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Vitalii Zlotskii
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9 months ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for GamePigeon

3.96 out of 5
205.8K Ratings
2 days ago, Agent 1008
Great game, could use some tweaks
As a teenager on summer vacation, game pigeon is a great way to cure boredom. I agree that this could use an online version, but I have friends, yes I have school friends that will always play. I see an online version with set chats such as “good game” or “want a rematch?” To challenge people beneficial to the game. If you do plan to add this, please do not make it a subscription to play online. I love there are a variety of games you can play without playing. Only a few things I don’t like. They don’t affect much, but these little changes would make it slightly easier to play. 1) I don’t like how you or your opponent can stall the game when it’s obvious when you win or loose. 2) you get sent a match and some other person finishes their turn first and robs you of your opportunity to play your friend. 3) you should be able to chew the active game. I want to know what’s going on some times. All it says is game is full and when you tap on the game a message covers the screen. 4) this is the biggest thing. As this app takes off of iMessage, and you can’t actually click on it, time limits cancel it out. There should be a way to request time for this or change it’s category so it doesn’t get affected by this. It is extremely annoying. I know you will probably not read this but please, this is an amazing game but this is how to make it better.
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6 years ago, TabTale fan
Cool app, but a few changes.
I just got this app and was unable to play it because no one wants to play. I wish there was a game mode (that you can switch) so that you can play games against a computer. My friends don’t ALWAYS want to play, so I really want to play against a computer because if not, that’s a waste of storage if I’m not gonna get to play it. Also I think GamePigeon should add 2v2 games (where you can also switch the mode) and just basically add more games. Of course when you first download this app you’re going to be excited and love it. But then after a while, you get bored and no one wants to play anymore. So you delete it. You should add stuff like if you get to a certain level you get rewards. You should level up by getting XP, or points, where you earn when you win games against friends. I think that might make it more interesting, and if you already have this feature I am sorry, I have NOT played this, as I explained in the beginning. So overall I THINK it’s a pretty good game. I will try to play later, and then I can write another review. Thank you, and please take these thing into consideration.
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5 years ago, sarah948
Great game just two minor problems
I think that game pigeon is a wonderful game and it is great to play with friends. I have two suggestions that are quite minor but would make some difference. My first suggestion is that when I am playing a game with a friend can there be a sign telling me that the other person is playing or not because it is frustrating waiting for a person to do the next move when really they put there phone away. Maybe you can just put a small not saying “player making move” or something like that, so that we know if it is worth to stay on the app or just go back to the home screen because they aren’t playing. The second problem is that when I finish a round I usually go out of the game or home or texting someone else or doing what one does on there free time. So when I get the notification that they have completed there turn sometimes it won’t let me press/enter the game so I have to exit the chat that I am in and try again so it would be wonderful if that was fixed. I really enjoy your game it has really improved texting for my friends and I. This is a wonderful game but there are two minor problems I hope you can fix
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5 months ago, 🦵👌
Good but a few suggestions.
Amazing game I have an acquaintance who lives in an area out of the way, I don’t have a console so I can’t play most games. GamePigeon is a great way to connect with them. I have a few suggestions though. First make new games, it gets old playing the same games over and over again. A few suggestions might be to make more multiplayer games. (ex. War, Trash, etc.) I think it would be fun to add multiplayer to already existing games. It would also be nice to have two player games things like Guess Who or trivia games (could be multiplayer) I think it would be cool if you retextured games, Paintball could be retextured into Dodgeball. I read a few comments on this game and I think what is being suggested is brilliant, it would be amazing to do a leveling up system, you could also do events where there are special games and cosmetics only from that event. Lastly I think you should add a voice chat in games like Crazy 8 to talk instead of having to type for a while. I know most of my ideas come with a downside (ex. the voice chat might have some creepos) but I really think this game deserves five stars!
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5 years ago, aluicious ignacious
Cool app but some issues
Gamepidgeon is an awesome app to play with friends and it’s definitely the best iMessage app. However their are some minor glitches that bug me. I deleted the app a little while ago and redownloaded it and whenever a friend sends me a game it says download gamepidgeon down below. It doesn’t effect my gameplay at all but just a small detail that bugs me. Another thing is sometimes it glitches when I try to play it right after scrolling through the games list. I tap on it but it doesn’t work and I have to close messages and go back on. Sometimes the app simply does wierd glitches and doesn’t work right but closing messages usually fixes any issues. Overall this is a great app that is tons of fun to play a quick game with a friend when your bored.👍 Update: Sorry, I forgot to write this in my original review. It would be really nice if you were able to send multiple games at once so when you want to play a bunch of games you could select a bunch and send them all at once instead of going back and forth to send more. Update: I just realized that you can play by yourself by sending a gamepidgeon to your own number!
