this company only makes positive corrections after huge numbers of players exit and quit. Karol (example) just wrote me an entire explanation of why MZ will not address my concern based on an imaginary scenario that is completely contrary to my request for help. In her explanation she made up an entire sequence of events that did not occur to justify not righting a wrong. She wins! I lose! Because I have no power. But I do have the power not to play or spend more. Is it a draw? Well it’s a loss to their bottom line when my experience is echoed by thousands.
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2 years ago, W4r Tig3r
Once upon a time
This game was hands down the most enjoyable mobile game at one time. I keep checking back in hoping for a change that would make it fun again. I am disappointed everytime. There are very few active players and what was once a vast kingdom has all but disappeared. I don’t know how a new player would have any idea what to do they’ve made this game so complicated. I can’t even figure it out and I played for a couple of years lol. They’re basically keeping the game around for the few whales who have invested big $$$$$$ because the game is all but dead. If a change is ever made to make it more community driven and way less $$ driven I’d go all in. Before it became so complicated and driven by greed we had a great community of players. Make the $$ cosmetic focused and take the $$ out of the strategy and this game could be #1 again. Pay to win will always lose in the end. So sad to see something so great be ruined by greed.
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4 years ago, ACE™️
Plz Devs Read This And Respond
Please! I beg of you to not give these greedy people any more money with in-app purchases. And devs, PLEASE get rid of these in-app purchases. There should be no in-app purchases in this game except for Gold purchases. I’m telling you, you will see the number of players rise tremendously if you revert back to this type of minimal player purchasing. It will allow people to play a free-to-play game and be able to unlock all of the items available because the way it’s set up at the moment is that we as players MUST play money or else we will forever be at a disadvantage to the players who pay hundreds of dollars a week on this game. This marketing scheme is just plain disgusting. This game should be marketed as freemium rather than free-to-play. And if it’s really that important that you rake in exuberant loads of money, make it $1.99 to download instead. Please do this for my sanity, the sanity of the rest of your player community, and the overall longevity of your game.
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3 years ago, RBgsxr
It got ruined
This game was awesome back in the day. Been playing for 10 years now. But the last 4 years was just on and off. Basically, farming and upgrading. Trying to catch up. Even with the catch up items. It truly hard to compete. So, many new buildings are hard to understand what it can do for game. Demigod theme really ruined the game. The high level castle also ruined the game. They should left it, the way it was before. Castle level should had top off at either 30 or 50. IDK, I think hey cater to the high level customers who spends thousands of money. They both ruined the game. I think they are many more averages players like who spends little money. They should make another Dimensions/Kingdoms. Wish developer can gives us a free teleport to transfer back to lower level castle of 21 and slowly level up at that new kingdom. It would be more fun again. Revert our old level 21 castle kingdoms of the old days
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4 years ago, Bdbducnbfjc
Ruined my mobile gaming experience
I started playing game of war when I was only 12 years old. That was 5 years ago. I was never able to spend a ton so I would constantly bargain and deal with the spenders to build up power. Eventually I lost control of my addiction and spent a lot more than I should have. I’m talking about thousands and thousands on a video game. And the sad thing was no matter how much I spent it wasn’t enough to keep up with the new content every day and rising price to play the game. I remember when they even tried out 300$ packs. Anyways this game got me into a ton of trouble with my parents and school. If you are thinking about playing DON’T! You will regret it. I used to be one of the best trap accounts in the game. Spent 6+hrs a day learning the game and best troop setups. Only to eventually quit due to the cost. Summary is pretty much don’t play this game!
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3 years ago, BrendonTheShort
Needs more
I used to play a few years ago and it was amazing and then they added all the ads that were basically shoved in our faces and you couldn’t really get ahead of the people who paid to grow so fast. I have an honest suggestion I think people would like if done but how about letting people purchase a private server or world where they and their friends could play together themselves without having the high up people who pay tons just for people below them to quit. If you rent a server monthly for a fair price or sell it for a certain amount and allow people to invite who they want to a world I would totally come back and do that because I have friends who love these games but don’t like spending or massive grinding to keep up and eventually get overpowered anyway. Please think about my suggestion!