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8 months ago, Veronica200928
Great except for GamePigeon+
I love this add on for iPhone it’s so much fun! I love playing games with my friends and family whenever I want with this app. It’s really great overall, the only downside there would be having to subscribe to get access to some things. There are a lot of cool avatar items and things for games that you can only get access to by subscribing to GamePigeon+. Also the ads. When I first started playing on GamePigeon, there were like no ads at all. I think it’s only been more recently that I’ve started to get ads every now and then, but you can get rid of them by subscribing to GamePigeon+. Of course, these are all just frivolous things that aren’t required to have to play any of the games. You can play game pigeon perfectly fine without GamePigeon+. You just can’t personalize it very much. I really wish they had more free options to personalize your gaming experience like clothes and facial expressions for your avatar, but you can still play the game perfectly fine without it. Overall, it’s an amazing app if you like connecting with your friends and family and playing games! ;D
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1 year ago, EthannXD
Performance Issues on iPhone 14 Pro Max
I’ve had this app for a while, and on several iPhones. From my previous phone and this one, I am experiencing several performance issues from GP. Sometimes the games completely crash when I’m in the middle of playing, but usually when I have multiple games going and the other player sends their turn when I’m doing my turn on a different game. Usually when I reopen, it lets me restart the turn. However, I lose my turn during any game that involves time. Other times, it makes my entire messaging app freeze, and I have to close it, wait, and reopen it. Also, some of the in-game graphics fail to appear. In Pong, sometimes the UI doesn’t load the ball but you can still “shoot” it. In basketball, the balls sometimes freeze at the bottom and you can only shoot them occasionally. It’s annoying. It happens probably 25% of the time. Crashing, honestly up to 50% if I have multiple games open. It’s borderline unusable. There’s many other bugs I’ve experienced but that’s all I can think of. I have screen recordings for the devs if interested. It’s frustrating because I love this app, I don’t get tired of it. I paid for the full version as well.
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3 years ago, I_like_soccer
Two suggestions
I think the games are super fun, they work for me a majority of the time. I also love the variety of games. Two things: First, when I play games like chess or mancala or something, my opponent will have beaten me for example in mancala where they’ll have an insurmountable lead. But if we just stop playing then they don’t get credit for that win. A concede button would be great. If it’s already there, I don’t see it. Second, I understand ads are a way to make money, but at the same time I wish there were a way I could see the game board while the opponent is playing in order to plan my next move. I can’t do that with ads taking up the whole screen (I guess I should just get the full version or something). Additionally I’ve played tournaments on group chats and I’d like to spectate certain games where two people are really good at 8 ball for example. It’s like any tv sport, you watch it because the players are really good. So a live, real-time, ad free spectating mode would be great (again maybe I just need to get the full version?).
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2 months ago, Avcantplaythegame!
Fun but has some bugs
I love game pigeon, it is a fun app but it does have a major, restricting bug. First off, the game is fun with a variety of different games you can play with your friends! I love playing it with my friends and we all play it at least once a day. When you or your friend sends a game from the options that they want to play, you usually click on the link they sent you and it takes you to the game to play. But, sometimes when you click on it, it tells you “Go to game pigeon app” and shows a picture of where your supposed to go. I then click on it and it doesn’t let me go. I then try to go to the App Store and search game piegon. I then click open but nothing works. I love game peigon so much but this one bug keeps it from being the best, 5 star app it can be. I would definitely get this app if you are bored and want some fun. I looked at other reviews and it seems to not work on tablets, iPads, and stuff like that. (Which I am playing on an iPad as well) but it seems to work better with people who have phones. In conclusion, game pigeon is a fun app but it is a little frustrating when you can’t play.
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5 years ago, nice👌ok👌
Great app just want to add something
This is a great app. This app is great for when you and your friend want to have fun on iMessage. But I just want to make a request for the developers. I would like the app to be more than just an iMessage game. I would like to be able to click on the app while on the home page. I don’t just want to be able to play with only my friends. I want a mode where you can play online for games like crazy 8. But otherwise this game is the best game for me yet! Another thing about game pigeon is that if none of your friends have the app, then there is no point of having the app. Another problem is for some games, that when I don’t understand the game, I can’t read the directions because it says manual coming soon. And when I check back a coulomb weeks after, it still says that. One last problem is that some of the games get boring after a while. There aren’t a whole lot of games to play after you play all of the games a couple of times. Then you might stop playing the game and forget about it. Otherwise game pigeon is a great game and is fun to play when you are bored or when you are up for a challenge!
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3 years ago, Someone Grear
Amazing game! Just some suggestions.
This app is soooo much fun. Like, whoever invented this, you are pure genius. I love playing this game with my friends and family, and this app has kept me occupied on lots of boring days. So if you are reading this, YOU HAVE TO GET GAME PIGEON!!!! There are just a couple things that would make this game even better.......... First of all, I really think you should add tic tac toe as one of the game options. (You get what I mean) Also, some kind of drawing game would be fun too....... something where like, you get a random object to draw, then the person with the best accuracy wins. Something along those line. Another thing is that, you guys should really get all the game directions out. I think that would make learning new games a lot easier. And, it’s a little weird how adds just randomly pop up, and extra things get a little pricey, but I understand how you guys have worked very hard to make game pigeon an amazing app. Overall I love this app so much and anyone reading this should definitely get game pigeon. Love y’all💜💜💜
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6 years ago, Garrett Reider
The best iMessage app by far, one suggestion though.
First off, I wanna say that this is the best iMessage app on the App store, it’s different than your typical stickers app and it’s just such a wonderful concept of a game. There have been a few glitches here and there but overall I have had a really great experience with this app. Amazing job. My one suggestion, however, is that a “Spectator Mode” is added to two-player games on group chats, meaning that if I click on a, say, pool game between two other friends, I would be able to click the game and either it will take me right into my suggested “Spectator Mode” or it would have the same menu saying that a maximum of 2 players are allowed to play, but have a button under it that I can click to watch their game. Maybe even add a messaging feature implemented in the game like in Crazy 8 so you can cheer the players on. Other than my one suggestion, this is a perfect game to play with your buddies and I recommend the reader to download it if you haven’t already.
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4 years ago, Unknown(no name)
I love it but....
This game is awesome, don’t get me wrong. It is so much fun to play with your friends and be able to communicate with them by playing games. I also love the new additions, and love everything you did with it. My only issue with this is that my parents installed screen time in my phone, which means after I use my phone for a certain amount of time, I can’t do anything on it unless I requested it from my parents, where they could type in the password and could approve it for as much time as they choose. The problem with this game, is that since it is not an app, and merely an attachment to text, I cannot request screen time therefore I can’t play the game. So if someone sent me a game, I would have to explain to them the whole situation with screen time and it is getting very annoying. And it’s not like I can ask one of my parents to approve it because that’s not even an option! Anyway, I hope the game developers take the suggestion of turning this into an app, because it would be much easier.
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1 year ago, Chikielala
I want it to be better
Hey App created, I know that this is a feature that has a perk and doesn’t make revenue so I understand not updating this. However, I personally would pay a few dollars here and there for more games. Bring us Chinese Checkers, Go, sorry, backgammon, mahjong, candy land, etc. I know there are probably licenses for some of these brands, but if their not copy righted or if we can have a knock off like battleship. I’m here for it. Also doing these in group messages would be a hit. Improving this feature is about reaching people when I’m these current times. Sometimes people don’t want to talk about their issues or they don’t want to constantly be outside the home, but bringing this app to provide a bit more community or engagement from family/friends. It allows for improvement. People would be willing to pay a small fee to have these transfer over text. It is such a side market that isn’t being leveraged. Would love to see this grow into something more and put these games in the hands of more users and more messages.
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4 weeks ago, Clovurbot
One of my favorite things about iPhone
Gets me through my work day. Most of the games are of high quality. Great to have lots of turn-based options with no timeouts so you can play when you have a chance to. The only disappointing thing about GamePigeon is that they really don’t update it. The “?” Screen for pool still only pops up a screen that says “game manual coming soon” Would love to see some effort put into updates: Alternative game modes such as Cricket for Darts. Add some *fun* settings such as extra random layouts for cup pong, maybe a mode with extra cups or moving cups, bouncy pool balls or bumper pool. There’s room for additional games as well that I think would fit into game pigeon: Bowling, Baseball, Skeeball, Scrabble, a head-to-head matching game, card games, arcade-like high score games such as pinball. There’s plenty of room for this game to grow into an iPhone selling talking point but it seems like all they’ve done in recent years is add maybe one skin pack.
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5 years ago, ColeSprouseOfficialJk...
Great game! But a few minor problems...
As you may be able to see, I didn’t take off any stars just from these small issues, and that is because I love this game so much! My friends and I all play it together. One problem is that you have to pay for a bunch of stuff to fully enjoy the game. I realize it’s optional but, lots of the people I play with have the extra games and I don’t want to pay for that because, I personally think it is overpriced. I realized that is how the developers make money off of this game but, it is a little much, at least I think so. Also, there are quite a bit of advertisements about buying extra stuff for the game. It always bugs me when I want to see if a different “mode” (ex. In cup pong there is triangle and random for the shape of the cups) and want to see how it works but, I would have to pay for the different arrangement of cups in cup pong, number of letters in anagrams, difficulty in 8 ball, etc. These are just minor things I think should be changed.
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6 months ago, narutonoob
I really like the games, but I get annoyed when I try playing a game I haven’t played before, I check for a game manual, but it doesn’t have one. But it’s nice.👌🏼 Edit: So I was messing around when I figured out I could text MYSELF. And I thought “ hey, what if I could PLAY against my self. AND IT WORKED. When I’m playing, the opposing players avatar is just mine but green and a different shirt color. Not that I’m complaining tho, a very useful hidden feature for when your friends take to long to move in checkers lol. But one problem… when ever I play my favorite game, archery, not only the AI would get the same score as me (because I’m playing against myself lol) but it would KEEP its score from the previous round, which I find VERY ANNOYING. So even if I scored a bullseye three times in a row, it would have twice as much as me. Please fix this particular issue! But keep the part where I can play against my self obviously. - goddess of destruction
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2 years ago, She Knows Muzik
Normally Great…But Not Recently
Normally this app is great. But recently, I’ve been having some weird experiences. About a week or so ago, my friend and I were playing Darts and Sea Battle. When it was my turn to play Sea Battle (I was on the verge of winning), I opened the game only to find that it had turned into a new Darts game! Bro, I was so livid! So we finished the Darts game we already had in progress, and started playing the glitch game. Another weird thing with that is Game Pigeon would send us the game twice. Like, my friend would play and send the game to me, but I would receive it twice. After playing one, I would open the second, but it was kind of like an instant replay. Today my friend and I were playing Pool, and when it was my turn, the game had started completely over! We lost all our progress! So…definitely some weird stuff going on. That being said, when the app is working as it should, it’s awesome and I’m addicted!
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3 weeks ago, Gxjdzgo hcud
Why no response? Same issue week after week. no response! I paid for no ads.