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5 years ago, terriblegame101
Although this is a free to play game it is not worth playing unless you spend tons of money on it. I play alongside people who have spent 100 plus dollars on the game and they still have trouble keeping up with most players. The game also tries to take advantage of players who are new to the game and don’t know everything about it by making them spend money on stuff that’s not even worth a dollar and that I’d give away to any new player in a heartbeat. Like right now there is a 50 and a hundred dollar pack on sell both of which give early game resources and items in very low quantities. It’s stuff that you get free when you first log in. There are also other packs that do the same. It’s not just those two. All in all you have to spend a lot of money if you want to have any fun with this game because after a week or two you will run out of things to do without spending money.
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9 months ago, DMOGSLNJ
One of the OG Here! 👋🏻
I recently looked back at my old credit card statements and on average was spending $2,000 per month on this game. Made some great friends though, and even married someone I met in our clan! Of course once we realized we couldn’t spend as much as we once did, my spouse quit the game (but I kept playing). I went down to $500 a month though. Because I couldn’t keep up with the bigger spenders, it began causing issues at home; I would take it out on my spouse, I would keep the kids home from school because I would be up all night at Wonder Battles, and eventually, kicked my spouse out of the house for not being more understanding. We have since split up, and now I am paying $20,000 per month in alimony. All because of a mobile phone app. Don’t be stupid kids… run, do not walk, run away from this game. Don’t download it. Thank me later.
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5 years ago, DGS57
Was a good game
This was a good game, but when it progressed to Demi-God the Game became a useless mess. MZ introduced “Dragon Realm” a sort of reboot. This was interesting at first, but now MZ has headed down the same track that destroyed the original Game. One problem is there are no attack level restrictions , that is any player, the largest most powerful player can attack and instantly destroy the smallest players. Many do, rather than attack at their own level. This is part of MZ strategy of course to get players to spend money to play. There really is no Free play on this game, if you actually want to do anything. At one time there were no loaders for this game, however there are now. MZ doesn’t seem to care. If you haven’t started this game, my advice is don’t, find another, unless of course you are willing to spend tens of thousands of real money to play.
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4 years ago, Donbonzini
Don’t waste your time
This game is not worth playing. This game is for people who have a lot of money. It used to be a great game but MZ is making it into a money only game. They allow the bigger players who spend money to attack smaller players. You’re a level 1 player and you get attacked by a level 90 making it very hard and difficult for you to get any chance to grow and compete. So don’t waste your time playing this game. They don’t believe in fair play they are only interested in how much money they can make from you and the moment you have any type of problem. You get treated so badly they make you feel like it’s your fault and forget about getting any compensation for something that went wrong with the game itself. So if you have a lot of money then I say play the game. If you want to play and grow and you don’t have a lot of money . DO NOT !!! Play this game .
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4 years ago, Scward6457
I Used to love this game.....but
This game at one time was so fun, challenging and I played every single day. At times I would buy packs because they were reasonably priced. Then things the packs are ridiculously priced, items that were at one time purchased in packs aren’t usable anymore so that was a waste of my money. Shields are unattainable due to their cost. It’s literally no fun. I recently updated my email address on my account, followed all the steps and lost the account I’ve played on for years. I’ve reached out several times for assistance and haven’t gotten anywhere. All my time and money down the drain. I would love to be able to get my account back.
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2 years ago, TrinityReign
Miss the old GOW
This was my first ever role playing game. It was very addicting, lots of fun. It has probably been close to 5 years now since I played this game. I quit because it became way to expensive. Something always new coming out every couple of days. I spent thousands of dollars on this game…. And for nothing. Nothing to show for it. I even had a coplayer that shared my account and we built it together… but again… even with two people spending we could not keep up. I can only imagine what it is like now. I’ve been tempted to check it out again …. But my wallet and credit card won’t let me. I will stick with Guns of Glory… which was my second game ever played… and I’m still playing with a fraction of the money spent. GOW needs to get back to its roots ..back to the way it was…. Us former addicts miss how things use to be.
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5 years ago, OFYB
Play Kingdoms mobile instead
I started playing GOW when it first came out, back when you had to train troops to kill monsters and it was more simple. The game held an interest because I felt at least back then that I didn’t have to spend money to play and be competitive... just patient. Instead I say the game turn sour as packs/gold/ and purchase determines ones ability to stay competitive and not just become a farm from larger players who simply had $$$$ of dollars to spend on the game. This greed turned the game down a path that it would never recover from. I held 4 accounts, spends $250 per account, average. This is nothing to the thousands spent by others. I wish this game would do a complete overhaul and return to the simplicities that made it great, and learn from its mistakes that the companies greed takes advantage of its players.