I’m still having same issue. please assist?! Is now been 2 months since I paid for no ads . Please see all of these requests. Will someone respond? This is still happening! Can you assist? I paid for no ads and am annoyingly getting ads. It has been a month. Can you help? Still happening ! This is about a month and a half. “No ads” works only intermittently! I’m feeling ripped off. Please help!!! Here’s my review: I paid for no ads and week after week I still get ads, which interferes with my games and my enjoyment. And week after week I have stated this concern to the game pigeon People thru this forum to no avail. This is disappointing and should be corrected! Many many consumers would give up and simply stop playing but I wish to continue. This is no way treat a loyal paying consumer. Please respond to me. Btw way you say “thanks for your feedback” but so far my feed back is meaningless. Thank you Same issue for the last month: I paid for no ads and still get them. No response from you! What gives?! Same issue: and no response. Still getting ads. Why? Please respond!
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1 year ago, Josh Seckel
Let’s talk about Chess
Honestly, GamePigeon is great iMessage platform with games to play. But I have one problem with one game, Chess. Why Chess? Well here’s my story about Chess, one issue or more. Story: Today Feb, 23, 2023, I was playing with friend Poole. (not telling first name only last name) But after a while once I had one tile [King] and he had two tiles [ King and Pawn ]. A little while later once we tried over and over again to try to capture his King, his Pawn “magically” turned into a Queen after I literally capture his Queen. How GamePigeon? How did my friends Pawn turned into a Queen? That makes absolutely zero sense. A second issue with Chess is “auto” moving. I mean thanks for specific movement (blue squares) to tell a specific move that we can do. But how can you capture the King? Like when I was playing my King can only get one square away from his [Poole’s] King. The “auto” or “blue square” (as I should say) movements won’t let me get zero squares away from his King (A.K.A. right next to each other or “neighbors”. GamePigeon fix Chess PLEASE. But I thank you for fixing nine-ball though.
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3 years ago, Sydney Maimone
Game Pigeon 🪶
This game got recommended to me by a friend because she asked if I could play, of course I got it because I was curious and wanted to see what the game was! As soon as I downloaded it I fell in love and all my iMessages were filled with game pigeon:it’s your turn! There is so many games and new ones everyone will fall in love with. My fav game is archery 🏹 it’s just like real life it even tells you what the wind is and warns you it could mess up your shot. Why I gave game pigeon 5 ⭐️’s was because you don’t have to be live in a game if you don’t want to it won’t skip your turn and if you don’t want to be starring at a screen all day that’s great because the games get played at your own pace! The only thing that is bad about game pigeon is that I’m trying to try to shoot my friends ship 😂 and an ad just pops up,but you can skip it in 5 seconds so maybe they should work on that…anyway this is one of the best apps I have ever downloaded. ❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, ElsaSucks
Great games, with some minor flaws.
When me and my friends were playing a game of eight ball. One person was skipped and it was much of an inconvenient to restart the game, so we went on with the game. They were winning so they were angry at us for not restarting the game. They restarted all the games we started when we were just playing , not with them I feel like it has some flaws because they weren’t even playing they just joined in and they could restart the game of eight ball. I feel like a good update would be to only allow some people to end and start the game. The other games like basketball, WordSearch, and jigsaw puzzles very good but they still has some flaws. The game is kept slowing down slowing down so now because I had an older phone, I decided to delete the app until it I got an update, it never did. Game pigeon, if you see this please take my advice and listen to my review, I feel that a multiplayer mode with more people is better. Thank you ,goodbye 🫢
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4 years ago, chehrbk iehwm
Suggestions! GREAT game!
GAME CHANGES: 1.Maybe make crazy 8 a 2+ player game and the reverse direction just isn’t a thing in 2 players NEW GAME IDEAS! 1. 2+ player game for SORRY! I know you can’t just steal their name though so maybe you could call it OOPS! or MY BAD! or Bumper. 2. Stratego? I think that would be fun! Again I know you can’t steal the name so maybe “world war”? 3. Card games? Spades? 4 players. Hearts? 4 players. Euchre? 4 players. 4. “BB guns!” Small pop up archery targets in a forest background that you have to get before they disappear. 10 targets per round, most targets in the round wins, 3 rounds. 5. “Corn Hole!” Now this has lots of factors. Wind to the left and right, like in archery, and having to shoot to the side so it comes back. Plus a power factor with a forward and backward wind factor. Same rules as regular corn hole. GAME ORGANIZING! 1. I’ve got a problem with how the games are organized fairly randomly, and I think you should do it by Alphabet rather then what I think is popularity AVATARS! 1. I’m a long haired boy and there’s no good long-hair style for boys/men. Please add one that would work. 2. for the avatars could you add a hat? Just a regular white flat bill hat. NOTE: Thank you so much for this game! It rocks! Also I love how little ads there are! It’s nice to be able to play good fun games with my friends! Keep making epic updates, and please read this because I spent 30 minutes typing it up! (98 wins in 8ball)
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3 months ago, KSV23462679
Good but...
I absolutely love this game and it is so fun and easy to play with my friends. I would give it five stars but the prob is that sometimes none of my friends are able to play, or don’t have this. I wish you could play without your friends, and just against Ai or smth. Obviously this feature does not have that ability, so that takes away one star. The other star is gone because of my avatar. I got this app because it was free, but all of the fun avatar features cost real money, and my mom is really strict about what I use my debit card for. My other friends are allowed to purchase game features with their debit card, and we have a competition going of whose avatar looks the coolest. Of course I am in last place because all the cool avatar features cost money. I wish the app has tokens to collect by winning games, and then you can unlock new avatar features and games. However, if none of y’all care about those things that really do not affect the fun and quality of the app, by all means, there is no question you should get this!
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2 years ago, reviemem
Yes but she is still working so she don’t have a problem to get it done before I get home so she don’t know how much I need her I can get it out and she don’t need me too but she is so mad at that and I don’t know why I said she was just saying goodbye and I said no but I didn’t want her in the house so I don’t wanna wanna be friends with her and she don’t know us so much to say hello us and her friends are friends and I don’t know why I said hello thank y’all for being a good girl I know I was so much fun I love y’all too and thank y’all so I know what I want you know me too I love y’all too much but I’m just not alone and thank love you for a great night I hope you have an enjoyable evening with your grandma love love grandma grandma and auntie Coco hello love love grandma and auntie grandma and uncle grandma and grandma love you all too and auntie grandma is going back home so we will get back together with grandma grandma house love y’all love grandma and uncle uncle grandma and yo uncle love love you guys love love you love love miss love y’all bye bye.
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5 years ago, BrydenMohon
Fun Game one downside
The game is an extremely fun and addicting game to play with your friends over text when you’re bored or just feel like having a ball. One downside the app for me is that I feel there can be a safety issue while playing the game. People driving or walking may get onto their phone and start playing this, which would be similar to texting while driving posing a threat to themselves and the people around them. There is an easy solution to this though. I feel that Game Pigeon should implement a warning pop up when you got on the game warning you and then blocking you from playing if you’re going over a certain speed. That would create a safer environment for all Game Pigeon users. On the flip side of things, the game is very fun and full of enjoyable mini games for user of all kinds to have fun over text with their friends. Overall a great game and could be made even better by adding safety in mind. Thanks for entertaining users since the release and keep up the good work!!!
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3 years ago, Cpbs4
App gives your # to strangers without permission
Without notification, warning or permission the app gives your number out to strangers. People they have given my number to have FaceTimed me at 1 and 2 in the morning, texted me over and over again, and been crazy aggressive when I don’t answer. Most recently I had a guy badger me about whether or not I’m on IG. He “talked to himself” via my text messages and started to get mean as his convo (with himself) progressed. There’s absolutely no indication or information available to you that says they’re going to give your number out to strangers. The games can be fun and I like playing them with my friends but the privacy issue is a huge concern for me. There’s no way to stop them from giving out your number once you’ve accepted or requested to play a game with someone through their app... they have a deck of cards w/ a member’s Bitmoji & their fav. game. You can tap the card to request to play their fav. game or yours. I’m pretty sure you can’t delete your profile either. Functionality wise, it’s pretty glitchy. The last time my friend and I played a game through this app both of our message apps froze up & kept doing it anytime we played.
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4 years ago, puglordy
Increasing difficulty
For any prospective buyers you should totally get this game there are some amazing fun games and it’s great and competitive. One of my favorite games to play is archery and I’ve played it a ton over time, I’m nearing the point we’re me and my brother can almost hit a perfect Third round score Consistently once that happens I’m scared the game is just gonna be really boring resulting in a triple tie every round. I would love it for you to add a higher difficulty level available for in app purchase similar to some of the other games. That would make me finally purchase the extended version or whatever it’s called. Last thing, Please. Please add game descriptions, I find it mind boggling how can’t write a description for all these games, it would take under An hour and would be really helpful. Another game I really like is gomuku but I can always win because nobody else has played it until I taught them how (I had to learn through trial and error)
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1 year ago, Ajm82000
W game
I believe that game pigeon may be the BEST, yes the BEST mobile game in terms of multiplayer. I can’t stress enough on how many times I’ve searched for good mobile multiplayer games to play with friends but every single half decent one wasn’t actually online, however game pigeon did it right. You can play with your friends ONLINE in a huge verity of games and I’ve had it for a while now and am yet to be bored. You can challenge your friends in pool, or get together and have a large game of uno! This games entertainment can last a lifetime and the best thing is EVERYONE HAS IT (at least for me all of my friends and like everyone I know has it) so you can play with almost ANYONE, EVEN YOUR GRANDMA (okay your grandma might not have it but you get my point). Game Pigeon is great and easy to pick up on and if you actually read all of this DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! No actually though, download it, I see u just staring like come on already.
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4 years ago, orliville
Great app, but could be better
This is a great app all around, and I use it like every other day at the least to play with my friends, but I have a couple of suggestions: 1: add a way to earn the different skins and avatars rather than making them all cost actual money. You could even use the pre built crown system for that. 2: let us review the moves we have made in the game, you could put it in the 3 lined button. I’d be fun to rewatch the game every now and again. Specially for Chess and 8 ball. 3: please for the love of every thing good and holy let us close the ads. It’s incredibly annoying after the third or fourth time. 4: please add more 2+ player games, Crazy 8s gets a bit old after awhile, you could do 2v2 cup pong, 8 ball, darts, and games like paintball and word games could host many more people. 5: make a way for someone leave a game of Crazy 8s without leaving all other players stuck. While it is only a minor inconvenience, and we can just resend the link, it’d be nice to make a quit game button. 6: please finish the guides for the games, while it’s not too hard for most people to infer the purpose from the name, unless you have prior knowledge of it, it can be difficult. With that note, also make it available without sending a link. But, this is an overall good game with a decent selection of games, I would recommend it because it’s also a very convenient and fun way to play with your friends during something like a global pandemic.
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5 years ago, Judgey Fellow Friend
Please Read, thank you!