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2 years ago, 1Traveller1
Frustrating game
Update - MZ has made it so it’s either update or you can’t play. Well my phone won’t update. Tried to email MZ but the link is not working. Guess that’s it for this game. Fun but the server goes down often. This is fine for non war type games. But in this game, if your shield drops and you cannot log on to replace your shield before you have to go to work or sleep - your city gets attacked and your resources and hero get taken!... And MZ the game's developers will only respond to your complaints with a generic "we'll look into it" response....Unless it affects them monetarily. Which means enough accounts win big actual money spenders need to complain and boycott their in-game money purchases. My advice if you haven't already invested your time, STAY away from the game
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5 years ago, Numbercch
The game is way overpriced fun anymore and nobody plays it because It is overpriced unless you plan on paying $400 a month you can’t compete in this game! That’s why this kingdom is pretty much dead you made it over complicated the last time anybody was on the line and commented on anything was 9 years ago!And you guys don’t even read your reviews if you would read them you would see that you would have a problem with this game everybody’s complaints are the same but you guys change nothing except you start taking things away from players we need right with negative reviews!And if you write something bad about them they start taking things away like secret Gifts!!! And I make sure that you don’t get the things that you probably should be getting like everybody else!!!
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3 years ago, hu nedstuknow
Not really a game
You can only play if you buy their packs. But the packs don’t contain enough of what is need to stay competitive. Only big spenders ( I mean thousands of dollars per month) are competitive. If you want to play just for fun, this isn’t the game for you. The company doesn’t listen to players, so hardly anyone is buying, and there are literally hundreds of abandoned accounts throughout the different kingdoms. Prizes for events also fall way short, so there is barely any participation. Battles are almost nonexistent, instead players just exchange kills. Disappointing game...too bad. The company is only interested in collecting money, not interested in making the game fun and exciting again. There loss. Please don’t download or play this game, you’ll only be disappointed.
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3 years ago, GoW Recovering Addict
This game ruined my life.
Seriously if you have credit cards easily available don't play this. If you have an addictive personality definitely don't play this. I became extremely addicted to this game and spent money without even thinking about it. I'm now in debt up to my eyeballs and can barely afford to pay my credit card bills and provide for my family. This game has caused a rift in my life and while I treasure the friends I've made playing it, I'm embarrassed by the state I've put my family in because of my addiction. I'm now seeing a therapist for depression because of how this game has affected my life. There is no way to truly be successful or take place in any of their "events" without spending money or convincing others to spend money for you. If I could give it zero stars I would.
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5 months ago, Emerald15
Omg so much fun then it went downhill
I started in 2013. Played this game and had a blast as a trap. Was very well Known and everyone worked together to make each other better. Then demigod hit and it went downhill. The constant upgrades, researches, research, vip, gems, buildings upgrades would be happening sometimes twice a day. Packs are not cheap but You have to spend to stay competitive. And then it got worse with Dragon dimension. A portal to the same game but with dragons. Started out slow so everyone went over because it was old school. Then everything started fast again with the upgrades, researches, gems, dragons then saw duster monsters etc. I played for ten years and finally quit 2023. I would love to come back but it has to change first.
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1 year ago, Wraith/Deidamia
Still the sad imbalance
Just don’t 😖 I reinstalled the ap when MZ was going to delete old unused castles (I spent a lot on that so no deleting me, let it rot) and what the heck let’s see what’s changed… all pre-demigod items are useless but still there (have fun button mashing to get rid of that). If you don’t spend you can get the useless Athena gifts and feel like you’re building, but without buying you will not have enough rss to succeed nor can you gather these rss. A full player (spender) can 1 troop your castle and kill any pathetic troop you train and take billions of rss… no typo, 1 troop you. There is no play for free here like in similar war games where you can build for free, you won’t be as strong but you can still play, GOW there is no play for free, just free button mashing.
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1 year ago, EdwardPrince91
I guess it’s time for you guys to wake up smell the coffee. 2013 this game was the best of the best! The only thing they needed to add was those “Ancient Advanced Teleport” to travel to kingdom. A lot of people are gonna be moving around the other kingdoms. Mz, I told you many times. Once a player teleport to a kingdom you have to wait 6 months. You shouldn’t even be teleporting all over the place. The Demi gods is sick! You took away the souls of hearts! The players! I understand you want money. It’s important to return to the old days when this game was just original. Your customer service was great before it all had to crash. I understand that your company had no choice to let you go! Maybe in the future you can reconsider bringing back the old days.