I think it would be a go idea to add more multiplayer games meaning more than two people. So of the games that you can play COULD be multiplayer. Word hunt, anagrams, Golf and 20 questions. Word hunt and Anagrams can be multiplayer by letting a group of people play and then at the end of the game see who scored the most of of that group of people. Golf can be multiplayer by letting everyone shoot and at the end of the game see who had to shoot the least. 20 questions can be multiplayer by letting everyone in that groupchat guess until they have figured it out. Also I would like to write about a few new games. The first game that you could add is Mexican train, this is a domino game and it is very easy to explain (look up the direction, they are very simple). Another game would be scrabble, this is like the game “words with friends” (look up directions, also very simple to understand). Then maybe some fun tic tac toe or a drawing contest.
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6 years ago, Brian York
Ideas and a problem
Problem: Ok, so, this is going to be long, but you need to tone down the adds, like, every time I try to play with my friends, it always puts up a add. Still doesn’t ruin the experience, the updates make the games better every time and I hope this is in the next update. Ideas: I wish there was a tic tac toe game if you are bored and want to do something for like 2 minutes instead of half an hour. You could also make a game were you make a mini parkour for each other and whoever’s falls the least wins. There is a lot you could do with this game, but I have a favorite thing, that would Be AWESOME if you add it, You could make a soccer game were you would have 1v1 and you would move your character and try to make a goal, but you can only move once and you can also get power ups like 2x move. This would be awesome if you add some of this, you awesome, and make your updates as good as possible 👍👍👍👍👍👈
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6 months ago, s0ftb0ll l0ver
I love the game, gets a little boring fast
I play this game a lot. I spend probably thirty minutes a day playing and learning the ways to the game. This is very fun but it makes it so 1. most people don’t like playing me bc i’m too good and 2. i am starting to get bored because of this. Now tbh i would of done a 5/5 but i feel this game has many upon many opportunities for new game modes, new games, new features, etc. Like literally just a timed version of every game could be a whole new mode to play everything. Or, for certain games like darts, archery, or cup pong. there is also things like pool 8/9 ball where you could make new pool tables for a special game mode which you could also do in knock out and filler. you could add new games like baseball (where you have to like either try to guess where they threw a ball to hit it and things like that), phase 10, war, and things like that. Again i really love this game but if could be SO much better.
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1 year ago, mmmt567
Fun but some bugs and pigeon plus is disappointing
I have played this app with my friends for years now. It is really fun. Unfortunately it almost seems like the app has been abandoned with no more new games being added for two years now and only two software updates since then despite there being bugs in its games. >Some bugs I’ve noticed are the penguins in knockout being randomly teleported to different places after hitting each other and in cup pong the ball often goes straight when your finger definitely went sideways (devs I can send screen recordings of this if you care but I’m not sure you do). I got pigeon plus because while I like the current games, I wished there were more. I thought I would get more game modes after buying it for $5 it but only 6 of the 23 had extra game modes and disappointingly it seemed that it was for the games I didn’t play very often. They also have options where you can customize certain colors or graphics in games for separate fees, each like $2, which seems very costly for the amount of color packs there are. I was disappointed something simple like changing the colors wasn’t included in pigeon plus. Overall I really enjoy the games and I do recommend it as (surprisingly?) there aren’t many imessage games like this in the app store so I still think its the best one. I just wish devs hadn’t seemed to drop it and stop caring about keeping the games updated, free of bugs, and interesting.
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5 years ago, Jerester711
Pretty good but here are a few suggestions
I think you should add more games and make it so you can play with random people in case your friends are unavailable also could you make friend requests so you could add the recent players you just random queued with. Could you also make it so you could play games with multiple people at once for example archery you could go up against 2 other people making it a 1v1v1 instead of a 1v1 and if you don’t add this is add another group game like crazy 8s if you don’t want to play crazy 8s at the moment next suggestion would be adding tournament based styles to the games maybe for chess and pool you could add a tournament where the winners advance and keep going till they win. But overall I like how you can play with your friends anywhere at anytime but the downside to this is if you want to add another player in all you could do is play crazy 8s for all of you to have fun.
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5 years ago, Maria Bubba
Opinion & Suggestions
Opinion: Okay, pretty good! Very fun to play with friends, and a time waster. However, it is sort of glitchy for me, sometimes not loading the game until I leave IMessage and then come back, but otherwise it’s pretty cool!! I love it. Suggestions: I have two main ones! The one a few others, and I want. Maybe you should include levels, and by that I mean leveling up system. Such as if you win a game, you get exp (experience points) and can level up! This could encourage people to play games more, and make it more competitive and challenging, thus making this app more popular. It would also be cool if there was an option to play the game live. Like, instead of having to go back and fourth, waiting, you and the other person you’re playing with could just play live. Play at the same time and keep going. This could mainly be for games like Checkers, and Four in a Row. I really hope you look at the suggestions, keep on working hard, thank you!!
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3 years ago, TahoeBennie
Great fun with friends and easy to use with messages, although one annoying bug.
This is a great app to use through IMessages and it can be great fun with those of friends who you have contacts with, and there is even a game meant for more than two people. I am here to tell you that there is a glitch in pool where whichever ball you hit, no matter what ball goes into the pocket (I don’t know if this applies to eight ball), whichever ball you hit first at the round will be the one that you are given credit to, meaning if you hit your ball, and it bounces to hit the other teams ball into a pocket, you will be able to continue the round even though you did not hit your ball into the pocket. This also applies against your favor, so it will not apply if you hit the other teams ball and it bounced yours into a pocket. Other than this, super great app would recommend to play with whomever you have on iMessages.
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5 years ago, spazzygaming
I Love This APP
This is by far the most addictive iMessage app ever, and not only that there are many games modes to play and a lot of them you can do IRL. This has made it so much easier for my friends and I to just talk and have fun together without having to constantly find something to talk about but I do have some suggestions, first being that the game could give me notifications that someone isn’t playing currently so I am not getting mad at my friends even though they aren’t playing. Just would be nice to have something saying that they are not currently doing anything. Second being that when no one wants to play with you that you could go against an AI or computer instead of being bored for a long time. But lots of praise this is by far one of the best apps out there so keep going and make another game please cause then I can have even more fun. 👌👌👌👌👌👌😎😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🤟😸😸😸✌️✌️✌️
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1 year ago, Daggwater69420
Long wait/laggy paintball
I think that this is a good app I found out about it and when my mum went through my phone she tried it not everyone in my family plays it but I’m getting off topic I think that when I play my turn my friend/family member/dating partner plays their turn I have to wait about 2 minutes for it to tell me it’s my turn I’ve even tested it with my aunts phone and we have great Wi-Fi and full bars but it takes a while for it to load so if that can get fixed that would be great. The paint ball game is fun and all but when I played it with my mum it bugged out and when the character popped up I got it right but as I shot the character it teleported to a different spot plus I Reyes playing with my aunt and the paint ball missed it even said on her phone that it missed but I still lost this game is awesome but needs some improvement and I feel like this game is as a dined but 1 more update would not hurt, right?
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3 years ago, theawesomehobo
Absolutely love it but some frustration
I have spent more time than I care to mention playing these games with my friends. But lately the optimization from the doesn’t seem great it takes a very long time to load previous games so I can reply. And if I receive a reply to a different game while I am making moves in another iMessage will crash or iMessage for crash or loading the games. by the way iOS 14.6 beta end it has been doing it for a while through many different iOS updates and I was hopeful of the last software update from game pigeon but sadly it had not helped. I am also on an iPhone SE2 that should have no problem handling this🤔. Any insight would be helpful I tried just about everything suggested onlineExcept wiping my phone with a factory reset and restoring it which I almost did because I love the game so much! Would be happy to give more insight to the issues if I could. Please fix
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4 years ago, skipclarke
Screen Time
I love Game Pigeon and all, but what's is frustrating when you have a screen time limit on your phone, there is no button to ask for more time and there is no way to make it always allowed. The way screen time limits on iPhone work if anyone isn't aware, your parent gives you a specific amount of time on specific apps and once that time runs out then you can't use the app until the next day. But, there is a "ask for more time" button where your parent enters in a password (which you're not supposed to know) and they can select how much more time you have on it, but that isn't an option once u run of time on GamePigeon. GamePigeon is part of the "games" section and I have 1 hour a day on it, so once I play an hour of a different game, I can't play it anymore. This could be easily solved if I ask my parents to put GamePigeon under the "always allowed" list, but unfortunately it doesn't show up because it is built in to iMessage. It would be great if you could fix this issue, thanks!
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4 years ago, CarlyApplesauce
Someone please help
I downloaded this game about two years ago and I had lots of fun; I especially enjoy the three word games. But about six months ago, it stopped working. I clicked on the icon above my keyboard, but nothing happened. I tried a few times but it didn’t open. I just ignored it up until today, when my friend sent me a game because she’d finally gotten an iPhone. I clicked on the game she sent me, and nothing happened. I deleted the app and then downloaded it again, and went to it on the App Store. I clicked open, and it took me to our conversation. However, instead of the game selection, it was all gray and said ‘unable to load game pigeon’. I went to the info on the App Store and it says that it needs version 2.2.1 to work, and my iPhone is version 14.1, and when I went to the compatibility it said that game pigeon is compatible with my iPhone. If someone could somehow respond to this and tell me what to do, I would really appreciate it. But game pigeon is an awesome that I really love, and I recommend it.
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4 years ago, jennatar
Clubhouse Games for your phone 🤩
I agree with the user who writes that GamePigeon is the “best iMessage app by far.” I am such a fan of ‘Clubhouse Games’ (aka 42 All-Time Classics) for the Nintendo DS and now the Switch; GamePigeon is essentially Clubhouse Games for your iPhone. All the classics—Mancala, Reversi, Darts, Gomoku, Billiards, Mini Golf—are here, making this the perfect little app. The turn-based two-player games are excellent, considering all things. My ultra-competitive husband and I have a lot of fun wordlessly texting challenges to each other. There’s something hilarious and charming about needling your loved one in iMessage to make their next move. We’re still working our way through all the offerings, but even the incredibly stupid 20 Questions game is hugely entertaining. In addition, I can’t help but groove to the smooth jazz soundtrack. I do not remember if I paid actual money for GamePigeon, but if I did, it was well worth it. No complaints.
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3 years ago, ItsAMeMario007
Loved it until recent buggy scrolling
My friends and I are in a group chat and we spam and play game pigeon in downtime at work leading to a lot of messages and needing to scroll up to play the games. That worked flawlessly before but just in the last week or two, it has gotten much worse. Since the update where it shows personalized messages instead of general ones (ex: now it shows "You won" on my screen when i win and "You lost" on my friend's screen and others in group chat see "Game full", previously it showed the same message to everyone "I won" vs "You won" and you could tell who that was talking about). Since the introduction of that update, scrolling up to multiply games has become really buggy. The personalized messages take longer to load and scrolls end up registering as taps where the games open up when we're trying to scroll up to an earlier games. Overall, I enjoy the variety and quality of games in this app and would love for more. My favorite are the word hunt and anagram ones.