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5 years ago, h. aljarrash
Game of War... (2014 days vs. 2019)
Fire Age was the best game of 2014, no doubt. It was always number. Everyone was playing it, hell even LINE groups were created for this game. It was big... fast forward to its gigantic fall late 2016... this game is no more. I played again this year because I missed and I got to tell you, it’s fixed. It is fixed, but players do not trust the system anymore. Alliances? Empty. The eerie feelings of you taking a nap and waking up to your city burning? Vanished. There are just not a lot of players in it anymore, and the ones in it do not even bother. I love this game. I miss this game.
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3 years ago, JonnyOnSocial
MZ has taken away the strategy
**Updated 9/17** They've really taken the strategy out of "Real Time STRATEGY" It takes years.. literally years to compete with the powerful guys if you don't spend any money. Even if you buy the cheap gold sales in the beginning, it'll still take years to compete. If you want to build your power up quickly, spend the money. I paid for a few gold sales & built my city up pretty good, but I still can't compete w/ the 'billion'-powered guys. I spent just enough where it didn't get out of hand, and I'm able to compete w/ the 'million'-powered guys. Until you guys makes it where us smaller players can compete separately away from the people who spend thousands of dollars, I’ll no longer be playing
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4 years ago, jcvalley
Used to be a great game..
I loved this game.. loved... when it first came out, I devoted a lot of time into it, and about 6 months in, decided to spend a little.. within weeks I was an elite player, maxed on everything with the best gear and an awesome alliance that helped me become one of the best players in the world. However, 4 years later (and about $80k) I finally decided to give up.. the devs are way too greedy and the updates are ridiculous. I hope someday I will find a game that I can enjoy as much as I enjoyed this one in the early days.. at this point, it would be pointless to play unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money and devote nearly all of your time into account development, since the game now has so much depth, it’s impossible to understand or get ahead of the curve.
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4 years ago, JoseJ95
Don’t play this game
I started playing this game when it recently came out and everything was good. The updates weren’t as often. You didn’t have to spend so much money to have a decent strong hold. And as soon as MZ got greedy you had to spend hundreds of dollars to be able to put up a fight. I even spend $500 in one day to re build everything and get most of the updated stuff. And I literally lost it to someone using Tier 1 troops and traps. I jus can’t believe that after I made the updates and have higher tier traps would make me stronger, the answer is “no” you will loose money to someone in level 8 and your probably much higher than that and loose everything. I highly don’t recommend this game unless you have serious money to put into this game.
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5 years ago, jayplay619
I’ve been playing this game for along time, before the new demigod levels started. This game was fun to play. Now it’s very hard to get building levels and vip levels to a higher play level without spending a small fortune. Wish they would make there sale packs more often with instant building levels and vip levels like they use to have. They have lost a lot of players because of this reason and they’ll lose more if they don’t go back to the way things were! These packs are full of junk now and you multiply on things you really don’t need, rss are harder to get and there gear leveling is way harder! What happened to this game?!
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5 years ago, Lady Ryuu
Nothing good about this game
The game is impossible to play anymore. I’ve been playing for 1909 days straight. I can honestly say it’s gone down hill. It’s quite apparent that the game has turned in to a money grab. Time to build anything is impossible. I’ve been building a set of traps for a year now because I refuse to spend any money on this game anymore. Peace shield use to cost gold, about 30k for 30 days. Then things changed to loyalty points, okay it was 30m loyalty for 30 days. Now it’s just ridiculous, it now costs 300 million points for a 30 day shield. I stayed playing for the people I met but most have now quit in droves. Kingdom chats are dead. Save yourself some time, don’t play this game or any game by them. Mobile Strike is just as bad. I will be calling Apple to complain.
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1 year ago, pay pay 2 win win
Horrible and they don’t care $$$
Oddly I still play and wondering why been playing on and off for 8 years or so I think. Never seen a game that want so much money to play. And constantly selling packs because the select 5% continues to buy them. No sooner then I unlocked the highest last troop they came out with new ones always tome, research , vip, hero, hero gear, dragons, war machines it doesn’t stop it’s ridiculous. I feel foolish for spending a 150 to 200 in 8 years some do that in a night for that reason this game will not change. There laughing all the way to the bank. I seen all the latest comments from other people and it’s truly sad how bad the ratings are but there not lying a one start is being kind.