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3 years ago, gxbegrxen
Add More Games. :\
This app is amazing and makes the iMessage experience that much greater but, It’s been years and we’re tired of playing the same games over and over and over. Also my games doesn’t track any of my wins or didn’t for a period of time because some games it says i only have 10 or even 100 and i have way over those many wins and i know for a fact I’ve played some of these games at least a thousand times. I just want more multiplayer games like Mafia (card game where people are killed at night and you have to protect the civilians and important town roles) or Blackjack. Add teams for Uno and allow more than 6 that can play. (I mean, it is called CrazyEIGHT) 🤷🏽‍♂️ It’s quarantine time. Y’all should be on top of adding more games for us since we’re all in the house and y’all would make so much more revenue from doing so. Think about this. Also a lot of others are begging for new games. Don’t let this go unheard and please answer our requests.
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1 year ago, IPhoneProGamer
Rigged/Cheesy (all animation based/no physics)
All games that should be physics based arent at all. It doesn’t follow what you do with your finger at all. It’s all preprogrammed swipe zones(directions), mixed with swipe speed threshold based animations. So instead of you actually tossing a ball, or throwing a dart, or shooting pool, or playing cup pong, it all feels uncomfortably unnatural, and rigged to do what it’s programmed to do, instead of reacting what you do naturally. If you play it long enough, you’ll learn all the “sweet spots” and then it becomes repetitive and boring. And then it doesn’t even function properly as an app in general. Restarts games in the middle, claims the losers as winners, and don’t get me started with the ads. This company made this game as a blatant cash grab, but can’t even make the game fun, or the app function consistently. The game needs to be free overall. No one want to pay for stupid glasses or shirts.. the ad placement doesn’t even inconvenience the player, therefore why would we buy Pro+ to get rid of something we barely notice. No one should pay 5$ for crap skins/accessories on a crap game … Uninstalling.
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5 years ago, uyhtuhgnb
Crashes + “Cheating Prevention”
This is a really fun app that lets me play with anyone at any time. However, it crashes and glitches frequently and can take several attempts to try to play your turn. But my biggest issue with the app is their “cheating prevention” system, where you must play the entire game of something on the device you started it on (i.e. if your first turn was done on your phone, all your turns must be played on the phone). I must constantly switch back and forth between my phone and tablet, often going from room to room depending on where the devices are located. Sometimes I have to text people that I can’t play for a while, not because I’m busy, but because I don’t have the corresponding device with me at the moment. I can see no possible way this prevents cheating and is just a major inconvenience to me and whoever I am playing against. At the very least, give an option at the beginning of games where both players can mutually agree to remove this feature.
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5 years ago, KayKay_;p
I am so angry.
Oh my god I am so freaking upset. The other games are amazing except 2. Pool is extremely stupid because if I hit more balls into the hole and don’t hit the white ball in, I lose! Whilst the other player hits the white ball in and hits less balls and they win. It’s absolutely stupid and you should fix it immediately. Also the cup pong game is absolutely stupid. I hate it so much. It ruins the whole entire thing. It’s so difficult and it bounces out so easily. I always seem to miss and I don’t think it’s my problem because most of my sims are almost perfect. You should fix these issues immediately. I’m serious. I’m so annoyed right now. I am so close to giving this game a 2 star. Just make the cups bigger or more flexible or something and learn how pool works. 🎱 I am so angry right now. I am not trying to be rude at all and when I cool down I will most likely regret this and give it a better rating. But i am absolutely enraged right now. The other games like archery and basketball and darts are super good though 👍🏻
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4 years ago, kall me kurt🤙🏾😈
Football game?
I’ve played all the games in game pigeon and enjoy tmost of them and Just a suggestion since there isn’t a lot of new games added frequently how about a football game? It would be best two out of three with 4 down possessions. to start the game there would be a coin toss of either heads or tails,whomever wins the coin toss starts on offense. the offensive player have to score a touchdown in order to gain a point and the defense player has to either hold them off for 4 possessions and score on their offensive drive in order to gain a point. If both teams get stopped on their drives it gets sent into overtime, which results in the players kicking a field goal to win the game. The number of players who could play could be like the crazy 8’s live game if possible which includes up to 8 players. if not then 2 players would be fine. Yet potentially 4 players to try to include other people.
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3 years ago, Maximiliano G.
Why is GamePigeon 5 stars?
I believe that is deserving of 5 stars because there are so many games in one little iMessage add on. People rat it lower since it’s only iMessage but they say it is only for iMessage anyways so it’s incessant to rate it lower for that reason. It’s in the message and the receiver will see it and download it quick and easily. There are over 20 games! Personal favorites are filler, paintball, sea battle, cup pong, archery and tanks. I know there’s a lot 😂😂. It’s easy fun and quick. Although for people with a time limits on their devices can’t send requests for additional time to continue their game. It is often embarrassing if they ask why you can’t or haven’t responded to their game. GamePigeon+ is their monetization system where you can buy and unlock cosmetic and unique game mode for some of your favorite games. Although for pool you need to pay for extra cosmetics. People complain about ads but there is always an x you can click on to leave. Or you can wait for them to reply and go on another app and click the notification once your opponent replies. So they won’t have the chance to offer you ads. So GamePigeon+ is mainly for cosmetic and new game modes. This is why I rated GamePigeon the way I did and gives points of views of other reviewers of their complaints.
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