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4 years ago, Willy bo bo
I would give negative stars if I could!
Don’t get me wrong game was fun but now with the greed and I mean GREED of machine zone I don’t recommend anyone even bother to start playing this game. It’s a shame that MZ has managed to ruin this game in 2 different dimensions in the game. Another thing about the greed of Mz is that they could care less about smaller or mid range players. They take the advice of the big players cause all they want is money and I get it, it’s a business but even if they didn’t make all the upgrades as often as they do people would still buy. Instead smaller and mid range players quit and all that’s left are the big spenders with no one to hit! One day Mz will wake up and realize what idiots they are and how they ruined a great game...twice!✌️
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11 months ago, alexschrockofficial
Pay to play
I decided to test this game out and see what would happen if I spent 500. I’ll tell you what happened I level up really quick then told I needed to buy another pack. This game you would literally need to pay at least like 1k every week to even grow. This game use to be fun. They should make the packs at most five dollars. Cheapest pack is 20 and it doesn’t do anything except level up your buildings. You have to buy probably like ten different research packs three building packs a level up for your hero pack then a pack for your special troops then your wilding troops. This game really needs major changes on its pricing to be even fun for everyone. You won’t have fun unless you spend bands
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5 years ago, Cat2861
Used to be good...Not anymore
This game used to be a great game to play until MZ got greedy and was putting out updates almost everyday which then in return you would have to spend even more money to keep up. Back about 5 yrs so it was great playing it with awesome people from around the world. I quit well over a year ago because I refused to drop another dime on this game. My city is still shielded lol. It’s a shame MZ what you did to a once good popular game. So many players left and went to other games that are much better and aren’t dropping updates like crazy. Game of War kingdoms are all dead. Such a shame! smh....Now you see what greed got you! Bad reviews and a dead game! I will never play a MZ game again! If I could give zero stars I would!
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4 years ago, kkh2o2
Terrible Customer Service
My family has played this game for years, and spent more money than we should’ve. But when I went to I quit playing, just recently I started playing again, but I got put in a new starter kingdom that I couldn’t teleport out of to play with my family. I started up a chat with customer service and they never once seriously addressed the issue, they simply said “teleporting is not allowed in you kingdom currently”, they would not talk to me. Instead they sent me generic responses and refused to tell me how to move where I could play with my family and friends I always played with in the past. They actually cut off the communication and told me to start up another chat if I had a DIFFERENT concern.
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2 months ago, Mott-the-Red
Overly complicated, too expensive
If you are interested having fun at a reasonable price, this is NOT the game for you. The “packages” are designed in the game’s favor…you neverw quite get finished with whatever goal you're working on before needing to spend another $99; and there’s a super abundance of things to “level up,” such as monsters, dragons, machines, and umpteen research themes…and, in case you didn't spend enough last week, there's a new one introduced each week. And none of your time, $$$, and energy matters a wit if your kingdom’s shield goes down and another player happens to notice and wipes out your army in a matter of minutes. STAY AWAY, find real fun somewhere else
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5 years ago, JimWorld7
Game is Just About How Much You Spend
Several years ago, the game was quite enjoyable and strategically challenging, with opportunities for non paying players to engage and play the game. Over time the makers have changed the game and constants upon the players (how to shield a city) so that only players that pay actual money to buy upgrades can survive for any period of time. Unless you are looking for an online game you can sink major funds into playing the game, recommend you move on to another app.
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5 years ago, Kimber-Mo'Niq
Buyer Beware!!
This game could be fun if it wasn’t so costly! Very fast paced doesn’t take much to get zeroed so you have to stay on your toes. The packs for US PLAYERS are $99 pre tax. Cost more for other countries, everything you need to build and progress you have to pay for initially i thought the packs were filled with a lot of stuff but really it’s not because the keep selling stuff you have already and can no longer use. Very rare do the sell catch up packs that include majority of items you have already. Don’t waste your time or your money the developers are very greedy and truly feel your hard earned money grows on trees! They refuse to sell things needed at a cheaper cost that is reasonable!!! Smh
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5 years ago, JSims83
Fun to play. Addicting
I've been playing this game for a while now and it's very fun. There are always new features being unlocked in the game which helps keep things fresh and keeps it from being boring. Another cool feature is being able to chat with people from all over the world. One thing I do wish I could change though is to pick and choose which alliance I would join. I wanted to jump into a friend's alliance but couldn't figure out how.
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